Beaver County Courthouse / photo by John Paul

“County government is a matter of simple math, it’s all about learning to count to two.”

It is a turn of phrase often heard repeated by those in political circles, a reference to the two votes required to achieve majority of the three-person Board of Commissioners. Andrea Cantelmi, Chief Solicitor and long-time staff attorney in the county’s law department, found herself on the bad end of that equation this week when her employment was terminated by Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio and Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley.

Republican Commissioner Dan Camp also found himself betrayed by the simple math, a minority in the majority who was kept in the dark as part of a calculated bipartisan move by his fellow Commissioners. Together, Amadio and Egley had grown to view Camp as part of a problem rooted in the County Law Department, and together acted in a fashion that ensured he would not be a negative factor against what they perceived as the one solution.

The termination of Andrea Cantemli came as a shock to many in the courthouse and business community who had positive interactions with her on a regular basis, but it was in many ways a firing done in slow motion. Commissioners Egley and Amadio declined to give a reason for Cantelmi’s termination — even refusing a request by Camp to provide him with insights into their thinking — but Cantelmi herself had been fearing for months that her days in the courthouse were numbered.

Dan Camp had grown close to attorney Cantelmi since he took office; a trusted adviser who had the formal education and governmental experience that the young Commissioner lacked. Cantelmi was also a source of institutional memory for Camp, having seen county controversies over the past 15 years from her vantage point in the law department. For her part, Cantelmi talked of Camp’s youth as a unique asset for the county, hoping his energy, enthusiasm, and decisiveness would become part of a foundation upon which she could help to construct a more responsive county government.

That professional working relationship would often see Camp and Cantelmi piling into a car together at lunch time — becoming a regular fixture at Mario’s Woodfired Pizzeria in Beaver. At times they would be joined by others, like former County Solicitor Joseph Askar (who oversaw the sale of Friendship Ridge), or Askar’s law partner Joshua Kail (a recently announced Republican State Rep candidate).

Camp could routinely be found down in the law department during the workday, going over the this and thats of county government with Cantelmi. It became a source of annoyance for Amadio and Egley, both of whom regularly joked about Camp’s basement office. Some county employees would poke fun at how much time Camp was perceived to be “spending with mommy.” Camp’s regular interactions with Cantelmi became the subject of sophomoric caricature in the Commissioners Unit and beyond, and were often blamed for a backlog of work piling up in the Law Department.

In reality, that backlog of work started piling up in February of 2016, the moment Commissioners Camp and Egley broke the news to Commissioner Tony Amadio that they had both decided to fire then-Chief County Solicitor Bernie Rabik. Commissioner Amadio cried foul about the termination of his long-time friend from Center Township, dubbing the move one based on politics not performance. Camp and Egley provided no public reasons for Rabik’s termination at the time, but privately had been expressing concerns about how the law department responded to news about Treasurer Connie Javens’ unilateral withdrawal of millions of dollars from county accounts, and of revelations about Rabik using his public office to do work for his private practice.

Tony Amadio and Bernie Rabik both partially blamed Andrea Cantelmi for the move by Camp and Egley, which county officials say was undeserved. While Amadio had felt Cantelmi was a competent component of the law department, he never believed she had what it took to be the lead attorney for the county, feeling she lacked the strong work ethic, intellectual vigor, and cantankerous nature of a zealous advocate, all things he saw in his old friend Bernie.

Commissioner Tony Amadio was a vote-in-waiting to fire Andrea Cantelmi as Chief Solicitor on the day she became Chief Solicitor — Commissioners Sandie Egley and Dan Camp knew it and so did Cantelmi.

Although several politicos had advised against it, the Commissioners gave Cantelmi free reign to structure and staff her office as she saw fit. Cantelmi ultimately decided she would hire one full-time attorney to serve as her number two. After publicly advertising for the position, and conducting interviews, Cantelmi then made a decision that may have been the first step toward her last day with the county.

Cantelmi announced that to save money for the county (which was suffering through a financial crisis caused by a false budget passed by the prior Board) she would wait to hire that second attorney for her office. For months, Cantelmi was the only staff attorney in the county to deal with the daily grind of attending meetings, reviewing contracts, preparing resolutions, and engaging in various labor negotiation and arbitration work in conjunction with outside counsel. She was also the only staff attorney available to tackle major legal problems like litigation brought against the county by real estate tycoon CJ Betters and the fallout from a mishandled sale of Friendship Ridge.

Legal work quickly began backing up, Cantelmi was stressed, and county government became bogged down in substantive ways felt throughout the various departments and row offices.

While Cantelmi’s official story was that she delayed the hiring of a second attorney to save the county money, most officials in the courthouse believe she was in actuality stalling to hire a woman named Jessica Sullivan — a former law clerk for Beaver County Common Pleas Judge Deborah Kunselman — who was pregnant at the time of her interview. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, Cantelmi finally made the decision to hire her number two just as Sullivan completed maternity leave from her previous employer.

Cantelmi now had Sullivan by her side and Sullivan seldom left it. Inexperienced in municipal law, Sullivan shadowed Cantelmi nearly everywhere she went. Instead of one attorney at public commissioner meetings there were two, as there were now two attorneys sitting in salary board meetings, prison board meetings, work sessions and executive sessions. While the number of attorneys in the law department had doubled, the workload remained far from being divided in half.

Someone more experienced than Cantelmi in the managing of people may well have predicted what came next from her chosen protégé. Sullivan is intelligent but early in her career, still young and largely inexperienced yet unmistakably confident, outspoken, and ambitious. She is not the figure one would imagine as likely content sitting second fiddle in a small two-person law office, whose first chair was still a decade or more away from retirement.

Cantelmi waited nearly eight months for Sullivan to be available for work, then spent another five months getting her up to speed on county business, before Sullivan submitted her resignation at the beginning of this month. A private company Sullivan had interviewed with before being hired by the county contacted her with an offer of a more prestigious position and salary to match.

Commissioners Amadio and Egley were beyond frustrated, both recognizing deja vous all over again as Cantelmi began lining up another round of candidate attorneys. It was in some ways the opportunity each Commissioner had been waiting for; while they joined together to achieve a common purpose when signing Cantelmi’s termination slip, they each had disparate motivations for doing so.

With complaints from county department heads and row officials about lengthy delays in paperwork, and the muddled opinions and questionable management of the law office itself, Commissioner Tony Amadio felt he had been publicly vindicated — he had known Andrea Cantelmi was no Bernie Rabik and in his mind everyone else could now see it too.

Commissioner Sandie Egley remained steadfast that ridding the county of Rabik was the right move, but had developed her own concerns involving Cantelmi. While Dan Camp saw the long-time attorney’s experience in the county as an asset, Egley began to take a more critical view.

Egley reasoned that Cantelmi had been there as the problematic Friendship Ridge transaction took place, played a role in the acquisition of bank notes that were ultimately used to transfer debt effectively hiding budgetary shortfalls, was a public attorney during a time county employees and others were facing unmitigated abuse by out of control officials. Many of the legal problems Chief Solicitor Cantelmi was now dealing with involved issues that former Assistant Solicitor Cantelmi may have previously touched in one small way or another.

Although Assistant Solicitor Cantelmi was not then the top decision maker for the law department and may not always have had an entire picture of ongoing events, Egley began to doubt the advice Chief Solicitor Cantelmi was now providing; fairly or unfairly Egley continuously wondered if there were ever any unseen motivations afoot.

Chief among Egley’s concerns was how the law department was handling the outstanding legal issues with Friendship Ridge, quietly ongoing legal problems involving the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and an unrestrained Sheriff’s Office — all matters Egley had been wanting to deal with far more aggressively.

It was Human Resources Director Sidney Shaw who had to break the news to Cantelmi that she had been fired by Amadio and Egley. Shaw herself was astonished when first told the long-time County Solicitor was being let go, even attempting to reason with Egley that perhaps the matter might need a little more thought. Both Amadio and Egley were out of the courthouse as Shaw began to carry out her orders in formalizing the termination. Camp was conducting other county business, unaware of events that were transpiring around him. Cantelmi was in the building with one of her children to get a passport — Shaw backed away into a hallway to wait for an opportunity to speak with her alone.

Commissioner Camp is perceived by some officials in the county as being extremely protective of certain workers, including Cantelmi; Amadio and Egley were expecting him to react poorly to the news they had fired her.

Camp admittedly got angry.

Commissioner Egley did not answer her phone the first several times Commissioner Camp tried to call her, but eventually picked up, her voice shaking as she told him she did not want to speak to him while he was mad. Camp told Egley he was more upset about the “how” than the “what.”

Camp later reminded Amadio of how he had been notified before, not after, then-Chief Solicitor Bernie Rabik was terminated.

Commissioner Camp is now convinced that Tony Amadio has been playing the two Republican Commissioners against each other for his own political gain and for the benefit of an old Democratic Party in future elections — having little to no regard for the effects his actions are having on the county. It is a notion flatly rejected by Amadio, but a feeling that has been shared by even some of his own closest political allies. Former Democratic Sheriff candidate Wayne Kress has repeatedly expressed his own frustrations about Amadio’s seemingly unending deference toward Republican Sheriff Tony Guy during times the Republican Commissioners have attempted to rein in the Sheriff’s Office.

Feeling ever more manipulated by Amadio following this week’s events, Dan Camp has extended an olive branch to Egley, sending a text message inviting her to lunch — a small first step toward establishing a relationship that has failed to find a common footing since the beginning of their term.

In the meantime, the county is now left without a law department.

Ask Bernie The Attorney” Rabik has suddenly reemerged from the shadows, contacting Commissioners in futile efforts to reprise his former role. While there are viable names floating about for a new Chief Solicitor, and perhaps more than one assistant, there are no plans in place. The firing of Andrea Cantelmi was a leap of faith — or a step into an abyss — for a county which has been watching stagnant puddles being stomped in by two new Commissioners who were elected on a promise of change.


    • Probably when courthouse workers quit sitting on their fat asses drinking coffee and eating donuts. When they start actually doing their fucking job after they graduate from charm school to learn how to treat the public. When there is an abatement on corruption in the courthouse.

      • AND……Mr Taxpayer !!! Mungo would like to add to that list, when the people finally get fed up with the antics of one lawsuit happy Con and remove her screaming and kicking from the building with the assistance of the State Police and/ or Fed’s! If it could ever be proven she engaged in any malfeasance or misappropriation of the peoples loot. Of course after re reading your comment Mungo sees that your list actually contains a pretty acurate description of the ole Con, minus the horrifying, nightmare inducing, clown makeup job that acts as a true facade concealer! Hehe Mungo’s opinion only…..of course!!!

      • Word on the street is the Con is gonna give Netherland the high hat and pink slip him before she leaves. That’s the hear say.

  1. Well, this account ONCE AGAIN casts a long shadow over the courthouse. I know there are a lot of Egley disciples on here, but if you want fire a long time employee with some stature in the organization, be there, be a (wo)man and do it in person. And bring Tony along, too, if he hasn’t shrunk off into the night.
    So, now they cut loose a decent worker who apparently got along with others and tried to get things done, but the shit stuck to the wall stays on (and on) in the courthouse. Okay.
    Maybe somebody over there has a kid or in law that watches a lot of court case re-runs on tv and that can be Beaver County’s new law department.

    • I agree. They should have offered for her to step back into her former role as assistant, telling her she was in over her head. They should have had the guts to do it in person.

    • Its not their job to fire her in person and they are completely in the right for having the HR department do their job. Be one of the first departments there that apparently can handle things competently. the last thing we need is another drama in “the days of beaver county” that creates an unending stream of he said she said BS

      • Is it Egley’s job to answer her fellow commissioner’s calls (plural) and talk over a high profile decision that she and Amadio made without him?

        Pass it on to HR, have them take care of it while the two who ordered it are out of the building and then don’t answer the third commissioner’s calls for awhile.

        Look, I don’t know anybody involved personally or professionally, but , judging by this account, the “leadership” position is hardly taking a lead.

  2. Doesn’t sound like anything was really getting done with her there. So who cares if she is gone ? Hire another ambulance chaser and get on with things.

  3. Beyond unprofessional. Three commissioners ? One with no prior voice before making a decision on termination. These commissioners need to stop looking under the bed for the f’n boogie man. Sidney Shaw, to me, was the voice of reason in this matter. Tony Amadio should never , never, give an opinion on ones intellectual vigor.

    • Nobody knows if Camp had a voice in this matter or not. He could have simply chosen not to be there on purpose when the deed was being done because of the cozy relationship he had with Cantelmi. There is a lesson to be learned here….TRUST NO ONE.

      • JohnQ, I agree nobody knows… one way or another. Your theory, conscerning Dan Camp is very possible, yet it is conjecture. After reading JP’s reporting, it is still not clear if Andrea Cantelmi’s is guilty of an offense where the commissioners should have terminated her employment.

  4. This same country club living on the job goes on in Monaca and Rochester Twp also. Everybody wants a pay check but don’t want to work for it. They would rather sit around telling stories to each other.

  5. More palace intrigue! More back stabbing and conniving than tthe Vatican cardinals. Is anybody minding the store while the court house whores and Queen Connie watch time run out on the scoreboard clock as Stonewall snoozes away in his afghan. I am very suspicious that this is all Tony A setting the stage for another palace coup next election, putting the old boys back in the saddle. Business as usual, theft and intptitude reigning again but he’ll be damn sure to better cover his and the other losers ass against investigation or information. Tony G may very well be his running mate. RINO sheds sheeps clothes and reveals himself as the wolf returning to steal more bacon for the Quip mob. Danny Boy, yoiu should never have fallen for Tony’s political games pitting two novices against each other. He is playing you both. Stick together with Sandie and crush his ass once and for all. As long as one whore remains from the old guard nothing will change. First rule of plotics, keep you enemies very close. Don’t know about Andrea’s work ethic or abilities but it sure seemed to be taking along time to crack the Comp Health/Quuen Connie audit. Politics is a blood sport, not for the weak, naive or faint of heart. Danny, grow some hair on your balls and grow a backbone. Time to put on your big boy pants. Good luck Andrea, “civilian” practice may be a better match for you. The friends and family will dominate this site in the next few days at the behest of the old dinosaurs, pointing out that only “experienced” politicians need apply. These are the very same ones who blew out the budget and ethical hiring practices over the last 30 years. Their kids need jobs due to the piss poor economic position of the county and there is one sure way to get your kid a job, it is the party hacks. Deja vu and more inbreeding in the county swamp.

  6. G-D RIGHT! So, Sandie Egley wants the law to be more aggressive! I can get behind that..Get on board Dan Camp and get OUR money back from Friendship Ridge! Good enough reason for me..

  7. Wow! Excellent reporting, John Paul. With a new (less partial) solicitor, will movement be seen in the areas she was part of? Guy, Stonewall, Connie…et al, might be a little concerned right now.

    • “Javens said his mother told him that other county officials, including Controller David Rossi, were never around to properly authorize transactions for Friendship Ridge’s new owners (the Pennsylvania County Code requires all checks be signed by the County Commissioners and Controller before they are signed and released by the Treasurer). ”

      Remember this from a week or so ago? Maybe this Cantelmi wasn’t the only one who needs to step their game up over in Beaver? Including the ones who moved to fire her.

  8. Mr. equalizer, I predict that if any unknown or underdog runs for any of these elected position next time around, the present regime will all be defeated and gone. So any of you taxpayers that have no ties to the county government please run for office. You will get elected for that reason alone.

    • Tell us who Sandie is tied in with or related too? What Country Club? Which Judge, lawyer or financial firm? I want the scoop..

    • Mayhaps I will give it a go. Can’t do any worse. I’d rather be county executive to clean out the row “hoe” offices. They are a cancer on the court house.


    Probably the worse move in county government history.

    Removed an entire law department with no plan in place.

    Here’s your fucking transparency let me guess they are going to do interviews.

    The moral compasses are beyond needing recalibrated.

  10. Likely there was merit to this dismissal. But, the dismissal was poorly handled as the two commissioners who forged ahead with it should have discussed it with Camp beforehand, regardless of his relationship with Cantelmi. They had the 2-1. No reason FROM A PROFESSIONAL standpoint to leave him in the dark. And by the way, THE CONTROLLER was the office responsible for oversight of the financial dealings associated with Friendship Ridge, not the law department. When are you going to get this straight? Now here’s the kicker. They need to hire 2 attorneys, not one. How will they “vet” the potential candidates? It’s very hard to get ONE good attorney knowledgeable in the complexities of these cases, let alone two. You have a serious backlog of work and it’s not the best time to make knee-jerk decisions to hire someone’s relative to head the department. There is an immediate need and a long term need. Swallow your pride and get Rabik (I don’t know him) back on a one year contract to attend to the backlog since he has the experience and define the work he will be responsible for in detail. In the meantime, advertise for a new attorney for the legal department but for an 18 month contract. Don’t hire a Chief Solicitor now. Hire a solid attorney who can work with / under Rabik. See what kind of traction this gets you on the backlog for the next year. In December, assess the work of both relative to the department’s needs. Then, decide what kind of extension, if any, Rabik gets or if it’s needed. If, in December, you decide that the new attorney can handle the job as a chief solicitor, then work to bring him/her on or take more time to decide and start advertising for the second attorney. Hopefully Rabik swallow his pride too. If not, go to Plan B…what is that?

      • Forget about your opinion of Rabik – your opinion of him is no better than your opinion of CTJ. The commissioners don’t have to like him – what they need is someone who knows the courthouse and these cases NOW. The Chief Solicitor was/is only responsible for the legal aspects of the deal, not for the payments or finances of the FR deal. Again, the Controller was NOT doing his job on the Friendship Ridge deal, in my opinion. He is “the man” on all financial matters. He has continued to escape scrutiny and I am just appalled by it. Now back to Rabik – whether you hire a seasoned professional or a novice, you have a learning curve. Strike 1. No one of any professional substance is going work for the wages BC will pay. Strike 2. Now he can’t do it alone (alas, the backlog…) so you need to hire an attorney who is hungry and willing to learn….you know, the willing and able. If you don’t hire the 2nd attorney, Strike 3, the backlog will continue and maybe even grow. Hey, as I see it, the commissioners will have to figure it out and I don’t see them having a whole lot of options IF their reported reasons are true.

  11. IMO I don’t think anyone has lifted a fucking finger to deal with the mishandled sale of Friendship Ridge.
    If they put Bernie Rabik back in the courthouse, they just committed political suicide.

  12. The comptroller may oversee the Ridge fiasco but because they failed doesn’t mean we just forget it. Checks and balances!

  13. No way is Rabik allowed to step foot in the court house again. He should be indicted for doing other solicitor work on county dime. hew is too tied to old guard and Tony A. They’d be conspiring everyday for the palace coup. Never, ever go back to a failed employee to fix a problem that they were major player in.

  14. So, what’s up with her ex-husband? That’s the lawyer who was disbarred, right? Is he still around to help with the kids? Hate the idea of a single mom losing her steady pay all of a sudden unless there was real malfeasance. Just doesn’t seem right.

    • Yeah, what a burden it would be to hire a full time baby sitter on her salary. LOL Her children are prob grown enough to look out for themselves.

  15. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. At least I know now who has been crafting Danny Boys letters. I

  16. Sounds like an effort to plug the constant stream of political drama and put a lid on the circus. The fact that this story had details down to text messages and the day’s timing shows they picked off the correct leak…

  17. And some people can’t understand Trump’s appeal.
    There seems to be no leadership at the courthouse just gamesmanship.
    Staff should take direction from the officeholder who follows up holding them accountable. Communication, qualifications and ethics apparently don’t dwell there.

  18. Another distraction, one of many from the REAL story. I hope the DA is not under the impression that we will just forget about the huge bank transfer of funds. Checking my tarot cards, she will be found innocent of all charges or a slight misdemeanor. With all the uproar there still has been no audit done of the Treasurer’s office. I suppose everything is on hold until the Law Department is fully staffed. Graduation season is upon us, I am sure a fully inexperienced family connected individual will be hired with great fan fair.

  19. O.K., Tom Davidson, you can start plagiarizing tomorrow’s BCTimes article from John Paul’s work. Again. Lisa will be proud.

  20. @ Rebecca deiter
    @Rebecca deiter

    You being a shill for someone or not familiar with past history?

    The controller is the one that called out the friendship ridge fiasco . You must be new to the game go read the previous years stories. That prick causes them headaches, and im glad someone calling the shit out down there.

    Vince LaValle was the financial administrator and county brought in outside law firm to handle everyone got fat in the sale. Ummm remember the stories of secret bank accounts and money taken???

    Bernie came clean that he was covering up information pertaining to the sale if you recall which lead to his demise, prior to general election of spanik and amadio.

    Get a handful of part time lawyers to handle department.

    County is a mess, but didn’t happen over night.

    • I am not new to the game. You’re not very smart. He only disclosed the budget issues after the election of the Republican majority. “That prick” has/had a responsibility to oversee ALL of IT! He is a problem. He saw that he would be called out so he reported it before the ax fell on him. Had the Democrats won, you wouldn’t have heard anything. Please read the PA code so you can understand what the prick’s job is or how about this – GO and review other PA counties and get a picture of what their county controllers do…you know, educate yourself. And stop talking about rumors. County is still a mess…they need to relieve two more people of their positions and none of has to do with CTJ…get a grip!

  21. There isn’t anyone in their right fucking mind that would buy a nursing home that is reporting a loss of 20K per day. This whole deal stinks from top to bottom and that courthouse is tainted from the front door to the back door.

  22. Once the investigation into the treasurers handling of finances was handed to the DA’s office the matter was taken from the law department. That department has no subpoena power and the treasurer was certainly instructed by her counsel to answer no question concerning the sale no matter who was asking. I will watch with great interest to see who gets appointed solicitor for that appointment will tell if this was a firing based on a work backlog or on politics.

  23. There is a difference in the skill set that is needed to deal with litigation involving County reassessment and recouping lost moneys from the sale of Friendship Ridge versus the employment issues and arbitration versus day-to-day County business.

    Outsource the litigation on reassessment and use a litigation attorney on a contingent fee to recoup the monies from the Friendship Ridge sale. Think what competence and aggressiveness would result from a contingent fee of 20 or 25% when 6.3 million is at issue. Questions would be answered and money would trump any politics. Use a labor attorney to deal with the labor issues. Hire an attorney with municiple law, contracts and real estate law for the solicitor and assistant solicitor. Regardless of what attorneys are hired or retained move forward and get the issues resolved so the county can move forward. Lastly, inform the public of the status of the litigation (particularly as to the reassessment) so property owners can prepare for whatever is going to happen to the tax rates.

    • Three attorneys – hmmm, quite pricey for a county who is looking for black ink on their financial statements in the form of a substantial tax hike and moving restricted funds to other “better uses.” lol… Let’s be frank – the owners of Friendship Ridge have already indicated that they challenge the audit findings and intend to pay no more than they have already. Sorry but any litigation attorney worth his salt should take a look at the BIG picture before even accepting a case like this. Good luck with that. For the solicitor positions, I think that finding ONE attorney with competence in three VERY different practice areas in municipal law, real estate, and contracts is an adventure in futility. Now I am not an attorney but I have dealt with many attorneys who have been deemed worthy of the title of “super lawyer” outside of this county in a variety if practice areas, and I have to say representation is compromised too often by hiring the wrong person who has a list of “specialties” on their web-site, most of which is patently untrue. Edgar Snyder gets it. You want the county to make a decision on a new full time solicitor coming up to speed in short order and having a labor attorney working on labor issues? Really good labor attorneys are rare and very expensive and unless there is a REAL need (e.g. public opinion doesn’t make someone guilty and you know, sometimes you just need to decide what hill you want to die on), this is a questionable hire. So you want these three commissioners to hire these three people when they can’t even talk to one another about governance before they make a personnel decision? I see nothing but a prolonged hiring process (e.g. that’s if you want to hire the willing, able and competent) that will likely yield very little benefit for the county financially or otherwise. So let’s just say that somewhere in all of this thinking out loud, there may be other option or two in re-arranging the process but none of them include nepotism.

    • Seriously, who gives a shit lady. Nobody is asking for A-1 personalities in the courthouse. All we want are people who are honest, efficient, and good at what they do. In my eyes holding the assistant position for 8 months to get a friend in there is absolutely enough to get fired. But in the end Heather, nobody cares about the friend points you’re scoring with Andrea by shouting her praises from the rooftops.

  24. I’m totally mystified by this development. I can not understand why Egley/Amadio would leave the Law Department without a Lawyer in-house; they can’t be THAT stupid. Cantelmi MUST have pissed them off royally.

    • Could be with all the consorting of Camp and Cantelmi, the other two suspected he was seeking advice to use against them. I think the new hire will shed a lot of light on the matter.

  25. In today’s, 3/25/2017 BCT:

    “John McCreary of the Pittsburgh-based firm Babst Calland will represent the county on an interim basis, Commissioners Daniel Camp and Tony Amadio said Friday.”

    Does anyone know of his competence/connections?

    • John McCreary is a partner in a large Pittsburgh firm that has long represented the County in labor negotiations, etc. Labor law is his area of expertise. The appointment is a band-aid so that the County has someone to call / consult until the BOC hires a solicitor and assistant solicitor.

  26. He is already doing legal work for county in deputy sheriff lawsuits for new contract. Saw him a while back at Wednesday meeting and seemed like a rough and tumble SOB who is well aware of the bullshit going on in the court house. Put Tony the Midget in his place! Hope he takes charge and kicks some ass. The question I have is, “Do we really need a full time staff? How about one sharp attorney for general counsel and then hire (retainer) specialists on a case by case basis. Full time employees sap the budget for benefits and retirement. For as little as has been resolved with Friendship obviously 24-7 counsel just isn’t getting results. By selecting a panel of specialists we can save long range and finally win back the taxpayers hard earned tax monies. There should be NO locals hired until they can be fully vetted by backgound checks to preclude friends and family hires to further burden the taxpayers with unqualified political hacks. Specialty counsel will not get involved in the piss ant antics of the court house. They sure as hell don’t want to move to this economic disaster run by juvenile delinquents, especially after we get new assessments and MORE higher tax bills. Maybe we can get one to take the Queen to task.

    • @equalizer –

      No offense, but what you are proposing would be cumbersome. Yes, the County needs to have a Law Department with at least 2 FT lawyers or 1 FT and 2 PT. And, I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Benyo that there are complex legal issues that come up from time to time that should be outsourced to attorneys / firms with that particular expertise – i.e. – Friendship Ridge.



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