In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian provides the following in response to recent allegations made against it by the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office:

On Friday, March 11th, Beaver County Commissioners notified the Beaver Countian that Sheriff Tony Guy had informed them of a “security breach” that had occurred in the courthouse, and that the breach allegedly involved the Beaver Countian. County Chief of Staff Joe Widener subsequently informed this publication he was told by Sheriff Guy that Lieutenant James McGeehan had witnessed Beaver Countian founder John Paul “going through a bunch of personnel files” while “alone” in the County Human Resources Department.

In response, the Beaver Countian notified its counsel that allegations were once again being lodged against it by the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office. The Beaver Countian notified county officials that John Paul was prepared to undergo a polygraph examination and sign a sworn affidavit attesting he had never been left unattended in the Human Resources Office and had never looked through the department’s personnel files. This publication provided similar notification to a representative of the Sheriff’s Office.

Following the Beaver Countian’s communication to the Sheriff’s Office, Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy sent a letter to the Board of Commissioners downplaying his original language that a “security breach” had occurred. Sheriff Guy provided clarification that Lieutenant McGeehan was not alleging he had seen John Paul looking at personnel files, but that he was just seen unescorted near where personnel files are stored. Sheriff Guy’s letter stated he simply thought it was something the Commissioners should be aware of.

The county’s personnel records are stored in a small number of sliding racks mounted to the floor of the Human Resources Department that are in plain view when entering the department. The racks are situated directly beside Human Resources Director Rick Darbut’s office door.

On Wednesday, March 16th, the Board of Commissioners met together with County Solicitor Andrea Cantelmi and Human Resources Director Rick Darbut to discuss the alleged “security breach” reported by the Sheriff’s Office. Darbut told the Commissioners that no breach of courthouse security had occurred, that Beaver Countian Founder John Paul has never had opportunity to be alone in the Human Resources Department, and would never have been able to access the office’s personnel files. Darbut said McGeehan never raised any concerns to him that a security breach was occurring in his department.

Human Resources Director Rick Darbut provided a similar statement for publication.

“[John Paul] did not do anything of the kind,” said Darbut. “He was leaving my office after interviewing me for a story when [Lieutenant James] McGeehan came in. I was in the department so was Tammy [Jones, County Benefits Manager], which is who McGeehan came in the office to meet, and I think Sid [Shaw, Assistant Director] was here too. [John Paul] was never alone and never had access to any personnel files […] This was much to do about nothing which is pretty typical for those guys down there.”

County Commissioners have informed the Beaver Countian they have no concerns that courthouse security had been jeopardized in any way.

Sheriff Guy has made multiple attempts at thwarting the Beaver Countian’s investigative reporting since before taking office, which have included Guy holding meetings with other elected officials trying to convince them to cease all communications with this publication. Guy regularly refers to the Beaver Countian’s John Paul as “Mr. Relevant.”

Lieutenant James McGeehan served as Captain under Sheriff George David, and is one of several individuals who investigators with the Pennsylvania State Police recommended to Tony Guy he should not retain upon taking office. McGeehan’s harassment of witnesses against Sheriff George David, including the Beaver Countian’s John Paul, was the subject of sworn testimony before the 34th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury. Although Sheriff Guy kept McGeehan as command staff with the Sheriff’s Office (along with Jay Alstadt who served as Sheriff David’s Chief Deputy), he terminated Deputy Curtis Larick, who had been subjected to intense harassment within the department for assisting State Police and testifying against Sheriff David at a bond revocation hearing (which led to David being placed on house arrest for three months).

Various individuals within the Sheriff’s Office, on at least four separate occasions, have attempted to have criminal charges brought against Beaver Countian Founder John Paul since he originally began his investigative reporting uncovering public corruption.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • remember my former post. they will come at u. like I said before stay on your toes young man. sometimes when ur in a fight your outnumbered 10 to 1. but u can win if u got balls. because sometimes balls is enough. especially when your telling the truth. Remember once you get the truth out there. The truth can stand on its own legs.

  1. This is a matter bested resolved by the District Attorney…It would appear that Lt McGeehan made a false, official statement and thus, should be forced to prove his allegation.

  2. Tony, don’t you have bigger problems to solve? First the excuse was that you’ve only been in office a short tub time. Now that you’ve had some time this is how you choose to spend it?

    By the way, it sure seems that John Paul IS Mr. Relevant…. The sooner you figure that out the sooner you can start cleaning up real corruption.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. If you don’t personally have something to hide, you wouldn’t give a shit what John Paul was looking into, and that goes for anybody. It sounds/smells like there is still a stink emanating from the Sheriff’s Office, just a slightly different odor…………………………

  3. Well, Tony Guy and the “new” sheriffs office is off to a fantastic start here folks: making false statements against JP and BC; fighting with the commissioners; suppression of the press; stepping on the constitution of the United States; several lawsuits for terminations that will probably cost us taxpayers hundreds of thousands in legal expenses and penalties; and lord knows what else; all in just a mere few months. He’s really starting to make former Sheriff George David look like an amateur.

    • He is making deputies perform tasks that are not county approved, on overtime, jeopardizing their status as part time, which will cost us, the taxpayers, money. Example, a deputy was recently involved in a car crash and injured on his way to a non sanctioned drug interaction in Aliquippa late at night,,, this makes us, the taxpayers liable for his injuries. If one of these deputies should die (hopefully not) during one of these events, that the commissioners specifically forbade, we again will be on the hook for death benefits etc. according to the county code, the sheriffs office is an arm of the court, not an actual “police” agency. That’s my problem with it.

  4. I want to thank the Beaver Countian and John Paul for having the integrity and determination to stick to a story and for holding public employees somewhat accountable to the taxpayers. It is not an easy task to stand strong and to continue to do your job when confronted by a Sheriff Dept and some public officials at every turn. I believe if there are any complaints of a reporter asking questions and investigating possible corruption, then there is obviously wrong doing being covered up. If there is no corruption going on then “everyone” would welcome a reporter to investigate and be there to tell that story. Thank you Beaver Countian and may the force be with you.

  5. I’m just sick over this. Sheriff Guy, don’t you know those of us who voted for you were doing so because we felt you would run this office professionally, and would give this office back the esteem it had lost. So many things you have done since in office are painful to read. I hope you would reconsider the direction you are taking. And John Paul, don’t let this discourage you, please.

  6. This is what corruption does when things start to be exposed. It means you got them on the run and people are starting to sweat. The more they come after you, the closer you get, and the more corrupt they are appearing to be. If any physical harm ever comes to John Paul, everyone knows where to look first.

  7. Sounds to me that Sheriff Guy and his sidekick McGeehan should be added to the list of corrupt people in the courthouse, joining Amadio, Javens, Lozier, and a few others whose names will be added to the list following further investigations by reputable outside sources. Lozier should be addressing McGeehan’s lying about a “security breach” that never happened! How stories change when liars are caught telling lies! Maybe the drinking water in the courthouse is causing the lying epidemic that is widespread in County government!

  8. This is really sad! Not only does the whole false accusations thing make them look corrupt but the fact that the Sheriff’s Dept. Primary job is to provide Courthouse security. If indeed Lt. McGeehan did witness JP “Breaching Security” why didn’t he immediately stop, arrest, or even detain JP for questioning? Now they are inept as well as corrupt.

  9. I hate to say this, but I told you so…. Guy was/is NOT the right person for the job. The ENTIRE Sheriff’s Office needs to be cleaned out. All Guy has done is to put lipstick on a pig. McGeehan has been a problem for many years!

    • So.. just let the Sheriff Dept. run amok because you’re tired of hearing about it? Hell no! Shine a light on every bit of shit and corruption you find in that hellhole on Third Street. Go JP!

  10. I work in a corporate Human Resources Dept. and when employees enter our office they stand near cabinets filled with Personnel Folders…never had a “scenario” (fantasy) that the sheriff alleged happened at the courthouse. Apparently it seems the former sheriff
    is still dictating policy. I noticed no one questioned Guy on the discrepancies in his report.

    • WiseOwl, same here. Just because you are in an HR office doesn’t make you a criminal. Reading this “blogger” it sure doesn’t seem to be his style to go through personnel files. Besides if the Beaver Countian wants to continue to write, he must continue to provide credible facts. Doing something as dumb as pulling files would shut him down immediately.
      Guy and Mr. Magoo should do thier job. It is starting to appear the sheriffs office may be loosing credibility. I’ve been reading that BC Sheriffs gang continue to be crime fighters in the county which is not part of their duties. How about protect the Judges and stop doing drug busts in Aliquippa, shooting at people in Ohioville and joining high speed chases and wrecking county cars. You are giving the commissioners every opportunity to decline your request for more money when you run out!

  11. Hummm so personnel documents containing ss#’ s… dob’s… etc… are not under lock and key. That concerns me greatly as it should concern every worker in beaver county. TMI OUT THERE !!!

  12. You want to talk about the word “breach”. The whole fucking courthouse is a fucking breach of public trust. One of these days the FEDS are going to bring in buses a bus the whole county government out of there and board up the fucking windows or put a sign on the door ” UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT “. I want to know what the fuck happened with this shady Friendship Ridge deal and where the fuck is our money? These lying cheating fucks have to go to jail and be held accountable.

  13. McGeehan aka The New John Joe. The only difference is McGeehan didn’t sign a probable cause statement for JP’s arrest. McGeehan’s lying ass should be forced to resign immediately! Does anyone in that office have any integrity?

  14. Funny though how he even reports on the exact location of where the documents are located. How does he know that? Is it relevant to put it in the story? Or is he trying to state how easily they are discoverable? One must be looking to know where they are and then my question is why? I’m all for non corrupt police, but I’m definitely not for any media with an agenda.

    • Here we go with the agenda again…JP was supposed to have an agenda against Georgie. Well, Georgie is out of office, but the shenanigans in that office are still occurring. But it has to be all JP’s fault because he is still reporting facts about the shenanigans. Don’t let them try to intimidate you, JP!

  15. McGeehan needs to take the buyout… If he’s eligible. He is now the most useless deputy in the office. If Guy was smart he’d get rid of him and save $80G a year plus his take home car. Speaking of, what’s with the take home car issue? Either Guy doesn’t want to control it or its in the Deputy’s contract that they have them. This would save a lot of problems of people responding from their home and crashing cars on the way to incidents that they weren’t called to. Speaking of, word is that the sheriff tried running the Ohioville standoff the other day?

    • Guy can’t run his own office without controversy, so why would he even be involved in a standoff? I don’t think his job description involves much more than being the supervisor of a bunch of security guards, not actual police officers! Maybe Andrea Cantelmi should explain to him the job description of the Sheriff of Beaver County, for what about the third or fourth time since he took office! Apparently he has a major comprehension problem!

  16. I don’t know why anyone would think that voting in a new sheriff would make a difference. The majority of the “men in blue” are nothing but idiots especially here in Beaver County. I have never been arrested or have even received a speeding ticket but any of my interactions with police leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. They are either stupid, power hungry, or just plain nuts!

  17. Good job JP, we need you!
    PS, that’s probably the first time in his career that McGeehan witnessed anything!! And Tony Guy, your a political sheriff, not a super trooper anymore. Do right by your constituents, not by the Lebanese and Hopewell/Aliquippa juggernaut

    • Thee are not the same people. everyone wanted a new sheriff and got one now the complaints are streaming in about him. Everyone wanted a new da and got one and this blog is filled with complaints about him. Who is responsible for those two being elected, I would guess all those who voted for change. By the way, the “feds” are not coming.

      • The Feds aren’t coming and the PSP aren’t coming. Don’t forget the commissioners. Still waiting for Sandie and Dan to do their job. ( working for a better government LOL).

  18. For every hour JP spends reporting I wonder how much time he spends defending himself from this kind of thing? I couldn’t live like it.

  19. Sounds like the story plot is out in the public now that the old ways of doing things still hanging around, kept bad deputies close. No cameras for security on sensitive paperwork or should not be out in open to a non worker can get too.

  20. Sounds to me like JP has grounds for a defamation lawsuit. This was nothing but a strong-arm fascist tactic in an attempt to strike fear into a relentless reporter and stifle Freedom of the Press. It didn’t work.

    There is an old saying, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. And that includes the retention of TweedleDee and TweedleDUMBER. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. The ghost of George David continues to haunt us.




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