Defense attorney Gerald Benyo (left), District Attorney David Lozier (right) / submitted photos

An inmate at the Beaver County Jail who received a letter allegedly detailing the murder of Rachael DelTondo was given a plea agreement in his case today and will be released from jail next week.

District Attorney David Lozier told WPXI’s Amy Marcinkiewicz that Wayne Cordes was offered the plea deal — which saw multiple felony charges reduced to misdemeanors — in exchange for agreeing to testify truthfully in all court proceedings related to the Mother’s Day murder of Rachael DelTondo.

“The letter and the inmate could become key in the Rachael DelTondo case,” WPXI reported after speaking with Lozier.

But Wayne Cordes’ own defense attorney alleges to that prosecutors agreed to the plea deal in order to avoid a court hearing scheduled today seeking sanctions against the District Attorney’s Office. published an in-depth investigative report about the “DelTondo Murder Letter” on June 12 in conjunction with a team of reporters for the Daily Mail out of New York City (“EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious DelTondo Murder Letter Leads To Raid Of Attorney’s Office – Court Gags Defense Lawyer“). A second investigative report published by the Beaver Countian on June 16 called into question the authenticity of the letter (“Discrepancy Discovered In DelTondo Murder Letter Mystery“).

Rachael DelTondo’s mother, Lisa, told that following its reports Beaver County Detectives confirmed to her they had conclusive information that the letter was not authentic.

The letter led to a flurry of activity by Beaver County Detectives who worked to obtain the original document which had been torn in two by Cordes. Search warrants were executed on Wayne Cordes’ jail cell as well as the offices of defense attorney Gerald Benyo.

Benyo alleged that county detectives seized confidential documents pertaining to Cordes’ upcoming trial during the raid, something Lozier insisted to reporters was false. After a county judge unsealed some court records in the case it was revealed that defense documents related to Cordes’ trial had in fact been taken by detectives (Judge Unseals Some “DelTondo Murder Letter” Court Records – District Attorney Made False Statements To Reporters).

Benyo sought sanctions as a result (Defense Attorney Seeks Sanctions Against District Attorney Lozier Over DelTondo Murder Letter Raid).

Gerald Benyo provided the following statement to following today’s plea agreement by Wayne Cordes:

“The truth of the matter is, on May 30 in a meeting with the district attorney and county detectives, an offer was made by me on behalf of Wayne Cordes that in exchange for reduced criminal charges he would provide complete cooperating and truthful testimony as to the DelTondo homicide investigation. At that time, Mr. Cordes’ offer was refused and I commenced active litigation defending Mr. Cordes from the illegal search and seizure that was conducted on his jail cell, along with violations of his 4th, 6th, and 14th amendment Constitutional rights.

“Over the course of 5 weeks, I filed numerous documents outlining the violations of the rules of criminal procedure as well as the District Attorney’s Office exceeding the limited authority to seize documents from the jail cell of Wayne Cordes.

“Today a hearing was to be held on the motion for sanctions against the District Attorney asking the criminal case against Mr. Cordes be dismissed in its entirety.

“Prior to the hearing, the District Attorney’s Office offered a plea bargain that was too good for Mr. Cordes to refuse and the court accepted Mr. Cordes’ plea to misdemeanor simple assault and misdemeanor theft, rather than the numerous felonies charged in the criminal information. Mr. Cordes will be leaving the jail next week, having already served his minimum sentence.

“It is in my opinion as defense counsel for Mr. Cordes that the plea bargain offered by the District Attorney’s Office related primarily to the District Attorney’s violation of the criminal rules and Constitutional protections, rather than any information Mr. Cordes had as to the DelTondo homicide investigation.

“Since my involvement with Mr. Cordes, and the original offer of cooperation in the DelTondo homicide investigation 6 weeks ago, the District Attorney’s Office has consistently taken the position that Mr. Cordes did not have any knowledge of the homicide that was of any significance.

“Although the district attorney does not appear to be bound by his own gag order, I can not comment further based upon President Judge Mancini’s direction to me not to discuss matters concerning Wayne Cordes and the DelTondo homicide investigation in detail.

“After viewing the WPXI Channel 11 news broadcast, I was surprised by the comments of District Attorney Lozier. I can only assume that his version of what occurred in Courtroom 5 today was different than mine in that I was actually in the courtroom and involved in the negotiations, where as he was at the 2018 District Attorney’s Association Conference at the Omni Resort in Bedford Springs.”

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Benyo should’ve taken Stonewall’s sorry ass to the cleaners. Stonewall makes Nixon look ethical and decent by comparison. I am furious we are paying for that corrupt son of a bitch to kick back and relax in Bedford.

  2. Da fuck is going on in this stupid stupid DA office. How’s his victim feel about you releasing both the girl that drew him to a home and violent criminal with an xtentsive criminal record lay in wait to …..wait a minute….they or their friends play that same game with Rachael just forget to tell her

  3. A criminal walks because the DA doesn’t know what he is doing. If you voted for him you must be embarrassed.

  4. Lozier has become one of the most disappointing people to ever work in that courthouse, and that’s really fucking saying something.

  5. Question to Mr Benyo…Is there any other course of action at this point that can be undertaken to have this pathetic excuse for a DA reprimanded, censured, removed from office etc. Or do we simply sit back and have to watch this tit continue to make a mockery of the justice system, and the taxpayers who elected him and pay his outrageous salary?

  6. Attorney Benyo should be the current DA. He has forgotten more law than Lozier ever knew.. If you need a Lawyer in Allegheny Couny call Bobbie DelGreco, If you need one in Beaver County, call Jerry Benyo. My only hesitation on Jerry becoming the next DA is prosicuitors will have such an advantage over the defense attorney’s in Beaver County we’ll have to build a bigger jail in West Aliquippa. I’M STILL VOTING FOR BENYO FOR DA.. Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.

  7. Unfugginbelievable! So Loser didn’t bother to show for his own sanctions hearing. And to boot he’s at a conference on the taxpayers dime.

    As much as we all were hoping Mr. Benyo would fry Loser’s ass, he must do what is in the best interest of his client.

    Obviously Mr. Benyo has ethics and takes his oath seriously. Loser needs to take some lessons from Mr. Benyo!

  8. Hell of a thing when the people who are to protect and serve put a target on your back. No way Lozier was going to knock heads with Benyo in that sanction hearing. That would have been a step towards the truth about what really happened to that young lady. Law enforcement – Politicians – Attorneys – Are not the guardians of our Constitutional rights. We the people are.

  9. Why does taking a plea deal for charges exempt DA Lozier from investigation (and more) for Constitutional violations?

    Why can’t the plea happen and also have the facts presented that support the claim that there were Constitutional violations?

  10. I walked through the courthouse a few weeks ago. It seems to be one big happy playground with just a few people abstaining from playing and actually doing work. Instead of raising county taxes to make up for the huge deficit how about getting rid of the deadweight lazy political hires?

    • The problem is, they are ALL political hires, down to Aliquippa Mayor’s sister-in-law. How convenient that she got hired there not too very long ago. Who would be left to work if the political hires were gone? Nobody!

  11. Mr. Cordes, I suspect that you are a piece of shit anyway, and now you missed your chance to redeem yourself a little bit. Taking that plea deal sank the entire county back down into the swamp from which we finally saw a clear path out of. Good job and good luck on your next crime. Just keep in mind next time that a lot of us potential victims are armed and trained. It may not go so good for you next time, and I hear karma is a motherfucker.

    • No, you are an uneducated POS. YOU go sit in jail for months on end for a crime you didnt commit because of a crooked cop. To boot, for a crime against a drug toting sexual predator. Let mr crooked cop protect the real assault perp and threaten witnesses. This is all just the tip of the iceberg in his case, so get informed before you judge.

      • If that’s all true, then why accept a plea bargain? Don’t sell me on the whore with a heart of gold bullshit. Innocent people don’t plead guilty to anything.

      • Yeah. Considering the morals of the powers that be huh? Sure the truth is what prevails with them… NOT.

      • I am confused. If that is the case…and you really did not commit these crimes…then this is the perfect scenario to clear your name. The PERFECT time to say, you are innocent and were put there by a crooked cop. The PERFECT opportunity to blow these guys out of the water with their corrupt BS. You should have taken your Attorney’s advice and stuck with him…he was defending you to the end. He is still defending you and the things that are going on. I am confused as well as to why you would take a plea bargain when you had the DA eating out of your hand. Them offering you a plea bargain meant they were scared of the outcome.

    • One of the workshops Lozier might attend:

      Workshop offering at the 2018 Annual Summer Meeting
      2018 Annual Summer Meeting

      July 8-11, 2018 • Omni Bedford Springs • Bedford, PA

      9:15 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

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      opposing counsel or their clients. And all
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      course will help you understand how to
      prioritize your efforts to make the most
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      Attendees will learn how to make best use
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      • Location-based directories, including
      Google My Business and Yelp
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      Best Lawyers in America, Chambers
      & Partners and Super Lawyers
      • Social Media, primarily Facebook,
      LinkedIn and Twitter

      Speaker: Sarah Larson, Executive Vice
      President, Client and Public Relations —
      Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.

      CLE Program: 1.0 substantive credit hour

      • He’d better start with the remedial courses!! Loser’s “brand”, now that’s hilarious!

  12. Wow. Lozier is a straight up criminal at this point! He’s onstructing Justice in so many forms! Somebody surely can put some charges on his ass after this stunt! So now the truth doesn’t come out because Lozier doesn’t want it to!

    • I’m sure he took the fam with him too, nice little paid vacation compliments of the taxpayers.

      • Not sure if he has a family. I believe he was dropped off in Beaver County by aliens. His genetic makeup consists of primordial slime and dog shit, coated with Queen Connie’s flaking makeup. The aliens left a note saying “So sorry but this piece of useless shit is contaminating our planet with stupidity”. He’s here to help you now. My first year in law school I would have wiped the floor with his ass.

    • Raven, why the hell didn’t Stonewall use his clout to have this event at the Stonewall Lodge in WVA? His namesake and a legacy to his ineptitude. But I shouldn’t belittle a nice venue. I bet he hauls his balls in a wheelbarrow pushed by the Midget.

      • E Q 13. Thanks to you I finally have my answer .They aren’t a bunch of inbred morons. They are another planets cast off diseased misfits. Dumped here in Beaver County. Why couldn’t the aliens have picked some deserted island. Instead of Beaver County to dump there toxic waste.

  13. If the town wants to improve it’s dire financial situation, they could just film this stuff for a trashy reality show.

  14. In my opinion it appears that Lozier would have found any excuse to not go up against Attorney Benyo. Im surprised he didn’t claim female problems… Truth is he chickened out. Yes he does deserve to be chastised for his insubordination..He was disobedient to a Judges order. He literally refused to submit to lawful instructions…That alone should be cause for dismissal…Lozier step aside get off of your high horse. You are doing nothing but making a fool of yourself and in the process making Beaver County Judicial System look like a bunch of buffoons. That Judge should reprimand him for literally snubbing his nose up at a direct order..Unfnbelievable.. I suppose next he will get away with murder… WOW

  15. So, the DA’s own department illegal activity leads to a dropping of the worst of the criminal charges against an accused felon, Cordes? Stonewall now stonewall’s the investigation into his own illegal activities, and a perp apparently goes away almost scot-free? He won’t find any answers to his own DA-ing behavior at the Omni conference. Nope, this fits a pattern, a pattern of crass incompetence that is working directly to the advantage of Beaver County bad guys. He is approaching “malfeasance in office.”

    from Wikipedia: “Malfeasance in office, or official misconduct, is the commission of an unlawful act, done in an official capacity, which affects the performance of official duties. Malfeasance in office is often grounds for a for cause removal of an elected official by statute or recall election.”

    • He’s no doubt spinning things a different way. He secured misdemeanor convictions that carried a penalty of incarceration without having to incur the expense of a trial.

      Cause we all know how those BC detectives manage to wrack up the overtime. No doubt their testimony at a trial would have cut into their 9-5 sitting around time so they’d have to work some overtime to watch the shows they were forced to tivo.

      This DA is a walking example of more ethics violations than I can count. I’m not sure that I understand why he’s not at an ethics hearing instead of the Omni Bedford and why the Commonwealth Supreme Court isn’t overrun with ethics complaints.

  16. If this plea deal was too good to refuse then it doesn’t sound to me like there was much of defense to begin with until the search warrants were executed at which point the case for complete dismissal became a viable option.

    Even if it wasn’t dismissed due to courthouse connections between the DA and judge, this was such a blatant violation of his constitutional rights that even though it might take more time, it would certainly be overturned on appeal. The fact that such a sweetheart deal was offered in the first place is telling of the fact that the DA’s office has no defense against the sanctions.

    The role of a DA isn’t to secure a conviction at any cost (misdemeanor or otherwise), it is to ensure that justice is done. Here we have a situation where justice wasn’t done; in fact, just the opposite occurred and constitutional rights were blatantly violated yet the DA still secured a conviction.

    Mr. Benyo, many things are a crap shoot when it comes to trying to guess how certain evidence or actions might play out at trial so it’s understandable why a defense attorney might take the sure thing and not roll the dice. But, based on how you’ve stated the actions of the DA, this was such a gross violation of your client’s right to due process that I’m not sure that a record of convictions for misdemeanors rather than continuing to seek a full dismissal (even if on appeal) represents actual justice being done. Your client will never work at a job paying more than minimum wage and even those jobs will be difficult for him find with the guilty pleas to misdemeanors. Companies look at criminal records universally with scorn regardless of the grade of the offences).

    That being said, even though proceeding with sanctions is no longer an option I sincerely hope that you will file an ethics complaint against the DA. As a licensed attorney he is bound by the ethics of the bar and none of his actions from violating your client’s constitutional rights to trading misdemeanors for sanctions in order to secure a prosecutorial victory appear to be in line with the canon of ethics. To not file an ethics complaint simply sweeps the raid of your office under the rug. It also starts the clock ticking on how long it will be until the next defense lawyer’s office is raided because the DA has the required connections to convince a judge that the warrant is proper (and its a high bar to get judicial approval on a search warrant against an attorney). More importantly, he now knows that he can get away with it when it’s not based on sufficient probable cause…..because that’s exactly what just happened.

    • Why bother with the ethics route? Someone tried that with Askar and his get-rich-quick scheme working for Comprehensive Healthcare and the County at the same time. If that isn’t a slam dunk, nothing is. The system is broken and the fix is in. It goes well beyond the county and I defy anyone to tell me I’m wrong.

    • You are right but considering this case should not have made it to court after the prelim – “victim” stated cop lied, “victim” changed testimony, “witnesses” testimonies changed, 3 present persons missing completely, “victim” put the weapon used in the real perps hands ON THE STAND, DA threatened 2 witnesses trying to persuade them to say his version (and on and on and on) but yet Mr Cordes still sat in jail for months while no one else, including the real perp, got noticed. And as to appeal, Mr Cordes’ family paying an attorney for that – not even an option in real life unfortunately. Tough choices had to be made sadly.

  17. Lozier asking the criminal case against Mr. Cordes be dismissed in its entirety. Could it be he wants to save the tax payers some money on court costs ? Maybe this revelation came while getting a MANI PEDI, AND SOME NOSE HAIR TAKEN CARE OF AT THE F’N OMNI RESORT.
    This behavior can not longer be rewarded, there needs to be strong public action taken.

  18. Why did Loser tell Mrs. DelTondo they had conclusive evidence the letter is not authentic?? Now, he makes a deal with a criminal who is to testify in the murder case? No, Loser didn’t want to face sanctions, period! Please Mr. Benyo, see this further so that this Loser is taken to task.

  19. Lozier will say anything to try and make himself look good. It doesnt matter if its a fact or not. The little white lies hes spreading will catch up to him. Karma’s a bitch. Unfortunately in the meantime taxpayers are paying for it. I’m embarrassed to say I’m a resident of Beaver County. Looking to move ASAP. What a joke. Please someone get that fool outta office.



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