The man who Sheriff George David accused of preparing to commit mass murder at Friendship Ridge has established a defense fund, and has vowed to refuse any plea bargains offered to him by the District Attorney’s Office.

Larry Allen Hicks was arrested outside of Friendship Ridge on January 17th by Sheriff’s Deputies, and charged with multiple misdemeanors and felonies. He later saw all but one of those charges against him dropped by the District Attorney, following a series of investigative reports by the Beaver Countian and an independent investigation by the County Detectives’ Bureau.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian that several Sheriff’s Deputies are now under investigation by authorities over their handling of the incident, and over questions surrounding the accuracy of a sworn Affidavit of Probable Cause filed in the case.

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Below is a complete copy of a letter the Beaver Countian received from Larry Hicks’ defense attorney, Gerald “Jerry” Benyo:

Dear John Paul:

I am providing you with this letter as it was your investigative reporting that first brought to the public’s attention the disturbing facts and issues concerning Larry Allen Hick’s January 17, 2013 arrest by the Beaver County Sheriff’s Department. As you are aware, I am legal counsel for Mr. Hicks.

Mr. Hicks remains incarcerated in the Beaver County Jail. He has been incarcerated since January 17, 2013 – a total of 23 days as of today. His bond is $2,500. The only family Mr. Hicks has in the area is his mother who is elderly and has been a resident of Friendship Ridge for about 2 years. This was the reason for Mr. Hicks’ presence at Friendship Ridge on January 17, 2013 (and each day every day for the past 2 years) as he would walk from Connecticut Avenue in Rochester to Friendship Ridge each morning to have breakfast with her and care for her general needs. As Mr. Hicks was walking alone to Friendship Ridge in the dark each morning, it was also the reason he was carrying a .22 caliber handgun registered to him with a permit to carry issued by the Beaver County Sheriff. As Mr. Hicks has been unemployed for an extended period of time, and does not have money available to pay bond to Beaver County to secure his release, he will remain in jail until this criminal case goes to trial.

Mr. Hicks’ is scheduled for Jury Trial during the July 8, 2013 Trial Term where he is to face Felony criminal charges of Carrying A Firearm Without A License – a crime with maximum penalties of 7 years incarceration and a $15,000 fine. It appears the Beaver County District Attorney will continue to prosecute this case based upon events at the January 31, 2013 Preliminary Hearing. I am advising you of these facts only as Mr. Hicks authorized me to publish his decision to refuse any Plea Bargain Offer made by the Commonwealth to “make this case go away”.

In view of the above facts, please announce to your readership that an account was created today to enable concerned citizens to make a donation to assist Mr. Hicks and his fight to obtain answers to the many questions surrounding his arrests and prosecution. The JUSTICE FOR LARRY HICKS FUND will be used to:

(1) provide bond money to enable Mr. Hicks to be released from incarceration;

(2) provide payment for overdue utilities at Mr. Hicks’ residence so as to provide Beaver County with a viable address for the purposes of bond; and

(3) provide payment for litigation expenses and attorney fees for Mr. Hicks’ legal defense.

Attorney William Braslawsce has agreed to donate his time to administer the Justice For Larry Hicks Fund.

It should be known that Mr. Hicks has set 2 conditions as to the creation of Justice For Larry Hicks Fund:

First, it is his wish that any individual or business making a donation have the option of providing a name, address and telephone number so that Mr. Hicks may repay any donation in full in the event that any monies are recovered by him out of this incident in the future.

Secondly, at Mr. Hicks’ direction, any information concerning the identity of donors to the Justice For Larry Hicks Fund will not be published or released to any governmental office or official without an Order of Court, so as to avoid any potential for any reprisals against those who support his decision to demand answers to the many questions that have arisen from his arrest by the Beaver County Sheriff’s Department.

Mr. Hicks has also requested that I advise your readership that he is demanding a Jury Trial so a full inquiry of the many disturbing issues in this case can be made in the “light of day” and under full scrutiny of the Court of Common Pleas. Mr. Hicks is doing this knowing that it is possible that he will remain jailed by Beaver County for several more months unless he accepts a Plea Bargain that would most likely allow for his immediate release. It is Mr. Hicks’ hope that at a Jury Trial someone in government can provide some credible explanation as to why he was arrested by members of the Beaver County Sheriff’s Department on January 17, 2013 and why the Commonwealth continues to prosecute him despite the Beaver County Detective Bureau’s investigation.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation to the Justice For Larry Hicks Fund may do so online via paypal, by mail or in person at 330 Dravo Avenue, Beaver, Pennsylvania 15009. Any checks or money orders must be made payable to Gerald V. Benyo, Jr., Esq., and have identified on the memo line JUSTICE FOR LARRY HICKS FUND. A written receipt for every donation will be provided. A full accounting and review of this checking account will be maintained by Attorney William Braslawsce.

Mr. Hicks expresses in advance his appreciation for everyone who is supporting him and his decision to demand answers as to the governmental actions taken directly against him that have taken away his liberty.


Gerald V. Benyo, Jr., Esq.

Related Link: Online Donations To The Larry Hicks Justice Fund


  1. Wasn’t he carrying an illegal gun?? Why is this website pretending this criminal is the victim??? What a joke this site has become.

  2. Long time Reader, Third time poster
    I have to say that this has gotten way out of control. There is a terrible trend about to start and it will cause huge damage to this county, the courthouse and the justice system as a whole. Mr.Hicks is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers. With all of this ridiculous hype, do you really think he will get a fair trial? I believe that it is absurd for any defense attorney to turn to “social media” to gain more attention and sympathy for a client. Let the investigation continue and await the outcome like every other American citizen. And they are asking for donations? Really? If you have to lobby for support and finances and sympathy maybe you shouldnt have gotten involved in the case. I can not believe that an attorney would stoop to this level and completely disregard all professionalism, although it is great publicity for his firm (or is it?). I am embarrassed for all involved and a huge embarrassment to this county! But let me be clear, I am NOT saying that the case was handled correctly and that there may or may not be some issues with the arrest. But if the investigation is completed and the attorneys on both sides do their jobs, a verdict will be rendered and the justice system will work as it should.

    • So why the hell should he sit in jail until July? I guess they are trying to plea this down based on the comments. If he takes the plea deal he admits he was wrong. There goes the civil case.

      I’m not so sure why the DA is continuing this farce. No notice = not a revoked permit = no crime.

      Can’t wait to see this attorney skewer the arresting officers on the stand. Now that’s going to be a good one.

      • He is not hurry to get out, he is fed,bathed and his own bed,free for him as he usually gets anyway!

    • @foodforthought:

      You say, “There is a terrible trend about to start and it will cause huge damage to this county, the courthouse and the justice system as a whole.” What the heck do you mean by that? The Scopes Trial and now the Hicks Trial that will make history? A legal and judicial Armageddon? Should we start stocking our shelves with law books and bottled water?

      You say, “…ridiculous hype…” The matter has been reported by the BC and others. That is all. And people comment on it. So what? The matter is very serious. This is not hype; it is part of a continuum of local legal matters reported upon for the last couple of years.

      You say, “that it is absurd for any defense attorney to turn to “social media” {the parentheses are not needed — that is what these media and forums are} to gain more attention and sympathy for a client.” Have you not heard of legal defense funds for various causes? And the attorney turning to the media… Even if if it were true, is this really a new tactic for defense lawyers, or, prosecution lawyers for that matter? Should they ship Hicks to Las Vegas for a fair trial venue?

      You say, “…lobby for support and finances and sympathy…” Who are the lobbyists? Where has this happened? The media and legal reports are suggesting that an innocent man is being mistreated.

      You say, “…I can not believe that an attorney would stoop to this level and completely disregard all professionalism, although it is great publicity for his firm (or is it?).” The attorney represents his client, who initiated the process.

      You say, “I am embarrassed for all involved and a huge embarrassment to this county!” The only embarrassment here is the unfounded nature of your poorly formed allegations and the amateurish, vacuous manner in which you state them.

      Your comments might sound good in Beginning Law 101 at CCBC, but they have no foundation here. They are outside your realm of presumed expertise.

      As far as the legal fund is concerned…please donate.

      • rubric, That was perfect. Thanks for spending the time. I agree with everything you said.

      • @Rubic
        I think we can agree on one thing, you have the right to your own opinion and I have the right to mine. However, I am a bit suprized that you took the time to disect my post and belittle me at the same time. My postings in no way become rude or ignorant to any other readers/posters or even to Mr.Hicks.
        Now, to help you understand what was clearly written:
        The terrible trend that I speak of is that every Tom,Dick and Harry that feels he has been wrongly incarcerated is gonna want their attoney or public defender to write a letter and start a defense fund to help with bail money,bills or legal fees. Its not the fault of “We The People” that he can not take care of his finances. But please, feel free to donate if you like.
        Secondly, the words “social media” is in parentheses because the Beaver Countian is a far cry from Facebook or Twitter or others. It is at best an internet tabloid used for one-sided discussions, creating contraversy and poorly written comments. Notice I did not demoralize any posters or the creator of this site.
        And finally, I have never claimed to be an experct in any field. I do however have some knowledge of the law and the legal system. With 16 years of law enforcement, heading several task forces, countless court appearances and trials, working relations with the DEA,FBI, State Police Vice Unit, and Attorney Generals Office, I think that I can speak with a little more than an “amateurish, vacuous manner ” as you so believe.
        And once again let me be clear, I am not saying that this case was handled correctly or without error. I am saying that so far, the justice system is working just fine. Mr.Hicks was given a Preliminary Hearing and some charges were dismissed and one charge held for trial. A bail amount was set and he has been given the opportunity to pay it. I just dont agree that he or anyone else in that situation should be allowed to ask for a hand-out.

    • the “ridiculous hype” started when sheriff georgie went all over tv saying this guy was gonna kill all the old people which looks like a bunch of shit now the public needs to make it right

  3. To the person who commented about an “illegal” firearm the paperwork was never sent out to him, and a deputy saying he will take it doesn’t make it so. Try reading all the articles! Also I too had a parent in friendship ridge and I would see Mr. Hicks when I. would.visit

  4. Let’s assume Hicks wins the case. Can anyone surmise about what the outcome judgments would be? Be specific. Surely a criminal defense lawyer could provide a possible scenario.

    • I would surmise that a civil suit would entail damages in the hundreds of thousands. If additional testimony or information uncovers some sort of conspiracy, it might reach all the way to a million. It’s a good case based on what has been said here and the testimony provided.

  5. @ Food for Thought, Yes a verdict was rendered but there was no justice, He should of never been arrested in the first place. Mr Hicks is POOR with no family so you think it is OK for him to sit in jail? How would you like it if it was your family member? I give Attorney Benyo a lot of credit, he’s fighting for his client and not making a dime, if Benyo keeps his mouth shut then this poor man will stay in jail forever, maybe you have no heart or sympathy for Mr Hicks but some of us do. GOOD JOB BENYO…..

    • The money being collected is going to his attorney fees and lidigation fees also, he is making more than a dime. It also is for his bond and overdue utilities at his residence.



  7. @hi @stunned John Paul is doing great work exposing the corruption in this county. If you don’t like the site, then don’t post comments.

  8. this trial is giong to be a mess. and i really hope hicks wins its time to put the sheriff in his place the unemployment line had just about enough of him he is to work for the tax payers not his self intrests time to go.

  9. Larry Hicks, whom I do not know personally, is a tangible someone who has been caught up in the malfeasance reported upon so many times. He is not a hero, he is not a martyr, he is not that unusual or a self-appointed champion of the cause. But he is a living defensive symbol of the misguided issues that put him in the target area of the system. As far as I can recall, the matters reported upon here finally have a material person and information whose lead could open avenues to change. That is progress.

  10. Come on!!!! This guy is a repeat offender! He threatened to kill me years back at Rochester Manor, when I was his Mother’s nurse. There is a pattern here…..I too had to had to call the police. Wow…….where is this story going now?

  11. To provide clarification any money that is donated to Mr, Hicks will first be used to attempt to pay the $2500 bond and then to pay a $1000 utility bill to give Mr, Hicks a viable address for bond purposes. Any remaining monies will then go to litigation expenses such as for the Preliminary Hearing transcript, serving subpoenas and trial exhibits. If there are any monies left after that I may be paid for some of the time spent in representing Mr. Hicks in this case. Both Mr, Hicks and I believe there are significant issues in this case that impact upon the criminal justice system in Beaver County. Mr. Hicks is willing to remain in jail and not take a Plea Bargain and I am willing to fight this case with him to Jury Trial in July in an attempt to address the issues that have been raised. Our efforts and decisions to fight this case benefit the entire community. In the end Mr. Hicks will be judged by a Beaver County jury and is prepared to accept any verdict reached once the government and certain individuals answer questions in open Court as too how the events of his arrest occurred and why these criminal cases were prosecuted. I do respect anyone’s opinion either for or against Mr. Hicks as even the discussion of these issues in public make the criminal justice system in Beaver County better for all.. It is important to have everyone involved in this case accountable for their actions and decisions – this includes Mr. Hicks as well as individuals at Friendship Ridge and in law enforcement in Beaver County.

    • I pray to god that you win this case and then sue the living hell out of every single person involved to the point that are eating Thanksgiving dinner at a soup kitchen. This is the worst thing I ever could imagine happen to a person, to be in Jail for no reason other than political gain and to deflect the previous days actions. It’s a good thing they picked the wrong person, who will not take a plea deal. Good for him.

      • Any money Mr. Hicks wins in a civil suit will be taken by Friendship Ridge for his mother’s care. Keep that in mind. This guy really can’t win.

    • He can use Friendship Ridge as his as address, because he was treated like he was home. he had the run of the place. Riddle me this sir, why can he not get a job???

      • Why do you care if he has a job? I don’t have a job. I don’t want one. I don’t need one.

    • PLEASE…. Mr. Hicks is far from a victom…he is a user!!! Go get a job Mr. Hicks. Your Mom is a jem and is very sastified with her care and loves her caregivers!! You have stole from Frienship Ridge and tried to intimidate many of the employees!! You are one of those blood sucking people who try and get everything you can get for free!! It is a shame this is becoming such an issue, although I am sure you are loving every minute of it. But really the Boy who tries to bully people into giving him rides, does he really need a gun [that he braged about] to defend himself at the nursing home. Maybe stay at home untill your Mom and the other ladies in her room have had the chance to be washed and dressed, had their right to privacy without you peekin behind a curtain. Please get a life, oh and maybe a job!!! Pay your own bills…that is what we do

  12. @BCTaxPayer: That’s a serious allegation. Were it true, there would be a police record. Does one exist? Two dots don’t make a pattern. Your allegation, even if true, is irrelevant here, since the reported events are different. Give your name and the date so we can research the event in archives. My guess is that the search will be futile. What is the repeat offense, if the current charges are false?

  13. Has anyone talked to employees of Friendship Ridge as to what this man does? I know someone that works there… He comes every day to visit his mother, that is true, then he sits there all day with his mother and eats every meal with her… He also is criticizes employees , says very in appropriate things to them and also makes threats against him….he is not the victim, he is the perpetrator… He needs to be in jail so that he does not cause harm to anyone… He can also get fed in there as well…

    • Is it a crime to say inappropriate things to people? What is inappropriate? Is it just something you don’t like, or like to hear? I say inappropriate things occasionally. And guess what, if folks don’t like it then too bad. Sorry, but you can’t please everybody all the time.

      If he made threats they should have been reported. And what of threat? I’m going to beat you up is different from I’m going to call the State if you don’t give my mom a bath.

      Lot’s of people talk shit on this guy, but nobody has anything concrete.

  14. Rubric….yes true, there’s no need to lie. I’m sure there’s dispatch records……any attorney fresh out of Law School could research it.

  15. @Mvee… You sound like a bully…. Just like the gentleman that is being discussed in this blog….. There is a time and place for inappropriate things to be said… But not when you are taking advantage of free meals and shelter… Plus he really should not have a gun.. If he needs to carry it for protection, fine, but he should be required to check at the front desk….

    • Blah Blah Blah… I sound like a bully…. You don’t like what I say, I’m now a bully… blah blah blah….

      Oh you say he should not have a gun? Well the Pennsylvania Constitution and the Sheriff said different. Why can’t he carry it lawfully at Friendship Ridge for protection? Is he safe there with the astute leadership of the Director of Security/Housekeeping and the Sheriff? With a 35 minute response time? You do realize that a County owned property can’t prohibit weapons outside of the parameters of Pennsylvania law, correct? Who is the bully, really?

    • Funny he should be required to check it at the front desk! there is no rule to that matter so maybe you should state that to friendship ridge and not make this gentleman sound wrong! and lets not get into the inadequit things that happen there at “Friendship Ridge” the name in itself is a joke and yes i have prior knowledge of it as a family member was there.

  16. If he can walk and stay all day at the Ridge, why can’t he get a job??? Mr. Benyo, find the loser a job instead mooching more money off the taxpayers of Beaver County!!! He is a big loser freak!

    • How exactly is he mooching money off of the Taxpayers? I might suggest that the Friendship Ridge employees might be mooching off the taxpayers way more than this guy is. Some employees up there from what I understand are political hires who basically got their jobs via connections. How is that a good use of Taxpayer dollars, to not hire the best person, but to hire the Committee person, the donor, the brother in law, or the daughter?

      • Nursing jobs are not political hires, but by experience.His mothers care is being paid for by the whatever means, for her care. Him eating her food, and at times, sleeping in her bed, is fraud. they are not paying for him to live there. It is the salaried personnel where you will find the political hires.

      • Than charge him with fraud. And make sure that everyone know if you take a bite of food or take a nap they will charge you with fraud.

        I’m sure families will be lining up to put their loved ones in there.


  17. I dont know what to think about this Hicks guy but this website is amazing.

    John Paul I need to buy you lunch someday.

  18. This has surely been mishandled but this guy is no innocent victim. He started his own problems when he pulled a gun on Hank the pug.

  19. Well if he got a license to carry y he being charge for carrying a fire arm with out a license?????? That the jack up part about it. And all his other charges was trowing out i wouldn’t take a plea at all. People take plea because they get scared are system get money for the most arrest and they make more money from the gov bye pleaing every one out something like that if your innocent never take a plea. are system made a mastake n the only way they can make it stick is that if he didn’t have his paper one sayinng or proveing he had a permit of som sort to permit him to carry a fire arm they make laws to fight other laws

    • No matter what who comes to a nursing home with aloaded gun and an extra clip….come on people….crazy guy!!!

  20. BCTaxPayer: “repeat offender” — get your story straight about the criminal offenses you mean, then reference the term as it is used legally to the acts you cite as repeated. Repeated behaviors are not necessarily criminal offenses, unless they are prosecuted as such. Then, they can enhance the penalties. I don’t see evidence of that here.

  21. Some nurses r there for the elderly some r there for a pay check we need respect for our love once god bless the ones we love they become helpless we pay there help well that is there job to take care of them with resecpt m. Uh

  22. Let me just say .. I feel bad for what’s happened to this man …but with this issue not resolved really, I prefer to stay out of it but I will say this ..God answers prayers

    • Does it really matter if he had a job or not? Does it matter if he paid his bills before? The fact of the matter is the only reason he needs money to pay his bills is because that would be a condition of his release.

      I am not really one to be light on criminals, but this guy committed no crime.

  23. @helen

    Just because you are offended, doesn’t mean you’re right.

    The protection offered to Mr. Hicks and everyone else, by the constitution, was violated. Do YOU want to be the next victim of such an infraction? You may be a good person who has never done anything wrong, but just assuming you would get a fair shake if you were caught up in the sheriffs muck is like believing the bull won’t come after you because you’re a vegetarian.

    Think again before you dismiss someone else’s rights.

  24. Just kill the fucker and be done with it…I wouldnt have given him money BEFORE he did this I SURE AS HELL DONT WANT MY TAX MONEY paying to keep him alive !

  25. rubric…..come on, why play silly word games. THERE IS A PATTERN HERE. THIS MAN THREATENED MY LIFE TOO & all over silly nonsense. I did call the cops. The point here is mental instability & anger management. What is your point of trying to minimize the truth here?

    • In the line of work my husband is in, here are some of the threats he has heard over a million times: I’ll kill you, I’ll rape your wife, I’ll kill your wife and children. Guess what? He hasn’t been killed. I haven’t been killed or raped. My children are fine. Get over it. Sometimes people say stupid stuff that they really don’t mean especially when they are pissed off.

      Maybe making threats is a pattern of behavior for Mr. Hicks? I can’t speak to that. However, Mr. Hicks did nothing wrong that day. Regardless of what he did in the past or his legal involvement in the past, his constitutional rights were violated in this incident, and that is a huge problem. Not only were his constitutional rights violated, Sheriff Deputies lied on an affidavit of probable cause. This is another huge problem and is illegal. Put your emotions aside and look at the bigger picture because the bigger picture is scary as hell and is wrong.

      Last thing, if Mr. Hicks is really a true scary criminal, he’ll mess up again and be arrested. Hopefully, if it happens again, the arresting police agency will follow the constitution and law so that the justice system can play out the way it was intended too.

  26. @BCTaxpayer: PROVE IT! Then I’ll stop my silly word games and stupidity. Who says you were not the instigator? Did you taunt him? Mistreat his mother? Get on his case about something? Get pissed off at him and not expect a reaction? You have allegations, nothing more. You have no credibility. I don’t care if you are a nurse or the Virgin Mary. Put up or shut up.

    • Your name, the date and place of the incident, what Hicks said, what you did, the police report and any subsequent legal action taken. You have access to all of that. Post it here. You’ve accused someone of threatening to kill you. Did you really expect your comments to pass as Holy Writ and not be questioned?

  27. @Anonymous: In two years of reading comments here, or anywhere, that is the worst, most irresponsible thing I have seen someone post. Pray that Hicks stays healthy, or you will be Anonymous no more. The guys in black suits and sun glasses will have some questions for you.

  28. I love the Beaver Countian. The most concise news for the valley! I also like reading the posts. I can’t get over some of the responses. Mr. Hicks is innocent until proven guilty. This man is just a scapegoat for Sheriff David. I for one will be putting just a little money towards his defense fund. (Idon’t have much) I have seen how the public defenders office works, and believe me this taking a plea has got to stop. This guy is only guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Shame on you G. Davild and the Courts. Let this guy go. And for the record, I have never been in jail and I do work for a living.

    • It’s a double bind. If they let him go, it is an admission of guilt, and George David (and others) can kiss his bank account and pension benefits goodbye. If they keep Hicks in jail, they are playing Russian Roulette, hoping that the trial won’t have worse consequences. They are in too deep to turn back without getting burned.

  29. The shame of this post and many of the post on this web site is that they are slanted. They read what the owner of this site wants his followers to read and then they make thier vulgar rude comments. What you have,are two attorneys doing their best job of ambulance chasing. What they should be doing is maybe getting a psychological evaluation for their client, see if has a problem and needs some help. According to what I have read this his second time around the first being last November. And how do you blame any law enforcement agency from answering a call like this and taking him into custody. Think back to what we have seen in this country in the past year. Of all the acts of violenece, the bad guys had no prior contact with police but they have some major psychological problems. But what happens on sites like these and many other non credited sites, they attract a certain type of person(s) and then they banter like they do making no sense at all. What the article should be doing is to bring light of a situation that was very serious in nature, report on it truthfully. And if this srticle ie really about helping mister Hicks then construct it to do so. Read the comments, all the bloggers keep talking about wrong doing and conspiracy theories and that is a shame. The bottom line, mister Hicks went back to Friendship Ridge and had another episode and that tells me that he really needs some help. That is no excuse for him taking a concealed weapon into a nursing home and making the threats or comments that he did. But those who represent him must look at the root of his problems, get him the help that he needs so that he can function in society and then he can be there for his mother.

    • On January 28 a request was made to have a mental health evaluation at the Beaver County Jail. NHS was advised of the situation and Mr. Hicks’ agreement to take and participate in any mental health or drug and alcohol evaluation that NHS, the Court or the District Attorney believed necessary. As of today’s date I am unaware of any evaluation having been done. Thank You for your comment Simon Peg.

  30. @Simon Peg: I agree with part of what you say, but John Paul is not my Pied Piper. The issues draw me here, that is all. There are some mindless Lemmings here, but they, predictably, don’t last long.

    • Well I appreciate that you agree with me partly that is. Yes we can agree to disagree that is our society. But I made an attempt some time back to post a comment and the comments were directed back at him and he did not print my comments. They were not rude nor were they vulgar in nature. So they did not get posted and that is the problem with this site. He writes what he wants about who he wants and he is his own editor. For example, when I real reporter ask a person for a comment that reporter will say that the subject refused the comment and thats it. They will continue to report the story. But here, he continues to write about that person and makes comments out of context. So what you get is biased reporting. Seriously, and yes I have read a few not all of his stuff, do you think if this guy wrote say for a real paper (Pittsburgh Post Gazzette Tribune Review) that half of his comments would make it to print? I will give him one thing, it makes for good laughs at times but I really can’t take him serious. I mean look at the majority of the people who comment on here. Look at the first comment at the top of the page, that comment would have not even made it out of the gates at other news periodiclas. And the reason why I did finally write another comment was because of the nature of the story. C’mon two attorneys bascially advertising on his web site making them out like they are the saviors of this guy. That is truely pathetic rubric it really is.

  31. @Simon

    Do you have information to the contrary that either of these attorney’s haven’t gotten Mr. Hicks ANY evaluation?

    In guessing you want sensorship on other peoples’ comments, but not yours? At least that’s the point I am gathering from your comments.

    It also seems you have issues with the attorneys, as you called it “ambulance chasing and advertising” via this particular paper. So, let me get this straight? You want them to work for their client or not work for their client?

    I bet, again, if you were to find yourself being jailed for a crime you didn’t commit ( and it happens a lot more than you may believe) you would want it written in the sky. You should be happy that someone is watching the watchmen.

  32. Simon peg, genious! Rubric, I like reading your posts because I believe you truly have no quarrel with these people mentioned other than what youbbelieve they are doing to the county. And while you disagree with people your respectful. But read above the minute someone disagrees with the minute someone disagrees with ” the clique” let it begin. Now the Asst. DA. Said the man had a prior criminal record and should not have been issued a concealed WP, what if it is found out that he lied on his app. Would it still be hands across America for this guy. It is apparent that the detectives know something we don’t or the case would have been dropped. If it were as simple as “he never received his notification that his CWP was revoked, the case simply would have been dropped. I think he lied on his permit. I think Benyo had been reading this site and is aware of the support and is using this as nothing more than a publicty stunt. Casey Anthony had two defense lawyers working for free. Do you believe that they wee doing it because of injustices. Hell no. It’s a win win for the defense team. If they win they get paid. If they lose, well they got the PR and people think they are guardian angels. I think everyone will be surprised when this case Is concluded.

  33. @Simon Peg: Your implication is that Premium subscribers get preferential treatment in posting. If they did, I would not post here. And whether someone is or is not is noone’s business. I see no evidence of a clique here. The range of commenters here is from those just beginning to crawl out of the primordial slime to simians walking on their knuckles to those who walk upright and are communicating for the first time. Many even think original thoughts. It’s an equal evolutionary forum. And I like that.

  34. If Mr Hicks was such a threat, why did it take three days to call some one? GREAT SECURITY. How did the TV stations get here so fast? Was this planned? I could care less what Mr Hicks did before, we are talking about this particular case. If you are saying he may have lied on his application for a gun permit, the Sheriff’s office runs a background check, if he had any priors they should of come up WHAT HAPPENED?

    • The whole thing about him having previous convictions I find suspect. Both the convictions that the DA referenced are not things that prevent you from obtaining an LTCF. But they knew that and he was just grandstanding. How do I know? Because the entire DA’s office literally stopped in their tracks to find something, anything to pin on this guy. And if they found out he was prohibited person, they would have piled on more charges.

  35. I work there and I love what I do. I treat all my residents as I would my parents whom I love. Yes some are there for the money and need to go. We work short staffed everyday but because the state says we are over staffed it doesn’t matter. See the state counts all the management we have so that to them makes us over staffed and as far as aids go we are so under staffed. I still do the best I can to take very good care of all my residents.

  36. Why doesn’t attny Gerald “Jerry” Benyo ( is there another attny Gerald “Geri” Benyo- kinda like in My Cousin Vinny?) put up the bail and utilities out of his own pocket or structure it into his compensation for the civil suit that is sure to follow? If he is so sure that an injustice has been done, take the case pro bono just on principle. You could also try to get that goof Nancy Grace in here to gin up some publicity and expose the Sheriff. This could be the next Rodney King deal (minus the brutal beating, of course. We could see Mr Hicks, the sheriff & John Paul hugging and sobbing “why can’t we just all get along”! I am getting choked up just thinking about it…

  37. Come on Rubric, a good question enhanced with a little sarcastic witticism never gets old. What did you want me to do? If I posted “Hey Cuz, why don’t dat rich f___in” lawyer pay fer da guyz bail n hi lectric n “at? and then insulted someone, would my stuff get older slower? It was a legit question as per the “concerned” attorney fronting the money in the exact amount needed instead of leeching off of donors and then having the confusion of returning/accounting for any excess donations hanging over his client’s head. The rest was just sarcasm to provide those who get tired of the same old stuff get a little chuckle OR to piss off overbearing ass-hats who think their posts on here make them somehow important enough to tell someone else their stuff has gotten old. But on a serious note, I do like the stuff you comment on, so no hard feelings!



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