Bobby Williams' Home In Center Township


A man who has submitted a petition to appear on the primary ballot for Aliquippa City Council may not even live in the city, an investigation by the Beaver Countian has revealed.

Robert “Bobby” Williams submitted a signed and notarized petition to the Bureau of Elections, seeking to be placed on the May 21st primary ballot as a Democratic Candidate for City Council. On the petition and accompanying disclosure forms, Williams lists his current residence as 269 Station Street, Aliquippa 15001.

The Beaver Countian visited that location today, and discovered a building in a severe state of dilapidation. A knock on doors at the location went unanswered, and a look into several windows, which had no drapery or blinds and were covered in dirt, revealed rooms in disrepair filled with assorted rubble. Large cracks were observed above several outside doors, and old electrical wiring was seen freely hanging from the premises.

An old and faded “For Sale by Owner” sign in a rusted frame hung above rusted out mailboxes. One door had a “beware of the dog” sign hung next to it, although no dog was heard.


A search of county tax records revealed that Robert Williams owns a second piece of property, located at 1671 Old Broadhead Road in Center Township. The Center Township address is listed as the “owner address” for the property on Station Street in Aliquippa.

Upon visiting 1671 Old Broadhead Road shortly before 1pm, the Beaver Countian found a home that was readily observed to be occupied. After knocking, a woman who identified herself as Bobby Williams’ wife answered the door, dogs could be heard barking in the background.

The woman said her husband wasn’t home at the moment, and declined to comment when asked about his candidacy for Aliquippa Council. “Don’t even bring that shit up to me, I ain’t even wanting to make any comments,” she said. “He’ll be home later tonight, you can come back here and talk to him yourself then.”

A phonecall placed to Bobby Williams at the number listed on paperwork submitted to the Bureau of Elections was short. After this reporter identified himself, Williams responded “go fuck yourself,” before hanging up the phone.


Bobby Williams’ petitions and accompanying documents were notarized by former Aliquippa Democratic Chairman Eugene “Salt” Smith. When contacted, Smith said he knew Williams, but wasn’t sure where he lived. “I am not aware of where he lives, his paperwork had an Aliquippa address listed on it, I think it was Station Street, but I don’t know if he lives there, I only needed to verify his signature,” he told the Beaver Countian. Smith added that he was not supporting Williams’ candidacy for Council.

Democratic party insiders say Williams is running as part of a ticket supported by Sheriff George David, who is hoping to take political control of the city away from Mayor Dwan Walker and his supporters. David had backed Walker’s run for Mayor during the last election. Along with Williams, Vickie Fratangeli is also running for Aliquippa Council on what is being dubbed the “David Ticket.”


Both Williams and Vickie Fratangeli have a long history of political ties to David.

Williams appeared at the courthouse last year to speak out on Sheriff David’s behalf, after County Commissioners filed a lawsuit against him. The Commissioners were attempting to stop David from violating a statute that forbids the Sheriff from performing private security services to outside entities.

Williams’ home on Old Brodhead Road in Center Township still had “George David For Sheriff” signs stapled to it when visited by the Beaver Countian today, remnants of the 2011 election.

williams-center-twp Center Township Home owned by Robert “Bobby” Williams as photographed today

One of the two petition sheets submitted by Williams lists Fratangeli as a signature gatherer for the candidate. Fratangeli’s petitions for the primary ballot were also notarized by Salt Smith.

Fratangeli and David’s political ties date back to at least 2003, when the Aliquippa Democratic Committee filed a lawsuit against the couple. Beaver County Judge Gus Kwidis ruled that Fratangeli and David had established an ad-hoc Political Action Committee (PAC) together in a manner that violated Pennsylvania Election Code.

The Democratic Committee said the pair were engaged in the “illegal dissemination” of “deceptive sample ballots” that endorsed Fratangeli for Mayor. The lawsuit noted that such a violation of Election Code amounted to a criminal misdemeanor, but neither ever faced criminal charges. Judge Kwidis issued an injunction barring further dissemination of the deceptive ballot, and ordering the Sheriff to confiscate and destroy any remaining copies.

Vickie Fratangeli could not be reached for comment.




Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.

Editorial Note: For clarification, the Bobby Williams mentioned in this article is not the same man who ran against Jim Christiana for state representative.




  2. Now tell me isn’t it FRAUD when you give false information on a petition that is notarized? When people say they live some where that they don’t? Great job sheriff you might have just got your buddy charges filed against him…This should be interesting……did you really think the mayor was going to let you get away with lying? HA HA

  3. Yo! Bobby Williams! I do good work. I want to give you an estimate on the work that needs done on your house. Lets begin with the brickwork, then the roof. The whole house needs painted from what I can see, and those front steps look like you brought them over from your Station Street address just this week! Please let a brother hook you up! I will offer you a very competitive price on the work, seeing as how my work will get some good exposure. Heck, I’d do it for almost free if the Beaver Countian will put before and after photos, along with my sign, in the paper. Pass the word to your comrades. I need the work, and I’m good.

  4. Mr Williams maybe you and the sheriff should sit down over a cup of coffee OH SORRY there is no more free coffee, just sit there with your TONGUES hangin out and try to figure a way out of this…BUSTED …..

  5. When is Sheriff David and all his cronies going to just throw the towel in and give up? JP is all over you guys and girls like flies on dogshit. Your gig is up. There is no more dignity or integrity left. If you all were smart in Beaver County, you would all vote a straight Republican ticket for years just to make sure David and his cronies went away for good.

  6. How does one go about petitioning the court for an injunction to have the court force him to live in the house listed on his papeerwork for the next 90 days?

    • No, this is a very different Bobby Williams, but good question. I probably should have mentioned that in the article. Thanks for the opportunity to provide clarification. :thumbsup:

  7. That property on Station St is the first thing you see when entering Aliquippa from Rt 51 northbound and is such an embarassment to the community. There is also a junkyard that adjoins the property which makes it even more of an eyesore. That building has been uninhabitable for years and I do believe a family (not any of his relatives) still lives there and they are not squatters. How this place maintains an occupancy permit is beyond me. From the looks of his Center Twp property it’s apparent he has no interest in outward appearances. This guy has always been a slob. I once saw him out in public blowing his nose between 2 of his fingers with no tissue. He shook the slime off his hand and went about his way.

  8. You comment of only in Aliquippa seems pretty JUDGE MENTAL. Aliquippa currently has a quite outstanding Mayor that has more then just the job title he also has THE PASSION for change. Mayor Walker also resides in the city he represents. I dislike the fact of how Aliquippa is constantly under such scrutiny! Yes, the city of Aliquippa has crime issues as well as drug issues but ma’am please show me a town that does not!!! I’m sure I am not jumping to conclusion when I assume that you do not reside in the city of Aliquippa, correct? Maybe the under line issue is it’s people like you who would rather cast judgement than look forward to change and new beginnings. That’s okay though because there are still people out there like myself who are Aliquippa natives and are PROUD to proclaim it! And we will continue to hope and look to the future for a brighter day for our city.

    A proud Aliquippian

    • Aliquippa and its Mayor have earned the reputations that they carry. If the people of Aliquippa were really as proud of the place as they claim to be, then it wouldn’t be such a dump. Clean up the town and its politics and then maybe people won’t talk down to you.

      • Excuse me Buzzkill, but what reputation are you speaking of in regards to our mayor? There is serious change going on in the city building right now. The mayor and the new code enforcer are currently forcing the people of the city to clean up their homes. They are making the residents with dilapidated homes and businesses to either demolish or clean them up. There is a ton of paperwork and legal processes that must be completed before we will see the change though. I live in an area of Aliquippa that was almost completely forgotten by the council. Since mayor Walker has been in charge and the new code enforcer stepped up, they have been down here taking pictures and giving fines. Your comment about the people of Aliquippa not caring is not entirely truthful. I am proud of our city’s history and you won’t see garbage in front of my home like a lot of the others. I do agree that there are many people who live here who need to take action and clean up their homes and yards. The drug problems are the same here as they are anywhere. I come from Hopewell and residents there and also in Center Township have much more pride in their homes than here, however to say that all of the residents of Aliquippa have earned the reputations we have is false. Also Hopewell and Center’s drug problems are much worse, you just do not see it in the news as much. So to say this would be the same as stating that Hopewell and Center township’s residents are all drug addicts. Please think about what you say or type before you do so as we are not all the same here in Aliquippa. Maybe the buzz your getting is keeping you from demonstrating quality human relations skills. God bless.

  9. Got to love how this comes back to Georgie David again and for good reason it does, when is the ONE ALIQUIPPA movement going to wake up and see they been getting manipulated.

    This Williams guy was given his old code enforcement job back for 45 grand only to quit, now wants to run for council.

    They brought back the solicitor that was fired years ago.

    They let sheriff patrol the city, which they shouldn’t.

    Its been nothing but a parade of Georgie cronies since new mayor and ticket has came into office, now they are getting a coup out on them, time to wake up and walk the walk, before your left holding the bag and its empty

  10. That property has been a disgrace for years just like its owner. The reason it was never condemned or torn down is because Bob Williams was the zoning officer. DEWANN you can’t have a clean house until ALL the trash is gone.

  11. Georgie and Williams need to get some paint and go to work on that dump and he can sell coffee to all there cronies there.They can name it EIGHT O’CLOCK CRONIE SHOP :devil: OPPS..NO FREE COFFEE HERE

  12. Looks like the center zoning officer isn’t doing his job either by the look of the house on old brodhead. Or maybe he is and it’s getting taken care of at the political justice office

  13. Dwan has been working hard and is committed to Aliquippa. He’s had to stumbled and bumble into as he has had to work on undoing the last Mayor and city managers mess. But let’s get real! Betters owns a mess if land that is primed to be developed and people are looking to cash in on this. The city of quip has been the red headed step child of beaver county for years and the people who live in quip have accepted that their school is substandard but the can play some football. The school has been run by someone who doesn’t have any kind if education background. Dwan has made some changes but he has fallen into the trap of worrying about how he’s going to get elected to his next term and he’s only in his second year of his first and possibly only term. Dwan clean house and get the rats off the ship and you will affect change in the city you call home, make bold changes to those that run your city departments such as Fire, Police, Road and what other heads of departments you have and you will see change because your biggest set of rats will then be handled.

  14. To all of you who have said the mayor has made changes, I ask you where at? I ride through that town some times and it looks worse than ever. How can the mayor make changes when he’s too busy going to conventions, going to Kenya or wherever, going to ball games, going to Washington? He’s sure enjoying his stent as mayor, but the only person he’s helping is himself. oh yea let’s not forget about his secret meetings with the rich and powerful….and he did hire Robert Williams as code enforcement officer, GO FIGURE.

  15. Williams, what a twit. Really nice saying “fuck you” I really want you on council. Way to go my opinion is, very informative. The new mayor is doing a good job, he spends alot of time at the city building trying to change things. As other have said get rid of the fat rat, he is only out for himself, does not even live in town. Funny I have never seems Williams car at his Station Street home? I think Williams was arrest years ago for assault ?? Plea bargin was made ?? :surprised:

  16. Ask dwan about his Facebook friends! Interesting list of convicts on there. One is extremely shocking. Jaime…….



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