Commissioners Dan Camp and Sandie Egley / submitted photos

Former Beaver County Chief Solicitor and “Friendship Ridge” attorney Joseph Askar added a taunting message in support of Commissioner Dan Camp to one of Commissioner Sandie Egley’s social media posts this week.

Attorney Joseph Askar wrote the message praising Commissioner Dan Camp to a LinkedIn post made by Egley on Wednesday, following the Commissioners’ State of the County Address hosted by the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce.

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During the State of the County event, Commissioner Sandie Egley talked about filing complaints with state investigators concerning possible wrongdoings in Beaver County and about assisting law enforcement with ongoing investigations — she declined the moderator’s request to go into further detail. Commissioner Dan Camp told the gathering of business people in attendance it was not his job to deal with corruption and that he was focused on moving the county forward.

Camp went on to use a metaphor during the event to describe his position, saying there is a reason why the windshield of a car is larger than its rear-view mirror.

“Commissioner Camp, your words and vision are of a true leader,” wrote attorney Askar to Commissioner Egley’s post about the event. “Maintain your focus of moving Beaver County FORWARD.”

Commissioner Egley told the Beaver Countian she was not surprised that Joe Askar does not think people should be looking into the past.

“Stupid Askar,” said Commissioner Sandie Egley in reaction to the post. “He thinks he is so smart.”

Askar’s comment was “liked” by Beaver County Chamber of Commerce President Jack Manning, who, according to sources in county politics, is being courted by Sheriff Tony Guy and others as a potential Republican Candidate for Commissioner in 2019. Egley has announced she will not be seeking re-election.

Attorney Joseph Askar has been a source of great division within the Board of Commissioners.

Commissioner Egley announced last September that she asked the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to open an investigation into attorney Askar when it was discovered he had been representing Friendship Ridge’s new corporate owners, Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services, after the sale was finalized but while still serving as the county’s top attorney.

Askar resigned his employment with the County in January 2015.

Commissioners Tony Amadio and Dan Camp had refused to join Egley in filing the complaint against attorney Joseph Askar on behalf of the county, leading to Egley filing it as an individual. Camp and Amadio are both close personal friends of Askar and have continued socializing with him following Egley’s formal complaint.

Askar has been seen visiting privately with Amadio and Camp together in the Commissioners’ unit of the courthouse in recent weeks, raising the ire of Egley. Camp openly acknowledges that he has joined Askar for lunch several times each week on average since taking office, with the two being regular fixtures at Mario’s Woodfired Pizzeria in Beaver. Askar has previously helped Camp with legal issues involving his family’s dry cleaning business and the two took a long road trip together to Buffalo, New York, last year.

Commissioner Camp has told the Beaver Countian he never had any discussions with his friend Askar about the Friendship Ridge sale and never discussed the county’s litigation against Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services with him. Askar has said he limited his representation of Comprehensive and that his work for the company never conflicted with his then-official capacity as Chief County Solicitor.

Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio and Republican Commissioner Dan Camp voted to end the county’s ligation against Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services on Thursday — overruling Commissioner Egley — despite an independent forensic audit that showed Comprehensive still owes the county approximately $1.3 million from the sale.

Comprehensive claimed that the county owed it money from the sale and Camp stated the county could not risk continuing its litigation.

Screenshot of posts made by Commissioner Egley and Attorney Askar on LinkedIn

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. “Askar has said he limited his representation of Comprehensive and that his work for the company never conflicted with his then-official capacity as Chief County Solicitor.”

    That’s not possible, you fucking moron!

    Camp’s job is to spend taxpayer money responsibly, so that does, in fact, require him to make sure there’s no corruption. He is also a fucking moron so it’s no surprise these two think alike.

    And I am sure they discuss the deals they make to screw us over every chance they get.

    Sandy is doing a great job and I hope the Grand Jury is because of her and we can finally see some of these assholes get what they deserve

  2. This county has not moved forward in 30 years. But the counties around us have. Wake up Askar and Camp take a good look around, and tell me what you see? We see High taxes and Dollars stores.

  3. “Commissioner Camp, your words and vision are of a true leader”….Hahaha! Now THAT is funny! He has no vision, Askar other than to seemingly help himself and his cronies. If you’re supposed to be a smart lawyer, shouldn’t you have realized how obvious your comment would be? Silly man!

  4. Joe Askard did legal work for the county and legal work for Dan Camp and legal work for Comprehensive and Dan Camp voted to drop the county’s lawsuit against Comprehensive?

    Welcome to Beaver County!

  5. I think it rather Suspicious Joseph Askar finds Dan Camp a true leader , puzzling,
    I also found it suspicious to see my cat licking his ball’s the other day, because i had him nurtured 5 years ago
    Dan Camp has no ball’s !!

  6. Dan Camp said its not my job to fight corruption. This is how insane bad it is in Beaver county that a county commissioner makes such a statement.

  7. This proves beyond any showdown of doubt that there is a “Cabal” in the county of Beaver. This BS is totally out of fucking control!

  8. Don’t get your panties in a bunch over this sophomoric foolishness folks. All three will be gone. I have a funny feeling that both political parties in the county will have a lot of answering to do about donors. As I said earlier, the real actors aren’t afraid of the suits. Their arrogance will be their undoing.

      • The comments on her Linkin page are what’s sophmoric. I agree someone needs to be accountable for the 1.3million

  9. Oh, Danny Boy….. Your words will haunt you. As a chief county executive if it’s not your job to deal with corruption that means you think your job is to simply turn a blind eye to it. I believe that a GOOD attorney could turn that into being complicit in the intent to commit conspiracy. Since one doesn’t actually have to commit the conspiracy because the intent is more than sufficient and carries the same jail term, your quality bonding time with Joey might just get you a cell next to him. I’m sure he’s told you that you have nothing to worry about but remember, I said a good attorney and I don’t believe he’s a member of that club.

    • Incidentally, since you are so forward thinking, why haven’t you moved the county forward in the last year? It’s rather astounding to me that you’ve failed to walk the walk either before or after you’ve talked the talk. I’m not really sure how you think you’ll be reelected when your only accomplishment during your tenure as commissioner was purchasing a pair of socks.

  10. I bet Genghis Dwan, Mayor of Alighetto, is up Camp’s ass too like Askar. Askar is a two-faced crook. Get Camp and all the other fools out and send them to the big house.

  11. Why would the county settle this case and even pay $330,000 to Comprehensive? The forensic audit’s findings are in conflict with this settlement? The county solicitor needs to explain for some clarity. I think that is the story.

  12. Keep looking forward, Dan.
    Because looking back would keep Amadio, Askar, and the rest of them under scrutiny. Now that Camp and the know-nothing, disgraceful Amadio have voted to end the FR litigation, they think they’re home free. Amadio says he didn’t know how strong the county’s case was. Again, a loser comment from a lazy commissioner.

  13. Sir, as Former County Solicitor & Friendship Ridge Attorney, you truly are a multitasker. I understand you’re also a frequent visitor to the courthouse and enjoy a good pizza. When you have any free time, what is it you like to do ?


  14. So Camp, Amadio and Askar behind closed doors? Wow…the same majority of the Board who just voted to close the case and gave Comprehensive another 380K? These people are so arrogant and think they are untouchable. Come on FBI and State Police, this begs an investigation.

    • Hey Joe great idea Where really gonna FUCK them good this time. See you at Zooky’s for lunch. On the tax payers of course. YAYAYAAAAAAAAA.

  15. Sandie has galvanized the old boys network against her. Why is it that these men have nothing better to do than try and embarrass and humiliate her to cover for their own ineptitude and corruption? Do you think that they treat their wives and other women like that? Some of those limp dicks need a good ass kicking. Camp is totally in the pocket of the donors now. Tony is trying to sleep walk through another 2 years and hopefully will retire. If he can get another “team” together he will try to stay. Camp, Amadio & Jack Manning!!! Bend over and grab your ankles because that will be a real circus. Mo, Larry & Curly take over the courthouse and the good old days will come roaring back. Corruption, scheming, hiring of Friends and Family Inc. and cozy deals with the puppet masters. Betters, Nardelli, etc. If we do not vote for a clean sweep in the next election we are doomed.

  16. “Commissioner Camp, your words and vision are of a true leader,” wrote attorney Askar to Commissioner Egley’s post about the event. “Maintain your focus of moving Beaver County FORWARD.”

    FORWARD!!! As in, On to receivership, Batman!

    All we need is one more “taxpayer windfall” to put us there. Like this Comprehensive “settlement”. Let’s see how that one works….

    Our county auditor feels that we are owed $1.3 million. Meh, let’s not pursue that at all. That might take some effort and skill in court and we certainly don’t have either in Beaver. Instead, let’s give Comprehensive another $300K and thank them for being so patient and understanding. I’d like this grand jury investigation to include some audit reports from somebody that isn’t working for Comprehensive or the county (or both) to tell us what exactly THE TAXPAYERS netted from selling this county facility. Not some bullshit savings from not operating it anymore. Not some gross figure not including the later expenses, fees, debt service, payoffs, OOOOPS!, but an actual bottom line net gain (or loss). Bring some black AND red pencils to that audit.

    Wait until Shell gets going around here. The residents will probably end up paying them rent to live in their own houses. But it will be a FORWARD thinking arrangement!!!

  17. Well Conehead, the Times Editorial Board sides with you in chickening out of the FR battle. Does Lisa Micco have a lunchtime chair at your table at Mario’s? Does Joe pick up the tab?

    From the BCT:

    “County solicitor Garen Fedeles said the sales agreement had several areas that could be open to interpretation, and that weakened the county’s case if the matter ended up in court.

    Given that assessment, we believe Amadio and Camp were right to settle the matter and move past it.“

    Yep, that stupidity eclipses even yours.

    • On behalf of the Beaver Countian Commentators, Conehead, I wish thank you, and Sleeper, for your parts in the Courthouse corruption. The stupidity makes understanding it so much easier, and we don’t waste valuable time trying to figure it out.

      • Not sure, but I think he was the volunteer adviser for the Aliquippa-Ambridge Junior High School Mock Trial competition in the 90’s.


    Along with serving as the new Chief County Solicitor, attorney Garen Fedeles will also be maintaining his position as a partner in the Beaver law firm of Santicola, Steele & Fedeles — formerly the firm of Sainovich, Santicola, Steele. Garen Fedeles replaced Sainovich as a partner in the firm last year after Sainovich was removed by the other principals.
    Attorney Myron Sainovich was himself once Chief Beaver County Solicitor until being fired by Commissioners back in 2011, following a high profile dispute over billing. The county was eventually forced to file a lawsuit against Myron Sainovich and the firm of Sainovich, Santicola, Steele, to recoup nearly $45,000 in taxpayer monies that had been improperly paid to them.

    Why do they keep taking rotten apples from the same rotten barrel?

    • It has gotten so bad, John Q., that it is time to hire Omarosa Manigalt as an adviser for the Courthouse. Sandie can sit back and watch the fun, and Conehead and Sleeper and the legal staff can finally talk to someone who understands them.

  19. For those who have opted out of reading/subscribing to the BCTimes (who can blame you) here is “OUR VIEW” Settlement was best for County, by the Times-

    This rag is nothing more than copy and paste. Please keep in mind, that mindless Amadio was the only commissioner in office, when this sale was completed. Years later his only opinion: He felt the deal was done in 2014 and doubted whether ANYONE was still owed money. This is what is wrong with this county, the Tony Amadio’s and the Dan Camp’s who take the path of least resistance, because such matters are more involved than they can comprehend.

    The Times- “It may be a tough pill to swallow, BUT the settlement was the best course of action.”

    How can the Times make such an outlandish statement, when they have done no actual research.

    Also no name attached to their oped.

    #AMADIOMUSTGO oh and your little dog too .. #lapdogcamp.

    • If you take into account the brain power of that august Editorial Board, it is easy to understand. You have Lisa Micco and a band of momma’s helpers tied to her apron strings, in HER kitchen. The overall policy is to not make waves, especially if they are Democratic ones. Second, it’s bad for circulation to write anything controversial or above a third grade reading level. The result is bland, easy-to-digest pap that is the journalistic consistency of watery oatmeal. The last great white hope, or any hope for that matter, was J.D. Prose, and he suffers in muted silence.

    • Amadio was the only one there at the time of the sale who is still an official. He persuaded Camp to side with him to drop the FR thing. Coincidence? My opinion is he has some type obligation to the buyers, along with others.

  20. I will never have that sigh of relief over this predictable outcome. I very much appreciate the effort evidenced in the articles by JP/Beaver Countian. It is never just a story and then a walk away. The links referenced below the stories( Also see) are relevant and help one to follow the bouncing ball. A great wealth of research and credibility. Thank you JP.

  21. It seems likely that the counselor of note in this article would be a “person of interest” in any corruption investigation interviews. He has been a frequent flier in articles here about his “shady” dealings. Add to that the BMF relationship with Conehead, and you have the stuff of delicious campaign stump speech material that would make even Tony Guy blush. Conehead loses, no matter what the relationship had been, and he will have a very difficult time justifying it. “What did he know, and when did he know it” could well be the end of an already farcical political career.

    • Agreed Raven. From the beginning of this more than questionable deal between Beaver County and Comp Health Care, everything has seemed very shady. The sale price, the supposedly daily loss of money for operating it, then the Treasurer taking over the role of ” How To Get A Tax Break For Dummies” Suspicious contracts, on and on. There is an ‘ 18 1/2 minute gap” in this whole shady deal, still going on 4 years later. Hopefully this up coming investigation will give us some answers and justice.

      • And the county solicitor, who agreed with the closing of the FR case, comes straight from the Sainovich law firm. Seriously.

  22. To be very blunt, I actually agree with the Times. Why should the county pursue this? With their history of half assed performance in Beaver, the Comprehensive Group would probably end up owning the Courthouse, as well, by the end of the third day and the County would plead with them to just stop there.

    Who would push through to get us a winning verdict? We have lawyers that often work both sides of the street, two commissioners that don’t have the back bone or determination to challenge for it and a county record keeping of the events that couldn’t figure out what they were doing several times in the last year, let alone what Comprehensive was doing. Do you really have the confidence that the County could put together a solid presentation to win this challenge? I’m not sold on it. The “leaders” are already on public record as saying they aren’t convinced that BC has a solid case. Don’t think the opposition wouldn’t pound that point home over and over. We would look like idiots. AGAIN.

    Sometimes, the media’s comment just reflect the events and participants in a story.

    • I guess I disagree because it is a premature end, an ignorant chickenshit end, as a result of the incompetence of the main people to see it through. I also believe that if all the facts were known about the shady dealings, it would go down as the most pernicious and harmful scam in county history. The main perps remain free to strike again, and not one person has been charged. This is a win for crime and corruption.

      • Agree completely, raven. This is Askar wink-winking at the culprits, and now making the lemonade. It was imperative to them that this case be closed. But he couldn’t resist rubbing it in. Sandies page was not the place to leave that message to Camp. Just like FR was not the place to hold the fundraiser.

      • Well, if there is ANY misunderstanding here, mine is a back handed agreement with them not pursuing it. I think they should; I don’t know how BC has gotten so cavalier about $1.3 million but, their track record of winning cases, the 2 commissioner’s lukewarm reluctance, Fedeles commenting that the sales agreement wasn’t done that well from the start and the whole group aside from Egley and Rossi publicly saying we have a poor case makes this pretty much sets this up as a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. In other words, they have a keen insight of their many limitations in Beaver. Now, if they just gave a shit about that.

  23. Comprehensive must have a winning case, remember Vince LaValle gave them a nice $300,000 bonus which still is a mystery. Did they hire any of his relatives or friends or was that a thank you for hiring the Treasurer’s daughter.

    • Ah yes, Vince LaValle. Don’t think you’re out of the woods yet.. the government will come knocking soon enough. These aren’t your local folks.

  24. In my opinion, uncle wah wah, it all comes down to why Conehead and Sleeper have their nicknames. They are too fucking lazy and incompetent to try to understand what went down and to try doing anything about it. They are being played by a group of lawyers who have correctly identified them as willing suckers who want the easy way out. About four or five lawyers have the county by the scrotum, and nothing will change until they are dealt with. Egley is the only one who can and cares to understand it and deal with it, but she is on the receiving end of a mile high pile of bullshit and smokescreens. The BCT editors believe the bullshit, and are equally lazy, and give it short shrift so that they don’t get their hands dirty or lose readership. It’s a mess.

  25. This horse is out of the gate and romping free in the pasture. What’s up next, Askar? Conehead? Sleeper? I’m all ears.

  26. Eeyore… End of the road… Nothing to do… and no hope of things getting better. Sounds like another Saturday night. Then along comes Pooh buys him Pizza and takes him on a road trip to Buffalo. Enjoying the ride totally clueless of the manipulation… Yo Eeyore hes not your friend!!!! Fraternization ??? Party on Traitor… it will indeed be the End of the road for you…

  27. One positive note is that of the 150 or 160, give or take, members of the Beaver County Bar Association, with 9 being judges, only about 6 or 8 regularly make these pages. So, good job, guys and gals, maybe there is hope after all. But, I do have to wonder why there is not more self-governing to keep out the bad apples. Maybe this new investigation will give you some reason to question some in your membership.

  28. Who will be the first to sing? LaValle? Or will the “investigation” never legitimately take place? They only place for people to become informed is this website, and for that we thank you, J.P.

  29. I’m a huge fan of Egley. If there was a swear jar in the courthouse and at Mario’s pizza where $1 went in for every time the term ‘bitch’ or ‘c—‘ were used to describe her, the county would be able to pay off it’s debt. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for her to go into that nest of vipers every day knowing what they really think of her.

    Now, take a second to think about what this woman would be dealing with if there was no Beaver Countian. The good ol’ boys would be operating with impunity with their locker room mentality and she would have zero support anywhere. They would have removed her as chair a year ago and she would be excluded from everything. It almost seems like the stars have aligned over Beaver County. You have a person in a position of power willing to speak up and you have truly excellent and gifted investigative reporting laying it all out. One without the other might be little more than a speed bump for the courthouse gang. But having both at the same time, that is something special. That’s why I believe the Grand Jury is going to get results. It feels like fate.

  30. What? No article on the out of court settlement with Comprehensive? Who paid who, JP? And what about CTJ? No more “lock her up” from your RABID – and I do mean RABID – supporters?! So let’s see where you head next. The statewide grand jury isn’t really focused on your favorite target, the Beaver County courthouse, and sweet Sandie has put her superhero cape on to fight corruption, an army of one pitted against the EVIL male commishes, full disclosure being rather evasive as she exits the lurid responsibility of trying to fix the financial woes of the county. I see you are taking a stab at Askar and you still have targets in the Controller’s office who seem to be untouchable in your “investigative reporting” which just shows that you lack objectivity. Sigh…no, double sigh. Hakuna mutata, dear JP. I am sure you will be able to target someone who has drawn your ire and all of your followers will proclaim you to be good and righteous when in fact, you are simply using sensationalized BS to draw these suckers in.

  31. So, the Westmoreland Sheriff’s Office is under investigation by the county Solicitor’s office, at the request of the Commissioners. See, things can work if there is no stonewalling and everyone isn’t scratching each other’s backs, undermining the Commissioners or playing footsie with friends and relatives. No, this can’t be right. Something’s wrong. They must be amateurs at corruption. Let’s send a delegation to help them screw things up like the pros here in good old Beaver County.

  32. These Commissioners and elected Officials will go down in history as the worst administration of Beaver County ever. They have done nothing except waste our tax money, sell our property and taxed us to death. No different than what the British Crown did to the Colonists forcing them to start the Revolutionary War. Stand your ground! Stand your ground, I say! Give me liberty or give me death!

  33. JP – you owe Connie an apology. She maintained that Comprehensive was owed money all along. You even stated it in the article your wrote which you shared in your link above. It must be hard for the sheeple that follow you to acknowledge that they were….ahem… WRONG….and that Connie was right. I don’t doubt that there’s a thief or two in the courthouse but at least focus on the department where the responsibility lies. It is likely that the county got a real bargain in the settlement since they were basing their lawsuit on a “forensic” audit that just happened to align with “claims” made by you-know-who (aka the guy in charge of the department who should have been held responsible for the debacle). JP – you could really up your income and your game with this blog if you weren’t so darned jaundiced by your subjective thinking. I would like you to uncover the truth, not the sensationalism. That is a public service the county really needs.

    • You honestly expect anyone to believe that Camp and Amadio are smarter than forensic auditors? Each with a room-temperature IQ and ties to Askar who has everything to lose and nothing to gain by this going to court? Seriously, QQ, are you running at about 70 degrees also?

  34. JO does not need to up his game at all. He’s no fool, and certainly not subjective. Why do you think no libel or slander suits have been filed, or retractions printed? Javens was intricate in the FR debacle, with her “New York boys”. The unilateral withdrawals need to be explained, and she refuses. Perhaps an apology would be in order if she would be transparent enough to tell what she knows. Why all the secrecy if this deal was so above board?

  35. Connie was never right one single time in her life. She was born wrong and has been wrong ever since. She deserves nothing, except to be thrown out of the courthouse on her old stinky ass.

  36. I find your comments refreshing, QQ, in that few defenses of the actors in the FR deal make it here, especially from them — none. That at least tries to keep us honest. Throughout the entire FR matter, no explanations were given by any of them, and Stonewall even protected them from questioning or outside investigation. All the Queen had to admit to was making an honest mistake, or on the Com’s side, a botched deal due to incompetence and being suckered in by the lawyers. The whole matter is a black hole that sucks any light shone on it into itself — secrecy that very well hides what really happened. Your analysis is interesting, but in my opinion, wrong, due to a seeming desire to let an ad hominem attack justify wrong conclusions. I don’t buy it.

  37. i would say quality queen is probably related to connie the crook

    you know who defends traitors ?
    other traitors

    you know who defends cheaters?
    other cheaters

    you know who defends wife beaters ?
    other wife beaters

    you know who defends lying pieces of shit ?
    other lying pieces of shit

    anyone else see a pattern here ?

  38. QQ- I am glad to see someone feels the need to defend the Treasurer. Apologies? Make sure you leave a nice fat tip with Renee Javens Zuk, next time you get your hair twisted.

      • My goodness, you are all so blind but then, alas, I am stating the obvious. Let me pause a moment to lament your stupidity….no wait – it will take longer than that ’cause there is a whole lot of stupid on this thread. I don’t know any of the courthouse peeps nor do I know JP or any of you. I have followed the story on FR for a while, here and in The Times and Ellwood City Ledger. Hiding behind your aliases, you can attack anyone at any time without being called out for what you are – ill-informed idiots with opinions that are not backed by facts but pure conjecture and wishful thinking. Hatred has likely scarred most of you but then you wouldn’t admit the truth, would you? I truly mean it when I say that JP can provide a genuine service to the county is he starts being more objective. I think people want the truth not an Ann Landers column for the misfits on this blog.

  39. Well, QQ, it’s interesting to have a higher power providing a moral conscience to these comments. You appear occasionally like a Deus ex Machina to set things straight. But, you have nothing material or factual to add, just comments about the quality of commenting. That kind of noncommittal, vicarious judging is off-putting, because those of us in the trenches here have been putting up with the governmental corruption for at least the six years of the BC existence — and, that makes some of us ornery at times, ornery enough to get a little bit subjective. The nature of the sneaky, hidden corruption must needs make commenting inferential at times. Tough titty. If you can add something here of value that helps to enlighten, do so. Otherwise, join the PTL and save lost souls with promises of miracles. (Don’t forget the seed money that makes those miracles possible.) Those people, unlike us, believe anything the are told.

    • “…so darned jaundiced by your subjective thinking. I would like you to uncover the truth, not the sensationalism.”

      Well, it’s a little subjective to want to do investigative reporting and not cartoons for the funny papers, isn’t it?

      While this would have to be a scientific journal to attain that level of objectivity, the ironic thing about the BC is that JP stops short of providing ALL of the background material that is condensed for the articles, because he can’t. That is maddening for those of us who want to completely understand the whole story. But, he can’t. Embellishing would destroy his credibility, something stated here many times before. Misrepresenting something intentionally would be a death blow to the publication. There are many people who comment, though, that can add some of that background, hence their value. In the beginning of the BC, the charges of sensationalism and yellow journalism were rife, but over time, it has proven itself of being pretty damn accurate. If it is not, it is always corrected by the author.

      And no, I am not he.

      As an aside, go to the sports articles and comments of the Pittsburgh papers and online news sources, if you want some real fun. Those rabid people don’t take prisoners.

    • When people do offer you something “material or factual to add”, you have nothing to say. And didn’t you say, numerous times, that you are done with this? I know people like you. People who announce “I’m taking my ball and going home” and then when no one cares or sheds a tear, you are back looking for even more attention. You’re a sorry and pathetic old man clinging to some sad illusion of power and respect ON A LIGHTLY TRAVELED COMMENT SECTION. Get a life.

  40. This is the stuff that CAN be reported, QQ. It is my belief that Grand Jury investigations will reveal things, some incidentally, that some of the perps have done that will shock you, make you soil your pants and question ever going out at night again. But, those are unproven, undocumented rumors, waiting for right event and right story to make them public. Then, some of the commenter squawking here and now will seem like shooshing in a library for quiet.

  41. It appears that QQ is running interference for her courthouse corrupt cronies. I would like to hear her rebuttal to all that JP has reported. He has neither been subject to litigation nor his reporting discredited. That is what I want from the naysayers. Not some holier than thou bullshit. Until JP veers from the truth I am all in with his reporting as factual, timely and honest. You may disagree with me but put up or shut up. Just the facts mam, just the facts. Sadly, most people in this county rely on the piece of shit rag that is the Beaver Times. Uneducated, unaware and happy to live like sheep and mushrooms.

  42. Yeh, I get it, EJ. But there are a few of us who follow this publication and have for a long time. Some readers even tune in here to get our take on the news. We have the time and the will to do it. And it is not uncommon. Go to the comment section of any news outlet, and you will find the regulars. I think I add another perspective not given by others. Sometimes, I take undeserved shit from others that justifies throwing in the towel for awhile. If the 8 or 10 of us who comment regularly stopped, would you step in. Nope, you would just bad mouth the people who took our places. So, if you don’t like what this bird says, skip it when you see the picture. Easy, even an asshole can do it.

    • I stand by my comments about the idiots who routinely comment on this blog. YOU AND JP HAVE BEEN WRONG ABOUT FR. JUST ADMIT IT AND MOVE ON. Stop pontificating. It’s so lame.

      • Here is a challenge, QQ. Take your time and write about the real reasons for how the readers’ perceptions about FR are wrong. Facts, not opinions. Prove me/us wrong, and I’ll give you a personal retraction and apology. One major problem is that much of the FR deal has been intentionally hidden from public disclosure and publication. In addition, Stonewall cut off much of the information gathering from the beginning. His famous “no quid pro quo” shut the whole investigation process down. There is a good Letter to the Editor in the BCT today that you might even use, although it would not favor your views.

  43. I would STILL ask to see that we get a state or federal audit of the Friendship Ridge sale to see exactly what this county received for selling that asset. What did it go for , $37 million!!!! announced at the time? And it seems as if it has been going back in increments ever since. Connie’s check story, the Bonus, the Medicare payments, passing on the disputed $1.3 million, sales commission, debt refinancing, what else? Attorney Benyo had said something this summer that it was more like around a $9 million net, which is a far bit lower than $37 million and apparently we aren’t going to get our bronzed “No Smoking ” signs for the Courthouse. Just once, you’d like to hear a definitive , accurate statement about that deal.

  44. Well, Quality Queen, I guess you are not going to post your response to why the commentators have wrong interpretations about Friendship Ridge. I was getting excited that we would finally get the real truth from the Horse’s Mouth. I was even working on an apology and retraction for you.

    I guess I’ll just have to view Jim Christiana’s “ROCKY” video on Facebook a few more times to wait out the rain. Darn, it’s good. Don’t know where all those railroad tracks, mills and dingy scenes came from. Conway Yards? Chuck Betters’ slag dump? A side trip to Brooklyn for original footage? Yep, from the push-ups to the scruffy hair on his chinny chin chin, it is vintage Rocky. No raw egg chugging, though. Darn.

    I shall add a caveat, though. In this bird’s view, I should not be surprised if some of the responsibility for the Friendship Ridge fiasco finds its way to Stonewall’s office door, brown paper bags and all. That will make for some real fun news.



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