Updates on the site have been slow as I have been continuing work on some long-running investigations, upgrading technology, and going back-and-forth with attorneys (more on that in the near future).

Here are some random entries that have made their way into my notebook over the past week:

Judge Myron?

Several lawyers and politicos tell me they have been approached by attorney Myron Sainovich, who is apparently considering a run for Common Pleas Judge.

Although Myron had long talked about making a run for the bench, most politicos assumed those thoughts faded after County Commissioners won a lawsuit against him for improperly billing taxpayers. His work as Solicitor and political confidant for then-Sheriff George David didn’t win him many fans either.

Attorney Myron Sainovich’s law partners pushed him out of his own firm last year after a series of controversies — not exactly a traditional precursor to a judicial candidacy.

Whether or not Myron actually enters the race remains to be seen.

Another New Face In The Race?

Myron Sainovich isn’t the only new name circulating as a possible contender in this year’s county judicial race. I’m also hearing the name of civil litigation attorney David A. Neely as a potential candidate.

Attorney Neely graduated from New Brighton High School in 1979, and has degrees from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Duquesne University School of Law.

Attorney Bill Goes To The Bank

While some candidates are just starting to dip their toes in the water, attorney Bill Braslawsce is already diving into his campaign for judge.

Braslawsce is putting money where is mouth is, opening up a campaign account this week with $38,000 of his own cash to act as seed funds. The campaign is expected to have dates for its first fundraisers later in the week.

Attorney Braslawsce’s campaign has announced that attorney Gerald Benyo will be acting as Chairman for his Committee. Braslawsce is a registered Democrat who will be cross-filing as a Republican, which is standard practice in judicial races.

Wives’ Tales

I continue to get bombarded with tips about the spouses of some elected officials interjecting themselves into county business and politics in unique ways.

The latest example comes in the form of a Facebook post by Lisa Gabauer, wife of County Coronor David Gabauer. Lisa made her post following a meeting of the Salary Board yesterday that saw Commissioners Egley, Camp, and Amadio come out against a request by Coronor Gabauer to give raises to some of his employees:

“So I went to post a question on Commissioner Egley’s Facebook page to ask her a question- she has 2 accounts- one of them I was unable to post on for some reason and the other one was set so that only her friends could see it and she had to approve anything before it was posted. So, I decided to post this on my page so that everyone can read my question, and see if she will respond to it. My question to Chairwoman Egley is…when will the minutes from today’s salary board meeting be posted online for everyone to see? I think the voters will be interested in hearing what went on today. I await your reply- Sandie Egley”

Sylvia Guy, wife of Sheriff Tony Guy, responded to Lisa Gabauer’s post with a dig of her own, “Everyone needs to be interested in what this Chairwoman is doing!!!”

I’m not exactly sure why either of these ladies might think Beaver County taxpayers would become irate at the Commissioners for unanimously opposing a pay raise for county employees (especially on the heels of a property tax increase) or why they are singling out Commissioner Egley, but there you have it.

One thing I’ve noticed over the past year is that despite their differences all of the newly elected Republican row officials agree on two fundamental things: They all agree Beaver County government is too large and needs to be cut, and they all agree it needs to be cut from an office that isn’t the one they’re in charge of.

Reassessing Applications

I’m told Ambridge attorney Robert Alsko is being considered for the role of Chief County Assessor.

Although Chief Assessor Michael Kohlman accepted the county’s retirement buyout offer last year, he remains on the payroll as a 1,000 hour employee. Commissioners have been struggling to find a replacement for Kohlman, who is currently commanding $75 an hour to remain on board. By law, the county must have a Chief Assessor on staff — a position that can not be outsourced to an independent firm or consultant.

Attorney Robert Alsko has had a relationship with the county’s Assessment Office for years. His firm has been paid approximately $20,000 annually to oversees bankruptcy cases for the county, proceedings which put a halt to collection actions for taxpayers with delinquent property taxes.

Sheriff’s Office Hiring 5 New Deputies

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office is preparing to hire 5 new part-time deputies according to affidavits filed in the Prothonotary’s Office. Among the new hires include:

Danielle Ripper, age 42 of Baden
Michelle F. Davis, age 23 of Pittsburgh
Alexis Eichelsbacher, age 26 of Bethel Park
Dominique Gerlach, age 23 of Coraopolis
James T. Kubacki, age 21 of McDonald

County officials say Commissioners Dan Camp and Tony Amadio favor the new hires, with Commissioner Sandie Egley declining to sign paperwork authorizing them.

Although the Board of Commissioners has been talking for nearly a year about moving certain duties away from the Sheriff’s Office, no actions have been taken by the Board toward accomplishing it — existing deputies have been racking up significant overtime pay as a result. The additional hires are being made with the expectation that it will cut down on the overtime hours being worked by staff, thereby reducing costs.

Commissioners agreed unanimously at a special budget meeting held in December of last year to finalize any restructuring of duties for the Sheriff’s Office by this April.


  1. Why are four out of the five new deputies not residents of Beaver County? Surely some elected official has a relative who needs a job.

    • I could be wrong but it seems unusual for someone to go into anther county and apply for a deputy job, which brings me to, how do you know they are not related to anyone?

  2. Why are we STILL paying out overtime for the sheriff department? Haven’t they YET established what duties they have and what they are NOT supposed to be doing? It’s only been a couple years, 5 commissioners and two sheriff’s to deal with this.

    Yeah, let’s base ALL the courthouse raises on merit. Absolutely. That crowd will all end up with pay CUTS. Think of the savings!

  3. Mrs. Gabauer and Mrs. Guy are exhibiting a form of Stockholm syndrome. Their husbands are both misogynists who hate Mrs. Egley because she is a woman with power. Lisa and Sylvia are currying favor from their husbands by hating on Sandie. It’s so obvious and it’s so pathetic. Expect more of the same for the next three years, and have some empathy for the wives, they are repressed.

  4. Shut up syl!!!!! You and ur midget rotten teeth husband are lowlife! More and more people hate you two! Get a life and stop talking about others.

  5. Geez — Seems Like All Our Local Politicians Are either on the take or Hiring Their Relatives for positions they are not qualified for ?? Yes In this Society I guess it is Who You Know …..Sad Sad.. We The Public have to Pay for this Graft. and Nepotism ! Beaver Co. Residents… Get Informed and Get Out and Vote. I wonder If Things will ever really Change ??

  6. Vote NO for Myron Sainovich. Enough said. Gerald Benyo as Chairman of Braslawsce’s committee is HIS decision, so it seems he wants to remain an attorney, although I’d rather see HIM run. IN MY OPINION Benyo would be a shoe-in. So, just in case – VOTE GERALD BENYO FOR BEAVER COUNTY JUDGE.

    The Little Women can squawk all they want on Facebook, as long as they aren’t abusing taxpayer’s money. Their bitching about the Commissioners is just because their husband’s budgets are frozen, meaning so are they.

    Five new deputies when they are already over-staffed is ridiculous, especially when, as accordingtome says “four out of the five new deputies (are) not residents of Beaver County”. I was pleased to see Sandie Egley standing strong by “declining to sign paperwork authorizing them”. Way to go Sandie! Hey Teeny Tony… you are NOT building an Army. VOTE WAYNE KRESS FOR BEAVER COUNTY SHERIFF.

  7. Lawyers run for judge because they can either make more $ or they want to relax with a 9 to 3 job plus benefits.
    No truer words were ever written on this muckracking site than elected officials are all for cuts except their own!

  8. Our only hope is that we can get Home Rule on the ballot for this year. We will all need to band together against the court house whores who will pull out all the stops to save their own asses, taxpaying public be damned. It’s all about me, me, me!! Home Rule will eliminate most of these turds with one flush. it will be sad at the the family reunions for the slugs, no where to hide and steal from the public.

  9. Appropriate that the young boys need their wives to fight their battles for them. They sulked and were rebuked in their power grab and now like the small little pussies they are they get the wives involved. Little do they know that this makes them fair game for public scorn and ridicule but I’m sure they’re used to hiding their faces in public. Grow a set of balls and do your damn jobs and stop whining!

  10. As for the new part-timers for the Sheriffs office— How can they be hired when if I recall, according to their paperwork, are not even old enough to work? Aren’t these the bunch of yahoos that put ridiculous ages on the paperwork? SMH

  11. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. The reason four out of five Deputies hired were from outside Beaver County is that no self respecting member of Beaver County law enforcement would work with these Amateurs. They live outside the county and don’t realize what a zoo that Department is. They need to spray that Department with a water/bleach mixture.

  12. 70 years ago ww2 vets had enough of the blatant nepotism and outright corruption within their local government! Athens and Etowah were the locations, and if one would be inclined there are many different sources to reference of these fine folks who one day had finally had enough of the blatant illegal and immoral goings on in their local government and decided to exercise their fundamental 2nd Amendment rights. Mungo makes zero call for ths level of action to possibly put an end to our County problems, but only makes an attempt to highlight, and illustrate what can and has happened in the history of our great Country when good standing family and community men decide enough is enough!! Again please understand any and all John Q law types reading Mungo’s ramblings, that he is in no way making any attempt to incite any persons to engage in activities that may be deemed illegal by the Commonwealth of Pa or the Federal Govt for that matter! Simply pointing out that like we all just witnessed with Mr Trump sweeping almost unanimously into the White House, the people are sick and tired of all the same old tired bullshit!!

    • And in reference to what you refer to as Mr. Trump’s “sweeping almost unanimously into the White House”, I COULD say, IN MY OPINION, in light of his “accomplishments” this week, and with ALL due respect for the Office of the Presidency, the Big Orange currently sitting there is a total jerk and joke, and any self-respecting person who voted that Clown into office must be delusional if they REALLY believe what he says and does… BUT, I won’t.

      • Thats right!! Cutting thru the Gubment gridlock like a sharpened cheeto..haha…yeah jaybird sounds like you maybe one of those federal employees whose budget might get the ole chop! From the Trumpster. But that is the beauty of freedom of speech it allows all of us the opportunity to voice our opinions, and you know what they say about opinions Mr Bird!

  13. I hope there is no truth to the rumor …I heard Sylvia plans to do a series of provocative photos. One in which she is scantily clad (because she is wearing one of Tiny Tonys wife beaters) reclining with one knee to the air on the tailgate of one of the Sheriff’s SUV. She will offer the photos to her FB Friends for a donation in any $ amount. This money will then go to Tiny Tonys, ” I am not a crook campaign. “

  14. Myron wouldn’t be able to sit on the bench sleeping off his weekend alcohol binge like he used to do at his law office. And the stint at rehab a few years ago, when he told people he had medical issues to cover for not being in the office garnered a lot of compassion, but didn’t lead to a life of sobriety. NO, MYRON! We don’t want you as Judge!!!!!!

  15. I suspect Sandie is used to watching her back at this point. I’ve follow her fb and she doesn’t engage in a pissing match. From what I see, she keeps it classy.

    Commissioners…some unsolicited advice…do not hire the lawyer who couldn’t collect the UNIS back taxes for over 20 years to be your new chief tax assessor. He’s a lawyer…and not a good one. Base your decision on the facts..he did not collect the taxes. WE THE PEOPLE want our money and Rob Alston failed us.

    Thank you Sandie for not signing for the 5 new deputies to enlarge the sheriffs office. It was recently stated, you’re in a hiring freeze, but that means nothing to Dan and Tony.



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