The Board of Commissioners met with the Warden and county’s law department today to discuss allegations of retaliation against a female inmate. The woman’s husband, who is a criminal defense attorney, claims she is being retaliated against by officials because of issues he raised about the jail while representing a man facing the death penalty.

As the Beaver Countian exclusively reported yesterday, Attorney Gerald Benyo has alleged that his wife Sharon, who is incarcerated in the Beaver County Jail due to a DUI conviction, is being retaliated against by jail officials because of his representation of Beau Chermer. Chermer is charged along with his step-brother Joseph Arlott in the 2012 death of Daniel Santia of Hopewell Township. The first trial for the two men ended in a mistrial last week.

Attorney Benyo provided a letter of resignation to President Judge John McBride yesterday, which the Beaver Countian has since obtained, saying he could no longer represent Chermer due to a conflict of interest that now existed for him in the case. Sharon Benyo was ordered to be placed in solitary confinement for a month, as purported punishment for unspecified conduct violations, just hours after her husband raised allegations of impropriety at the facility on behalf of his client Beau Chermer.

“I do not have any confidence that further action will not be taken against my wife while she is incarcerated at the Beaver County Jail,” wrote Benyo in his letter to Judge McBride. “An issue now exists as to my continued representation of Beau Chermer as a conflict of interest and an impossible division of my loyalty now exists. That is, if I investigate the violation of Beau Chermer’s attorney-client communications by the “tossing” of his cell, I will be placing my wife at risk of mental and physical harm and abuse in a place where I cannot protect her and where numerous acts of retaliation can take place hidden by the walls that imprison her. If I “pass” on the investigation of the violation of attorney-client privilege I will fail at providing legal representation to Beau Chermer in a case where his very life is being demanded by the Commonwealth.”

Attorney Benyo forwarded a copy of his resignation letter to his wife at the Beaver County Jail, along with another letter promising he would fight to rectify her situation. “The coincidence as to the timing of your alleged unspecified violation and events in the Beau Chermer case are impossible to reconcile. The two are tied together and you are being punished and abused for no other reason than to retaliate and discourage me from doing my duty as an attorney and providing the best possible legal representation that I can provide to Beau Chermer when the District Attorney is trying to take his very life for a Murder that he did not commit. Again, I take full responsibility for the position you are in and it is unbearable for me to picture you locked in a small cell 23 hours a day with nothing but your AA book to try and keep you sane. […] I love you and will do everything in my power to resolve this situation so you are no longer punished to keep me silent or from doing my job as an attorney. You are now and will always be first in my life and in my heart.”

Sources inside of the Beaver County Jail tell the Beaver Countian that Sharon Benyo was being punished for attempting to carry messages outside of the facility for other prisoners while leaving on work release. Sources say one of those messages related to an employment opportunity at Burger King for a work release inmate, but the other messages were of a more personal nature. Jail officials considered the messages contraband and say they are punishing Sharon Benyo as a result.

Attorney Gerald Benyo alleges jail officials are now looking for ways to justify their actions by claiming violations of rules which don’t exist, about conduct which is not at all inappropriate.

“If there was a rule that my wife violated it seems awfully strange to me that it took 9 days and meetings between the Warden, law department, and County Commissioners to determine what rule was broken, and to figure out what the administrative procedure should be when an appeal is filed,” Benyo told the Beaver Countian. “Beyond that, it is a hell of a coincident that after being incarcerated for 4.5 months without incident, it is determined my wife committed a violation of the rules for the first time within hours of the jail being advised that there were questions being raised as to the search of my client’s jail cell.”

A search of court dockets shows that Gerald Benyo has not yet formally filed a motion to remove himself from the Chermer case as of the time of this report. County Officials tell the Beaver Countian that an appeal hearing will be held for Sharon Benyo in the near future, although no specific date has been set.


  1. The “Thin Blue Line” of corruption web is in all corners of Beaver County. Honest law enforcement people don’t have a chance in this county. All they get is a bullet in the back of their head. Right Alighetto?!

  2. Sounds shady. I don’t envy those trying to play by the rules in LE, in this county. Shit ain’t gonna change until there’s a light on in all the dark corners. Not easy, but you’re doin’ something JP.

  3. Crack heads that pull trains with other crack heads…… sooner or later derail, sometimes the conductor dormant correspond with the brake man and accidents happen

    Hear the bellllllllllllllllllllll, it tollllllllllssssss for theeeeeeeeeeee

  4. I have an issue with a prisoner carrying letters for other prisoners outside of the jail regardless of what the content of the letters is. Should never be allowed to happen period.

  5. I read both stories and I don’t know what’s going on here but I tihnk something is really wrong with this death penalty case.

  6. The letter you quoted was personal between my wife and I.  I dont know who your sources at the Beaver County Jail are but you apparently have access to everything.  I commend you for your sources but call into question what a personal letter to my wife has to do with your story.

      • The letter sent to his wife when he sent the copy of the resignation letter, was NOT sent to the judge. It was sent to HER. So, no, it wasn’t of public concern. But, they do open inmate mail and sometimes photocopy it before the inmate receives it. That most likely is how the quote used in the letter made its way to JP.

  7. Can someone tell me where the fuck the burger king is in moon township,I just can’t picture IT,

    You got correction officers getting blow jobs and dating inmates when released they keep jobs wtf

  8.  any lawyer who only takes shady cases says something……Im sure it has less to do with the “high profile case” and more the person and her actions????

    • The fact that she had no previous disciplinary issues, PRIOR to him taking this case says something also. The timeline of events says something. There is too much there to just be all coincidence.

  9. Thanks nikki it’s beside the ground round bar, which I forget and stop once every two years

    I heard from someone they denying visitation to Sharon at the jail.

    • If she’s in solitary still, on lockdown, I’m not surprised. She’s on disciplinary, so they deny visitation.

  10. This is bad news for the murder defendant.  Gerry Benyo is the BEST.  When you get charged with murder or some sort of street crime, in Beaver County, WHO YOU GONNA CALL?  Benyo, of course.

    • What have I said that isn’t already either a known fact or something that could easily be found out with a phone call or two? Point it out, ask your question, and I’ll answer.

  11. Colafella is over rated

    Can only go to trial to over charge and needs a jury to get victory, judges hate him he pompous Napoleon complex.

    Speaking on a different note, why is that lawyers registered as officers of the court , why don’t they have to take drug test?

    Bet there be a few less lawyers in the bar and cause Lord knows a few are pill poppers and ski slope season pass holders



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