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A teacher at the Hopewell Area School District has been suspended following an accusation of misconduct involving a student.

Joe Rubino, a science teacher and athletics coach for the school, was suspended with pay on Monday.

Criminal charges have not been filed against Joe Rubino, although law enforcement sources say an investigation is still ongoing. Courthouse sources say Rubino has retained defense attorney Steven Valsamidis, who declined comment.

Sources familiar with the investigation tell the Beaver Countian that Rubino provided a written statement to authorities, in which he allegedly admitted to exchanging text messages with at least one female student and to receiving photographs.

Students from the Hopewell Area School District have been widely talking about the investigation on social media, although the district has so far made no public acknowledgement of Rubino’s suspension. A message left for Hopewell Superintendent Charles Reina was not returned.

Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh declined comment when asked about the investigation. Joe Rubino could not be reached for comment.

The Beaver Countian is not identifying the student by name due to her age and nature of the accusations.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. I spend almost 3GRAND IN TAXES a year to keep my kids in Hopewell!!! …and this is what I get??? To send my kids to school in Hopewell and I have to worry about this bs? Really? Hello, its 2012…u don’t need a jury anymore…u have cellphone back up info….and we are STILL paying him????n I want my $ back…AND i would like to speak to an ADULT in charge that will ACTUALLY comment!!

  2. WOW , They withheld the childs name …but didnt when my kid got in trouble….parents must be rich….fucking newspaper pricks , cant wait till the law suit goes thru…its coming ! and the teacher should be shot !!!!

  3. due to “the nature of the misconduct,” the childs name legally is not allowed to be released!!!! when a minor is THE victim of an alleged sexual misconduct act, by law, their names are withheld for privacy. this doesn’t look like the child got into trouble of their own accord. it looks like the teacher was flirting with the child via text and recv’d inapprop pics.

  4. I agree about our school taxes and Rubino getting paid. I think the reason he is getting paid has something more to do with the contract the teachers have. There are good teachers in Hopewell and Mr. Rubino should have known better. I no longer have a child in school but do pay Hopwell school taxes.

  5. Plus we will know more I heard Hopewell District was under a gag order but Times was suppose to be there today.

  6. It’s about time… Any student that went to Hopewell knew the deal. He’s always been a pervert. Career ender…

  7. This article said nothing about sexual.content or flirting.

    A teacher exchanfibg text messages w an underage student is stupid, unprofessional, and inappropriate, sure. No argument here.

    But, maybe the guy was her coach and she sent him a pic of the team at dinner or something. I dont know the story, some of you may. But based on this article alone, no way to gauge the severity of what happened.

  8. I bet there are a couple other teachers in the high school that are deleting their txts as we speak. They should look at a lot of the male staff. And rubino, can’t say anyone should be shocked. When the dude spends half his pay buying drinks for girls he used to teach at Barney’s.

  9. Why did this take soo long to come out if people new years ago. I hope they look into the school district and get rid of any loser administration that new about it and if this was my kid I would press charges right away

    • Funny how this is just making it to the news on Friday afternoon when he was suspended Monday morning! Had this happened down the hill in Aliquippa, it would have been on the noon news on Monday and front page of The Beaver County Times on Tuesday! It’s all hush hush because it’s Hopewell! Imagine That!!!

      • Yes that is the truth the news the national news all media out sources would have been contacted. Such a shame that this is going on in our schools with children. Well hopewell just made me realize I won’t be sending my kids there

  10. Nicholos you a moron he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble if it was a team picture. Let’s be real. People know all about this pervert it’s being shown by people saying it that went to the school.

    • Haha innocent. Read what it says. He admitted to exchanging text messages And receiving photographs. Let’s be real this dude is a idiot and let’s hope for all our children’s sake he spends time in jail. RUBINO IS A LOSER.

      • First of all, I am not saying he is guilty or innocent, but it doesn’t sound good. Secondly, I would like to state that it was stated he was suspended. It does NOT say “with pay.” Lastly, he coached boys basketball, baseball, and football.
        I would also like to comment that Hopewell School District should not be judged or condemned because of the actions of one person. Each teacher should be judged by his/her own merit. Our district has produced many well educated children that have graduated without ever encountering any misconduct by their teachers.
        For those that commented as though they knew these actions were happening….shame on you for not reporting it to the authorities. The administrators can’t be held responsible unless it was brought to their attention and then ignored (ie: Sandusky/ Penn St.).

  11. He did NOT presently coach football. He coached varsity then demoted to JV. Finally he got fired several years ago for…. You guesses it….being too close to the players and revealing confidential information.

    • My sources never eluded to me that he was preying on girls. He was very obviously hanging out with his players….. and their families. I think some people on here aren’t surprised not because they knew of anything illegal, but mostly because knowing his lack of professionalism and fuzzy boundaries with players and their families.

  12. Really sad! Our kids have to grow up and try to understand dumb adults actions way to early in life! Now to see a teacher think he is above it all to text a female over 20 years younger than him?!? What a pig! Baseball bat to his head is what he needs ! Rubino is very arrogant and a horrible role model ! When you do dirt… You get dirt. Joe, when will you learn?

  13. The parents of the student need to come down hard on this jerk! Listen up all teachers, do your job, teach our kids and stay out of their personal lives.

  14. I pay $5000 in taxes not including wage tax to this dismal and sad little town. I moved from the North Hills to be close to work. I would never have moved here if I had children! Not only are the schools a joke but the town is run terribly. Hopewell cannot even keep the main roads cleared of snow, let alone the neighborhoods. It is obvious that this is a dead area in which no businesses want to locate. I want to move but it is not easy to sell a home in Hopewell. I feel violated by this dreadful town. I feel sick and so sad for this student.

    • I do not believe for one second that Mr. Absey would ever do anything illegal or unethical. I’ll bet he has made his association with Joe Rubino clear to the DA and has stayed away from the case entirely so there can be no appearance of impropriety.

  15. If it turns out that Mr. Rubino was involved in criminal behavior he will have brought shame to himself, the school district and the baseball program that has been a great source of pride to the community for many years. 48 years to be exact, the entire period of time that it was run by a great man and a legend, Mr. Joseph Colella, a man of high ethical and moral standards. The Hopewell school board had a choice in naming their new baseball coach, but chose to completely ignore the only other candidate before them. In fact, his name was never even mentioned in the public nominating/voting process. The other candidate was immensely qualified and never would have compromised himself, the school district or the program, of that I am sure. What a shame, If the school board and the administration had any idea of any past indiscretions by Joe Rubino then they will shoulder significant guilt in this matter should Mr. Rubino be found to have committed a criminal act. My heart breaks for the memory of Joe Colella; If Mr. Rubino has shamed this once proud and storied program.

    • I agree completely! Clearly there were better candidates to serve as varsity coach. Politics and power get in the way of running a program where the students benefit. That is what needs to be considered first and foremost – the students! Noone seemed to care that Rubino had a reputation or past offenses! Noone thought Jerry Sandusky was a problem either…might be time to clean house. There are great teachers and there are some who need to go.

    • They didn’t like the other candidate because his name didn’t end with an I, A, or O, if you know what I mean. Nobody gets anywhere in Hopewell without the proper name.

  16. Rubino has a thing for young girls, and a few female teachers at Hopewell have a thing for ruining the marriages of Hopewell police officers. The corruption in that town runs deep.

    • I am Confused? WHat does Hopewell Police have to do with this aRticle? Are you a bItter Ex-Wife who was dumped by a Hopewell police officer? Or Were you engaged to a former Hopewell Police officer and got dumped? (WOOF! WOOF!) You Sound biTter….you maY need a blog therapist to get over it!

      • No, I am not a bitter ex-wife or a failed engagee. I am a young girl whose family was torn apart by one of those nasty, classless teachers you have there in Hopewell. That’s ok though, he was bit in the butt by karma.

  17. Oh the Hopewell Police! Do tell SpeakTheTruthToo! I’ve been wondering about them for some time, always in the A-Plus at five points. In fact theres one officer who I’m pretty sure has had relations with most of the girls there, including one very young one who went to Hopewell. I’ve found he kinda likes younger girls as well as married women, to include other cops wives (a very big no no) Don’t get me wrong, there area some good officers on that department but this guy is NOT. But, hes part of the Hopewell in crowd so its all good.

    • There is not much to tell spiderman. You know how it goes. Skanky Hopewell teacher starts hitting on stupid Hopewell police officer. They hook up. Dad starts coming and going at odd hours blaming it on “his job.” Mom and dad start yelling at each other a lot more. Dad moves out. Mom and dad file for divorce. Mom and dad move on, and the kids are messed up for life trying to make sense of it all.

  18. FINALLY!!! The loser is caught! My hats off to the young lady who he violated for making sure he was revieled. Joe has been making practice of this for years…everyone knows he is a creeper- who likes young people! Why hasn’t anyone turned him in before, you ask?? well.. when you have a teacher texting you answers to his tests in class as your taking HIS test…why would you?? (minds of young people) Furthermore, he is known to be very close with the principal and other administrators. We must all remember- young people are easily swayed, easily persuaded, and often intimidated by people in charge. Hopewell is a great school, my children got decent educations there, however, the politics run deep and an outsider is always silenced! I lived there for 20years, I know the drill. Rubino is a creep, pedophile, pig, scum of the earth- lets just pray that the victim/s here weren’t violated any further than a picture or text message! Hopewell police are just as corrupt- it is a disgusting sex ring! Hopewell has many super fantastic teachers- I hope everyone doesnt judge them all due to a few bad grapes! If your complaining about your taxes??? move to Allegheny Cty and then tell me what you pay!! in my opinion- Hopewell was a great community to raise children in… however, as parents, you MUST communicate with your kids and have open lines of trust. Rubino is a professional- he would never prey on a kid whom he knew the parents were vultures who would devour him if need be- professional pedophile! Just look at the comments on here— the majority say “NOT SUPRISING” enough said. DIE IN PRISON JOE…YOU DESERVE IT!!! PIG.

      • You comment is disgusting, disrespectful and vial. You should ashamed of yourself. How would you like to see such a comment about someone you cared about on a public forum such as this? I honestly cannot believe someone would be so cruel and vicious.

  19. What a surprise, first the story is removed from the Beaver County Times website so that you could only find it using google, now the comments are disabled on there when you do find it. How can anyone take the Times serious as a real news outlet anymore??? Mayble JD Prose can do some real Woodward/Bernstein style investigating into this….oh wait..

  20. Hold ur horses people. if he commited a crime, he woulda been charged by now. shame on u for jumping to conclusions!

  21. Many many coaches and teachers text their kids innocently. and is it his fault that a girl sent him a pic he didnt ask for? Please dont jump to conclusions. let it play out first

  22. I am so GLAD that Rubino finally got caught! I attended Hopewell High School and he was an AWFUL teacher who TEXTED students answers during class and he would spend his pay at the bar getting young girls drunk to prey on them! He was in with the HS CLICKS aka the popular kids. There is nothing wrong with a teacher casually texting you about serious issues or game times… what Rubino did is disgusting and my hats off to the girl who FINALLY stood up and turned him in! WHAT A CREEP! KEEP RUNNING AND HIDE BECAUSE YOUR CAREER AS A TEACHER IS OVER! oh yeah and hopewell will try and cover this up but everyone and anyone who knows rubino 1st hand and had him as a teacher knows just how he is. let the truth come out!

  23. Hey Joe….. See what happens when you can’t ride on Colellas coat tails anymore. This clown tried to coach every sport and couldn’t. Guess you’ll have to stick to midget games with your brother. If you’re still allowed around kids?

  24. He was my coach and he would always talk about high school girls being hot and wanted to s his d joking around or that’s what he wanted us to think. Stink 10. Hey when your in jail you can eat those sausages on the back of your neck when u get a little hungry.

  25. Well, this is just my opinion….but….Hopewell teachers, the police dept and all of anyone involved with anything to do with Hopewell twp is corrupt. I went to Hopewell and I can tell you, I never met one teacher who was decent! And the administration is just as bad. The cops…don’t even bother calling them for anything. All they want to do is hang out at Sunoco, Citgos or the local bar and bullshit with all their buddys. When people say Hopewell isn’t worth a shit, they are right. It isn’t anything but a hick town where most of the people act like they live in Beverly Hills. I’m glad this teacher got caught. He didn’t teach when I went there but its about time someone has the balls to stand up. I’m sorry to say I live in Hopewell, but I can tell you that I’m not one of those there hicks looking to fit in!!!

  26. In 9th grade he asked me to do him sexual favors after a game but I refused. He said id start every game even tho I never did. So rot in jail fata$

  27. So I am guessing you are sticking up for the teacher. Don’t worry there is a criminal investigation going on. Takes time to get a court supena and go threw all his phone records and computer records.


  29. Everyone with kids knows…sometimes they lie! Criminal charges have not been filed and Rubino has not been fired; thus can only mean one thing. Even the accusations to date have not involved any criminal wrong-doing. I have known Mr. Rubino for >20 years; he has always been a hard-working, caring, and committed member of the community. there is no law against buying a girl a drink (apparently she accepted!). wow there are a lot of people on this website that have never had bad judgement– and with not much to do:) good for all of you.

    • So a kids’ lie gets a teacher suspended? I find that hard to believe. There had to be enough there to suspend and investigate.

  30. alot of people on here are talking out their ass, but to people like 15001dad and TP, your mistaken. i had joe in 9th and 12th grade, he always was a creep to the girls in class, the things he’d say and the way he looked at them and gestured things. he’d make fun of the goofy kid that didn’t have any friends along with the “cool” kids, completely acted unprofessional. everyone can argue on here back and forth but what it comes down to is he will be charged for this, because there is no doubt that he did it. any of my classmates or those who i know who also have had him can say the same.

  31. Its a shame you feel this way about Hopewell! The housing market did not fall until 08 , thats only been 4 years and you state you’ve been here 20 years. Its not adding up, must be my Hopewell Education. There is good and bad where ever you may go. Hopewell roads are cleared before the state roads. ( best in the county)Your roads are still owned by the developer and have not been turned over to the Twp. yet. I would have checked into this 1st before buying a home. The school has a great curriculum Latin, French, German, Spanish, Pitt math classes which will transfer to collage as a credit. You do not have to pay to play as in WA, Mars and other schools…. We have a depository still open right next to your house! Most communities do not have this yet. I also feel bad for many students.

    • I always liked ‘Bino, he was a funny guy and he was always nice to me… but I, like everyone else, felt like he gave the girl students a little too much attention. And shit, with all the corruption in Dopewell ‘Bino’s ass might just walk away untouched.

  32. I went to hopewell. Mr. Rubino was at our prom. This creeper danced with us and behaved like a fool. I m not sure if people on here can not read but he admitted to texting and getting pics. He did it, he admits it! They can’t reveal her name because of the sexual nature so it’s not an innocent picture. If you went to hopewell, this doesn’t shock you at all. Everyone administrators included have witnessed his behavior. Kudos to this girl for speaking out about her abuse. Most of us just thought well the adults have seen it so it must be ok.

  33. I understand Rubino is the adult and should.never have let the situation(s) occur – but what about the girl who gave him her number, sent the pictures, etc. maybe her parents shouldve been more watchful of what their daughter was sending out to the world. He didn’t do this all by himself, I’m sure the girl is just as guilty for engaging in such scandalous behavior, she knows better than to be interacting with a teacher in auch a manner and knows she shouldn’t send pictures to anyone…why isn’t anyone pointing out the student(s) that kept this going on for years… ?!

    Hopewell, you’ve been knocked off your pedestal and now you may realize you’re student don’t behave any better than any other school.

  34. Small article in beaver county times general wants to know why Hopewell police did not press charges against Rubino !!



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