For the past two years, Beaver County Courthouse employees have been secretly logging the workday comings and goings of Domestic Relations Director Joseph Signore. Employees say the 9 pages of records provided exclusively to the Beaver Countian prove Signore has often been paid for time he is not at work — including day trips to golf courses and casinos — and that he has been an absentee administrator who is bilking the system at the expense of taxpayers. Director Signore insists he puts in more than his fair share of time as a salaried employee of the courts, and says the logs are nothing but a distortion of his record crafted by disgruntled employees in his office.

The Beaver County Domestic Relations Office is a branch of the Court of Common Pleas that is designated to handle the enforcement of court orders dealing with spousal and child support. Since 2002, Joseph Signore has served as the office’s Director. Signore has more than 22 years working for the courts in various capacities, including as a Probation Officer, Intake Officer, Intake Coordinator and Child Custody Conference Officer — he has a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Shippensburg University.

Since January of 2014, several employees of the courthouse have been keeping a daily record of “Signore Sightings.” The logs contain entries detailing 312 days over the past two years — 175 days in 2014 and 137 days in 2015 — in which Signore allegedly came in to the courthouse late, left early, went missing during the day, or never showed up for work at all.

“Ya, I could see 120 or 150 times a year when out of the office, sure, I can see that,” Director Signore told the Beaver Countian during a phone interview. “Think about it, I umpire, my vacation hours are used in 1 hour increments, or a day or two days at the most, I am President of the Umpire’s Chapter […] My hours were sporadic the way I took them because that’s how I needed them. I didn’t go on vacation, I didn’t take weeks off at a time […] I am allowed to take my vacation time when I want to take it and I am allowed to compensate for some time if I am coming in on a Saturday, am answering emails at night, or am going to meetings on my lunch hours. If there was a court scale it would tip in my favor, certainly the Court Administrator knows, I meet with him almost every day, I touch base with him. I am kind of befuddled.”

Signore also stressed that even with his sporadic schedule, his office has been administered efficiently and effectively, “That may look very alarming, but my office is staffed and there is always a Supervisor there or the Assistant Director.”

Although Joseph Signore is a county employee, his position falls under the authority of the courts. In Beaver County, the courts are managed by District Court Administrator Richard DeFilippi, a state employee who works in the courthouse under the supervision of President Judge John D. McBride and the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC), which is ultimately overseen by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

“We have 200 people working in our court system in Beaver County. I am responsible for all of them,” Court Administrator DeFilippi told the Beaver Countian during an interview conducted in his courthouse office.

DeFilippi said he works with Signore on a regular basis and is impressed by the way he runs his office, “Mr. Signore is a fine man and he is a good director. I am very confident in his ability to lead that office.”

During the course of its interview, the Beaver Countian showed DeFilippi the “Signore Sightings” logs compiled by courthouse employees over the past two years. “No one has ever complained to me about any of this,” DeFilippi responded. “The system does not take into account when directors work on weekends or on holidays. It is very routine for management to come in on the weekends and holidays […] Employees are not provided with more than what they earn. They get what they earn and no more, and it is my job to make sure that happens […] No one takes more off the table than what they have.”

Several courthouse employees allege that no one has ever approached Court Administrator DeFilippi about Joseph Signore because DeFilippi is part of the problem.

“The two are close as close can be,” said one courthouse employee. “Those two leave all the time to go golfing or down to the casino. DeFilippi covers for Signore that’s why no one goes to him.”

An investigation by the Beaver Countian into the “Signore Sightings” established that on some of the listed occasions Signore used either vacation or sick time to cover the absences. But the investigation has also identified several instances which appear to bolster the employees’ claims that he has at times been paid while engaging in activities that are not work related.

The Beaver Countian found several entries in a sampling from the employees’ logs in which they allege Signore was not working but the county’s time card system showed he had been clocked in for the full day.

On July 17th of last year, the logs indicate that employees of Domestic Relations received an email stating that Director Signore would not be coming in to work that day. The county’s time card system shows that Signore punched in at 8:30 a.m. and out at 4:30 p.m. and was paid for the full day’s work. An audit trail maintained by the county’s time management system shows that Signore’s time had been manually entered by Court Administrator DeFilippi’s secretary — DeFilippi has supervisory access which allows him to amend the time cards for all court employees.

Director Signore told the Beaver Countian that just because he wasn’t at work does not mean he wasn’t working, “I think the story is, it may look like I’m not there, but I’m there 24×7 […] They don’t need to know where I am, not because I’m hiding anything, but because that’s the way I was trained to do it. Your subordinates don’t have to know everything.”

Signore went on to stress that he was alarmed by the efforts that were made to log his activities over such an extended period of time. “I think the story should be why is my staff getting paid to keep track of my time,” said Signore, who emphasized his belief that the entire matter was being overblown by disgruntled employees in his office.

“I have disciplined people in the last couple of years and there is a lot of disgruntlement I am sure, and in some cases it’s severe,” said Signore. “That happens when you are in a position of being Director and overseeing 31 people. My office, it’s got 26 women in it so that’s a balancing act, but I was raised with six sisters so I understand it.”

In October of last year, the Beaver Countian informed several of its confidential sources that it wanted to independently verify their claims that Signore was being paid for time he was not in the office and not doing county work.

From October 21st through October 26th the Beaver Countian was able to independently verify that Joseph Signore was out of town attending a family gathering. Courthouse records show that Signore had already expended all of his 5 weeks of paid vacation. The county’s time card system showed that Signore punched in and out on each workday during that time period, 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at regular pay with one hour deducted for lunch. An audit trail maintained by the county’s time management system shows that Signore’s time had been manually entered by Court Administrator DeFilippi.

“Certainly that is the exception to the rule,” DeFilippi told the Beaver Countian. “There are times, very infrequently, where I will make an exception to the rule […] He ran out of vacation time and this was the exception to the rule.”

DeFilippi said he allowed Signore to effectively borrow vacation time he had not yet earned for 2016 to cover the week he took off in October of 2015. Beaver County Human Resources Director Rick Darbut told the Beaver Countian that he had “never heard of such a thing” and that it “certainly isn’t something that should be taking place.”

“I’m not sure how that could have possibly happened,” said Darbut. “Five weeks paid vacation is the max that you can get. Five weeks is five weeks and no county employee is allowed to get anything in addition to that […] If there was a special situation that came up, and he didn’t have any vacation time left to take, he should have checked with his supervisor to see if it was OK and then taken an unpaid leave. That’s what should have happened, that’s what happens everyplace else.”

On October 28th, the Beaver Countian received notice from one of its sources alleging that Signore and DeFilippi were headed to the Mountaineer Casino And Racetrack in West Virginia. The source alleged that Signore and DeFilippi would at times go to the casino together during the work day, and would meet at the Willows Inn Motel in Industry to carpool. The Beaver Countian was able to independently verify that Signore and DeFilippi were both absent from the building, and then independently obtained photographs of Signore’s vehicle (which features a custom license plate) parked at the Willows Inn.

County time card records subsequently obtained by the Beaver Countian showed Joseph Signore clocked in at 8:30 a.m. on October 28th but never clocked out. As of 6 p.m. that day, his car was still seen parked at the Willows Inn. Signore was paid for a full 7 hour work day at regular time.

“I’m not sure how to dispute that,” said Court Administrator DeFilippi when the Beaver Countian asked him about a trip with Signore to the casino. “It would be possible.”

Along with taking his five weeks of paid vacation, and “borrowing” another week of vacation from the next year, courthouse records show that Signore also used 7 hours of personal time and 129.95 hours of sick time in 2015 — he was paid 105 hours of holiday pay. The Beaver Countian was able to analyze only a small percentage of the hundreds of entries logged by courthouse employees due to limited access to county time card information obtained by this publication. The Commissioners’ Office says it is unable to conduct its own investigation or take any action unilaterally.

“The Domestic Relations section is an extension of the Beaver County Court of Common Pleas,” said County Chief Of Staff Joe Weidner. “Like other court functions, they report to the Court Administrator and ultimately the President Judge.”

Director Joseph Signore remains adamant that the time he spends working off-hours more than covers any absences occurring during the workday which are not covered by sick or vacation time, although county officials say such “compensatory time” is not permitted.

“The disgruntlement of an employee, they have nothing better to do, that doesn’t make or break my character,” said Signore. “I was raised a lot better than that.”


John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.



  1. How nice. We have a male cheuvanist in charge?????? Sickening. Keep rolling the dice……lets see if snake eyes comes up for the snake.

  2. Let’s see Connie bilks us along with Lavelle. For 4 months the new d.a. steps in and nothing heard . What’s really funny the new d.a. demands the investigation off the state police. Total fuck job he is a ONE TERM D.A. he’s a coward a will do nothing. He’s way over his head in this investigation and Connie has him hooked under her wing. He loves the t.v. well enjoy your short one term you are starting to look very bad. This county Muppet show is a joke. This would be the best reality show ever . Suit & ties that are supposed to protect the tax payers but, continue to fail us miserably . Look folks the county is financially broke. Now, why do think all the employees are bailing because one day there checks may not clear. Please, keep up the pressure j.p. these people have really screwed us while padding there pockets. Stay tuned taxpayers you will see there’s no money left!

  3. Seems to be problem or little insane when 26 women work for domestics?????? Bias?????? That’s crap…….John Paul lil unfair too real Fathers lololol

  4. First Connie now this . The new d.a. is too worried about being on the t.v. at domestic shootings. He’s wayyyy over his head Connie whooped his ass hands down 4 months after throwing the state police out NOTHING! He truely is way over his head looks like a true ass of the Muppet show. He is a one term D.A. . This should really be a reality show. The fact is the county is financially broke due to people like Connie Javens, & LAVELLE. Taxpayers ask your self why 37 County employees are bailing and taken early retirement. The real reason they know one day the check won’t clear. The county is financially strapped but they won’t tell you. Please J.P. can you print the county’s finances under a right to know. I will bet there’s very little cash left……

  5. “My office, it’s got 26 women in it so that’s a balancing act, but I was raised with six sisters so I understand it.” How stunning is that? The guy in charge of Domestic Relations is saying there’s a lot of disgruntlement in his office because he has so many women employees–but he can deal with all those bitches because . . . he has so many sisters!! Even better is the evidence of falsifying time records. This raises issues of a criminal nature. These issues should be investigated by the District Attorney’s office, unless the DA determines he may have a conflict of interest, in which case it should be turned over to the Attorney General and PSP. What’s actually going to happen? That depends on Judge McBride and David Lozier. This is the type of thing that saps people’s faith in government, which is unfair because there are many government employees who take their responsibilities seriously, work hard, and take pride in the service they perform.

    • Lozier’s as useless at investigating corruption as Berosh was.

      I heard he already decided the shit with Spanik wasn’t a big deal because his clueless detectives couldn’t get to the truth of it all.

  6. Theft of time is still theft. There should be records of him logging into county systems after hours, I’d like to see how many “evening hours” he actually was logged in and “working.”

  7. Hang that cocky asshole!! He’s fucked a lot of people at domestics to line his own pockets to go gambling with another fucktard thats not doing his job!! Remember what you did to Kevin Whitaker Joe??? I hope you get the same treatment that you dealt to him you fucken thief!!!

    • “I see you Joe” Is super intelligent. The skillet always calls the pot black. Remember gossiper “what goes around comes around”.

  8. Joe is a thief locking up and making up stories to line his own pockets!! He can give a rats a$$ about your kids, just want to use them to make money to go gambling!!! Fire His Ass!! Remember Kevin Whitaker Joe?? We saw what your office did to him!!!

  9. Well well well

    What do we have here?

    Looks like Joey is about to bring down Richie too,.

    Then what?

    Court administration will be fine with Rich gone actually better.

    But domestics?? Lol lol lol

    The deputy director?

    He has no expertise, experience at all, he was given a spot and had no clue about let alone skill set to supervise. 80k for chestnut?

    You really want the truth.

  10. Classic move when caught red-handed. Deflect and blame the situation on disgruntled women in your office. Classy move there, but this situation is easy to fix. How about you just show up for work and do your job? Then you don’t have to worry about being the topic of a Beaver Countian article.


  11. “Ya, I could see 120 or 150 times a year when out of the office, sure, I can see that,”

    What a smug asshole.

    How can any one think it’s ok not to work a full day 150 times a year?

    How is that even possibly allowed?

    What the hell is going on in the court house?

  12. Perfect example of someone who was juiced in years ago and bounced around a couple of places and collected a big payday from the county every week. Domestic Relations, what a perfect place to hide a relative on the payroll. I have heard horror stories about Domestic Relations and now this. For your information Signore and DeFilippi, that is not manually entering time on a time card, THAT IS FALSIFYING PUBLIC RECORDS AND EMBEZZELMENT ! I say fire his ass and take his pension. This makes me sick! Check out how he even got a job with the county and who his relatives are. NOW WE GOT US A SHOW !


  13. Why the hell would he be answering an email on Saturday? Better question, who the hell would send him an email on Saturday? If I were a Commissioner or Chief of Staff, I would be all over this! I would squeeze these guys shoes till they couldn’t breathe. It’s not only him, this is going on everywhere in the county government. Classic behavior when nobody is paying attention. Come in late, leave early, or if you have to go in, punch in and disappear. This is stealing, plain and simple. The commissioners and chief of staff should declare war on this kind of abuse! You can not justify this kind of action. An administrator covering for an absentee Dept Head, that is nothing short of racketeering.

  14. Same bullshit time after time. We can’t investigate, someone else’s jurisdiction, blah! blah! blah! How many other favors is this court administrator doing for others? Who the hell can do something about this? Why would The Willows allow them to park their cars there all day? What is the connection there? This is fucking bullshit! There is NOBODY IN CHARGE!

  15. All the horror stories I have heard for years….Young mothers trying to collect child support money to feed their children and pay the light bill. To find out that the head of this dept is stealing from the county and sitting in a casino is a disservice to everyone. Then to find out the very same person that is in charge of this is along for the ride. Signore is a County employee, there must be someone there with the authority to fire him. DeFillip might be a little more difficult. I can tell you this, Defillpi is doing a lot more wrong than this. You can bet on it! Signore and DeFilippi , you two fucking rats should be ashamed of yourself stealing from the people the way you do!!!


  16. I would like to know how many Saturdays he got paid for, and if so, is he working Saturday because he isn’t there to work during the week? Let’s see how many emails he has answered at night. Show us those emails. You know, the County Courthouse is like the invisible empire that these thieves and their families invade and rob for years. They get away with it because the Working Joe is too busy trying to scratch out a living and pay his taxes, and the whole time these fucking stuffed suits are sitting in a casino robbing us.

  17. We need someone to pull these fat cats down off their high horse. Not only are they thieves, they are bold and brazen about it! They should all be fired and take their pension from them. THEY DESERVE NOTHING FROM THE TAXPAYERS!


  18. I had a boss just like this guy. The similarities are striking. He never worked a full day and used excuses like answering emails off site. He had some one who covered him also. They both should be fired. They’re thieves.

  19. In my company this would have been addressed immediately (and I’ve seen people fired for this in the real world). Both the employee and supervisor would have been required to produce documentation to support the absence from work or been fired immediately and that’s it. Claiming work hours where no work was performed is theft. …and if the employee and supervisor cannot support their claims, it is their fault for not being smart enough to document and support it even if it was legitimate. That’s how the real world works.

    And claiming disgruntled employees is a hollow argument that only a bureaucrat could make with a straight face. If you are breaking the rules/stealing from the company and the people reporting you are doing it because they don’t like you, it doesn’t make your behavior any less inappropriate. The fact that this statement was made tells me volumes about the mindset of this person.

    Working on evenings and weekends – at my company we have the concept of “comp time” if we are required to work evenings and weekends. The key here is “required”. First, the “requirement” is pre-approved in writing and determined by the supervisor not the employee. Then then amount of time consumed by the employee during off hours is reported to the supervisor. After that, the “comp time” is consumed up to the amount reported to the supervisor. This is done on the employee level and if HR or Legal gets involved, this information is produced and compared to the real world. This is a couple of e-mails and takes about 3 minutes to fully document.

    Letting the employee to arbitrary decide that he is working from home on off hours without prior approval ensures abuse of the system.

    Just like what is (not) happening with the Connie Javens investigation now that it is being handled at the county level, this will just go away and never be heard from again.

    At a minimum and if there was a shred of professionalism in our local govt, Mr. DiFillipi would be generating a written policy and start enforcing it. I don’t expect that to happen either.

    • I agree, produce documentation. To who? Who is that? Nobody is claiming responsibility. Everyone is passing the buck.

      • Good question – who to report to. Even if you don’t report it to anyone, you should be able to support your claim. That’s just common sense.

        We never actually had a written policy which is why I say that the documentation is on the employee level. When behaving as a professional, one doesn’t need a rule to understand that things that could be misunderstood or misrepresented so it is necessary to document it. Then, if someone like HR, Legal, or JP gets involved, you just pull out the documentation and present it.

        …that’s what a responsible professional would do. An irresponsible professional or thief would not do this.

    • DeFilippi is part of the problem! He and Joe are buds and lets him get away with all he is accused of. Judge McBride needs to tar and feather them both!!! Good job, JP..keep up the good reporting!

  20. That must be the ticket to the Promised Land. Get a position with the County and start cranking out paychecks for as long as you want. You are now untouchable and the people can’t elect anyone that can stop you.

  21. If is easy to check how many Saturday’s he was there he would have to use a key card to enter the building which is documented in the sheriffs office security computer

  22. If they check the entries from the key card they would probably find out he came in on Saturday, punched in, went back home, then returned to punch out at a later time. I’m sure him or DiFillipi can come up with an explaination for that. These two guys have defied the exact purpose for having a time clock.

  23. What a anything will b done about this.they cover each others butt.cook the books.and get away with it for years.they are the worst kind of the feds j.p.

  24. Maybe J.P. should check other departments in Beaver County. Other departments have people who take time off in small increments just like Signore; you know for doctors appointments, having anxiety attacks and assorted other problems. Beaver County is so crooked the goldbricking continues.

    • Do a time study on the row offices, especially the controllers office. Their lack of audits makes one wonder how much work is getting done in that office.

      • Yeah , Egley said the $17M budget deficit is due to “long-standing financial problems”. What has Rossi and his deputy Calhoon done to prevent these financial problems for past 10 yrs? How much time is spent working in that office?

      • This is exactly what these new commissioners blamed the past commissioners of doing. I think they called it dirty politics! Did voters think it was going to be different? Some people will say anything to get elected.

  25. There is a lot of meat on the bone for commenters here. Self-justified misogyny by birthright to self-created flex hours gone bad — like a child in timeout who watches his own clock, blames his mother, and now dreads when his father gets home to even the score.

    We have a perfect storm of disgruntled employees and a boss who has vulnerabilities — public ones — what could be easier to exploit for payback? Nine pages of documentation — someone saw this coming a long time ago and started taking notes. Smart move. Very smart. Give that person a spot in a Capitol One commercial.

    The exposure could only be better if a picture of Joe Signore had been published. Then, like a drove of rabid Elvis Sighting Fans, he would be under the scrutiny of the entire county and the visitors at the West Virginia gambling dens.

    What can be done to add fuel to the fire? Take note anytime you see this now famous car and take a picture of it, with time and date stamp. Make an album and send it to the BC. Easy, even a cave man with a smart phone can do it.

    As far as Joe goes, though, he likely doesn’t sweat an occasional bad hand. He hasn’t gone over Blackjack 21 yet, and he’ll take another card or two. He has the flex time non-accountability Ace in the Hole, DeFilippi will sign the sheets for him, he’ll just move the car down to Louann’s, and he’ll be back at the Roulette table as soon as this all blows over.

    • Beavernewbie and Raven. I’m pretty sure that the right course of action here is for the Commissioners and the Chief of Staff to go to HR and Legal. HR has the authority to launch an internal investigation no matter if it’s a company, school district, or a county government. Legal has the authority to guide them and back them up. However from the report, it seems as though neither Commissioners or Chief of Staff has the stamina to proceed. It’s much easier to say ” NOT MY PROBLEM”. So now we have to rely on HR to act on their own accord. The problem is, he is taking his payoff and retirement, then he is gone.

      • True, John Q. But I don’t expect that to happen. In a perfect world, it might. But here, in the Courthouse, we have had — No action on George, No action on John Joe, No action on Connie, No action on Frank, No action on Vince, No action by Dave… And on and on. In the meantime, the insiders and powers that be target Benyo, give Frank the nod, and try to stick it to people who get in the way.

        We can feel good and hope for the right and legal actions, but it rarely happens. Better to accept reality and live it. Investigate and castigate the doers, and hope that some hidden personal factors kick in, but certainly not handcuffs out the side door. Cynical? Sure. Darn right. But the past few years of investigating these people and expecting “justice” justifies that. They are entrenched, and nothing short of death, disability or another election holds much hope.

        On the other hand, the most successful, operative counterattack has been public embarrassment. A few who have consciences mend their ways, or, go deeper into their holes. Most just wait it out and resurface when it is safe again, like little prairie dogs that have stolen a nut or two.

        To be fair, Tony Guy is trying to correct things. More cars are in the parking lot now, and some bad seeds have been weeded out. In my opinion, Sandy and Dan have been excellent on the job so far.

        But assholes like this one are long-time inveterate exploiters of no-accountability jobs, readily identified by those working stiffs under them who do responsible jobs, and there is no easy way to dig them out. These are the veteran embedded pustules who will stay until hell freezes over and global warming melts them away.

        As I said, take pictures of the guy when he visits the gambling dens on company time, do the same for his hidden car when he should be on the job, “flex” or not. Actually, two teen lovers having an affair are better at hiding than this. Then, maybe his family will feel uncomfortable under the scrutiny, he will feel embarrassed, and he might mend his ways, if only to look good. Or not.

    • Not only that Silver, but DiFillipi is his superior and is commiting financial malfeasance to benefit Signore. That is interesting. I thought only customers could park at The Willows. Could be they are customers after all. Makes you think.


  26. I like that finally a light is being shined on this mess. I personally have tried for 4 years to get a job at the courthouse just to be pushed aside because I’m not someone relative. How many other good qualified people out there deserve a fair chance that could do some good? This makes me sick. Thanks JP for finally shaking things up there and letting people of this county no what is going on

    • What is really corrupt is even if they advertise a job opening, that advertisement is for show. They already have a friend or relative hand picked for that position. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

      • You’re right on that one. Look at the new Central Services Director, newly created position . Word is ithe new director is a friend of new commissioner Dan Camp. This job wasn’t even advertised. Hey, thought we had a $17M deficit? And hiring freeze?

      • John Q Taxpayer I am sitting near and can see you typing these responses on
        County time. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

  27. If everything is on the up and up as these two rats say it is, what is the reason of parking at The Willows? Why not leaver the car at the courthouse? Something stinks here,

    • It’s called stupidity, or just getting lazy, John Q. Or, a feeling of entitlement that makes him seem invulnerable to himself. Think about it. What does he have to worry about with his boss clearing him? Anyone who has worked an office job knows about these kinds of junkets. Most get away with it, precious few face consequences. And when the boss goes along — golden, man, golden — that’s a free ride. Does his wife know about these time-outs? Do the Willows people or Industry police wonder about a non-guest car left abandoned in the parking lot? Who knows? Who cares? Stranger than truth.

      • Perhaps all of us Subscribers/readers should start reporting non-customer vehicles in their parking lot and have them towed every time we see them. That would be hilarious….

  28. I get so tired of seeing people use sick time as vacation time. If it’s not health related, get your ass to work. And this idea of “working” from home. An hour or two out of eight? He answered e-mails in the evening. How long did that take? 10-15 minutes, tops? And “working” through lunch. If you got a pile of food in front of you, you’re eating, not working, even if you are casually talking work between bites. And taking vacation time an hour or two at a time. If you’re the boss and constantly out of the office, then it puts everyone on the staff in a flux with you not available. And best of all, he’s umpiring. How much does this affect his office work? How much does it cost the county to have a part-time umpire on the payroll? You either want the job AND work the job or leave the job and pursue all these outside interests.

  29. One side issue I think about concerns who is in charge when the director is gone? Would that be Joe Chesnut (not ChesTnut), the Assistant Director? If the duties fall to him, then his job would be somewhat burdened by the director’s absence. From what I know, he is a stand-up, honest man, who was formerly in Adult Probation and did a very good job there. But I also assume that he would not make many waves, if he is new to the job. Maybe it works for him, but the director’s absence would create a burden on the employees. If Chesnut signs off on cases, etc., that could impact the workings of the office. He would now find himself in between the director and the disgruntled employees, and now this publication article, not a fine place to be. I also have to wonder if he knew of this documentation that goes back (January of 2014) close to when he started. Just guessing. But no, I do not believe he was complicit in the making of it.

  30. said Signore. “I was raised a lot better than that.” I ask that our commissioners act immediately, on this matter. Both DeFillipi and Signore must go, and never see a TAXPAYER PAID pension.

    • I agree, but watch and see who they put in those positions. Probably friends like the new big salaried Central Service director friend they just hired.

  31. They need to get rid of the corrupt judges now, especially in the child custody division!!!!!!! Any judge who has someone in front of them more than twice who is in contempt of a custody order especially when the child was kept from the mother who had full physical custody for more than a month and a half needs to be fired!!!!!!

    • every ten years a judge is up for retention. Go start a campaign to not retain the judge. Otherwise there is no way to get rid of a judge.

  32. That explains why I or my son has never received the 2 years back support my ex husband owes. Domestics somehow “lost the file” I showed 6 times and my ex only showed once. I was told I did not have to appear again. Then low and be hold the case was over and not a dime went to my son. My son graduation high honors went to college he needed that money toword his tuition. Dead beat dads get away with non payment because the Beaver County Domestic Relations Department is FUBAR. Now my son has a student loan bill that he has to work 2 jobs to pay. Is this fair to the child???

  33. “My office, it’s got 26 women in it so that’s a balancing act, but I was raised with six sisters so I understand it.”

    What an asshole!

  34. Whewwwww … Imagine the scenarios.
    Imagine if your Ex was having an affair with a District Court Administrator. And imagine if you had to face this Ex in Domestics concerning child support and the Domestic Relations Director ruled that you had to pay child support that was higher than the standard calculated rate because … well … just because … no really good reason but, just because he said so. I guess you’d just be screwed.

    Hope they both go down.

  35. I doubt whether Chestnut is totally clean. Nobody gets a job there based on just merit. Given his past affairs with Director of another agency and others, and board member on a couple of shady non profits, he’s connected to the good ol boy network. If anything, he just covered for the boss while he went out to play. Probably got rewarded with his own play time, too. Time for J.P. to look at his track record, too.

  36. No wonder this county is in such dire financial condition. These crooks in the Courthouse need thrown out including Connie Javens. Only then, can we proceed with getting our county’s finances back in order. “Oversight” is the key word.

    • Under Nichols we had no tax increases. Dan and Sandie are in charge now. What’s are they doing now about this? As far as 10 yr retention for judges, that’s way too long. That needs changed. Vote them out.

  37. Fire them and send these two thieves out to The Beaver Valley Auto Mall. They can sell used cars and rob people with DeFilppi’s brother.

  38. Could be, steven J. But if that is true, and Chesnut should be roasted over an open fire, someone should expose it here. There might not be another opportunity.

  39. Off-topic. Sorry, but this is an Anger Alert:

    By the by, John Paul, I read today, again, the famous words, “Shell has not made a final investment decision on whether to build a multibillion-dollar facility here, although work continues at a rapid pace at the site in Potter Township.” (BCTimes)

    Here, a company devastates a huge, miles-long landscape, bulldozes and blasts and constructs, re-channels, reroutes and buys up properties for destruction, SAYING, NOT PROMISING OR CONTRACTING to MAYBE build a plant on the site. If this thing were to fall through, or if some inside deals are greasing the skids to allow companies to build on promises, it could be the corruption story of the decade — ripe for BC readers.

    Spend hundreds on my house property? Get a permit and a contract and make friends with the compliance officer, or they will show up at my door with an injunction. Spend billions? No questions asked. How can one lie with such a tentative investment? The answer — easily. Check out the expansion of Dubai. The millions spent preparing the site are drops in the bucket (remember, a billion is a thousand millions). So, leaving would be as easy as coming, and the whole place could be left as a wasteland for quads to race on.

    Expose any shenanigans now, and you will have corruption stories for the BC for years to come. The local politicians can’t even close a nursing home deal without lying, stealing and being snookered — what is there to stop the sophisticated exploitation of a multinational company with money to burn?

    And remember, some of this stuff passes/will pass through the Beaver County Treasurer’s Office. Sorry about that. Connie, will you Friend me on Facebook?

    • I will say one thing positive for the Shell project so far and that is that they tore down, hauled away that old Horsehead mill and have bulldozed out a huge amount of contaminated dirt around that site. They did the county a huge favor in getting rid of that plant whether or not they actually ever put their own facility on the site.

      Can you imagine the Beaver County contingent trying to get help to remove the Horsehead mill without a group like Shell doing the work for them? Do you think the state , feds, etc. would step in and do jack shit for us if Horsehead had gone bankrupt and just walked away from the plant?

      We couldn’t get a simple sinkhole fixed down in East Rochester for three years without badgering some 60 year old Greek cook to handle it for us. That Horsehead plant would have sat there for 25 years before finally sliding into the river and Beaver County would be kissing the state’s ass for 10 more years for a few hazard flags to warn boaters.

    • If and when Shell is sold, most of their dealings will be with Sandie and Danny. As far as the treasurer’s office, they will be told by the assessment office on how much tax money to collect. So what’s your point?

  40. My opinion : Reread JP’s article from the headline to the last period. Too many people cloud the issue by not staying on the subject. I love that everyone has their opinion, and I do like the chance to see how others feel. In this matter there is blatant falsification for personal gain. Please ONE ISSUE AT A TIME. DeFilippi and Signore must be held to account for this theft. This is our money, rewarding self entitlement and robbery.

    • “…blatant falsification for personal gain.” Nice phrase, Klaw, but not true. Of anyone who comments here, I should get a little slack at times, because I take it seriously, and I contribute more than curses and breast-beating pap. And I don’t know of any other way to broach the topic, since it is not likely to get any press here, or in the BCTimes, anytime soon, unless someone slips up at the Courthouse and gets noticed as helping Shell out in some way. My intent was not to sidetrack things, just bring it up.

      Saying that, I’ll go back to the topic at hand. And, saying, saying that, not one damn thing will happen to these absentee workers. They have NO accountability, and there is NO ONE who can make them comply. Not the DA, not their miffed working staff, not the detectives, not the Commissioners, not the AG, not their boss judge. Especially not their boss judge. This is an embarrassment issue, not a legal one. Better to address it that way, and keep them in the public eye, and have their wives ask why they are out galavanting around.

      This is also something that happens all across the country in offices, and on outside jobs, from all-afternoon golf outing “meetings” at Rolling HIlls, to three-hour martini lunches at Thursday’s, to two-car noon meetings with one’s girlfriend in a shared car on River Road in Beaver. Ain’t good, but that’s life. Just expose them. It works.

      These guys just got caught by pissed off workers. Stupid, very stupid and irresponsible, but not unusual.

      • Raven, just as I posted my comment. Your (above) comment appeared. My comment was not a reply to anything you posted. I respect your opinion, and enjoy reading your thoughtful comments. You will just have to trust me on this one. I never read your above post, before I posted. If I wanted to call you out on anything, it would have been done in the reply section, as I have done here. LOVE YOUR POSTS, and perspective.
        My “…blatant falsification for personal gain.” is TRUE, and this was aimed at DeFilippi and Signore. I do believe that more can and should be done, and I intend to try my best to see that result.

  41. Raven, Madam Treasurer is probably already squeezing Shell for everything there is to get, now and in the future. Maybe that is why they haven’t made a final commitment.

    • Maybe, John Q. But given her track record of wheeling and dealing with Friendship Ridge, I see her as more manipulated than otherwise, and I would not be surprised to see that seeming willingness there for personal gain in return. She’s cunning, but not very smart, and I don’t see her as any match for Shell executives and planners. She got conned, in exchange for favors, in the FR deal, and this would be no different. Factor in Friend Betters, and it becomes a very comfy setup. He is already exploiting it with housing and motel developments. Actually, he was there before they were. Lying in wait.

      Sorry for being off-topic, Klaw. Blame it on John Q.

    • Your obsession with the treasurer is distracting and quite frankly, off subject. Just because you keep singing the same song doesn’t mean it’s a hit!

      • You might think it’s an obsession and off-topic, Sarah, but all of this stuff leads back to her, some directly, some indirectly. And when Connie goes, so go many of these problems.

      • So let me get this straight, you say this domestic relations problem is directly or indirectly the fault of Connie Javens? Really?

  42. Wait til it comes out that Wil Calhoon is going to DPW to be in charge of something. Instead of roaming the halls at the courthouse. You wonder why the Controllers office doesn’t do any audits?

    • Really? And what are his qualifications and experience to be in charge of something at DPW ? Ask the new commissioners !

  43. The local and county governments in Beaver County are not here to help the people, they are helping themselves! They are all arrogant thieves, They do whatever they want. Signore is typical of what goes on in this crooked county. It doesn’t even matter if they have money, they are greedy sons of bitches. When they run out, they just raise taxes and whine about how tough it is.

    For example, Hopewell Township has an adequate residential tax base so they are doing OK. But when their Township Manager died, they hired one of their commissioners as Manager without advertising the position. WTF? Then they hired an engineer- they are the only locality in Beaver County with full time engineer on staff- to deal with the rapid residential and business expansions in Hopewell!! What a joke! Then they created a Finance/ Accounting position because the deceased manager had been an accountant and the new manager does no have any business/finance education or experience. THEY JUST MAKE IT WORK AT YOUR EXPENSE!

    What will happen in Beaver County gov’t if Shell does come here? Corruption that we have never experienced. They are spending the money before they even get a commitment from Shell. They create more positions and pay extravagant salaries with benefits nobody in the business world gets.

    • I’m pretty sure that a Boro or Township manager has to have a college degree in business administration. The purpose for that is because they have to have the knowledge on how to apply for state and federal grants to qualify for township improvements and repairs.

      • No. He was working at Barnes & Noble. Has a degree in Communications or something? Not sure, but definitely not qualified.

      • From the township website:
        Meet Norm Kraus, Jr. Township Manager
        Norm is a graduate of Penn State University with a B.A. in Broadcast
        Journalism and Speech Communications. He is a Life Member of the
        Penn State Alumni Association and Nittany Lion Club. He has previously
        served on several committees at Penn State Beaver. He is Immediate
        Past President of the Hopewell High School Baseball Boosters and in his
        16th year as President of Beaver County American Legion baseball.
        Norm is also a member of the Board of Directors of the B.F. Jones
        Library in Aliquippa. Norm resides in Hopewell with his wife Margaret
        and they have three children; Andy, 27; Susie, 25; and Justin, 19.

      • @wtf. He’s more qualified than the two new commissioners we just elected to run the county. Neither of those two spent anytime at PSU nor received a 4 yr degree from any college or university. Combine that with little or no government experience, how sad for the county!

      • John Q- seriously ? Grant Writing for Dummies. Every now and again research something, or just go for a walk. Clear the cobwebs.

    • “Corruption that we have never experienced.” Right your are, wtf. This could be the beginning of the Rapture of Revelations. People won’t like my saying that, but this is a sell-out, big time, and you can kiss life as we know it within twenty miles of that plant, goodbye.

      • Corruption? In our county? But we now have a republican majority. Corruption? Cronyism? Patronage? Sandie and Dan would say “Bite your tongue”. Right?

    • That is definitely political favor abusing the local government to put a friend on the payroll for about 50K a year, and probably a township vehicle, fuel and health insurance, pension plan etc.

      • John Q- only 50K?? These positions that the county and local gov’ts add to their payroll are around 80 with another 20 for health insurance alone. The addition of few people add up to a million dollars over a few years.

        The secretary/clerks make 50K.

        And it would be difficult to find an employee who is qualified for their position or actually work more than half the time.

        They are basically part time positions with extremely generous benefits and wages.

        I have never heard of anyone taking vacation an hour at a time like Signore does. I guess they have to create another position to look like they are monitoring the hour at a time vacation requests?

    • You are spot on about Hopewell. Dude was handed a job just because he is a deadbeat book salesman with NO financial background. His daddy was a politician too so I bet he does know the ropes. Stealing is in bread in Beaver County politics. Notice you don’t see any grants coming to Hopewell like the surrounding communities right? That’s because you have to know HOW to write a grant and learning on the job will take him years. No job should be filled anywhere without it being posted so that competent outsiders can get a fair chance. At least they did it right with the Chief of Police. Clear that group of deadbeats out and force them to retire. They stole enough already for a good retirement.

  44. “My office, it’s got 26 women in it so that’s a balancing act, but I was raised with six sisters so I understand it.”

    What a jerk.

  45. Once again. THE SHELL CRACKER PLANT IS A PIPE DREAM!!!! They ARE NOT going to build a plant in Beaver County. Enviro-weenies, Unions, NAACP, Corrupt Government from local to county to state, government regulations, etc., etc., etc., doomed that plant of ever being built here. Be a nice place for a Super Super WallyMart and a Super Sized MickyD’s.

    • That Shell cracker plant site used to be The Beaver County Poorhouse back in the 1930’s. Then they built the Gerry Center ( Friendship Ridge ) In fact one of the buildings was still used as an office by the Zinc company. Just a bit of trivia.

      • JohnQ If Jeffrey Snedden takes a week off, maybe the Times will call you. It is obvious you are up on B.C. History.

    • What a dope. This NOTHING to do with Enviro-weenies, NAACP or Unions. It does have to do with Shell’s overall financial health and market conditions in the petroleum industry. Right now, neither is very strong and Shell might look at this as a potential project 5-10 years from now on a list of other projects around the world while Beaver County is drooling for those jobs to be here 2 years ago. You better hope that they have good regulations in place for this type of facility unless you have a burgeoning Oncology practice. .

  46. Time for JP to display that list of salaries of all the county employees again. Between what Signore makes, and his wife over at Community Development, they must be pretty comfortable , with more years to collect. How’s that HUD investigation going?

    • Signore’s wife works at Community Development. Isn’t that convenient? That sounds like a whole new report on corruption.

      • She’s still scrambling to cover the misspent/no documentation HUD funds from the Al Torrance mess in Rochester. Al also made sure he paid his relatives in that fiasco. Who else has she “favored”, time and again, with her improvement grants, building renovations, etc. Guys like Mazzant, Huber, DeMuzio, Hegner, DeChellis, to name a few. Probably enough there for a separate article by John Paul. Lock your doors Lisa. Maybe George David does private security now.

    • 86586.79 SIGNORE, JOSEPH G Domestic Relations
      68470.22 SIGNORE, LISA Community Development

      Man oh man! What a fucking heist this is! Talk about operating an ongoing criminal enterprise. If this isn’t it, I don’t know what is. $HAME $HAME!

  47. Just two more cases of liars and thieves in county positions! When is someone going to start kicking their asses out instead of kissing their asses? Has anyone heard from DA Lozier about his investigations, or has he already been bought off by the corrupt bastards in county government? And what difference is there between Signore and DeFlippi going to the track and “fudging time sheets” etc. to pad their pays, and Amadio working(?) three days a week and collecting a full time pay? In both cases it appears that taxpayers are once again supporting thieves who call themselves public servants!

    • Yes Sir. Lots and Lots of waste and fat to trim in this corrupt personal piggy bank that is disguised as a county government.

      • Trim the fat? Are you kidding? Compared to other counties our size, these new republicans commissioners created the most jobs with the largest salaried positions in the commissioners office. They just created a new director of central service department job for another friend. When were all these jobs posted? I thought these new republicans frowned on cronyism and patronage in hirings?????

      • Your are right crybaby, my wife worked at Friendship Ridge for 39 years and earned her pay checks and I worked there for about 2 years and quit because of piss poor scheduling procedures and special treatment to a crybaby fellow co-worker with connections, who fudged an accident report for insurance purposes which was different than the report filed by the aide that also witnessed the accident! And if you had any backbone you would use your own name instead of being a coward and using a fictitious name!

      • You are right Crybaby….I worked there 39 years. It wasn’t easy work. Ended up with a back injury. So I still have back problems. But I stuck it out. And also I am also a tax payer. And you are still getting pay checks but not from us taxpayers anymore.

      • To gottadoit: unlike you who has shit for brains, my wife thinks for herself and makes her own comments about issues. And just like “crybaby” you too must be a coward who is afraid to use your own name. Must come from the same spineless family of assholes! Suggestion: don’t write checks with your mouth that you can’t cash with your ass!

      • Jim Fredericks aka tough guy …..” don’t write checks with your mouth that you can’t cash with your ass!” I thought you were an ass man..

      • Jim and Sandy Fredericks, (since you take turns at the computer ) I just want you to know, that I did not do any name calling, nor did I assume that anyone came from a family of spineless assholes. Lastly I do not like being threatened i.e. that I’m writing a check that I can’t back up. Just to let you know I can, and we’ll leave it at that.

      • To gottadoit: Wow! A person who uses a fake name that says he or she can back up his or her checks! That is sooo outstandingly brave!

  48. Raven says all this stuff leads back to Javens directly or indirectly. So, I guess that $17M budget deficit was all Javens fault? That political hire, Joe Weidner, in the commissioners office,she probably did too? That newly created Central Service Director job for Camp’s friend, Javens did too? How about the controversial deputy firings in Sheriffs Dept. that’s costing taxpayers money. I bet Javens did that too? That $120,000 Financial Advisor, just hired in commissioners office, who also worked in Controllers office for many years, she must have done too? Maybe over 70 people are taking buyout to retire, not because of hostile working conditions, but because of Javens ? Maybe it was Javens who left front doors of courthouse unlocked and breached security too? Raven, I have news for you, when Javens is gone, the problems will remain. New players, same game!

    • Good points, Joethejet68. Yes, you’re right, I’ll have to concede about some of those. I’ll only reply that if one had access to all of the Treasurer’s books, files and dealings, many, many of the problems would be better understood and traceable, if not causally related. Since we don’t have access to those, many of those are not well understood. Even leaving the front doors open is suspect, though (tongue-in-cheek) because even Richie Unis found his way into her office secretely at times for their meetings.

      • Who’s Richie Unis? Wrong–The only Unis I read about was Ralph, hired by commissioners to do demolition???? As far as secret meetings, I hear there are secret meetings after hours at the courthouse, but not with the treasurer and Unis. You have to ask the new leaders about these meetings.

  49. Come on guys. Who would play in all the golf outings if the courthouse employees and lawyers actually went to work?

    • Those outings are great man. The food is good and the beer is free. As an added bonus we all get to scheme against the taxpayers and beavercountian posters.

  50. Ha ha ha, Ritchieboy got caught again with his pants around his ankles. This time he should lose his job, I can’t believe he is still the court admin, after all he had done in the past with some of the women in his office, his wife is a saint. His pal Joey is another one, all they do is go to West Virginia on county and state time to the casino’s and strip clubs. They have been buds since their days at Allencrest.

    • Such a strong claim for someone hiding behind a screenname. Have some guts and state your real name, Id love you to. Something tells me you know better.

      • Johnnytellitlikeitis- I researched your name no such person with that name exists however you may not be smart enough to spell it correctly….Oh must be the screen name YOU hide behind, and the other name you use long john silver, it’s listed as a fast food chain in E.Rochester…Dont’ be a moron.

  51. There are so many small questions here. In addition to the question of- can they log his key card on Saturdays to see if he is actually working in the building?

    1) If he is logging in after hours or Saturdays, is he using a personal device to review those emails?
    2) If it is a county issued device- Why does he get one and is he also using it for personal reasons?

    Both of these questions make me think that one could obtain a Right-To -Know Request. Just a though

  52. I think this is a very tough situation. Signore is a devoted christian and an overall good man at heart. Take a step back and realize how imperfect you are and what crappy things you have done in your life. Now imagine someone wrote down every single one of these actions. I’m sure on paper you’d look like a real ‘Son of a bitch’. This man got caught up in doing something he should not have been doing due to lack of consequences, like all of us have. So let’s give him a consequence and forgiveness. Interviews are always very hard situations and a lot of what you say can be misconstrued. I highly doubt he’s a true chauvinist, people. After so many years at a job anyone is bound to slack off a more than fair amount. You can’t take everything you read at face value. I pray he learns what is right and I pray everyone decides to forgive him and give him another chance.

    • BeavercountianResident- The difference is that we do not work for the county in public service and we are not responsible to all taxpayers.

    • “Signore is a devoted christian…” So what?! When will people stop using that tired phrase to get a pass in life?

    • BeavercountianResident devoted christian ? so was Jim Bakker, Hundreds of Priests. Preach this trash to someone else, the guy is a thief, and as he continues to cover this up. Don’t blame this on a lack of consequences, he knows right from wrong. You are an ass.

  53. So it’s Monday morning, why haven’t we heard of folks getting fired? Theft by deception is an automatic termination in the real world.

  54. If he is a “true” Christian then he knows right from wrong and consequences. Falsifying time sheets is a crime! It is stealing no matter how you try and pooh poo poo or make excuses. If the people that work under him were so disgruntled then there is a fire inside all that smoke. He must be a real SOB and a jerk top work for. Hell, you can hardly get 4 people to agree to something let alone a whole office. Again the problem with these political hacks is no oversight, accountability or ethics. Everyone just keeps on plundering the county until there’s nothing left to steal. This stems from the lack of ethics of the gold old boys. I see you steal then I can justify my taking a little here and there also. Monkey see, monkey do. What is going on with all the investigations by our DA? No news on Spanik, Rabik, Javens or the rest of the scoundrels. Guess the new DA is the same as the old, shut up and keep collecting your salary and stall for retirement. If the commissioners aren’t watching out for the people, who is? What the hell are they getting paid for? How about we take the secretary positions off them and make them political commissars and they can go around spying on the workforce. At least they’d be performing something for $50k per year. I think the people of Beaver County ought to storm the courthouse and demand action NOW. Like the Bastille! Let’s start a drive to get people to show up and proclaim our liberation from thieves, scoundrels and political whores. How about the next commissioners meeting with the dick I mean department heads there! Anyone with me to march on the courthouse?

  55. Next up. The Sheriff again. JP, you may need to hire more reporters. The sheriff promotes part time deputies to full time. The good old boy network is running well. Ralph Romano? Ralph retired once as a full time deputy. So he gets another bite of the taxpayer apple. This could not have been the most qualified person available. No chance. Dave Mangeri, Mayor of Kopple. Steve Montani: Former Chief Deputy Jay Alstadts butt buddy and brother in-law of State Reprentative Jim Marshall. Oh my God give me a break. Merit? No hell no. This is all political pay back.

    I can’t wait until sheriff Tooths wife gets on here and defends his dumb ass.

  56. JP. You really need to release your notebook report on Domestic Relations. The general public needs to read it. Things are going mainstream media quickly. Be the man with the scoop.

  57. Yes release the paper work, and how many people have applied for jobs at the courthouse are you aware that Rich gets all the applications for several of the offices before they go to that actual office. How many people never got calls because he could be holding on to it or threw it away for his friends, and favors owed out.

  58. To Gottadoit….your last comment you made about my husband and I was a little off base regarding me. I called no one names or made any threats. I just stated facts!

    • Sandy to you I guess I was a little off base. Your husband on the other hand, I guess somehow that’s OK. He tells me I have Shit for brains, I come from a family of spineless assholes. I posted…”OH HELL CRYBABY, Look out he ran and got his wife !” I thought it funny the way the thread ran. Then to top it off He is insinuating that I said something so horrible that he would like to meet me for an asswhoopin’. My only recommendation don’t fault me for not posting my name. It is because of irrational people like your husband that it is wise, not to. Let him Know, he should curb puffing out his chest and watch what he says because I do know who he is, 65+, crooked teeth cars more valuable than the modular home he lives in, fridge in the garage…. still have the chest of drawers next to it. I’d tell him to tone it down. Don’t worry about me, I’m a very rational person who likes a good laugh. If either of you want the last word … have at it. I’ve said what I felt needed to be said.

      • If you know him and so much about us you would also know our house is not a modular home. It was built in 1990. Our cars are definitely not worth more than our house. If you know so much about what is in our garage you either know us personally or drive through our alley and gawk! That’s all I have to say.

      • Since you seem to know so much about us and our cars you should know our house is not a modular. You either know us personally or drive through our alley and gawk. Also you would know that my husband is very opinionated and speaks his mind.

      • Since you know so much about our garage and cars, you should know our home is not a modular. You must know us personally or drive through our alley and gawk. By the way….our cars are not worth more than our home.

      • To gottadoit: Your last post does not warrant a response other than I don’t care if you know who I am, nor do I care who you are! I too have said what I felt needed to be said! PS. We may have a garage sale this summer in case you are interested in anything you have seen in our garage except for the cars, the refridgerator, and the chest of drawers!

      • @ gottadoit. I also heard this guy Jim F. was a councilman in Monaca and got voted off because he raised taxes and sewer and water rates. Doesn’t sound like a friend of the taxpayer. He should look in the mirror.

  59. Look out gottadoit, She went and got her husband! I read the links here. Jim , sorry ..but you were the one off base and not just a little. I choose not to use my name for the same reason. Your initial comments were not necessary. My opinion.

  60. Half of the people commenting on here have the time to comment on here because you are upset with yourself for not achieving in life and need to project that unhappiness onto others misfortunes when you don’t even know what the hell you are talking about legally.

  61. Boy, these comments have completely derailed . The allegations are indeed serious, yet anyone reading the latest comments will not hold the entirety in much respect.

    • Johnnytellitlikeitis also known as long john silver- posting your comments during business hours, Interesting… to who.

  62. Two sides to every story. Neither side has given their entire story. If you’re wrong, admit it. If not, then fight like hell. Some of the comments seem to be coming from very angry folks. After living in the city of Pittsburgh for 30 years I was thinking of moving back to beaver county…is it really that bad up in beaver county?



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