Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley / submitted photo

County government was thrown into chaos Friday night in the aftermath of Commissioners Tony Amadio and Sandie Egley appointing a labor law attorney from Pittsburgh to act as “Interim Solicitor.”

In what seemed more like a scene from a Hollywood movie than real-life governing, the evening saw county officials frantically calling and text messaging each other well past midnight, with Commissioner Egley sounding as if she was breaking down into tears as she admitted she had taken original signed public records out of the courthouse at night and then stashed them at her home.

Commissioner Dan Camp told the Beaver Countian that the controversy started when he approached Controller David Rossi to ask him about contracts the county had with John McCreary — a labor law attorney from Pittsburgh who the Board was looking to use as a legal adviser until a permanent Chief Solicitor could be found.

“Since the county does not have an attorney because Commissioners Tony Amadio and Sandie Egley fired them all, I asked Controller Rossi if he would pull copies of McCreary’s contracts for me,” said Camp. “The existing contracts were for labor relations work only. I told the other two Commissioners that I was not going to sign anything to appoint McCreary as Interim Solicitor until we figured out what needed to be done.”

Camp said he called and expressed his concerns to attorney McCreary, who told him that he was going to research the matter.

“Commissioners Amadio and Egley just went forward and appointed him anyway,” said Camp. “They did not do their due diligence in this matter, and this was yet another example of the two of them acting rashly.”

Controller David Rossi tells the Beaver Countian that he believes the actions taken by Commissioners Egley and Amadio when appointing John McCreary were not proper, and that the Controller’s Office will be blocking the release of any funds to the attorney.

“The Pennsylvania County Code explicitly forbids a Solicitor from having other contracts with the county and states the Solicitor must by law have a fixed and specific salary,” said Controller Rossi. “At this point, there are two open positions in the Law Department that are authorized by the Salary Board and both of those positions are full-time. If McCreary is going to be the Solicitor and wants to get paid, even on an interim basis, the Commissioners would have to first cancel his contracts then hire him as an employee to fill one of those two positions […] If McCreary wants to do it for free, he can do it for free, because I’m not going to be releasing any county funds to him. I don’t think John McCreary is going to agree to that.”

Commissioner Egley initially told the Beaver Countian that Commissioner Camp and Controller Rossi were overreacting because nothing involving the position of Interim Solicitor had been signed off on.

“I didn’t sign anything,” insisted Egley. “There were just discussions.”

Commissioner Egley’s assertions to the Beaver Countian directly contradicted what Commissioner Amadio had told the Beaver County Times.

“Amadio said he and Commissioner Sandie Egley signed off on an informal email from McCreary that will allow him to represent the county,” wrote the paper in a “breaking news” article titled “Beaver County Commissioners name interim solicitor in wake of Andrea Cantelmi’s firing.”

Commissioner Amadio reiterated to the Beaver Countian what he had told the Times, that he did in fact sign a paper for McCreary’s appointment.

“I initialed it only because [Chief County Clerk] Julie Richards said we needed something to get things moving,” he said.

Some time after the Beaver Countian got off of the phone with Commissioner Egley, word got out that her vehicle had been spotted parked outside of the courthouse. Also seen was a vehicle belonging to Chief Clerk Julie Richards, who serves as Tony Amadio’s secretary.

After discussing it with others, Commissioner Camp instructed his own administrative assistant, Anthony Caltury, to go down to the courthouse to see what was happening.

“There was a signed letter that officially appointed John McCreary to be Solicitor,” Anthony Caltury explained to the Beaver Countian. “There were emails sent to John McCreary that included a copy of the county’s legal schedule for the next couple of weeks. John responded to those emails, saying he could not act until formally appointed as Interim Solicitor. [Chief Clerk] Julie Richards printed out the document along with a note to approve McCreary’s appointment that had signature lines for Sandie, Tony, and Dan. The document was then put in the signature boxes for the Commissioners […] I am in charge of new business, so sometime around 4:00 p.m. the document was handed back to me. On it were the signatures of Commissioners Egley and Amadio to formally appoint John McCreary as Solicitor.”

Caltury said he put the document in a folder on his desk before leaving work for the day.

He arrived back at the courthouse sometime around 9:00 p.m. Friday night, as directed by Commissioner Camp, where he encountered Egley and Richards in the Commissioners Unit.

“They left right when I walked in,” said Caltury. Egley had told him they were just there to pick up a county credit card for a trip to attend the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania’s convention this weekend. They left a card behind with Caltury to give to Commissioner Camp.

Anthony Caltury told the Beaver Countian he checked his desk after Egley and Richards had exited the building.

“It wasn’t in my folder, I don’t know what happened to it,” Caltury said of the documents appointing McCreary. “It had two Commissioners’ signatures on it, it was an official document, and as far as I know it’s missing.”

The Beaver Countian made a return call to Commissioner Sandie Egley, who said nothing new had transpired since the previous conversation.

The Beaver Countian informed Egley that Commissioner Dan Camp and his assistant were both on-the-record that she had put her signature to documents appointing McCreary, and that those documents could no longer be found.

“Yes, they are missing,” Commissioner Egley’s voice began to shake as if she was starting to cry.

“They are not missing,” she then admitted.

When asked if she knew where the missing public records were, Egley answered with her voice still shaking, “I have them… They’re at my house.”

Egley went on to insist she had not lied to the Beaver Countian earlier in the day when she said she had not signed any documents.

“I was mistaken,” she said. “There was hesitation in my voice, it wasn’t deliberate, it is not deliberate […] I was hoping that this was not going to be a big deal, but apparently it is.”

Commissioner Tony Amadio said he did not know that Julie Richards or Sandie Egley were going to the courthouse last night, but found out they had been there after receiving a call.

“I know Sandie was upset yesterday, I can tell you that,” said Commissioner Amadio. “I talked to her on the phone, she was concerned about getting the attorney approved […] The last time I saw the paper is when Julie handed it to me and I signed off on it. Sandie did not ask me to remove that document from the courthouse if that’s what she did.”

Commissioner Dan Camp told the Beaver Countian this morning that last night’s events are cause for great concern.

“I was informed late last night by Anthony Caltury that this document was no longer in the custody of the Commissioners’ Office,” said Camp. “The actions taken to remove signed public documents from the courthouse at night shows that the other Commissioners knew the decision they made earlier in the day to appoint an interim solicitor should not have been done. The Board should have fully understood the proper way to accomplish what it wanted to do before taking action.”

Dan Camp told the Beaver Countian he is now exploring what legal options are available to him as Commissioner to prevent other public records from being removed from the courthouse at night, and to stop Commissioners Amadio and Egley from taking additional actions outside of official meetings.

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    • Well, gee, I guess now we know where Ms. Javens would have gotten the idea that it’s okay to free-lance making withdrawals from county accounts. It’s just SOP to do things on the fly and proper procedures and steps through the hierarchy be damned.
      The commissioners did not need to fire Cantelmi and she didn’t walk out on the job. Have a transition plan in place, find out what you need to have signed, approved, filed, etc. and FOLLOW it. Don’t just follow your nose.

      All we need now is to find out that the two of them went into the courthouse after -hours through an unlocked door…

  1. I believe removing public records from a courthouse is a crime. I also believe that if someone else knew about what she did makes it a conspiracy. Oh my.

    • Yes, this is all very bizarre, unacceptable behavior. I’m beginning to think none of these people are fit for public office! Going in and out of the courthouse at 9 pm? WTH!! Where’s security? Also I’m curious as to what attorney Controller Rossi would release funds to? Who’s his guy for the position?

  2. Note: This article has been updated to reflect a clarification provided by Commissioner Tony Amadio following its original publication.

    The article originally stated that Commissioner Amadio did not know Sandie Egley and Julie Richards had been at the courthouse last night. Commissioner Amadio now clarifies that he did not know in advance that either Egley or Richards were going to the courthouse last night, but subsequently learned they had gone after receiving a telephone call.

  3. Like watching a three stooges movie. No more like a badly written drama. If anyone has a clown car for rent please call the court house. I can’t even think of what to say here. It’s like a never ending comedy of horrors.

  4. Ham and Eggs show staring Tony and Sandie, Danny, tony guy.

    Hey Dave Lozier you getting this, pull out your book of purdons and feel in the blanks

    • I’d be the first to sign a petition to impeach these three commissioner stooges. It’s been a circus and chaos since they took office. This is a travesty!

    • Why is Controller Rossi always in courthouse after hours and on weekends? What work has to be done after hours? It’s Sunday afternoon and his car is there?????

  5. Looks like everybody’s savior in the Commissioners office is just as bad as the rest of the bunch. I’m interested on how some of the commenters here will try to spin the explanation on this one.

  6. It seems that Sandie Egley is continuously doing things that are inappropriate. If Commissioner Amadio is also involved, it is time to get rid of them both. Laws and Rules are in existence for a reason. Follow them or resign!!!!! That goes for anyone else in our government. I for one will not vote for either one of them again.

    • A good leader is emotionally stable. According to beaver countian and other news sources, this isn’t the first time Egley has cried and became emotionally upset about county business. She doesn’t seem to be able to handle this job. She should resign!

      • That’s bullshit. Everyone cries sometimes be it in the company of other people or alone. She wouldn’t be human if she didn’t cry. Actually that’s exactly what we need in that courthouse, some people with emotions and compassion that know how to treat other people. In my opinion, she made a mistake and should be held accountable. A lot worse is going on in there.

      • You’re bullshit! We need strong leaders, not weak crybabies! Good leaders show emotional stability and don’t crack when someone merely asks questions! She’s way over her head in this job. Remember if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen

      • By the way what compassion was shown to all the people fired under Egleys watch? What about all the courthouse employees who were told to take the retirement or they would be fired? Is that how you treat people?? Yea, real compassion?

    • Commissioner Egly, unknowingly, jumped into a shitstorm of corruption and a county $11 million in debt. Do you think it did not hurt to fire those people? Do you think it is easy for her to learn a new job when she is criticized at every turn and then told she is the one who needs the intervention? If all you a$$holes who are criticizing her constantly would shut the hell up and show a little grace, she may find it easier to do her job. If you went to a meeting where even the people you liked and trusted turned on you, you may cry too! How she just goes into work every day, with her head held high, is beyond me. Yes, she may cry, but she’s got more guts than a lot of you judgmental a$$hats on here. Get a grip and wait for the whole story.

  7. What’s the big deal? A lapse in protocol- it’s not like they unilaterally signed checks for millions. Just have McCreary resign his contract position effective Thursday. He won’t be paid for Friday, but who cares? Bring back Cantelmi as the assistant as long as she plays along with McCreary. Everyone’s happy. She was in over her head anyway. They need to stop.

  8. OK – she knowingly erred in her judgment but you have to ask yourself – WTF is she doing? Are there no temporary records removal procedures for the courthouse? By the way, in my world, a record is not a record until it is completely signed off and authenticated as a record…just saying. On the other hand, sending any type of authorization to a subcontractor without proper vetting is just plain unprofessional and well, stupid. McCreary only wanted a direct confirmation that he had been “appointed” Interim Solicitor and didn’t KNOW that this was not permitted. HE IS NOT QUALIFIED to do this type of work and he just proved it. I don’t care what his web-site says – the Best Lawyer rating is not to be taken seriously. He has practiced law for 20+ years and has no good or bad client reviews to be found anywhere except on the Martindale site where there are two PEER reviews….TWO. Martindale is basically a resource and marketing site for law firms. Is there anyone in Beaver County government who can make sense of this continuing debacle? Amadio is a tool and the inexperience and conflict of the other two continues to be revealed. Sure does keep JP in business exposing the bizarre antics of elected officials lacking sound judgment. And you bitched about CTJ, Spanik, Rabik and others? You think this is better? Get a grip…

    • Onlly difference is that Queen Connie does it out in the open and defies authorities to do something about it. She berates and rants intimidating those faint of heart. Not that veteran. He exposed her for the bully and buffoon she is. Amadio is the snake in all this. Rebecca, you are right on in that he is manipulating the rookies for his own gain and they are politcally naive to fall for his schoolyard antics.

      • You must admit that Egley does have a refreshing image for the camera unlike that of Javens who resembles the appearance of a 1958 Edsel sucking on a lemon.

  9. This is great entertainment. Amadio&Egley tried to side step Dan Camp for some reason removing his favored solicitor. Camp strikes quickly and reveals Egley’s unprofessional conduct. Amadio as usual comes out smelling like a rose. Beavercountian still unbiased digs into the action. This could be a reality show for TV

  10. Maybe the D.A. should obtain a search warrant for Egley’s home and make sure there isn’t anything else from the courthouse in there.

  11. “It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents – except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness.”

    Bulwer-Lytton, in his novel Paul Clifford, 1830

  12. Commissioner Egley appears to be completely incompetent. Commissioner Amadio is only interested in protecting himself. Commissioner Camp is inexperienced at best.
    They look like the Three Stooges tripping all over each other. It’s such an embarrassment.
    It’s a shame that the voters had such slim pickings’ to choose from at election time. “Cleaning house” sounds great, but putting inept people in office does not solve anything, as we are now seeing.
    It’s laughable that anyone said Ms. Cantelmi was in over her head. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  13. “…had taken original signed public records out of the courthouse under cover of darkness and then stashed them at her home.”

    No big deal.

    And I’m to believe that no one else takes work home? No one studies cases before trials? Everything is back under lock and key at day’s end? Of course not.

    When she steals a laptop in a briefcase with all the secret Courthouse launch codes in it, let me know.

    • This wasn’t take home work Raven.
      She lied to JP about signing it then made it disappear at night.
      Originals stay at the courthouse if she needed a copy she could of made it.

      • this was bad bad dealings or JP wouldn’t of wrote it he got lied to she got caught!

    • Exactly. Not a big deal to anyone who’s ever worked in an office, but anything confidential should be kept in a locked file at home, too. Who’s personnel records did she take home? McCreary’s? Cantelmi’s? Just the hiring document? I actually agree with Egley, that if they went about the authorization for McCreary to do work incorrectly, it’s not a big deal. They converted other people from contractors to full-time courthouse employees, so obviously it “can” be done. Egley shouldn’t have lied about it. She should have said, “We signed off on having him replace Cantelmi, but we may have to revisit it on Monday to make sure it was completed correctly because he’s a contractor.”

      I also think they should have gotten Camp’s input on whether or not he though McCreary was qualified before hiring him. Why not do that? Camp, under no circumstances, should be having any discussions with Cantelmi or her agents about courthouse issues, personnel issues, or pretty much anything at this point. He has to know that and remove himself completely from any dealings he’s had with her, friends or not. Now that the paperwork has been deemed invalid, the 3 commissioners need to talk about who to hire as a replacement.

  14. Need to get of Egley. She thinks she is above the others . Amado does exactly what she says. Camp is totally left out of most decisions. She is like a dictator. She is sneaky and does things behind others backs. Now she breaks the law. She should be put out of office. God only knows what other illegal actions have been done by her and Amadio.

    • @Donna…Don’t hold your breath for the County to take action again Sandie the Almighty, it’s going to be up to us, the voters, to vote her out. Unfortunately, we have what, 2+ years to go with these wacky Commissioners? I’m sure it will get worse before it gets better!!!!

  15. I’m STILL dumbfounded about the reasoning behind Cantelmi’s firing. Why?

    A second question from THIS article is, why did Egley take original signed public records from the courthouse after hours and take them home? WTF is THAT about? Is she trying to hide something or is it total incompetence and stupidity?

    As much as I support Sandie, I believe it WAS illegal to do that. But, I know what to do. Appoint a Special Prosecutor to find out who, what, why, when and where. In MY OPINION it reminds me of the incompetence and stupidity of Senator Nunes and Company.

    • The bar has been set high by Connie Javens, jaybird. Absolutely no one will be taken to task for anything in that place until she is properly investigated. That is why I don’t see this as a big deal. When 4 or 6 million dollars can go missing and be unaccounted for, what difference does this paper chase make?

      • You can forget about any Javens investigation. That’s over. She walks away clean. The whole fucking bunch of them scott free into the sunset.


  16. Sad “CLUSTER $€ C%” at the courthouse -in my opinion an extremely rash decision. Was Cantelmi given any warning? Was she afforded any time to rectify what two commissioners found to be an offense to terminate her employment? Are their no performance evaluations at any level in the courthouse? I have been paying Andrea’s wage for as long she has been a county employee. I have not seen, in type, the reason for her termination, and I feel I am owed that. Am I wrong ?

    • No, the only performance evaluations they do is with Friendship Ridge and then the pay them $300,000. If that’s not corruption then I don’t know what is.

  17. Sandie goes to the courthouse at 9 at night goes into a folder in some guy’s desk and takes out a paper she just told a reporter didn’t exist and than takes it home with her? Ya that sounds on the up and up huh?

  18. More diversions until we all wait for the MAIN event, in the meantime please pass the popcorn. You can bet there is one person really enjoying all of this as the spotlight is not on her.

  19. Say what you want, but “whacky” Al said that the place is a mess and everybody got on him as some partisan hack. Now look, just a week later, and the place is a mess.

  20. Egley needs to go for sure–she seems to think she is above the law and can do whatever she wants to do. I wonder what kind of dirt she has on the other 2 that they stand for her antics? Voters of this county need to stand up and demand that the commissioners be held accountable or there’s the door, get out.

  21. Lmfao

    You wide eyed optimist thought change was here, you got it.

    The change was worse…

    Spanik needed to go…

    Nichols should of never came ….

    Eegly she is a total wreck…

    Camp…. Getting a clue maybe hope is on the horizon

    Amadio….. Lol raped taxpayers as a teacher, sat like a child listening to spank and nick for years eating free meals smiling. What a joke do nothing

    GUY… Ummmnnmmmmmmm George David with higher s.a.t score….but same principles

    Sadly they all think they are the real chosen ones…..

  22. I wish CNN was as unbiased and fact based as the beaver countian! Too bad most news channels have an agenda. Beaver countian just reports the facts without leaning in either direction.

  23. I know some body who works at the court house and she told me I should ask about JP’s don’t lie to me speach so I’m asking. Any body know what it is?

    • I have. He’s a normal guy. Kinda quiet but approachable. Think of him as the “quiet observer”. I think this website has given him a stigma and people are scared shitless him (As they should be if you’re an elected official and you break the publics trust). He’s been around before this website. He’s pretty well known (for better or for worse) in the world of IT.
      While this is his more popular website, it isn’t his first., which is about 20+ years old was probably his first major work.
      I remember hearing about his name back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. A family friend of mine attended a class he taught teaching people how to use email, IM etc. The person he was chatting with to teach what IM was had the screen name “LickHerClean”, or some variation of that. The people in the class were clueless except for a few who picked up on it, due to many in attendance being older.
      He also had an art exhibit space where people could display their art. I went once it was pretty cool, but I think it was out of place for Beaver County. They didn’t serve Busch Light there so it wasn’t the Beaver County norm.
      If you ever see him I’d say “hi”. I’m sure he’d like to hear that you are a reader of his work. After all he does spend countless hours bringing us this information.

    • I had the privilege of meeting JP at the courthouse, prior to the George David trial. He was sitting in front of me, I tapped him on the shoulder, and introduced myself. He proceeded to explain the ins and outs of the trial, who was who, when and where.

      He is a really nice guy, very personable and polite, and knows his stuff. After following his articles for a couple of years, it kinda irks me when some say he is “just a blogger”. I think they’re either jealous or one of the guilty. In MY OPINION he’s right up there with Woodward and Bernstein.

  24. J.P. is a nice guy. I don’t always agree with him, but he sure tells the truth and is a great investigative reporter. He digs for the facts and checks to make sure they are accurate.

  25. What the hell is wrong with people? Just follow the rules and do your job! Have some integrity and do not let pride cloud your judgment. If you do not know, ask. This behavior of our politicians (both parties) is mind boggling. This is a fine example of why honest, hard working individuals stay out of politics (and another example of why animals eat their young).

  26. @MAGA: The “Rude Raven” meme that you borrowed from the Meme Generator site is actually an American Crow, a common mistake. Thin bill, no feathers over the nostrils and beak, much too small, smooth chest feathers and short wings and tail. But considering that you are one of the Trump MAGA people, the error is not surprising. Trump plays loose with lies and falsehoods, why shouldn’t you?


  27. It would appear there is some deeply troubling events taking place! This is very VERY disappointing. I had high hopes for Sandie Egley, I hope very sincerely there is a plausible explanation and one will be forthcoming SOON!

  28. Hey Martina..the topic is guy is a spineless ass!!!!! With a horrible past. Known him for years and he’s a worm! Little man with a little everything !!!!

    • @Mr.Trash……haha yes! Midgets scare Mungo too! This whole County debacle is one of the main reasons why Mungo will not visit or patronize any business’ in Aliquippa, or Ambridge for that matter anymore. But it still doesn’t answer the lifelong question? Should Women be running the goverment or making kickass sandwiches for their Men ?!?!?

      • Should Women be running the goverment or making kickass sandwiches for their Men ?!?!?

        Seriously Mungo? Why can’t they do both?

  29. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. We all do. In this situation, I think a lot of people are making comments without all of the facts. Instead of rushing to judge, how about if we allow some time for all of the facts to come out.

  30. Lol! What a freaking train wreck! Bunch of key-stone cops running around trying to find their assholes from a hole in the ground down there. What did you expect? You put two clueless people in government to run your entire county! Did you think these idiots would have somehow inheretied brains under their Commissioner “Potus” cone hats?
    What’s even more laughable is how Egley ran around telling lots of people she had John Paul wrapped around her ” pinky” finger. Seems JP’s adornment went in the shitter after Egley lied to him, wouldn’t you say?
    Screw JP with lies and he’ll burn your ass is the moral of the story. I think if JP digs a little more he’ll see a lot more lies and cover-ups of Egley’s twisted web. Maybe Danny boy will have enough balls and confess how Egley manipulated and lied from the get go and tricked her fellow buffons into making her the grand wizard of Beaver County.
    Maybe not now because of the recent dynamic duo partnering of Egley and Amadio. I’ll give Rossi’s office credit, they knew having Dummer & Dummer as the majority in the commissioners office would clear the way for them to call all the shots out of that front office. They run the courthouse – not the commissioners!

    • Camp hasn’t worked a day in his life. JP needs to keep digging the dirt on Camp. Camp doesn’t know how to play in the sandbox with anyone…what a childish fool.

  31. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Sandie broke down because she knows she was wrong to remove those documents. JP should have been a Detective and you had better have your facts straight when you deal with him because believe me, he already knows the answers to the questions he is asking you. It’s just like Abbott and Costello. Friggin Amateurs.
    Amadio: You throw the ball to first base
    Egley: Then who gets it?
    Amadio: Naturally.
    Egley: Naturally.
    Amadio: Now you’ve got it.
    Egley: I throw the ball to Naturally.
    Amadio: You don’t! You throw it to Who!
    Egley: Naturally.
    Amadio: Well, that’s it—say it that way.
    Egley: That’s what I said.
    Amadio: You did not.
    Egley: I said I throw the ball to Naturally.
    Amadio: You don’t! You throw it to Who!
    Egley: Naturally.
    Camp: It’s my ball too!!!!



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