School districts in Beaver County would see millions in specialized grants if Gov. Tom Corbett’s liquor store privatization initiative is approved. A projected $1 billion in proceeds from the privatization would be funneled into proposed “Passport for Learning Grants.” The program would dole out monies to the state’s nearly 500 school districts over the course of four years.

Governor Corbett wants to end the state monopoly on the sale of liquor and wine by replacing the 600 state stores with 1,200 privately owned outlets. Corbett also wants to allow beer and wine to be sold at variety of different retail locations, including grocery stores.

The Passport For Learning Grants would permit districts to invest in school safety, individualized learning, and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs.

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  1. thats a LOT of money! what are the chances of the sale of liquor stores passing? havent they tried to do that before and gotten creamed by the unions?

  2. What is he going to replace the revenue with that the state stores brought in. He doesn’t want to tax business at all. No taxes on the natural gas drillers. More medicaid cuts bye bye Friendship Ridge. Look out for a sales tax increase.

  3. 500 school districts plus charter districts Lots of votes to buy there. If he was really serious about financial reform he’d take the lead in mandating mergers. No No No ! Too many black faces would be showing up in the suburban districts. He’ll just keep cuting Friendship Ridge .

    • corbett won’t have a second term i think you mean the grants will coincide with the first four years of the new administration 😉

  4. I guess this will go right along with all the tax breaks we have gotten from the casinos. Just more more smoe and mirrors! There are only 2 things in life that will never change, Death and Taxes, will will all be taxed to death no matter what.

  5. Everyone knows there is no money going to education. This is how they get this stuff passed so they can use the money on other things like welfare.

  6. They’re dancing in the streets of Aliquippa over it. Here comes that new football stadium. Too bad they won’t have anywhere to send their long term sick and elderly after Friendship Ridge closes.

  7. Let’s reflect for a moment…..Sale of the state liquor stores, outsourcing the state lottery, etc. With all this money Pa shourd be the richest “commonwealth”, yet there won’t be a trickle down effect. Large tax breaks given to frackers and yet the residents of Pa will see an additional tax on gas to pay for projects. HUM, how’s the sale of the turnpike???? You can only sell an asset one time and the proceeds only spend one time, Leaves you with two thoughts, Is this a union busting attempt? Or does Government think that the voters are that stupid as to believe they are acting in our best interest? Anyway one can only speculate that greed is at the heart of these transactions and once again it would be nice to see who really will benefit. Trust me it will not be the working people / taxpayers of PA. :bribe:



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