Sheriff Tony Guy (right) with Chief Deputy Dean Michael / photo by John Paul

Beaver County’s Law Department determined the Chief Sheriff’s Deputy violated provisions of a county Sexual Harassment Policy last year, failed to cooperate with its investigation into his conduct, and recommended the man be suspended without pay for his alleged behavior, according to county documents — information that did not come out during questioning of Sheriff Tony Guy as part of a sworn deposition for an ongoing lawsuit brought by former deputy Curtis Larrick.

(See: Former Deputy Who Testified Against Sheriff George David Files Federal Lawsuit Against Sheriff Tony Guy)

Transcripts filed as an exhibit in federal court detail questions posed to Sheriff Tony Guy about allegations involving Chief Deputy Dean Michael and a secretary in the Sheriff’s Office. Larrick’s attorney had engaged in the series of questions in an apparent attempt to help establish their claim that Sheriff Tony Guy employs a double standard when dealing with personnel.

“[S]ince Dean Michael has been there, has there been accusations against him regarding inappropriate contact with female employees,” asked Larrick’s attorney?

“I don’t believe that he was accused by anyone of having inappropriate contact with them,” Guy responded.

The attorney then asked Sheriff Guy about an article published by the Beaver Countian concerning allegations of sexual harassment that had been made against Chief Dean Michael. Sheriff Guy acknowledged being aware of the article, and explained a discussion he had with Michael prior to its publication.

“It was brought to my attention that members of county government were encouraging one of my female employees to make a complaint against Dean Michael. They never made that complaint. An investigation was conducted by myself in regards to what took place and by the County’s legal department,” testified Guy. “And the results of that investigation clearly show that there was no sexual harassment. I spoke with Dean Michael about, reminded him of the appropriate way to interact with employees and reminded him of the County sexual harassment policy. And in conjunction with the County’s legal department, closed the case.”

Larrick’s attorney asked Sheriff Guy if it would have been appropriate to discipline Chief Michael.

“Would it have been appropriate to discipline Dean Michael for his actions there? (…) For the incident of an unfounded sexual harassment case,” asked the attorney?

“No,” Sheriff Guy testified.

Guy revealed more about the incident as a result of additional questioning by Larrick’s attorney, “The investigation that I conducted into the Dean Michael issue was clearly unfounded, other than what I thought was inappropriate language in conversing with subordinates.”

“What was the inappropriate language,” asked the attorney in response?

Sheriff Guy answered, “Maybe a reference, I don’t specifically recall, but a reference to some sexual innuendo, of which the employee told me that she took no offense to.”

The Beaver Countian has been in possession of a copy of a report, titled “Beaver County Solicitor’s Office Response to Allegations of Sexual Harassment / Inappropriate Conduct toward (a Sheriff’s Office secretary) by Chief Deputy Dean Michael,” written by the County Law Department that summarizes the results of its investigation into the alleged incident. The June 27th, 2016, correspondence was originally sent by then-County Solicitor Andrea Cantelmi to Sheriff Tony Guy, then-Human Resources Director Rick Darbut, then-Chief of Staff Joe Weidner, and the Board of Commissioners.

The County had become aware of the incident involving Chief Dean Michael and a Sheriff’s Office secretary that occurred one Friday evening after she discussed it with another county employee, who then approached the Board of Commissioners expressing concern about the way the woman had been spoken to by her superior.

Then-Solicitor Cantelmi informed other county officials that there was an obligation to investigate the incident, even though the secretary never made a complaint to the county about the alleged conduct, “[I]t should be noted, that once an employer is becomes (sic) aware of such conduct, it must investigate it, even when the individual who was allegedly harassed has made no complaint.”

“On or about the end of April, 2016, Mr. Michael sent several messages via Facebook Messenger to (a secretary in the Sheriff’s Office),” wrote Cantelmi. “They were along the lines of: There is snow on the roof top and fire down below; I won’t kiss and tell; You need a spanking; I don’t know what you see in that guy. In response, (the secretary) replied ‘you are being an ass.'”

Then-Solicitor Cantelmi noted that she felt Chief Michael had been uncooperative with her investigation into the matter.

“Efforts to interview Mr. Michael were hampered by his absence from work at the county for training,” wrote Cantelmi. “Nonetheless, in an effort to conduct a proper investigation, (I) sought to set up a phone conversation with him to discuss the matter. These efforts were questioned and challenged via an email from Mr. Michael to (me). Therein, he indicated that the Sheriff had addressed this matter internally and further characterized the situation as a ‘misunderstanding.’ He further offered to discuss the matter with me at 10:00 p.m. that evening. I found his response disrespectful to me and the process established by the County under its Sexual Harassment Policy. Consequently, I concluded that he was uncooperative.”

The law department determined that Chief Michael’s conduct “does not rise to the level of sexual harassment which would result in legal liability” for the county because it was not severe or pervasive enough, but that, “such conduct, particularly by a high ranking County official is NOT appropriate. The County’s Policy clearly prohibits such conduct. Further, it is stated therein that the County will not tolerate such harassment. In such instances, an employee who violates the County policy, will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.”

Then-Chief Solicitor Cantelmi went on to say that it was the responsibility of Sheriff Tony Guy to take “prompt and appropriate action” against Chief Dean Michael, and recommended how the situation should be handled in accordance with the county’s Sexual Harassment Policy.

“First, Mr. Michael should be required to attend a counseling or educational session on how to treat/manage women in the workplace,” wrote Cantelmi. “Additionally, this incident should be documented in his personnel file with an indication of the action taken by the Sheriff. Lastly, it is suggested that a day suspension without pay be issued to Mr. Michael. This is particularly in light of Mr. Michael’s status with the county.”

(See: County Investigation Determines Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Violated Sexual Harassment Policy)

Sheriff Tony Guy did not discipline Chief Michael as recommended by the law department, but replied to Cantelmi’s letter — nearly a month later — on July 21st, 2016.

“I agree with your assessment that no actionable sexual harassment occurred,” wrote Guy. “Additionally, the facts as developed through my investigation, including discussion with the employee, did not disclose the extent of messages cited by you. The Supervisor was reminded of appropriate professional demeanor and comportment in dealing with other employees, including subordinates. Both Supervisor and Employee were referred to and reminded of the county’s Workplace Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policies available on the intranet.”

Guy’s letter went on to say that his response to the law department should not be disseminated because the “employee issue is privileged and confidential.”

Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Dean Michael had previously refused comment about the alleged incident when approached by the Beaver Countian.

Transcript of testimony during deposition of Sheriff Tony Guy / filed in federal court by Tony Guy & the County of Beaver as “Exhibit A”

See Also: Court documents filed by both sides of this pending litigation were previously published in-full by the Beaver Countian as part of an article titled, “Court Filings Allege Sheriff Tony Guy Ignored Warnings By State Police About Deputies Who Supported His Election.”


  1. If he needs counseling or educational sessions on how to treat/manage women in the workplace, then he has no business in county government.

  2. Fire that gopher looking yellow bellied sapsucker. The only thing he does is poses for pictures with the Sheriff.

  3. So, I’m just curious…. am I supposed to support these men in blue or not? It’s getting hard to keep it straight these days- Wijnen-Riems- NO, Loskoch – Yes, Guy- No.

  4. Tony Guy
    An investigation was conducted by myself in regards to what took place and by the County’s legal department And the results of that investigation clearly show that there was no sexual harassment.

    Law Department
    such conduct, particularly by a high ranking County official is NOT appropriate. The County’s Policy clearly prohibits such conduct. Further, it is stated therein that the County will not tolerate such harassment. In such instances, an employee who violates the County policy, will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

    • Everyone knows that they don’t ever enforce county policy. They instead choose to operate a protection racket.

  5. No respect for that office and no integrity. The next time tony guy goes on the radio maybe he’ll think twice before her slams anyone else. He is the poorest excuse for law enforcement and he is why no one respects that uniform. He’s on his way out!!!!

  6. “There is snow on the roof top and fire down below….” WTF????

    He ought to be dumped just for that incredibly goof line. HAHAHAHA

    • Apparently doesn’t own a mirror either. Just gross comments on their own but coming from him make them even more disgusting than they already are. Ewwww!

  7. Whether it is the Midget Guy, Queen Connie or Stonewall Lozier the culture of corruption surrounds them. In their twisted thinking their survival is the only outcome. F-ck the law, the employees who suffer under their ineptitude & especially US, the taxpayers. Lying, cheating, stealing, obstruction of justice is part of their fabric. It is as pathetic as the obsession with sports in this county. If you grow up in a society that accepts the above afflictions then it is part of your DNA. it is going to be a long haul to bring good government to the county. That slob looking officer should have been fired immediately. I bet she didn’t file charges because of intimidation by the good ole boys in the Midget’s band of inept, corrupt wannabee badge sniffers and political cronies. Time to clean out the BC Out House. So long, Queenie, Midget and Stonewall. BTW does anyone notice how active our brain dead DA got after this ridiculous statements defending the corrupt Queen? Shove the mike up his ass. Watch out his don’t head his head though.

  8. Feeling tired of Tony Guy’s tenure as Beaver County Sheriff? Are you sick of his line of lying bullshit? Are you frustrated because you think there is NOTHING you can do about it?

    Well… there is ONE thing you CAN do!! Vote him OUT of office.


      • I get sooo sick of reading you mostly educated and cultured people (no sarcasm intended) writing about change. You should all realize, understand, and/or know that no matter which one of the next clowns/jesters who runs for any office in this county is just going to give you more of what you’re already complaining about and getting. Only one way to go about making change in this county, and the politicians, judges and courthouse staff ain’t gonna allow it. You have to change your belief system. You have to change the way you see things. You have to rise above symbolism. Symbolism is what got you this for in the hole. Monuments, keywords. You’re all guilty. Look at Aliquippa. Yep. There it is. You’re doing it right now, and I just typed a name, and didn’t even get to continue on to my point, but you get it, don’t you? You’ve allowed them to go so far in the ill treatment of others, that when they made the switch and started treating you the same way, you didn’t even notice it. It’s too late now. They have you (even you) under control now. It’s not “We the People” anymore, it’s “We the Elite”, and the people hardly matter, your opinions, nothing matters to them. Blatant in your face mismanagement/theft of your money, taunting you in groups and as a community to do something about it, and they have it to where you can’t do anything about it except type discontent in some newspaper comment section(right? Can you do anything more?). You’ve all been stepped down to second class citizens (welcome to “tha hood” my new brothers and sistas!!!) You need compassion. You need to start creating new symbols, erect a few monuments (like Frederick Douglas in Quip), change the names of a few streets and libraries. Change the avenues/venues (i dont mean streets) that these politicians have been using to get to where they are and you will get change.

      • McMuFukkinCoy – I find it interesting you chose to place your conjecture at this point in the list of comments, since most above didn’t mention “change”. After reading your labyrinthine rant concerning current affairs I DO agree with most of what you say, but not ALL of it.

        The affairs in question are more extensive than just Beaver County and have existed since the Pilgrims first saw that Native Americans were “different”. We don’t need a Complete American History here; suffice it to say, over the years we’ve ALL been had, by the Man-in-Charge, definitely some more than others.

        Whether monuments are torn down or built in ANY name, NOTHING will change until EVERYONE realizes we are ALL only fellow human beings, inhabitants on this rock in space we call Earth. Then, MAYBE then, we can ALL live together in PEACE.

        I, for one, REFUSE to acknowledge “that no matter which one…runs for any office… is just going to give you more of what you’re already complaining about and getting”. I do NOT have to change my belief system or the way I see things. I am NOT guilty of anything and I DO get it. Yes, there IS a PROBLEM, but to say “it’s too late now” is only a cop-out. We have to TRY. That’s why, next time, I’m casting my VOTE FOR WAYNE KRESS FOR BEAVER COUNTY SHERIFF.

    • You are spot on Jaybird. Guy gotta go. Give Kress a chance and then fire him too if he lies and makes false promises knowing full well that he isn’t going to even attempt to clean house. This circus has to stop and right now. Get involved and speak out.

  9. If this would have been a low level employee of the court house, the law dept would have gone all Trump on him: “YOU”RE FIRED!”

  10. If deputies were legally permitted to do real police work like investigations then someone in the department could issue an all points bulletin to be on the lookout for the chief deputy’s chin. It would appear from his photo that he either doesn’t have one or someone stole it.

  11. Why should anyone be surprised. Certain individuals employed in the Beaver County Fun House are above the law. Everyone cites various Handbooks or Policies that supposedly are in place, but we know those rules do not apply for everyone. Millions can be withdrawn without proper signatures (Policy), sexual harassment (Policy) but no crime has been committed. Business as usual. Next year’s election should be an eye opener (Hopefully).

  12. Funny. Sheep only bahhhhhhh when the hearder (jp) only tell them too. Well the sheep are bahhhhhhhging…….

  13. I am assuming that this Chief Deputy is married or seeing some lady friend right now, assuming that he is straight. Maybe he even has kids and grandkids. And I am further assuming that things on the homefront among family members might be a little strained right now, as he chases skirts in the Sheriff’s office like a 12-year-old boy passing notes in class and getting caught by the teacher.

    Maybe that potential embarrassment is enough to slow down this horny toad, or at least do his chasing more carefully. But I also have to wonder about the male interests of the woman/women being chased. It would seem to be justified if those male interests would be looking to serve up a can of whoopass to this philanderer.

    The whole thing is sleazy, and it brings into question the morality or attitudes of the office itself, even the Sheriff, who seems to be giving it a pass. The former Sheriff took it upon himself to call his office women staff “cunts” when he got angry. Historically, women seem to be served poorly in that office, and it is a wonder how they can continue to take the misogyny any more.


    • “I am assuming that this Chief Deputy is married or seeing some lady friend right now, assuming that he is straight. …….”

      I always envisioned him to be more of an “opportunity fucker” where if the stars all align and the seas part allowing him to be able to find something or someone that will let him, he’ll fuck it.

      But that’s just my opinion of course.

    • Right. Raven, read my post if you can find it. Install a female sheriff was left out of it by mistake.

  14. The female who was harassed is too afraid to speak up, because no matter what the law is, she will be hounded forever because Tony Guy and his minions will call her a rat. There is no difference between Guy, Losier and Connie and the infamous Mafia. There are too many people at the courthouse bound by the ropes of favoritism and nepotism to effectively change what has happened in the Sheriff’s Department and I am sure throughout other departments.

  15. I recommend the Italian film, “Divorce Italian Style” (1961) to these wannabe noble Romeos. Marcello Mastroianni was the consummate self-made cuckold, whom these guys could only dream about being. Marcello had class, something these guys do not have, and he did himself in as things did not work out as planned — playing the cuckold to get the sympathy of the girl. But he was cool. He was smart. He was handsome — definitely not in much supply here. To those Italians, having a secret lover was “manly” and admired by other guys, but to get caught was to invoke the Horns of the Devil being made at their houses, and perhaps, even dodging a bullet in the night. No, these guys are amateurs, rank amateurs, who just can’t keep their peckers in their pants and have to settle for a circle jerk instead of the real thing.

  16. Frank’s Bow Tie: Open up a column in a local newspaper to allow a venting of feelings and feedback about a disgusting act like this one, perpetrated against a defenselesss woman employed in a public office, and I shall gladly go there and comment about how disgusting — and unlawful — it is. This act, in the public office of the highest defender of the law in the county is appalling, and looking at it from a seriocomical perspective helps prevent retching on the people responsible for it.

    We are not sheep to a piper.

    This is bad shit. Really bad shit that should have been wiped out of offices of reasonable, moral, people long ago. But the hapless women of that office have to put up with that shit, because even the highest elected law enforcement person in the county doesn’t have the balls to discipline one of his friends.

    That is the stuff of ultimate cowardice, and it has no place in a public office.

    • This guy is a retired U.S. Marshal, who apparently did a pretty good job weeding out bad guys in organized crime before taking this cushy job in the Courthouse. He has been playing the job like a fiddle. And now, not one year into it, he decides to chase skirts. That gives you an idea of just how comfortable he is.

    • So instead of crying on a blog about it go to a metting. Demand answers and action. Agreed that this action of this creep is uncalled for. One journalist’s keyboard is not the voice of many.

  17. I wish Felix DeLuca was still our Sheriff. He was a straight shooter and there was never any turmoil in the Sheriffs Dept. He ran it like a well oiled machine. If he was Sheriff now, this bum would be gone immediately.

  18. Tony and Dean are both losers. I remember guy in high school. Total nerd and total loser. Always jealous of the athletes I think that’s why he sticks his chest out and tries to ruin people…. what goes around comes around and his is coming…..he’s a midget little man with bad breathe.

  19. I have to proffer a guess for who the lone down thumber has been throughout these comments. Could it be a faithful wife who inserted herself as a moral deus ex machina into the discussions during a campaign under numerous screen names? Probably not, for there is nothing noble about condoning sexual harassment to turn voters on to one’s spouse. No, likely it is a perp or a perp’s enabler trying to even the thumb scales, in much the same way as skewing office politics to exploit the help. Fortunately, Presidents don’t have slaves any more, but now we have to deal with public officials who enjoy much the same exploitation with impunity. We are coming up on 200 years of removing slavery from society, yet some public officials give it a pass of silence to office slavery and still think it’s a cool way to strut their stuff through intimidation. Damn! I wish we had a statue to tear down.

    • Public officials that are suppose to be serving the public. Instead they look down on the common working persons that are paying them, elected officials and employees all the while being protected from reprimand, sanctions or prosecution for any violations or crimes. All at the taxpayers expense. The longer they are protected and have immunity, the worse they will treat the common men and women that walk through the doors of the courthouse. The DA office and detectives,- Thanks for nothing!

  20. Trash: Any guy who dated a girl in high school knows what the on-the-street answer to this thing is, perhaps even Tony. Raven does not advocate violence, but a roundhouse punch in face would have ended this thing at the beginning. This is the ugly uncool kid who wonders out loud about kissing your girl. She is mortified, you are angry at the effrontery, and the whole thing is settled in the park after school. She retains her honor, you move up the food chain, and the asshole is prevented from propagating with any but the ugliest of the available discards. Karma and Chivalry and Darwinism all wrapped up in one. Simple.

  21. Judge: Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?

    Sheriff: I’ll tell you what I need to tell you whether it’s a truth or a lie to win this case.

    The County should pay Lerrick his asking price and take it from the sheriffs paycheck. He fired him for political reasons and lied under oath.

    Sheriff if you don’t fire Dean, do not EVER say you brought integrity to this office.



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