Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker (left) signing his oath during a ceremony held this week / photo via Facebook

Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker, who plans to run for Beaver County Commissioner next year, has been named to the Governor’s Advisory Commission on African American Affairs.

Gov. Tom Wolf appointed Walker to serve on the GACAAA, which is responsible for advising the governor on policies and legislation that impact African Americans.

Wolf’s appointment speaks of confidence in Walker’s “prudence, integrity and ability,” and comes as Walker finds himself the subject of investigation by the Pennsylvania State Police in connection with a statewide grand jury investigation into Aliquippa city government.

As the Beaver Countian first reported in February, Walker has refused to cooperate with officers investigating alleged public corruption, according to multiple confidential sources with knowledge of the matter. The Aliquippa city building was raided by state police in March. Walker has not returned calls from seeking comment about the investigation.

A biography Walker posted to his Facebook page lists a long chain of honors, accolades and awards he has accepted since taking office in 2012.

It reads, “Mayor Walker has been the recipient of such prestigious awards as the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘Coordinator Award,’ Citations from The House of Representatives, and The Senate of Pennsylvania, Dignity and Respect champion award, The Jefferson Award for community Service, The 50 Men of Excellent Award, The Black History Achievement Award, and The Dare To Dream Award … Sponsored by the Government of Nigeria, in November of 2012, Mayor Walker was selected to travel with a delegation of Mayors from the United States to Enugu State, Nigeria. Their purpose was to participate in an International conference, sponsored by the Association of Local Government of Nigeria. The theme ‘Thinking Global and Building Local’ was associated with a broader segment titled ‘Enhancing Intergovernmental Relations for Sustainable National Social-Economic Development.’”

The Aliquippa mayor’s position with the city is part-time and pays $200 monthly.

According to his biography, Walker is employed as a customer service specialist for Guardian Protection Services. He wrote his responsibilities include “saving accounts when customers are looking to cancel their service” and “offer additional products and services and solutions to existing customers.”

Among those who celebrated Walker’s appointment this week was state Rep. Robert Matzie, D-16, Ambridge. Walker’s term on the advisory committee ends May 31, 2020.

J.J. Abbott, a spokesman for Wolf, did not respond to a request from the Beaver Countian seeking more information about Walker’s appointment.

Mayor Dwan Walker (left) with State Representative Robert Matzie / Photo via Facebook

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • No snowball’s chance in hell that I was going to vote for him anyway. This just confirms my original decision.

    • Wolf is a joke and Walker is too! He’s running for what? BC commissioner? Does he really think anyone would vote for him? Look at the mess of a town he comes from!!! ALIQUIPPA Look at that town, where’s the money the state gave them to clean it up?? What a big joke! Go away and take Wolf with you!

      • County commissioner? What are Dwan’s qualifications? Educational? Professional? We need highly qualified people to move our county forward. What type if work, educational, professional background does he have? Does anyone know?

      • Read the article, Booby, some of your probing questions are right there to be read.

        As for qualified, You mean like Danny Camp, Tony Amadio, Sandie Egley, Jimmy Alberts, Joe Spanik, … should I keep going? Walker might not be a great choice , but he would hardly be a huge step backwards around here.

      • That’s what I was thinking – for example, again I ask, what were Danny Camp’s education, professional back ground, work history, and qualifications to be a County commissioner???????

    • Aliquippa is in the 2018 top 10 for worst cities in PA, it ranks #8. Wolf rewards the Mayor of this shithole town with a state appointment? This Mayor thinks he’s done such a great job in his town that he should be a county commissioner? Really? It shows how out of touch these democrats are? They think unemployment, low income, high crime, poverty, bankruptcy is the norm. That’s because Democrats have controlled and ruined many cities. Vote Republican, Wolf is out of touch!

      • Oh, yeah, the Republicans. Which one impresses you here in BC? Bernstine, Marshall, Camp, Egley, Chrissyanna, Vogel, Rothfus, …. when are they going to get around reviving this county, the Dollar Store World headquarters?

        Put Wagner in there as Governor. He’s a garbageman; he can relate to Beaver County.

  1. OMG. Well that says WAY TOO MUCH about Wolfes inability. He wad already horrible in my book and now he too is committing political suicide. My name says it all.

  2. State Representative Matzie… I will never vote for you again. I’m done with this bullshit. If you proudly stand with this man, you are WITH them.

    • Matzie needs some opposition and then he’ll be gone. He does nothing!! Vote out all democrats, Wolf has to go, Vote Wagner!

  3. He would be great for that position, he’s a great politician you can never can find him so he does not have to answer any questions, he is invisible to find when things hit the fan, he’s good at no comment questions if you can find him and ask him!!!! He will be great if he’s not in jail at that time!

  4. How did idiots vote him in the first time?!? Oh, I know, he was a Demorat and all of PA votes D for dumbasses

    • You are 100% correct, voted for by idiots. These same idiots replaced Coach Mike Zmijanac.
      Under the leadership(?) of these fools, Aliquippa is rapidly caving in on itself.

  5. I think this poor decision shows just how inept the Liberal Democrat Gov Tom Wolfe is. And please, do not leave state Rep Rob Matzie out of this. That guy has been rolling around in the Democrat political filth and muck since the good old days of State Sen Jerry Lavalle and State Rep Mike Veon. Both BIG pals of his. And I do mean BIG if you can catch that reference to another Beaver County Democrat political scandal. The fact that Matzie is still a State Rep is a true testimony to the stupidity of a large swath of Beaver County voters centered in Aliquippa and Ambridge.

  6. absolutely move out of the state in a year ill be out. nothing but crack heads section 8 housing which is controlled by the police they ought to call it section 8 crack housing no comment no comment that’s how G crazy GEORGE David got TO BE SHERIFF. Mayor of the most disgusting corrupt town in the USA. Just level it all like the JeL mill area. let no living thing set foot on the poisoned contaminated ground. appointed commissioner by Governor wolfe this Aliquippa corruption goes a lot higher than Beaver county. Wrap your selfe in that Aliquippa flag Dawoon

  7. Omg!!! Wtf!!! That is laughable!! Did anyone see him in Channel 11 news the other night?? Great and dancing around the subject. Sounded like an idiot (what part you could understand) Def not an intelligible public speaker. Quite embarrassing.

    • Yep, channel 11 thought they had a real scoop. Then the fool opened his mouth.

      Wolf is looking for “prudence, integrity and ability,” and some color, and the man do bring a splash of color. How bout you now! deeWon.


      • November of 2012, Mayor Walker was selected to travel with a delegation of Mayors from the United States to Enugu State, Nigeria. Was that not, the same time people were complaining, if you dis big, U should pay for two seats ?

    • I saw Dwaan on channel 11, it was painful to watch, how embarrassing for this county! I couldn’t understand him, very poor speaker. Stay in aliquippa Dwan, Beaver County has enough problems ! Don’t waste time running for Commissioner!

      • He kinda had no choice but to say something publicly. Peeps in the community were commenting here and around town that he needed to speak about what is going on in Quip. Unfortunately, the studdering statement he gave is NOT going to satisfy anyone. He never touched base on not answering questions about PSP executing a search warrant on the City Building, Couch being put on leave, etc. I doubt we’ll hear from him on any of those matters.

  8. You’ve got to be kidding me! I really thought that this was a joke at first. And that this bizarre action seals the fate of Wolfe – I really hope that you’re all right.

  9. Hahahaha! Please good Lord what has this world come to? Lord, Mungo knows that liberalism is a form of mental illness, specifically Trump derangement syndrome, but this news literally has Mungo questioning whether or not our Gov. needs hisself a mental evaluation!

    • For votes votes and more votes they could care LESS about people citizens town state or backyard bbq! 200 a month this is all of our faults we need to run for Office and quit complaining about it that’s the problem. Most of us are afraid to be a policeman and don’t want to sell our souls in government so this is what we get ghetto representation when most of the Aliquippa city citizens could out work him into the ground and definitely out smart him on issues. He saw an open and ran with the ball now here we are he looks like a pimp in that picture I don’t even know what to tell my grand babies we got at least 3 dead with no suspects man I gotta stop

  10. WTF, who will be next to be appointed, don’t forget we still have a judge’s seat to fill. I can just imagine who he will place there

    • I bet Myron will blow Wolf to no end for that spot on the bench. Fucking idiot. I’m voting his ass out.

  11. My first thought was ”Amazing” then I paused and reflected on it and now, all I can say is Wolf is incapable of governing so why would he want anyone who is capable surrounding him. Someone that could potentially make him look bad. Therefore place even bigger idiots and con men in those positions and you look a. Smart b. Capable and c. Successful. This Governor, while being a ”successful” businessman has proven to be inept at government to the detriment of the citizens of Pennsylvania.

  12. On a positive note, this might grease the wheels for Aliquippa to get that Popeye’s that the one poster is anxiously awaiting😬

      • ricimer, thats a good one, they did not want his crocked ass in Nigeria, they sent him back. He did take his ex lady Mary Ganara on a taxpayer paid trip to Harrisburg, Bam yep everyone knows about it !!

  13. Matzie’s just as clueless as Walker. Let’s look what he’s done during his tenure. 2 useless politicians.

  14. Didn’t they recently have a grand opening for a fast food restaurant in Quip? Who said The mayor isn’t bringing jobs and business to the community?? (Sarcasm)

  15. And with this insane move, do you really think all of our calls for the corruption of Aliquippa to be cleansed away by the state police, state AG’s office will ever be answered? Unfortunately, the answer is absolutely not. When the mayor and governor somehow end up in bed together, Wolfe will step in and order then to cease. Naim’s murder could have brought more about, but Harrisburg said cease and desist. Let that sink in

  16. You have a town of dirty police officers and their leaders can go onto the state level of corruption. Disgusting!

    • Myownself, there are some good police officers in town. All they have to do is to get Couch and his little detective minion out of there, These 2 are dirty as shit. Both of these 2 have stolen payroll money for years. How are you on the SWAT team, get paid from the county to train in Pittsburgh, and you get paid daylight wages from Aliquippa ? Oh wait, Ralph said we could do it ! Now, a recent hire was an ex employee who had left to go to Pittsburgh. He got into a wreck and was let go from Pittsburgh, and low and behold, he comes back to Aliquippa, with a DUI suspension and can not even drive a car. And he is hired back and on probation, granted it was only for a short time, but really hire a guy who has a DUI, (drug) and you put him on the street ? And the mayor, I will never forget you trying to fight a police officer at Main and Meadow, you should have gotten arrested, or at least bitch slapped in the face. And when you tried to fight a water department authority employee while playing police man on the hill. I sure hope your reign of terror is over. And lets not forget your brothers loud, unruly, outdoor parties where the neighbors always call and nothing is done. And god bless Hank, ( Donald’s father in law ) but, god damn how many times is Hank going to be allowed to drive around when his license is suspended, DUI related. The people need to know, trust me, there is way more. Clean Quip Up.

      • @Society… letting old Hank drive around unlicensed should no longer be an issue! I wanna see the Dumb Ass Twins take on Mottes and council on this issue! Walkers no longer control shit.

        As a side note.. correct me if im wrong BUT i believe our new football coach is directly related to Timmy Patrick.

  17. Idea everyone with any common sense should move out of Beaver County out of the state if possible. Hey Dawoon why don’t you go up to the Deltondos and knock on there door an offer them your condolonces.

  18. I am sure he is very experienced in advising how to get family, relatives, friends on the payroll. One shudders to think of all the “patronage” jobs he will create if elected Commissioner.

  19. Lets hope we don’t forget this move by Wolf is remembered by the time elections roll around wolf has done nothing since he’sbeen in the goveners office except pa has one of the highest unemployment rates ofall the states.

  20. I always knew Tom Wolf was a jackass and now this confirms it. It will do wonders for Wolf’s competitor when Dee One gets hauled away in handcuffs.

  21. I believe diverting a portion of the Ohio river into downtown and marking it a lake would be a great recreational idea for the people of Hopewell and Center

  22. One hack appointing another hack to a useless race baiting position. African American Affairs, hows about this. Pull your pants up, get an education, get a job and don’t break the law. Your affairs are now in order.

  23. Spot on Society! And ty.. i learned something new. Water employee should have kicked his ass! And lets not forget that Thieving Couch and PooDick been driving around on the taxpayers dime with both using city vehicles as daily drivers. City pays insurance gas and repairs!

    Add Tappler the other so called detective to the Thief list. He’s a thief just like couch and poodik.

    Peeps of Quip need to go to next council meeting and demand Dewaaan and Doonald step down. Then the 3 good council people left can clean house big time!

  24. Woooooooow!!! This guy cant even speak in complete sentences!!!!! Rent a Center really does open up alot of opportunities!


  25. are you fuckin kidding me what the fuck is that assclown doing dont they like you know check out the people they endorse ?

  26. The Aliquippa mayor’s position with the city is part-time and pays $200 monthly.

    Still waiting for houses to be demolished with 3.2 million fed monies

  27. Geez Governor Wolf…with all the corruption going on in this town right now, did you really need to pick this guy. There are some amazing people out there who would do this position great justice. Three women in Aliquippa come to mind immediately…Now I have to question your integrity.

  28. I see multiple comments here about ole DaaWon making $200 a month as Mayor. I almost fell off of my chair laughing. Seriously, JP might want to look into DaaWooon’s expense statements for the past several years. I bet we Citizens of Quip have paid for everything from his cell phone bill to his car and house payment and then some. Another interesting item JP may want to investigate is City Admin Gill’s last raise (he wasn’t worth what he was getting paid and DaWoon managed to get council to approve a raise). Rumor has it that after Cover your Ass Gill was given a raise, that ole DaWoon arbitrarily raised his might fist and tacked on another $12,000 per year without Council’s knowlege. Ass Covering Gill let it slip in front of the wrong people that he has been coughing up $1,000 cash per month and handing it over to Fat Ass DaWoon. Guess Minion Gill is getting tired of paying tax on money he’s not gettin’.

    • Mercbenz, if you only knew, meetings to make Couch the chief. Talk about swallowing, such an ass kisser, to a man he hates, and a town he hates. Remember Donny, you will never moved to “that ghetto shithole” If the people only knew how you really are, do not worry I will let it all out. Ten thousand for the Chiefs position, rumors that Couch helps him out with his bills. I wonder what will happen now ? And Couch being off on paid leave, what a joke. When this is all done he will be in prison, if not, you can get away with any crime in this county you want to. And yes, Sam got a pay raise, maybe its for his alternative lifestyle. And you can bet there is a shitload of paid cell phones, tablets, and computers that are a luxury that should not be provided. And lets not forget about Pudick coming into the police station drunk and using a TAZER on a officer. If any other person would have done this they would have been fired. And do not forget about all the girls in town you have played and screwed over. Just remember Dewan, you do not know what a oath is ! You and Myron need to go, and go fast. Enough, one last thing. RICO, RICO, RICO

  29. Anyone that is surprised with Wolf’s move hasn’t been paying much attention. Like so many other politicians, his only goal is to get elected and to keep getting elected. He attended a fundraiser thrown on his behalf at the old Friendship Ridge facility organized by Joe Askar. Askar was reported to the state for being involved in the sale on both sides of the transaction, and profited handsomely as a result. There have been no updates on that investigation. Probably because it was buried. Talk about a slap in the face. Wolf will do and say anything that will net himself one more dollar or one more vote.

  30. Amazing how Aliquippa always gets slammed , but Ambridge rarely sees much criticism. Wonder what the difference is?

    Ambridge = White Aliquippa



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