A former Beaver County Solicitor is asking the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court to hear an appeal in the “double billing” case brought against him by the county.

Attorney Myron Sainovich is appealing a ruling by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania from July that upheld a previous ruling by Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza made in August of 2013.

Sainovich was ordered to repay over $44,000 in legal fees he billed to taxpayers during his time as county solicitor — interest and costs have since seen the amount he owes taxpayers balloon to over $60,000.

As a result of a lawsuit filed against him by the Beaver County Board of Commissioners and County Controller David Rossi, Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza determined Sainovich violated the Pennsylvania County Code when he billed taxpayers to perform jail arbitration work in 2006, even though he was already being paid a salary as the county’s solicitor.

Sainovich was fired as the county solicitor in June 2011 after he refused to pay back the money voluntarily, and scoffed at a call by the Board of Commissioners to resign.

Myron Sainovich continues to receive a county salary as Solicitor of the Sheriff’s Office because County Commissioners do not have the power to remove him and Sheriff George David refuses to.


  1. The David Mafia consigliere got caught double dipping. No surprise there. Fake your indignation, lie on the stand, tell them that “nothing happened” and give a party to boast about it. Same old shit.

  2. Why am I not surprised when a simple Googling of Sainovich’s attorney, Charles Garbett, turns up something?

    This was 16 years ago, but this action makes me question the credentials of this guy. Granted, all lawyers are not friends of Snow White, but why is there so much legal involvement always going on in the Sainovich circle of friends? Is this an isolated event, or is there a pattern of the misconduct?

    An excerpt from the LEAGLE (1990):

    “On September 22, 1988, appellant, Charles W. Garbett, Esquire, was called to the chambers of the Honorable Glenn McCracken Jr., President Judge of Lawrence County. Appellant was unaware of the reason he had been summoned, as, at that time, he had no matters pending before President Judge McCracken. Appellant appeared at chambers, and asked the purpose of the conference. He was advised that the purpose would be fully explained at a conference in the courtroom. In the hallway, on the way to the courtroom, the court administrator heard appellant call President Judge McCracken an “asshole.” President Judge McCracken did not hear the comment in the hallway. Upon entering the courtroom, President Judge McCracken ordered appellant to repeat his comment, and appellant repeated the remark. President Judge McCracken then held appellant in contempt of court and ordered appellant committed to the Lawrence County Jail.”

    Garbett subsequently appealed the action and the contempt charge was dropped.

    • Maybe it’s the 10 year old in me, but I found myself amused by this attorney’s actions and his subsequent non apology apology. I get that judges need to be in complete control of their court rooms, but they’re not gods, and they’re not unaccountable. They work for us, and a little humility for the bench isn’t entirely inappropriate.

      • @wtf: There is only one reason why I come here. It is the only way the average citizen can be informed and do something about local corruption — reading about it and writing about it. — and people in the news do read these comments, and it does make a difference. You can sit back and jab at people, What-The-Fuck, but you contribute nothing. So, don’t bitch about what is happening. You could not have chosen a better screen name, What-The-Fuck, because What-The-Fuck does any of this mean to you?

      • wtf, JP lost, you lost, I lost, everyone with the exception of the brain dead sheriff lost, your just to stupid to realize it. When the day comes when you really loose, and you cry like a 3ed grade school girl, just remember, No Body Cares

  3. It is interesting that the Garbett tactics used to get out of the contempt charge are the same as the defense of Sainovich today. The definitions of the law are being addressed, not the actions of the defendant. If Sainovich gets off, it seems that it will be due to a technicality. Good lawyering, but it places him back in the realm of “nothing happened”.

  4. @raven if you dig little deeper you will find a connection to sheriff brother and the arbitrator that heard the Mary Ann Ruskin complaint when she was purchasing director… It’s a doozy and go figure the very same law firm was in the middle of that.

    ” I’m a beaver county guy” commercial lol, two of a kind,

    how many times has a certain lawyer been to rehab for his cocaine addiction paid for by spouse’s school district insurance? Or when a certain lawyer son
    Struck another youth with a weapon and broke his jaw and teeth nothing ever done,hmmm and it was a judges son to boot.



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