Joseph “Jojo” F. Catroppa of Aliquippa was arrested yesterday by the Monaca Borough Police Department on felony charges of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and criminal use of a communication device, according to court records.

Public court dockets show Catroppa was released on a $10,000 unsecured bond following his arrest. A preliminary hearing in the case has been scheduled for December 15th. Court records show Catroppa has retained defense attorney Ronald Rojas.

Public dockets show Joseph Catroppa had previously been arrested in 2013 on similar felony charges by the Beaver County Detectives Bureau, although prosecutors offered him a plea deal at the time that saw him convicted only of misdemeanor possession — he was sentenced to a period of probation.

Monaca Patrolman Ronald Hogue filed the following Affidavit of Probable Cause with the courts in the current case against Joseph Catroppa:

Your affiant, on or about June 2, 2017 at 2005 hours observed a Joseph Catroppa operating a black in color Buick four door vehicle Pennsylvania ([license plate number]). This office has knowledge that the vehicles owner is a Frank Anthony Catroppa. This officer is involved in on going narcotic investigation through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Beaver County. This officer has knowledge that Catroppa is selling narcotics on a day to day basis.

On the above date and time Catroppa was traveling on Pennsylvania Ave from the 12 Street area towards 9th Street. This officer in an unmarked unit turned around and observed Catroppa pull up to the corner of 11th Street and Pennsylvania Ave and observed Robert Marchionda walk out from between two buildings and get into Catroppa’s vehicle and go around the block and Catroppa pulled into the Family Dollar parking lot and Marchionda exited the vehicle quickly and Catroppa got out of the vehicle and started walking towards the Family Dollar. I approached Catroppa and asked him what he was doing he reported that he was giving a ride to “Bobby.”

When I confronted Catroppa that I observed him pick “Bobby” up went around the blow and let “Bobby” out of the vehicle he stated that he lent “Bobby” $20.00 dollars. When I approached Catroppa I asked him if he had anything on his person he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pill bottle with no label on it to where I could see pills inside the bottle. I also observed Catroppa to have a considerable amount of cash along with the pill bottle that was in his left hand. I asked Catroppa if he had anything in his right pocket to where he pulled out his keys and cell phone.

While still speaking to Catroppa his phone kept going off time and time again. I did take custody of the Cell Phone, and the pill bottle that had no label on it with 6 white pills with blue specs that I could identify as Hydrochloride CSA Schedule controlled substance. I also found that Catroppa had over $3,362 in cash on his person.

I did ask Catroppa if he had anything in his vehicle he stated, ‘no you can look’ that is when Catroppa pulled out the car keys and pushed the unlock button of the controller and walked towards the vehicle. I did walk up to the passanger door and looked into the window of the vehicle and observed brow in color pills in the center console. I did open the passenger door and Catroppa just stood there in front of the vehicle to where I removed (3) brown pills that were identified as Oxymorphone Hydrochloride a CSA Controlled substance Schedule 2. I also located a scale under the driver’s seat with suspected cocaine powder on the scale.

I did ask Catroppa for his driver’s license to where he reached into the vehicle and folded down the visor and a small bag of suspected powder cocaine fell out that’s when Catroppa tried to empty out the cocaine and hide the bag in a pack of Newport’s that he just opened when we walked towards his vehicle.

I did apply for a Search Warrant for the phone of Catroppa to where the Honorable Judge Dale M. Fouse signed the search warrant for Catroppa’s cell phone.

I did transport the Cell Phone directly to the Beaver County Detectives Office to where I was provided with the following information that was extracted off of Catroppa’s cell phone.

The affidavit of probable cause continues with 9 pages of text messages including dates, times, and partially redacted phone numbers. Among the messages in the affidavit include the following exchanges:

6-1-17 1:49 PM from 724-462-XXXX “adderol?”

6-2-17 12:41 from 742-494-XXXX “dude what the fuck”
6-2-17 12:41 from 742-494-XXXX “you owe me one”
6-2-17 12:41 from 742-494-XXXX “the one you gave me was broken”
6-2-17 12:41 from 742-494-XXXX “I gave you $105”
6-2-17 12:41 from 742-494-XXXX “that was fucked up”
6-2-17 12:42 from Catroppa to 724-494-XXXX “I handed u one there was one in the bottle and two halved in plastic so thats three”
6-2-17 12:42 from 724-494-XXXX “nvm im a whole asshole right now”
6-2-17 12:42 from 724-494-XXXX “ya sorry”

6-2-17 12:26 from 412-614-XXXX “you good”
6-2-17 12:37 from Catroppa to 412-614-XXXX “ya”
6-2-17 12:37 from Catroppa to 412-614-XXXX “how many”
6-2-17 12:39 from 412-614-XXXX “can you do 33”
6-2-17 12:41 from Catroppa to 412-614-XXXX “how many would u wabt”
6-2-17 12:42 from 412-614-XXXX “My dude ryan was gonna grab mine I think another 15”

6-2-17 4:24 from 724-561-XXXX “he said he wants it but last one was powdery no chunk really n hard to get rid of. So if u got any chunk it would b appreciated”

6-2-17 5:45 from 724-650-XXXX “hey rem you still owe from shorting me. whether its colrs,ads or $ there all fine and will do. Ill just come knock if I see ur truck if u havent swung by today or w/im next few days

6-2-17 7:50 from 724-630-XXXX “have you heard of adipex?”

6-2-17 10:30 from 724-601-XXXX “can we get some blues and adeles”

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • You need to rephrase what you are saying
      William Edmondson.
      The Grandfather was an upstanding man.Unless you know something we don’t know I would suggest you keep quiet. And I’m putting that mildly.

      • Regardless of what William is saying I’m sure he made mistakes in his life. Joe Catroppa Sr. was a Family man he looked out for every Kid in Aliquippa he was a Man in uniform that kids, women, men looked up to and went to.

  1. Fat lazy rat. Hardest decision in his fat day where is the first 3000 calorie snack coming from.

    Don’t care if its cable or drugs they look sloppy and filthy

    This genius is on the spectrum of special needs.

    He blew running MPI, working coast to coast, selling meats. Shit he can’t even sell drugs right.

    6ft5 400 lb pussy that couldn’t even hold a dummy in practice, but now a gangsta.

    Keep trading pills for hand jobs

    • Boy you must really hate this person with all your nasty filthy talk. If you have anything to say about the matter by all means say it in a intelligent way… grow up let’s see how this plays out. Don’t attack the family for someone stupidity that’s all I’m saying

    • Those that live in glass houses should throw no stones. We all have faults.
      No one is perfect! But you bashing and condemning The Catroppa Family is horrible.
      I have known this family for many years. When Big Joe was on the Police Force, He helped a lot of people in their time of need. He was respected by many in this town and had a Heart of Gold.
      Now your criticizing His Son’s.
      Im not saying JoJo is right in the decisions he’s making in his life. This is something He has to deal with and I Pray He makes the right decisions from here on.
      Frankie is a Great Young Man
      who (Yes, came out of Aliquippa High School)
      and has a great career. More than I can say for others.
      And don’t claim He is involved in any way with what has happened to his brother.
      His donation to the K9 unit was generous. Unless you have proof other wise I would be quiet.
      I would never go on a shitty site like this and bad mouth anyone, whether it was true or not. I have a little more class and compassion than others.
      So with this being said, think before you speak.
      Karma is a bitch!

      • You are so right! This has turned past ugly with the comments. There was no reason at all to post this on this site other than to elicit these types of comments. Bashing an entire family, bringing up the past is just plain hateful and dirty. Trying to tie in a scandal as though this family had anything to do with that…just ugly. I don’t get it, JP. Why?

  2. Speak the truth too….

    They from quip, family donated the money for k9 drug vehicle if they put there last name on it. Lol they did

  3. Daddy was arrested by the State Police way back in the day. Running numbers and running license plate for the bad guys ! Oh lord ! And do not forget the cows illegal pension that is costing current retirees. Now little cow is even worse than the cow was. I wonder if the fat rat in white will take then name off of the police cars, like 10-9 said, ITS FROM DRUG MONEY ON A CITY VEHICLE. Wait no he will not, gotta get your kick back from Frankie, I know you are in his pocket. You take the Catroppa name off of the vehicle Frankie will not let you pick up little girls at the MPI club details you and the boys in blue work. And then Bobby, wow, his uncle was one of the most vicious police officers in the history of Aliquippa, the apple do not fall too far from the tree

    • Why don’t all you negative people put your names instead of alias’s. I would love to call you what you really are but will not lower myself to your level. Are you afraid because if all the skeletons in your family closet? No family is perfect. Stop judging!!!
      There is only one Judge and that is GOD!!!!

  4. Is this really news worthy JP? I never see drug related charges on your site. Reading the headline I thought there was a big drug bust. Lol must be a slow week in the beav.

  5. When was the last time that there was any news on drug arrests in beaver county? This is just something to make it seem like the police are doing something and get Hogue a pat on the back for taking the focus off of real issues.

  6. Bobby marchionda , Jojo Catroppa. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Stupid fucks stay away from monaca and you wouldn’t of been in situation.

    You think honestly if the 2 of them took a G.E.D test together today they would pass.

  7. Not sure if Mungo is happy that most of these commenters above don’t seem to post very often throughout 99% of the other articles here on the BC, or if they did how it might help add anything of substance!

    But one thing is clear……..ok well 2 things…..yuuuge problems still exist with public schooling relative to turning out illiterates!
    And this may be one of most confounding comment threads Mungo has ever had to traverse!

    Mungo will now attempt to get those minutes back that he wasted, and he may also have even been robbed of IQ points as a direct result from his previous perusal!

    About the article…..Life is very tough! But especially tough when you’re stoopid!

  8. Mungo Jerry: I guess there is a reason why this drug bust is important, but it is lost on me. I’m not privy to the Monacaquippa drug scene. And, I don’t feel like digging for it. Maybe some of these illustrious commenters can help me out. As you point out, though, I’m not sure some could, even if they tried.

    • I can’t fathom why this article is on this site either. It makes no sense to publish it here unless there is some personal vendetta against this family.

    • Raven, here is a quick rundown.
      Catroppa-Son of convicted Alighetto police officer who was running numbers for one of the unholy trinity crime families in uniform and while on duty. Then sued the city and was given a $75,000.00 settlement. Go figure. Running the “Coke Train” out of the MPI Club. Same club that had John-Joe and Joey David drunk on duty with bimbos wearing their duty belts.
      Marchionda-The name is familiar in law enforcement in the county. “Babe” Marchionda was a long time county detective. A Marchionda was also on the Alighetto force as a “goon”. Bobby himself is a POS in his own right.
      Just ask Jimmy DiBenedetto, he knows everything and anything about all the players in this article. He worked side by side with these people on both sides of the law, and turned a blind eye to it all.
      This article helps to connect the dots in your flow chart.
      Can you say ” RICO”?!

  9. By the thumbs I’d say most of the commenters here are either customers or MPI rejects & wannabe gangstas.
    Article is questionable but nothing about this county is as it appears. If he got popped then somoen must have missed a payment!

  10. How much were you paid to write this shit? Everyone knows about the corruption and cover ups and why the powers that be have a personal vendetta against this family…the cover up is always worse than the crime. Lawyer up people, before someone shoots you in a room full of people that didn’t see a thing


    And in other news…. if you get up very early tomorrow morning and face to the east, you can see the sun rising!


  12. I’m with others..:. Not sure why this is news? Plus, everyone knows how Hogue is. His old Chief didn’t have a clue and the new one is following suit so he’ll continue.

  13. Stonewall’s “crack” team roll up another huge bust. Time to double resources to his office. Hell, before you know it they’ll find out that people are really dealing drugs supplied by high level locals with ties to organized crime. He’s getting to be a real Eliot Ness. Street level dudes aren’t talking so go after the big boys and stop wasting time on the “usual suspects”. Go deep sea fishing Stonewall and stay off the farmer’s pond!

  14. This is my first time commenting, but I am a pretty regular reader. I read this article last night and I saw quite a few comments that are not here this morning. Most of them were stupid, but a few of them called into question the motivations behind this article.

    The original title of this article, I believe, was “Joseph Catroppa of Aliquippa arrested…” whereas now the title just says Aliquippa Man. This means that the article was written to specifically bring attention to the fact that “Joseph Catroppa” was the person involved, not just providing news about a random Aliquippa person being arrested.

    This subtle difference sheds alot of light on the situation. I can’t remember ever seeing an article on this website that called out a single person for a small drug crime, especially not putting that person’s name in the title unless they held an office or was otherwise well known in the community. I found this fact very peculiar last night and was interested to see where the comments went this morning.

    As a few have said previously, this seems to me to be a personal attack against either Joseph Catroppa or the Catroppa family as a whole. I’ve seen the Catroppa name pop up a few times on facebook and there’s always someone who seems to have a grudge against them, but never offers any valid information, just spouting off conjecture that “everybody knows”.

    I wonder if my comment will get removed as well… Let’s see.

  15. hogue is another pos that thinks his badge makes him special wouldnt put it past him to lie about anything
    whats that matter ron did you run out of women to beat up

  16. I like the two fools(sarajean an her man jrobert scott) chatting back and forth, like they be on walkie- talkies. Wait till you get home fools!
    ” Whose(who’s) that ?” she asks.
    Her man responds ” Jo jo.”
    Then the fool goes on to defend someone, and she don’t even know his last name.
    At’s a big 10-4
    Roger dat!
    Over an out.

    • That was on Facebook lol thats what ppl do. And I never knew his last name but know I know how Hogue is lets be real. Im not saying he didnt have shit on him but hogue is known to do this type of shit. He can just send tickets in mail saying he seen you driving when your not even in town and get away with it. He has done it to me and several people I know.

  17. So the Catroppa family made substantial donations to the BC K-9 fund? So that links Jim Brown and Tony Guy. Who else?
    There’s always a reason for these types of articles.. connecting the dots. The puzzle will be revealed soon I’m sure..
    keep it up JP.
    And like the scene from Godfather- if any harm should come to the Hogue family.. freak act of nature…

    I tip my hat to you Mr. Hogue. Thank you for helping to clean up our filthy corrupt county.

  18. Thank you, J.P., for writing this. I’ve been debating for some time whether or not to contact you in regards to the Catroppa family, their influence in Aliquippa and their illegal activities. For everyone confused as to why this is newsworthy, JoJo is a KNOWN drug dealer. If you live in or around Aliquippa, this is a fact. And no one can say anything to the authorities. Call the police if you witness a deal? Can’t. His brother donated a CAR to the Aliquippa police force. Everyone is outraged over the opioid epidemic yet you’re complaining about a drug dealer apprehended? How does that make ANY sense? JoJo is a parasite. He’s a drug dealer that needed to be caught. Too bad this didn’t stop him from dealing. And I’m sure his brother will get him out of it.

      • I’m saying in a community where only 47% of its citizens pay taxes, you don’t bite the hand that literally feeds you.

      • Have been for DECADES!!!!!
        What, have you been in a drug induced stupor for most of your life?!

  19. Back to the Future: Thanks. It looks like the details are being shaken out now. It was bad before with family, friends and money connections. Now drug ties sre added to the mix. Sorry to say it, but things seem to be much more fucked up in Monacaquippa than I had imagined. And, I am seeing why this article is much more important than it seemed at first.

    • Also, the connection between the Catroppas and the PA Cyber teacher suspended after being found in a car at 2am with a minor. And the residential shooting in Aliquippa a few years back with The newest full time Sherriff deputy. This is the tip of the iceberg.

      • And now, that teacher (who was once engaged to Frank) has been fatally shot. Hmmmm…..

    • @Raven
      After 24 hours and a tad bit of follow up research I am inclined to agree!
      His name was Jimmy Naim…….also look to the past….G David, Pudgy A, one certain unidentified female officer of Aliq. Pd
      Etc Etc!!
      Good Luck going forward JP and watch these dirty bastards!

    • Don’t hate on Aliquippa. White people and Presbyterians don’t understand the culture there. All the hipster dufuss opine about the Civic Arena destroying the Hill District or millionaires taking over Harlem.
      The same thing is happening in Aliquippa. It’s a different world and it’s ok. Go back to your cold sterile world of waiting to die so you can finally collect the insurance and prove to Irma you were right.
      I got to go to the MPI Club sounds like a good time.

  20. All I want to say is watch out because Jo Jo is about to throw out some names to get out of all of this because he could not survive a day in jail. He will pick and choose the names of people who are no buddies and street level wanna be gangsters and thugs because he needs the ones that are the suppliers.
    Regardless they will bust all the ones that aren’t a true threat or big in the game therefore nothing will change. He will be back at it soon unless his brother gives him a paycheck and gives him a job that will take no effort or responsibility. Basically he will be on the books because they are brothers.
    I just hope the police don’t waste time or money chasing and busting nobodies just to be able to put something in the paper so the community will think they are doing there jobs to clean up the streets.
    Sit in any bar for one or two nights like Friday and Saturday and just observe, watch and listen then you will have more information than the detectives have from a years investigation.

  21. JP, spend some time in Aliquippa and you’ll be able to write a best seller. Council, police, fire, public works, Aliq water and da mayor are all crooked. You wonder why people are fighting to get on a water authority?

  22. I keep seeing comments on here disappearing that are defending the Catroppa family, I can’t believe that the opinions of the people are being censored like this!

  23. JP publishing these last 2 articles have a connection. The newbie is a little MPI club cronie and a year or so ago the saintly bothers and himself had a little shooting incident that was swept away. Besides buying Aliquippa police a car, the club is given free range, with personal benefits needless to say. So 3 MPI people pinched with drugs or alcohol in the last few months. One is a educator, one a money laundering drug dealer and the other the dumb goon.
    Not to mention them taking advantage of a mentally challenged guy to be the drug runner. Ever notice the drug induced glaze over their eyes? Especially in a board room or school board meeting. Viva San Rocco! Poor Saint is rolling over in his grave when that club comes together

    • Well, at least we get an inkling of why Deputy Justin Rapko is now full-time. Whodathought Guy’s rigorous hiring practices would be so predictable?

  24. Over the last two Sheriff tenures, it is hard not to think of the office as little more than the province of a caporegime. The structure and dynamics are similar, and the personnel fit the bill. What to do about it? Not a damn thing. It is self-sustaining, and it will be here until we have another Industrial Revolution or Great Depression. Throw up some roadblocks and inconvenience them, but they are here for the long haul. Enjoy it, though. They have cool music, good food and fun parades.

  25. JP! Personally, I don’t know you, and after reading all this bs on here and talking to a lot of people about who exactly you are I feel sorry for you!
    For you to allow this kind of condemnation and bashing of a family is PATHETIC.
    What about you? Have you any skeletons in your closet?
    Oh! I forgot,someone told me you were in it and came out.
    Shame on me for enclosing that. NOW!! How does that feel. If you had any decency
    or self respect you would of closed these nasty comments
    Off after the 1st few.
    I believe in Karma, and what goes around comes around.
    Now lets see if this gets posted.

    • bailey and baileys mom- I have a question. If tomorrow this article is in print in the Beaver County Times, will you write a letter to the editor with the same indignation. Oh by the way the cat has been out of the bag/closet, you have not discovered anything new, pretty sad on your part.

    • Bailey/Bailey’s Mom: Must have struck close to home that you resort to smearing JP. His personal life is not being questioned nor does he dispute it. He DID not sell drugs or all the other shit that this moral less gang has. Truth be told, shut the MPI Club down as a threat to public safety for a number of legal reasons. Drugs, criminal activity, coziness with local police and a harbor for wayward Sheriff’s Office losers. The truth will come out and God bless JP for looking out for the community. It sure as hell isn’t the BC Times. I know JP doesn’t publish stories without numerous sources and proof. Contrary to your small Quip mind this is all shit that everybody knows about and never talks about. Afraid to hurt chances for jobs from Family & Friends Inc of Quiptown. It’s 2017 and you and your ilk cannot bullshit your way out of turning a blind eye to criminal activity that affects the whole community and county. Drugs are destroying our communities but you refuse to acknowledge the perps or their cronies. Pray hard next time you are in church. God will remember your apathy.

  26. Bailey’s Mom: This isn’t the Hallmark Channel, and the article itself doesn’t bash at all. It is verifiable information. Actually, it is the absence of bashing that led commenters to dig for themselves. Like it or not, the things discovered show that the people mentioned have a few skeletons of their own. Get angry at the curious commenters, and don’t shoot the messenger.

    • By the way, your closet comment sucks, and your righteous indignation is as empty as your hypocritical phony morality.

  27. This article is news and it is very relevant. As the story and the posts generated show Beaver County is out of control everyone knows that but the apathy the acceptance of this situation is challenged by articles like this one. Not earth shattering news but the Beavercountian is fighting the good fight. Keep punching JP

  28. What a joke! I wonder who’s pupeteering JP on this one. Some of you idiots are making Frankie out to be Tony Soprano. He’s just a dude from Aliquippa, who runs a successful business and gives back to the community. Get a life, people, or maybe a hobby.

  29. Just some dude from Aliquippa, Who runs a successful business and gives back to the community. Who just happens to have been arrested twice for felony drug sales and possession in the past five years. Take a fucking break.

    • Not true at all. Frankie has never been accused or questioned about anything illegal. This is all about his ex fiance and the police force trying to cover up a sex scandal

    • Ricimer, If you’re going to reply, then try to make some sense. I was referring to Frankie, as it states in the comment. Keep reaching for the stars and one day you’ll be able to understand plain English.

  30. Rachael wants ppl to think she is behind this. She thinks she’s makin moves. And then will play victim when some shit pops off

    • “Play victim”, eh? If it’s an act, it’s a pretty successful one. Care to come back in May 2018 and expound on your post?

  31. I live and work in aliquippa for 43 years anybody with set of eyes and patron bars and clubs know exactly where The real dealers are at. These guys start at 8am ti they close. They typically start on Blvd then to main and finish the night on the ave or til the fall asleep at the bar. Now a days they have the cooks and tenders sell for them. Some establishment close at midnight so they don’t have deal with the element. All the private social clubs (aic,celtics,croation,elks,leb,mpi,serb,uke) run clean clubs. All the public bars are a hundred times worse then any private club. I guess everyone will keep blind eye til the REAL dealers out there and continue try to make headlines by bothering with the petty arrests.

  32. I was referring to JOSEPH C_A_T_R_O_P_P_A he was the one arrested twice in the past five years for felony drug possession and sales.I was being sarcastic you paint your Aliquippa friends innocent with a wide brush. And as for reaching for the stars The stars don’t have a dam thing to do with whats going on in Beaver County.

    • Joseph Catroppa isn’t the one that has a successful business, he is the sole subject of this article, but the focus in the comments has been on the Catroppa family as a whole and Frank Catroppa.

      Frank Catroppa has a business with over 400 employees (according to the wolf of Aliquippa article) and as far as I can tell has never been accused of anything illegal. For a CEO of a sales company with so many employees, buying a $40k car is nothing. Even to the city of Aliquippa, that’s really not a huge amount, not enough to have as much influence as some have discussed.

      Even buying the car wasn’t completely done alone, there was a GoFundMe page that was accepting donations. I personally contributed to the fund myself because I felt that Aliquippa needed another police car. That doesn’t give me any influence over the police.

      I remember seeing that Frank Catroppa or his company bought the Aliquippa high school jerseys or something for their athletic program a few years ago, does that mean he’s trying to gain influence over the high school kids?

      This whole thing sounds ridiculous to me, especially with the fact that so many of the comments disputing some of the things that people have been saying that made more sense than the heresay were deleted.

      • I have to agree with you Matt B especially about the car bought for Aliquippa ,there was a go fund account , golf outing and a fund raiser at the country club were over 200 people attended I was one of them that night alon they did quite well Chinese auction fifty fifty raffle and other donations from prominent people from outside Aliquippa…. so as far as this person who people a assuming bought Aliquippa there car for special favors , they need to re-evaluate the accusations and get the story right… it becomes a sad day when a person is accused unjustly for just trying to give back to the community sad.sad,sad…….

      • I stand corrected I obviously do not have your Aliquippa higher education. Nor do I have your unique Aliquippa values.

    • How about his police chief look into his actions. The former chief sure didn’t care what he did under his watch.

  33. Monaca Patrolman Ronald Hogue deserves credit here for good Police work. His procedures are impressive. It was a clean, planned bust. It makes a difference.

    The comparison of similarity to Psychocop’s stalking and attack on Cicco clearly shows what went wrong in that ill-fated stop. This cop didn’t attack or harm, isn’t lying, won’t need a superior to rationalize his actions, justify his job, protect him, pay fines for him or stonewall investigations into what happened in this bust.

    I thank him, and it shows me that someone is effectively trying to make a difference in this epidemic drug problem. So, thanks. Good job.

    • Since you have publicly asked the question, I will be happy to publicly answer it for you.

      The reason why your comments keep “disappearing” is because you have been using a slew of different aliases and fake email addresses to post numerous comments — as if you were carrying on conversations as other individuals.

      Now my turn to ask a question.

      Would you like to tell everyone who you are and why you have been doing that?

  34. I feel funny posting so much. But for an unimportant news story it sure has kicked up a lot of dust. Makes you think. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • At first I questioned why this was on this site but after reading comments, several of them made me think about the motive for this. I suspect this might just be a fragment of a story that will unfold here. I could be wrong but JP hasn’t published anything yet that seems so ill-fitted for this site thus a bigger story is coming I imagine.

      • For me, it’s the layer of drug connections that is important. Some of the same names, but now with drug connections. Some of the same places, but now with drug connections. When will the usual Courthouse political corruption be associated with the drug problem? Maybe never, but I should not be surprised if that happens. Who will be the first politician to end up in Officer Hogue’s back seat? Who will then be the first politician to cover it up?

      • “Cover-up” keeps popping up in my mind while reading the comments. I wonder if this is a prelude.

    • It is ((I will keep reaching) or even (I’ll keep reaching) but definitely not (ill be keeping reaching). Learn to speak/type proper english, or find a new gig. Talking about my Aliquippa education, when you can’t complete basic sentences.

  35. Drevil read your previous post 2:10pm. I actually feel a little empathy for you. A very very little empathy. Must be something in the air in Quip. Later CUZ…………………………

      • You missed a lot more than you think. But then again little children and fools are expected to make such mistakes.

  36. Two articles in a row now have claimed that I have a “blind eye”. My doctor tells me that I have 20/20 vision. Should I get another doctor ? I’ve always been able to see pretty good. I wonder who these people are that seem to be concerned about my vision. JP you may call me directly, anytime, and I’ll tell you directly if I saw anything.

  37. So this cop “thinks” a possible drug deal is going down, So he proceeds to follow the car into a parking lot. The cop doesn’t pull over the vehicle & let’s the suspected “buyer” leave on foot & The dealer exit the vehicle.

    Cop says dealer just gives up his drugs when asked for them. Cop says dealer also had keys & a phone, took the phone & left the keys with the dealer. Cop says dealer unlocked his car for him while walking towards his vehicle!?!? When’s the last time you got to stroll around while being questioned by the police?

    The same suspect that just handed the cop drugs is now walking towards his vehicle with keys in hand? WTF? The cop sees even more drugs so he asks for a drivers license instead of placing the suspect under arrest?

    Then this cop allows the suspect to enter the vehicle that he just searched & found drugs in, just for even more drugs to fall out of the sky!!! Damn good thing it was drugs falling from the visor & not a weapon!

    I’ll bet anyone a $1,000 that there isn’t a dashcam or bodycam for this incident, cause I don’t believe this cops story for a second!!!

  38. Hogue is still a cop that gets away with shady tactics because of a number of reasons. He hasn’t killed anyone yet which is just fucking unbelievable. His father was a long time respected police officer. His father worked with another officer who is now a District Magistrate. Hogue has two uncles that are PA State Police Lieutenants. These Magistrates and Judges are not dumb, they know what he’s up to. This looks like a good bust, because of the text communications prove it. There is still 90% of his police actions that are questionable.

  39. David Gillespie and John Q.: I understand. But why isn’t the perp complaining? Why not ask for dashcam proof? Have the arrest thrown out? I don’t know Hogue, but this one stop seemed to be mainly by the books, according to the article info. If it had been another PsychoCop stop, I think that this article would have focused on that also.

    • John Q.: I have my own pet theory about why PsychCop was protected, and maybe why other cops on the drug task force(s) might be as well. They get the job done, frequently, whether they tramp on people’s rights or not. They lead charmed lives that are immune to scrutiny. The huge drug problem puts them on the front lines of the war, and being a goon squad at times is no big deal. From the DA to the 911 operators, all is fair in love or war.

      Just guessing, and only my opinion.

      • Raven, I’m not saying that this wasn’t a righteous arrest. I’m just saying I know Hogue and he has many of the same signature traits of JW-R. He worked part time in New Brighton and Rochester Boro, where his father worked for many years. I don’t think that either of those towns would ever let him work again. I know plenty of people that have been stunned and tased simply because there was no one around to witness it. I could tell you lots more but it would be hear say. Like I commented earlier, the father is a great guy, as is most of the Hogue’s and he was a great police officer. The kid is a train wreck waiting to happen.

  40. This is why Beaver County is in crisis. When a community fears and distrusts Its sheriffs dept. and its law enforcement in general everything breaks down. The whole infrastructure of Beaver County has gone bad to but it mildly. Law enforcement public housing the Medical center. The absolute pernicious corruption that is peculiar to Beaver County just takes and takes there is no balance. You have to invent a new word for what goes on in Beaver County corruption does not suffice.

  41. I would like see a story on the Beaver County Health Dept. Who works there? What do they do?
    How about the Beaver County Morgue since they sold FR? Is the county still using the same morgue and paying rent to Comp Health Care? Are they paying rent to someone else? What are the costs?
    How many relatives and cronies work at these places? Who are they? What do they do?

  42. Since this subject has come up, how bout an article on if Catroppa actually followed thru with the donation (rumor has it he didnt donate what he promised); why is Quip police chief making almost a $100 G a year when he should be salary; why is detective making $90G a year but works less than others (same detective no longer on drug task force??? Can we say double dippin!!!) Enquiring minds want to know.

    • Catroppa started a GoFunMe for Jim Brown and K-9. Online sources show about half of money raised. Don’t know if it worked or is up to date.

    • mercbenz, You are so spot on. Never in the history of the Aliquippa Police Department has anyone ever made over 100 grand in a year, the fat rat in white does, and the little captain detective, how does he make 90 grand a year. You hit the nail on the head, double dipping, and the fat rat allows it, Rumor has it if you are the detective Captain you can work a 8 hour shift, and put in 8 hours of overtime for the same hours you are already working. Oh and the mayor, and the manager know all about it. And during a Franklin Ave fire the mayor kept saying to a certain sergeant “He aint ever gonna by chief”. Well low and behold after a little cash payment was made, BAMM you are the chief. Can you say promotion, even after you continually bash the town, Saying, I’ll never move or send my kids to Aliquippa, I am just getting a check” And check it out, how does another ex-chief get over $6,000.0 a month on pension ? And check out the missing weapon taken from a county employee, and a check was written to cover the cost of the missing gun from the “drug fund”. Like the one comment said, RICO

  43. It hasn’t been that many years ago that Aliquippa was down to one junk police car and Duquesne Light shut the street lights off because they didn’t have the money to pay the light bill let alone a new car.

  44. Starting a Gofundme and a straight out donation are 2 diff things in my book. Interesting about the name on the car. Only in Quip lol. With the chief and detective pays quip will be bankrupt with no street lights again. Sad that city employees know the deal but they’re told to keep hush hush.

    • The car does not just have the Catroppa name on it, it has 4 other names of Aliquippa police officers. I finally found the reference:

      I can’t find any reference to where the remaining money came from that was not on the GoFundMe account, but I imagine that Catroppa or his company made up the difference. Again that is not that substantial to a large company, the company most likely makes other donations just for the tax benefits like many other companies do.

  45. To : “Back to the Future” In the real world, if you accuse someone of committing a crime, you would be required to use your real name. I would suggest that you take these accusations to the District Attorney’s Office.

  46. To “Back to the Future” : So, now I’m a “Dick”. Damn, “A Dick with Two Blind Eyes”. I just don’t know what doctor I’m going to have to see now. Dr. Vinnie Boombatz won’t even see me with those conditions.

    • Maybe to a one-eyed snake doctor. I hear Vinnie treated four cases of VD. But he’s ok now. Heh heh. Good old Rodney. We could use him now.

  47. To Raven : Good One ! But, I would have to go twice. One eye at a time ? I’m glad to see that you like Rodney too ! I’m going to have to read your posts more often now that I know you have class.

  48. Oh yea one more thing. About Joseph Catroppas drug arrest. Whenever drugs are found in a vehicle. The vehicle is confiscated. No matter who is the owner. How many people in Beaver County have lost there vehicles this way. Wonder if the vehicle Joseph Catroppa was driving and transporting drugs in was confiscated?

  49. I have no “inside info” on any of these people, their jobs, their lifestyles, or their alleged crimes.
    All I know is that, after reading the comments on several of these articles, I weep for my community.

    Beaver County used to be a place to be proud of. God please lead us back there again.

  50. Ugh I can’t wait for the whole fake good fella, wannabes to fall apart and start getting arrested.. if I were them, I’d ditch ol c’fella as my attorney and maybe hire a bunch of lawyers, cause you’re gonna need em! RICO RICO RICO



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