The man who Sheriff George David accused of preparing to commit mass murder at Friendship Ridge is free from jail tonight, after community donations to a defense fund established in his name raised enough money to pay his bond.

Larry Allen Hicks was arrested outside of Friendship Ridge on January 17th by Sheriff’s Deputies, and charged with multiple misdemeanors and felonies. He later saw all but one of those charges against him dropped by the District Attorney, following a series of investigative reports by the Beaver Countian and an independent investigation by the County Detectives’ Bureau.

“The bond for Larry Hicks was posted at approximately noon today,” said defense attorney Gerald “Jerry” Benyo. “Mr. Hicks appreciates the individuals who contributed to the posting of his bond.” Benyo added that Hicks’ defense fund is continuing to accept donations moving forward.

“Mr. Hicks is still waiting for the District Attorney’s Office to provide information about their investigation into his January 17th arrest by Sheriff’s Deputies,” said Benyo.

At least one of the Deputies who arrested Hicks that day have retained a private criminal defense attorney, after questions were raised about the Affidavit Of Probable Cause filed in the case. Multiple law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian that results of an investigation into the Deputies by County Detectives have been turned over to the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General.

Hicks’ arrest, and the media blitz that accompanied it, came the day after Sheriff George David pleaded his Fifth Amendment Rights against self incrimination in a civil suit filed against him by County Commissioners.


  1. I really hope hat Mr. Hicks files suit and refuses to settle….George started this and I hope.that Mr. hicks finishes it.

    By the time he’s finished he won’t have to walk to Friendship Ridge everyday…..he will be able to afford a chauffeured limousine.

  2. Great, just great. Now all assholes involved in this fiasco will tighten. The A.G. office will certainly do the right thing. Mr. Berosh, great move. Where has the N.A.A.C.P been while Mr. Hicks has been abused by sheriff david? Did they forsake him?

    • There is no NAACP needed here, and that is what makes this case so amazing! The people of Beaver County never made this case about race. Mr. Benyo and Mr. Hicks never made this case about race either. The people of Beaver County realized this case had nothing to do with race and had everything to do with a violation of Constitutional rights, and they took care of their own. Once again, good going Beaver County.

      As a matter of fact, this is the first comment in weeks of this story where someone attempted to bring race into the discussion. Shame on you.


    • I am sure hicks would like to have everyone’s name and address, so he can visit and thank you all in person, and perhaps have you extend hospitality to him by letting him stay with each and every one of you for your kindness!!! Enjoy!

      • I’ll shake his hand. Al least he is honest. If he wants to run for Sheriff I would give him his first donation of $1000.

  4. First of all Sheriff David didn’t accuse him of trying to commit mass murder. I find it funny that when this initially happened, people wanted Hicks head on a stake because Sheriff David didn’t call 911 on this guy. Because it’s was a notch against the sheriff. Fair enough. But now this guy is a savior because (and this is highly unlikely) he can potentially bring a case against David. So what happens if it’s proven he lied on his app, not shame on the lady issuing the license or the state for their apparent lack of CWP investigating, blame the Sheriff. I understand people’s concerns but this is ridiculous. This Hicks guy is a criminal who has done this before. And I’m not interested in providing proof that this guy has committed crimes just like no one here can provide proof regarding the sheriff ( without speculating to prove a point) and if people can, for whatever reason they won’t. Instead of the one sided reporting and commenting, just write I hate George, comment so do i and move on. This so called media outlet has one article a day and if George takes a Shit he is wasting taxpayer money because he used to many squares. This is not a post defending the sheriff. If he broke the law and it can be proven, it well happen. And if you don’t think so, help bring a case against the sheriff’s so called crimes than YOU make a difference. But this editor is not the savior. This is about someone who is on a roll. He sees how excited a few people are that he filed a piece of paper retrieved some information and wrote about it. Again that is something you all can do. I’m almost positive the very people posting are the people he has proving him info. But he’s aware that has a few fans, is pissed off about the gun thing, and wants the glory of saying ” I got him”. become a local folk hero and make some money. His is ordained a god doing what everyone of you can do yourselves. SIT AT THE COURT HOUSE AND ASK QUESTIONS. I’m sorry why can’t people see this for what it is. This guy is no different than the people knocking at your door offering you energy at a reduced rate. ” wow…my bill is reduced by 40 percent, this guy is great”. Wait WHAT, I COULD HAVE DONE THIS MYSELF. AND I HAVE TO RENEGOTIATE IN A YEAR AND PAY MORE. This bullcrap site may become popular by the time the sheriff retires or something else happens. BUT when there is nothing else to write about, Watch these free articles go away and you have to pay money to simply log on. To read WHAT, JD Prose’ s version of the Beaver County Times.

      • You’re right “OOPS”> Did So True just come off a far away planet. The accusations about sheriff David go FAR FAR beyond the Friendly Ridge incident. This asshole has been breaking the law for a long long time. He took the 5th. in a court of law. He’s been defiant and will cost the tax payers of B.C. a $100.000. He’s been out of control. He truly thinks he’s above the law. Wake up and read all that this asshole and his DEPUTIES are doing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1. When he said there was a guy ready to go on a rampage, the Sheriff lied. I think people were upset because the Sheriff said it was a huge deal, but it was just a guy sitting on a bench legally carrying a gun. He was not notified per the law, his license was valid, there was no crime here. The County will argue different and good for them but they will lose. Just like the John Noble case 4 years ago, you can’t just twist the law to cover up a bad arrest. Sheriff Deputies arrested him as well. They were wrong. They will be wrong again. Sorry Charlie.

      2. If he lied on his app, PICS would most likely catch it. I checked his record and there were no convictions that would prohibit the granting of an LTCF. The DA would have charged him if this was true. It’s not and they were just playing dumb for the judge. Grasping for straws. Period. If they say “whoops we were wrong” later there is no recourse.

      3. You might say he’s a criminal, but he’s not.

      4. This site has made a difference. The Sheriff under billed for services, over 100,000 worth of tax dollars wasted on Security at the movies and everywhere else. Why do I have to subsidize Security Now he can’t do that anymore. I appreciate that. And many others do as well.

      5. There would never be an article about George taking a shit on here. George does not have bowel movements any longer. He has extreme constipation from the lawsuits, Grand Jury and now this soon to be huge cluster of crazyness.

      6. Also, In a few days he raised at least $3500. I guess people really do care and the amount raised says a lot about what people really think about this situation. If he was really a criminal, do you think people would have donated? I know I would not have.

  5. @ MVEE I’ve been waiting to see what you had to say, you always make sense of things, you kinda know your shit. Didn’t really see you on the last article where Judge Bozza ruled and the sheriff lost, NO MORE FREE BEES.

  6. @mvee…I gotta tell you, I really enjoy your posts. Not only do you get straight to the point, and obviously, you know what you’re talking about, you also throw in a bit of humor, just to keep it real. Keep posting, you make alot of good points and you give me a chuckle from time to time! 🙂 We would all be in the dark if it wasn’t for John Paul..keep up the good work!

  7. Oh great, now I have to be scared at work. Oh wait, not for long…they are selling it right? Nobody seems to understand what really happened. He did threaten people!!!!! This is absurd. Maybe the detectives that re-investigated the case and dropped the charges are out to make Georgie look bad,too. Which granted isn’t hard to do. I just hope this guy doesn’t do anything to harm anyone. Go ahead mvee tell me how he didn’t do anything, because you were there right?

    • If he threatened people did you report it? Where is the report? What was the threat?

      I can’t help you if you are scared. You could be the biggest wuss in the world and are scared of your shadow. Sorry, get a grip on it. Sometimes you just have to man up. Find another job or get a truckload of bubblewrap to envelope yourself in. It’s a big world out there.

      No one seems to understand what happened because the whole story is filled with lies, false police reports, dropped charges, refiled charges, mystery nurses, 35 minute response times for somebody ready to commit hundreds of murders and grandstanding by an elected official. Now who’s fault is that?

      The detectives are not out to make George look bad. George is a pompous ass who needs no help or assistance in making himself look bad. He’s a natural. Ha!

  8. Mr. Hicks: Avoid guns totally, keep your nose clean, maintain a low profile, follow the counseling from your lawyer, learn from what has happened, and I’ll continue to give you my support. Be patient and just wait for your day in court. DON’T talk with ANYONE except your attorney. Be smart and careful, and things will work out fine.

  9. George George George.. no one heard a word… good luck countians. This site is literally people talking to themselves………..

  10. @ CONCERNED, If you are so worried about Mr. Hicks doing something crazy, why did it take THREE DAYS for your so called head of security to make a call, even if it was to the wrong person.

  11. 2 gun incidents in 3 months. Overwhelming amount of the population is pushing for stricter gun laws. Now this guy is unleashed, thanks to the rat squad. Who exactly is going to be named in the lawsuits when/if this guy does go nuts and starts shooting up the place. He’s gonna have an axe to grind. Hopefully being pumped up by his wonderful attorney and citizens of the county, the idea of suing everybody and becoming a rich criminal will keep him on the up and up. Go ahead, keep cheering him on sheep. Til your his next victim.

  12. @SpeakTheTruthTo: Don’t even respond to Me So Horney. It just fans his flames. I’ve never read anything rational from him. His screen name says it all.

  13. Well thanks you two. For somebody that “doesn’t read the comments” rubric, you sure comment enough! Speakthetruth, I’ve had the displeasure of scrolling through your comments I’ve the past few months. Don’t cast stones, hypocrite

  14. Gonna post info in a bit… lets see if it gets posted. Sending this out first to see if it gets to all the readers.

  15. JP, why not let me post? I want to post @ Hicks and Benyo. You say on your posts that you don’t screen, but obviously you do. Email me back on your reasons.

  16. Ok. My bad. I apologize! I am manning up. Just don’t know why it took close to an hour to post. Again, my apologies. More good stuff to come in a bit. Gonna be a long post, so sorry for all those reading this.

  17. Hi all, in the edge of your seats??? Ha, ok, here it is.
    Just gonna post facts here..FACTS!. Lets all look at Larry Hicks
    1). Larry Hicks: Found guilty of Harassment January this year, (pulled his .22 cal gun out on an elderly man (a REAL resident of Friendship Ridge) walking his little lap dog at 5am in the morning. Hicks stated to that male: if he bites me i am going to shoot him. .22 cal out in the open, pointed at the male / dog. Guess there is nothing wrong with that. Also charged with terroristic threats, simple assault and another account of harassment. But Judge Tim Finn thought it necessary to find him not guilty on those charges..All filed by Brighton Township Police, PER victim & statement. This alone shows Hicks IS capable of and I repeat, capable, NOT guilty of the threats currently being charged.
    Now lets look at Gerry Benyo: Sorry, gonna be long.
    1). 10/26/2007 charged with simple assault(m2) and harassment (s) by New Brighton PD…Charges Dismissed.
    2). 05/08/2009 Charged with obedience to traffic control devices (s) by South Heights PD found not guilty.
    3). 05/22/2009 Charged with speeding (s) by Ambridge PD. Citation withdrawn.
    4). 03/15/2010 Charged with Disorderly Conduct (s) by Beaver Falls PD. Found Not Guilty.
    5). 09/20/2010 Charged with Street Sweeping Parking (s) by Monaca PD. Citation Dismissed.
    6). 10/19/2012 Charged with Simple Assault (again) (m) by Rochester Borough. Citation Dismissed.
    7). 01/10/2012 Charged with a Permit a Permit Parking Violation (s) by Beaver Borough (obviously defending someone at the court house). Found Not Guilty.
    8). And Finally.. And PLEASE NOTE the County…Charged with Speeding in a construction zone (s). THIS WAS ON 05/17/2006 Looks like he has no pull in Allegheny County.

    AND I apologize for any and all typo’s! Be safe out there all!

    @rubic..Is that you Brad??!!!

    • 1. If Hicks was guilty, he would have been found guilty….. Anybody can make up anything and say anything they want. For example, A Sheriff’s deputy could say that he interviewed a nurse at Friendship Ridge, but that does not make it so.

      2. Speeding in a construction zone 7 years ago? Oh no!!!! The horror!!! Call out the dogs! Get the SWAT team! We should protest in the streets!

      • Mvee the problem with all of this is the 2nd, 3rd party reporting by individuals. There are people who know what has been said and done by Mr. Hicks inside of Friendship Ridge. The problem is why are they scared to come forward or speak to someone,ie the press or officials. Are they scared to expose the negligence of Friendship Ridge hierarchy for not doing what they were suppose to of done when they had knowledge of it in the first place. And why didn’t they? It is their responsibility to not only the residents but to the staff of Frienfship Ridge to protect their rights and safety. People in management new about Mr. Hicks and his threats and behavior long before now. I was one of those people who tried to have something done back in early 2012 when Mr. Hicks was causing problems then. Guess who had knowledge of it? MANAGEMENT! Surprised! My question here is why hasn’t Friendship Ridge management had any responsibility in all of this. Mine was not only reported to management but documented also. Even if charges may not have been brought up the very knowledge and behavior of this individual would have been made known. This is because of the very culture that exists inside of Friendship Ridge management. It’s time the very culture that exists inside of Friendship Ridge be exposed. The Lord is opening doors and making things known, there is yet more to come!

  18. Ok. I posted good stuff at 5:03pm today, now, 4+hrs later, not posted. JP DOES screen the posts!!??? Post it, J.P. or should I say, J.V.?

    • FYI: Just a little friendly tech support for you. The reason why you sometimes don’t see your comments is probably because the “anonymous proxy” you are using to try to mask your IP address is caching pages.

      I personally don’t think any of the Protected Group products like “Hide My IP” are as good as the open source alternatives like the “Tor Project”. You might want to look into that the next time you decide to engage in ad hominem abuse.

      Thanks for being a reader of the Beaver Countian.

  19. Who gives a shit about parking tickets, sweeping tickets or some stupid shit, every one is innocent until proven guilty, and I guess he wasn’t guilty, nice try 15009 but who cares? You better come up with something else, are you mad because he is Mr. Hicks attorney? you are PATHETIC…………

  20. Kudos OIC!!! And for those of you that think being found not guilty in front of Finn means your not guilty, you are disillusioned. Everybody gets off there

  21. Disorderly conduct, Simple Assault and some traffic violations a criminal does not make. LOL

    I bet if you could get your hands on the reports you would find that it was probably an attorney or cop that he irritated and so they “slapped” him with something and it didn’t stick.

    For example, if I got in my car and drove away really really fast from the courthouse or police station but didn’t necessarily go “over” the speed limit, you could charge me with disorderly conduct. Bogus charges probably why they were all dismissed.

  22. @ Mvee Hicks was found guilty of the Harassment. and 2. I find it funny you comment on the speeding in the construction zone and not any of the oh, lets say, Disorderly conducts, and simple assaults. BTW, some on here are acting like woooah, information is all coming out now…lookout. Guys (and Gals) this is all free and open to the public. Just putting it out there. Have a good day.

  23. I think you will find that when it all comes out in the end (@ Friendship Ridge ) Georgie gets off, John Joe, found guilty of nothing more that shitty police work. That’s just my opinion, I have been wrong before.

  24. @Oic15009, alias Ferris Bueller — JP is not Mr. Rooney. Fact. He is an expert in his field and one of the best. Fact. You were busted by the BC on 2/14/2013. Fact. You are an amateur. Fact. Rubric is not Brad or Cameron. Fact. What you posted is irrelevant. Fact. Tell your parents the real reason you are cutting school. Fact. D- in investigative journalism skills. Fact.

    Your friend, Ixquick.

    Happy Valentines Day


  25. Disorderly conduct is the catch-all. Careless driving could be added to that as well, and the two can be used together, I wasn’t disputing that. But again, disorderly conduct is thrown at everything. It’s your average garden variety charge, in other words, it’s a very broad charge. Swearing could be considered disorderly.

    • Refusing to follow police officer directives the 1st time could be disorderly conduct. You are spot on with it being a broad charge for a variety of offenses Pengaroo.

  26. @Pengaroo: Thanks for clarifying these things for Oic15009. It helps. And, the CTPD was at Monaca Cinemark tonight. Things are changing. It’s not just all words and opinions.

    • That should make the nay-sayers happy! REAL Police protecting their children, not a bunch of over glorified mall guards who wouldn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. This is definitely a better thing for ALL involved.

  27. Hi all. Hope every one is doing well. @pengaroo, DC is usually used as a catch all, but for a traffic violation, you are using a non traffic to start with. remember, this make believe incident happened in front of the court house. people walking / crossing the roadway. DC, naw…Careless, reckless, and endangering…not DC…remember, we are talking about Judge Finn. and yes swearing COULD be considered DC, but if you go up to a cop, or other person and just simply say, F-you…not a crime.
    And @Rubric..I was just simply stating facts…you..not so much 1). never called J.V. Mr. Rooney, 2).Not an amateur…how do you know my area of expertise? 3). Never Called Rubric (and just to mention, why are you using your name in the 3rd sense, unless you are someone else using a 2nd or third screen name…hum… 4). what i posted was not irrelevant…a person pulls a gun ant threatens to shoot an elderly mans dog…then has “another” gun incident, not irrevelant at all. My parents…. ha ha. You see, the thing is is when people cannot deal with the facts, as I had posted, they revert to insult. Please take a look back on all of mine, never insulted a single person. I am above that. Respect….everyone deserves it, and I deliver.

    • Now you say he pulled a gun on an old man. You did not say allegedly. You said it as fact. And he was cleared of that crime. So that’s not true. His second gun “incident” was when he was unlawfully arrested for carrying a firearm without a permit, yet he had a permit.

  28. Oh, Have a good day. Got things to do with the family. Probably be back on in a couple days….hopefully there are less insults. Take care all!

  29. Your smear on Hicks and Benyo was foolish and nonproductive, as was your posting wizardry. It was more than I could take before my second cup of coffee. No more abuse, because I won’t be reading your stuff.

  30. Come on. Oic didn’t insult anyone. He stated his facts and was jumped. Like anyone with an opposite opinion. Notice how so few are posting. Its getting ridiculous now and people are realizing that.

  31. Actually, it wasn’t entirely made up. There was a guy who was making fun of a girl with cerebral palsy and the incident was caught on tape. The police charged him with disorderly conduct because as they state – he sped away with his car door open. This happened at a bus stop. Kids crossing getting off buses and into vehicles.

    Again, disorderly conduct is a catch all. Read up at the law library. Now, You’re arguing just to argue.

  32. You also further prove my point about swearing and disorderly conduct. While its not a crime, and free speech is a protected right, it doesn’t mean it’s free from consequence. Your swearing could be out of compliance with keeping the peace as well. Probably would get tossed out, just like Mr. Benyo’s charge because its not warranted for the situation. Your choice and usage of foul language may not cause anything to occur in one particular incident, but in another already heated situation it may.

  33. @Pengaroo: “…it doesn’t mean it’s (free speech) free from consequence…” I agree. Well-stated comment with wide, real world applications.

  34. Hi all. Hope your weekend was well. Mine was perfect with the family! Ok, let me start with this: @Pengaroo.. I don’t argue. You don’t find my posts with YELLINGS CAPS ON, or !!!!!!!!!!!! following my posts! This site, at the least, is a good informative place, and I do believe that. That is why I visit it a couple times a week. It doesn’t drive me, nor does it bore me. I do however look for informative, factual comments, as one should. Now, as for that “not entirely made up” incident you mentioned, I am aware of it, except that you had left out a few details on the matter, whether you were simply told (mis-informed) about the incident or not, I understand. But facts of the case were this: the man in question was yes, charged with DC, because he harassed the poor girl while walking behind her (not in his car), limping, making fun of her disability (disgusting actions in my opinion) therefore DC is an appropriate charge. The fact that your post led to believe he was in a vehicle when it happened is untrue. he sped off, with his son in the car, door open as they were realizing they were being recorded and wanted to “get out of Dodge”. I am sure (hope) more charges were brought to him (dealing with him in the vehicle, speeding off with children crossing) but DC is what he plead to. I want to thank you for further supporting my position on that DC is (yes I agree with you) a catch all, But, vehicle violations are vehicle violations, DC is what happens in the interim. Police don’t catch speeders and also charge them with DC. DUI charges don’t include DC unless the suspect starts fighting, has weapons, has drug paraphernalia, etc… DC, when it comes to a traffic violation, is what we were initially talking about, is just an extenuating circumstance of the vehicle stop / violation. And @rubric, I never said there were no consequences from free speech, there are, as there should be! I do apologize this was so long. And for the record, I was smearing no one! Just posting factual events for the persons.

  35. Narcissist George David well cost us the taxpayertens of thousands of dollars for his ill conceived scam to get publicity from his using county employee’s to do private work on the taxpayer payed employees.. remember he likes to be the center of attention. I hoped he get a good attorney from Pitts. with no ties to beaver county and sues David, and the deputies that falsely arrested him…and gets a lot of money…..also sue the maintenance guy who said he threatened ppl …..Hicks go get da money….booyyyy

  36. @Oic15009: My praise was to my agreement with the phrasing of the comment. I liked it. I made no reference to your comments, since I meant none. The sentence made sense to me, and it was well-stated, that is all.



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