The Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement has executed search warrants and conducted inspections yesterday at 39 different licensed liquor establishments and a warehouse in Beaver County.

Liquor control enforcement officers and state troopers seized 279 illegal gambling devices during the operation, which state law enforcement officials say was part of an ongoing investigation.

“Illegal gambling devices are not subject to oversight and regulations to protect the player,” warned state police. “Additionally, unlike games authorized under the Small Games of Chance Act, there is no Public Interest Purpose designation for the proceeds generated from these illegal devices.”

Owners of businesses engaged in illegal gambling, employees assisting in the illegal activities, and distributors of illegal gambling devices may be subject to criminal charges and administrative violations of the liquor code, according to state police.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Confiscating slot machines….and this is what they are doing while there is an opioid epidemic and people are being murdered in the streets.

    • They would rather enforce victimless crimes than go after real criminals. Gambling machines don’t fight back.

      • its all about the money that’s why they only pay attention to whose not getting any and whose in the way of getting more

    • You don’t think this has any connection to the on-going corruption investigation, and the DelTondo assasination???

      • Understand state police was pushed off cases. So state police say “Ok Fungers”. Let me hit you where your corruption starts. Don’t tell me that clubs weren’t calling local officials this morning. State police is starting. Heard that there hasn’t been a hit like this since 1989. Hmmm

      • Most definitely connected. Illegal gambling allows money to be laundered to buy more drugs. WTF? Did you people grow up in Mt Lebanon or something. Connect the dots. Intersection between the dots is the MPI club. One moves the cash, the other the dope. Somebody forgot to drop off an envelope. Bulldoze the MPI Club and problem solved. Unless San Rocco intervenes. Corrupt thugs hiding behind religion and being good ol boys just trying to make a living. Should they be chasing the dope dealers? They are, watch where this money trail leads back to. This is just the tip of the grand jury as they peel back the layers of the organized crime onion in this county. We’ve only just begun.

    • John Q, where do you think they get the cash for the drugs? Untraceable, strictly cash operations. Just like the little “Store” in Aliquippa before you head to Ambridge. Think that’s a legitimate operation? Didn’t they catch them dealing weed there a while back? I bet it’s on the up and up now. Ha Ha.

    • Calm down John Q. Taxpayer – you don’t think this has something to do with the murder???? I’m thinking it does.

    • They didn’t use narcotics officers or crime intervention officers to confiscate machines…which probably only took a few hours to do.

  2. “Additionally, unlike games authorized under the Small Games of Chance Act, there is no Public Interest Purpose designation for the proceeds generated from these illegal devices.”

    Translation: the state taxes a dollar, keeps 98 cents of it and gives two cents to seniors or some other “public interest purpose.” It’s amazing how they can see licensed gambling through their rose colored glasses at the same time they are viewing unlicensed gambling as a mortal sin on par with human trafficking.

    Thanks, PA state police and LCB…I suddenly feel so much safer. Maybe I’ll go walk the streets of Aliquippa later since you have crime all wrapped up.

    • Ya the streets of Aliquippa are a paradise now. We can forget all about the murders corrupt police cocaine dealing etc. etc. Lets give the Sheriffs Dept. full police powers and Georgie and tiny Tony and the boys will really make Beaver County Safe.

    • They can kill a girl in her mother’s driveway make it be a love triangle which I don’t think anyone is buying and can’t make any arrests but don’t u worry the illegal machines in dive bars is top priority. I feel safe now too Feeling like rolling the dice with u on that stroll thru aliquippa I think we’re safe as long as we don’t walk in front of the police station we may catch a stray from one of the cops trying to who knows, maybe unload a clip on a young beautiful woman in her mother’s. But then again that type of thing wld never happen there.

  3. Maybe the key here is who owns the most machines and where are they from? Only one family I know of in Beaver County and that’s Unis in Aliquippa. Any others people???

  4. Most of the places raided were few. A few bars and most clubs. These are places that benefit the communities and do for seniors and vets. They want them to put on state regulated machines that take 85% of the take. Yet they don’t help with the payouts. Our good old commonwealth. They had officers come from across the state to help with this well organized raid. They hit 40 places all at the same time. Too bad they couldn’t do that with drug dealers and murderers. Doesn’t everyone feel safe now that we have those poker machines off the street? This is totally absurd.

    • Hell ya now that they cleaned Aliquippa up investors will be lining up to pour capital into Aliquippa. Gambling machines is a start if its a prelude to solving murders drug dealing police corruption and prostitution….

      • They need more junked cars across from the town hall building. That and the truck filled with scrap there also. That is what makes investors flock to your ghetto@

  5. They were taken by the state because they’re not taxed. Legalize it! Everyone likes to play them and they are turning their nose up at a lot of tax money that we could use. It’s not stopping and it’s not killing anyone.

    • i agree! make them pay a $1000 fee and put a sticker on each machine , like car inspections. bar owners will recoup this money in a week or less, the way these asshole pour their $$$ into these devices. the state makes $$. only they are too stupid to figure that out.

      • Each community/township will give you a license for the machines even though they KNOW that they’re not legal. It’s a symbiotic relationship with the police. All make money bilking the taxpayers. Wink wink, nod nod.

    • You guys realize they DO have legal PA state machines they could have but choose to use the illegal ones because they make more money off them.

      • The legal ones are horrible and most people dont waste their money on them when there were better options out there

  6. drug dealers, murderers child and women rapist and they gotta spend time, money and other resources for this. This state is so puritanical

  7. I’ll sleep much better tonight knowing those dangerous criminals can no longer visit private clubs and play electronic poker for entertainment purposes only.


  8. Jesus, some whiny people commenting. Do you really think the same troopers involved in a homicide took a day off to raid businesses with illegal gambling machines? The state has more resources than you obviously are aware of. As long politicians deem it illegal, then the law needs enforced. Can’t pick and choose.

  9. Big fuckin deal, how about we get the real criminals… can identify most of them by the suits and ties they wear at the Beaver county courthouse.

  10. How about finding and arresting all the people injecting marijuanas. The devil’s lettuce is killing people.

    • Adam, ,you must be high. Who the f-ck injects marijuana? I would assume but not first hand (wink, wink) That wouldn’t be easy to do. Clogs the arteries. Smoke da shit rumdum.

  11. They hit what they could. Flexing muscle. Pissed they were kicked off Friendship Ridge Corruption case and DelTondo murder. Just a start. You woke the bear.

  12. All so they can replace the machines confiscated with state regulated machines so that the house always wins being the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

  13. This is actually not a victimless crime – there are gambling addicted people out there that who’s family’s suffer from this .

  14. This is the appetizer. Wait for the entree before judging the meal. The problem is with the cook, not what he’s serving.

  15. Coast to coast comms? Great but very thin cover. If one were to be trafficking coke, heroin, weed etc., where is your best place to purchase? West Coast. Where are you customers? East Coast. This isn’t rocket science fellows. These are idiots from Alighetto thinking they are in the big time. Their payments stop at the county more than likely. No protection outside that loop. How does the Midget Sheriff feel about his good ol boys hanging at the MPI? Oh that’s right. That’s where he recruits them from. I see nothing, I know nothing.

  16. For those bitching about a seemingly small time bust for gambling hides much more beneath the surface. We all like to gamble so it’s okay right? Gambling is the fuel that drives the drug cartels. Cash operations, no trail and no pesky IRS guys asking too many questions. As far as being a plus for the neighborhood you are delusional. The owner gets most of the money instead of the state. Do you think the owner of the machines pays all their taxes like you and I? No they have accountants and lawyers to help defraud the hard working taxpayers who do the right thing. They may appear to donate to the local community. Remember, that is money that they are sucking from the community for their own personal gain. It should be legalized but until then, we get screwed by the gangsters. Your clue for today is the family with four letters and ones with extra p’s and ends in a. Do you want to buy a vowel?

    • That sounds like a perfect description of the taxes imposed by the Beaver County government and local school districts.

  17. There is a history of similar matters that were reported in the Beaver County Times. But, you can’t see them, unless you pony up and pay the extortion. Hopefully, John Paul will help fill the blackouts in the news, if they are deemed relevant.


    • Raven, they have to cash in on the murder while they can, otherwise the water might get turned off.

      And what is the difference between option 1 and option 3 anyway? I swear, they could fuck up a one car parade.

      • I could be wrong, but my sources tell me, Disgruntled, that a deal has been struck with the DA’s office for the purchase and reselling of the newsprint presses of the Times, as they go digital. Reportedly, Stonewall wants to sell them to The Town of Aliquippa, where they can be re-purposed as money printing presses. The Mayor will declare the borough a Christian tax-exempt independent sovereign state, renaming the town St. Titus. With excess money, the drug trade will fail, the police force will disband, homicides will stop, money laundering and illegal gambling will be no more. The Plans will be leveled and will be reborn as upscale gated communities. The DA will use the accomplishment for his main re-election plank, clearly the most brilliant move of his tenure in the office. You will be able to read about it in the Beaver County Times. But first, $9.99 a month or $119.88 a year, please. Free to the new St. Titus residents.

      • I am also told by my sources that the $9.99 was chosen, instead of $10.00, after a lengthy discussion by the management and whole Times editorial staff. You see, $9.99 LOOKS LIKE it is MUCH less than $10.00. And $119.88 looks like a hell of lot less than $120.00. GET IT?! Add 1 cent or 12 cents to the prices, and it fucks it all up and scares people away. Clever folks, those Beaver County Timers.

  18. well equalizer i believe trump is the heart of our problems
    if assclowns would just stand and admit they backed the wrong fuckin horse and do something to correct the problem it would be much easier to put the whole country back on track
    think globally theres way more at stake than just beaver county

    • I live locally so my immediate concern is this: If we can’t clean up this shithole county the rest is irrelevant. Not a fan of Trump either but he is exposing the entire government for what it is. A money grubbing bunch of thieving liars. If Hillary had won we would never heard of the gross violations of constitutional law that she and Obama orchestrated to toss an election. Against the will of the common folk. Don’t give me the Russian bullshit. Do you really believe that Trump won because of the Russians. Hell, they already had the Clinton’s in their pocket after Uranium One. Check out how much money Joe Biden’s son and John Kerry’s stepson accumulated form the Chinese and Russian princelings. Bush’s did it, Clinton, Obama and now Trump. Toss in Mitch McConnell and his Chinese connection too. I understand globally much more than you think. I just want the corrupt bastards in this county to go down first. Their impact is much more immediate.

      • We all have opinions on politics but calling people assclowns because they don’t agree is rather petty isn’t it? That’s why discussions are futile now because we cannot compromise.

  19. They’ve taken them several times in last few years. Remember that legalized gambling exists in BC now. Also they are expanding with Keno and micro casinos.
    IN response to one family family owning all the machines. That is incorrect. There are at least four in BC, and some are owned by establishment.
    The machines and owners aren’t as sinister as some would have you believe. Also this is likely a response to liquor license violations. Law enforcement should not be expected to enforce some laws but not others.

  20. Interesting timing. Pennsylvania Lottery just rolled out online gambling that everyone can play on their phones or computer. It’s scratch offs, but one can do it on their device now. Just deposit cash into your account and away you go to try to win at terrible odds. I guess they are getting rid of the competition.

  21. All one reads in the Times are the Pittsburgh appearances of aging, over-the-hill rock stars that don’t have the brains to call it quits.

  22. They took the machines bcuz they can keep all the money in every one of those maxhines plus any “pay out ” money that was collected and all the money they will also collect from fines ……PA wants their cut …..they want U 2 have state lotto machines bcuz they are heavily taxed ……Good ole Merica where they say we are free but we are all slaves 2 taxation :/

  23. I would rather throw 5 bucks in an illegal machine then give Beaver County the money for every license plate I renew. It is supposed to go to the BCTA. I couldn’t take a bus to work from where I live but I am forced to subsidize bus fare for crackheads to travel between New Brighton, Aliquippa and Ambridge . In the meanwhile I struggle with vehicle payments.



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