One of the married officer’s girlfriends said he had become suicidal and harassing while on duty. Citizens in the community said they warned the town’s Chief he was becoming obsessive. The officer had a temporary Protection From Abuse order filed against him, that he later agreed to have extended by a month. But just days later, with the PFA still in effect, Beaver Sergeant Kenneth McCoy is back behind a desk in the Beaver Police Station — Many in the community where he serves now want to know why.

The Other Woman

They called her mentally unstable, a liar and a whore; a homewrecking slut who was out looking for trouble. Such denouncements were common when asking various members of the law enforcement community about Christine Cilli, the woman brazen enough to seek a Protection From Abuse Order against Beaver Police Sergeant Kenneth “Ken” McCoy. But a review of over 100 text messages provided to the Beaver Countian, along with dozens of photographs, emails, and hours of interviews with nearly a dozen individuals, began to paint a much different picture.

Christine was still wearing her nurse’s uniform when she arrived for our scheduled interview, having just left the OB/GYN office where she works.

“He’s the one that really tries to mentor the young guys when they come in” Christine said of Sergeant McCoy, who is also the local chapter President of the Fraternal Order of Police. “His whole line of how a police officer should do their job sounded great. But all of this time, the type of things he said a cop shouldn’t do, was exactly the type of person he was.”

Over the next several hours, the woman would describe her committed relationship with Officer Kenneth McCoy, and a troubling series of events she claimed exclamated an end to that relationship.

Christine said she met the officer while he was on duty one day. “Very early on he told me that he and his wife were getting a separation, that he never wore his wedding band, that they had discussed their breakup plan.”

He told her his attorneys, Cordell & Cordell, and his wife’s attorney, Theresa Dukovich, were in negotiations to draft the final paperwork. “He said he told his children that mommy and daddy were getting divorced.”

She said they would go out to Pirates’ games together, go bowling with his friends, or just spend quiet evenings at her place. She said he had a good relationship with her parents who live in Vanport. “He even came to my mother’s surprise birthday party.”

“He brought his kids to Brady’s Run Park one day to meet me and play with my grandson” said the 43 year old grandmother. “I had no reason to believe what we had was not real.”

Christine shared dozens of photographs with the Beaver Countian, which added validity to many of her very specific claims. “I posted pictures of he and I to Facebook, they were up for months and months” she added. “He had no problem with me doing it.”

“I would make him dinner and take it down to the police station and eat with him” said Christine. “I’ve been in the police station dozens of times, all of the guys know who I am […] The relationship we had was not a secret.”

An officer in the Beaver Police Department, who spoke on condition they not be quoted by name, verified Christine’s claims. They said the relationship Ken had with Christine was widely known in their department — And that officers knew he would spend long hours over at her apartment in Beaver while on duty.

“When we first got together, I was living with my parents because I was finishing up nursing school” she said. “We would sit together in his cruiser every night for hours, because the only opportunity we had to spend time together was when he was on duty.”

After graduating from nursing school and getting her apartment, Christine said Ken would come over every night, parking his police car nearby. “He would spend hours over my place, and yes at times we were intimate while he was on duty” she admits.

A couple who lives near Christine began to notice the cruiser parked out front each night, and eventually started to take notes. “He starting waking people in the neighborhood up” said John Parelli. “He was coming and going at all hours, slamming the police car doors 3 or 4 times a night.”

“We live here minding our own business as citizens of the town and this guy was making our life hell” added Joan Pease. “He was there so much, at one point we thought he moved in and was living there.”

Eventually, the couple said they became concerned for their neighbor, who they had never met or spoken to before. “I called Chief Dan Madgar, I said this guy is out of control, he’s becoming more and more obsessive, he was sneaking around in people’s yards” said Pease. “I warned him, I warned him before all of this happened. We saw a problem, this was affecting our lives, and I don’t know her, but it was obviously affecting her life too […] He didn’t follow up with us, he didn’t do anything about it.”

Beaver Police Chief Dan Madgar said he had a talk with Ken after receiving the complaints. “He told me that he had just dropped by her house for 5 minutes, and that they were just friends. I told him what he did on his own time was his own business, but while he was at work he needed to stay away from there.”

Just thirteen days after neighbors began calling Chief Madgar, Christine Cilli would place a call of her own, alleging that Sergeant Kenneth McCoy had become suicidal.

The Other, Other Woman

Unbeknownst to Christine Cilli at the time, she was not the only one living in Beaver who Officer McCoy was in a relationship with. Just a few blocks away from her apartment lived another woman, who Ken had first started dating long before Christine came into the picture.

When that other woman was reached by phone, she threatened to have her attorney Myron Sainovich [who is also an attorney for the Fraternal Order Of Police] file a lawsuit against the Beaver Countian and hung up the phone. She called back moments later agreeing to speak on condition we not quote her by name. We will call her Jane Doe.

Jane said she had been in a relationship with Ken for many years, but that relationship became less steady before Christine came into the picture. “It’s not like she thinks. We weren’t serious anymore. We would just be together here and there, our relationship had a hard time ending, we cared for each other.”

Like Christine, Jane said she would meet with Ken while he was on duty, and often cooked him dinner — Her lasagna became legendary in the police department.

Eventually these two women would meet, exchanging stories of their respective relationships with Sergeant Kenneth McCoy.

Jane believes many of the problems Ken is now having are because of Christine. “She is a woman scorned, the bottom line is she didn’t get the guy. I know he was a man probably afraid of getting busted by his wife […] She wants to air her dirty laundry and that’s embarrassing for her […] She’s taking everyone down with her […] Look at what she’s doing to his wife and his kids.”

Threats Of Suicide

Christine Cilli said that toward the end of their relationship, Sergeant Ken McCoy began becoming suicidal, and he started exhibiting erratic behaviors. She said as a nurse she began to recognize the signs of clinical depression, and convinced Ken to see a doctor. “He decided that because of his job, he wanted to see someone outside of the county. So he said he started going to the VA in Pittsburgh […] I wanted to make sure he was actually going, so he took photographs of himself heading into the VA, we obviously had some trust issues at this point.”

Christine said Ken eventually showed her the antidepressant Celexa that he said had been prescribed to him. “Ken showed me the pills, but he said he took them out of the bottle they came in and put them in a bottle that was for an antibiotic. He said he didn’t want anyone at work or [his wife] to know he was taking them. I looked them up on Pill Identifier, they matched the 20mg pill he said he was prescribed.”

She said in retrospect, she never actually saw Ken swallow the pills, so could not say for certain if he was truly taking them.

Looking back, Christine said she believes his mental state was also impacting the performance of his duties, and concedes she probably should have taken other actions sooner. “I remember one time he came into my apartment, took his belt off, took his vest off, and put his radio beside him. He is getting calls that he didn’t hear. I’m like Ken, listen, I think I just heard 292 [his radio identifier] called. He was falling asleep.”

Chief Dan Madgar said to his knowledge, the department never received any complaints about Officer McCoy missing calls, but acknowledged he was unaware of the extent of Ken’s alleged activities with Christine Cilli while on duty.

Christine said Ken expressed many emotional problems during their relationship. “There was always a crisis with Ken. The childhood trauma he said he suffered, the PTSD he said he had from when he was a Peacekeeper in Albania, there were a lot of issues […] Now I don’t know how many of them were real, or how many of them he just made up.”

Toward the end of their relationship, Christine said Ken’s behaviors became more alarming, and the things he told her were causing her great concern. “When I was out of town at a friend’s one night, he said he let himself into my apartment, and laid in my bed and fell asleep with his gun in his mouth.”

On another occasion, she said Ken just seemed to break down out of nowhere. “Ken is a runner, and he left my place one day for a jog. But he came right back in, and told me that he couldn’t run. He sat down on my floor crying and shaking. I said, that medication isn’t working is it? He said no, it isn’t.”

Truths Discovered

Christine said she discovered Ken had another girlfriend, and talked to her on Facebook. She said she learned his claims of having filed paperwork for a divorce were untrue, that the relationship she thought she had with him was nothing but an unending string of lies and manipulations — She told him she was done.

“He shows up in uniform, with his badge and gun on. He was on duty” began Christine Cilli, as she described the night of September 26th. “He goes on and on about how he would have never let me post pictures of us together on Facebook if he didn’t really love me” said Christine. She plays a brief clip of audio she said her daughter, who was in the apartment along with her grandson, inadvertently recorded on her new iPhone. The officer can be heard using a variant of the word “fuck” some 15 times in a minute and a half.

“He leaves and barrages me with text messages” continued Christine. “He shows back up and asks me to take a ride with him in his cruiser. I agreed because I didn’t want anything else to occur in front of my daughter.”

She said Ken began driving the patrol car through Beaver towards Industry. “He starts talking about the intimate relationship he had with this other woman, that he said was years ago. I told him, you need to take me home.” She said he pulled his cruiser behind the Drug and Alcohol building in Vanport. “It’s dark, I’m asking him, just please take me home. I just wanted to go home […] He reaches up and shuts off the recording device that’s in the vehicle […] He said, I will fucking kill myself right here, right now. I thought, he’s going to kill me and then kill himself. I’m trying to get out of the vehicle because I have a psycho beside me.”

Christine said she made her way out of the car and began walking through the rain towards Beaver. “Ken’s driving up beside me in the cruiser. He’s yelling at me to get in the car, get in the fucking car. I get back in.”

Looking back, Christine said she probably shouldn’t have gotten into the car again. She said she was concerned what he might do if she didn’t, and felt she might be able to calm Ken down as she had several times in the past when he had become suicidal. “He stops the car by Clark Park, it’s well lit there, so I get out of the vehicle again. He parks the cruiser and starts following me on foot. I keep saying, I just want to go home […] He got up in front of me, he’s trying to keep me from going home. I start to beg.”

Christine said Ken eventually calmed down, and she made her way home. “I get home and my daughter and grandson are still there, they were spending the night. I poured myself a glass of wine, I got on my couch and went to sleep. He shows up at my door again, but it’s locked. I don’t answer it, and eventually fall back asleep.”

“I woke up the next morning, and he was next to me.” He left after she told him to get out.

The Fallout

Christine said she called Beaver Police Chief Dan Madgar to tell him Ken had become erratic and suicidal and needed help. “Dan told me he was afraid to call Ken himself, because it might put him over the edge […] We tried to get ahold of his mother, who is also a nurse, to see if we could have her get to him […] Eventually I guess Dan went ahead and called him, he told me everything was going to be OK.”

Christine said she went and stayed at a friend’s house for several days, and then filed for a Protection from Abuse order against Officer McCoy — Advice she got from a friend who talked to her father who is a judge in Ohio. Attorneys for both sides negotiated an agreement to have a PFA in place for 30 days.

Beaver Police Chief Dan Madgar said after the incident he met with District Attorney Anthony Berosh, who determined there was no actual criminal wrong doing on the part of Officer McCoy. District Attorney Berosh told the Beaver Countian he had reached no such conclusion. “Chief Madgar met with me, telling me they had a problem with Ken. I told him I wanted him to contact me to discuss it after the PFA hearing […] That meeting has not occurred.”

Beaver Police Sergeant Ken McCoy has weeks remaining on the Protection From Abuse order that was issued against him by a judge. He’s back at work in the Beaver Police Department, performing administrative duties out of uniform. Beaver Mayor Tom Hamilton has not yet made a decision as to what disciplinary action may be taken against the officer — Neither has Beaver Council, who is scheduled to meet again on November 13th at 7:00pm for its next regular session.

Officer Ken McCoy declined to grant an interview as part of this report. His attorney, Myron Sainovich, did not return a message seeking comment.

“I do not believe that Ken should be a police officer” concluded Christine Cilli. “I don’t think it’s safe.”

Editorial Note: Story updated to correct the date of Beaver Borough’s next regular council meeting, which is on November 13th.


  1. This officer’s position needs terminated IMMEDIATLY. As a resident of Beaver, I do not want this mentally disturbed individual “protecting and serving” me, my family and my community. This is an outrage!

  2. “I do not believe that Ken should be a police officer” concluded Christine Cilli. “I don’t think it’s safe.” YEAH…NO SHIT!

  3. I am beginning to wonder, is Myron Sainovich more popular than Kevin Bacon? It seems like he touches so many of us in so many different ways….

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but don’t hang out with crazy married cops and stuff like this will not happen to you.

    Also, this is class A investigative reporting and may be the best article I have read on this site.

    I don’t really care about what beaver spends it’s tax dollars on but as some point I would expect to see a comment about banging chicks while getting paid for working. But good for him if he can get away with it.

    Perhaps the Sheriff can step up to the plate and offer to provide additional security to Beaver residents while they are a man short? After all, We all count on the Sheriff to go the extra mile and I sure that you can get a few deputies to volunteer to patrol a town full of hot chicks that like to bang cops (Or wanna be cops in the case of the Sheriff’s office)

  4. I personally witnessed this officer unleash a tirade of verbal abuse upon a courthouse employee who was just doing their job This was during a completely unrelated incident. He brought the person to tears. He is a loose cannon and should be fired immediately! I am appalled that he is back at work. And Melissa, get over it. You are missing the whole point.

  5. I like reading your articles they are much more refreshing then the Times but I really could do without your articles including the “F” word or any swearing, I mean honestly is it really necessary especially if you want to be taken seriously as a journalist.

  6. Yes, it is necessary… the “F” word is an exclamation point of the highest order.Swearing in general is really not at all that bad. Some people don’t mind and others do. Its the others I worry about when they look down on those people who choose to communicate with a bit more color. If you don’t swear it doesn’t make you better than someone else. Or more intelligent by any means of the word. It simply means you choose to not use some expressive words that have been deemed inappropriate by those that feel unnecessary unwritten rules should be followed by all. Frankly I appreciate the fact that its raw and holds back no punches. Unlike mainstream media and it’s zombie like followers. Why does the f word offend you I wonder? Its perfectly fine with me. These articles are awesome and the words used in them are part of why its awesome. Keep up the good work and stay true and real. It is refreshing, especially with the honest choice of words. Uncut and honest is what I want my news to be. Not biased and bought like the rest. Thank you, and have a beautiful fuckin day!

    • This is top notch reporting. JP spoke to everyone and presented the complete picture. As he always does. Fuck this cop and fuck his family. Christine Cilli is an outstanding young woman. Just the hapless victim. Her accusations and statements should be taken as fact. This guy is obviously a menace to society. A suicidal crazy who is obviously incapable of functioning. Just look how terrified she is in the pictures. Thank God Christine helped out the community by having an affair with him.

  7. Please could you quit blaming the woman…McCoy is a manipulater of the worst kind we all know men like him, she’s not the first and she won’t be the last but what I don’t understand the chief had blinders on, HE KNEW and did nothing, your just as guilty and by the way Jane Doe you was played too… she did nothing to his wife and kids that you didn’t do … I have respect for Christine for telling the truth and saving some other woman and there’s probably more some heart ache, Put the blame on the smooth operator SGT. McCOY. BEAVER’S FINEST.

  8. Here is why the F word offends me…..When I was a kid I used it all the time to “express” myself, I thought it was cool and a way to make my point heard because of course emphasizing with the F word was shocking…..THEN I GREW UP!!!! And I realized the english language has many more expressive words that can get my point across in a much more civil manner……And then I had kids and low and behold did I really want the F word coming out of their 2year old little mouths why no, so I actually reigned myself in and now I use swearing very rarely, my kids know I am MAD if the word “shit” or “ass” gets used in a shouting session, but I have never used the F word with them and I have always said to them I know you may use it around your friends, but I don’t want to hear it, and they have always respected that. It is about restraint and learning respect for those around you…I don’t think I am any better because I don’t swear, I just try to respect others around me and I think that is just common manners.

    • Did you really just tell a journalist not to include the word fuck while accurately quoting a source and then try and tell us that you grew up and matured and you only say shit and ass to your kids? That’s classy. Real classy.

  9. If you are that offended the use of the f word in the article and i am sure you have read this news coverage before then why do you still read it. You know there is a chance you will see in on this site

  10. This overdone cursing debate is useless. It’s an issue of context and intent. If one has a real command and use of the ranges of language, he can switch among vulgarity, cursing, slang, dialects, colloquial, popular and formal languages, depending upon the need, and frequently with powerful results. The impact here was rhetorical, not literal. Each has a different linguistic and social purpose, none more valid than the others in their “usual” contexts. Break from the “rules” in the wrong context, and you will not be understood, or you will risk rejection or being seen as a fool. “Black dialect” , for example, is a legitimate language, useful and appropriate in certain contexts. “Bloody” common sense, mates. In his column, JP, a masterful writer, used a powerful word to achieve an effect equal to the intolerable, irresponsible attack upon the free speech of expressing one’s ideas in columns and commentaries. It worked. He can “switch” language gears with competence and when necessary. Too many people are stuck in first gear and cannot adapt and do not appreciate the difference. Speak your mind, but consider your surroundings, and you will be an effective speaker.

  11. This current story is both tragic and worrisome. Intervention is necessary on a personal level, but so too does the pervasive influence upon and tolerance by the department as a whole need assessment. I don’t feel as safe as I used to in this town. If I have a heart attack, and the first responders are “busy” with personal matters while on the job, I could face dying.

  12. Cursing to release anger lowers the blood pressure. True. It’s instinctual. And using a smartphone at night before bed can slow the shutdown of cortical activity in the brain, taking longer to fall asleep. So, if you’re p—-d off, rant and post in the morning with your coffee.

  13. Whiskey tango you are ready for this guy to loss his job.should he not be granted due process of the law just like you would be.Could be she is lying just to get even it is not against the law to cheat many men and women due it just because he is an officer does not make it any differant than you or anyone else who is not an officer. I have to believe here that she is lying about some of the facts. I am sure there was some type of romance here but maybe not as deep as she wanted it,just because she says does not mean anything happened while he was on duty.

    • and I guess the neighbor who witnessed the police car so many times outside of her apartment that they thought he moved is also lying. They even called the chief to complain and keep in mind that She has the PFA on Him, not the other way around, plus he agreed to have it extended for another 30 days. Not the best move for a police office if he is innocent.

  14. “On duty” is key here. Proving the accusations will require some effort. There are many ways to fit events into time frames. Like the texting time records and first-hand observations by second parties, for example. They make for convincing testimony.

  15. Maybe if these women would respect the sanctity of marriage and never got involved with a married man we wouldn’t be reading about this. I have met officer McCoy and found him to be a top notch police officer. If in fact he is dealing with some mental issues I hope that he gets the help he needs.

  16. I question the need for the story in the first place more than the use of the f-bomb… The guys are right though… It is part of what happened and though I, again, question the need for the story in the first place… I see no reason for it to be edited for the easily offended… Don’t like it, don’t read it…

  17. how do u question the text messages, they are for real,are theneigborsnot truthful, what about District Attorney Berosh, what about the pictures, how would she not believe him, pictures, Facebook. Why is it always the woman oh in his case WOMEN, its the badge and every man that wears the badge knows there is a good chance of manipulating and preying on the most vulnerable

  18. The moral of this story don’t believe a CREEP IN A UNIFORM … I don’t know the girl but I GIVE HER CREDIT for coming forward. She’s not lying there’s too much evidence, like they say you played now you pay and if I was a taxpayer in Beaver I’d be pissed……

    • I am a taxpayer in Beaver, and yes, I am p—–d. On-duty dereliction of his sworn duties is serious. It has a direct impact upon the public who are relying upon him and jeopardizes public safety and trust. This is not a harmless soap opera.

  19. Fidelity is a matter of choice. She could have asked to see the divorce papers that were in the works.

    On the other hand, most cops are notorious narcissistic Neanderthals “me want all woman” and given the chance to get something for nothing- they will.

    Wise up ladies and think before you start a relationship with a man who claims to be “going through” a divorce. Wait until its over. Men lie to get to your vagina.

  20. After the investigative work of mr. paul, i predict this poor police officer will need an increase of his celexa dose :/

  21. Here is the amazing thing people… ON DUTY!!! While he should of been protecting the people of his town, he was being intimate with this woman!!! I can tell you that I actually pay attention to the scanner and I have heard the dispatchers same numerous times The “smith” residence has called saying that they never got a call that was requested or they quite simply just don’t show up if they do not believe it to be “worth it” My main question is WHO POLICES THE POLICE???? Obviously not the “supervisors”. If I did t do my job I would get fired… Or what if fireman just didn’t show up if your house was in fire or Paramedics didn’t come while you were having a heart attack or the dispatchers that answered the calls just didn’t answer the phone… They all have checks and balances… Why are the police held to a different standard? We pay taxes to pay clowns like these to protect us? WAKE UP!

  22. This person needs to resign from his position, plain and simple. He knows what he did and he knows he did it on the taxpayers dime! I know I will be at the next council meeting expressing my concerns as I do not need someone like this responding if I need to call 911. Truthful, I feel it is necessary to have a frank discussion with the borough solicitor , council, and the mayor about the behavior of the majority of the officers working in Beaver, from the chief down! They all cover for each other, cheat, and lie. What makes you think they wouldn’t lie on the stand in a courtroom. Mr. McCoy you have hurt this town, the residents, even your family so I think its time to finally tell the truth and move on as you obviously do not deserve the position or the power that comes along with it!

  23. On my honor,
    I will never betray my badge,
    my integrity, my character,
    or the public trust.
    I will always have
    the courage to hold myself
    and others accountable for our actions.
    I will always uphold the constitution
    my community and the agency I serve.

    Mr. McCoy, before any officer takes the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor, it is important that he understands what it means. An oath is a solemn pledge someone makes when he sincerely intends to do what it means!!!!

    Honor means that one’s word is given as a guarantee.
    Betray is defined as breaking faith with the public trust.
    Badge is the symbol of your office.
    Integrity is being the same person in both private and public life.
    Character means the qualities that distinguish an individual.
    Public trust is a charge of duty imposed in faith toward those you serve.
    Courage is having the strength to withstand unethical pressure, fear or danger.
    Accountability means that you are answerable and responsible to your oath of office.
    Community is the jurisdiction and citizens served.

    You should have thought about this the last couple of years as you broke it repeatedly!

  24. Beaver Council: Collect the facts, question him under oath, decide the action to be taken, and do it. Stop this apparent sanctimonious department-wide hypocrisy and corruption. Set policies for this enabling police department and clean house. This is bad, very bad. See you at the next Council meeting. At least this time the usual angry attacks can be justly directed and will have the appropriate result. Anything less would condone this malfeasance. Fire him and anyone who let him get away with it.

  25. This officer should not be allowed to work at all !! He should of been fired on the spot. Also what does this say for all the other officers, I know this is his own buisness but, he made it to be the county’s ! What does this say about why he has a job right now, does he know too much about others?, if this was another person that did this on there job, like at the nucler plant, really they would not have a job. This just goes to show what kind of corruption that is in our county.

    • I copied this “News” – as published on the Beaver PA website:

      For Your Safety: Chief Madgar would like to remind residents to be aware of their surroundings, as there have been reports recently of suspicious activity in the area.

      I think Chief Madgar may be talking about suspicious activities of his police officers. These aren’t suspicious activities, they are criminal activities. Apparently these activities are condoned by Madgar.

      Everyone should read the information on the Beaver PA site. Did you know that all of our property tax dollars does not cover the expense of the police department? We are all effected by Officer McCoy and the other affairs/actions of the police department. This attempted cover up by the police department and all related officials has to be addressed at the next council meeting. I hope property owner/taxpayer shows up to stress these “activities” will not be tolerated.

      Does Ken McCoy still have a job? What about the oath he took? What about actions unbecoming of an officer??

  26. Ms. Cilli seems to be just as crazy as Sgt McCoy. I’m sorry, but why would you keep letting this lunatic come to your home? Nowhere in this article does it state that Ms. Cilli, before the PFA, tried to stop Sgt. McCoy from coming to her home. Her neighbor was the one concerned before she was. Also, the fact that he was threatening her in the cruiser and she goes home and has a glass of wine???? Really????? She was also talking to the other, other woman on facebook. Are you kidding me? Both of these women are delusional. “Oh my lasagna was legendary in the police dept.” Get a life! They all need Western Psych!

    • Remember, It’s not criminal to be crazy. Good thing, we are all a little nutty in our own way.

      It appears McCoy’s actions are criminal, at the very least they are immoral. Western Psych? I think McCoy belongs behind bars for stealing from the town of Beaver. If you’re not working, but your punched in- that’s theft.

      As for Actions unbecoming of an officer…. Google this and see what you get. Here is one example:

      Cerceo v. Darby, 281 A.2d 251, 255 (Pa. Cmwlth. 1971):
      We demand from our law enforcement officers, and properly so, adherence to demanding standards which are higher than those applied to many other professions. It is a standard which demands more than a forbearance from overt and indictable illegal conduct. It demands that in both an officer’s private and official lives he do nothing to bring dishonor upon his noble calling and in no way contribute to a weakening of the public confidence and trust of which he is repository.

  27. This whole thing is so ridiculous! See where your tax dollars really go:

    Click on 2012 Budget, scroll down and see that of the $1.434 Million spent on the police department, $90,000 is for overtime. Just think, Officer McCoy may have been making Overtime to eat that lasagna and spend time at his girlfriend’s place.

    So while we all pay higher taxes the Beaver Police Department throws away our money. The Chief makes $77,592 while allowing this to happen. How much did Officer McCoy make while sleeping all over Beaver? I think it’s safe to say, we have some actions unbecoming of the police department!

    See you at the Council Meeting…. Tuesday 11/13/12

    Fire McCoy! Chief Madgar- For condoning these activities, Fire him too!! Let’s get some people who care about this town.

  28. Ok where do I start. outraged132….stated “what does this say for all the other officers”…Ill tell you what it says…NOT A DAMN THING you idiot…the majority of officers in beaver county take their job serios and are good people. NEXT….Very
    “Whatever stated…..”Truthful, I feel it is necessary to have a frank discussion with the borough solicitor , council, and the mayor about the behavior of the majority of the officers working in Beaver, from the chief down! They all cover for each other, cheat, and lie.” Hey ass….your covering right now by not putting your real name here and making comments about men in the PD you dont even know..or what they do.
    Not4u stated……”I can tell you that I actually pay attention to the scanner and I have heard the dispatchers same numerous times The “smith” residence has called saying that they never got a call that was requested or they quite simply just don’t show up if they do not believe it to be “worth it”….really…u really think those officers dont show up or return calls when dispatched to…just as your title says….thinking out load is not4u…cause your an idiot.
    Rubric stated….”Stop this apparent sanctimonious department-wide hypocrisy and corruption. Set policies for this enabling police department and clean house. This is bad, very bad. See you at the next Council meeting.” you better have your facts in line before you show up screaming and raving at the meeting…cause you dont even know what happened….you and all these fools on here just assume her story is true but have no clue. how bout his side of the story? does his count? listening to this bias column and statements apparently it doesnt.

  29. Rubric, it appears that you have a vendetta here. You have and your Freudian slip. .”Stop this apparent sanctimonious department-wide hypocrisy and corruption. Set policies for this enabling police department and clean house. This is bad, very bad. See you at the next Council meeting.” I have heard those words uttered once before in a council meeting by a certain attorney/councilmen / self appointed savior of beaver. It appears that someone else is playing puppet master here. I saw no where in the article where beaver council has made that claim, but I must say J.L.C. I have heard the grumbling about town uttered from your lips, Try not to use McDonalds as your speaking platform. You also are suppose to adhere to a higher standard just like the gentleman that you so 100% support, but all I saw from you was gutter sniping. You want facts collected and the Chief to be drug out in the street and to be stung up. I dare ask do you have any of the facts, if you took them from this blatantly biased article then I dare say you are half cocked my good sir. Look at the text messages what is above what is showed in the pictures and what conversations were going on. A GOOD defense attorney would know that but alas I did say good.

    Rubric you said
    “It was stated that they “had a problem with Ken”. It took this article to reveal it to the public. There was apparent internal inaction to resolve it. Why?”
    Where in the article does it say what took place internally.? I see nothing that states that there was or wasn’t any actions taken. Again someone on council would know what actions was/were being taken wouldn’t they L.J.C.? If so, why are you going to the “court of public opinion” in an effort, as it openly appears to drum up support. Sounds like a witch hunt by a ring leader that is way out of his league. I would ask that the Beaver Council as a whole, look into this councilmen and his shameful use of forums like these as a means to effect his policy. I’m not sure, but I believe this would be a personnel matter and as of such as I heard him say would be a matter to discuss in executive sessions, not in his court of public opinion.

    • Shamed: I am not on Beaver, or any, Council. I do not work for Beaver or Beaver County. I am not a lawyer. I am not JLC. I am not John Paul or a pseudonym of his. I am not Santa Claus or Elvis. I am an ordinary citizen with absolutely no ties to local, state or federal government or any agencies connected to them. Believe it or not, someone with an average I.Q who can see, read and listen can try to figure this stuff out and write about it. You have an agenda; I do not. Sorry, Sherlock, but there is nothing “afoot” here. It’s really “elementary” commentary.

    • Shamed: For the record, the quote is not a “Freudian Slip”. Do your homework before using psych phrases inaccurately. You are really out in left field in your comments.

  30. Wow this is what passes for intelligent discourse in Beaver County? McCoy should be terminated ASAP No questions no appeal and no hiding behind apparently many citizens who don’t give a damn. Cops abusing his power as usual no really a new story happens all the time kids.

  31. Scott Tayor why do you say he shou;d be terminated with no appeals.last time I checked we live in the United States where every person has a right to defend themselfs even you believe or not what is this girls is lying,should she be arrested she should be blasted in the media like this officer is maybe she is the crazy one.Just some food for thought.I think Beaver should hire a outside agency ti investage all this and go from there it is not right just tostart firing people on someone elses word,this can happen to anyone where I don’t like you and I make up some bullshit story to get you fired from your job would not want to defend yourself or are just say ok fire me and go home.

  32. I personally think that McCoy should be fired his right to posses firearms taken away just like they would do if he was a civilian and Madgar should also be fired sounds like he has done nothing but try to cover up his officer’s mistakes I think Beaver Police some how feel as though they are above the law and the rules don’t apply to them obviously the behavior Madgar shows by allowing his officers to get away with behaviors that would be a crime if committed by a citizen shows the mind set of the Beaver PD and to think he was using tax payer dollars to hook up with women take them out and then to harrass them. I feel sorry for the honest officers who lost their jobs when the corrupt officers of Beaver took over Industry. All I can say is FIRE these corrupt officers and make the streets safer for women to live in Beaver

  33. Fools, No need for name calling it does not become you! If you read what the nieghbors witnessed on McCoy, and the other officers had to cover his job! Someone is covering up for him! I was not stating that all police officers are corrupted. There are so many good Police Officers, that this has made this dept, a public disgrace due to one officer and the chief. This has effected the entire department, and why should the good Officers take the hit for the ones that cover up. I know Good Officers that do there job, this one needs to be fired and anyone else who was involved in covering for him.

    • I agree but the problem is not isolated to just Beaver yes many are decent men who do up hold the law in the appropriate manor but this cover up is only showing the other corrupt officers in our county they are above recourse and the LAW the swore to uphold and this misconduct is spreading so fast I personally am losing faith in law enforcement

  34. How many of you people hear the phrase “BULLYING” i understand that this circle is no good and many people are suffereing. There is many kids involved in this and to put this out there like this is not cool. The man made poor decisions and so has everyone else. Hes obviously not happy in the marrage that he is in to go out and lie to women. I know the OTHER OTHER GIRL and what in the world did she do to have her story out there? She was lied to as well but being lied to does not mean that you have to destroy the mans life. He was punished for life. He has put his family and others lives out for everyone to know. Try to explain this to your kids when for years you lived a lie and that lie turned into feelings then love. The poor children are the ones suffering not the adults here. People cheat people lie it doesnt mean that there careers should be over. People make mistakes and they learn i have i know that some mistakes that i can never fix but im stronger and more honest. There are people called control freaks and i feel that this is the case. Shes pissed because she wasnt the only one and thought that she could change the fact and that didnt happen. People need to grow up and leave families out of situations that it is not needed. The main problem in this world today is these damn computers there is to many ways of put downs and abuse. Leave it alone and leave them alone.

  35. @ Mallory, I also know the women involved in this mess. Both are lovely, and undeserving of the lies, harrassment and manipulation this man has dished out. It appears the Chief, Mayor and Solicitor were doing nothing to resolve the matter. At that point, Christine had the nerve to go to John Paul to get the truth out to the community about the monster behind the badge. Do you really think she wanted to deal with the shame and embarrassment it caused her and her family? As for the fallout to the innocent Ken McCoy VICTIMS, he’s the one responsible for that. I’ll attach a link that does a good job describing a sociopath.

  36. I’m really not saying that anyone deserves that but what i do know is that these damn articles ruin innocents peoples lives and its totally rediculas. There is 6 children involved in this plus a few more and its totaly insane. Christine should have just walked away and left it all alone cause now she will always have questions and people looking at her. Ken got punished and now its up to the mayor and the system to do anything else. Not Christine. She was just someone involved with a unhappy man in a marriage that he was to scared to end. I hope that after the meeting on Tuesday the women leaves him alone. She has another married man that she needs to worrie about.

    • @ Mallory:
      It’s not the articles that ruin lives, it’s the actions of a bad cop that ruin lives. I think Cilli did the right thing by coming forward. In response to her coming forward , the Mayor started the process and hopefully Council has enough sense to fire McCoy. I think enough taxpayer money has been wasted!

      Please note you said “women” leave him alone… Multiple women have been affected by McCoy. This is NOT an isolated incident. In fact, I bet there are other “women” that have a similar story with McCoy and other members of the Beaver Police Department. It’ll be interesting to see how many names are revealed as this unfolds.

      It’d be great if we could have a massage or drink a glass of wine and act like none of this happened, however that’s not reality. Some people don’t like to sweep things under the rug, nor should the Borough.

  37. Yes the mayor and the borough will make the decision. Gossip colums are rediculus they should not even have them to destroy people. If the local paper doesn’t want to publish the story then it should be over with. One sided story where is the other one? Simply when you mess with a married man your just setting yourself up for this and the drama. If you fight for something this was its no good. I hope that everyone will move forward with their lives and leave the un- needed away. Simply move on. Destroying someone’s lives benefits no one. Expecially when you drag people in that are not wanted in it. You can sit down and have a glass of wine becuase if your so attached to this then you need a life.

  38. Mallory, your comments are not logical, but perhaps it’s your poor grammar that makes them hard to follow. In any event, if you feel this strongly about the situation, attend the council meeting on the 13th and voice your opinion.

    • I have better things to do then go to a meeting. I hope that it works out for everyone and that when its over everyone stops the madness. Good luck to Ken and to Christine. Let the system handle it. Was typen on the I-Phone sorry now that i read it that was a mess.

  39. I see a whole list of charges. Let me out of the car means let me out of
    the car. If I awake to a person lying next to me in bed who didn’t have
    a key to my locked home, and knew she wasn’t wanted in my home, their
    presence in my home is illegal. Most of you country folk really believe
    in that “true blue” bullshit. A police officer is a person, and people
    have problems and issues and sicknesses. This man is sick. He can’t uphold/follow the laws of his own household (marriage). The women are not to blame; this man has no respect for the sanctity of his own marriage. He is untrustworthy, an adulterer, a fornicator. Some of you seem to think these are the qualities of a top notch police officer. You need help too. Get him off the streets and out of the police business. And evaluate the co-workers who tasted the food of these women. They are just as untrustworthy as officer McCoy. And the chief? LOL. What a joke and a liar! He tried the lasagna. Now he’s in the media telling lies and mis-truths about what he knew and didn’t know. So now we all know that Beaver has two law enforcement agencies headed by clowns.



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