Hot dinners and breakfasts have been served cold to residents of the Friendship Ridge nursing home multiple times over the past month as the facility struggles to deal with staffing issues, the Beaver Countian has confirmed.

Friendship Ridge laid off 4 workers from their dietary department last month as part of cost-cutting measures dictated by Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services, the company who recently bought the facility. Beaver County continues to operate Friendship Ridge, which isn’t expected to change hands to the new owners until March.

The layoffs have left little leeway for call-offs or other staffing problems, which employees say is leading to serious issues with the meals being served to residents of the facility.

Cindy Grove, a dietary receiver who has worked at Friendship Ridge for the past 36 years, told the Beaver Countian that conditions at the facility have begun to alarm her.

“They are suppose to get hot meals and because there aren’t enough people working they don’t,” said Grove. “The food is cold when it gets to the floors.”

Meals at Friendship Ridge are dished out on an assembly line, where workers at the facility put together plates one at a time based on the dietary needs of each resident. As the plates reach the end of that line, they’re placed on “hot plates” and then covered, keeping the meals warm as they’re gathered together with others destined for each floor and then delivered via carts.

A combination of layoffs and call-offs mean supervisors have been forced to leave the position in charge of warming the hot plates empty.

“We had 5 call-offs one Saturday,” said Grove. “It’s crazy here, we can’t take holiday or vacation days.”

Several times over the past few weeks the facility hasn’t even had enough staff on hand to do the dishes. Residents have been served their meals on paper plates as a result.

The problems are leading to anger among staff of the facility who care for residents daily.

“There’s no way in hell a hot meal dumped on a plate, where it sits until it’s carted up to the floors and served, is going to be warm by the time a resident goes to eat it,” said one aide, who spoke on condition she not be quoted by name. “These people can’t just walk out and leave to go to a different restaurant because their food sucks.”

Commissioner Joe Spanik told the Beaver Countian that the county was aware of the problems and is working to correct them.

But staffing in the dietary department saw another serious blow again last week, as 3 workers were placed on 10 day unpaid suspensions due to an “altercation” at the facility. County officials declined to comment about the nature of that incident, deeming it a personnel issue.


  1. They’re making 16 dollars an hour and can’t serve hot meals?  Not surprised with the quality of some employees they have!

    • If you don’t work there, how can you bash an employee? It’s hell there. Staffing has been cut in half. It doesn’t matter what you make an hr. It’s hard to take care of all the residents the way they deserve to be and the way you want to when you do not have enough staff. So don’t run your mouth when you don’t know how it is.

    • Joey obviously can read and it wouldn’t matter how much you make an hour if the work load was too much for the amount of staff on hand. But the commissioners thoroughly researched the ramifications of selling Friendship Ridge that’s why they were so open during the process. Just a bunch of crooks in office and their cronies looking to make a fast buck. Don’t blame the care workers, blame your leadership beaver county, or lack there for of…

    • I wasn’t bashing any one employee,  I DID work there, and know the work load, but back in those days we went to work, did our job and didn’t make the money they make today. 

  2. First of all it’s not anybody’s fault but friendship ridge!!! They fired the staff that heats the food because they deemed it “unnessicary” don’t get me started!!!!

    • for rehab needs health south is so much better! and cleaner and they care about your loved ones! friendship ridge is so under staffed and dirty and no one knows what the other is doing!  this place needs help and quick! workers are so over worked because there isn’t enough to go around for each patient! but they also need to start paying attention to the patients charts to see what’s in their and start listening to the family when they say there is something wrong with there loved one instead of  saying oh they are just antsy really antsy? no try sugar was either to high or to low and they had a fever and ended up with mersa !

  3. The paitents are going with out showers an getting bed sores because who ever in in charge of up there isn’t hiring the staff! There’s not enough hands to take care if everybody an get everything done! For some reason these people think it’s acceptable to only have 2 aids an 1 RN for 60 paitents!

    • This is a business. If they had more staff it would cut into profits.Mr Landa and his fellow investors need to recoup their money. Too bad for those patients they shouldn’t have gotten old and sick in a trickle down economy.

  4. Don’t get me started on this! I have a family member that works in the kitchen! He busts his ass! Don’t blame the staff! The cuts are all made by friendship ridge! Trying to save a few bucks!

  5. When you are supposed to have a crew of 16 and are working with a crew of 10, that leaves 6 open positions. So WHO do you think has to fill those 6 open positions? The 10 people that are there. YES, they make $16 an hour, but when you do 3-4 jobs just to make sure the food is COOKED properly, and that the dishes ARE washed, you average out to $4 an hour…Thats 4 jobs for 1 person…and you JOEY56, want to BASH these people. These people who work with bad knees, wrists, shoulders and backs, to make sure that they get the job done! Don’t say “I’ve worked there”. You have NO IDEA how that place has gotten over the past year or 2 since the county decided to throw Friendship Ridge to the wolves!They work short EVERY DAY! There is no vacation time granted, even if you put in for it 2 months in advance, the only option is to use your sick time, personal time. They are SOOOO over worked. The kitchen AND Nursing. Every single person there is completely burnt out. Drained. Physically, and mentally. Not knowing day to day if you will have a job or be able to feed your family. So, UNLESS, YOU WORK THERE, or you have family who PHYSICALLY works there, you have absolutely NO RIGHT to comment on this. You have NO IDEA!!! ABSOLUTELY NONE!! These commisioners should be ASHAMMED of themselves for doing this to ALL of the people there, the residents AND employees. And this new Co. coming in, I hope you are perpared for SUB PAR work, and product, because you are about to get it!! 

  6. My mother was placed in here after having a stroke which ended up leaving her with brain damage at the age of 54…when I went to visit her and would call a nurse for something it would take between one and two HOURS to get her cleaned up!!! That is absolute bullshit and it’s the only place her insurance would cover so we didn’t have a choice! I came in to her crying EVERYDAY. I could only imagine how long she laid there DEAD before they even noticed…this place needs closed and the residents need to go elsewhere…

  7. One of the reasons residents get served cold meals everyday is because they cut the hours of part timers and refuse to give overtime! I work in recieving with Cindy Grove and am one of the part timers that has had my hours cut. So therefore whatever is left of what I can’t finish falls in her hand’s on top of what she has to do! I don’t think this is fair. It states in our contract that a part timer is asked first to stay and cover a position that is empty!!! Until the part timer is up to 40 hours per week. Instead they decide to make their own rules and cut us completely out because they don’t want to have to offer us insurance so they keep us under 32 hours! So by doing this, jobs are not being filled, and residents are recieving cold meals and unsatisfactory care. Staff is being over worked and stretched to the breaking point! Now that the commissioners have the facility sold it seems they have wiped their hands of us and don’t care. Not that they ever did in the first place. The article says that the commissioners are looking into this problem, There is a solution to this. Bring the workers back they let go before they got there 65 day probation period over with in dietary and nursing, and not worry about handing out bonuses to people that have to do more then one job! What about dietary? I watch them do 3 or 4 jobs at a time, or the supervisors out in the kitchen working with the employees, doing dishes, delivering food to floors and picking up carts. Or the nurses on every floor that r workin 3 or 4 under staff!!!!! Where are their BONUSES? Guess we are not important or good enough. 

  8. The government and ins companies only give so much money and these places are unable to afford quality care that is what Family is for
    Let’s drop gram off and sell all her stuff

  9. They laid off MORE than 4!!!! There were 5 of us….Me, Spencer, Stephanie, Lecksi, and Lindsay. And there would have been one more but Danielle gave her resignation two days prior.

  10. There’s no where else to send these folks. The Commissioners need to fire the flunkies that are running the place. Hire professional management. Restore adequate services and care. They won’t do that until the families and their friends organize and jam the commissioners’ offices and stay until they get action.

  11. It’s too late, it’s sold. We were all told to re apply, still haven’t heard a thing about that. Nobody tells us anything. Also it’s privitized. The more money this new company has to pay another employee..the less money they have in their pocket. They were not to take over until march 1st. In my opinion they have no right to make any dicisions until then. It’s sad. I’ve worked there 17 yrs and never has it been like this!

  12. Beaver county is silliness, the flunkies at friendship ridge are the commissioners flunkies, look at all the bonus money they passed out. Smart people with hearts will not vote for any of them.

  13. Thankfully there is a facility to take care of loved ones that families are not able or willing to care for them. It takes a lot of $ to run a facility & with cuts in funding you have cuts in care. I’m sure the people working there are doing there best. Being the beginning of the year & cold & flu season, I’m sure there is a lot of call offs.

    I wonder if they accept volunteers or donations for anyone concerned or want to help out?

    • Nichols is nothing more than a supply side economics stooge interested only with sending more profits up to the the oligarchs . Saying that I would have to also say to hell with the Beaver County democrat party and the national Democrats as well for not fighting for the principles of the New Deal . Instead they have sold out to the interests wagging this class war against the common man.

    • This is what people fail to see.  So the problem isn’t that they don’t have enough people scheduled.  It’s that the people scheduled called off.  I’m sure because they’re  all sick??

      • The staffing has been cut drastically. So the problem is that they do not have enough people scheduled before anyone calls off. You will use any opportunity to attack workers at Friendship Ridge  which doesn’t go unnoticed causing most to dismiss you.

  14. It’s really sad. The older generation helped to build this country. They paid their dues into the system with a promise of getting back what they put in.
    There are far too many young people not working or paying taxes these days. It makes it hard to support so many with only a few contributing. The whole Government need an overhaul.
    I really don’t think the Commissioners are the problem. They are trying to fix it so their can still be services for these seniors.

    • Alexis…you know me, and I’ll tell you, the commissioners are NOT trying to fix anything…this is all B.S. They are SAYING they will, but I know they aren’t. Trust me!!

  15. So let’s get government out of the nursing home business and privatize. Well you have it now and this is only the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming. It was never meant to be a business, it was a moral obligation to our fellow citizens. So if after almost 35 yrs of trickle down economics you haven’t had enough I say give the people more.

  16. Lauren I work there and never once did I ever mistreat my residents. Never. I do everything possible for them. And for the call offs maybe some are worn down. You don’t work there. I have showed students how to do things and they tell me they have dried up a resident, I go behind them and check, they are soaked. They lie to get by. It’s hard work. By i, even working half staffed, take care of my residents, and I love them as well as they love me

  17. Depending on the floor your LO was on, care at Friendship Ridge was either outstanding or very poor. My MIL was placed there for rehab several years ago after surgery, and it was not uncommon for food to be cool by the time she received it, and she was unable to eat most of it because she had few teeth. Rather than examine the problem, staff were merely recording that she had eaten only 10% or 20% of her food. She was dropping weight and growing weaker at an alarming rate. It wasn’t until our “plan of care” meeting, which was scheduled much too late for someone who was a temporary patient, that WE had to tell the dietitian that she needed a mechanical soft diet, and that she was a new colostomy patient and could not tolerate certain foods yet. Our comments were regularly met with indifference, even indignation, and we were not absentee carers. We were there every day, because she also had dementia and could not advocate for herself.
    I know people there who do an yeoman’s job for their patients, despite being overworked and understaffed. I also I met more than a few who were putting in time, and not much else. When you talk about call-offs and “altercations”, you are saying something unflattering about the quality of your hires, not the dedication of the staff who bears the load. The problems at Friendship Ridge are multifaceted, and I hope, in time, private ownership will create a better environment for both patients and workers. It can happen.

  18. just the beginning wait till the new owners take over the commissioners sold our loved ones up the river because they can’t manage the place .the new company wouldn’t have spent all that money if they didn’t think they could make a profit why can’t we? too man people lining their own pockets that’s why

  19. How can the commissioners not be blamed? The employees warned them from the beginning this would happen. The commissioners, especially Nichols assured us it wouldn’t. The patients will now suffer because of the poor choices made.

  20. Close the doors. Substandard care (regardless of the reason) for the people who deserve the BEST care in the twilight of their years is unacceptable.

  21. As a employee at Friendship Ridge alot of these comments are outrageous. For one if you don’t work there and been in our shoes then you don’t have a say so on how we feel everyday or how much money we make. This started way longer than a couple months ago lets go back a year when it started going downhill with quality of food supplies and not having things there when needed.. It isn’t the employees fault we don’t have the things to make or give to the residents it all starts with management and the commissioners wanting to save money. I don’t understand why everyone always goes after the employees first start with management that don’t even know our jobs the head of management don’t even know how to do not one of these jobs we do they bring in a outside company to run the kitchen and they don’t have a clue on what we do everyday and they have been there for many years I see a problem with that so now when we are short all you do is hear them complain that they actually have to help us and don’t know how it is done or when we are really short like we was Saturday do you think they would pick up there phone to come in and help NO!!!!! They ignored.. When I first started there 14yrs ago if we was short the administrator would come in to help us out.. All of nutritious management that use to run the kitchen was there to help and knew all the jobs.. Alot of the changes came when they brought in Cura it has went down hill from then.. And to come to a place where there is alot of backstabbing from your own supervision very unfair treatment and now we don’t know when we come in if we have a job tomorrow or not.. We don’t get answers we don’t know day to day what is going to happen would you want to come to a place to work like this no.. Everyone is fed up there wore out, tired , and stressed out.. And then to cut part-time hours and make everyone else pick up more for that extra hr there not here is alot no one understands what we go threw on a day to day basis.. When we are short us as employees pull together and do the best that we can we get there food there on time when it leaves that kitchen it is hot we don’t know what is going on up on the floors we don’t work there.. But Im sure there just as short as we are.. We manage to get and give the best we can to the residents.. There is alot of days where we either don’t have the food there or we run out and we try and make up something just as good for them.. A great example is today when we had no fresh cut up fruit to give to the residents that want that we found alittle pan of it and whats management say try to stretch it out so now it looks horrible they get a couple of pieces in a little bowl so now what happens that employee gets the blame of it looking bad its not the employees fault everything always falls back on the poor judgement of management that we always try and make them look good our hard work goes unrecognized very unfair to all of us that put our hard work in everyday.. 

    • So you as an employee take no responsibility for the conditions? When someone “calls off” they have put themselves before their coworkers. The work still has to be done by those who are there, but don’t worry its the companies fault that they don’t have 5 people to sit around and wait for a call off. You are scheduled to work x amount of days and it is expected you make it through those days, if you do not it is your fault. You should hold yourself and your coworkers responsible.Police your own before you point the finger.

      • Most of the time we are short staffed not always because of call offs but understaffed to begin with they lay off 6 people knowing we need them and make all part timers 2 days a week only 4-7hrs a day.. depending on what they feel like doing.. And then alot of calls offs are coming from people that are afraid there gonna lose all there time cause obviously the county don’t like to pay people the things they earn and lose it because of this..

      • So ….Does your employer start you off 6-12 people short each shift? Do you go a full year without getting one holiday?  Do you work 6 week rotations without 1 weekend off ?  Have you had your vacations pulled because your boss let so many people go they don’t have enough to cover from shift to shift and can only do so with employees burned out on overtime or by using agency workers ? Have you ever attempted to meet all the basic needs of 16-49 elderly people in 8 hours?? I highly doubt it. All you do is bash union workers.. Why don’t you for once look at the situation? These are people attempting to provide care for elderly people. They speak out to bring awareness . Stop being so shortsighted . 

      • So if an employee has the flu which is in season they should suck it up and go to work and infect the patients and maybe kill a few?  I bet you wouldn’t like that to happen to your mother would you?

      • Let me put it to you this way, YOU HAVE CALL OFFS! That has NOTHING TO DO WITH VACATION TIME. It is time that the employee was scheduled to be there , but was not there. What does your socialist SEIU say about that? The SINGLE employee deserves more than the patients? Get to work to show you appreciate your job. You think you deserve it, but you call of when you think your needs are greater than those you serve? Stop with the flu and other exceptions, I bet I can come up with more exceptions than you. I hope someday you will be faced with a competitive work environment, you will not survive! OWN YOUR JOB! 

  22. @ Bernie. That is so true. Those poor people some that don’t know any better are going to suffer because of someone’s neglect. That’s Beaver County for you.

  23. The only way to fix this problem is to go to our state Representative. I work in a different nursing home is horribly staffed. On an average night I take care of 24 long term residents on a bad night its 48 residents. Its absolutely inhumane that the state allows this. It is an administrative problem not the actual workers.

    • Go to your state representative? They didn’t lift a finger to help fund the place. If they aren’t owned by Benjamin Landa they soon will be. He owns most of the politicians in NY.

  24. Jesus H. Christ! I’m going to get flamed for this, but I’m going to say it anyway. I’m a mom of 2 young boys. I haven’t had a hot meal in over 12 years. By the time everyone in the house is served, and all of their needs taken care of, my food is ALWAYS stone ass cold. I’ve been eating cold food for so many years now, I can’t stand when my food is hot. Anyone who is a mom on here knows what I am talking about. This is crybaby shit. When word gets out that residents are being abused, then you have a story and complaints.

    • You are definitely right im a mom of 4 and by the time i get all of there’s out and get all the drinks and I finally sit down there usually done and/or want more.. And mine is always cold but its beaver county they have to complain about something and always take it out on the people that don’t deserve it

    • You are not paying 310 a day to be cared for, you are not relying on someone to bring your food to you , open your cartons, put you cream in your coffee , you are not lying in a bed awaiting the minimal human contact in a day , you are not hoping that the food on the spoon that is put in your mouth is not too much that you can’t swallow, you are not one of our dependent residents who are contracted and silent .. Do not  think you have any right to say our elderly doesn’t deserve better. Our staff cares very much about the ability  to do their jobs correctly and provide the best for our residents. Don’t put yourself on a pedestal

      • Please explain to me how on God’s green earth you can possibly keep a meal hot all the way from the kitchen until it reaches the resident’s tray? It is impossible. Ever been admitted to the hospital? I was in one for a while when I almost died. Yeah, my food was cold every day. Stop being over dramatic.

    • It is very apparent that you do not have a loved one nor ever had a loved one in nursing home care because if you did you would not have made such an asinine statement as you just did.  How the hell can you compare yourself to having cold meals because of taking care of your children before yourself, which by the way is your job as a parent, to elderly residents, some who are very ill getting their meals served cold?  Have you no respect for the elderly and sick?  So glad you are used to having cold meals because when your old, elderly ass is in a nursing home you won’t have any issue with receiving cold meals or inadequate care!

      • Ok, drama queen. Ever been admitted to the hospital? I
        was in one for a while when I almost died. Yeah, my food was cold every
        day. So, no, when my old elderly ass is in a nursing home I will have no issue receiving cold meals because I’m not a pampered entitled drama queen like you.

  25. If you read this…really READ it…it says this was an order from Comprehensive Healthcare Mgt. BUT it says its still owned by the county…so tell me…WHO is running this place!? WHO is giving the orders? I’m thinking the UNION needs to step up and figure this shit out!! Or a LAWYER needs to be contacted for ALL of the union employees, to find out the TRUTH!! Because if the union isn’t going to…then SOMEONE needs to! And HOW do we negotiate a contract if they aren’t following the contract NOW!? So who’s to say…when the new co. takes over, that they will honor our NEW contract!? I smell SKUNK!!

  26. How about some more serious workplace policies.  This is the difference between Public and Private workplaces.  5 employees calling off at a time sounds like it was part of the problem.  If call offs continue to create problems, track the employees who habitually miss work and let them go.  Enough is enough.

  27. Health care in general needs a overhaul! If you don’t work in health care you can not even imagine the under staffing and the amount of work that is expected out of nurses and staff. It is unsafe and unbelievable!

  28. Not just friendship ridge, the mh/mr group homes in this area r totally under staffed & r dependent on staffing agency’s & foreign recruits frm catholic charities that barely speak English to care for the patients, its all about money

  29. in defense of friendship ridge, most of the employees really do love and care about the residents and are wonderful people, yea the building is old and you get some bad employees everywhere but the ones who have been there for years are good people

  30. and some are just refused food! yeah i said it my mother in law was! they said if she would behave and act nice she would get food! i reported them and they did nothing! this is a place you send your loved ones to die!! i made the call to get her the heck out of their! if you have loved one who need rehab after a stroke head injury or anything send them to health south this place is awesome they took very good care of her and treated her with respect and dignity and kept her clean and made sure she didn’t fall or have so called mysterious accidents! I wouldn’t send a dog to friendship ridge! it is so filthy dirty! this place needs to be secretly investigated so they really know what goes on there at friendship ridge!!!! the problem isn’t just with dietary it is with all who work there!! the floors are so short staffed  and no one reads the patients charts to see if they cant have a certain med and the doctors don’t tell the staff what has change it is a horrible place to send your loved ones I have seen first hand the abuse of patients there and I reported the place but got no where! and some rooms have peeling paint , mold spaces between the windows letting cold air in the patients bathroom have dirty diapers on the floor waste smeared on the walls I can go on but hey nothing will be done because they do nothing about anything there!!!!! but they need to hire more people the biggest thing is each floor is short staffed and not enough people for the patients they have to take care of and most do care but  they are stretched to their limit !  this place needs an overhaul before something happens to a loved one there! I have talked to some of the aids and nursed and the biggest thing is they need more help!! and then there was the one that was abusing my mother in law he was a real jerk!

  31. For the record I am neither for or against county run nursing homes but privatization seems to be the growing trend for these facilities not only in Pennsylvania but other states as well. The reality is that these homes are operating at a loss and with cuts in subsidies this deficit has only grown larger. People want to care for their loved ones, the county commissioners want to keep taxes under control and Friendship Ridge workers want to earn a decent living with benefits. I think we can all see the challenges that these facilities face but I sincerely hope that the residents are taken care of during this period of transition.

  32. I’m unemployed at the moment. I’m available to volunteer/lend a hand at Friendship Ridge. Who do I contact?

  33. What needed to be done with that place was accountability. When workers are told to document accurately to ensure reimbursements would be at the fullest, it should of been done and when it’s not fire them.

    20. Dollar an hour dishwashers shouldn’t be the norm.

    Created positions for van drivers at 16 per hour when line for spots at 10 bucks an hour would be around the block, but hey those common Joes wouldn’t be related or politically connected to commissioners.

    Everyone played a role in this demise,I feel bad for the good workers that did job the right way didn’t get caught up in the gossip or politics of the mess.

    • Truth be known rumors get started by persons li ke you. First dish washers do notget paid $20.00 per hr. If you know what going rate for handicapped drivers make you must be looking for that job
      I am a driver for friendship ridge and went threw 4 interviews for the job. I had the experience and references to get hired. I. Did my know any political influence to get job nor am I political groupie. So when you get facts straight present them but get facts straight.The employees nor residents no nothing about what going on. No know if they should look for jobs or apply for insurance.

  34. I like the responses calling for this to be brought to the attention of the State Rep. That will fix the problem! The old folks there only mattered when they were able to vote and pulling that straight party lever. Now that bunch they voted for election cycle after election cycle could care less. Now the straight party bunch has a plethora of votes from those on the dole and disinterested in everything except voting themselves some free stuff. The elderly don’t matter now that they are outnumbered and can’t vote anymore. And even then, they would still pull that straight D lever even though it is killing them. The politicians who set the policies and put the management in place who hired the workers who call off and the funding levels and insurance regulations and all of it go back to who won the elections around here for decades. Unfortunately, those residents are kinda getting what they voted for. They just never thought they would be on that end of the system. That doesn’t make it right that FR is a mess, but if you put any trust in the political system caring for you when you really need it, you will probably end up with cold mashed potatoes.

  35. I just love people posting on here and the majority have no clue what their even talking about. Have no clue how it is to feed, bath or shower, shave, lotion, dress, and do hair on 15+ residents Not to mention transferring them out of their beds, making their beds, taking them back and forth to the bathroom when they want, do their restorative programs with them, and try to atleast have a small conversation with them. You have to have them ready in time for appts., ect plus have all your charting done correctly… Then your side jobs, making rooms neat and putting supra away… It’s not as easy as you people seem to think. I do try and make my residents feel good about themselves and I like their family thanking me for their loved one being shaved and looking nice. Not all aides do care, believe me, I have seen for myself the lazy asses, but for sure, I am not one of them. So not all of us our bad and it makes me bad getting downgraded when I work very hard, short or not

  36. It would be interesting to see how much the new management company benfits financially from the staffing cuts. I’ve heard that they’ve even removed all air mattresses, even for patients who can not ambulate independently. This places the patient (s) at extreme risk of developing bed sores. I would think as “health care management” professionals they would understand the need for preventative care.

  37. Place has been fucked up for years.

    Some good workers, some bad….

    Crony here crony there crony fucking everywhere.

    County shouldn’t be in nursing business period.

    Now nobody can bitch about politics

    The ones that have a skill will get hired by new company or another, the low hanging political bitches will have to get new career,cause won’t be paying for extra clerks, gopher drivers and circle jerk jobs that should be getting 9 bucks an hour

  38. i’ve worked there and know that this is how it is ran when state is called in they act like all is well. meanwhile 99.9 % its ran poorly mean while some workers if you in the click are treated nice know matter what they do friends of friends will cover. lets talk about the three workers laid off the two that was fighting and the one standing by the time clock waiting to punch out because this young lady turned her back refusing to be involve hr gave her the same punishment as the two fighting. this young lady has been bullied and harassed its sad that soon they will be dealing with the naacp. 

  39. “Hot dinners and breakfasts have been served cold to residents of
    the Friendship Ridge nursing home multiple times over the past month as the
    facility struggles to deal with staffing issues, the Beaver Countian has


    Only over the past month?  What has the excuse been for the
    past 4 (four) years?


    This place charges between $6700

  40. I think if they held every person who works for the county and state accountable for all monies, there would be no need for this, Too many people get kickbacks and thier pocets lined with money designated for certain funds to be distributed for county operated facilities. I have no doubt the money WAS there but didn’t make it to it’s rightful designation.



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