A local judge will be presiding over a whistleblower lawsuit filed by the county’s former Director of Purchasing.

President Judge John D. McBride has been scheduled to consider motions in a lawsuit filed by Mary Anne Ruskin alleging she was terminated for exposing corruption by Sheriff George David.

Ruskin was relieved from her position as County Purchasing Director on May 16th, 2013 after the Board of Commissioners voted to eliminate her position. Ruskin contends her termination was a direct result of speaking out against what she believed to be corruption within the Sheriff’s Office. She filed suit against the county in October of last year alleging violations of the Pennsylvania Whistleblower Law. The County has denied her termination had anything to do with Sheriff George David, calling the elimination of her position a cost cutting measure.

President Judge John D. McBride will be holding a hearing for preliminary objections in Ruskin’s lawsuit in early August. McBride had previously issued orders recusing all local judges from hearing other legal matters involving Sheriff David, including criminal charges filed against him by the Pennsylvania State Police and a lawsuit filed against him by the Beaver County Board of Commissioners.

Ruskin’s lawsuit does not name George David as a defendant because her position was under a unit controlled directly by County Commissioners — But her complaint alleges it was George David’s actions that precipitated her dismissal, less than two years before her scheduled retirement from the county.

“As Director of the Purchasing Department, Ruskin was responsible for obtaining bids for the uniforms for the Sheriff’s Department every two years,” reads the lawsuit. “In January 2012, [Beaver County’s] Sheriff, George J. David, wanted Ruskin to give the bid for the uniforms to a company whose owner was known to be a friend of Sheriff David. The uniform company at issue was not the lowest bidder. Ruskin refused to do so and fought to accept the lowest bid of M&M Uniforms, Inc.”

Ruskin’s complaint goes on to describe subsequent abusive behavior by Sheriff David.

“During a work session on February 22, 2012, Sheriff David verbally attacked Plaintiff in connection with her decision to award the uniforms to the lowest bidder. After Sheriff David’s display of outbursts during the February 22, 2012 meeting, Plaintiff made several complaints to Human Resources and the County Law Department regarding Sheriff David’s actions.”

Mary Anne Ruskin later testified under subpoena against Sheriff George David before the 34th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury.

An investigation by the Beaver Countian into Ruskin’s complaints about bid fixing led to Sheriff George David pulling out his service revolver while threatening to murder this reporter and several other individuals. Sheriff David repeatedly mentioned Ruskin during the tirade, mimicking and mocking her while referring to her as a “whore.”

The Pennsylvania State Police and Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office filed criminal charges against Sheriff David stemming from that incident, but David was acquitted of those charges this month after a judge ruled there was no proof his service revolver was actually loaded and a jury found reasonable doubt as to the remaining counts.

A hearing to consider preliminary objections in Mary Anne Ruskin’s whistleblower suit is scheduled for August 5th at 1:30pm in Courtroom 1.


  1. A really unbearable thing about this Sheriff is that he is taking so many good people down with him — from the women and the public abused in the office to the people lying on the stand for him and taking a dive personally and professionally. What’s it worth, people? We only go around once in this life, and you are frittering yours away for chump change — for an insecure, neurotic old man on a power trip who doesn’t give a damn about you or anyone else.

    • Very true Raven! Georgie hurt a lot of good people while a lot of other good people sat by and watch it happen. Our county’s “leaders” are making me sick because a lot of them are good people who know they should be doing something to stop him but they don’t.

  2. I BET HE ALREADY GOT THE ORDER DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. SO…the County is too poor to continue to let this lady work two more years to retirement before eliminating the position but has plenty of cash to promote Friends of George in the Sheriff’s office, consider buying a burned out ruin belonging to a political ally & hire a media muzzle.Shenanigans!

  4. I believe McBride could easily be involved in bringing Judge “bingo” in to cover for the Sheriff as that is a clear set up JP should appeal before its too late. There is no threat because you didn’t prove there are bullets in the gun and the Sheriff can’t eat your hands because you didn’t prove he had teeth. Notice McBride keeps Judge Tesla away from this issue as he knows he will follow the laws. Myron “Sticky fingers” Sainovich and the Sheriff didn’t push Judge Tesla around with our second amendment rights. And, before anyone accuses, Judge Tesla hasn’t always ruled in my favor but he was always fair and reasonable. Spike –

  5. Myron and Georgie have made such an ass out of the court system and president judge John McBride it’s almost comical, how they get duped.

  6. I wonder if Judge McBride has a troubled nephew that Sheriff David could hire as a deputy as he did for Judge Rick Mancini?

  7. its amazing the government of an entire county has allowed itself to be totally corrupted by 1 man just amazing

  8. Hmmm….a local judge hearing a corruption case of a woman who works in his courthouse…move along folks, nothing to see here.

  9. Has anyone calculated how much time and tax money has been squandered on these never-ending episodes surrounding George David? This has been going on far too long.

    There was the Friendship Ridge Fiasco with the accompanying hearings and legal legal filings, etc. Then, all the in-house political fighting. Finally, how can anyone forget the Kangaroo Court proceedings a few weeks ago (IF you could get in)?

    Speaking of which, I’m wondering if the David Groupies will try to fill up the courtroom again to hold down public access. (Family and friends first!)



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