a selfie taken by Mayor Walker on his way to Nigeria
a selfie taken by Mayor Walker on his way to Nigeria
a selfie taken by Mayor Walker on his way to Nigeria

Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker has failed to file a state mandated ethics statement for last year and may have omitted material information from the year before, including an all-expense paid trip to Africa, a review by the Beaver Countian has revealed.

The Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission requires all public officials to file a Statement of Financial Interests (SFI) each year. The forms provide the public an opportunity to research any potential conflicts of interest an official may have and examine any benefits a public official may be receiving due to their positions. The Ethics Commission requires officials to list their real estate interests, creditors, sources of income, gifts, travel, and financial interests in any business.

Ethics statements for state officials are filed with the Ethics Commission in Harrisburg and are viewable online, statements from officials at the county level are filed with the Bureau of Elections in the courthouse, while officials serving at the local level file statements with their respective municipal buildings. State law mandates ethics forms be available for inspection by the public at any time during normal business hours.

The Beaver Countian went to the Aliquippa City Building yesterday to inspect ethics statements filed by Mayor Dwan Walker, finding that he failed to file a statement detailing financial information from the previous year as required by law.

When the Beaver Countian later messaged Mayor Walker asking him why he had not filed his ethics statement, he insisted he had, and that this reporter was lying about the file not being provided at the City Building. The Beaver Countian had watched as a secretary removed a folder containing this year’s SFIs from a filing cabinet, and documented all files provided for examination which included SFIs from other city officials — Walker’s was not among them. “I know it was there period,” he wrote. Mayor Walker stopped responding after this reporter revealed the process had been documented on video.

Mayor Walker did have a prior statement on file in another folder from 2013 provided to the Beaver Countian detailing financial interests from 2012. Walker listed Fedex as his only source of income, with no real estate interests, no interest in any business, and no creditors (officials are not required to list home mortgages, but must list any other debts that had a balance in excess of $6,500 at any time during the calendar year). Walker was forced out of his position at FedEx in September of 2012 for conducting city business while at work, and has since been spending full days in the Aliquippa City Building. It is unclear how he has been supporting himself.

Walker also listed that he received no gifts and no transportation, lodging, or hospitality in 2012. Officials must list all gifts in excess of $250 that did not come from family members or personal friends, and most travel costs or reimbursements in excess of $650.

The official website for the City of Aliquippa currently features photos of Mayor Walker from a trip to Nigeria, Africa that he took in 2012.

As the Beaver Countian first reported in November of 2012, Mayor Dwan Walker traveled to Nigeria after being invited to a 5 day conference by a nonprofit organization named ALGON. A letter from the organization shows that Walker was an invited participant due to his “work in city government and for a continued commitment at building cross continental bridge to strengthen relations between U.S and Nigeria [sic].” The letter goes on to say that during the trip “we will explore areas whereby we can increase our cooperation to benefit our respective cities.” It is unclear what business or other relationships Aliquippa may have with Nigeria. The letter states that ALGON was to cover the “cost of travel, lodging, feeding and ground logistics” for Mayor Walker’s trip to Africa.

Walker has posted several photos from his trip to Nigeria on his Facebook page, including a photograph that shows a layover in Frankfurt, Germany and a flight on “Arik Wings Of Nigeria” airlines. Other photographs show Mayor Walker stayed at the Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers while in Nigeria, and that he visited the Jacaranda Casino. A bottle of wine can be seen in one picture with a placard reading “Complements of Specialty Drilling Fluids Ltd.”

It is unknown how much ALGON spent in total to have the Mayor of a small third-class city in Pennsylvania (with a population of just 9,300) attend its conference in Africa. Travel sites show the cost of plane tickets alone from Pittsburgh to Nigeria may have been over $2,000.

Mayor Dwan Walker did not respond to any questions sent to him about his trip to Africa.

Mayor Walker in Nigeria as posted to his Facebook page
Mayor Walker in Nigeria as posted to his Facebook page


Mayor Walker's ethics statement listing no gifts or travel for 2012
Mayor Walker’s ethics statement listing no gifts or travel for 2012


  1. “Complements of Specialty Drilling Fluids Ltd.”  Bingo, we have a winner!  I wonder who is footing the bill for all this?  Is it Chesepeake?  Range Resources?  What happened at this conference?

    • Shell and BP are the biggest players in Nigeria.  Same stuff over there, the largest parts of the population see nothing and the companies get it all by installing an oligarchy to be compliant with the wishes of big multinational corporations.

  2. So the Mayor went on a trip and has publicized it every way he could but you are claiming he is trying to hide it from everyone?  Al really is not very bright

      • Al is trying to get John Paul to stir up some shit but John Paul hasn’t figured out that Al is not very bright. I don’t think the costs of his trip were a “reimbursement” and the Mayor may not even know how much it cost and it was from 2012. John Paul has been focused on Aliquippa lately. He is looking to aggravate someone to get something to write about.

    • His stupidity and arrogance is what fuels him to make it public. The stupidity and arrogance get in the way of him seeing the bigger picture of how this will end his political career. This is what happens to most politicians who go down.

  3. Keep sitting in that Aliquippa City Building all day breathing that toxic mold and planning that strategy to run for Governor and U.S. House of Reps….you’re going to have to shift that planning to how to keep your shady ass out of jail.

  4. @Cheryl here you go again lol lol, AL is a creep just like myron and just like havey and rest of lawyers.

    But this has nothing to do with that , this site been writing about aliquippa and dwan,ahhh the while story on Africa trip, months ago, dinners in Pittsburgh, sestmic testing, shady developments, the crazy guy that ran for council that didn’t live in quip kit goes on and on.

    If you where a real what’s right, whistle blower shouldn’t be hard to find and see in quip it’s so blatant…. that investigations are taking place around them and they don’t even know…

    • You must be on some really good drugs. This has everything to do with Al and John Paul knows it. Al didn’t like his story in the Times- he doesn’t think any laws apply to him, so he just moves people into buildings without inspections or permits- so now they are trying to distract by dreaming up some nonsense about Aliquippa. If John Paul was interested in real political corruption he would be writing about why HUD is investigating how Beaver County spends our federal dollars.

      • Cheryl, you are either misinformed or are intentionally misinforming others. I understand as the Financial Administrator of Aliquippa you are personally vested in much of my reporting, but let’s try to stick to the facts as they relate to the matter at hand.

        Assistant District Attorney Albert Torrence had absolutely nothing to do with this article. I have never spoken to him about any issues related to Mayor Dwan Walker in any way, shape, or form.

        I believe the only time I’ve ever spoken to him about Aliquippa at all was when he was prosecuting former Officer John Martin for stealing a resident’s firearm (to which the former officer was found guilty).

        My reporting about Aliquippa is coming from my sources in Aliquippa, much like my reporting about Ohioville is coming from my sources in Ohioville.

        As always, thanks for being a reader of the Beaver Countian!

      • John Paul, you are over rating yourself. Nobody is personally vested in your blog. AS always, thanks for the entertainment. 

      • Thank u Cheryl I have been trying to think of a way to get this out there ,SEEMS LIKE AN AWFUL LOT OF HUD MONEY IN B/C,but it  is not being spent on things that need done and is being spent on things that are useless like high rises for elderly placed in non accessible places for them,look at where these buildings are placed and no 2 bedrooms in the whole county or mid income housing built . 

      • Yes.Torrence, who is the Beaver County Controller’s Solicitor- he advises the controller about how the county spends it’s money- got almost a  half million dollars from HUD thru Beaver County but the Mayor’s little trip is more newsworthy

      • The only “entertainment” on here is watching the few who are involved in the corruption and drinking the Kool-aid attempt to use pretzel logic to justify their deeds…

  5. I wonder how much of his welfare check is going towards his excursions?? BTW how is he able to care for his children with no income?  I know God is good but I’ve never got a check signed by Jesus to lavish my lifestyle.

  6. So disgusting…. Do people even see what’s happening? Cheryl, I wouldn’t be too quick to defend. Just sit back and enjoy the show at this point. Aliquippa has itself into such a deep hole at this point whatever will happen will happen. Where’s the AG been this whole time? Someone needs to call and report the corruption already!

    • You people are so mindless.  Don’t you think if all this were true that the AG would already be involved?  Stop believing they hype. 

    • Unreal, litterally.  These stories are unreal as in untrue.  Every story JP posts starts with, “sources inside Aliquippa.”  I can call JP and slander anyone.  I can call JP and create a negative story about anyone.   I need to see documented research.  Show me Mr. Paul, sir, where you verified the information.  Show me the proof.  I don’t need the names of your sources, but I do want to see that what you have been reporting on is proven without a shadow of a doubt.  Otherwise you are reporting rumor.  Otherwise this is a gossip column. 

      • If you’re interested in the “truth”, slander and libel are offenses under the civil code and damages are allowed for a court victory. If anything JP has written here is untrue, Dwan would have a case for libel/slander but that is not the case.
        The standard for reporting is not the same as in a criminal case; “beyond a shadow of a doubt” is not required for reporting. Following your logic, every newspaper/news program in the country is a “gossip column”.

      • I check article content before I respond, and you can believe me that this reporting is accurate. Actually, the side issues and implications are even worse, and they are not stated here. One example is to go to the Nigerian Vanguard newspaper review of the Nigerian meeting, called “The Association of Local Government of Nigeria National Conference, November 28-30 2012, “National Conference on Rediscovering the Local Government System in the Emerging Constitution”,
        Enugu State Nigeria
        at the link http://issuu.com/vanguardngr/docs/031220122/22
        , and read it for yourself. The national, countrywide Local Government System in Nigeria is absolutely NOTHING like the small town government of Aliquippa, and the issues at the meeting were drafting governmental policies in the wake of a constitutional revision. The only similarities are the widespread corruption of self-interests that confounds the Nigerian system of government. (But, they take it a step further and kill each other for the privilege, then award honorary doctorates to the winners.) A fledgling mayor like Dwan Walker would have absolutely NOTHING to contribute to or derive from the meeting, and the issues were unrelated to any practical application back home in Aliquippa. It was a FREE RIDE, possibly arranged and funded indirectly/directly by religious and/or oil interests, and he was included on the “mayor committee” only because of the demographics of his home town. If it were legitimate, he would have briefed the town people about what he had learned upon his return, given possible applications of the knowledge, then claimed the expenses on his vouchers. He did none of this. His “Sugar Daddies” are being revealed, his political exploitation, self-entitlement and self-glorification are rampant, and only when the fracking rigs are set up on the main streets of Aliquippa will the public and his brainwashed, sycophantish religious following accept the truth. This is bad stuff, and it is no joke. And, John Paul is certainly not picking on the “poor religious guy” from Aliquippa. 

  7. I love how people try to throw out the conspiracy theories to deflect. This is a story about not claiming an all expense trip to Africa, not about getting more section 8 money for aliquippa. I’m sure Dwan did claim any of the trips that he took to any of the democratic conventions or events either, I believe those trips were also paid for by others. I bet he’s going to blame someone else because that appears to be what happens when you get caught misrepresented your financials. I bet Sam Gill is going to be the fall guy for this one or
    Does Dwan have Lay one of his advisors from jail. Cheryl before you defend the man who would throw you under the bus and back over you you might want to make sure you’re not doing something that is against city policy and have your rights read to you for talking to the media.

  8. Thats Great news we need more section 8 housing, because they be tearing down units in linmar, maybe over by the old hospital !

  9. The letter from Nigeria reads like all of those email scams from The Minister of Finance we get claiming to have left us 3 million dollars.

  10. John Paul – You get NO SILENCE from me!  Keep up the good work.  At first I did feel that with all the stories you did on Aliquippa over the year that you were picking on them just a tad too much.  However, I can admit when I am wrong.  You are on to something and it is big.  Keep up the good work … and I must ask what happened with the Ambridge Athletic Director a few years ago and the alleged missing money that caused him to resign from the Ambridge school and the Steelers announce job?  Also, What happened to Tom King, Director at the Beaver County Park and Rec where he was fired?  Why don’t you ever answer these things?  Thank you sir, and keep up the good work.

  11. Yeah Cheryl McFarland

    Was financial person at beaver county head start who cares who made some money if it’s wrong the FEDS will say they have to pay it back.

    But I’m glad those children didn’t have to attend the old plan 12 school, that place was disgusting mold infested building.

    But what I find so odd is miss McFarlnd deep hatred for the AL attorney guy it’s been like over a year of same bitching, selling a fraud story but cuddled up to Myron sainovich while doing so and ends up where he is SOLICITOR working with former head start took off to chase love on the internet Sam Gill… that’s same solicitor that was fired in county for taking money he shouldn’t of, and signing himself a contract for 200k a year to do work he should if been doing already as his main 90k year job? That same one that represents his good buddie the sheriff, same one that was fired for conflict of interest in aliquippa and had to pay back money,same one fired from western beaverand? What was that harassment of superintendent and tricking a board person into signing deals? Same one under current investigation in Rochester for double billingand referring outside counsel to umm fresh from prison John havey , who represented pissed off head start building owner anyways shares office in aliquppa,?

    Yes not saying the Torrence guy is clean but whew you need ti take a look around and notice worst things in front of you and if you don’t think so prediction you will be at a grand jury testifying about things in the Q with mayor you know who and SOLICITOR!!!!

    Stay turned

  12. @ Cheryl wheww weeee that dick must of had the magical elixir in it, geeez scorned wow No Strings attached, means friends that fuck.. You know wink wink move on.

  13. If the problems in Aliquippa are to be effectively addressed, the de facto church-state political framework will have to be removed. The religiosity pervades almost all commentary, philosophy and policy, from the mayor’s own Facebook page to the Aliquippa town web page as a medium and vehicle for the believers. It is not only a separation of church and state matter — serious enough — it is a matter of COMPELLING and GOVERNING a public within a religious framework. In a more enlightened setting, legal challenges would be immediate and fundamental. City Hall cannot be the church, and the church cannot be City Hall, pragmatically and legally. I am amazed that the current form of government can persist without challenges. EVERYONE in that town is not a conservative religious person seeking to proselytize the masses, and there must be some who are sitting idly by as the presumptuous agents of the church-in-charge railroad the policies. 

    • Look, you are certainly right Raven.  But challenging that is not the issue of the moment.  I think the ethics violations are pretty big and should be taken seriously.  And after that, I would like to know more about this administration and who funded it?  Was it George David and Myron pulling the strings to take Aliquippa back?  And why do they want it?  What is up with the hospital deal?  Where is the money coming from and who benefits the most?  It seems to me that you have two factions against each other working for the same result.  There is some serious fraud going on.  Why do they need a redevelopment authority?

      • That indeed is a VERY good question.  Who IS funding them?  …”could it be Santan?”

    • @Raven, I totally agree with you on the religious thing, but unfortunately our Supreme court is going to allow for prayer at municipal meetings.  That was the one thing I kept getting a little edgy about.  I don’t like to see people forced into participating in something they may not be comfortable with.  I for one would not be comfortable mixing religion with city government.  I respect peoples rights and beliefs, but I do feel that it is in poor taste to force them on others.  City council decides the fate of the zoning tonight on the proposed deal with LIFE and Heritage Valley.  Redevelopment Authority meets the very next night at Shadow Lakes.  I think a lot of folks have a lot of questions to be asking right now and they should be very wary of the way in which the decisions are going.  I find it suspicious that a deal worth tens of millions of dollars is only going to benefit 41 elderly residents on money that magically appears from heaven.  Perhaps the high rises that Betters will build will also get discussed, but unlikely after the council decides to revert the zoning to R3.

      • WAITAMINUTE…..I heard that Linmar will be eventually torn down, but the people there are ok with it because new housing is supposed to go up.  Is this complex they’re voting on supposed to be the replacement?  If so, what are the other residents supposed to do for housing?  41 residencies for elderly will not house the families that will be out on the street and public housing has a very long wait from what I hear.  Are these families going to be put out on the street?

  14. so are the rumors true that linmar will eventually be demolished and the people that live there be homeless because they say their building replacement housing, but it will only house 41 elderly? Something stinks. Why would they build only 41 on that huge land lot?  What’s going to happen to the other residents once they’re forced out?

    • Linmar has been rumored to be demolished and I’ve heard it enough from credible sources to believe there is something to that.  Your question.  Why all this for 41 people and millions of dollars that go tax free?  It’s the 40 million dollar question.  If that property flips to R3 the developers are free to build whatever they like.  If you have the suitable acres for development set at 18, and 12 is slotted for the old folks home and an urgent care facility, what is going on with the remaining 6?  No one will say.  High rise slipped out at one meeting, but no one seems to remember that.  Oh, and no decision was reached over the deal tonight at council.  So expect LIFE and Heritage valley to hit them back, they seemed a little aggressive in their previous negotiations and were demanding that the property be rezoned.  I would think most of the citizens might want to be aware that the golf course is leased for its mineral rights.  The Hospital borders that property.  You are looking at a real possibility that the golf course, hospital property, Linmar and Plan 11 are going to get fracked.  You don’t have to look far who keeps retaining the mineral rights.

      • Sorry, Linmar and Plan 11, Plan 12, Plan 6, Valley Terrace, and Logstown should be fire bombed. How about you go and get a JOB and buy a HOUSE for a change.

      • @Quit Whining: I live on Plan 12.  I own my house.  Have a great job.  I am married to a woman who has a great job herself. Maybe we should fire bomb your house.  Good people live in these neighborhoods also.  Stop stereotyping the whole based on the few.  

  15. @not sure: (I apologize for the lack of formatting in this piece.) The Supreme Court (5 to 4) held that that Christian prayers said before meetings of a New York town council did not violate the constitutional prohibition against government establishment of religion. It cited history and tradition for the justification. The decision is about pre-meeting prayers, and it is only that, and not a condoning of an operational framework for the meetings or the publicly meeting bodies themselves. (However, town councils will be off to the races now because of it.) So, it is a limited endorsement of prayer, under specific conditions.
    But compare that to the Aliquippa City website on Facebook, which is essentially Dwan Walker himself, adding entries daily, as in this excerpt from the Facebook site:
    ‘The enemy will tell you all the reasons you could never become what you were created to be. Don’t believe those lies. God has already arranged a comeback. There’s victory in your future. JOEL OSTEEN’ ”

    This is typical of his religious postings, hundreds of them, that appear under the name of the City of Aliquippa. THAT is NOT pre-meeting prayer. It is the modus operandus of the city “administration” and the reigning philosophy it proselytizes. And that is not separation of church and state; it is a direct establishment of religion into the fabric of town affairs; it is the church fused into the state. His followers apparently do not see much wrong with that. But what of the other citizens who do not subscribe to this Reverand’s message? Are there Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Islamists, Confucians, Asian multi-deists, non-believers and others there too? Sure. Are they addressed in the town liturgy? No. 
    This is a railroading of a personal belief system, and it is against the separation of church and stated intention of the U.S. Constitution and the prohibited establishment of a religion by government, regardless of which of his followers endorse it. 
    Religion isn’t an add-on or blessing for the Aliquippa city government, it IS the government. And that is where the rub is. About the only other things that appear there are occasional public, blessed, notices from the Reverend and a plethora of defensive bumper sticker homilies that are meant to console the downtrodden, i.e., Dwan Walker himself.  
    The public is asked to support and grant his wish (posted May 6, 2014) for financial sponsorship of his daughter, Aryonna Walker, an alleged state finalist for “National American Miss”. Apparently, he doesn’t have enough spare change left over after his Nigerian trip. (Shell, are you listening?) No matter. Advertising this — on the town website — should get the bucks rolling in. I’m sure he will say prayers for the donors, post them online, and help them save their generous souls. 

      • No question about that. You have a lot of good insights about the housing situation, as well the key players. There’s a heck of a lot going on behind the scenes that I hope is revealed.

    • A BCT article today, Sunday, 5/11/2014, covers the recent Supreme Court decision. It is interesting that it states  “Aliquippa officials, which routinely hold prayers before meetings, did not return calls.” 

  16. In November of 2012, Mayor Eugene W. Grant, Mayor of Seat Pleasant, Maryland, lead a small (5 member) delegation of U.S. Mayors to Enugu State, Nigeria for the Annual ALGON Conference. Joining Mayor Grant were Mayor Walter Lee James, Jr., Mayor of Bladensburg, Maryland, Mayor Lillie Thompson-Martin, Mayor of Fairmount Heights, Maryland, Mayor Mary Sutton Ajoku, Mayor of Cruger, Mississippi, and Mayor Dwan B. Walker, Mayor of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.
    The town, and personal, web sites of the first four are “open” with information. It is possible that they will be more forthcoming about the trip’s financing than Dwan Walker has been.

  17. Why not report monetary gifts? 
    Well, perhaps the trip was not of substance, but instead was for personal gain — political and monetary. Activism, ‘churchism’, poitics, rhetoric and impressionable people on the way “up”.

    I posted the YouTube video, because the backgrounds of the article’s players are important, even if they are not reportable “corruptions”, in that they show WHY the things happen. Here, I have to ask “What was ‘in it’ for Mayor Dwan Walker?” And, “What was ‘in it’ for Mayor Eugene W. Grant, Mayor of Seat Pleasant, Maryland?” And why not be upfront about the cost and benefits?

    Video clips, like YouTube’s, of Grant offer insight into this. Grant’s website and publications offer more. His precise, over-articulated, fist-pounding, presentment of his chosen vocabulary words, ‘dependent and independent’, and a contrived archaic political term, ‘independency’, for the Nigerian session in the YouTube video, are carefully repeated ad nauseum, apparently with God’s blessing and backed by Biblical quotes, by this “intelligent” and “skilled” man “made in God’s own image”, in the cadenced, screaming hysteria of a revival tent.
    This was not the United Nations’ Security Council. It was a hot, sweaty, ad hoc meeting of locals bent upon commiserating about being left out of their Constitution.The crowd did not “buy” his noisy rant, which in the end was pointless. Dwan Walker was there, and bowed to the audience, but was not even identified by name.
    Was he really interested in Nigeria’s Constitution and the plight of his brothers and sisters in their fight for fiscal autonomy? Come on, now. 
    For the $12,000 to $15,000 it cost to transport the group of five mayors, I have to ask, “Where did the money come from?” And, “Why?”  “Remember Haiti” (YouTube video) donations went directly to the mayor’s office in Maryland, after a slick YouTube video, in which he “starred” (his word) in the video, produced and published by the mayor’s office. I do not know where grants and donations for his Global Developmental Services for Youth, Inc., (“GDSY”) “nonprofit” end up, but Google Earth places the location in the parking lot of the City Hall.
    Of the five travelling members, Grant is the only one with the cash on hand, and it could be that he, or GDSY footed the bill. Other leads suggest a secondary church source, perhaps the original connection for all of them.

    What’s in it for Walker? A free trip to hobnob with other ‘activists’. What’s in it for Grant? Another connection to add to his support web. Will Walker donate or channel monies to Grant? Who knows. Why not report the money for the trip? I think the answer if obvious. The whole thing was a sham.

    • Raven, you are right.  What would be the harm in filing it?  There is greater harm in not filing it.  State Ethics Commission is rather sticky on this from what I can see.  They don’t care what the intent is, more that something was not reported that should have been.  It’s the very reason that elected officials have to file their SFI’s.  If he fails to report the trip as an act of ignorance, it’s not the issue.  And it is not the issue what the trip was for.  His financial disclosure is just not there for anything at all.  The trip is just the tip of the ice berg in this.  Once they get wind of that, they will be most interested to see what else is omitted or not reported.

      • not sure: It wasn’t an omission of ignorance. It is too big for that. Even Dwan Walker could see the elephant in the room. As I pointed out, it’s a pattern of behavior, a way of doing “life” and business. I can’t prove that it was originally a church connection joining the five, but i strongly believe that. Every one of these five people has email and dot org contact links that are based in a church organization linked secondarily to city hall, especially Walker. Maybe that is irrelevant for reporting requirements, but it helps explain the presence of the iceberg you mention. Deception and hypocrisy are not illegal, but the profit from them can be. Ask Benny Hinn. 

  18. Did any of you conspiracy theory chasers read the invitation above? Seems lie you people think of the Mayor of Aliquippa the way you think of the President of the United States. I really hope that the mayor connected with someone from Africa interested in helping him do something for our neighbors and backing it with cash. No matter what you people say or think, Mr. Walker is a whole lot different than what you people are used to in a politician. I’m not a resident of Quip, but Mr. Walker made it easy for me to voice opinions and give ideas. You people hide. And scheme. And lie. And cover up. And pin your conspiracy theories on people who do things you don’t understand. You people should be checking everybody in public office out. JP can’t be everywhere. While you are concentrating and conspiring on the Mayor of Aliquippa, your county, state and federal officials are sinking knives into your backs.

    • Failing to file a state mandated disclosure about finances, gifts and any income related to a politicians expenditures while in office is gov’t 101.  Not conspiracy theories as you suggest.  It’s law.  And it’s about ethics and transparency.  He’ll talk to anyone who will listen about all the good things he does and how awesome god is.  But if you ask him about how he’s living, or what he’s trying to hide, he seems to get a little defensive.  Not filing this stuff for 2013 or failing to claim the gift doesn’t look good.  It’s now a matter for the ethics commission.

  19. Throughout the 30 years of its existence, the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission has continued to uphold its core mission and guiding principle that public office is a public trust and that any effort to realize personal financial gain through one’s public office other than compensation provided by law is a violation of that trust. The Pennsylvania Public Official and Employees Ethics Act, Act 170 of 1978, became effective on January 1, 1979, and in subsequent years was amended and reenacted in 1989, codified in 1998, and amended in 2006.

    Throughout its history, the Ethics Commission has remained ever vigilant and steadfast in its mission of ensuring the public’s confidence in state and local government.

    The State Ethics Commission is mandated to investigate sworn complaints and to initiate investigations on its own motion with regards to both Ethics and Lobbying Disclosure matters. A sworn complaint must include full names and addresses of the complainant and respondent, contain allegations related to specific individuals, be signed by the complainant, and be properly notarized.



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