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A long-time Ohioville Borough Councilman was arrested last week after police say he shoplifted ground beef and onions from a grocery store.

Walter Steff Jr, 71 of Ohioville, is charged with three misdemeanor counts of retail theft for allegedly stealing the groceries from a Shop N Save in Brighton Township.

Officer Don Sanders wrote in an affidavit that he arrived at the Shop N Save after being advised the store had a man in custody. “[The store manager] stated that he was in the produce section and noticed a short older white male, bald with a white beard pushing a buggy around with what appeared to be packaged ground meat already inside one of their plastic check-out bags.”

The store manager told police he proceeded into his office to continue watching the man on camera.

“[The manager] stated the male hung around the produce entrance door as if to wait for someone to enter so as the male could exit without paying,” continued Officer Sanders in his report. “[The manager] stated he saw the male exit the store via the produce entrance and ran outside to stop the male.”

Walter Steff allegedly told the store manager he forgot his wallet and was heading out to his car, with the bagged groceries, to retrieve it so he could pay for the items.

“At no time does the video show Steff searching for his wallet in his pants or jacket or anywhere on his person, as if he realized he had forgotten it,” wrote Officer Sanders after reviewing surveillance video from the store. The video also reportedly showed Steff bagging onions along with the ground beef.

Steff has been banned from the Brighton Township Shop N Save. A preliminary hearing in the case has been set for May 14th.

Walter Steff Jr. was a Councilman for Ohioville Borough for nearly two decades before deciding not to run for reelection last year. Steff was the head of the Borough’s Police Committee and had oversight of Chief Ronald Lutton during the time period Lutton is accused of committing acts of fraud to bilk taxpayers out of at least $60,000.


  1. See when you get out of politics it’s hard to get bye.

    But that shop n save so expensive I don’t blame him and ground beef fuck better off hitting the dollar menu at Mickey Ds, between gas and ground meat rising you got to steal it, sadly he probaly a republican

    • @-taadaa.  Thanks to Nobama’s economy, and the Demon-crats stealing money from S.S. and Medicare, he won’t be the last to steal food to survive. BTW, he’s a DEMON-CRAT!

      • What are you going to do when your beloved republicans take over and give you the same crap with a different wrapper ? The real problem is people like you who keep believing the crap the party politicians feed them. You’re no different than the true believing democrat party stooges. You’re both dupes.

  2. Apparently, Chief Lutton taught him well. The only thing that could have made this story better is if he would have dropped a “Don’t you know who I am?” on the police officer.

  3. This is nothing compared to what some former politicians steal from grocery stores.  In Aliquippa, every Sunday, a former school superintendent pilfers the Giant Eagle by checking out his groceries at the hot food section.  The scam is, he gets rung up at the hot food counter and he gets a box of “distressed produce”.  I’m surprised no one has caught him or the Giant Eagle hasn’t fired the people running the scam.

  4. Ohh my I love beaver county republicans they make under 99% make under 150k and 75% median household income of them is under 75k, but they scream wasteful spending and all problems with the world isdemocrat but then hide behind religion, gay marriage and guns. Conservative democrats abound that are against wasteful spending and are pro life also big gun owners.

    When grandma needs put in home and needs care what do you do dig in pockets and help sit back watch your childhood house get sold to pay for it. Let the inheritance get sucked up or call for help need social security and Medicare call office on aging. Hmmmm seems like the National GOP wants to cut that…

    I hear screaming of school taxes rising year after year hmmmm why is that teachers make to much??? Or cyber school bankrupting the tax payers every child that leaves district that 8 to 12 grand that needsreplaced who lets that go on year after year hmmmm who could change that?? Oh the state house of representatives which is in control by??? Not democrats? But that won’t happen to much campaign money taken.

    Beaver County part of the second oldest region in the country.

    Means infrastructure is pretty bad huh water going through some old UN safe lines , sewage beyond needing upgraded. Takes grants from federal and state. But new trend is say no to hand outs no to wam money hmmm is only us drinking and bathing in the water and the children as sewage gets dumped in rivers. Privatize those water companies to big business they will upgrade it after a decade of raising prices.

    And let’s get something straight democrats are not the ultimate answer here folks Veons ect proved that, but really watch what you vote for look what has been in control in Harrisburg for long time. I vote for what’s the best in my region then COUNTY, I’ve voted for Christiana never again he got in bed with the same crooks that ruined veon. Melissa Hart has my vote she delivered to region and was climbing ladder, we put putts in office who didn’t know what party he was licked his finger to vote, he got replaced with the biggest parasite I’ve seen lunatic right wing that has a following loons, Santorum was great and powerful to region he brought billions to area to look at cranberry and Robinson the interchange, then he brought religion and stem cell talk and self destructed we got Casey the quiet, boring do nothing get elected on father’s name to the Senate seat.

    Locally the republican party only runs young unemployed candidates that still live at home or struggling to get in feet with no work history.

    Marshall is set now new district that he would of lost in to real republican, but nobody ran so he can continue to be a democrat schill tapping the spoils of both sides.

    Elder good man honest guy I like him and hope for his sake he always has a good staff. But even so million dollar well and gas leases got on his property not mine and I bet he will get a royalty if the got to connect that to people’s or dominion line he will get monthly check.

    Christiana enough said….lol and democrats can’t find one decent viable candidate to run against a non tax paying home owner.

    Matzie actually good guy that fights for county and district. But in minority in Harrisburg it’s masturbation with out the pay off but it’s a start.

    County who cares it’s the smallest if my taxbills come in, but wow is that place a train wreck commissioners that lost millions on opportunity of gas leases and waiting to long to sell nursing center, sheriff trying to kill people, treasurer getting family million dollar contracts while other family shooting at wife, other offices hiring family of family been going on for years doesn’t mean it’s right but the other stuff wheww, the other ones seem okay.

    Locally townships hiring 75k managers with no experience while they are on elected board, council people suing and fighting over who going to get 150 a month to be on board, mayors firing police officers cause they won’t do what they want, schoolboard members getting arrested fthreatening teachers and superinteants

    Just seems like normal business in county, but as long as two queers dont get married in town square and I can play with my 357 in my double wide all is good @ 3.75 a gallon

  5. Did Sanders trump these charges up too?! Like the rest of the that police department does…He should be more concerned about NOT driving drunk and getting pulled over by other local police departments and being let go for DUI.

  6. Trumped up charges. Reread this article. It was on video. If you leave a store without paying, for any reason, it’s shop lifting. And just out of curiosity, we’re did this so called drunk driving incident happen. And was he given a field sobriety test. I’m not a cop, correct me if I’m wrong, don’t the majority of police interceptors have dash cams. Brighton Twsp police are some of the best officers in my experience. And to spread a rumor like that is pretty irresponsible. I don’t know this officer that well, but I think a recorded incident like this would be pretty hard to cover up. It also seems irresponsible of a police department to let a DUI case go. Just an observation.

  7. @so true cops let other cops off all the time ive saw a cop hit someone while drunk and the state police leave and left it up to the locals because they didn’t want involved

  8. Your right, police officers generally will look out for one another. But not in a blatant case of DWI. It’s a lot more difficult these days with dash cams and cameras on their person. To much risk letting anyone go. This isn’t the 90’s. I’m not sure when our were this supposedly happened. There are a great deal of new police officers that aren’t familiar with the “old ways”, and I can’t imagine anyone risking their job and future in that capacity. Sorry (bullshit flag). A publication like this is the easiest way to start and spread a rumor. I have spoken to police officers I’m friends with. Rumors can effect promotion, advancement, and full time. There is a lot of that going around these days from my understanding. And What a better way to spread one than to jump on the computer, hidden behind a screen name. That’s precisely why the author of that post won’t respond to my question of time and location. Answering that might give away his identity.



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