Ambridge Police Chief James Mann / photo courtesy Ambridge Connection

The Pennsylvania State Police have met with the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office about their ongoing criminal investigation into Ambridge Police Chief James Mann, according to courthouse sources. People familiar with the matter tell the Beaver Countian that an ongoing investigation into Chief Mann includes inquiries into time sheets and allegations that he engaged in harassing and threatening behavior against some of his own officers.

The District Attorney’s Office will be considering evidence gathered by investigators with State Police from their interviews of officers in the Ambridge Police Department. District Attorney David Lozier has assigned Chief Trial Counsel Albert Torrence to review the case and help decide what if any criminal charges may be appropriate. Prosecutors are working to determine whether or not Ambridge’s Police Chief improperly billed time to the Borough and whether any of his alleged interactions with other officers may have constituted acts of official oppression.

Defense attorney Stephen Colafella confirmed to the Beaver Countian today that he has been retained by Chief Mann to represent his interests. Attorney Colafella declined to comment for this report, saying he and the Chief were waiting for the Pennsylvania State Police and District Attorney’s Office to complete their work.

As the Beaver Countian was first to report last week, State Police began ramping up investigations into Ambridge Police Chief James Mann earlier this month, after over a dozen officers provided unsolicited statements to state investigators. Ambridge Borough Council voted unanimously to place Chief Mann on paid administrative leave at their meeting last Tuesday. Despite the ongoing criminal investigation by State Police, Council also voted to contract CSI Corporate Security and Investigations to investigate the Ambridge Police Department.

Ambridge Solicitor Richard Start has previously stated publicly that the Borough will have no comment on the matter while it remains ongoing.

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In the interest of full disclosure: In 2014, Chief James Mann was called as a defense witness on behalf of then-Sheriff George David during his criminal trial — the Beaver Countian’s John Paul was one of the named victims of George David in the Grand Jury’s presentment against him. Then-Sheriff David was acquitted by a jury of the criminal charges filed by Pennsylvania State Police.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. This is what you got?! Time sheets?! Harassing and threatening his officers to DO THEIR FUCKING JOB?!
    David “Loser” Lozier. check
    Albert Torrence. check
    Stephen Colafella. check
    Richard Start. check
    Lou Gentile. check
    All that’s missing is Jodi Ann Gill and Moe, Larry and Curly.
    What a “Cluster Fuck” of useless people.

  2. The State police have taken all there evidence to the BC DA. And he will decide if a crime has been committed. Yeah right.

    This isn’t comedy this is twilight zone shit.

    • The real twilight zone begins after Lozier passes on prosecuting and to make it up to Jimmy for his inconvenience they put his picture on a plaque and rename the jurors lounge to the “Jimmy Mann Lounge – Lifelong Pursuer of Truth and Justice.”

  3. Come on Jimmy! Didn’t you learn from the Chief out in Ohioville about time sheets?

    Life lesson for the rest of you Police Chiefs out there….Keep it on the up-and-up because it will eventually happen to you too!

  4. “District Attorney David Lozier has assigned Chief Trial Counsel Albert Torrence to review the case and help decide what if any criminal charges may be appropriate.”


    • What better way to win a case, John Q., than stacking the deck with all the local friendly experts of sidetracking? No joke here, except for the one being played out for the public’s amusement. Same high school play. Same players. Same twisted ending.

  5. So, the road to justice must go through Stonewall Lozier? The PSP is stopped at the Courthouse gates, again, by the “friend-ly” DA with friends in low places. Torrance, Colafella — high phony drama to end in a tossed case and an apology to Mann for inconveniencing him. CSI and Lou Gentile muddying the waters for a friendly buddy. Time to book that vacation trip to Cancun, Mann, ‘cause this case ain’t goin’ nowhere, is it?

  6. He has Stephen Colafella as his attorney so he has a great chance of getting off of whatever they might charge him with.

    • Forget about Torrence, Stonewall. Save some money and time and drama and just go with your usual “No Quid Pro Quo.” Mann didn’t MEAN to do it. Just an oversight. Apologize to him and get back to work. It worked for the Treasurer, and it would work here.

  7. Mann has always been a friend of the courthouse, having been a constable for many years. He defended George David in court. They owe him one.

  8. With the promise of economic resurgence with the Shell plant, etc., a lot of politicians have been touting that young people can now stay in Beaver County and make a good life. In all honesty, every parent should want their children to escape this shit-hole the first chance they get. The bullshit stacks so high you would need wings to stay above it. Get the kids out of here before they grow any more roots.

  9. The state police should be requesting the attorney general’s office to file a petition to supersede the district attorney for prosecutorial jurisdiction. The fact that other investigations are ongoing targeting agencies and departments within the county should be sufficient for the DA to recuse himself for potential conflicts of interest. But, since we all know that he won’t the attorney general can take this by petitioning for prosecutorial jurisdiction which results in the state Supreme Court assigning a judge to make the determination.

    It seems that the current AG likes cases that result in good exposure vis-a-vis being portrayed as not afraid to take on the status quo. I’m off the opinion that it would be in everyone’s best interest to file a complaint on the AG’s website about the current situation and request that they petition the court to supersede the DA in order to protect the citizens of Beaver County. Otherwise the worst possible outcome for the chief will be misdemeanor charges, a guilty plea in exchange for ARD followed by it being expunged. We saw with the public defenders office employee that certain period can be sentenced to ARD, walk downstairs and pay their court costs and have an early termination petition filed and approved the same day.

    I do find it odd that a criminal defense attorney has already been retained when no charges have yet been filed. I don’t hire orthopedic surgeons today just in case I might need a knee replacement at some point in my life. It’s pretty obvious to me that he retained someone now to start working a backroom deal with the intent of finding insufficient evidence to prosecute.

    • I would hire an attorney faster than anyone. Let’s face the REALITY of the situation:

      If Ambridge (Dave Drewnoski) wanted to switch leadership in the police department, they could have QUIETLY demoted him back into the police force. That is how those positions work. Maybe the general public doesn’t understand that, but certain Big Dave does. They would have avoided the (public) circus of lies, deceit, and defamation. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, that is what DD wanted afterall–“his pick of chief”.

      Instead they did the typical Ambridge circus route & are spending more taxpayer money on a situation that likely will end up inconclusive. You read a newsletter about how Ambridge gets THOUSANDS of dollars in grant money, but it is totally offset by these types of charades. It’s abhorrent from every paid staff in that building to every incompetent elected official in that town. Timesheets? For a police chief? And some rumor from a Local Yokel who decided to evesdrop on a conversation?

      Great re-election platform. Totally unacceptable.

  10. Disgruntled: True, but it is quite easy, almost expected, to live in contented blissful ignorance — if you don’t read the Beaver Countian. I am sure that with only one other news outlet, many believe that Scott Tady is the Beaver Mayor, Starbucks is the local Social Services Office, and the street cleaner is the Grim Reaper picking up the dead at night. There aren’t many outward signs of the discontent revealed here in the BC, just the extra taxes to humor the jerks in charge and perpetuate the status quo.

  11. I wonder what odds the bookmakers are putting on the possible excuses that Loser will use.

    – After a comprehensive review of all of the facts in this case there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.

    – After reviewing all of the evidence, I don’t believe that the police chief had the criminal intent required to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

    – The evidence presented indicated that while the chief of police acted in a manner inconsistent with that expected of a similar professional in his position, it did not rise to a level of a criminal offense.

    – The Midget vouched for him and I’m afraid of the Midget so this office won’t be prosecuting the chief at this time.

    – C’mon, man, this is Beaver County…we, don’t prosecute our cuz.

    – Al says that the chief has too much dirt on us and given that additional concurrent state police investigations into corruption are underway it’s not in our, umm, I mean the county’s best interest to prosecute this case.

    – Time sheets are based on the honor system and while the evidence presented indicates that the chief lacks honor, that in and of itself is not a crime.

    – George called in a favor and I want him to owe me one so we’ve closed this case without finding sufficient evidence that a crime was committed.

    I think that about covers it.

  12. Jimmy Cuz Mann is the best thing that happened to Ambridge. Could you imagine the town with old chief Lively from Harmony there or Essek, or any one of the lunk heads that work there as chief, Jimmy was the best choice, could you imagine baby dumplin Larrick being chief there, hahaha, I agree if someone else was promised the job after the new mayor, they should of handled it differently. It seems like all new mayors have there own choice for chief, someone who kissed their a**es for years.

  13. I urge ever female out there that this man has sexually harassed in person or by phone either by text or conversation to come forward to help stop this abusive behavior. We all know that he has been doing this his entire career as a law enforcement officer, it is time for this all to stop with his harassing ways.

  14. It took me less than a minute to have his number! He was loud, threatening, a liar and a thug. I could not imagine working for him. One bad apple does indeed spoil the bunch.

  15. Stonewall Lozier, Shady Torrence & Colefalla to investigate whom? They better start with themselves. Stonewall says no intent to steal so let’s just fogetaboutit. Is there anyone in this county that understands law, morality & professionalism?

  16. equalizer13: You will find honest and competent lawyers in many private practices — about 120+ men and women — and conscientious, duty-bound police in many County departments — there are about 25+ or so jurisdictions — but the Courthouse and its extended connections into local towns are the special case — a 50-plus year historic friend culture of knuckleheads, crooks and scammers who live off each other, breed together and perpetuate their own malignant culture. (But, I think you know that.)

  17. I have to wonder how that investigation of Lozier’s neighbor is going, the one about Envious Tans cheating numerous women out of their hard earned money. It seems like there was never a damed thing done about it.

    • Been a year maybe longer prob never even started an investigation. Your tax dollars NOT at work!
      Remember this ladies at election time.



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