Sensitive law enforcement records from databases maintained by the Pennsylvania State Police have apparently been leaked out of the Aliquippa Police Department to unauthorized individuals. The files were included along with a police report about an alleged incident involving PA Cyber School teacher Rachael Elena Deltondo.

An email about the leaked documents claimed release of the sensitive records was being done to expose an alleged cover-up by Aliquippa Police.

The Beaver Countian received an email from an unknown individual on October 26th containing a report by the Aliquippa Police Department about an alleged incident from February 6, 2016.

“Attached you will find a police report outlining a incident where a currrent [sic] PA Cyber school teacher was caught with a former student in a vehicle,” read the email, which was accompanied by records from county, state, and federal law enforcement databases. “Copies of this report are being filed with Pa Cyber, the Aliquippa School District, Children and Youth Services, the Department of Education and several news outlets.”

The police report is unredacted, containing personally identifying information including social security numbers of those mentioned in the document — information not available to the public through normal open records releases.

The incident report by an Aliquippa patrolman describes a suspicious vehicle he was investigating that was parked in the area of the old Aliquippa Hospital at approximately 1:52 a.m on February 6, 2016. It reads in part:

“As I approached the drivers side of the vehicle I noticed that the windows were steamed over and the engine was not running […] I again asked [Rachael] Deltondo what she was doing parked where she was with [the 17-year-old] in the car. Deltondo again stated that she was there just talking with [the teenager] and that he was once a student of hers. I asked Deltondo if she was me what would she think was going on at this time of the morning with a vehicle parked where she was parked. Deltondo replied that she understands and that she didn’t want her fiance to know that she was here parked because he would get mad. I told Deltondo that I did not know who her fiance was, at which she stated Frank. I advised Deltondo that I know a lot of Frank’s (sic) at which she then advised that her fiance was Frank Catroppa. Deltondo continued to maintain that she was called by [the teen] and that he was upset and needed someone to talk to […] Upon contact and speaking with [the teen] he advised that he was just hanging out and that he and Deltondo are friends […] Deltondo was advised that there was better places to just talk with a former student and that I would hope that I wouldn’t find her parked anywhere else in Aliquippa with former students at such a late hour just talking. Deltondo did get in her vehicle and left the area.”

The Beaver Countian received a second email from the same individual on October 27th with additional allegations, “The reason this report was not filed in February 2016 with the Aliquippa School District, Children and Youth Services and a mandated report to the Department of Education was because it was an attempted cover up.”

Although the alleged incident described in the report occurred in February of 2016, identification numbers in the document seem to suggest that Aliquippa Police did not enter the report into their Visual Alert records management system until over a year later. The system automatically assigned an incident number to the report of 2017-0445, which appears to indicate it was the 445th incident of 2017 that had been entered. Documents from the Beaver County 911 Center included with the report show a print date of April 23rd of this year. Footers inserted at the bottom of the Aliquippa Police report show it was printed on May 2nd of this year — the same date listed on the Pennsylvania Justice Network printouts that were also included in the leak.

Digital “meta data” examined by the Beaver Countian show the documents were scanned into PDF format on October 26th at 9:08 a.m. — within hours of the documents being sent out to the public.

The Beaver County Times, which also received a copy of the document, published a story on November 6th titled, “PA Cyber teacher suspended after 2016 incident with student surfaces,” focusing on allegations described in the incident report and PA Cyber School’s response after it received the documents. The school has publicly stated it was never notified about the alleged incident by Aliquippa Police, and has since suspended Deltondo pending an investigation.

Rachael Deltondo faced no criminal charges stemming from the February 2016 incident.

The Beaver Countian delayed initial publication about the matter as confidential sources called into question the motivations of the unidentified leaker, insisting the disclosures were a small part of a larger series of events taking place in the City of Aliquippa. As the Beaver Countian began investigating the documents, it learned that individuals not affiliated with the school districts, the press, or the authorities, also received copies of the unredacted reports via emails and txt messages — among those receiving copies were personal acquaintances of Rachael Deltondo and other individuals residing in Aliquippa.

Documents included in the leak in addition to the Aliquippa Police Report are printouts from the Beaver County Emergency Service’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System, the Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (CLEAN), the Pennsylvania Justice Network (Jnet), and information from the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

Law enforcement sources have confirmed to the Beaver Countian that the documents are authentic.

The reports are marked “for official use only.” One of the leaked documents includes the following warning at the bottom: “All information provided is for authorized JNET users only. This information is provided in response to the JNET user’s request and is to be used exclusively by the requestor in the performance of criminal justice responsibilities only. Secondary dissemination is strictly prohibited.”

Law enforcement personnel are explicitly forbidden by state law from releasing information obtained through the criminal justice networks to unauthorized individuals. Officers are required to undergo specialized training about the disclosure of information from the systems before receiving authorization to access them. Warning boxes appear each time an officer logs into the systems reminding them about the restrictions.

Along with disclosing personal information about Rachael Deltondo, the release of confidential “For Official Use Only” law enforcement records also saw the exposure of personally identifying information about the then-minor mentioned in the police report, including the teen’s state ID number and photograph, social security number, date of birth, an image of his signature, phone number and home address, along with demographic information.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian the scanned documents appear to be part of a “case file” and stressed the seriousness of the sensitive information from Jnet/CLEAN/NCIC being leaked to members of the public.

Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker could not be reached for comment despite repeated attempts and did not return a message left by the Beaver Countian.

Rachael Deltondo told the Beaver Countian that her affiliation to the 17-year-old was strictly that of a friend, but declined to speak in detail about the alleged incident for this article citing advice she received from her attorney, Blaine Jones. Deltondo did say she has been receiving death threats over the phone which she has reported to the Aliquippa Police Department.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. And then she cancelled the money and tried to cancel her $10k wedding dress and had to seek a refund through Marty Griffin on KDKA. Trashtastic!

  2. Seems truth is non-existent until someone breaks a law to expose all the criminality in this country. Evil has pervaded people everywhere.

  3. Aliquippa police and the Beaver County Sheriffs Dept. Are one in the same. This story is just a peak at what these people are really like.

  4. Anyone over 40? I know how bad it was in the 70’s and 80’s. We had numerous male teachers that it was well known sleeping with high school girls and every one female teacher that slept with the football players, but hey they got a “A” and a few got a free ride to college. Back then, smoking in the “girls” room was popular, even for the male teachers that join them in there. It’s been bad for years, just was never spoke about. I hope woman and men that is coming out on TV makes it easier for our young people to speak up more. But I also believe in “due process”. I know of one female student that accused her father, and her and the siblings was taken out of home, her father lost his job and it was all made up because her father grounded her. That family, after they got their children back had to move because people in the town was painting nasty words on his home, car and the road in front of his home. So actually, I feel conflicted, how do you prove it so a person’s life is not destroyed? Today, a accuser in the whole Roy Moore case, the girl that was 17 that she dated, admitted that she falsified part of her yearbook note that Roy Moore signed, but not all of it! REALLY! These kind of woman makes it bad for everyone.

    • JOHN Q ..W H A T ? Where in the world does your mind travel? How does Mary Kay Letourneau’s story relate to the above article? Then you add, “Nuff Said.” Like … BAM, there, take that! Do you read these articles or is it, you just comment?

    • Let’s not forget about the superintendent who also likes his nose candy as he goes to work high and does it while his young son is in the bars with him

    • “I heard”, “heard”, “heard”. Does spreading ugly gossip make you feel better about yourselves? The motivation to spread this is vile whether you believe it to be true or not.

  5. Ok, call me stupid…but i have a question.Why would the cops hide the fact of her in the car with a student? It was Frankies ‘get out of this crappy marriage without looking bad card’…

    • It was because she is best friends with the officer on scenes daughter, who is also 17. What does Frank have to cover up for? Embarrassment that he almost married a pedophile liar?

  6. The question is, who did it? Surely some educated sleuthing guesses would reveal the perp who got the records. Then, what is to be gained in releasing them? And, who would carry them around, disseminating them? Sorry, but that department is looking like a leaky sieve. (Didn’t a Sheriff Deputy play loose with the cop database a couple of years ago?) This illegal theft seems extreme, if protecting some personalities is all that is obtained. But as the recent articles show, the Monacaquippa underworld is thriving.

    • Good for whoever leaked it! That shouldn’t have been kept secret, and no one should receive special treatment. If the leaker is a mandatory reporter, maybe they were trying to inform child protective services via JP while fearing for their own safety. I could make a case for that.

  7. With George David and Tony Guy serving as honorary chiefs of police there why would anybody be surprised? Um, no, wait, aren’t those two the same person?

  8. If one reads the Beaver County Times article, it states ” school records indicate he was never a student at PA Cyber.”

  9. Oops, need to amend that statement to read “school records indicate he was never a registered student at PA Cyber. Perhaps she was tutoring him after hours.

  10. She indeed had him in class when she worked at Aliquippa. I was a teacher with her back then. Hopefully justice prevails.

  11. @Lavar Ball

    Come on now! No need to be a knuckle headed nitwit! Mungo’s guess is you are a part time teachers assistant and you are trying in any way to demean Pa cyber! Solely for the purpose of generating positive rep points for our failing public school systems.

    So give it a rest with the bj’s and the pills unless of course it is some sort of self help mantra you chant to abstain from the very same behavior…. and if that is the case by all means carry on……and dont forget to brush dem teeth, and carry your butt wipes with you….always!

    • The comments are obviously posed to demean someone but certainly not PA Cyber. I can’t even stretch the comments to have anything to do with making the cyber school look bad and public schools, positive.

  12. Focus on the person who stole the online confidential information and shared it. Find out who it is, and fry the fucker. That is the danger, not someone parking in a car for whatever reason. If YOUR information goes into that databank, YOU are at risk. The end does NOT justify the means. Likely, it was a cop, and that sonofabitch should never work again.

  13. Rachael Deltondo doesn’t deserve this renewed publicity. She’s been crucified enough for something that is little more than rumor. So, the pilfering perp has accomplished his goal — not a revelation of a police coverup, but the smearing of a teacher who already has been punished. So, are you happy, you sadistic bastard? Meta data is a cool thing, and I can believe that yours is as obvious as the information revealed. Hopefully, the next article will be about you.

    • If all they were doing is sitting in a car and talking and there was no crime, why was any kind of a report written? Surely at that time of the morning a teacher and a former 17 year old student looks suspicious, but no crime.

      • It’s rotten this has deteriorated to ugly rumor and vile intentions to disparage others. The focus should be the leak. How ugly too many have become!

      • YET -JohnQ (absolute hypocrite) in your above comment, you compared a teacher and a former 17 year old student to Mary Kay Letourneau. Why now, this complete turnaround, do you feel you will fall out of grace with Raven? It seems to me he is your primary audience. Stick to your guns man! You compared a former schoolteacher who plead guilty to felony, of child rape, to Rachael Elena Deltondo. Now you say, waffling … “If all they were doing is sitting in a car and talking.” Come on man, think ! Nuff said.

      • Well, maybe now he and his parents will sue the district and bring it all out in the open.

  14. Did anyone expect any less from the mob running Aliquippa? Get your heads out of the sand and look around you. This is the generation following the plundering of Aliquippa by past politicians. This generation is trying to uphold the “Gold” standard of justice in Alighetto. Whoever stole the information and leaked it should be burned in hell. The police force was never meant to be an arm of mob enforcement. Or is this standard operating procedure in Quiptown? The DA, if he had any balls or brains would empanel a grand jury from OUTSIDE this county for a full blown police corruption case. He doesn’t want to lose the votes that will be delivered by Midget Guy and his band of merry political lemmings. Family & Friends Inc before all else. Survival of the corrupt government. When will the “good” people of this county wake up and state the obvious issue why this county is tumbling toward anarchy and bankruptcy. It is morally and ethically bankrupt already. Just waiting for the third leg of financial bankruptcy then the hand wringing and finger pointing will begin in earnest. Stay tuned.

  15. Bet this is just the tip of the iceberg. Leakers are seeking revenge now and those that have been abused will want their pound of flesh too. Can’t wait to see the “usual” suspects names revealed. If your files were leaked stay away from the river and cement trucks. Also, avoid Linmar so you don’t get whacked.

      • Ravens comments are the obvious truth. Even the Aliquippa halfe wits cant hide the truth any longer its all breaking down . Ravens comments are stomp down reality. High– Richard you must have brain damage.

      • I don’t know what the fuck you mean by that. There is a seamless connection of loose cannons in that police department, continuing through the Sheriff’s office and politics, over about 50 years. It’s a tradition. Recognize that, and you might understand part of what is going on.

    • WAIT….what’s wrong with this George David Picture!!????……

      A CROSS…
      A GUN …..(With finger on trigger)
      A BADGE



  16. “Law enforcement personnel are explicitly forbidden by state law from releasing information obtained through the criminal justice networks to unauthorized individuals.”

    Looks like this is a matter for the State Police.

    Unless, of course, Stonewall heads it off at the pass and investigates it for a year or so.

    • Not sure that Stonewall is going to have a choice in this matter (thank God). It’s a state owned and maintained database which makes the primary jurisdiction the state police as you mentioned. Arrests and complaints by the state police are completely within the purview of the attorney general’s office and it’s their discretion whether Stonewall’s office gets the case.

      No doubt he’ll whine and have the midget write his script… After his last tantrum though I doubt he’ll make any headway on this one. I think the state would love to start sniffing around here… This may just be their invitation with no RSVP required.

    • This leaker went to JP for help with an issue they thought should have been reported to CYS. Shame on JP for treating an informant this way. Seriously.

      • JP isn’t a priest. This information wasn’t brought to him to unload guilt or worries. It was brought for the specific purpose of having it published.

      • Not only that, Icanread, but your earlier comment claimed happiness the leaker went to JP. Which is it?

      • Glad she/he went to someone. The cyber school treated the complaint properly, from what I read on the Times.

    • You’re confusing “access” with “dissemination”. Investigating an incident of a teacher and a juvenile student together in a car at 1:30am is a perfectly proper reason to access JNET. Make sure nobody has warrants, Megan’s Law violations, etc. The records on these people were probably printed up and shoved into the case file and filed away. There’s nothing here saying that the person who accessed these files is the same person who disseminated the files to JP, the BC Times, and all the other parties the information was sent to. Computer records will indicate who accessed their records, but once it’s printed up and filed away, anyone with access to the files would be able to pull it out, scan it, and send it anywhere.

  17. Stonewall has probably disguised himself with the cloak of invisibility and will move to “HANDLE” any investigation. We surely don’t want the PSP poking into this trivial pursuit. Christ, they might find out that there is a blue curtain covering the Alighetto police. It protects them from prying eyes while they carry on the façade of public service. Can’t be too hard to find the kingpin in this corrupt empire. Bet the shit is flying at the AIC & MPI clubs. No discussing family business! Loose lips may impede there business.

  18. The leaker is a problem, and a teacher in a car with a 17 yr old at 1:52 am is a huge problem too. With where she was parked and steamed windows, I can guarantee you she wasn’t just counseling him.

    • Perhaps she’s a Jehova’s witness and was just sharing some free copies of Guidepost magazine with him.

      • It was appropriate given the stupidity of your original “I can guarantee you” comment.

    • I disagree with the assertion that steamed windows means more than talking. I’ve had this happen to me before while sitting in the car with my wife, just talking.

  19. This is beyond Stonewall, this is all on PSP to investigate and control. Locals or county will have nothing to do with this.

  20. Um, so what are we mad about again? Rachael abusing her power and having an illegal relationship? The police officers for shoddy police work? The mayor puppeteering the information? Or Frank being dragged into this because of his connection with Rachael? I’m confused

  21. Please help me understand, this incident happened almost two years ago . Why wasn’t this brought to the public’s attention when the officer wrote a report the night that it happened. Why didn’t it get filed? who was trying to cover this up. Rumor has it that he was related to someone in the police department and that they didn’t want it filed…… how weird is it that when the time is almost up to file someone leaks it .. there must be conflict in the police department, some police want to do their job the honest way , while others prefer covering up the truth … so my question is …… WHY was the report not filed especially when the officer admitted he wrote the report the night it happened ….

    • I agree! The cover up is the real issue, not who leaked this info that should have gone public in the first place (minus the minor’s personal info).

  22. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. I don’t understand the sympathy some of you are showing towards this Princess. It seems clear to me that her scarlet letter is well deserved and she should be forced to wear it proudly. The facts are clear she was caught with a juvenile student at a shady hour. Rumors about her other alleged activities should not be thrown out there and hope that it sticks. “Frank” had better go to church each Sunday and be thankful that this happened prior to putting a ring on that skanks finger.

  23. Amateur Hour: Seeming isn’t reality. But, the content of the last two articles doesn’t seem to be a chance occurrence, either, does it? Some of the same names, same places, same relationships. That whole tawdry Quip scene has grown some bad actors. (And, similarly, a teacher from Ambridge was caught “helping” a student in a former job with his “homework” in a similar place and time a few years ago. And, canned.) I don’t excuse the poor judgement and the cop report, but the POTUS has done much worse, and nothing has happened…yet. So, we do have to deal with people who are trying to get a little “strange” on the side. For myself, I would like to see this illegal leaking end up in court. Nothing happened to John Joe, as usual, but this is an opportunity to stop cops from meddling in confidential data banks for fun and profit, embarrassment and, extortion.

    • As “Icanread” stated above, the real issue here is that the Aliquippa police covered up an alleged crime. That wasn’t sitting well with someone in the department, and that is why they leaked it. This seems to be more of a whistleblower case than a leaking case. I don’t think the leaker leaked the information with negative intentions. I think it was leaked to bring to light shady dealings going on in the Aliquippa Police Department.

      • But I do still believe that the leaking is a problem. There are other ways to whistleblow than using JNET.

      • Not to be difficult, but what was the crime? I think her reputation, and that of another person, were on the line. So, they tried to save face.

      • If there’s even the suspicion of impropriety, the police and anyone in the department has an obligation to report the incident (and anyone who works with kids, volunteers with kids, works in education, works in medicine) to Children and Youth Services. Mandatory reporting has become more strict and broad since the Sandusky case.

      • Speaktt: Maybe the person wanted to report it through normal channels but was afraid for their own safety. You know everyone in government in Beaver County is related or buddies.

    • Raven, I somewhat agree with you. Her misdeeds are one thing, but law enforcement professionals leaking such sensitive information is unacceptable. Someone should lose their job and quite frankly, she should sue . As for POTUS, his are allegations that have not been proven nor have any real evidence to this point. I’m not saying real evidence wont be found in the future because anything with him, is a real crapshoot. There is no disputing that she was caught with a juvenile by the Police in a seemingly compromised position . So if she was trying to get some “strange” from a juvenile who she once taught as a teacher, that’s unacceptable. If the individual she was caught with was an adult and not a student, this would not be news worthy.

  24. Any statements from the Chief… mayor??? I’d ask for something from the Assistant Chief or Captain but you have to be able to form words into sentences. Mayor, aren’t you aspiring to be something more in your political career? No comment or not answering the phone isn’t going to work. At some point someone has to take control of that department

  25. No one was caught committing an actual crime but the scene is suspect at best. Early morning hours, secluded spot, steamed windows and the student’s seat reclined. Certainly this relationship will be investigated thoroughly and there may be more to be disclosed. I don’t want to judge this teacher without facts but the incident is suspect. Perhaps it is nothing more than very poor judgment perhaps it is much more. I hope for her sake it is bad judgment.

    • …..And she didn’t want her fiancé to know she was there with the former student because he would be mad. The police officer may or may not have walked up on it, who knows with Aliquippa Police reporting, but all these clues are pointing to something sexual that went down in that car and the Aliquippa Police covered/are covering it up.

  26. Reminds me of a time when a Alighetto cop had to break out the rear door window to get out of the back seat of his police car with his “date” in the Woodlawn Cemetery. LOL

    • Five-O : Cop was alone and accidentally locked himself in the back seat. No date. You added that to the story. Bone head mistake. Not a love tryst.

      • Look, you KNOW that is a blatant LIE you just posted! But, that’s your story and you’re going to stick with it, huh? What was it somebody said? Oh yea, “Turned a blind eye to it all!”.

  27. All of you with your ugly gossip, as well as bringing up someone’s past, have lost site of the purpose of this article. I have a strong suspicion that much more will be coming. JP is not publishing anything without a deeper purpose. I regret that I doubted him the day the article appeared about the drug dealer. It was leading into this leak which most likely is going to lead into something much bigger. Save your ugly hatefulness because not one of us is perfect or have led perfect lives and let’s see where this is going.

    • And, if I read correctly, she’s much older than he is, like 13 or more years. You aren’t “friends” with teenagers when you are a woman in your 30s. Creepy is right.

      • @Icanread

        Cmon man!!!!!!!

        A 17 year old young man who could be months away from being able to be deployed to some bumfuck Country to fight for procurement of their poppy field/opium i.e Afghanistan!!..
        You know?!? Winning the hearts and minds of the peoples…lol…….
        And you make it sound like the itty bitty 17 year old might have been taken adavantage of by a……wait for it!!!!!!……..30 year old cougar…..roaaaaar!!! If you area man and you remember being 17….for chtristsake 14 even….and your mind was not thinking about the “Holyest” of the Hole..ies than Mungo submits you may have been Asexual! Or maybe a peter puffer, but Mungo digress!

        So this young man at 19 yrs old can come back from said BFCountry with missing legs, penis, and testicles, but the fact that some social justice snowflake save his ass back at home from certain psychological demise by intervening in a sexual tryst…maybe, no evidence, just speculation…..well God’s be praised……please unless you are a monk or just have never thought a 30 year old female holds any sexual interest then just stop with the whole…….Oh My God!!!! Shit

  28. Wind: One of the strengths of this reporting is that it is not editorialized on an article by article basis. That allows for objectivity. If JP put his two cents in for each one, he would be criticized as biased, and the BC would fall into the National Enquirer yellow news category.

    However…the drawback is that the commenters are left to fill in the blanks. So, the one who knows the real nitty gritty about the content stays silent. I don’t know how to avoid that.

    One help is that longtime commenters, like myself, do recall former articles, people and links, and bring those back into play. Not perfect, sometimes wrong, sometimes heated and criticized.

    The danger is in assuming a larger purpose or background story that might not exist at all. Fortunately, by the time the comments peter out, the real dirt has been exposed. So, the two work together.

    The ultimate benefit is that the public is informed. And, if some of the corrupt perps lose sleep, knowing that people know, that is enough for me to come back and do it again. We already know what happens when the public is given the mushroom treatment, and it is kept in the dark and fed horseshit.

    • I understand, Raven. There’s no problem at all in recalling past stories to bring into the current article/conversation. I thought that bringing up a cop/girlfriend/locked in car story was just mean spirited with nothing served here. You’re most likely right regarding a larger purpose that may not exist, however, my sense tells me differently with this story. I can’t put my finger on it nor verbalize this feeling as to why I do feel this way. This article may very well be the end of it. Time will tell, eh?

  29. Amateur Hour: “As for POTUS, his are allegations that have not been proven nor have any real evidence to this point.”

    Your willingness to give him the benefit of the doubt is noble, especially when he does not afford the same to others. That is keeping him afloat, when he deserves to sink. You play by the rules, he does not.

    After a terrible year now, he has shown that he is the most reprehensible motherfucker to ever hold that office. So, he gets no pass from me, no worrying about treating him fairly. He doesn’t deserve it. He must go.

      • His “supporters” actually believe him, a big mistake, and they are the ones about to be royally screwed. And, you are seriously deluded if you think that Trump has ANYTHING to do with those funds, the economy, the stock market, jobs, healthcare or anything else. They are bumper sticker wild campaign promises that he is making good on. He has NO major legislation passed, and those agencies still are not fully staffed. He takes the credit, but he has accomplished NOTHING in this first year, just inked policies that were already in the pipeline. We are witnessing DESTRUCTION of policies, not improvement of them. He is obsessively hellbent on destroying Obama’s legacies, even if he shoots the American public in the foot. Nothing more than that. Nothing has been original.

      • In a perverse way, it would be good if Trump’s new tax bill were to pass — his only original bill of the year. Then wait until Spring 2019 when most of Beaver Valley taxpayers, except the rich, find their federal taxes have gone up. That would be karma.

  30. Take a moment and reflect on all that JP has exposed in the last couple of years. it is incredible the massive cover up and corruption permeating this county. Before JP, the BC Times published only that which suited their political interests and advertising revenue. They are the farthest thing from true journalism one can get. By the time they publish any whiff of impropriety it has been on JP’s site for weeks. Their slanted, cut and paste of left leaning articles by the NY Times, Washington Post and Huffington Post are like pabulum for little children that cannot think objectively but must be guided to make a decision. god bless you JP for pumping fresh air and hard hitting journalism in this county. Without you, we’d be sheeple, awaiting orders from the BC Times via the corrupt politicians of this county. Hook, line & sinker.

  31. MAGA quoting Sarah Sanders quoting Donald Trump quoting Fox News quoting Hannity quoting Revelations quoting God. Need I say anything more?

    • It’s pointless to even think one can argue with tRump’s cult. There’s no logical reason why anyone could still support him. I understand supporting your party, your political beliefs but supporting this particular man is way beyond perplexing. These people actually believe Fox News and Breitbart, spouting them as fact while not even giving msm any benefit of the doubt. They believe every lie out of his mouth. Freaky weird.

      • @wind…..bag!
        Give it a break man! The Huffington post for crissakes had to just admit that Trump is winning!!
        Huffpo?!? The most liberal sack of vomitus on the planet! (@equalizer13 let me just apply the important word here……arguably!!…..haha) understand that is no insult Sir. Just good differing of opinion of which you seemingly possess of strong conviction!) there are certainy many others that are close , but @wind you must admit if huffpo says “winning” they have certifiable evidence that he is in fact ” winning ” to deny that is nothing short of extreme psychological issue…namely denial!
        Scholars, students, military leader who are very knowledgeable of and heed advice from the book SunTzu the art of war coukd not come up with anything even vaguely resembling an 3rd tier co-intel-pro tactic that huffpo can possibly be using with coming out an open declaration of TRUMP IS WINNING…please tell me differently and i mean literally…..And for you to call basically half of the damn United States a ” cult “………ugh!! Again WTF?!? Again explain if you care to those two points?

  32. “I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there, and she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. I’m automatically attracted to beautiful women—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

    The above quote spewed from the disgusting mouth of Donald Trump. Oh, wait, he said it wasn’t him. The amazing thing is some of you actually believe him.

  33. To Five-O : Believe what you must , but, remember that my statement is based on personal knowledge, while your’s is based on innuendo, rumor, and plain ass-gossip. Again, if I “turned a blind eye” to criminal activity, it could very well be a crime. Please, go to the District Attorney’s office and file the charges. They are located in the courthouse. I would like to believe that this site is open to people to express their opinions based on reliable information. But, it, sadly, is not. It seems that people can say anything at all, and others rely on it as truth.

    • Go to the courthouse file charges with The D A. Ya right You know very well you were and are part of the sick ass shit here in Beaver County… PS You trying to convince your selfe you weren’t involved cause if your trying to convince others SAVE YOUR BREATH…

      • To ricimer : Sorry, but, I was never involved in anything illegal, and I really don’t give a shit if you believe that or not. If you know something, put it out there, or go back in your gutless hole and play with your WAWA like you’ve probably been doing your whole life. There are a lot of good, honest cops out there in Beaver County that don’t deserve to have a punk like you belittle them. So, go to the DA if you wish, don’t go if you wish, because what I would really like is to take your gutless ass in the woods for about an hour. I live at 1701 POlk St. Aliquippa, PA Phone # 724-375-3826. Call for an “ass whoppin” appointment.

      • You know Jimmy, that definitely sounds like a threat to me and most people on here! You, of ALL people should know better than to threaten people…….did you not prosecute people for this same thing?! If I did what you just did, I know I would be getting a visit from my local PD, or at the very least, JP would ban me from commenting on this site. Just like Dennis McKee. Hopefully, but most likely NOT, you will be getting a visit from the prestige Alighetto Police. Must be nice to still be “Above the Law”.

    • OK Jimmy. Tell me what reason said cop would stop his car, in a dark cemetery, and have to get in the back seat for, then, “accidently” locks himself in said back seat. So, tell me, for what good reason would ANYBODY do that? Let alone a cop on duty in that particular neighborhood? You KNOW why and so does a lot of other people.

  34. It only appears that way, MAGA, to the ignoranti who believed the lies of a demagogue and voted for him. And, who now in blind faith refuse to recognize the verifiable mental illness that was and is present, and is undoing this society.

    There are people in this country who are so intelligent and educated that it is scary to watch them work. I am not one of those. But I am a small town person who stands out because I speak up. People like you cannot come to grips with that, because you can only take pot shots at people who don’t fit into your closed thinking. That is too bad.

    Yes, sometimes looking like a know-it-all is the price one pays for living in an area not known for its intellectual community. Sad, because they do exist, but remain hidden to not make waves.

    For now, there are about 20 or 30 commenters here who put more than bullshit on these pages, and without them this would be little more than a bitching post for the disenfranchised.

    So, no, I’m not a know-it-all, just a commenter that knows a little more than average and puts up with pot shots from people like you who don’t know, can’t know, the difference.

    Predictably, people like you voted for a horny, ignorant, egotistical, dangerous madman, and it will take years to undo the damage. So, thanks…thanks for nothing.

    Imagine Donald Trump commenting here. That’s right…unthinkable.

  35. I don’t give two shits about Trump! THE ELECTION IS OVER UNTIL 2020. We cannot even clean up a total shithole like the Beaver County Courthouse and you people are blathering about something we cannot change. We put up with that useless America Hater for 8 years so get over it. Let’s ALL work together with JP and try and clean out or own back yards before we try and slay a dragon. Our choices were horrible either way so grow the f-ck up already. He was duly and legally elected by the American voters whether you agree or not. Not every person who voted for Trump is a hillbilly racist nor are people who voted for Hillary superior human beings. Put America first, no matter what shitty leadership we have. What about a congress that has done nothing for over 10 years?

    • Aren’t you the tough guy, Judge? What are you trying to prove by calling someone out to a fight? How old are you? Try using your words to make your point, not threats. Your true colors are showing.

  36. Jimmy after carefully considering your comments I seriously think you are suffering from senility. I should not have lost my temper. I apologize to my fellow readers and participants on the Beaver Countian.

    • His comment was satirical. It was an improvisational, used from the movie Johnny Dangerously. He wasn’t calling anyone out or trying to fight lol. Could you all take a break.

      “You shouldn’t shoot me, Johnny. My grandmother shot me once… Once.”…..

      “You shouldn’t hang me on a hook, Johnny. My father hung me on a hook once… Once.”

      “You shouldn’t grab me, Johnny. My mother grabbed me once. Once”


      • To Five-O, and Ricemer:
        You want to meet for a drink somewhere, or do you want to remain at war ?

  37. I knw a guy who worksfoe APD and he was going through child custody so he fabricated police paperwork, sent another cop To bust down the door when the mother wasn’t home, used Jnet to access records for personal use to be used in mediation, not to mention there was other another case where the mother was a victim and the files kept disappearing before court sessions and the perpetrators were notified what the victim was saying in interviews with other officers by this cop and it all got swept over..I knw because me and the cop used to be friends. They do what they want when they want down there with no repercussions! Sad

  38. I tried to file abuse and terrorist threats on a bookie with the last name David–and the district attorney blew it off as just bad choice of words on his part. All of Beaver County is corrupt. Rachael did not deserve to be gunned down in cold blood-no one does.

  39. I think it’s pretty clear now the investigation into the APD was nearing a big break, and so they decided to eliminate a “threat”. No shame. The entire city has been corrupt for YEARS UPON YEARS and people are just now starting to wise up about it. It’s all about what your last name is in that town, and that’s why I got the HELL out. Absolutely descipable.



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