A Hopewell Township man completed his sentence to the county’s Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program for DUI in under a week after paying off almost two thousand dollars in assessed fines and fees.

According to court records, Vincent J. Montini, age 52 of Ridgeway Ave, Hopewell Twp, was pulled over on May 20th on Brodhead Road by Center Township Police on suspicion of driving under the influence. Officer Dennis Fleming subsequently filed misdemeanor charges against Montini on August 14th for first offense DUI (highest rate of blood alcohol level).

Montini retained private criminal defense attorney Nicholas Urick to represent him in the case and was entered into county’s ARD program by Judge McBride on November 8th. According to court dockets, Montini was able to pay off the $1,817.50 in assessed fines and fees later that same day. Along with the financial penalties, court dockets also show Montini was required to attend a DUI “Counterattack School” and face a period of license suspension.

Judge Kim Tesla signed an order five days later on November 13th releasing Montini from ARD and ending what would have otherwise been a 6 month period of probation.

Unlike many other counties in Pennsylvania, it is standard practice in Beaver County for defendants to be released early from ARD after meeting their financial and other obligations in a case.

ARD is a pre-trial intervention program that is not considered a guilty plea or conviction; it is designed for non-violent offenders with no prior convictions or very limited criminal records. Individuals who successfully complete the ARD program are given the opportunity to have the arrest expunged from their criminal record.

Affidavit of Probable Cause by Center Twp. Officer Dennis Fleming:

Report of a blue in color Nissan bearing PA reg. [license plate number] traveling southbound on Broadhead Road in the opposite lanes of travel, in the area of Walmart. Vehicle is continuing south and reportedly all over the roadway. Initial caller is no longer behind it, however a second caller […] is following behind it heading towards Aliquippa.

The officer was traveling northbound on Brodhead in the area of the Center Senior Citizens Complex and did view a blue Nissan pass in the opposite direction. Immediately turned around and passed the complainant, and confirmed the plate on the Nissan. Officer did view the vehicle swerving and crossing the marked fog line on more than one occasion and travel at an inconsistent speed. Officer turned on emergency lights and siren and suspect vehicle continued to travel south on Brodhead passing Center Grange Road. Vehicle then swerved into Rogan’s Cycle and came to a stop.

Operator was asked to step out of the vehicle and could barely stand upon exiting the vehicle. At this point, the operator was identified as Vincent Montini. His speech was noticeably slurred and his eyes glassy and bloodshot. He apologized for being “lost” and stated that he should have had someone give him a ride after drinking.

He was asked by myself and Cpl. Leitschaft numerous times to perform field sobriety testing and he failed to agree to do so. He was told he was being placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence and asked if he would submit to a blood alcohol test. He agreed to do so and was transported by R/O to The Medical Center, Beaver.

[The man who called in the suspected drunk driver] informed officers that he had a video recording system in his vehicle and recorded all of the incident if needed. They informed him to save it and that he would be contacted by PD.

Result of such testing was .15 BAC

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • Just stayed tuned. My guess is that JP is working on a big (no, make that a BIG, um…no, a HUGE) story that will blow the lid off of some major corruption in this county (my personal guess is that it will be something that can potentially rise to the level of racketeering). Right now, we’re being introduced to various players who have somehow found themselves in the middle of the plot. Whether it’s the actors mentioned in the story or the parties who did something and/or intervened on their behalf remains to be seen.

      C’mon, John Paul, the suspense is killing us….ON with the story, please!

      PS – For those who end up getting caught in the net; JP has been kind enough to list various defense attorneys for you in these stories…I hope you’re paying attention and writing them down because even though you’ve been “invincible” so far your luck is about to run out. There are probably more than one or two people in various positions in the public sector who have an inkling of the bomb that’s about to drop and are scared shitless at the moment.

  1. I mean, yeah… reporting that someone that got A DUI paid his fines and was taken off ARD. The article ALSO states that it’s common practice when financial obligations have been made.

    Why do you feel like glamorizing a DUI? it happened. He did was he was supposed to do. Move on. Whatever vendetta you have, get over it. You selectively choose what to report, trying to get “dirt” on whomever you can. It’s a joke reading your articles and even funnier when you read your brain washed followers with their comments.

    Keep the comedy rolling. Being a glorified blogger is an amazing feat for a school newspaper reporter. What’s on the lunch menu for the week???

    I’d be surprised to know how many actual subscribers pay to read your articles when they can just wait for you to post it on Facebook for free.

  2. Vinny was just a gopher for the gang from MPI/SOI. He is mentally challenged and may have been their “Delivery Boy”. Guess JP is onto something involving those hooligans.

  3. IMHO. Vinny should NOT have a driver license. Period. He doesn’t even know what day of the week it is, let alone which way to turn in a right hand turning lane only.
    This just proves, “It not what you know, but who you know.” SMH.

  4. John Paul. What Vincent did was wrong and he knows it. You really also need to look at what happened to Vincent way back in his life. I think you will have a different perspective of him and what he has dealt with in life. Its not an excuse for his actions. Again, what he did was wrong and he has and is paying the price for his actions.

  5. I would prefer to read about corrupt county agencies and officials over private individuals. That is one of the reasons that I stopped reading The Times over 20 years ago. They would publish the police blotter and embarrass the same families that were subscribed to their paper.

  6. I don’t personally know this guy. If he has done everything the court has requested and he paid his fines (so the court then wavied the probation – a common practice according your article). Why should this person be treated any different than anyone else? Are you claiming that the Judges did something unethical or improper in this case? Are you trying to change the ARD program or change how DUI cases are handled? Do you just want this guy specifically to be punished differently than normal? Please clarify what you want to accomplish by publishing this article. Maybe you just want this guy specifically to be punished harshly for some reason, is that your goal or if not, what is?

  7. This is not the first instance of this happening. And this doesnt read as a condemnation of the system but a personal attack on the person. Its sad if thats the case. This source usually is against those abusing power and now seems to be abusing this platform. Hope im wrong though.

  8. This is act one, intermission…eagerly awaiting act two. All these unfamiliar names will soon be recognizable names when the show ends.

  9. You would think Urick would be smart enough to keep his nose out of these guys’ legal issues. Guess not.

  10. ‘He was asked by myself and Cpl. Leitschaft numerous times to perform field sobriety testing and he failed to agree to do so. ‘

  11. Vondell, don’t you wish you were able to get ARD?
    But with your record….no sir. Where you been. In jail, for disorderly conduct, public drunkenness or beating up women.



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