Alan Loskoch / photograph via Ambridge Connection

The text message arrived last week from a number I did not recognize, “Please call important.” The next day I was sitting across from a man I had never met. “There’s been two times I had my gun to my mouth,” he said to me with tears in his eyes. “That’s me being very truthful to you.”

It has been nearly two years since Harmony Township patrolman Alan Loskoch was shot in the line of duty. The officer’s life was spared when his ballistic vest caught a bullet that struck his chest, but the shots which rang out that fateful day still continue ringing in his ears. Now suffering from permanent hearing loss, haunting memories that replay endlessly in his head, and experiencing financial difficulties from entering into a disability retirement earlier this year, the man says he feels broken in every way.

Alan Loskoch told me the last thing he ever thought he would find himself doing was contacting a reporter.

“I’m really shy and hate causing disruption,” he said. “It took everything I had to come in here; I actually threw up before I came in, I got sick. I’m not this type of person (…) I needed to get ahold of someone. I feel so ashamed about all of this.”

Officer Alan Loskoch was on patrol in Harmony Township at about 3:45 a.m. the morning of October 28th, 2015, when he noticed a man who appeared to be trying to break into some parked vehicles. The officer approached, a shot smashed through his car, just missing his head. The officer returned fire from inside of his car, another bullet smashed through the vehicle, this time finding its target — the officer’s chest. Officer Loskoch lost consciousness and was found by his brother officers minutes later laying in his unmarked cruiser which had driven itself off the side of the road.

His assailant had fled into the early morning darkness.

Officer Loskoch was discharged from the hospital that same day and met with investigators at the Beaver County Emergency Services Building to aid in their efforts tracking down his attacker. The officer released a statement telling everyone he was OK and thanking the community for their concern; law enforcement chalked up another life saved by a Kevlar vest.

Loskoch said he was sore with bruised ribs but took just a short period of time off before returning back to duty. He attended a counseling session provided to him by the Pennsylvania State Police, not initially seeking additional therapy for the ordeal.

“I had people who I had arrested sending me get well cards,” he said of the support he received from the community. “That was crazy.”

Command center established in Harmony Township after Loskoch’s shooting / photo by John Paul

Although his bruises quickly healed, Officer Loskoch turned out not to be as OK as he had originally thought.

“I have tinnitus (a ringing in the ears) and hearing loss which occurred from the shooting,” Loskoch told me. “I shot several times from the interior of my vehicle, shooting from inside of the cabin intensified that sound. If you have ever been swimming you know that muffled sound in your ears — that just never went away. About a month and a half after the shooting I reached out to the township and said I needed to get a medical opinion on my ears, this ringing isn’t changing, it’s still there, and I can’t hear as well.”

Officer Loskoch was eventually referred to a specialist at UPMC Pittsburgh, and a few months after the shooting, was fitted with high tech hearing aids designed to help enhance his auditory range and diminish the incessant ringing. He said he felt well and settled out his workers’ comp claim, ending future benefits which could have been available under Pennsylvania’s Heart & Lung Act (providing law enforcement officers with their full salary for temporary disability due to a work related illness or injury).

Loskoch continued working on the job for over a year after his shooting, believing he had a good handle on his physical condition but admittedly suffering from the psychological effects of what he had been through. He said at one point another officer in his own department called him “weak” for talking about the feelings he was experiencing, and that his Chief openly ridiculed him about the physical disabilities he had been trying to overcome.

“(Chief Sivewright) made fun of me,” Loskoch said. “He had an app he put on his phone that had this real piercing noise, and he would put it up behind my ear and laugh and giggle (…) I was made a spectacle of in a sense.”

Loskoch said one night he was working as a field training officer getting a recruit up to speed when his Chief offered the new hire a word of advice, “He goes to him, ‘don’t be like this idiot and be out there at 4 o’clock in the morning and get yourself shot’ (…) This guy I was training was in the army infantry just like I am, and when (the Chief) left, he was like, ‘I can’t believe he said that to you.'”

What may have been thought of as harmless acts of departmental camaraderie were having a profound impact on the struggling officer.

Loskoch said he eventually became too weary to ask for help, or even admit to the difficulties he was experiencing from an event he could not stop reliving, “I was more afraid to bring it up towards the end because I thought, man, if I say I have any sort of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) issue I’m really going to be screwed (…) I’d have to get another evaluation from another doctor and I’m already under the microscope.”

While he said he felt little support from his own small 5-man department, there were others who tried reaching out to him. Among them, Monaca Officer (now Chief) David Piuri, then-President of the Beaver Valley Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

“Dave Piuri did an amazing job from the moment I got shot,” said Loskoch. “I had breakfast with him. He has been there for me and my family. That man to me, I have nothing but respect for him, he is an awesome individual and he went to battle with me.”

Loskoch said he began feeling so isolated that even calls from strangers were treasured encounters, “A really great person who I have spoken to a couple of times is Hopewell (Township’s) Chief, he’s a squared away guy. He called me out of the blue and I had only ever met him one time. He called me and said, ‘Hey Alan, I’m here for you.’ I can’t tell you how important that call was for me.”

It was last November when Loskoch’s doctor recommended a course of tinnitus retraining therapy that could help him to better cope on a long-term basis with the symptoms of the ringing in his ears.

“By no means when I left was it because my hearing was affecting my job,” insisted Loskoch. “My doctor suggested I go out of work for a couple of months, just to put me through (the therapy) so I had no distractions. I went to the township and they were like ya, we can do that (…) I signed a form and was under the impression I was going to be gone for two months. I came back about three days prior to the day I was suppose to start back and (the township) said I couldn’t come back until the doctor cleared me (…) He didn’t clear me. He said I was medically unfit to come back to work.”

Not long after, Loskoch said he got another phone call from FOP President Piuri.

“He’s the one who contacted me and said (…) ‘we want to make sure you get everything you’re entitled to,'” said Loskoch.

It was through his discussions with Piuri and the FOP that Loskoch said it began to really sink in for him that his career as a police officer was coming to an end, “Having my job taken away from me, I can’t even describe to you, nothing will ever replace me being a police officer (…) I never in a million years thought I would go out on a disability pension.”

Officer Alan Loskoch’s last official day with the Harmony Township Police Department was March 15th.

The man again became emotional during our discussion, tears dripping from his face, “I think my family would be better off without me.”

He told me the psychological issues he was struggling with have gotten worse since losing his job. Adding to his anxiety is an upcoming criminal trial scheduled next month for Earl Louis Hollins, a.k.a. “Nitty,” the man who is alleged to have shot him.

“I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, my way of self-medicating was keeping busy, going to work,” he said. “In a sense after everything, if it wasn’t for the military, my identity was completely taken away from me. I loved my job, and financially my family is suffering.”

The former officer said he feels the ground has been pulled out from beneath his feet.

“I’m having my electric shut off, my truck was repossessed, I am to the point where I was going to go to the food pantry,” he said.

Loskoch has a 4-year-old stepson who is autistic.

Officers say he was known as a hard worker on the job, taking all of the overtime he could get, participating in a DUI Taskforce and the county’s Drug Taskforce to bring in extra income. In May of 2015, just months before the shooting, then-District Attorney Anthony Berosh recognized Officer Loskoch’s efforts during an awards ceremony at the courthouse. He was similarly honored with the 2015 DUI Top Gun Award by the Pennsylvania DUI Association.

“When you go from making that much money to being on disability, it just doesn’t really go far,” he told me. “Hopefully I’ll be able to get another job and just go forward.”

While his separation agreement with Harmony Township calls for Loskoch to be given healthcare benefits for the next ten years, the former officer said he is now without insurance — although there is an apparent disagreement on where the fault lies. Whether it was the municipality that failed to notify their insurance carrier about a disability retirement, or a troubled officer who repeatedly failed to complete required paperwork, the end result remains the same, Loskoch is currently uninsured.

“All I am asking for is what I am entitled to,” Loskoch said.

People in the law enforcement community now say they are redoubling their efforts. The Pennsylvania State Police is once again making arrangements to get Loskoch into the counseling needed for the psychological trauma he has suffered; the Fraternal Order of Police — now under the leadership of Center Township Police Captain Jon Hall — is working with Harmony Township to get the officer insured; the District Attorney’s Office is helping to make sure nothing else falls through the cracks; his peers are reassuring him there is no shame in needing help.

Officers who know Alan Loskoch are hoping public recognition and community support can assist in helping him to regain his footing.

“I just was out doing my job,” Loskoch told me. “If October 28th never happened, if I had made a right instead of a left turn, what would I be doing today? I would be patrolling Harmony Township.”

Harmony Township Solicitor Richard Start’s office returned a call from the Beaver Countian saying he is unable to comment on personnel matters. A voicemail message left for Harmony Police Chief Robert Sivewright was not returned.

Author’s Note: I did not feel comfortable leaving the parking lot from my interview of Alan Loskoch that day before first making several phone calls to people in law enforcement who I trust. Not long after Loskoch left our meeting, his fellow officers began grasping the arms of a man who had reach out for help.

Listen to emergency personnel respond to the call of an officer down as dispatched by Beaver County 911


  1. So very sad…. on all issues. My daughter was an EMT and got hurt on the job, a job that she absolutely loved! I can say from personal experience – this does make you psychologically incapable of a normal life- for a long long time, in addition to the physical disabilities, which do not compare in my book to the psychological damage of never being able to return to “the job”. I am not an overly religious person, but I will pray that this man gets the help he needs …physically, psychologically and monetarily. His life changed in an instant and now b/c of the job he has to suffer—this just wrong.

    • I misread the article. I guess it was Chief Sivewright. Has he always been a sadistic asshole? Could he be thought of as adding psychological distress to the officer and in some way being liable for some of the damage?

  2. I know there’s always two sides to every story. I would love to hear the chiefs side, shame on his ass if he said those things. I’ve heard many stories that come out of that boro bldg. maybe they should come out. Feel bad for the officer that done his job

  3. Some studies have estimated that as many as 1 in 5 police officers, and former police officers, suffer from some degree of PTSD.

  4. It is becoming more apparent that most of the law enforcement personnel in this county are a bunch of corrupt narcissist assholes.
    Kudos to the officers that are reaching out to help Alan. You are to be commended.
    Officer Loskoch, thank you for your service! And Godspeed.

  5. If his Chief did make fun of him and say those awful things to the recruit Alan was training, along with other disgusting remarks, shame on him. Siverwright sounds like a departmental bully!! As far as the now Chief Piuri and others reaching out to help Alan, Kudos to them! I hope Officer Loskoch receives the help and respect he deserves. He didn’t ask for any of this. He was just doing his JOB, right Chief Sivewright??? Thank you JP, for showing respect and compassion to this Officer!

  6. The mind is a very tricky thing. When a person experiences one or many traumatic events they can not only play over and over in your head but morph to other things while you are trying to sleep. It can take many years to subside and may never go away. Think Positive patrolman Loskoch and move forward. I will be praying for your recovery and improvement for you and your family.

  7. Anyone that knows Chief Sivewright personally knows that these are the comments he makes. He has no compassion for anyone, everything is a joke to him. Alan deserved much better from his brother officers in Harmony Twp. Glad to see another Chief stand up and take responsibility, when Chief Sivewright could not.

  8. Alan if you’re reading this please reach out to me if you ever need to talk. I’m friends with Dave he has my number. I also have a child with autism. And I’ve worked with people with PTSD.

  9. Now is the time for any local municipality or the county government to be decent with due diligence and find this gentleman so he can recover financially and provide for his family. Lord knows he deserves it. Government jobs in this county are created everyday for friends and relatives of officials. Someone be decent enough to find or create a job for this man that was almost killed protecting the taxpayers. Apparently we have enough tax money in this county to piss away needlessly on everything else. Find some tax money to put this guy back to work in any position that he can make a good living.

    • Thank you for your service Officer Alan Loskoch. I truly hope that there is some government official in this county that will make sure you gain employment in a capacity to take care of your family.

  10. The night of the incident you sir showed incredible bravery. Now once again you show a different type of bravery. I am simply amazed at how strong of man you are. I salute you sir.

    • If you are outraged by a statement you would have a heart attack if you knew the real BS going on in these mini police kingdoms

  11. Thank you for your service and sacrifice, Officer Loskoch. I’m so happy to hear of the support you are now getting after bravely coming forward to JP. Chief Piuri has shown himself to be a quality human being, as have others. JP, is there somewhere set up where I can help with even a little bit of money to help this precious officer?

  12. In my opinion: There is an interesting set of interpersonal dynamics going on here. Apparently, a bully Chief, enabled by the toadies he has hired, needs a scapegoat, and this officer fit the bill for their needs. So, they dumped on him and had their needs fulfilled. The problem is that even if this cop leaves the department, the need for a scapegoat will still be there, and one will have to replace him. Maybe the next vulnerable guy on the force. Each one takes his turn in the barrel for the Chief. That is sick, and the public being served by them have a serious problem on their hands. My advice — fire this Chief before he makes the general public his scapegoats. As for this cop, your giving him a forum could well have helped get him the help he needs. Thanks.

  13. Fuck him and the ambridge police they harassed every black person in ambridge for like 2 weeks came to my door in the morning banging on the door with guns loaded accusing me of shooting i told them i dont care he got shot he lived he will be straight

    • Although your opinion is a lil harsh, I’m sure you’re not the only one, just brave enough to say it…I know someone who had guns pointed at them in front of their children behind this and they had no knowledge of the alleged shooter…I pray the truth continues to unfold

      • It happened but the white Ambridge doesn’t know about it or has been led to believe it was only criminals. NOPE. It was abusive and I am ashamed that there was not more outrage but you hillbillies won’t even admit it exists. Ambridge police chief mayor and most officers of police and borough are unapologetic racists. If you dont know its because you dont wanna know. Officer shot FUCK IT GO HARD ON EM’ WINK WINK NOD NOD

    • Nice crowd of friends who had guns pulled on them over this. Pretty sure they’re all outstanding contributing members of society which is why the police looked at them as possible suspects. “Pray the truth continues to unfold”. Smh The truth is, if you are a criminal you will be a suspect when a crime is committed. No good citizens had ‘guns pulled on them’.

    • Hey Chris, Why do you suppose that is? I’m guessing it has more to do with the content of your character and not the color of your skin.
      I’ve read your facebook posts, and we’ll just call it a hunch.


      • The thing you hillbillies miss on here is a criminal or suspected criminal should still have rights. Police don’t get to pick and choose who the Constitution applies. I am sure dude is smoking weed and pulling guns on his facebook bc that is what rappers and media make look cool. He is delusional and an undesirable – BUT HE STILL SHOULD HAVE RIGHTS! If he is guilty of a crime arrest him for that – if not he deserves the same rights as me or you

    • Well I’m sure you’re just a pillar of the community. Since you look like a flaming douche bag I’ll explain it for you. That is sarcasm for you’re a piece of shit

      • Ambridge is intimately involved in story of shooting just listen to tape recording at end

    • Wow! Well, I’ve lived in ambridge for years, thank god I got out . But I’m sorry, stop with the race bullshit. You people whine like lil bitches. If cops are knocking on your door, there’s prob a reason. And there’s prob a reason they have their eye on you or anyone else’s door they knocked on.

      • Ya they are racist and pick out the black criminals to target. It may be conscious or subconscious but your worldview would be very different if you understood how police and society respond to blacks. Here is the real deal: Ambridge and Beaver County are racist hillbilly inbred corrupt idiots. The police we got are what we deserve. If you don’t think the majority of white beaver countians aren’t racist I would would question your sanity. Before you thumbs down this ask yourself would I care if my daughter married a black man? If u care u r mildly racist – end of story and point proven!

  14. I am glad he is speaking up. Though in your heart it hurts. More so when you felt certain individuals had your back & not kick you while you’re down. God doesn’t like ugly. But remain in faith & strength. God always will make a way.

  15. Chief Sivewright is guilty of emotional abuse, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The phone app he used is inexcusable; as are his remarks to the trainee. Where do the township commissioners stand as to this behavior?

  16. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. It sounds like Harmony Township needs a new Police Chief. He makes irresponsible comments and cant reign in his own men from doing the same. It sounds like a hostile work environment and a lawsuit should be forthcoming. Friggin Amateur.

  17. Sounds like Karma to me for all the people he turned in to generate revenue he top gunned his way right in to the hole he put so many others in in life crooked-ass Harmony police officers

      • It’s always the most intelligent of our species who immediately throw dirt, NOT. Go away Bob Coups, that is just mean and hateful and has nothing to do with anything here. You’re just bellowing hot air, a nothing burger is what you are.

    • Strangely enough there Bobo not all marriages make it not all relationships make it doesn’t give you the right to be a douche bag. How many times have you been shot in the line of service? Go fuck yourself

    • He pulled me over one night 3 years ago, asked if I had been drinking?(before he told me why I got stopped…) πŸ˜‚ Little does he know I saw the SUV watching the stop sign & know they radioed him down. Stopped me for a burnt off headlight… it was dim, def. not out! I told him it wasn’t out, he goes to look & says oh! It’s not out yet…
      πŸ˜‚ silly cop, I know the laws better than you think! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • I bet it’s the police you call first when you need help. Why would you even post something so stupidious? I don’t see a uniform in your picture. They do a job most of us won’t and cannot do. You’re just another jerk who found it necessary to be hateful. Some people are just so dumb and stupid!

      • You can be assured it wasn’t because you’re a great, contributing member of society. Nope, not that.

    • Jesse you know damn well half of you guys shitting out of your mouth about this guy, have done plenty where you shoulda been in trouble with the cops. People do shit, stupid shit , and then get pissed when they have to face circumstances. So police are assholes and so on. And is it anyone’s business really what’s happening in his personal life? Ignorance. Fuck man. Get with it. Doing their jobs like the rest of us.

    • People need to find something better to do with their time rather bash cops. If ya don’t want trouble, don’t act like assholes and be a target. Simple as that. He’s actually an alright guy. What if it were your car he got shot for? What if you and your family were In trouble and needed help? Who would you call? Cuz I’m positive there wouldn’t be one crackhead or junkie in ambridge that would help you. It’s been bad there for a while now and it’s not because of the cops. It’s the trash that’s in that town. Half the kids there walk in front of cars when your driving, run the streets like they own it and have no respect whatsoever! For anyone! And I think we ALL know this.

      • You are defending a broken system and giving crack heads as the only alternative. I think you mean well but you are condoning the problem and twisting it into a virtue. There are other options where all citizens of every color are treated with respect.

    • There job is to serve and protect the citizens of the community not use them as a revenue generator to make money to pad the pockets of the bigwigs in Beaver County who don’t give two shits about anyone but there self and obviously not even their minions who make them the money πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • Obey the laws, Jesse. Work, contribute to society and don’t act like a total ass and you will have nothing negative to say about cops. Your job is to behave like a decent human being.

      • I bet dude wasn’t even breaking into cars – what I think happened was a black guy out at night looks suspicious to racist cops so they do there “job” and get the black out. That’s what I think happened and you hillbilly racists know it’s more than likely that I am right. Listen to tape it does not say guy breaking into cars it says suspicious male. If it was guys breaking into cars it would have been called in that way. Sucks to get shot for racist policing

      • Actually Jesse, it is you who is proving to be an asshole just by opening your mouth and spewing nonsense. You should be embarrassed!

      • Haha I think that is directed at you Marcy. I know Jesse he is an asshole but he is right about the corrupt cops and whether he is a criminal or not does not change the fact that he is right about the harmony cops and you are wrong

    • When people are calling complaining about their cars being broke into? What if it was your car? So yeah, he did his job, he served and protected , or tried to at least.

      • Ya black guy walking at night must be the suspect for the rash of car break ins . . . Hmmm ya doing his job in a racist way that you racists won’t even admit exist. Marcy you are the worst kind of racist bc u don’t believe u r

    • I don’t have a set, and he helped me out before so? Maybe people would receive same respect that is given. No one has a set of balls or morals anymore, it’s pretty fucking sad

    • We pay him over 100k a year because the 1,100 residents and handful of businesses believe Harmony Twp needs its own department? Merge ambridge Harmony Baden – make economy chief head of it so economy people happy and you can easily save $500,000-$1,000,000 eliminating two chiefs two sargaents at least one police building and so much more. The best part is he stays silent and stayed silent on his officer with dui. A public statement is needed at times like this to keep the faith of the people

  18. Officer Loskoch,
    Thank you for your service. You’re what a police officer should be. You’re a credit to everyone that wears a badge. I’m glad you had the courage to give this interview. Good cops are overwhelmingly supported and appreciated. You’re clearly one of them.

    With sincere appreciation,


  19. Thank you for your service, Officer Loskoch. You deserved better than the treatment you were given. I pray that you get the leg up you deserve. Also, kudos to John Paul for the publication of this piece.

  20. Dear Police Chief Robert Sivewright:
    Please read what I wrote to officer Loskoch, and know none of that applies to you. I can only hope you find a spot in line next to Jeffrey Wijnen-Riems down at the unemployment office. You two seem to have a lot in common, maybe you could meet for a drink later, and maybe even figure out why you both ended up douche-bags and bullies.
    On that note, has anyone noticed the absence of Beaver’s K-9 unit prowling the mean streets of Beaver, Vanport, and Industry? It seems like the minute the federal lawsuit was filed, it just disappeared. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

    • Edith you’re an evil bitch. Here’s a strange fact about America not all marriages and not all relationships work. Sorry if I’m the bearer of bad news dumbass

    • @speakthetruthtoo he absolutely deserves better regardless of his personal life he has children, one who is autisitc, an from my understanding his fiancΓ© stays at home with their children.. which good for her !(being a mom is a tough job especially with a special needs child !)sounds they have a lot on their plate an deserve nothing but good vibes.βœŒπŸ»πŸ’™

  21. Thank you Officer Alan for your service. So sorry to hear of your current situation. Thanks JP for shedding the light.

    We all know it is time for a change. I listened to recording : they set up police position on Duss and Beaver?!?! This was over 10 minutes after event. I highly doubt suspect full of adrenaline even if shot stayed in the 2 block span if physically able. If shot and unable we’ll then he is caught either way right?

    Let’s get real, why pay a chief and sargaent in Ambridge and Harmony and Economy? Listen to tape. These boroughs struggled to coordinate – why no gps signal constantly on police car? How is keeping them separate helping budget or policing?
    The real answer is they scare economy and harmony residents into thinking Ambridge will suck up all police time and their response time will be delayed to these boroughs if services were combined. Cut me a break.

    The small sizes enables corruption and helps drain resources from local communities. Merge the three departments and take the savings to institute a program to weed out corruption and help officers like Alan.

    Btw the police did retaliate and treat any black Ambridge resident with dreds as a criminal. It was a shake down for information and it was based on intimidation and it violated family’s rights. Sure they targeted the easy prey which our convicted felons because they can’t defend their rights but it extended to mistreatment of law abiding African american families. You may say “That was aggressive policing” but the violation of our rights for any reason does more long term harm than good and symbolizes the corruption we have to weed out to get beyond our outdated model to one that benefits the community as a whole.

  22. Edith Coffey heard it was his ex wife an she’s a physcopath.
    Jerrilyn accernio ?name sounds familiar? Usually the junkies or family’s of the trash that would have something negiative to say about such a hero. Looks like you two fit the profile πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

  23. And I wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention that Harmony Twp has had corrupt chiefs and sergeants for well over the last decade. The most corrupt harmony township sargaent and later chief that I ever knew as a harmony Twp resident once said to me that if I think he was bad I should see the new guys he hired. I sure hope he wasn’t referring to Alan but the time matches up and I heard stories of aggressive policing and intimidation of undesirables. Wonder if the policeman approached the subject in an intimidating fashion and if played any role in the suspects reaction? No way justifying anything just asking you to have intellectual courage to see that there can be more than meets the eye but I don’t know

    • Huh? You’re talking out of the wrong end/making no sense. Is there a point here or are you just a blabbering rumormonger? Yep, you are.

      • Look wind just because you aren’t smart enough to get the point does not mean there isn’t one – u dumb ass hill person

  24. @ihatetosayit unfortunately when your a military Veteran an come from the city (Pittsburgh a respected department ) an come into a small department where their values Are not based on protect an serve an more so politics based an pretending to play police, I would imagine it be hard for him to scale back serving his community as he was trained to do. An the community didn’t seem to hurt about anything see as he said people he’s arrested came to him with well wishing well after the shooting . heck I’m Glad we had someone like him protecting our neighborhoods withour children mothers fathers grandparents . But that’s just me .

  25. I can’t speak to your opinion but I can say the enlightened view is that the us versus them hard nose policing has escalated the hatred and escalated the threat of violence to police in the long run. You might be safer today but all officers and the community suffer when we embrace such tactics. As well as innocent people of color who accept this treatment with bitter resentment.

    Ask yourself, who would shoot a police offficer basically on sight? My answer is someone who felt extremely threatened or someone that has a vendetta against police probably rooted in mistreatment by police previously. The only other logical answer I can give is mental issues but if the current person in jail for the charge is the shooter I have been told is completely sane albeit an undesirable.

    No disrespect to officer alan intended. I am trying to make a larger point.

      • Wtf: if strong arm police tactics don’t stop there will be more assaults and violence towards police. Watch you tube and type in fake police pranks in the hood and watch black people hit the deck in fear. I know your first knee jerk reaction is to say they all criminals and your second is to attack me for citing such a silly source but if you check it out you understand

  26. Sorry my previous comments were to Mrs. Guzman and I am not so sure Pittsburgh Police are the model of purity and progressive policing but thats just based on 20 years living in the city limits albeit in a upper class community were police treat you with respect because they fear your mom or dad may be an attorney. IMHO Pittsburgh Police atleast were busy and left small stuff slide instead of trying to police the ethnic make-up of the neighborhood.

    • Ya got real … he can’t even pay the electric bill … what the hell is wrong with a go fund me page …. he was unjustly left in the dust to rot after serving the community … you got issues lady

      • @Cammy Biggins
        You may very well have some “Biggins” , but that certainly does not apply to the brain in your head! If anything it most likely shares its size to that of a rooster or Cock if you will! So by your window licking rationale because a man was out doing a very courageous job …in most normal peoples mind…..and has suffered some very real ptsd from doing that job that he is somehow not worthy of a go fund page from people who would like to help this man and family in their time of need?!?

        It’s very strange that people like you come out of the woodwork to put down, demean, and judge who does and who doesn’t have pride! So Mrs Bigguns maybe look into having some of that biggin stuff transplanted onto that pea size brain of yours and seek some help with what normal people refer to as empathy! Considering the majority of sociopaths possess zero empathy for their fellow human beings this may be a foriegn concept to you……hence the suggestion to goole it.

        Now Mungo never claimed to be a psychologist, sociologist, or psychotherapist and don’t take what he said to mean that you are a sociopath, but apparently the whole concept of empathy to you is foriegn to say the least! Again nothing personal but they do offer clear flavorings for any windows you might find yourself sitting next to.

        Good day

  27. Whatever this officer did or didn’t do in his personal life did not mean he deserved to be shot. He certainly deserved better from his department and township when he was cleared to come back to work. I hope that he gets the help that he needs to move on with his life and find his next adventure.

  28. Dude blessed ya be for your event, ya took the job knowing the risk. Hearing loss from one or two reports?? Nah man, nut up and keep on keeping on! No doubt you learned from the moment. That’s experience keep on keeping on. You will better serve the community for it.

  29. I hope bringing this to light gets you the aid you deserve. Thanks for your service, and prayers for strength and healing!
    And thanks to the Beaver Countian for doing the article!

  30. Hey buddy,
    I tried to reach out to ya not long after this happened to you. I wanted to explain how things were gonna go for ya. At first people and “friends” tell ya that they are there for ya. Yea, they were, for a minute. But, people are busy and they have things to do, Understandable! Then comes the lonely days and nights when you’re by yourself. Then you start wondering, where are those people that said they’d be there? Sure, a few people will talk but most try to avoid the situation.

    I can go on and on about this. It appears that the insensitive assholes that think they know what they would have done that night have reared their ugly heads. It’s those ones that would tuck their tails between their legs and run! Trust me! Oh yea, one more thing, that place that you once called your home and loved to work at so much, they’ll soon forget all about ya!

    Sorry to be so blunt but that’s the truth in the matter. I promise you this, if you EVER need anything, anytime, I’ll be here for ya man. Stay strong. That shit bag isn’t worth throwing away your life.

  31. Funny he mentioned the hearing loss seemed to hear things just fine? From what I’ve heard… not intentionally, He lived a block away & I would be walking to get gasoline. I don’t believe a word this guy says!

      • That’s enough out of you, Jesse Martin. You’re just continuing to prove what an asshole you are and the reason you have such hatred for police is because you’re a piece of shit and they know you.

  32. Wow – where to begin??? First – I still can’t get over the comment one of his fellow officers/”brothers” made – calling him weak. As many have pointed out – have they been shot while in the line of duty? Simply because he survived doesn’t mean his life retreats to the normalcy he had prior to this event.
    Lastly – you mean to tell me there is no desk type job he is able to do within his municipality or within the county??? C’mon…

  33. Boo fucking hoo. Worse things than this happen every day to people in our community. Are they out crying and moaning? Calling the news to bitch and cry to? Nope, they are out doing their fucking jobs, working hard, taking care of their families, and sucking it up. Bad stuff happens sometimes, get over it and yourself. Got any bootstraps? Quit your whining and pick yourself up by ’em. This is far from news btw, and would be a better fit on Dr Phil.

      • We are all hiding bc these corrupt hillbillies will double back and get ya. Think it’s not so? Keep using your real name and criticize police on here and wait bc they will get ya. To say its not so is naΓ―vetΓ©

    • I’m sorry we’re you out working over 80 hours a week probably never seeing his family putting your life on the line at 3 in the morning to protect an serve strangers ? No? Ok then thanks for your negative opinion no one caresπŸ˜‚βœŒπŸ»

      • That is not relevant. Under that logic every police must be good police bc they all do that. Grow up Marcy and try to learn to see deeper. Your strong surface opinions distract from reality

  34. So Sgt Vular was fired for his DUI and then the Township violated the SunShine Act/Law had a close door meeting on a Friday and reinstated him so he can at least have his medical benifits to go to Alcohol Treatment,,,, lol what a joke Harmony Township……. This guy will always be a drunk.

  35. @007 wow what a department ! An officerarrested for DUI an gets everything handed to him an an officer same department tossed to the side after he risked his life!? Sounds like some shady business up there !

      • “Gets everything handed to him” wow, 15 years on the job, makes one mistake and he paid for by losing his job and pension but you don’t think he at least deserves health insurance to try and get some help?

  36. I think JP is going to take Sivewright down – JP is a thorn in the side of corruption- surprised he is still walking bc one of these crazy hillbillies is definitely plotting revenge for exposing the truth. If we are going to start a go fund me it should be to protect JP from retaliation by the hill people he exposes and cronies

  37. On Sunday October 15 at the Center VFW we are having a Spaghetti Dinner Benefit to help Raise Money for Officer Alan Loskoch! Please join us! We will have a Cash Bar & a Chinese Auction! If anyone wants to donate any Baskets, money towards the food, or even just their time to help set up or serve please reach out to me! All proceeds go directly to the Officer & his family! Please share this status and invite anyone and everyone you can think of! All ideas are welcome! Thank you!

  38. Poor guy , I believe this is the same gentleman who worked at Walmart in monaca as their loss prevention ( anti theft ) right before going to be a officer. Very sad. I didn’t see him as a officer but a very timid and shy man who was non confrontational. Bless him for stepping up and pursuing sonething more. As in my opinion I believe he should have called for back up first and most importantly gave his location foremost. I don’t believe it takes away from his suffering but a learning curve. We all have it rough. I am one of many. As for his claims of redicule and embarrassment I do recall at the time my friends employment at Walmart in monaca christina Kitts and fellow LP made fun of his timid character in which now she works in Cranberry engaged to a overnight mgr ed that made inappropriate comments amongst several others I can name. I feel becoming a officer may have been to much for him.

  39. They need to do a fund me page for this courageous officer. The haters and the birds will always chirp there called two faced.

  40. Mike…. what is your profession? Ever see combat? LE experience??? First off I worked with Alan at Walmart and he actually trained myself and Kitts… This guy timid??? Not even close… He is reserved and professional. His time at Walmart was nothing short of legendary. This guy had a special talent when it came to detecting criminal activity. He trained many new loss prevention personal and always performed above and beyond. I know have further left corporate and pursued a career in LE and I can tell you this guy was a cops cop.. he most definitely had what it took to not only excel as a LE officer but to really make a difference,, it’s ashame his career was cut so short.. So Mike what ever hole you climbed out of stop Monday Morning Quarterbacking this heros actions unless you have some real combat experience and Dungeons and Dragons doesn’t count,,,, fucking fruitcake….

  41. I’m not saying that Alan doesn’t deserve help, but I feel like the story he tells is a little misleading. I worked with him when he worked for asset protection at Baden Walmart, so I know who is he/what he looks like/etc.

    I just saw him at Monaca Walmart today, and the man has a car. I’m sure his truck really did get repossessed, but he has a car. He was also dressed in full military uniform. If he’s not working at all, why is he going around dressed like a serviceman?

    I feel really bad for him, and I wish him and his family well, but I fear that he may be behaving perhaps a bit dishonestly. I only speak out because of the multiple spaghetti dinners about to be held in his honor, and benefiting him. Again, I am NOT just “hating” on him. I think our wounded officers deserve much better treatment than Alan has received.

    • I worked with him for years at Walmart,, when did he ever work in Baden?? News to me… When did Baden open its doors? 2 -3 years back,, 4 top? He worked in Monaca, Cranberry And Butler… I remember seeing him and he was so excited he got a stuff a bus up in Baden for the kids during Christmas.Thats about all his involvement with the Baden store. But even though you feel sorry for him “Me” looks like you don’t know what the fuck your talking about. What department did you work in?? AP?? You know everything about this guy working from the glass case in the deli…. You know him good for you …. Just make sure you slap some gloves on your nasty hands and don’t fuxk up my Isaly’s chipped ham I like it thin.

    • @mm As to my previous post comment , with sergeant Vular if u wanna call him sergeant .. that one mistake he made was drinking an driving an it’s not the first time I’m sure. just his first getting caught. An wouldn’t that be a blow to a family that has been asking for health insurance an prob needs it an they deny him but turn around an give an officer in the same department who DROVE DRUNK all his “owed” benifits first.πŸ€”Ok so they all should get question is what’s going on behind closed doors that he got his before Alan?

  42. The little trolls out there bashing Alan,, lol what a joke.. First off I know Alan Personally.
    Take a look at this article… At what point did he ever ask anyone for any help whatsoever?? He has been for the past what 6 months just waiting his for his healthcare,, he deserves it!!!! What’s misleading? One he got injured in the line of duty,, two he’s suffering from very real medical conditions hearing loss and Tinitus. And then forced out on Disabality.. At what point didhe ask anyone for any finicial help? His friends including myself are reaching out to HIM because he deserves it. This guy would give the shirt off his back for anyone. He has been there for me and many others. He worked his ass off and because he’s regrouping he’s fell behind. And for the military he is very involved with his unit.. And he does have a car and a van… his truck did get repossessed…. so what???? What’s the point… those talking shit sit back and walk in his shoes… Again little birds chirping ….

  43. I’m a Staff SGT and serve with This man in the Army National Guard and live in Beaver County. Every year we have a annual Christmas party for the unit and the families. Sgt Loskoch sits on the organizing commette. Talking about being involved he puts the thing together every year, getting toys donated for the children, donations from local businesses… and making sure the food is top of the line. WE here at the unit know very well the struggles SGT Loskoch is and has been going through the past year. But unlike his department we have been here for him. Before his shooting this guy was always sitting on Soldier Of the Year Boards,, Squared Away Soldier with out a doubt and we have seen a change in him and we will help him like he has helped so many including myself. I’m a recovering Alcoholic and made my own mistakes and will never forget when I was down. Sgt Loskoch who I consider a Friend and he probably doesn’t even remember giving me a gift card to Giant Eagle during Thanksgiving to make sure my family could celebrate the holiday with dignity. So those of you who are questioning him and bashing him needs to stop. At the end of the day the whole thing is a tradegy… This man serves his country and community he got shot he has injuries and he isn’t working.. That’s about sums it up.

  44. Wtf ??? I’m a retired Cop and wore hearing aids for many years….. Alan you need to get with some legal advise… I believe you have rights under the ADA. Someone dropped the ball on this one. God Speed and I’ll be praying for you brother.

    • I’m pretty sure your family has posted on here already Mr Acierno, an as I’m reading your comments the only person people view as a joke is people like youπŸ˜‚. Some one should gofun you an your family some manners, judging by your Facebook doesn’t look like your much of the upstanding citizen to speaking about weather someone deserves to go to hell or not πŸ€”βœ‹πŸ»

  45. Wow.. I have been reading these comments, and it’s not flattering, the comments are so harsh! Not many of us know what it’s like to go to work and get shot! It is easy to sit in the comfort of home in our safe little communities and judge the service of others. Our communities are safe because we have police officers on duty.
    Please think before you speak, you are talking about real people, with families and real feelings. If you have not experienced PTSD, you have no idea how disabling and frightening it can be. Throw the hearing problems on top of that, and it’s overwhelming. Having constant ringing in the ears is maddening and frustrating.. it’s never quiet, and with PTSD, you can’t turn off your mind. Let’s be more gentle and caring about each other, when did people get so ugly?
    I think if the police chief did these things, then he definitely needs to be investigated and disciplined. How about attending council meetings and expressing your feelings there where it will do some good.



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