Robert "Bobby" Williams


A former candidate for Aliquippa City Council has been charged with perjury under the Pennsylvania Election Code. Robert Dean Williams, age 74, is accused of lying on an official nominating petition to appear on the May 21st Democratic primary ballot.

The controversy surrounding Bobby Williams arose after a series of investigative reports by the Beaver Countian raised serious questions about his residency. Following those reports, a group of residents from Aliquippa filed a lawsuit against Williams seeking to keep his name off of the ballot. Williams withdrew his candidacy one day later, and the Beaver County Bureau of Elections sent him a letter demanding he change his voter registration if he wanted to vote in the next election.

Beaver County Detective Lieutenant Kim Clements and Detective Timothy Staub subsequently conducted an investigation into Williams to determine his actual place of residency. Detectives say that investigation determined Williams resides at 1669 Old Brodhead Road in Center Township, not at 269 Station Street in Aliquippa as he swore to on his petition.

According to an Affidavit filed by Clements in the case, 269 Station Street in Aliquippa has not had water service since 2006, garbage service since 2007, or mail delivery. After executing a search warrant at the building, detectives found an electric meter at the premises had been removed, and that the interior contained “no food, clothing, no dishes, pots, pans, eating utensils, toiletries, etc.”

Detectives say Williams has not paid residency tax in Aliquippa from 2005 to present, and that during the course of their investigation they had witnessed the man sitting on his porch in Center Township.

“Williams stated that he stays at the 269 Station Street address at least 3 nights a week,” wrote Clements in her complaint. “When asked how he stays there without any utilities Williams stated, I go home to bathe when I am dirty and if I get hungry I eat downtown.”

Perjury under the election code is a first degree misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than $10,000, imprisonment not exceeding five years, or both. A preliminary hearing has been set for May 23rd at 10:00am.

Bobby Williams has declined to return messages seeking comment since the Beaver Countian began its investigation, having previously told this reporter to “go fuck yourself.” Several residents of Aliquippa have accused Williams of flashing a gun and using racial slurs when he visited their home to collect signatures for his petition.

Editorial Note: For clarification, the Bobby Williams mentioned in this article is not the same man who ran against Jim Christiana for state representative.


  1. ” I go home to bathe when I am dirty….” So he admitted to the detectives that home is the property with the utilities. Also, I would think by using being dirty as the qualifier as to when he goes to his Center Twp. house, that would mean that he is ALWAYS at the Center address.

    Well, I doubt he gets anything even close to the max sentences. On the plus side, if he is at least found guilty of this charge, based on the possible max sentence and classification of Misdemeanor, he will be prohibited by law from having a license to carry firearms and also be prohibited from owning firearms, no matter how weak the actual sentence he receives. I am anxious to see how long it will take his buddy George to revoke his LTCF after the conviction, or will that somehow fall through the cracks? Of course, the license doesn’t matter much after the state makes you turn in your guns and you can no longer legally purchase them.

  2. Pay attention sheriff David It seems like people are tired of you and yours bullshit. If Williams testifies under oath that he does sleep in that rathole he may face additional perjury charges. What about you, can you lie out of your charges or just plead the 5th. ? Sheriff and his cronies are GOING DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. For anyone who doesn’t know Linda Tice , she is the common law wife of georgie supporter and ohioville mayor.JP has caught him is numerous lies and back door schemes,so take her comments with a grain of salt.

  4. The story I received he was/is being charged with perjury AND voter fraud. Either way his gun toting days are numbered. I also understand Aliquippa code enforcement, and I say that trying not to throw up, has given him 60 days to bring the property on Station street up to code. Saw the little jackass working on the slum this afternoon. Someone needs to tell said ass that tossing a coat of paint on it is like a band-aid on an amputation. And as sure as I’m sitting here now, said ass will have 30,000 photos of all the other dilapidated eyesores in DaQuip and claim selective enforcement. The sad part of it is, the ass would be right. No one does their job in DaQuip without being forced to.

  5. Bobby must be sleeping with Linda Tice or she’s just plain stupid. Cant she understand what proof the detectives have on him? I guess not !

  6. Goingm for all the people who care and do things for their towns unlike some ignorant want to be reporter who tells nothing but lies someone needs to check on this creeps background and lies!!!!!!!! Jon Paul !!!!! what a joke!!!1

    • Linda, please tell us more. PLEASE??? Not because you have anything relevant to say but I think it’s hilarious watching an imbecile try to make a point.

    • Yeah, you’re right Linda! The truth will come out. We don’t want scumbags who use the outdated, archaic, and ignorant word “nigger” doing ANYTHING in our county. Bobby is a jackass, period. That, my friend, is the truth. The fact that you’d defend that nutjob makes you appear to be one too. He’s going to get what he deserves.

  7. Linda seriously what did Bobbie Williams ever do for Aliquippa?

    He is a rat with a tow truck and property that should be on demolition orders

    For real quit making an ass of your self

    He lives sleeps in Center

  8. Cant wait till/if they make him believe that perjury is punishable by a fine not more than $10,000 and not more than FIVE years imprisonment. Let him know we the people aren’t interested in the measly $10,000. We want ASS!!! Watch him start singing when that pressure is applied to those little nuts. Make him sing a song called Georgie, Sainovich and cronies.

  9. @Linda Tice….once again, you are an idiot… least you are consistent. It’s obvious based on your hero worship mentality that you are probably blowing him but the rest of us don’t have our objectivity compromised.

  10. The fact that taxes are not paid does not mean anything, the reason this man is a scumback , jackboot, is because he is running for a council seat. <<<DEAD GIVEAWAY, Not paying taxes would qualify him for not participating in paying for the failed department of education, the failed war on drugs, the failed war on "terror", And any thing else the nanny dealer government has been wasting taxes on.

    • That’s just ridiculous, especially coming from someone, obviously, who believes that party affiliation means anything. You a Republican? That guarantee you’re an insane asshole? Haha! Grow up.

      • You kind of contradicted yourself here didn’t you. However, I agree that pretending that siding with either of the two major parties is anything other than burying one’s head in the sand is ludicrous.

  11. Ok, just want to address Mrs. Tice! Mrs. Tice if and when they will actually look into all the underhanded dealings of Georgie David Sheriff of Beaver County, they will find that he had a hands in why Mr. Williams property has never made to the SHERIFF sale! Mrs. Tice I know you might of had trouble following the dots in sequence to put the whole picture together,but they do have special classes to help with that its called a dose of reality.

    • Truly sorry to hear that your living next to the village idiot. I sure would like to be standing there when the judge tosses his ass in jail just to see the look on his face. I guess there is more than one way to clean up the neighborhood.

  12. When Williams was the code enforcement officer he turned me into the city manager, they made me get a permit to replace an unsafe existing deck. My taxes went up, but no problem, it goes to better our town. Its the way this creep showed up at my house, looking like a bum, gun hanging off his hip, and smelling like a goat. NOT PROFESSIONAL at all. And then swore at me like a wild man threatening my job…Remember what you said Bobby “whats right is right” Hopefully you get yours………….good riddance……..

  13. Oh Edgell, people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…Got a taste of your own medicine from an old goat, well good for him. How many people did you threaten, swear at, and intimidate? Your worse than he is and every one knows it…… You have never spent one day on the job being PROFESSIONAL, you PROFESSIONAL, WHAT A JOKE……

    • Well stones I do not hide behind a screen name, When I work I am professional, and only take it to the next level only when needed. I am firm, fair, and by the book. You think you can do my job any better, call, maybe you can come for a ride along, see what really goes on. So keep on hiding behind a screen name. Any day you think you can do better give me a call…..

  14. I believe stones and the other comment to reflect that you treat everyone like EVERYBODY is a PIECE OF SHIT LAW BREAKING SCUM, there are alot of cops out there that have a great personality, your not one of them. Cheer up brother, be happy, you choose to be a cop, remembver EVERYONE DOESNT BREAK THE LAW .

  15. When Doug “The Professional” Edgell was hired by Alighetto , he was broke in by none other than George “Cuz Cuz” David. He was George’s “Right hand man” so to speak. No other explanation needed.

  16. Bobby, you getting nervous yet? Your get out of jail free card George has his hands full now. He’s going to leave you twisting in the wind because it’s every man for himself time. In case you forgot already, the judge can give you 5 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. Wonder when your old lady is going to get tired of paying for your arrogance? She has paid for everything else you have. Remember mother fucker, what come around goes around.



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