The Midland Borough Police Chief has directed his officers to stop doing certain police work because he and the town’s Mayor have been receiving too many complaints.

Midland Police Chief Keith McCarthy issued a memorandum to his officers dated August 24th instructing them to curtail their interactions with motorists, “Due to a rash of citizen complaints we are asking you to stop traffic stops significantly.”

A confidential law enforcement source provided the Beaver Countian with a copy of the departmental directive on condition they not be identified by name.

Chief McCarthy’s memo noted it came after a conversation he had with Midland’s Mayor, Angela “Poobie” Adkins. McCarthy informed his officers that although they have all been doing a “very fine job,” he now wants police in the town take a “seen but not heard from” approach.

McCarthy told his department they should not ignore a “blatant DUI” that could lead to a loss of life, but otherwise wants his officers to disregard violations they may see while out on the road, “No more turn signals, plate lights, head lamps etc. I am well aware that these and many others are illegal violations, but we cannot sustain a department where we have dozens of complaints a month.”

“I understand some of you may not be able to do this, and it is sad to say, but this may not be the department for you at this time,” wrote Chief McCarthy, who added that he will be closely monitoring the officers’ body and dash cam videos to ensure compliance. “No one will get fired or face discipline for not following the request of myself and the Mayor. But if individuals can not follow this request hours will go more to those who can.”

Chief McCarthy wrote he wants officers to see things from his perspective, “I hope you can understand where myself and the Mayor are coming from, people are not showing up at your door steps, they are showing up to ours.”

“I hope that all can understand and comply,” he concluded. “I am sorry to even ask this of you.”

The Beaver Countian has learned that the Pennsylvania State Police opened a criminal investigation into the directive — law enforcement sources say Police Chief Keith McCarthy has already been questioned by investigators.

The Memo To Midland Officers From Their Chief

Subject: Traffic Stops

Message: To all officers,

I’d like to start by saying you are all doing a very fine job. Any Chief would be proud to have you as his/her officers. That being said after speaking with the Mayor some changes need to occur.

I understand what I am about to request of you is very difficult, I was a patrol officer for 9 years. Due to a recent rash of citizen complaints we are asking you to stop traffic stops significantly. No more turn signals, plate lights, head lamps, etc. I am well aware that these and many others are illegal violations, but we cannot sustain a department where we have dozens of complaints a month.

Many departments follow a ‘seen but not heard from’ type of attitude. For the temporary time being I am requesting that we become that type of department.

This hurts no one more than me, as I have loved what you find officers have been accomplishing. Basically, I need you to answer your calls, take the appropriate actions, and patrol. Now if you have blatant DUI in front of you I’m not asking you to look the other way for someone who may kill another for their blatant disregard for other’s safety.

I understand some of you may not be able to do this, and it is sad to say, but this may not be the department for you at this time. I’ll be monitoring the reports and body and car cameras much more diligently to make sure all are following in line with this. No one will get fired or face discipline for not following the request of myself and the Mayor. But if individuals can not follow this request hours will go more to those who can.

I hope all can understand where myself and the Mayor are coming from, people are not showing up at your door steps, but they are showing up to ours. As I said this is only temporary until things calm down. I hope that all can understand and comply. I am sorry to even ask this of you.


John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • I agree with the mayor and chief. I know people in midland and experience it myself. They pull people over left and right. I must say the officers in midland are very bored

      • They pull people over left and right and gotten out of control. They are bored but them on trash detail

      • Maybe the people getting pulled over left and right as you put it FUCKED UP drivers. Did you think of that, or are you a fucked up driver that pulled over?????Retired Phoenix Police Motor Cop of 33 years…..U are a shit bag

    • One of the stupidest things that I have ever seen. Police should ignore traffic violators, speeders, and every other violation that occurs. Funny thing, 20+ years of law enforcement experience has taught me that people that violate traffic laws are also the same ones that have no problem violating every other law. People that don’t respect simple things like traffic laws usually have no problem violating other laws if they think it benefits them.

    • The mayor and police chief are spineless and do not care about law enforcement. They are politicians and want to suck up and stay employed at their easy jobs.

  1. You dont really mean “Police work”, you should change the title to, “Police Chief Orders Officers To Stop Generating Revenue Through Fining Working Class for Simple Vehicle Infractions”

      • That’s right…..too many of poobies friends can’t do business, gittin stopped all da time

    • You’re exactly right. And here’s how I can prove it. How many traffic laws do cops break to pull someone over for a minor traffic violation? Half the time they drive like maniacs even when they’re going nowhere specific. When they’re going after someone who looked both ways and barely rolled through a stop sign, lookout. Roscoe P. Coltrain is in hot pursuit.

  2. “Poobie” Adkins. BLM snowflake. Try to find a “safe space” in Midland. Chief McCarthy, you are a disgrace to that uniform.

  3. Just have the Sheriff’s Office do it…. They are known for making traffic stops when they shouldn’t be anyways! HA!

    • Hey, Mr. Shithouse Lawyer….news flash. The City is within the County. The County Deputies can make all the stops they want.
      And any City that knowingly elects a Democrat, especially a “Poobie” deserves what they get. These liberals in cities end up ruining them and creating bastions for crime.
      Next thing, Midland will be a broke Sanctuary city.

  4. Maybe this is created because of racial profiling complaints? That’ll really help curtailing open air drug dealing, turning a blind eye to the law and selective enforcement determined by each individual officer. No margin of error there. Political correctness at it’s finest. Allow them to stop for dumb ass violations just don’t write tickets to generate revenue. Is this mayor a wacko or something? Is she against the enforcement of the law of the land? WTF!

  5. So let me get this right – if the car is swerving, but not really bad or just coasts through a stop sign, then they should just ignore that… then when the person kills themselves or god forbid someone else and some attorney finds out that this individual was actually observed by a POLICE OFFICER committing a CRIME… the department, the officer, the town will be held responsible!!!! Let’s see if they mind that coming to their doorstep! BS.. DON’T BREAK THE LAW, DON’T GET A TICKET!!!!!!!!!

  6. This is absurd! Who in the hell do these “citizens” think they are? Follow the laws and you won’t have a problem! I am all for giving a warning the first time, but after that, it’s on you! Why do you think you deserve special treatment? Fix it or pay the fine! Do you know how many guns and drugs and wanted persons are taken off the streets because of minor traffic stops?? Someone needs to put the people’s safety first, not their political agenda!
    What are they going to turn their backs on next??

    • You tell ’em, Girl! I was amazed at this story! WTH is wrong with the Mayor? Is winning the next election more important than keeping the town safe? The nuts are running the asylum!

    • I follow the law–but every night after working I get on the road around 1:00 1:30 am drive through Brighton TWP and the cops will follow you three feet from your bumper for a mile or two, then a car will pass in the oncoming lane—poof the cop’per slams on his brakes makes a illegal u-turn and proceeds to follow that person—-I have kids I am for policing the roads but it’s been going on since I was in high school—pull me over already, find out I am not drinking-I am going home and remember my car so I can go home after a 12 hr day and try to give the wifey the best 37 seconds of her life

  7. All i can say is small violations lead to bigger things. If nothing other than the small violation is present then the officer should use his or her discretion. Citizens complaints are part of the job.

    • You’re right. They may be fishing, and every now and then ya catch something. It’s “Stop & Frisk” via traffic enforcement. And certain demographics get upset about “stop & frisk”, even if it is an effective policing tactic.

  8. Everybody knows if you drive in Midland after 11:00 you’re likely getting pulled over. I don’t drink and drive, I do serve as a designated driver, and each time I’ve been pulled over for some nonsensical reason. As soon as they determine I haven’t been drinking, I’m given a stern warning about coming to a complete stop, using a turn signal not less than 100 feet from my designated turn, or to get my perfectly functioning tail light looked at (because, even though it’s working now, it wasn’t when we pulled you over) Fortunately my friends and I have found other towns to patronize and YES WE TAKE TURNS BEING THE DESIGNATED DRIVER. Just another reason to avoid a town that could use all the help it can get. I wonder if they ever pulled someone over at 7:00 pm on a weeknight (in the winter) for a license plate light bulb. After 11:00 on a weekend, that offense will result in a conversation with one or more cruisers around your car. Not even Mike Veon and Nick Trombetta can save a town from itself.

  9. What a pathetic town Midland has be come. Alot of scum of beaver county live there, huge drug problem, and now the police are being told to let shit happen and not do anything about it? I’m thankful for these fine officers and they need to keep doing what they’re doing by getting drugs and illegal guns off the streets. Midland police are one of the VERY FEW departments in beaver county that actually do something about the drug problem and any one who breaks the law. Keep doing what your doing Midland PD!

    • There are many educated and “good” people here in Midland. Labeling Midland as slum for low life’s of society really isn’t fair. I used to work with drug addicts (counseling) in what many would consider one of the most prominent areas around Pittsburgh….sadly, the drug and crime rate (percentage wise) were much higher than Midland’s (Just an example). I wouldn’t label that community one way or another. Every community has their share of what other’s may consider low lives..People sometimes can just hide it better;)

    • Right! The real problem is the chief of police is telling his force to ignore the laws or they will not get many work hours! He’s punishing the officers who uphold the laws! This is insane! I’m glad the state police are investigating ‘Poobie,”the mayor, and the chief! They should resign! Resign now, what an embarrassment to the county!

  10. If the Mayor and Police Chief can’t handle the complaints about their police officers doing their job, RESIGN.

    Here is how you handle a complaint about the police- “Sorry, next time obey the law.”

    Really simple, you are responsible for the whole town not just the bad ones.

  11. I get it … and there is bigger fish to fry …. but these traffic stops in a lot of cases lead to frying those fish ….. Moral of the story here is spend the $2.00 and replace your burned out blinker bulb …. or use your turn signal in general …. the Mayor and the Chief need to grow a set and tell these people to stop being babies and obey the law ….and to put all this in writing was a huge mistake … getting complaints is part of the job …. don’t like it there is other places to work …. I just can’t wrap my brain around this one ….

    • i agree, all the drug busts are usually from being pulled over for minor traffic violations…so, assholes, dealers , and criminals…make sure you drive the speed limit, have working lites and signals, and always come to a complete stop…then you wont get pulled over…and even if you do, be glad it’s the midland cops, and not the canine wielding lunatic from beaver…

  12. If it’s illegal, it’s illegal. If people are complaining, fix your cars and abide by the laws. Put them in jail overnight if they’re complaining too much. We have become a weak society. This is a joke! I’d keep pulling people over. Now, they’ll blatantly not abide by the laws and see if they still get pulled over.

    • So by your logic, it is perfectly acceptable to extort someone hundreds of dollars for victimless “crimes” because “its the law”? The majority of the laws on the books pertain to crimes that have no victim. If there is no victim, there is no crime. The more things that you make a crime, the more police are going to be forced to interact with the public in a negative way, which in turn leads to public distrust of the police.

      Police are public SERVANTS. They work for us. We pay their salary, therefore we get to dictate how we want them to do their job.

      • “Police are public SERVANTS. They work for us. We pay their salary, therefore we get to dictate how we want them to do their job.”

        Uhhhhhh… no. Or at least not directly. The LAW dictates how police do their jobs. Laws are passed by legislatures which are elected by the people, so indirectly the people decide how the police do their jobs, but no, the residents of Midland and their mayor cannot arbitrarily decide which laws get enforced and which do not, ESPECIALLY on a state-owned highway, like Route 68. You get a B- for this one.

      • Michael Sallie, which article did you read? It clearly states that the state police are investigating the memo the chief wrote. Bums???????? You have a lot of balls!!!!

    • Michael Sallie that is literally not what the article says, it indicates they’re investigating the directive given by the chief. Nowhere is it alleged officers violated citizens’ rights. Try again.

  13. I do believe that officers have bigger and better things to do in Midland than to stop and ticket every piddidle they see out there. If the car has a valid inspection sticker let them go… spend your time fighting the real criminals. Im sure someone will eventually tell them”hey your right break light is out”. Unlike the Beaver police force pull em over for a Traffic citation then friggin sick the K-9 on them. In my opinion
    I believe officers take the entire “rolled a stop sign” or didnt use a turn signal in the round about a little to serious. Often petty to the point its rediculous. Lighten up on the basically law abiding citizens and go catch some bigger fish. Sounds to me like the chief needs to be more concerned about his man hours and cut back on their time cuz if they are that bored save us some money. The BS that there aren’t enough officers out on the force is just that BS. I agree Chief… Get to work quit playing around with the petty stuff to make yourselves look busy and go fight crime and protect citizens. If its not a threat to anyone leave them alone…

    • You’d be surprised how many drug arrests and people located because their cars were stopped for minor violations.

      • Years ago I was a road deputy in Volusia County, Florida. I found that many people who neglect the small things like tag and brake lights often have bigger hidden issues. I stopped a fellow one night for something simple. I believe it was a tail light that was out. It mushroomed from there. Altered tag, tag not assigned to vehicle, no insurance, suspended D/L and open warrants. The probable cause for the traffic stop came from the blown out tail light making the traffic stop legitimate and legal.

  14. For those who are opposed to police fining drivers for violating traffic laws what per se do you think should be done? How should the law punish people? Jail time? Should we just let people break laws with no consequence?

  15. Sounds like a lot of nepotism going on down there. Evidently someone’s relative got pulled over and didn’t like it. So sad. Midland used to be a law abiding town. Look out now.

  16. The mayor of Midland is exactly why the former chief, Joe D’Itri, isn’t there any longer. She, the mayor, is a control freak. Stick to doing exactly what the borough code gives you the authority to do and keep you nose out of the police departments business. You are not the mayor of a city, it’s only a borough. If there is one piece of advice I could give Chief McCarthy it would be to tell the mayor to stay the hell out of the police station and do your job as a chief. It was said when McCarthy was appointed chief that it was simply because he was a puppet for the mayor. She already cost the borough money by not only ordering an officer to act on a civil matter for a family member, but actually rode in the police cruiser with the officer when he did what he was ordered to do by her. Midland, the land of politics. Politics don’t belong in the police department. McCarthy, you have been used!!! You should have told the mayor to put this order in writing instead of you doing it. It’s called CYA. I don’t believe everyone should get a ticket when they commit a minor infraction but I also don’t believe you should turn your head. It’s called officer discretion, not mayor discretion.

    • “You should have told the mayor to put this order in writing instead of you doing it. Itโ€™s called CYA.”

      Exactly THIS. The mayor could have been hanging out to dry for official oppression instead of McCarthy. How could anyone think that it was a good idea to put this on a piece of paper? This is some laughably amateur shit right here. Generally by the time you get to be in charge, you’ve learned lessons like this already. You bent over for the mayor and got screwed, kid.

  17. I didn’t realize it’s the police department’s job to make sure everyone is happy! If people were legal, they wouldn’t get stopped! How about that! Ridiculous!

  18. Wow, surprised by the replies. A community that is saying to the LEOs – live and let live. I for one applaud this move (regardless of why it was done) and wish more municipalities would suggest this practice to their own LEOs

    • Laws are there for a reason …. that reason being safety of other drivers ….. not enforcing these laws would lead to a free for all on the roadway …. a huge percentage of traffic stops lead to finding warrants , drugs , and drunks , lack of license etc. you applaud entitled citizens crying ( waaaaaaa ) because they got pulled over for something they did wrong ….. buncha babies

      • XThats chicken shit bs! It’s easier to pull someone over than actually follow leads and investigate! Tax payers paying for all this equipment time so the cops can sit in the gas station and profile people for bullshit! Legit stop is one thing but the profiling that goes on down there is ridiculous . Do some police work that makes a difference instead of chicken shit pinches putting working people through the ringer! Gtfoh!

    • You are obvious one of those worthless Ohio drivers that bob and weave in and out of traffic. One that sits at a red light to make a left turn and when the traffic goes straight, you turn in front of them and hold up everyone behind because they don’t know if you are stopped for a pedestrian or turning…..or playing with your phone!

    • Regulation for regulation sake and y’all support it…….just don’t get it. This is how it used to be, before the litigious generation. LEOs were allowed to be decent folk, looking for everyone’s best interest and not wasting time and money enforcing pointless regulations Glad I’m not any of y’all’s neighbors, lol. Enjoy policing the world while we enjoy the world

      Peace out

  19. Midland police pull people over for no reason. People that actually work everyday, they are not scum! I live in midland i am a midland native! They pull people over for license plate covers, put you in handcuffs and search your vehicle without consent! That is against the law! There isnt any drugs in Midland come the F on! midland is a mile long with the lowest crime rate in beaver county! These cops need to take that ish back to where they came from! All you racist mother lovers can suck a big fat black one!

    • Mr Midland
      the lowest crime rate in beaver county!

      Are you kidding me? It took me literally under a minute to google the crime rate for Midland. It has a higher per capita crime rate of every town near it, except East Liverpool, and Midland was only slightly lower. There’s also positive data in those numbers. The crime rate over the past few years has been trending down sharply to even BELOW the national average.

      There are a lot of really good hard working people in Midland. I know a lot of great people that grew up there. I hope that town can make a comeback. A lot of good people are trying, but to deny there’s crime and drugs is at best foolish.

  20. this is complete lunacy. For a Mayor or police chief to order the force to STOP citing violators is the same BS as supporting Sanctuary cities. What next? are we going to say stop arresting robbers and rapists? This is such bull shit that people turn in and out of traffic without turn signals and the Mayor and Chief want to Condon this!

  21. I think we need to hear both sides of the story here. I’m sure we don’t know the half of it and I know a few people that they make it a daily obligation to slander the Chief and Mayor over petty crap that they had nothing to do with over decisions that were made or outcomes that came about. Of course they are still going to do their jobs and get the bad guys, I don’t doubt that.

  22. You mean that if we can get enough people to complain to a mayor of a town or city, then law breakers run roughshod all over a town? Goes to show just how much back bone the mayor and police chief have. Oh, is election for mayor coming up soon?

  23. So, Police are not police anymore to ” Serve and Protect” They are political tools???? Hey Chief, Grow a pair, stops keep drug dealers, illegal activity and potential hazards down. Moron. You and your so called mayor both need a pair, your jobs are to protect your community. Not cater to whiners. You and mayor should be removed from your positions if can’t do your written dutys placed to do. In fact, if any of your officer’s have a brain, this is restricting them from doing they’re jobs and should go talk to attorney general . Ty.

  24. Wait it’s so many ppl commenting on this I’ve never seen in midland I’m weak lmao on top of that why in the last 15yrs we haven’t had to black officers on duty at the same time hell we haven’t even seen two blacks on the force at the same time it’s crazy n it don’t take 5 cops for a traffic stop nor does a a turn signal violation give them rights to pull u out ya car n search it specially when u do not consent nor should cops pull guns on 3 12/13 yr old black kids at rec center but hey guess they was being criminals too lmao or how about cops doing u turns in the middle of intersections for a so called license plate light smh all this n a town that’s 13blocks long smh it’s pointless too talk too ppl like the majority on this post they always say if u follow the law non will happen if u comply non will happen guess they forget all the blacks killed on camera hands up handcuffed n everything else smh n come on now 12 to 20 complaints a month n a town small as midland is a huge problem if they wana b super cops go to a high crime area where murders happen daily n b tough there not a small town where very very little violence goes on they are beyond bored to pull sum over for bein at a stop sign 10s instead of 30 smh or cause ya license plate cover lmao or a turn signal wasn’t on certain distance from the stop sign or turn like shits petty asf seems like a lot of extra and unnecessary work for minimum wage if u ask me

      • No, they’re not going to hire you because you are quite obviously unable to construct complete and grammatically correct sentences in the English language. But, sure, blame it on your skin color if you need to feel oppressed.

    • Not to walk around my community around ppl i know they’d never let me or anybody else from the community work here as a cop I have cop friends that are black and applied here only not ta get it smh

    • Ever think no black officers are applying ? Take a look around the county … there is few black officers period … and that’s not because they are being segregated against … there just isn’t many going to school and applying ….. your comments are ridiculous….

    • No be a good little citizen period … has nothing to do with color …. and I think you are Lieing about your black officer friends applying for the job ….

    • Not lying at all it’s a few officers I won’t name them I shouldn’t half too but if u from midland which u sure are speaking a lot on it u should no the officers that are from here working other places cause our town wouldn’t hire them maybe cause they knew to many ppl here lmao who knows only the so called brother hood does

    • Ehhh bullshit ….. you are full of it …. cops get hired in their own towns all the time …. that’s bullshit man …. the best cops are ones who know the town and people ….

    • Maybe they had a better interview , or resume , or work experience … there is many factors that it could be …. but I don’t believe for one minute color is a factor ….

    • Theodore Vaughn and nowhere in this chiefs letter does it say ….. ” take it easy on the black folks ” …. wanna know why ? Cause that’s not what he was talking about … he’s getting complaints in general of traffic citations …. smfh …. don’t break the law and you won’t get pulled over … it’s simple

    • I just don’t get your logic …. so you’d be ok being pulled over by a black officer ? Because of you think a black officer won’t do his or her job you are mistaken …. do you think black officers will cut you a brake because you share the same skin tone ? I think not … I think they will not be biased ….. I also think if you give them a reason to be cautious or a reason to search your wheels that they will do so …. period

    • So what’s the law not stoping at stop sign for a full minute, not using your turn signal 300 ft from a stop sign or the intersection like I cnt believe I’m even having this conversation smh if that’s the case they’d b writing everybody tickets daily including them selves I dnt kno anybody that stop at a stop sign for 15seconds let alone 40 n be fr how many ppl u kno use they signal 300 ft before turning I see ppl put they signal on right at the turn or as they approach the sign or intersection maybe 10/15 ft n this majority of ppl yet they not writing that many tickets smh only the ones they think is up ta some which they think are mostly blacks who look suspicious or scary or a thug or up too no good literally has non ta do wit breaking the law of course if u run a light u should get pulled of course if u dnt stop at a stop sign u should get pulled if u don’t use your signal u should get pulled but trying to be precise and extremely detailed on certain ppl ain’t the way ta do it

      • Midland is a small town. They know your license is suspended, so they’re going to find a reason to stop you. That’s great! Legal drivers don’t want you on the road.

    • Bro I’ve been stopped plenty of times by white cops who ending up being cool still don’t change the fact why they stoped me I’ve been told my dreads make me look suspicious wearing a hood my hat backwards leaning back too far n my seat smh sounds like everything a black kid does and wears on a daily too me,, but what do ik I can only go off personal experience period n I’ve only been pulled over n searched by white cops I’ve been pulled over by black cops too n they was dick heads as well but they followed protocol n serve the ticket for the stop not asked me where I’m goin or coming from n why smh that’s the difference and a cop that knows the town and it’s ppl won’t search the car jus cause I got on a hoodie an dreads or cause I got on jewelry or driving a car they don’t know how I bought smh

    • There is no law to stop for a full minute … lol .. you made that up … 300 ft sounds legit … that gives ample warning …. I think you are taking things to an extreme trying to prove a point …. your whole point in a nutshell here is you are saying they are racist and profiling you……. well man …… can you blame them really ? ….. playing music like fuck the police then emulating that lifestyle ? If you look like you came out of a MTV gangster rap video I think they have a right to be worried ….. I’d like to see you work as an officer and make split second choices …you should talk to your black officer friends and ask them what kind of profile makes them more nervous ….. because these people shouting fuck the police don’t care if the officer is white or black … they hate the badge period ….. so if you emulate thugs and act and dress like them then guess what …. this ain’t rocket science here … you’re gonna get judged ….. so think I don’t get judged as a biker ? Do you think police are not more likely to be careful around me because they have had problems with bikers and bike clubs ….. why is it you feel you are the only one profiled ….this is just common sense stuff I should not even have to explain to you …. if your friends got pulled over and searched chances are they gave some kinda reason for the officers to suspect something …

    • Drew Figas smh u keep goin ta how I dress as a reason and that’s the problem in it’s self smh which I see now you don’t see it literally has non to do with wardrobe period Dr Kings followers wasn’t wearing thug clothes n cops still killed and profiled them same as Malcom X smh they scared of music but not the Klan man bye lmao

    • Dude they always ask where you heading and where you been …. they ask me that every damn time I’ve been pulled over at night or on a bad area …. they wanna see if I was around the corner buying dope …. this is part of their job …. get over it … it happens to all of us …. I just got pulled over in New Brighton few months ago purely because it was 2:00 am ….. first thing they asked was where was I and where am I heading … it sucks but it’s reality

    • And again I get judged as well …. lol … I covered in ink and ride a motorcycle lol …. so they assume I’m a hells angel …. it is what it is ….. I love to see how you react as a cop

    • This whole conversation is ridiculous because you think blacks are the only people getting pulled over and questioned …. I got news for ya … there is just as many white criminals as black and they check whites too …. but nobody obviously has informed you of that … glad I could straighten out this mix up for you …. smh

    • Drew Figas lol not too bright huh lmao more like I’m awoken its all good doe show me a video of the police policing the klan I’ll wait lol arresting them beating them I doubt you find one lmao

    • Let me ask you this …. if you were an officer … would you take more precautions with a well dressed guy in a suit looking like he just left work at the accounting firm …… or would you be more weary of the gut covered in tattoos, long hair , wearing a leather vest ?

    • Drew Figas bro I kno statica and numbers and the fact the whites are 3x more likely to have drugs n guns on then blacks blacks get stopped n searched 3x more than whites so don’t talk numbers bro specially not on how lop sided law enforcement is smh

    • Numbers don’t mean nothin when it comes to that ….. let’s face reality that we outnumber you greatly so naturally we will have more guns and criminals … it’s simple math …. now …. take into account how fewer blacks there is and do the same math ….. ….. but seriously this ain’t about color cuz ….. it’s about they can spot who’s a potential criminal because this is their job ….. i look like an outlaw biker lol … so I get judged …. this ain’t hard …

    • I wouldn’t judge anybody off they’re appearance you can’t tell nothing from a person wardrobe except they culture and or fashion sense what u wear wouldn’t make me fear or respect u any more or less that’s just me

    • But I get it … you can’t always judge by looks …. I was a fire capt , EMS , and work in an emergency room lol … but I still get judged …. I just got followed through Walmart and had cameras recording me the whole time yesterday morning …. no joke … their cameras tell you when they are recording ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • i thought this was the United States of America??? The land of the free??? Where a citizen can wear what he wants, say what he wants, do what he wants??? But no people like Drew say, you can’t dress suspicious so u don’t get looked at! Lmfao! What a joke. If someone’s getting pulled over cuz of a hairstyle then society ain’t as free as we thought. Smdh. On behalf of white people I apologize for all the racial profiling black people experience from those that are there to ‘keep us safe’.

    • As far as the majority of officers being white…you do realize that there’s a test that officers have to take to join a department. It depends on how you score on that test…military automatically get 10 extra points as well.
      Also, it depends on how you treat the officer when they approach you. I highly doubt you’re gonna get searched if you’re respectful. If you have an attitude with them, expect it right back! Imagine dealing with people mother effing you and spitting on you, simply for doing your job. Imagine seeing babies getting neglected and beaten, the elderly with not enough food, not to mention the gruesome sights. Then tell me you wouldn’t be sick of dealing with people’s bull shit attitudes.

    • ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿฝr u from Midland..Karen?? bc I live in a little town on top of Midland and am forced to drive thru it daily.. I work a 9-5.. n have for all my life.. They harass EVERYONE. I’ve been told to get off 4th Street when I was younger.. if u ain’t down here being harassed daily by this dirty ass force..please don’t continue to act like u know what is happening here bc i could go on for days.. here’s on more.. my dads a bread man he gets up and has to leave for work at 2am do u know how many times he has been pulled over because “he was swerving..” lol.. he was in his work uniform they thought he was coming from the bar!! Harassment is a real thingโœŒ๐ŸฝโœŒ๐Ÿฟ

    • Melissa Sessie because 4th street has notoriously been a drug haven since I was a kid !!!!! You’re kidding me right ? Everyone knows to stay the fuck away from 4th street … smfh

    • Drew Figas I was born n raised on 4th n u clearly don’t live n town 4th ain’t been non like anything since 07 it’s 2017 n they still harass ppl smh u cnt group everybody from 4th n the same category n that’s where the harassment starts cause if u think like dat imagine how the cops think smh but if u get police that’s from here they wnt feel how u or any other cop that ain’t from here feels, that’s the problem in it’s self it shouldn’t be where I live or who I hang wit it should be about if a crime is being committed or not period you can’t tell nothing by jus looking at wardrobe or area they from smh

    • Theodore Vaughn because it’s a wasteland …. cmon man … just admit it …. lol … why is it a wasteland ? I don’t mean you no disrespect man … but let’s face the facts …. that area is bad … period ….. go hang at the car wash at night too and tell me how great it is …. lol …. I’m very familiar with midland my man …. I’ve ran many an ambulance call in that town …. I’m very familiar with where the crime is … lol … you are only fooling yourself

    • And they are trying to clean that town up yes … looks pretty good on the Main drag … but they got a long way to go yet….let the police do their job and be respectful and you won’t have any problems

    • Too bad the real criminals wear suits and ties. If only gen pop can educate themselves enough to see who the real thugs are then we wouldn’t be battling each other back and forth. We’d come together as one against these greedy ass corporations stealing all our money for the satisfaction of a very few’s egos. But no, we divide ourselves based off race, gender, hell, even sports teams to see each other as enemies while these real crinimanls laugh all the way to the bank. #staywoke

  25. Midland police department was out of control and this is a much needed change. More emphasis needs to be put on being public servants, not law enforcers. The enforcement of victimless crime laws is extortion.

  26. What b.s.!!! So basically look away from the law breakers… because poobie’s friends can’t follow basic traffic laws! Maybe the mayor needs to step down, and the chief needs to grow a set!

  27. Good !! I got stopped for NO REASON 2 times just bc I was driving through the alley and I’m like I live at the end of that alley..and literally 2 days later pulled over again in my other car bc my break lights weren’t bright enough…. COME ON !!

  28. none of the people who think it is ridiculous even live in midland. i personally follow the law, drive the speed limit, turn signals, seat belts, all of that great stuff & get pulled over for nothing. if you don’t live here you can’t speak on it period. go mind your business & worry about your community & improving it.

  29. Vehicle code is full of laws for a reason. Officers are sworn to uphold those laws, whether you like them or not. If you think being pulled over over for brake lights out is BS, tell me it is when you get rear ended. If turn signals are optional, tell that to your insurance company when you’re the cause of an accident. Get into a wreck with an expired plate/insurance, you’re getting cited, sued and you’ll end up with maybe Safe Auto if you’re lucky. For cops looking for bigger fish, those minor infractions are great probable cause to stop a car. Look through criminal complaints and see how many great arrests were made because of traffic violation. Stats don’t lie. All of you that are butt hurt from being stopped, tell me what’s going to be the first words out of your mouth when someone rolls through a stop sign and hits you? You’ll be wagging your finger so much it’ll cramp. Poobie, you want votes or public safety? Chief GQ, grow a set. Complaints are part of the job. You had every right to go to the state police or AG’s and report her so you’re officers could continue to do their job. “You won’t be punished, but your hours will be cut” You’re a hypocrite and a puppet.

  30. As a resident of Midland I do not agree with this… this is sad… I don’t understand why an employer/supervisor would have their employees NOT do a job that they were hired to do…

  31. To be honest I believe this article is swaying a certain perspective of the matter. He is simply asking for them to change the manner in which they making stops. he is requesting they sit out in the open. That way traffic corrects itself with the site of law enforcement, rather then hiding and “catching” violators. By being out in the open with a police presence, it will limit the amount of violators before they violate.

    The purpose of traffic citations is for public safety. So regardless of how it is conducted shouldn’t be an issue.

    • You are wrong!!! He isn’t asking anything, he’s is ordering his officer’s to not do their job, which is official oppression. The chief does not have a say in what an officer does, or does not do, while performing their duties. Neither does the mayor. WTF are you talking about, hiding? Please tell me where in the hell the police can hide in Midland vs sitting out in the open? The bottom line is simply this; the chief got played by the mayor to do her dirty work. His problem is the fact that he doesn’t have the experience to tell her to kiss his ass!!!!!! She needs to go back to making pizza and leave law enforcement up to the cops, that’s what they are trained to do, period!!!! Like I said earlier, D’Itri would most likely still be in charge if it wasn’t for the mayor sticking her nose in where in doesn’t belong. If anyone needs to grow a set, it should be the Midland Borough Council. You appointed a chief to run the police department, tell the mayor to keep her nose out of the police departments business and you wouldn’t have this bullshit going on. Remember this, strong council, weak mayor, that’s the government in effect in a borough. SMH that this even happened. Damn shame, all because of someone that wants to have more power than the law allows. Take her keys and her police radio and let these guys do their job.

  32. And a another note for the complainers and people cheering this political decision, don’t bitch when you see the cops hanging out at the coffee shop or gas station. Don’t call them lazy or use the unoriginal comments that most people use when they see cops taking a break. They’re sparing their jobs in Midland.

  33. John Paul, as an investigative reporter did you ask the mayor or chief for comment? I’m intrigued by the story but they should have a right to respond to your allegations.

  34. Poobie is a stupid idiot and should be removed from office immediately she thinks she owns that town and she has gotten away with things for way too long. Also if her daughter could pay me the money I gave her to keep her shop above water would be great!

  35. “Chief of Police” my ass…..More like “Chief of Politics”

    Oh, while I’m at it….. Drew….relax, take a deep breath….:)

  36. This is not the only town this happens in(Beaver Boro, Brighton Twp.) by all means, lets not harass the filthy rich and the high and mighty!!!

  37. Keeping an officer from doing his job, we shall see how far that goes. Follow the law, citizens of Midland! Quit crying about it. As for the police chief, what a stupid thing to do! Who wears the pants in Midland, not the police chief.

  38. just throwing this out there what most police officers do is called FISHING it has nothing to do with enforcing laws whether it be traffic or non traffic laws it’s disgusting how bad it has become the majority of these puppets are out there to harass the public,they have no regard for the laws they are sworn to protect themselves,small town police departments need to focus more on crime prevention and community oriented policing rather than the sport of FISHING leave that fun recreational activity for your off duty time !!!!

    • Fishing is done on the river, why don’t you try it some time instead of attempting to make some stupid comment about something you know nothing about. It’s called “policing”, most likely something you know nothing about.

  39. Maybe grow a set and let the residents of Midland know that they are upholding the law. In sorry, but if you’re pulled over for a tail light out, it’s your fault! Do they have to give tickets all the time, no. I’m sure they issue a lot of warnings…but they are doing their jobs!! Maybe if the Chief and Mayor don’t like answering to the public and standing behind their officers for upholding g the law….then maybe, just maybe THEY are in the wrong town!!! This is completely undermining their police and giving into the cry babies that so many have become these days! Next they’ll be crying that there’s not enough revenue to keep x amount of officers on the roster, due to lack of income coming in.

  40. Now THAT’S a real moral booster for your officers!
    What the fuck is wrong with these two MORONS!
    These officers should just find a nice place to hide for 8 hrs and then just go home. When asked why shit is all fucked up in “Mitlend”, just tell the powers that be, “I’m doing EXACTLY what you told me to do. Now, YOU deal with it. I’m going home.”
    This so called mayor and pussy chief should get on with their life’s work. Advocating for low life criminals.

  41. He’s asking for the nitpicking bullshit to stop. He should have included that they will be focusing on things that matter like public safety and security instead of broken tail lights and burned out plate bulbs.

  42. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. That’s the problem with local Police Departments. They have to answer to Amateur Assholes that have no idea how to do Police work however they feel that they have to give the Department direction. Mayors and or Councils appoint Police Chiefs that the know can be handled like a puppet so they can get their friends out of trouble. If the Chief had any guts, he would have told the Mayor to pound salt. I applaud the Officer(s) that leaked this to the media. I don’t support issuing traffic citations for such minimal infractions however warnings can also be issued. At least there is a traffic stop conducted and who knows, maybe the person has your stolen crap in the back seat after they had just burglarized your home!! You cant let the inmates run the prison.

  43. You are a spineless despicable excuse for a law enforcement officer. You need to hold the title of “political hack crony”. Check the mirror in the morning when you shave and take a long look. Patriot or spineless dolt.


  45. For those of you who know the history of this department and the attitudes of the young cops that are working there now, you fully understand the point of the Chief’s directive. Midland is a small town and there has been an anti-police mentality there for years which has created an unnecessary division in that community. Chief McCarthy is a good guy who wants to do right by his town and that department. Unfortunately his message was poorly conveyed and should have been addressed with his officers directly. The problem in that town is that the police have always targeted residents and made chicken-shit traffic stops, particularly after hours. While it is their job to enforce the law, they have always gone out of their way to pull motorists over for petty violations, which has only served to create negative attitudes about the police department. I am certain that the complaints stem from overly-technical violations in a town that is so small that it makes residents uneasy which really isn’t necessary. Failing to use turn signals when no other cars are at or near an intersection, failing to deploy a turn signal within the requisite 30 feet before a stop sign and other bullshit pretexts for pulling over local residents is probably what gave rise to the wave of complaints the prompted the Chief to write that poorly-articulated memo. It has gone on for years and it really is about time they got called out for it. It is particularly bad for black motorists and that does nothing but create bitterness and distrust in the police department. And I am quite certain that the state police have better things to do than investigate this petty bullshit.

  46. Not all cops are crooked, just 95% of them. It’s kind of like the military. It’s a profession you go into when you can’t make it into anything else.

  47. Did something change in Pennsylvania law recently? In PA, all police departments (state and local) have equipment repair orders that are issued to motorists with minor vehicle equipment violations (headlight/tail light out, cracked windshield, plate lights malfunctioning, etc.). . .the repair orders carrying no immediate fines, but require the motorist to fix the item within the next 20 days…or a fine will be issued. So… Midland PA mayor and residents don’t like the 20 day warnings?? Get real.
    (Retired PA police officer)

  48. I don’t have a problem pulling someone over for a legit reason, even if it is trivial to you. I do have a problem with it all being about revenue.

    I agree that when they completely check the driver out, they may find other things and may even make an arrest for a wanted person. This is good for the community. The repair orders Rick talked about are helpful as well. Not a ticket you need to pay unless you don’t get it fixed within the 20 days.

    We all know that the likelihood of a drunk driver is greater at night. I live in State College which is a college town. After 11pm they do the same thing here that they do there. Any infraction gets you pulled over. We all know this. And as long as they are “lenient” on the infraction they pulled you over for when they are “trolling” for DUI’s, I’m okay with that too.

    The memo going out because of public outcry is absurd. Do your job. Sensibly. That’s why the officer has discretionary power.

  49. Every one of those small infractions is usually what causes an accident. Usually people that have drinking are the ones that forget to signal.

  50. I’m guessing that the traffic stops have become a form of harassment directed at certain individuals. On the other hand, the PA Vehicle Code is written and entered into law by state law makers. I don’t think the Chief or the Mayor has the power or authority to order anyone to stop enforcing the Vehicle Code. That would be obstruction.


    Hauser Christian, don’t think that we’ve all forgotten about your past transgressions.

    Michael Sallie, How many times have you been arrested now? I wouldn’t want to catch another Felony Possession charge either.

    Keith McCarthy, How did you meet that wife of yours again? Wasn’t that a girl you cited for underage? And as memory serves, didn’t you once adopt the name PACMAN? Yeah, you did, in a direct nod to Sean Penn in Colors.

    Same town that ran former Chief Ron Bongivengo out for exposing misconduct within the department.

    • Put your name on it punk! You hiding behind your screen name but I guess you a scared little boy. y

      • Riddle me this, who is a Trooper? And who is not? Maybe a cop. Maybe a crook. If secrets abound, and the truth is in doubt. What would you do if YOUR secrets got out? Everyone looks and nobody sees, who could be me? Alas, the joys of anonymity. Sitting up in your chair late at night, worrying about all the things that might. For someone knows, but none know who goes

        What difference does it make? Names. No names. The truth is immutable. You want someone to blame. Someone to threaten. For some, wearing a badge is about power, masking insecurity. For some, it’s a tool to be used for personal gain. Rarer still, for some that badge was simply a cage.

        Put your name on it? No. I think not. Because no matter who you are, I’d imagine you’ll be having a more than a few sleepless nights wondering and worrying about the how, who and why. Think on your sins.

  52. I’m sure that officer that wrote the memo did not mean it the way you are all taking it.
    What he meant was it’s a punk ass town. Boring as hell and there’s no need for all this madness.
    Thats why it pays to learn how to write and use words. Only thing that chief is wrong on is his grammar and not getting the correct point across. This is petty



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