A Beaver patrolman wrote in a report that he was forced to deploy his K-9 on an uncooperative suspect after the man attempted to attack him with a hand-drill following a brief vehicle chase — witnesses who know the man allege to the Beaver Countian that the officer was acting in a fit of rage and allowed his police dog to brutally maul and “eat” the man even after he had been secured in handcuffs. Photographs depict horrific looking injuries the suspect allegedly sustained as a result of the encounter.

According to a charging affidavit filed by Beaver Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems, the encounter began at approximately 10:00pm on August 19th as he and another officer in a separate patrol car were both responding to an unrelated call in Industry. On the way to the scene, Wijnen-riems describes a chance encounter with a man named James Edward Cicco:

“As we were driving on Route 66 by Barley Hill Bridge a white 2-door Explorer bearing registration […] was driving slow and kept pressing his brakes. Police vehicle #292 passed him and I pulled behind him to see what the problem was that he wouldn’t pull over earlier to an emergency vehicle with lights and siren activated. My vehicle was almost stopped when the white Ford Explorer sped away with me following with lights and sirens activated. He finally pulled over in a driveway and I could see him reaching over to the passenger side of the vehicle. I attempted to take him out of the vehicle and he was pushing me back and attempted to strike me hitting my shoulder. He grabbed a yellow drill in his right hand as I attempted to pull my gun stepping back from the vehicle calling for assistance. He closed his door and stated I don’t have anything. I opened his door again to extract him from the vehicle and he still refused. He would not exit the vehicle or show me what was in his hands, which later fell out was car keys. K9 Czar was deployed to extract the defendant from the vehicle and the defendant was striking my dog. I was yelling, stop fighting my dog and show me your hands. The defendant stopped striking my K9 and the K9 was removed. I was attempting to handcuff the defendant as I had one hand secured he was still moving on the ground he wouldn’t straighten his arm so that I could place that one in the other handcuff. Czar was deployed again and the subject placed his other hand behind his back to be secured and the K9 was placed into the vehicle as backup arrived.”

Officer Wijnen-riems subsequently charged James Cicco with felony aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer, 54 felony counts of possession of a controlled substance (one count for each pill of prescription medication Cicco allegedly had in his possession that was in a bottle not labeled and without his name or a prescription), misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest, fleeing and eluding, driving under the influence, and summary counts of careless driving and driving on a suspended license.

Court records show James Cicco is not currently represented by an attorney in the case.

It was not James Cicco’s first encounter with law enforcement, with a string of prior convictions including retail theft and multiple instances of disorderly conduct — along with additional arrests for charges which were later withdrawn including aggravated assault and robbery.

But according to Leon and Debra Cichoski, who live nextdoor to James Cicco, there is more to the story than what Officer Wijnen-riems wrote in his charging report. They say the incident occurred on the night of August 18th, when they were sitting outside together on their deck.

“James Cicco is my neighbor, I call him Jimmy,” Debra Cichoski told the Beaver Countian. Cichoski also said she is distantly related to Cicco by marriage, describing the man as the nephew of her niece’s husband.

“My husband and I were sitting on our deck and police cars go flying past our house which is not uncommon, it happens all the time, it’s the main road in Industry,” said Debra. “There was a laps of time, I don’t know how much, and I heard a brief blast of a siren, and I look at my husband and I said, want to guess if that’s a police car or ambulance? He guessed ambulance. I go to the railing to see what it was, when within a half of a second I see Jimmy with his turn-signal on, he turns into the driveway with a cop hot on him, as they turn the police car pulled on the side of Jimmy’s car.”

Debra said she saw an officer [identified by the Beaver Countian as being Beaver Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems] immediately exit his vehicle.

“He throws the door of Jimmy’s truck, it’s an SUV, open and grabs his arm and he said ‘why didn’t you stop you fucking asshole,’ I could not hear what Jimmy said in response, there were cars going by that drowned some of the things out. The cop had ahold of Jimmy, he’s telling Jimmy to get out of the truck. Jimmy appeared to be struggling with his seat-belt.”

Debra’s husband Leon separately told the Beaver Countian about the same series of events.

“The officer flung the door open and grabbed Jimmy and he was twisting his arm the wrong way, Jimmy was screaming, stop you’re going to break my arm, stop,” said Leon. “I didn’t see anything in his hand, all I saw was he was screaming that his arm was hurting.”

“The officer said I’m going to get the dog,” continued Debra. “I heard Jimmy say, I surrender sir, I surrender, the cop ran back to the police car and opened the door to let the dog out anyway. While he was going to get the dog Jimmy was getting out of the car, he kept saying, I surrender sir. Then I heard Jimmy say no, no, no, and Jimmy tried to pull the truck door shut again because of the dog. The officer jerks the door open, drags Jimmy out of the truck and put the dog on him. The cop was yelling, down on your face, down on your face. Jimmy is down on the ground while the officer is handcuffing him.”

That, according to Debra and Leon, is when the screams began.


“Jimmy is being eaten alive by a dog at this point, he is on the ground being eaten alive while the officer is standing there,” said Debra, who said she was horrified by what she saw. “I yelled at the officer, get that dog off of him, but he didn’t, he did not […] Eventually he put the dog in the car but he didn’t shut the door all the way and the dog got out and he let him chew on Jimmy some more.”

“I saw the dog just biting and chewing and grabbing and pulling him backwards,” said Leon. “Then I saw the cop bring his leg up and stomp twice, that’s when Jimmy stopped hollering for a couple of seconds, then the hollering started again. It went on for quite a while.”

Both Leon and Debra said their view of James Cicco was partially blocked by a car while he was on the ground, and they are unsure where Officer Wijnen-riems had stomped.

“I saw the cop finally grab the dog by the collar and pull the dog off of Jimmy but as he was pulling him away the dog was still biting into Jimmy,” said Debra. “He puts the dog back into the car and he calls for backup.”

Leon and Debra both insist that James Cicco was handcuffed when the officer twice stomped his foot and while the dog perpetrated much of its attack.

The couple said a second officer arrived at the scene a short time later, followed by a third unit.

“I knew he was handcuffed because when the officer put the dog away and he called for backup, Jimmy just laid on the ground the whole time,” said Debra. “The officer never went back again to handcuff him and he was handcuffed when the other officer picked him up and slammed him across the hood.”

The couple said officers began searching Cicco’s car, having already removed suspected controlled substances out of his pockets.

“Jimmy is sitting in the back of the police car, it seems like 30 minutes goes by, finally one of the cops went to the police car to check on Jimmy,” said Debra. “The officer closed the cop car door and said, ‘I think we better have that ambulance dispatched down here, he’s chewed up pretty bad.’ Then the ambulance came and they walked Jimmy to the ambulance and they put him in there. At this point the ambulance leaves.”

Leon and Debra Cichoski say they then saw Officer Wijnen-riems walk around James Cicco’s house looking up at the eaves, and then walking around looking up at the eaves of their garage. They said officers never took their names or phone numbers, never took a statement, and that they were never contacted by law enforcement about the incident.

james James Cicco was transported to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh, where he was admitted with multiple injuries. Photos later taken of James Cicco and provided to the Beaver Countian show large wounds in several places on his body, including a gaping hole exposing his chest cavity. Photos said to be of the shirt he wore that day appear to show pieces of flesh still stuck to it.

“This should not have have happened,” said Leon. “It was horrific to see something like that. I don’t know what the charges were but it shouldn’t have happened this way. I saw nothing that Jimmy did that should have made this happen to him. I don’t think that was right, even if he did something wrong.”

“I stood there and witnessed this and did nothing because I couldn’t do anything,” concluded Debra. “It’s bothering me a lot, but now I can fight for this. I am prepared to move if I have to.”

Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier told the Beaver Countian he had been unaware of the case, but his office will now be taking action.

“The officer’s criminal complaint [against James Cicco] has not reached my office yet and wouldn’t until after the preliminary hearing,” said District Attorney Lozier. “Now that a serious allegation of police misconduct has been brought to light, I have an immediate responsibility to refer the matter to his Chief so he can conduct an internal review. I will then take the results of that investigation and make an independent determination on whether the officer’s conduct was appropriate, if it should be investigated further by my office for possible criminal charges, or if the matter should be sent to our citizens’ police review board if it is on the bubble.”

While this was not James Cicco’s first run-in with police, it was also not the first time the amount of force used by Officer Jeffery Wijnen-riems has come under scrutiny. In 2005, five residents of Beaver County sued Officer Jeff Wijnen-Riems and the Beaver Borough Police Department in federal court, alleging they were brutalized by the man and had their civil rights violated. Several of those complaints were later settled after the parties reached out-of-court agreements on financial compensation. The citizens’ police review board has previously recommended criminal charges be filed against the officer for excessive force, although the District Attorney’s Office at the time never followed through with prosecution.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian there have been other complaints against the officer alleging excessive force since that time.

Beaver Borough Police Chief Dan Madgar was unavailable when the Beaver Countian visited the station today for comment.

James Cicco is currently being housed in the Beaver County Jail unable to make bail in his case. A preliminary hearing has been set for August 29th at 10:30am.

A Facebook page for Jeffery Wijnen-riems currently features an illustration of a wolf with blood covering its face and a second illustration of a dog with a caption which reads, “And when I get there, I will arrive violently.”


John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. This is just sick. Some people, for whatever reason, choose to put police officers on a pedestal. This should never be the case. Patterns appear with these cops. There is a pattern with this guy. I’m sure people will defend this officer, but there is something very wrong here.

    • Nothing like stereotyping, huh? You give the finger to every priest you see? Do you think every teacher is having sex with their students? Is this officer a problem, absolutely. He has a long record of shit. But give the majority a freaking break.

    • Patterns are everything. Once a pattern is established, that pattern can be repeated frequently (as in this case) or be suppressed for years and then return, but it will come back sometime. This guy is addicted to violence and his ability to get away with dispensing violence or in his mind, a form of punishment or justice. This is a case of a runaway addiction with no brakes.

    • putting cops on a pedestal is not new, in the Colonial times (pre revolution) the Redcoats had the same ‘blue privilege’ – only even they did not corrupt innocent dogs to do evil for them. The cop apologists for that time were known as Tories, people loyal to the Crown. Finally the colonials started shooting redcoats from behind rocks, trees and whatever… if we will not learn from history, we will repeat it. And those of us who do learn from history must get clear of those doomed to a repetition.

  2. If a person does a web search of this “Officer” there appears to be more than one complaint and/or lawsuit around this guy. Sick Sick Sick. The Facebook post makes it worse. No fear of discipline or prosecution. In Your Face Intimidation. Unreal.

    • This guy as the rest of the officials in this county are accountable to no one. This is what happens when there is no chance of being disciplined or regulated.

  3. The reason for him to look at the house eaves and around the area was to see if their was any camera’s recording the arrest, not sure if Beaver uses camera but am sure they were not working at the time? But am sure he did not know that he was being watch till the end, so it will be his word against the witnesses!

    • Lord have mercy Karen, he’s named in the article!! Why are you making numerous insinuating comments about “who it may be”…ugh

      • someone likes using my name on the Countian – I never ever made any comments on this article . Sounds as though city council needs to correct this young man before he seriously hurts someone completely innocent. Of Coursee this idiot who would not stop for the cops is another person who needs to loose his license for a couple years before he kills someone as well based on past records huh???? no more easy breaks for not listening to an officer hopefullywould straighten his I’m not listening or stopping for you!!!!!

  4. This officer has always used excessive force. I will not cite my name, however, I watched him beat someone on his own front lawn while off duty. He knows who I am.

  5. Well. He is a white guy. I suppose he won’t get very much media attention. That’s for sure! Hope he is getting a full supply of pain meds. My heart is with the cop and the dog

    • Yet if you read the story their view is blocked by the car. They presume he was cuffed while dog was biting him. But if he only has 1 hand cuffed and the guy is resisting and not letting him get his other hand then the dogs still going to be helping!
      Their story is BS… insane the comments I’m seeing.

  6. Beaver Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-Riems has a history of this kind of behavior. He is well known in the county. He is nothing more than a bully with a badge. It is about time the police start policing their own. He makes ALL of them (Police Officers) look bad. He is probably screaming the loudest of “Why do the people hate us?”. Hey asshole, look in the mirror for your answer.

    • I’ve known dan madgar a very long time and he is about as corrupt as can be.. a few years back at a high school class reunion he is so childish that he actually rigged all the contest so that he would win. one of them was who had the most tattoos and he start taking off his clothes showing off… hey Danny grow up let’s not even talk about years ago when he needed money that on drug raids instead of turning the money in .. take a wild guess where it went.. Beaver police take care of their own..

  7. He’s been problematic forever. Giving him a dog was just a pure mistake. Every k9 handler in this county has a chip on their shoulder simply because they can give a command to a dog to bite or search. My pet does more tricks. K9 cops in this area are all prima donnas and bitch about each other. Not to mention they’ve all shared the same female officer

  8. WTF is wrong over at the Beaver PD. This ass clown of a “Police Officer” has a jaded history with this department who then turns around and hires who? JOHN-JOE!!!! Again – WTF is wrong with the Beaver PD?!

    But, must keep beer out of Beaver, but let’s keep hiring asshole police officers. You people in Beaver need to get your priorities in order.

    • WOEbama, the people of Beaver do not hire nor do they fire police officers. You have several issues you want to address. Zero in on one and make a sensible argument. You’re just another jackass like everyone else in your town …. see it doesn’t make sense. You are a Jackass, now that makes sense.

    • What a moronic statement. First off, let say I hate junkies, but I hate bad cops more. No matter the crime, San has civil rights, and is innocent until proven guilty. A cop is obligated by duty to operate with restraint. I hope they crucify this cop if the evidence comes back that this is what happened.

    • You don’t know what happened, you weren’t there. But everyone wants to right away blame the cop. I would love for you to walk a day and have to deal with what they have to on a daily basis. If you break the law, in my eyes you have no rights!!!!

      • You know what S PAULPAUL, that is the way Officers who shoot unarmed individuals, one’s that are running away, think. You are a role model for complete lawlessness, oh and an ass.

    • You weren’t there either. I did three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Marine, I have friends who got out and became cops, I’m not particularly impressed by the rigors of patrolling beaver county. I’m also not impressed by some of the morons who have badges around here.

      Here is a crazy notion, every one already has the right to blame a cop, they have civil rights that if they feel are infringed, they have a right to have it investigated.

      Your kid comes home mauled by a fucking dog, the kid tells you the dog was allowed to bite him after he was cuffed, the cop says he was robbing cars and resisting. Do you want it looked into? Maybe it’s bullshit, but do you want it looked into? You find out the same cop was subject to a lawsuit that cost his department millions for excessive force, do you want it looked into now? Or do you tell your kid that’s what happens?

      Just a totally naive and uneducated thing to say.

    • My kids would never be in that situation cause I raise my children right. This guy has been a arrest record a mile long. Thank you for your service but that really has nothing to do with this situation. You are only going by what your reading. We can keep going in this. We differ in opinions and that’s ok.

    • Neither one of us were there so no judgements should be maid. If the cop was wrong them he should be in trouble. I just think society is so quick to judge the police anymore and it’s wrong.

      • should be maid, maid ? If the cop was wrong them he should. I raise my children right, hope you Ain’T no TEEchar

    • Here’s the thing S Paul Paul, inalienable rights mean inalienable. Doesn’t matter how you raise your kids. What if they match a description, are detained, and then have excessive force used? It happens. Innocent people get arrested. This guy is a junky asshole, but he has the same inalienable rights as you and I. If we can let a cop take his rights, they can take ours just as easy, it’s a slippery slope. I say investigate, give due diligence. Because here’s the thing, the suspect here has a record, but so does the cop.

    • And I agree it’s become common place to blame the cop, but why? The reason is because bad cops have gotten a lot of publicity. Why do people assume certain immigrants are illegal? Because it’s obvious that some are. Same thing with bad cops, and when it’s obvious cop blaming bs I am just ares sickened by it. However, given this cops past, it should be considered plausible until proven otherwise.

    • I used to tell people defending the rights you believe in for the people you like is easy, defending rights you disagree with for people you don’t care for is true patriotism.

      • Mike, 12 years ago Officer Wijnen-riems, should have been fired. The incident all began over a teenager riding a bicycle without a light. He was able to keep his job.He cost those he is sworn to protect restitution, for this behavior. I AGREE With you 100% . SPAULPAUL, Look at the facebook post, look at his record. Re-read his report and the witness report. EXCESSIVE, Brutal Force. This time he has got to go, he is a liability, to everyone he is to Protect and Serve.

    • Mike Morgan your posts are well reasoned, well thought out and completely on the money….however, they are also a complete waste of your time. Someone with brains mixed with a healthy dose of empathy and the ability to step back and look at the big picture would of stopped arguing and listened…BUT thats not what your dealing with here…GAURANTEED he “wants to make America great again”…smh

      • spaulpaul… After reading your posts… I don’t think anyone cares who You would vote for.

    • They even said they didn’t know if he was kicked. The officer stomped his foot twice. Not to mention I know the ambulance crew that was there and they both are saying the neighbors were no where to be seen whole time they were there. This person screwed up by not simply pulling over to allow emergency workers to pass and then sped away after the cop remained behind him. What was the point in speeding away and driving recklessly if he was going to act so nice in his driveway? So I’ll speculate, since it seems others can, to say the neighbors accounts were off in how they described the “good boy” victim’s reaction when the cop pulled in behind him. Or the “victim” wanted someone to witness a good scene of acting. The police camera will show the guy’s driving. Proof of the need to be pulled out of his car.

  9. I just love it when the idiot, liberal, asshat, computer tough guys come out of the woodwork. First of all, SHUT THE F&%CK UP!!. Jeff Wijnen-riems is an excellent officer and a stand up guy. Having worked with Jeff as a police officer I will vouch for him any day of the week. Why don’t one of you morons put on a uniform and see how easy this job is.

    • Anyone who really knows Jeff, knows that he is absolutely a walking time-bomb. Come on MAC, if you worked with him, you know that.. be honest. When you protect people like this, and justify these actions, you are putting at risk, officers that want to return home safe at the end of their shift.

  10. James cicco is my brother! Im am extremely disturbed with this entire situation and i hope justice is served! How does this officer still have his badge? This is not the first time for him and he has multiple brutality suites against him. Im afraid that if he continues to carry that badge someone else will be a victim of his sick acts of violence!

    • Your brother is a pill-head and a bag of dirt. I’ve seen his B.S. a dozen times. I’m sure he was resisting arrest, because he thinks he can just do whatever and get away with whatever. Maybe he’ll clean up and find Jesus in prison. But for now, he sucks as a human being and has no place in society. Sorry.

  11. Mac- I have. I am not a liberal asshat but he needed to calm his ass down long ago. He beat people right in front of me. He ripped someone out of their car for no reason and I’m talking 10 years ago. He’s dangerous to the field.

  12. He put everyone in a very dangerous situation. I have no sympathy here and yet again there are drugs involved. Prayers to officers and canine. Get these drugs off the street making people do crazy things they need help, no sympathy for drug dealers

    • Apparently you didn’t read the part where this cop already has abusive manners and has previous reports against him. If you or someone you know had been treated this way would you still pray for the maniac. There are more humane ways of handling this situation. This is one of the “cops” that tarnish the reputation of other cops.

    • I agree maybe he is a bad cop. Are there records to prove it? Or just hearsay? Just thinking that guy could have caused such a really bad situation sounds like he has a bad history. He will survive dog bites but maybe this may have saved him from getting shot next time he tries fighting an officer with a drill while carrying drugs, under influence. Lol

      • sue,sue, sue…. go back up to the article- look for what is underlined, click on it. He will survive dog bites but maybe this may have saved him from getting shot next time he tries fighting an officer with a drill while carrying drugs, under influence remember sue that is the officers report, then there is ALSO a witness report. poor sue.

    • @loriann…what the news article, or the comments?? JK! Where did you move to? Is it a utopia with no drugs, crime, abusive cop behavior? Mungo would truly like to know.. He has been searching for just such a place! Do they also have no taxes, potholes, and citizens like Dennis Mckee?? And if the plumbing never gets backed up then even Connie the Con may think of relocating!! Thanks for your promt response.

    • PERP short for perpetrator. A perpetrator is often a suspect until it has been proven that he or she carried out the offense. The word usually describes someone who’s committed a crime, but any wrongdoing will do.

      • For someone so bent on correcting everyone’s spelling and grammar, your writing is atrocious weasel.

  13. Can’t speak for other police departments, but I live and work in Beaver. On at least two occasions, and with two different officers, they have responded to a question I had asked each about something… while the question isn’t important, their response was chilling. To my question I received this reply, “I’m a cop. I have a gun. I can do whatever I want.”

    And so now the God complex has manifested itself in the quiet hamlet of Beaver, PA…

  14. Hmmmm started out as a car chase then the guy charged the cop with a drill. Sounds to me like had he not broken the law he wouldn’t have gotten bit in the first place. People would sing a different tune had he wrecked in that chase and killed an innocent child. Dumbass got what he deserved

  15. KARMA IN FULL EFFECT FOR THIS DUDE!! There is a ton of people he has screwed over to cover his addiction! And the so called neighbors couldn’t understand what he said cause he was high as usual! He is no way innocent!and he pays people with drugs to get what he wants. So yeah Jimmy brought it on himself!

  16. How convenient the traffic was too loud when Jimmy spoke, but she was able to hear everything the officer said… And eaten alive?!?! Lol. He has a bite! This is absolutely ridiculous! Something needs to happen to her for giving a false statement!

      • Of all the stupid statements on here this one has to be the worst.
        Rose; You expect a witness to interfere with a police officer making an arrest? That would be a crime in itself. Do you expect the neighbors to pull a vicious attacking police dog off a suspect? What do you think would happen to them if they tried?
        CaLette is spot on! “It’s a good thing his neighbors were willing to step up and tell what they witnessed.”

        Leon and Debra are taking a huge risk of police brotherhood retribution by coming forward. They obviously witnessed something significant enough to make a public statement and say this is wrong and needs looked into. I do not believe for a second that Leon and Debra are just making this up. Let a Judge and Jury hear all the evidence and make a decision of who is telling the truth and who is lying.

    • All of us are speculating at this point based of if the above article. I do not know this man or will ever say someone deserves a certain treatment. There are good and bad people in this world including those in authority. However, this article does not prove a good case for the so called victim. Many things do not add up. Bottom line if a cop pulls you over then you pull over. Keep your hands on the wheel don’t reach for anything. I would think someone who has experience with breaking the law in the past (as the man mentioned in this article does) would know this.

  17. To say someone got what they deserved, I hope none of ever get accused of a crime. By your own metric, you’d warrant being mauled by a dog. Fun fact, cops jobs is to arrest and detain offenders, lawyers and judges carry punishment out. And whether he’s a drug addict asshole or not, when you let a cop violate his rights, it’s a matter of time until he violates yours or someone else’s for lesser circumstance. For every good cop in beaver county, there’s a bad cop. I’ve run into this first hand, where I broke up a bar fight, and some asshole cop I knew from highschool charged felonies, he later lost his job for lying in the police report. So it happens. Cops are not exceptional people, they pass what? A 6 week course with laughable standards, and then drive around assuming they are the law, when in most cases they don’t know the law. As suspect as the witness is, the complaint should be taken very seriously and if there was officer misconduct, the cop needs to be hammered. What’s the problem of watching the dash video and seeing if any of what the neighbor said was true? Justice is a two way street and a bad cop is infinitely more dangerous than a junky, although I dislike them almost equally.

    • Thanks God someone understands how it’s supposed to work. It’s a shame people with those job titles forget their responsibilities and put people in harms way. Never understood how people can be so relaxed about having civil rights even during a detainment. It’s written FOR bad situations. Whoever I saw on her earlier who said breaking the law means he has no rights is a damn idiot. There’s a system for a reason and it’s flawed enough as it is but it’s as good as it gets. Right to DUE PROCESS. That fact that civil rights have become laughable is out right disgusting to me. Try to be a fucking American yourselves before kicking people out and running for office and making decisions. You can get a pocket constitution anywhere. Online. Don’t know it? You should… Beaver county is getting ridiculous…

    • Hey finally someone with common sense and a heart speaking about this. All these other people saying he got what he deserved need to be subjected to the outright abuse this man suffered from the “cop doing his duty” then maybe they’ll understand.

    • Quit the bashing of all cops already and try to get some facts. Where in the hell do you come up with the statement that the police academy is 6 weeks? And to broadly assume that every cop doesn’t know the laws they enforce is a broad, ignorant statement. I’m sure all of them know your tint is illegal, per se. And law enforcement in beaver county isn’t as easy as it appears through your kitchen window.

    • People from all walks of life will always fuck up. But you know what? This guy has every right for this to be investigated. He has every right to fight for his side of the story. And no one can honestly say the injuries he obtained from that dog is acceptable just because he didn’t pull over. It’s like everyone around here is all 1984…. Just do what they say….. Has everyone forgotten how to think for themselves?

    • I didn’t say that the incident shouldn’t be investigated with the officer, especially when the cop has a prior incident for using excessive force. All I’m saying is that people break the law, have a history of breaking the law then suddenly want to cry about being treated unlawfully. Just don’t break the law in the first place. Don’t even give the cop an opportunity to use excessive force. It’s pretty simple. If you’re being pulled over… um, don’t speed away.

    • Don’t give the cop the opportunity for excessive force. That’s like blaming the victim of rape.

      No crime, not even murder, makes it ok to violate civil rights.

    • Again.. I’m not defending the cop in this situation or why he was never held accountable for his past situation. But why do the criminals never take responsibility for their actions? Like “Hey, the cop used excessive force on me. I recognize that I was breaking the law and running from them but he was out of line with how he reacted.” lol, it’ll never happen.

      • In the Witness statement Debra said;
        “I heard Jimmy say, I surrender sir, I surrender, the cop ran back to the police car and opened the door to let the dog out anyway.”
        So you are saying he should take responsibility for surrendering to the cop and that is why the cop RAN BACK TO HIS CAR to get the dog?

  18. So police conduct experts Leon and Debra who had their view partially blocked of what was happening and apparently think the K-9 should have just licked the face of little Jimmy, see no reason for this. Little Jimmy was driving eradictly, refused to stop when being followed by a police car with its lights on, speeds away from the officer when he finally catches up to him, drives home, refuses to get out of his car when asked, fights with the officer and is in possession of illegal drugs but the police officer is wrong??? Leon and Debra are defending little Jimmy. Guess they haven’t had time to make it to the BCJ to post his bail.

  19. 99% of the cops are great guys but there are many that do have a “God” complex and use excessive force. obviously this guy has a long history of abuse of power and excessive force. Too many lawsuits to ignore his history.
    Big fan of the good public servants but the bad ones need weeded out by their co-workers and superiors. Otherwise, they are just as culpable in lawsuits and wasted taxpayers dollars. Mike Morgan is spot on when he says everyone has rights. I DO NOT agree with the perps actions but if he was high and resisted it may have caused a greater tragedy. Those dog bites look serious to me. the drug epidemic is tearing the fabric of our society apart daily. It spares no race or color or income level. THAT is the 500 lb gorilla in the room. The drugs are being brought in here by an organized crime syndicate. That is where the police and narcs need to concentrate. Hell I can tell you whose dealing drugs in what areas after about 5 minutes of observation and behavioral analysis. The truth is the government isn’t really interested in stopping the drugs. it is a money making enterprise. More cops, more jails, more lawyers, more judges equals make work jobs. There are a handful of well known people in Beaver County profiting handsomely off this drug trade. They could care less because they have the power to pay people off or eliminate them.
    When reading this article, ask yourself what would have the outcome been if this was one of our county sheriff’s illegal dog units doing unlawful duties?????? I much bigger lawsuit for sure. That is why the legal department should be going after the mental midget from Quiptown to get his house in order. Do only the damn jobs you are tasked by LAW. Deliver mail, taxi prisoners around and remember to lock the damn courthouse once in a while. Damn, barney Fife looks like Einstein in Beaver County Sherriff’s Department. I’m sure the new “hires” will alleviate these problems. They are all rock solid liars and learned their craft from Aliquippa’s finest. What could possibly go wrong here?

    • @equalizer13..What about the fact that CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens etc. Are the pushers half the time? With all the pharmacies in these places packed during ALL business hours peddling Oxycontin, oxycodone, vicodin, morphine fentanyl, codiene ad nauseam! Mungo knows the Dr.s write the prescriptions..yes, but nonetheless what is the solution to that? Lock em all up?? Prescription abuse is certainly on par problem wise as with illegal street drugs. When is the last time you seen a pot smoker run out weed and decide to go steal a car stereo to get another sack? More like scrape up some couch change and go to CoGos and get some Ben And Jerrys cherry Garcia!

  20. I’ve heard a lot of stories about Jeffery Wijnen-Riems. All of them questionable. I believe it may be time for some mental evaluation and intervention. I don’t know why Beaver isn’t worried about multiple law suits against them caused by this officer. These officers go through extensive training and learn all the procedures to take a person into custody, and yet all across the country it seems they are all resorting right to there gun and this, instead of using other tools like mace, taser, stun gun or the training they have, they are by-passing all of that and going for the extreme measures. This police officer should be dismissed, charged with police brutality, excessive force and attempted muder. I’m guessing there is no video on this incident.

  21. I don’t feel sorry for the dude, and he probably got a 90 day scrip for pain killers because of the bite and was celebrating.

  22. fear, this man was guilty and being pursued by the police. Should he have pulled over and cooperated? of course but that is easy for us to say. When we get pulled over we leave with a ticket. He would lose his freedom. So yes he made a bad choice and ran. He resisted arrest which would be expected from someone on drugs who often have paranoia and anxiety, again yes his own fault from bad choices. But we know to expect this from people like him. We also know that cops are trained to deal with people like him

  23. Keeping a officer like this on the force is a lawyers dream. I see a law suit for over $100 K coming. If communities can not control their officers the insurance companies will How many more incidences like this before the communities are un-insurable?
    .BTW I in the past have had police ride my bumper trying to get me to speed.My family was in the car. I also braked causing him to swerve (he was that close) when he indignantly came up to my car I asked him if he was drunk.

    Pittsburgh was just mentioned in an article as having the most corrupt police force in the nation, They have lots of lawsuits costing them millions. If the community looses its insurance the tax payer pays for the police actions.

  24. Of the Beaver cops, this is the “predatory” one. I would not doubt that the pictures are already taped on his locker door, and he is yucking it up with the guys and showing them to the dog as he suits up. Mission accomplished! Igor will not change, at least as long as there is fresh meat out there to arouse the anger and revive the Incredible Hulk that lurks within. No, it will take a successful lawsuit, finally, to reduce him to having to sell off his guns to make ends meet. The family will get him on Dr. Phil, help him confront his demons, and enroll him at a dude ranch for anger management in Wyoming. Successful, he will return, desperate for a job, and Tony Guy will find a spot for him manning the back door screening machine. IMHO.

    • @ Raven-Of the Beaver cops, this is the “predatory” one.
      I know Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems.
      You are absolutely correct. I also know the somewhat smart ass teenager( years ago ) and his father also unnecessary roughed up. Beaver Borough needs to act this time. This is more than pushing and shoving or a battle of egos. No matter the crime -a taser, or waiting for your back up (in-route) to arrive. Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems facebook post ? Guilty/not Guilty ? Documented history of both Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems and James Cicco, it’s not for me to hang either. I do agree with your assessment, bad cop, and Beaver does not need him.

  25. Not only is this an abuse of a human being ,it is also abuse of an animal. Was this man in the wrong ? Sure he was . But the police just needed to get the man into custody witch they did.abuse for any reason is still abuse, take him to jail and hopefully the justice system will take care of it.

    • That’s weird. It looks like he photoshopped that red “blood” on to the dog’s face. I mean, whoever did that, that’s seriously weird.

    • Raven- Those pictures were all posted to his facebook on or around May, just a few months ago. IMO, This was a premeditated attack. The only part that was missing is who his victim would be. This guy really has some serious issues IMO. I think it would be very disturbing for family members to be living in the same house with him. I can only imagine what the headlines could read someday.

  26. http://beaverpa.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/July-12-2016-Minutes.pdf
    Jeff Wijnen-Riems & K9 Czar, Drug Enforcement o K9 Officer Jeff Wijnen-Riems and K9 Czar have made 32 confirmed drug arrests between March 2015 and December 2015. Officer Wijnen-Riems has shut down two heroin houses in the Borough of Beaver. Together, they have displayed exemplary work in the battle against the ongoing drug epidemic.

    That’s a lot of drug arrests for the Beaver area in a 9 month period. I don’t know about you, but this makes me wonder.

  27. Only one example of behavior that goes back more than 12 years.

    Sunday, June 26, 2005

    Suit claims police brutality

    Beaver County Times

    BEAVER, PA – Five Beaver County residents have sued Beaver, its police department and officer Jeff Wijnen-Riems in federal court, claiming they were brutalized by Wijnen-Riems and their civil rights were violated.

    The lawsuit, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh, seeks damages in excess of $75,000 for each of the following parties: Lorri Stiles and her husband, Joel Koslicki, both of 431 Rotteck St., Baden; Christopher E. Green of 239 Taylor Ave., Beaver; and Robert Capo Sr. and his son Benjamin, of 790 River Road, Beaver.

    According to the lawsuit, filed by Ambridge attorneys James Ross and Charles F. Bowers III, Wijnen-Riems displayed a pattern of attacking people, and though his superiors in the police department were notified, they did nothing to stop the incidents.

    According to the lawsuit, Green was at the Beaver police station on July 7, 2003, at the request of police who were investigating an incident that was not detailed in the lawsuit.

    Green was taken to an interrogation room, where, the lawsuit says, Wijnen-Riems screamed at Green and accused him of giving police false information. Green was then handcuffed, and Wijnen-Riems slammed Green’s upper body into a window, which shattered, injuring Green, the suit says.

    Robert Capo and his family, after his unsuccessful run for mayor prior to September 2004, was being harassed by police, according to the suit.

    On Sept. 28, 2004, Benjamin Capo was arrested after Wijnen-Riems was citing him with not having a light on his bicycle. Capo walked away as Wijnen-Riems was citing him, according to court records, and Wijnen-Riems is accused of assaulting Capo while arresting him and after taking him to the police station. The lawsuit says Wijnen-Riems put Capo in a chokehold, slammed his head into a glass door and hit his head with a clipboard.

    When Capo’s father arrived at the police station, Wijnen-Riems attacked the elder Capo, according to the lawsuit, putting him in a chokehold and slamming him into a wall, also injuring his wrists with handcuffs.

    Both Capos were charged with various offenses, but those charges were dismissed in a preliminary hearing before District Judge C. Douglas Loughner.

    According to Beaver Police Chief Anthony Hovanec, earlier complaints the Capos made about Wijnen-Riems’ behavior that night have been forwarded to the FBI for investigation.

    In another accusation, Stiles said she was arrested on Oct. 21, 2004, after she witnessed a fight at the McDonald’s restaurant in Vanport Township.

    When she approached Wijnen-Riems to tell him what she had seen, he “recognized Stiles as the person who wrote an editorial about the Beaver police in the local newspaper the previous year and told (Stiles) to shut up and insisted she was drunk,” according to the suit.

    Stiles was arrested and her blood tested, but no alcohol was found, according to the suit. But she was still taken to the Beaver County Jail, the suit says, where she remained for seven days after Wijnen-Riems charged her with aggravated assault by vehicle while driving drunk, along with other charges. The outcome of those charges was not available Friday afternoon.

    Also according to the suit, Wijnen-Riems called Stiles’ husband and told him that Stiles was having sex with another man in the back seat of a police car the night of her arrest and that she had tested positive for Viagra.

    Attorneys said that along with the complaints in the lawsuits, others were made to Beaver police against Wijnen-Riems, but that Beaver police did not properly investigate the claims or discipline him.

    Hovanec said Friday that he hadn’t seen the lawsuit, so he couldn’t comment on it or any of the allegations within it. Wijnen-Riems could not be reached for comment Friday.

  28. PITTSBURGH – An insurance company paid $90,000 to settle two federal lawsuits last month against Beaver borough, its police department and one of its officers.

    Six people brought suit last year against police officer Jeff Wijnen-Riems, claiming police brutality in several incidents involving the officer. In court documents filed Dec. 21 in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh, the two suits are marked as settled, with a judge writing that all parties had reached an “amicable resolution.”

    Attorney Paul Krepps of Pittsburgh, who represented Wijnen-Riems, said the total money paid by the borough’s insurance company was $90,000. Attorney Charles H. Saul of Pittsburgh, who represented the borough and police department, did not return a phone call Tuesday.

    In June, Lorri Stiles and her husband, Joel Koslicki, both of 431 Rotteck St., Baden; Christopher E. Green of 239 Taylor Ave., Beaver; and Robert Capo Sr. and his son Benjamin, of 790 River Road, Beaver, sued.

    Benjamin Capo said he was roughed up by Wijnen-Riems when he was taken into custody Sept. 28, 2004, for riding a bicycle without a light on Third Street in Beaver.

    Robert Capo said he was attacked by Wijnen-Riems when he went to the police station to check on his son. Green was at the Beaver police station on July 7, 2003, at the request of police who were investigating an incident.

    Green was taken to an interrogation room, where, the lawsuit said, Wijnen-Riems screamed at Green and accused him of giving police false information. Green was then handcuffed, and Wijnen-Riems slammed Green’s upper body into a window, which shattered, injuring Green, the lawsuit said.

    Stiles said that she was arrested Oct. 21, 2004, after she witnessed a fight at the McDonald’s restaurant in Vanport Township, and that Wijnen-Riems falsely accused her of being drunk.

    Also according to the suit, Wijnen-Riems called Stiles’ husband and told him that she was having sex with another man in the back seat of a police car the night of her arrest and that she had tested positive for Viagra.

    In August, Adam B. Colbert, of 105 Sixth Ave., Homewood, said that he was attacked by Wijnen-Riems in the parking lot of Thurday’s restaurant in Bridgewater on Dec. 12, 2004, during a fight there.

    Beaver Police Chief Anthony Hovanec said Tuesday that he hadn’t received any details of any of the settlements.

    He added that Wijnen-Riems remains on duty, and was not disciplined in any of the events listed in the lawsuits.

    Wijnen-Riems could not be reached for comment Tuesday. Krepps said the Beaver police officer was “eager to clear his name” through court proceedings, but the decision was made to settle the suit.

    Beaver Borough Manager John Barrett did not return a phone call seeking comment Tuesday.

  29. If the cop is wrong he should be held accountable n the BEAVER COUNTY JUDGES SHOULD NOT BE LETTING THESE CRIMINALS OUT OF JAIL OR THEY SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE EARTH FOREVER !!!! That would help our country out all Around !!!

  30. How Scary that this ARROGANT so-called officer who hides behind “a badge & a dog,” can still remain a police officer. Having witnessed the unrecognizable “bruised and swollen face” of someone who he claimed was “resisting arrest,” but wasn’t charged with that. For those of you defending him, I pray that you never piss him off. Remember, you don’t have to be a criminal to be pulled over. Just a thought, I wonder why macho man never receives any serious injuries in all these “resisting arrests?” Oh that’s right, they were already handcuffed! It is guys like him who give our TRUE men and women in Blue a bad name. Hopefully his police brutality will finally end, before he kills someone!!!

  31. IF….as the report states in part. That “Beaver Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems…..as he and another officer in a separate patrol car were both responding to an unrelated call in Industry……..Police vehicle #292 passed him and I pulled behind him to see what the problem was that he wouldn’t pull over earlier to an emergency vehicle with lights and siren activated.”

    My questions is: Why in the world would Patrolman Wijenen-riems make a summary traffic stop? Instead of continuing to the “unrelated” call to Industry that required the use of “lights and siren”? Wijnen-riems left the Officer in “Police vehicle #292” to answer a call alone. A call that apparently required the use of emergency lights and sirens. Were there more than 2 Officers responding to the call?

  32. In a perfect world, we could or should be able to depend on our justice system. Unfortunately that system is broken. It has been for decades. Nothing will happen to this loser drug addict other than he will sue the system, get a boat load of money and undoubtedly die from a drug overdose. The cop will lose his job and the dog will be put down. Oh yes. This is Beaver County. How do we fix this?

  33. I had to reread this article. So many things dont make sense. Am I reading the same story everyone else is? Drills, high on drugs, pills, no handcuffs, handcuffs? The neighbors can hear, but cant? Wth? Seriously?

    • PAMELA I don’t know you, but I don’t think you are as stupid as you seem. There are two sides here. No matter the outcome we were not there. How can you draw a conclusion as to Officer Wijnen-riems use/non use of excessive force. The “drill” story came from Wijnen-riems. Is that true, we don’t know ? Officer Wijnen-riems, however has a history, that is what you need to re-read. James Cicco also has a sordid history.
      EXCESSIVE FORCE WAS USED, and used on more than this occasion by this officer, who was not in danger as he walked back to let Officer Czar out da car. They will both get what’s due, but this bully cop has ensured that “The PURP” (I know how to spell it, just a joke) will live “HIGH” on the hog for most likely the rest of his life. Pam, we will be footing that bill indirectly. In this instance, as stated, thankfully Cicco didn’t hurt anyone else. Please read the above posts concerning Officer Wijnen-riems. In these other matters what if that was a member of your family. Without a doubt, this is a man(Wijnen-riems) who should don’t be allowed to make decisions on use of deadly force.

  34. Christie Michelle Mitchell: …”take him to jail and hopefully the justice system will take care of it.” Justice system? No matter what happens, he’ll be back on the job somewhere in Beaver County, most likely as a Sheriff Deputy in Tony Guy’s ongoing “criminal rehabilitation program.”

  35. Seems like everyone’s a lawyer now-a-days, you don’t know the story, and if you’re going to believe every word from the next door “family members” who may even take part in his shenanigans, maybe you need to rethink your lawyer degree. Maybe people need to get off the dope, quit robbing people, and stop the assaults, then MAYBE these things wouldn’t happen, but that’s none of my business☕️

  36. So what do you all think of the cops Facebook page ? He lets it be known he’s coming violently. How are we as a people suppose to trust the police. You don’t know whether it’s a good cop or a bad one. I’ve never had any type of run in with the law, however in todays world one doesn’t have to. Yes people need to be held accountable for their actions ,regardless of whom they may be.

    • Monique- The facebook page is very disturbing, it’s been taken down. From all of the incidents and law suits and the contents of the facebook page, this guy appears to have a busted spring. This kind of behavior leads to homicide sooner or later.

  37. Jeff is known to do this all the time. His dog is smarter than he is. And the god (The Chief) is even dumber yet he’s the chief and the manager. Nothing will come of this. Look back at this is a few months and everything will be swept under the rug.

  38. Beaver need to get out its check book for this guy, this man was hand cuffed on his back when the dog bite him, why because the bite is on his right top side, if it was in the car it would be on the left and because it is so far up on the right side if he was on the ground and not hand cuffed the first thing you do is raise your arm to protect yourself and the the dog would have went after his arm first, but because he could not defend himself the dog went to the area that he could get a hold of, and being so high he had to be on is back with his arms cuffed, a dog would not jump that high to bite it would go after his legs or arms so he was most likely on his back with out him to protect himself!!!!!

      • @namechanger: I don’t creep or troll the Internet. The background of this guy is easily available by Googling, and as we see, that information is very helpful. If we see a braggart hypocrite who is foolish enough to display himself in social media — that’s right, public, social media — that’s his bad call, not mine. The “meat” of some of these articles often comes in the comments, where people elaborate upon what JP cannot print. Events and people have contexts and histories, and the article here is rarely the whole story. Commenters here know that. If you want articles without elaboration, go to Lisa Micco at the Beaver County Times and get a job writing pap that pretends to be the whole story, but only serves to lull the readers into a false sense of being informed.

        Or, take this story one step further — what do you think this cop’s K-9 training alma mater would think about this illustrious graduate? Go ahead, troll yourself, and send them an email about this guy’s career. You might be doing us all favor by helping them screen their candidates better.

  39. @Corrupt: This is out of Chief/Manager Magyar’s hands. Chief Anthony Hovanec should have dealt with it 12+ years ago. Lawyers will be lining up for this one. Rogue cop, history of abuse, a $90,000 judgment on the books, observation of his behavior, a Facebook page of his temperament, and a guy in the hospital with a hole in side, with witnesses. Nope, under the rug is not where this will go.

  40. All I know is this, I go pulled over in Aliquippa the other night. There were no snarling dogs or guns drawn, no fights or drama of any kind. Did i help myself by not having a suspended license, yup. Did I do myself a favor my knowing how to say “yes sir and “no sir”, you bet. By not taking off, by not resisting, by not pulling a drill as a weapon, oh yeah. Did I deserve a ticket that night, yes I did.

    i knew I wasn’t getting a ticket when he handed me my keys back, the ones I put on the roof, the ones that said ‘no problems here officer’

    Is the cop a problem, by all accounts, yes he is. Should he be in uniform, by all accounts, no, he shouldn’t. But since you and I were not there to witness what happened, all this BS is just that, BS.

    Idiot boy got chewed up for being stupid, for something he did. Beaver Borough is going to get chewed up for something they didn’t do. Plenty of blame to pass around.

  41. where is the dash cam? the body cam? the tapes of radio chatter between the 2 cops? the all-important cell phone video? questions,questions….

  42. I don’t know how many people will read about this here, but how many of those people will now feel safe driving the Beaver policed Beaver/Vanport to Industry/Ohioville road? Not I. If a stop were initiated by this guy and his dog, the best bet might be to continue to a gas station at either end and call 911. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but not by much.

  43. After reading a lot of these comments all I can say is some of u really need Jesus.. It shouldn’t matter if the person is black, white, rich, poor, a cop, a drug addict, the president, or a thief they are both human beings. To say anyone deserves to be attacked by a dog is sick. Maybe everyone should be a little less judgmental and have a heart. Unless u where there to see what actually happened how do u honestly know anything??

  44. I blame the other police officer “Czar”. He had police training and he should have known when to stop!

    😉 Yes, I was just kidding.

  45. Mr. Cicco made mistakes. He should have cooperated. The question is, did his lack of cooperation warrant the unleashing of the k-9? Mr. Cicco’s questionable reputation and possible drug offenses aside, was there truly reason to use the force of the k-9? Officer Wijnen-Riems’ prior lawsuits and allegations against him certainly make a case against his demeanor and attitude, but most importantly his intentions. I can only say that it is very upsetting to me, as a sister and also mother of law enforcement officers, that incidents like this only serve to weaken the public trust and respect for the respectable officers.

  46. I don’t know who’s telling the truth here because I wasn’t there. If he felt it was necessary to get the dog out of the car why did he have the dog bite this guy? I’m sure there are commands you can give to the trained police dog to just put the fear of Jesus into him. If I had a snarling police dog inches away from me I know I would take notice and act accordingly. That’s the part of this story that rings of police brutality.

  47. Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems is an extreme liability. His judgement, and resulting actions, in previous cases PROVE this. Knowing that an officer has the power to use deadly force, should deter most criminals. In this case Jimmy Cicco, chose(according to Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems) to disobey commands. There was no immediate danger posed to Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems, It was a traffic stop. DO NOT APPROACH THE VEHICLE- commands should have been given from a safe distance by the officer. ie. step out- show me your hands- get down on the ground … None of this was in Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems report. This all could have been avoided. It takes someone with a level head and one who adheres to their training.
    Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems is a funny, overall likeable guy, that’s a bully, and is going to do things his way…old school. Times have changed, he is a liability not only to the community he serves, but to others in Law Enforcement.

  48. Well said Watcher,
    In Officer Wijnen-Riems’ own report he states that he was responding to a call when a vehicle was moving slow and refused to pull over for him.
    The officer made the decision to ignore the call he was dispatched to and confront the driver for a traffic violation. IMO this tells me he was pissed off and had road rage because the guy would not respect his lights and siren. Now some of you have said “What if this car would have hit a child?” But that was not the situation, he simply “was driving slow and kept pressing his brakes.” Nothing was ever mentioned about swerving or a child. I would be curious what the call he failed to respond to was. What if it was actually a Child being abused by an adult? Somebody actually needed the police and it was a serious enough call that initially warranted two Police officers and a dog.
    It would appear that Officer Wijnen-Riems goes from 0 to extremes in an instant. This would make him unstable and untrustworthy which would reflect on the entire police force. If Officer Wijnen-Riems is the only Police officer I ever had contact with I would think ALL police must act like him.
    Officer Wijnen-Riems also has a long history of this type of behavior. In 2004 he arrested a teenager and took him to the station for not having a light on his bike. I’m sure the kid probably got mouthy as teenagers do But the situation was handled very poorly in my opinion and it would seem that Officer Wijnen-Riems could not control his temper.
    Long ago I faced a similar situation with my teenage son and a police officer in a small quiet town similar to Beaver. My son was walking in the middle of the street with a girl. The officer stopped him and told him to walk on the sidewalk. My son go mouthy with the officer, (Probably trying to impress the girl) and the officer gave him a ticket for disrespecting police and for J walking. When my son told me what happened that night I was furious (with my son) and after calming down I called the officer to find out what happened. The officer told me he was expecting my call and that was the real reason for the ticket. (To make sure I was aware of my son’s behavior.) The Officer offered to allow my son to do 1 week of community service cleaning the police station for 1 hr after school and he would do away with the ticket. I felt this was a reasonable punishment for the “crime” and agreed. My son having spent 5 hrs with the police at the station found a new respect for them. It was not beaten into him, he just got to know them better.
    Officer Wijnen-Riems’ philosophy seems to be: “The beatings will continue until respect improves.”

    • I don’t know the exact spot that first police car passed, but I know there isn’t a whole lot of shoulder to pull off the road by the Barclay bridge.

      • It sounds to me like he was trying to let the police car pass. As far as driving slow and tapping the brakes, well we don’t know that to be the truth. Like when they do a traffic stop in the middle of the night hoping for a DUI. They use the excuse that the car drove on the painted line. Bullshit! and the local Magistrates know what’s in their bag of tricks.

    • I rem when this guy was a part time officer at the jail. One night the supervisor received a phone call from either Hopewell or Center Twp. Police. The cop calling the jail asked if Magyar worked at the jail and if he was late for work, because there was an emergency at the jail. The supervisor told the cop that even though Magyar worked at the jail, there was no emergency nor was Magyar scheduled to work that evening. I always wondered how Magyar got out of that one.

    • A few years back a YouTube video was posted of a local guy confronting the “chief” about police from all over the county illegally parking their personal vehicles around the courthouse. The Beaver police would write tickets to other vehicles with expired meters. But not the personal cop vehicles. Nothing was done about parking tickets. I doubt he will do a thing about his own officer. This needs to become an FBI civil rights investigation. Just like the police beating that took place in Ambridge a few years back. Felony convictions there. The local police run when the FBI shows up in town. When the FBI pins them, they all squeal on each other.

  49. Situation gets so bad you have only dis option? Knowin that dog would die fer you, I feel you put Officer Czar, in danger. Man you got to go, Hear that Chief/Manager Magyar. “Do the right thing.” This is Beaver, not no Projects in Chicago or LA. Someone wouldn’t get out of his way, windchasin’s right Road Rage. And rage, this ain’t his first time.

  50. I’m curious, does anyone know what he does with this dog in 80 and 90 degree weather while he is in Subway or Wendys eating lunch. Does he bring the dog in with him ( health code violation ) or leave him in a hot car, or leave the car running with the A/C on. My guess is he brings it inside and defies anyone to challenge him being the dog is considered an officer of the law.

    • You do realize Cicco’s review was sarcastic in the picture you posted don’t you? Or are you that “mindless” that you actually believe any part of his review? It would appear you are guilty of trying to do exactly what you accused Raven of doing.
      You failed.

  51. Kind of looks like a perfect storm, doesn’t it? Cop with a short fuse, fed up with the drug epidemic, and the POS’s he deals with constantly, might know he’s following a known drug dealer, possibly high and/or armed, loses his cool and finally gets his chance for another arrest. Too bad both guys have a history of not being able to handle their “professions.” Very sad, but those histories can get them both in trouble.

  52. I must say Raven, you are very good at putting images and ideas in peoples heads with your descriptive scenarios. Not always truthful, but you do get the mindless ones to follow and feed into your BS & I’m sure that is your number one goal in every story JP writes. Good Job!

    • Raven does what I do. I consider all the possible scenarios of what it could be based on the information we read. Here we have what the officer reports and what the witnesses report. Neither one might not be a true account. However, we do know the results of this to be true. In my opinion based on the cops reputation, it was excessive force and it seems to me it was premeditated to the point of ” when will I have the pleasure to release this animal on someone?” These guys have been trained to apprehend suspects. I’m pretty sure that he didn’t fear for his life or was thinking about “death by electric drill.” He knew he could do this and there would be no repercussions.

    • Namechanger: John Q. Public researches things the same way I do. We don’t know each other and at times we disagree. We put background content in that JP cannot, because it is not germane to the intent of the current article or totally factual or vettable. Take a look at the extra content that I have offered for consideration for this article. When people are covered in these articles, one of the first things they do is take down their Facebook pages. I anticipated that and copied some of the more colorful posts of this man that lend insight into how his mind seems to work and what his intentions seem to be. That is very valuable. In a short time, bingo, the page was gone, and so would those insights had they not been recorded. I could not care less about whether anyone, you included, reads my stuff. but I strive for personal closure on problematic things that are presented in the articles. John Q. did EXTENSIVE research on the Treasurer matters to make some sense of them, and much of it makes much sense. So, we contribute, and most of the time it’s not bullshit. If you can find someone who can do the same thing, let me know, and I’ll be gone before the next day dawns.

      • And I must add that usually Raven’s comments and opinions are much more respectful than mine at times. However, some reports are enough to put anyone in an outrage.

    • I think they both need jobs, and if they have jobs, maybe their employers should know how much time they spend online. Raven has had my respect for sometime. But Facebook stalking, screenshots(even pics that aren’t violent) and posting a pic of Madgar himself is just a little over the top

  53. I think the point here is excessive force… regardless of who or what he did or what he is, he did not take an oath. The officer did. Make it a political issue if you want or say “he deserved it”, the media can twist it but at the end of the day facts are facts. It’s not the first time he’s involved in brutality, it IS documented, it was settled financially and he’s still on the force. They let just anyone on the force anymore, have some integrity people!

  54. im trying to keep score here

    1 group feels the cop has a history and the guy didnt deserve it
    1 group feels the guy had a history and the cop doesnt deserve it
    1 group wants to vote everyone out

    am i caught up?

  55. I think everyone agrees that little Jimmy violated the law and should be arrested, but these police officers have the training to apprehend suspects without going to the extreme measures that was used in this incident. This type of police misconduct should not be repeated time after time.

    • @ JohnQ Your Quote” -“but these police officers have the training to apprehend suspects without going to the extreme measures that was used in this incident.” or “This type of police misconduct should not be repeated time after time.
      My Point :Instead of, ” these police officers ” and “This type of police misconduct”, to me, sounds as though, you have it in for the police. This is ONE Patrol officer with a history of violence and intimidation. This ONE officer needs to be suspended pending the finding into this matter. without hesitation from his Chief Madgar.

      • I don’t have it in for the police. I am a law abiding citizen without so much as a parking ticket. And I reiterate that anything I say on here past, present and future is my opinion and only my opinions formed from the information I have from the news reports, comments of others and things I’ve been told from others.

      • JohnQ. All I was saying, and I will drop this. Why not be more specific, rather than -” these police officers ” and “This type of police misconduct”
        My suggestion/opinion : Beaver Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems has had the training to apprehend suspects. Beaver Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems misconduct,as reported should not be repeated time after time. If you don’t see my point, that’s fine.

  56. NEWS : Punks Ice Cream had a fascia board damaged when someone in a van accidentally backed into the building. The TIMES ran a story with a photo.

    To date I have seen nothing from the TIMES on this story. Wouldn’t you think this story is newsworthy. In a google search I did find The TIMES, I think, will run a story, but I wouldn’t pay a nickle for an online subscription. If it goes to print, we might see it Sunday, the 28th … 10 days late.
    I hope this story doesn’t just fade away, I hope there is a follow up by District Attorney Lozier, and not just referring this matter to Beaver’s- Chief/Manager Magyar.

    District Attorney Lozier “Now that a serious allegation of police misconduct has been brought to light, I have an immediate responsibility to refer the matter to his Chief so he can conduct an internal review.”

    @ Raven, BULLDOZE ? I’m all in !

  57. “The citizens’ police review board has previously recommended criminal charges be filed against the officer for excessive force, although the District Attorney’s Office at the time never followed through with prosecution.”

    Lozier: We will be watching YOU on this one too. So far you have not impressed me.

  58. About the pictures — can anyone tell me that he would recognize all the PUBLIC people in this article without some images? And more, to say that this man might be predisposed to violence, without seeing the Facebook postings, is only words. There was NO offense meant in putting them here, but these PUBLIC people in the news are basically anonymous names to people who have never met them. And the simple ones were images taken from the K-9 training site, complete with the motto of the organization that speaks to the integrity of it. Too many times these articles are about public people without faces, and that will perhaps put a face on some of them. If some are offended, I am sorry; it was not meant to be.

  59. “According to Beaver Police Chief Anthony Hovanec, earlier complaints the Capos made about Wijnen-Riems’ behavior that night have been forwarded to the FBI for investigation”. BC Times, June 23, 2005.
    JP- Maybe a FOIA request to the FBI to see what they dug up on this psycho?

  60. Raven: Don’t worry about a few people that don’t like pictures. I Like them. Pictures speak 1000 words! Please don’t stop what you do because of a couple ignorant comments. I am grateful to put a face to a name and I like to laugh at some of the fun ones. There was no explanation necessary.
    I have a picture I would love to post but I do not have the ability to photo-shop like some do. (I would not want the Private citizen’s face on here.)

  61. Let’s hear how the FOP protects him….. Please Mr Piuri, how about another well thought out comment on this one.

    • Interesting comment, Nutty buddy. The wagons could likely to be circled for this one. It will be interesting to see who is driving the horses.

  62. There was picture of the cop, and I thought people might want to know what he looks like, in case they are involved in a traffic stop. Then the themes that developed, as they always do in the comments, were helped by some background. I don’t see myself only as a commenter as such, but as a contributor. So, I research stuff. There are other very good contributors as well. For those of us who have been reading and contributing to the BC over the past few years, we can see the BC evolving and the comments becoming more and more finely tuned to what is happening in local government.

  63. “K-9 allowed to “EAT” handcuffed man.’ Quoted from headline. “Jimmy was on the ground being eaten alive!” Quoted from the story. Very nice work of sensationalism there. I was waiting to see pictures of a National Geographic style predator hunt, or a Discovery Channel Shark Week type attack being revealed in the “GRAPHIC IMAGES”. One image does show a very, very serious wound under the arm. The second image though is lacking any signs of the massive amount of life support systems needed to sustain the life of a man who was alledgedly being eaten alive and stomped on by a K-9 unit and his officer/handler.

    Before all the hatred starts to spew forth from all the shit house lawyers who post here, let me state that I’m not, in any way trying to say that the police officer is innocent of any wrong doing. It has been made abundantly clear that this officer has a long history of making very poor decisions and abusing his authority as a police officer. However, I am not about to treat the words of witness with blocked views of their friend/neighbor/relative being arrested as the written gospel either. Their accounts are like the YouTube videos we see where no one really sees, hears or knows what lead up to the altercation between the K-9 officer and assailant, it only shows the a poor, helpless victim of police brutality. From this, we as a society then gather all the skeletons and indiscretions out of the officers closet, put them on public display for everyone to judge and find guilty before their day in court, all the while putting the alleged criminal on a list of names for the Pope to grant sainthood. I am shocked that there isn’t a GoFundMe page set up yet to pay for the poor victims medical and court expenses yet.

    Here’s an idea. instead of vilifying every police officer and granting sainthood to the alleged criminal on social media, start writing and calling your state and federal legislators. Tell them the a good start to solve this type of problem is to stop cutting budgets to local and state law enforcement and start funding programs for body cams for officers and dash cams for their cars. Its hard to argue with video evidence. A dash cam would validate either the officers or the alleged criminals account of what started this whole chain of events. A body cam would validate either the officer or the alleged criminals account of what happened in the driveway. Not the blocked view from the friends/relatives/neighbors next door who couldn’t see everything that was going on. A state or federal grant would buy the technology needed. It would provide the judge the evidence he needs to put the proper person in jail.

    • Notherenotkidding: The voice of reason. It’s hard to not agree with you.The only thing I will add is that this isolated extreme incident, after a series of lesser ones, was likely “inevitable”. Some day, some place, some perp, some situation and another blown fuse would have led to this or worse. It was “waiting to happen” and possibly could have been prevented. And my guess is that those around him knew it. If some wide brushes have painted here, that’s not unexpected. People guess as these comments evolve. A rational, thought-out answer like yours is quite welcome to my ears. Maybe your suggestions will be acted upon. I hope you stick around.

      • Check out those pictures, Notherenotkidding. Twelve inches above that wound are the jugular and carotid arteries. This cop was actually lucky. A higher bite that deep could have led to a bleed out and the demise of the perp. That charge would be much more than the one that might result from this attack.

    • Notherenotkidding: I agree with Raven and thoroughly enjoy well thought out comments such as yours. I agree with most of what you say. However, This is journalism so of coarse there is going to be sensationalism in the headline and story. It is to be expected. I have never been able to find a news source that did not use sensationalism to some degree.
      As far as being eaten alive, Yes JP used that to grab your attention and he did not lie about it. It was just not what you expected to see. If you notice the wound, there seems to be flesh missing. Were is the missing flesh? Chances are that some of it made it to the dog’s stomach. Was the dog hungry? of coarse not. But if the dog swallowed any part of Cicco’s flesh then he was eaten by the dog. Think of a rape victim; Legally, no matter how slight of penetration there was it still constitutes rape.
      The last thing I would say about your comment is; do you know That Beaver PD does not already have dash/body cameras? I do not know.

  64. Unleashing German Sheperds to maul people is exactly what Hitlers SS Gestapo did to the Jewish and Polish population 70 tears ago.

  65. The non-blog “legitimate” news source, The Beaver County Times, paints a much different picture of this incident. Let the courts decided!!

  66. I bet this officer is friends with some of those violent cops in Rochester. If anyone in Beaver County is wondering why things are in such disarray, start paying attention to how the lowest of low are really treated.

  67. Neone who knows Mr. Jeff Wijnen-riems knows he is a troubled individual with a badge.
    Ill keep this short. If you have nothing to hide, sir? Why delete ur facebook page? Smh… Didnt want us to see into the mind of a true psychopath disguised as a employee to the public.
    Itll only be a matter of time before this happens again…the patterns show this. Google his name. Its free.

  68. I recently dealt with this officer following an argument in the street. I was searched with no consent/probable cause and when I challenged him on this he cuffed me and threw me face first into the ground. Later at the police station when I was leaving (after being held in a cell with no arrest made) he took me aside and told me, “If I ever see you in Beaver again, I will fucking beat the shit out of you and teach you a lesson you’ll never forget. Also, I’ll write a report saying YOU attacked me.” LOL I plan on filing a complaint as well… maybe a 6th lawsuit for the soon to be ex-officer? 🙂



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