Former Vice President Joe Biden / screen capture from endorsement video

Former Vice President Joe Biden issued an endorsement this week of Beaver County Common Pleas Judge Debbie Kunselman’s candidacy for Superior Court. The endorsement came as part of a video released by Biden in support of the entire “Slate of 8” Democratic candidates seeking seats on Pennsylvania’s various appellate courts.

Kunselman promoted the endorsement by former Vice President Biden on her Facebook page.

The state-wide Superior Court considers appeals of decisions from the county-level Courts of Common Pleas, sitting in panels of three judges to hear cases from locations in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia.

Debbie Kunselman served as Beaver County Solicitor from 1998 to 2005 when she was elected to the Beaver County Court of Common Pleas. The Pennsylvania Bar Association gave its “highly recommended” rating to Judge Kunselman’s candidacy for Superior Court back in February.

The election for Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge is one of many races voters will be deciding on November 7th. Voters will be asked to select 4 judges for seats on the Superior Court from a slate of 9 candidates who include Maria McLaughlin (Dem), Carolyn H. Nichols (Dem), Debbie Kunselman (Dem), Geoff Moulton (Dem), Craig Stedman (Rep), Emil Giordano (Rep), Wade A. Kagaris (Rep), Mary Murray (Rep), and Jules Mermelstein (Grn).

Joe Biden’s “Slate of 8” endorsement video can be watched in full below:

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Joe Biden? Talk about an irrelevant. Why would any woman brag about an endorsement from this creep ? This guy is a pervert. Don’t believe me ? Check out all the YouTube videos of Dirty Joe groping women and even young girls. Sick…

  2. Trump’s “Party” is not the traditional Republican Party. But look for Republican candidates to suffer for Trumpism in the elections. They don’t deserve it, but more of this kind of commercial is inevitable. Biden is not the problem, the subversion of the Repubublican Party is. More will jump ship as elections loom closer, and getting elected is more important than endorsing madness. And it has nothing to do with politics.

    • I don’t mind Biden, and I think Kunselman is just assuming she’ll win this election and wants to set herself up for a circuit court position if Biden wins the presidency (not a chance this will EVER happen), but this public endorsement is not helpful in Beaver County. Not at all. Who’s running her campaign? Bad move.

    • Read the article you illiterate idiot Kim Tesla isn’t even running for superior court you billy goat looking fool.

      This is the kind of dumbass that supports Donald Trump.


      • Note to Sorry but you’re stupid:
        If you’re going to go on a rant in all capitals regarding the intelligence of other readers. You might want to consider typing something that’s actually coherent.


        What the actual F*** does that even mean?

      • FAUX NEWS made this country stupid-it is the be-all and end-all of hypocrisy and group think. //i.e. Fucker Carlson

    • She isn’t running against Tesla. Tesla is county. She is running for State Superior. Vote against both now. I used to like Debbie as a judge, but the last year has shown me a lot not to like.

    • Used to be. Before we stopped following politicians who cared about the working men and the middle class. Now the rule is, if they’re promising tax cuts for their billionaire friends….you got my vote. Sad

      • Haha have you ever looked around this place? The definition of free thinking in Beaver County is getting a different colored camo accessory for your pick-up truck than your neighbor has.

  3. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Biden’s support is the same as Tony Guy’s support for his candidates, AKA ” The no vote list.” In all honesty I wasn’t going to vote for her anyway. She is supportive of too many immoral causes.

    • I really look forword to Amateur Hour. Since your the leading expert in all things involving anything. Whenbis your book coming out

      • Amaetur hour isnt brutal because he/she claims to be a know it all, that’s everyone on here. Amateur hour is brutal because he/she tries too hard to shoehorn their little “it’s amateur hour” tagline in everything.

        It’s almost as bad as the NoBama username who no longer appears on here anymore. They were hands down the worst. JP could have wrote an article about a cat being saved out of a tree and they’d figure out a way to blame Obama or “Killary”.

        Magic Wand. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      • @L Bruno-You mean like you guys blamed Bush for everything under Obama? You mean like that? Hypocrite much? SMH.

      • @WTF no, not at all. Those people are just as bad. Please don’t get misconstrued that this is a R or D thing, because it isn’t. It’s more an intelligence thing. Thinking for ones self without putting blame on someone for the worlds woes is the norm now. Being a critical thinker and logically thinking out a situation is a lost on today’s society.
        I do appreciate you trying to spin it though, you proved my point exactly.

  4. Here is my Hopewell township commissioner endorsement : from 1/9/17 through 8/28/17 ..Dipetro missed 6 meetings, Swihart missed 3 meetings, Kusnir missed 2 , Ciccone missed 13 meetings but called via phone for 7 of them.

    • Spot on Guns-truth be told Ciccone lives out of state but the good old “gang” gave him a and Swihart a seat at the table because they are “d’s”. No qualifications needed and the sheeple play along. Fat, dumb and out of touch Hopewell. Sam old same old. Actually the board could be covering up fraud by allowing an out of state person to have two addresses.

      • Most people just rubber stamp “D” when they vote , about the same as the rubber stamp the above crew give when they vote on issues. I am running the next election and I will cut every budget for every department. I may be a one-term wonder but I am tired of paying $500 dollars a month on taxes to support nepotism and waste. Also John “take care of my friends” Bates will be working on a resume.

      • He lives in Texas during the week and comes home on weekends? Is this what we want to represent Hopewell twp? And what about his running mates who support him? I would bet all I have the same old crew wins. We can continue to have a commissioner attend meetings by phone and a bunch of rubber stampers.

    • Here is what will happen in the Hopewell race…out of stater Ciccone will win… He will resign maybe feb or March. The dems will appoint someone who had no chance of winning the election. Bam he is in….

    • Actually, he’s pretty smart. Did you see that 2012 Vice Presidential Debate where he made Paul Ryan his bitch?

  5. Hey “L Bruno’s Magic Wand”, It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. I am truly honored that you are even aware of me and my catch phrase. I can die tomorrow and still feel like I accomplished something in life. . As for you and your current and past statements,”L Bruno’s Magic Wand what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this chat room is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. Choke on that bitch. Friggin Amateur.

    • Quoting Billy Madison really never helps ones argument. Based on your comments of me being a “bitch” and a “friggin amateur” clearly shows how emotional you are, because you actually took the time to respond, and not even under the correct thread.

      Since you like to quote comidies allow me to give you some advice. You should probably change your screen name to Silky Johnson because you give him a run for winning the Playa Haters Award.

      Now go ahead and reply back with some angry, aggressive nonsense like you always do. You’ll reply because I know you won’t be able to help yourself. So go get that last word, I’ll let you. Just this time don’t quote an Adam Sandler movie. His stuff isn’t even that funny.

      • Well, since you dared me and that’s probably the same as a triple dog dare, I will oblige. L Bruno’s Magic Wand , ” Oh no! You suck again!!” Friggin Amateur.

  6. Beaver County voters love to vote a straight ticket which they can do in the November General election and they love to vote for a “name”…which means she will receive the necessary votes.

  7. i have met her and she is only worryed about her self no one else . she 0nly ran so that she can take care of her old law ferm …………..

  8. liberals are using science,math,reality and history to argue against people who dont believe in science,math,reality or history . thats why we’re not getting anywhere



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