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The race for Hopewell Township Commissioner has heated up on social media after an attorney who is running for office posted what he believed to be the home address of one of his detractors to a Facebook group. The family who actually lives at the address says the attorney got the wrong man and are irate they have now been dragged into a social media flame war.

Attorney Mark Galzerano is running for Hopewell Commissioner as part of a Republican ticket along with Tyler Pajak and Robert Tournay. They will be facing off this November against Democrats Rich Bufalini, David Scooch Ciccone, and Joe Kusnir.

Galzerano had been posting to the Facebook group Hopewell Township Connect (Beaver County, PA.), where he was promoting his own competing Facebook group, Hopewell Township, Beaver County, PA. Galzerano was banned after posting a comment calling one of the group’s moderators an “asshat.”

After being blocked from the other group, Mark Galzerano made a post to his own group at 2:30 a.m., listing people who he alleged had been insulting his candidacy. He accused one of the individuals of defamation and published what he believed to be the man’s home address:

“In the early hours of this morning, several Members of the Group ‘Hopewell Connect’, including Jay Eric, Christopher Thomas, Ryan Douglas Martin, Holly Agesti-Rhodes, J.W. McLaughlin, Kathleen Evanochko, Joanna Haskins, Barry N. Felix and others unnamed, have been using their page to try to bash me as a Candidate for Hopewell Township Commissioner. Christopher Thomas, of [home address redacted by the Beaver Countian], I believe, actually DEFAMED me. If you are friends with them, or if you are really my friend, I would appreciate if you would please eliminate them from your friend list. Thanks. Mark Galzerano.”

Several of the individuals listed by Galzerano had publicly denied having posted anything about the candidate. The home address that attorney Galzerano posted to Facebook was the address of a man named “Chris Thomas,” but not the same Christopher Thomas who had made posts about him on the social media platform.

Christopher Thomas told the Beaver Countian that he had posted a screenshot of Galzerano calling the moderator an “asshat” after the original post had been deleted, and was dismayed to see the attorney react by posting what the candidate thought to be his home address.

“That’s not my address,” said Thomas during a phone interview. “When I saw the post I said wow, he picked the wrong house, he guessed and he guessed wrong. I feel bad for the person who got dragged into it […] I don’t know what he was trying to accomplish. I think he was trying to make himself feel good that he could go after me, but he really stepped in it now and lot of people are angry with him being that petty […] This guy is running for public office, if he can’t handle Facebook criticism what’s going to happen if he gets elected? He’s defaming himself as far as I’m concerned.”

The wife of the misidentified “Chris Thomas,” whose home address was erroneously posted by attorney Galzerano, later began making posts of her own to the Facebook group, irate that Galzerano had posted the address of her family when they had nothing to do with the situation.

“Talk about defamation of character! The Christopher Thomas at [home address redacted by the Beaver Countian] is not this one,” wrote Carla Thomas. “I insist that my address be removed from this immediately! Signed the really ticked off wife of Chris Thomas!”

The Beaver Countian also spoke to Carla and Chris Thomas on the phone, who both said they were disappointed by Galzerano’s actions.

“I don’t even go onto Facebook,” said Chris Thomas. “I have a page but I haven’t been on in 6 months, and I haven’t posted on anybody’s site regarding Mark — I’m a little unhappy he didn’t do a little bit of research. That just shows him as being incompetent.”

Carla Thomas said Galzerano’s post caused her concern for her family, “We have kids and my address is posted all over Facebook and there are crazy people out there […] I don’t appreciate what he did. I am not in the political world and I don’t want to be in the political world.”

After being banned from the Facebook group, Galzerano began encouraging his friends to spy on the discussions for him, “I need one of my friends to get on Hopewell Township Connect and tell me what they are doing to bash me. Now Please.”

Galzerano has made other posts to Facebook that have raised eyebrows, including what he described as a “satirical” post comprised of fake quotes he made up of his political opponents speaking highly of him. In another post, the attorney offered prizes to the first 5 people who reposted the phrase, “Mark Galzerano is Awesome.”

It is unclear if the candidate’s various Facebook antics may be part of a deliberate campaign strategy — Galzerano earlier this month directed his followers to watch a show about how Donald Trump was able to use social media to help catapult himself into the White House.

Attorney Mark Galzerano did not return a voicemail message left by the Beaver Countian at a phone number published on his Facebook page.

Update 11:00 PM: Mark Galzerano sent a text message to the Beaver Countian at 10:31 p.m., saying he had just received the message left at “[his] office.” The Beaver Countian called Mr. Galzerano, noting that the text message from him had originated from the same number to which the voicemail message seeking comment was left. When asked, Galzerano responded that his “cellphone hasn’t been working too well today.” When given the opportunity to speak about the matter, he declined comment, saying, “I will talk to you about it later.”

Update 11:37 PM: Mark Galzerano has sent the Beaver Countian the following response: “I apologize for my error in judgement and particularly to the innocent people who were affected by this.”

via Facebook

via Facebook

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. I at not time participated in the discussion on Hopewell Connect until after I seen this on the other group. At that time i advised “Rocco” of that and inquired into connect how my name came up. Mr. Felix said he wasn’t sure as I hadn’t been involved.

  2. Small people doing small things. Why do we keep electing out of work attorneys to positions of importance are there no other qualified people willing to run for office. How about a man or woman who has done some actual work for a living. One who might understand lifevin the area.

  3. I have been sitting with the real Chris Thomas discussing this travesty and handed the article to him. Josh again you are appreciated for your hard work protecting the residents of beaver county with honesty!

  4. Practice might be the key word. So tired of practicing lawyers and doctors. When you say bricklayer he is not practicing. Why do we pay bid money to those that practice.

  5. Great way to win votes! What a jagoff. Any time you ask him what his stance is on issues or what the candidates he promotes stand for he just ignores the question. I’m a registered Republican in Hopewell and can’t stand the guy.

  6. IF this crackpot is worried about being defamed, how about all of us really give it to him. Remember JP will not be forced to give up our real identities.


  7. Galzerano has run for every position known to man ! Please pick something you wanna run for and stick to it, or just stay an attorney.

  8. He’s nothing but an egomaniac who needs attention. Noticed that since I shared this, he decided to block me from “his” Hopewell page. And I’ve never once posted negatively towards him on his page or anything, but as soon as I said 1 word about him on my personal page, he does his typical thing, and deletes me. Just like he’s always done on his page, censoring anyone on any subject when they don’t agree with him. Lol.

  9. A little background. This guy Mark Galzerano created the original Hopewell Township Facebook page, set it up to look like an official township entity, and then began using it strictly to tout his own candidacy for township commissioner. Meanwhile, he deleted every comment and post that either asked him for platform objectives, questioned his qualifications, or talked about the opposing candidates in anything other than a negative light. Several people have mentioned over the past year that he should change the name of the page, since he obviously wasn’t using it to better the township, but instead, to run his campaign. He is also running as a Republican for no good reason, as the only ideas he posted as his “platform” involved somehow trying to legalize marijuana in Hopewell Township and fixing a road that would benefit his law business.

    • Herr Galzerano vill tolerate absolutely NO dissent. Toe das party line or I eliminate you from my fake “Hopewell Twp” site. Know many people as noted above banded for daring to question Herr Galzerano’s dream for Hopewell. Too bad the rest of the candidates suck on both sides. Same old shit heads, different election.

  10. I advised him he made an error at 7 am in his group on his post, but have yet to see a retraction by him as to my participation.

  11. Is this guy an adult male or a 13 year old middle school girl? I know you can do better Hopewell. Much better.

  12. How embarrassing another man child running for office and using goons to strong arm and intimidate anyone who uses their 1st Amendment rights. Real Americans (regardless of political party) defend our Constitution not bend it to fit their agenda. Shame!

  13. “…Galzerano earlier this month directed his followers to watch a show about how Donald Trump was able to use social media to help catapult himself into the White House.”

    The pettiness of this is astounding. Straight out of a Junior High School social rule book. Another Man Child seeking office.

    The malignant narcissism that drives
    Trump’s compulsive Tweets, and the undermining of Hillary Clinton by the Russians and others by using Facebook, are hardly examples to emulate and live by, much less base a drive political campaign.

    Narcissism and a thin skin are poor qualifications for social media assaults on rivals. They backfire. And “catapulted into the White House”? Is this guy dreaming?

    If he wants to behave like a fickle teenager and rely on Facebook for validation, there is only one answer.

    Quit politics, grow up.

    Or, set your sights higher and aspire to work in the Courthouse. There, you will fit right in.

    • You can hit the thumb down as many times as you wish, but the Facebook fakery and online hacking of political sites that affected the last election are the greatest threat we have to Democracy right now. “One person, one vote” has given way to people who want to subvert the electoral process. It doesn’t have to be about Trump, a sensitive name nerve to some here. We cannot go into the next election without worrying about new attempts, which will happen. The issue is subversion, not some kind of political statement pro or con.

      And this guy suggesting using the same tactics should concern anyone wanting fair electoral processes.

    • Amateur Hour , I asked Mark Galzerano the same question many years ago, i regrettably retained his services in a child custody case, the X-wife’s attorney mopped the floor with him, he just sat there like a bump on a log, said nothing, ( 2 years later i was awarded custody, using a different attorney ) his track record as an attorney is overwhelmingly poor, he’s tried getting elected in every position available just so he can get one inch closer to the court house where the real corruption is taking place , perhaps to learn from Connie the Con on how to steal taxpayers money an retire , as an Attorney he can’t cut it, Residents of Hopewell must ask themselves , ” do we really want this PIECE OF SHIT representing us “

  14. Sounds a lot like the Blackhawk School Board race. Read some of those sites.

    See the power of localized government? Who wants a monolithic central government dictating to our communities!!!


    • Im sure he is much better person than you are. I have read everywhere that you are a drunken fool? Do you have a life or still live with your parents??

  15. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are really good Republicans out there somewhere.

    Now I must say, is this NPD thing running rampant in the R party??? Do they all believe they are above reproach?? Thanks to 45, they behave like spoiled, rotten, children who stomp their feet and have a tantrum when things don’t go their way. They will tantrum us to death soon, thanks to 45!!!!

    • There was a story in the BCT about a left-wing activist who asked Pat Toomey (R) if his daughter had been kidnapped (a not-so-subtle threat). You’re out of your mind if you think this type of behavior is limited to one political party. That is a lazy argument made by a lazy thinker.

  16. Can someone please tell me what this is supposed to be? I have a few guesses:
    A) He actually uses an old Carlson 1543 telephone, but somehow doesn’t need to plug it in.
    B) This is actually a candid photo, just everyday life of a super cool lawyer.
    C) An awful attempt of subliminally projecting power, to what he must assume are idiotic voters.
    D) He has some bizarre delusion of grandeur, with aspirations on becoming POTUS, where the red telephone to Moscow, was never actually a red telephone at all.
    E) Just a little game he and the Mrs. like to call Jack and Marilyn.

    • Please take this down. You are grown. This is immaturity at its finest. It’s an antique phone in purpose for the pictures sake? Really you have to make his wife look bad now? Get a life

    • To me, it looks like mommy had a direct line to Santa’s workshop installed and sonny boy is reading his list of all the things he wants Santa to bring him on Christmas day.

      Much like all of the good friends that he thinks he’s made on Facebook (i.e. his only friends), Santa is just a childhood fantasy that this man boy still believes to exist in real life.

  17. Galzarano may have used bad judgment but the 3 democrats running are worthless cronies. Look at the minutes and the history of their attendance. I at one time emailed all of them and did not receive a reply . I will run next time as a real threat to them. The first move will be to fire Bates.

  18. I think all of you are just jealous of that impeccably groomed mustache…..bunch of lazy losers, just take some time In front of your mirror and work it..instead of bashing this dude.

  19. Nice wireless phone. What a dumb ass. And look. He’s got that kind of face. What kind of face you ask? Why the kind of face people like to throw shit at. Very very amature.

    • Really Terry? Who are you? Some old fuck with nothing better to do than talk shit. You nobodies will judge anything

  20. In case anyone feels the need. Thanks JP, unfortunately, I live in Hopewell. And thank you Raven for again imparting some much needed clarity & depth to this shallow toddler pool .

  21. I will respond at the appropriate time; in the interim, do not post photos of my family members, Aldo Gorlomi.
    I had asked John Paul, earlier, to remove photos of my family members; however, no response. John Paul?

    • How ironic…. You post the wrong address and then complain that someone posted a photo of your wife. In my opinion, you obviously posted the address so that others (your facebook “friends”) might harass the individual that you don’t like but cry like a baby when the tables are turned.

      I’m guessing that the only friends in your life are the “Facebook friends.” Here’s a clue for you, Skippy, those aren’t real friends… are a shallow, lonely man. Post THAT in your little Facebook group.

    • You made your picture public. You are running for office as a public official. You chose social media as a platform to roast your political rivals. You chose to list addresses of people you dislike, albeit incorrect ones.
      Please spare me the pearl clutching for sharing a picture you made public to the world.

  22. This is insulting you would consider this news. It’s an embarrassment that this site has to publicly harass someone over a damn Facebook post.

    • John Paul. I had asked you to remove photos of my family members. I know you are on this. What purpose does it serve to leave a photo of me and my innocent wife in this reporting. I will ask once more. Please remove photos of my family members. Mark Galzerano.

      • I thought that was a picture of a proud mother overlooking her son taking a very important call.

  23. Barry Norbert Felix. I’m not sure why you started all of this; however I must reluctantly respond to your attempt at damaging me and my family. SO wait for it.

    • THIS IS THE GUY WHO IS TRYING TO RUIN MY REPUTATION. ALL PUBLIC RECORD. CMWLTH V FELIX CR04-000129. CNMWLTH V FELIX CR04-CR-0001977-2001 CR-04-0000725-2001. I didn’t waste time checking but I think they are all d u is. Oh and Barry Felix. I won’t post the Docket number for your alleged sexual assault of a 15 year old child. SO this is my main. What did you call it JP? Oh my detractors. You think I want individuals like this supporting me?

      • With all due respect Mr. Galzerano, I think I want you to not call me on the phone and wake me up at 3:30 a.m. again, that’s what I think at the moment.

        As for these docket numbers: What do they have to do with this article, which is about some random man named Chris Thomas whose home address you posted to your Facebook group?

        I’m going back to sleep now, but I guess I know what I’ll be working on when I wake up (for the second time today).

      • Jp. What goes around comes around. I asked you to not allow posts of family members. But? You still have left up posts of my innocent family members so wake up and delete it please.

      • When you choose to be in politics and in the public eye, images of yourself and your family exposed to the public is part of the game, like it or not. That’s the way it is.

      • After reading some responses from MarkieMark, I am detecting some border line threats. As far as reputations go, they include good and bad. Very few people have a perfectly good reputation. Everyone has skeletons and they come out faster if you choose a public office.

      • @Marky Mark… Nobody cares about the record of Barry Felix. He is not seeking a position to serve the public. That’s the difference.

      • So here is an interesting quandry

        what mark is implying about barry is grounds for libel and defamation *IF* untrue will the BC help barry in proving it was mark who made the remarks so that he can’t go with, someone logged in as me, i have no control over that?

      • I sure hope you accessed those docket numbers from the public ujs portal rather than accessing them through the attorney portal, PACFile. It sounds to me like you have enough personal problems in life and I’d hate to see you be charged for improperly accessing court records. Although, come to think of it, doesn’t BAR admission require one to be of the highest moral character? Based on some of your responses here in the past 24 hours, I think possession of that trait might be someone questionable.
        I understand that you are somewhat of a Trump wannabe, but Trump isn’t a member of any BAR so what works for him will most likely not work for you without some serious professional implications.

        Just saying.

      • Wow, you sunk so low with this post! Shame on you for being so petty. If you’re so thin skinned it’s probably best for you to stay out of politics. You’re trying to humiliate a man for past indescretions. Wow. I’m embarrassed for you. You’ll not get my vote. Not trustworthy nor decent.

  24. John Paul. I’ve asked you publicly and privately to take all photos of my family members down from your site. I’ve never called you to awake you. I always text you as you said in your comments above. I have no axe to grind with anyone. All that I want is what is best for my community and our local businesses in Hopewell Township; our page was set up five years ago. Not for me alone, but for our local businesses. Ask any of our Hopewell business persons and Read the preamble. I think it is a great site. However there are always dissidents and people love to bash me and our community of Hopewell Township. In fact most of the negative commentators on our site are not in Hopewell. So gave a good night’s sleep and call me in the morning please. Thanks.

    • BTW, Mark, you’ve asked JP (and asked, and asked and asked yet again) to take down the photo. We know this because you keep friggin saying so. I think at this point it’s a rather safe assumption that it’s staying up.

      For your own mental health, the sooner you just accept this fact the sooner you can move on to more pressing matters in your life like playing Facebook police with your little online club houses. Maybe if you are a really good little man child and don’t wake JP up again this week someone will buy you a little revolving red light to put on top of your car so you can feel like a real Facebook policeman.

  25. It may come as a shock to you when you finally get some psychiatric help, but the only person ruining your reputation is you. Stop acting like a ten year old and make an appointment with a mental health professional for your own sake.

  26. There is an old Uncle Remus story about Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby. In it, the rabbit survives by outwitting his stronger rivals. But, at one point, Brer Fox sets up a tar baby, and Brer Rabbit punches it, becoming more and more stuck in the tar as he struggles to get free. Then, he tricks the fox to throw him into a briar patch, a horrible punishment, but which he escapes from, because that is where he has lived his whole life.

    I’m not sure at which point in this story it is being repeated here, but it will likely not end well for the Rabbit. He is free, but scratched and covered in tar, and the fox moves on to live another day. The rabbit, unfortunately, lives on in readers’ memories, and becomes the stuff of folk tales for taunting and not doing well in sticky situations that result.

  27. WE can all see that Galzo is becoming unhinged, and his actions are without question going to hand him a loss in any election. I had made previous comments regarding the posted pic of him and his wife. Well Maybe I was a bit hasty in making an in appropriate response regarding the pic, I should not have commented on his wife. She likely has a hard enough time dealing with him on a daily basis.
    Let’s keep her out of this. We have enough to entertain us with Marky Mark

    • But, I was wondering why a pic I posted was deleted. It had no address, no name attached to it, but the way it was posted may have allowed even the average reader to figure out who’s house it could be. It was posted to give a certain person a taste of his own medication. Maybe JP removed it so Marky Mark would not call him at 3:00 am, and if so I am sorry for disrupting JP’s sleep. But I am confused as to why numerous pictures of a house occupied by our disgraced treasurer was allowed to remain on this site.

  28. Just a hypothesis – it’s not that his wife’s photo is posted that’s causing him to go ape shit, rather, it’s the fact that he looks like such a genuine, certified dork in this particular pictures and he’s incredibly embarrassed by the public seeing him live out his fantasy of sitting behind the desk in the oval office thanks to Photoshop.

    This photo would make a great picture to post on a Facebook page called “santa’s hotline bling.” Let’s see how long it takes the control freak to hurry and proactively create that page so he can control it and then actually believe that he’s smarter than most.

  29. Aldo Gorlami is not at fault, nor is John Paul, for the picture. A public figure posted from a public Facebook page. Not uncommon. But to try and make it private is, well, uninformed. Public figures in public are, with extreme exceptions, “fair game”, as others have learned here in the media. The first thing some people do when someone comments from Facebook is click the name and see if the person is credible or not. Your whole Facebook life opens up to the public. Why do you think some of us have screen names?

    That picture apparently was taken from the public personal page on Facebook for Mark Rocco Galzerano. The Facebook page is public. The picture settings are public. Friend postings cannot be seen, unless one is a friend. Anyone can see the picture, among others that have even less thought behind them. This man has access to three Facebook sites that he runs, and should be aware of the settings. Duh.

    So, for his benefit, here they are, under the “Privacy” setting:

    Who can see my stuff?
    Who can see your future posts?
    Limit Past Posts?
    Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or Public?
    Who can see your friends list?
    Who can contact me?
    Who can send you friend requests?
    Who can look me up?

    Each question has choices. So, choose. If you don’t, then chalk it up to stupidity.

  30. @Mark G.

    Haha who is the asshat now? Mungo lives, votes and spends his money in Hopewell along with plenty of voting family! He will be sure to remind all of them NOT to vote for a weak chinned….dish it out and can’t take it….PUD such as yourself! So if you ever get your cool red retro phone operating properly just be sure to get someone on the line who really gives a half a shit less about what you did by defaming this innocent man on fb! Cuz God knows you just lost the chance at most likely 5 or 10 votes from folks Mungo knows. Update…..Now that Mungo has seen your VERY public response here in this thread he is even more convinced that you Sir are in fact the REAL asshat! Good luck in Nov, and try to throw some of your own loot at what is sure to be a failed run…

  31. Rock on Marky Mark
    Take your silver spoon
    Dig your grave

    Rulers make bad lovers
    You better put your kingdom up for sale
    Up for sale

  32. You are washed up now in politics. Your law practice is in shambles. Pick someone from your friends list like Sandie Egley to get you a job driving bus for the BCTA or Connie Javens to get you employment on the PA Turnpike with all her relatives. You will have the privilege of receiving a paycheck along side former commissioner Charlie Camp.

    • Would you want to ride on a bus driven by that whack job? I think I’d rather take my chances hitch hiking; it would probably be safer.

  33. This is one of the reasons I would never vote for someone running for any office who is From Hopewell, Center, Aliquippa or Monaca. They’re all connected politicians. Wouldn’t vote for them if they ran for dog catcher or president.

  34. I suppose the real booze starts to kick in for MarkGalz at 3AM. That’s when he starts his messaging. He is probably sitting at his desk (sans-pants) with his wireless red phone, angrily one-finger pecking at his keyboard.

  35. Come on now folks he isn’t living out fantasies of the white house. He is obviously playing “commissioner” and contacting Batman.

    • Uh oh….. Looks like at least one family member won’t be working in the family Doobie dispensary. No biggie though because between that and the little incident on 10/11/16 he has other connections to get his weed.



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