Ambridge Police Chief James Mann / photo courtesy Ambridge Connection

The Pennsylvania State Police have met with the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office about their ongoing criminal investigation into Ambridge Police Chief James Mann, according to courthouse sources. People familiar with the matter tell the Beaver Countian that an ongoing investigation into Chief Mann includes inquiries into time sheets and allegations that he engaged in harassing and threatening behavior against some of his own officers.

The District Attorney’s Office will be considering evidence gathered by investigators with State Police from their interviews of officers in the Ambridge Police Department. District Attorney David Lozier has assigned Chief Trial Counsel Albert Torrence to review the case and help decide what if any criminal charges may be appropriate. Prosecutors are working to determine whether or not Ambridge’s Police Chief improperly billed time to the Borough and whether any of his alleged interactions with other officers may have constituted acts of official oppression.

Defense attorney Stephen Colafella confirmed to the Beaver Countian today that he has been retained by Chief Mann to represent his interests. Attorney Colafella declined to comment for this report, saying he and the Chief were waiting for the Pennsylvania State Police and District Attorney’s Office to complete their work.

As the Beaver Countian was first to report last week, State Police began ramping up investigations into Ambridge Police Chief James Mann earlier this month, after over a dozen officers provided unsolicited statements to state investigators. Ambridge Borough Council voted unanimously to place Chief Mann on paid administrative leave at their meeting last Tuesday. Despite the ongoing criminal investigation by State Police, Council also voted to contract CSI Corporate Security and Investigations to investigate the Ambridge Police Department.

Ambridge Solicitor Richard Start has previously stated publicly that the Borough will have no comment on the matter while it remains ongoing.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.

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Oh Brother
Oh Brother

This is what you got?! Time sheets?! Harassing and threatening his officers to DO THEIR FUCKING JOB?!
David “Loser” Lozier. check
Albert Torrence. check
Stephen Colafella. check
Richard Start. check
Lou Gentile. check
All that’s missing is Jodi Ann Gill and Moe, Larry and Curly.
What a “Cluster Fuck” of useless people.


The State police have taken all there evidence to the BC DA. And he will decide if a crime has been committed. Yeah right.

This isn’t comedy this is twilight zone shit.


The real twilight zone begins after Lozier passes on prosecuting and to make it up to Jimmy for his inconvenience they put his picture on a plaque and rename the jurors lounge to the “Jimmy Mann Lounge – Lifelong Pursuer of Truth and Justice.”

Nate Armstrong
Nate Armstrong

Why is he still chief

Frank J Rosenberger III
Frank J Rosenberger III

Who is acting chief while this is going on???


Come on Jimmy! Didn’t you learn from the Chief out in Ohioville about time sheets?

Life lesson for the rest of you Police Chiefs out there….Keep it on the up-and-up because it will eventually happen to you too!