Former Beaver County Sheriff George David’s wife Linda David is dead from a reported self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to multiple law enforcement sources.

First responders were dispatched to 3412 Green Garden Road in Hopewell Township at approximately 12:18pm for reports of a 54-year-old woman with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Law enforcement sources say Linda David was found dead on arrival at the back patio area of her home.

The death is being investigated by the Hopewell Township Police Department; sources tell the Beaver Countian that indications on scene are consistent with a suicide.

Linda David had been a long-time employee of Beaver County, first hired on April 11, 1996. After over a decade of working in the Prothonotary’s Office, Linda resigned as First Deputy under Prothonotary Nancy Werme in January of 2012 as the result of a political dispute involving Linda’s husband, then-Sheriff George David.

After leaving the Prothonotary’s Office, Linda David took a job with the Court Administrator’s Office working as a clerk for Magisterial District Judge Andrew Hladio in Ambridge.

David retired from Beaver County in May of 2016, but continued to work as a part-time clerk on an irregular basis.

Linda David is survived by two brothers and her husband George, the couple did not have any children.


  1. Sad to hear of such a thing very sad. No one should wish sickness or death to another. I only wish others felt the same.

  2. No one knows what mental demons lead a person to take their own life. So, for that I’m sorry to read the news of Linda David’s death. My sympathy goes out to George for the loss of his wife and to her family. May she now rest in peace.

    I’m confused about the senseless thumbs down on these comments of condolence. Now is not the time to dwell on past grievances.

  3. RIP Linda. I’m sure you’ve earned it.

    IMHO-Considering the people and influence involved here, I think there should be a outside agency investigating this suicide.

  4. Sending deepest condolences to this beautiful family❤️My heart goes out to them. Linda was a wonderful and beautiful person inside and out. This article is heart wrenching and gutless, way to wait a few hours, real hell of a guy..

  5. So very sad. She was a beautiful woman inside and out,with a heart of gold. My deepest condolences go out to the entire family. Fly with the Angels, Mrs. David. U truly will be missed.

  6. Sounds pretty consistent with all the other horrible “tragedies” that have plagued the little man over the years…

  7. JP reported this unfortunate incident occurred around noon yesterday (Sunday). Today (Monday), there is no mention in as of 10:00 PM. Nothing in the lead articles or even in the Police/Fire/Court section. I don’t know of the paper edition; I don’t read it.

    I realize any family can request no obituary be printed. However, she was the wife of an elected official. That makes it newsworthy. Why hasn’t it been reported to the public in the news? I’m sorry to reverse my own comment above about politics, but why?

    • They didn’t report it because “SHE” was not a pulic offical. Out of respect for the families they don’t post that unless the family gives permission. The Beaver Countian shows no respect.

      • Sorry to disagree with you, but IN MY OPINION, the BeaverCountian reported this tragedy concisely and respectfully, detailing ONLY the FACTS as they were known at that time. Also, IN MY OPINION, the FACT that HE (George) held PUBLIC OFFICE makes ANYTHING concerning him or his family a newsworthy item, like it or not.

    • I agree with you. They have been harrassed by this rag. Other news sources did not report it out of the respect to the family. Proving the Beaver Countian has no repect. If she were a public figure they would have reported it. She was not; her husband was.

      • If the Beaver Countian is such a rag paper, then why are you still reading it and commenting on it ???

    • Marcie Williams Amen. He should be ashamed of himself. In his eyes he feels he won. This woman was nothing but good to everyone. And he made sure to bring her down, even in death. Don’t be surprised that one of the letters speaks of how he tortured her soul till she couldn’t take it anymore. He’s nothing more that a cyber bully.

  8. I was very sorry to hear about this, Linda was a good person. Prayers to the family, we will most likely never know what drove her to do this, sad, sad.
    Having said that, I don’t understand why some of you are upset with JP for printing this story. It’s no secret he and George had bad blood for each other but realize this; George David was the sheriff of Beaver County, a very public figure. Linda worked in the court house and, be it right or wrong, there was much publicity surrounding both of them at one time. Possibly, that is why JP decided to write this story. I, personally, did not find the story to show any hatred toward the former sheriff or his wife. Possibly I’m wrong, but I think simply because both of them were in the lime lite at one time is what prompted this story. Again, prayers for the family, no one should ever have to deal with a tragedy such as this.

  9. In my mind, this “story” did not need to be printed HERE at all. If this is true, it is a tragedy for the family. Allow the family to deal with her death and circumstances surrounding her death in privacy. Now that would show some forethought and class. I hope that she will now be at peace.

    • Well, QQ, you won’t find it in the BCT, and unless you find out by word-of-mouth, she is still alive to all who have not read this. That would seem to be a disservice to her and all who knew her.

      Keep in mind that this is not yet ruled a “suicide.” It is an APPARENT suicide, based upon an initial finding of a “reported self-inflicted gunshot wound” by the responders. It will take a completed police investigation and a medical examiner’s investigation and report to determine what it was.

      • Bull! You and the others read the obituaries and that would be enough notification for those who are not family or only acquaintances. Don’t justify reporting on this as though it is anything other than sensationalism. Sorry but I don’t buy your argument.

    • I agree, if the family wished this to be made public, they would have contacted news media. It may be the family’s wishes not to use the media, and that’s fine! This is a private matter! RIP beautiful, kind Linda!

  10. Queeny???
    You defy your own request of keeping it private by your very actions of posting here. To take the same stance as you I suggest your “comment” did not need to be printed HERE at all.
    This story is news only because of Georg David is a public figure. This story does not appear to be published to defame or disparage the family. JP likely has not published a story about other suicides unless there is a greater public interest regarding the person and or their connections.

    • Is the man called Gringo a knuckle -dragging Neanderthal? I am pretty sure you are. Your point is baseless. Someone died you larvae of a human. I don’t care who the public figure is…ever lose someone in such a tragic way? Give the family the respect and space you would want trying to navigate this need.

      • Queeny??? When you can not provide a valid response or debate you use an ad hominem attack on me ( I guarantee you will have to pull out the dictionary for that one).
        So I can do the same. You are now known as the Homely HOSS (please look up what a Hoss is) or the INFERIOR MANSTER( look up manster).
        It also appears you can only rattle on about issues and opinions repeated from others as you have no clue about Neanderthals. Your obviously low IQ my not allow you to understand fact from fiction. Neanderthals were not knuckle draggers but upright immediate precursors to modern man. Contrary to modern myth they were not less intelligent nor was their demise due to their suspected intellectual inferiority. They likely vanished because of INBREEDING…something you must be intricately familiar with. Look in the mirror and see what inbreeding does, no really take a close look and please refrain from reproducing. The next time you pull your big Manster Hoss ass from your chair to get to the fridge, go instead to the library, read, educate yourself LEARN something…anything. Oh I almost forgot, more than once you show a complete lack of aptitude for science, biology and or any fact. Calling me a larvae of a human makes no sense my dear….unless you mean one day the process of metamorphosis will change me into a beautiful butterfly!

  11. I’m surprised that the Courthouse isn’t closed for the week. Out of respect to the David family and their many years of service in the county and the many people that closely worked with them.

    And the fact that it is summer.

  12. May God Bless Her Sweet Soul, RWG Linda.. I Pray that You’re at Peace.
    Many Prayers for Her Family & the David Family, God Bless You All❣

  13. I just checked the Times website and it appears her obituary will be in tomorrow’s Times. A good friend was notified by the family of the day/time of the Mass which was this morning. Also noted in the Times, the DA report on the Treasurer’s withdrawal of funds.

  14. QQ: Rant all you wish about the propriety of publishing this news, but in no way is there any sensationalism in the words, content or presentation of the article. That is of your own inference, and there us nothing in the wording to be anything but a reporting of the facts, without undue elaboration. In my opinion, it was intentionally so out of respect for the subject. Some of this is now academic, though, because a very nice obituary is in the The only difference is that the cause of her death is given here, but not in the Times. That does not make this coverage sensationalistic.

  15. Raven, Grino. You cant speak logic to some of these people! In this country you can report on any topic you wish, just watch CNN. I think the little Yasser Arafat look alike got excited that the Juice got paroled.

  16. Gringo: I have tangled with Quality Queen before. Each time, the comments get personal, skewed, accusatory, nasty. His/her shallow thinking dyspeptic purpose is to put-down with phony moralism. Nothing is to be gained from reacting to the comments unless the larger audience can benefit from it. “Quantity”, not “Quality” Queen.



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