A former Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy is scheduled to face trial on felony charges after police alleged he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home.

Bryar Boyd Netherland was arrested back in August by the Pennsylvania State Police on charges of attempted burglary, criminal trespass — breaking into a structure, and loitering/prowling at night.

According to an affidavit filed in the case, the Pennsylvania State Police responded to a burglary alarm at a home in Big Beaver Borough at approximately 1:00 a.m. on August 1st. Troopers searched the interior and exterior of the residence without seeing anyone. Later that morning, after the alleged victim returned home from work, troopers say they were dispatched back to the home where they were shown surveillance video depicting two white males, one of whom opened the locked front door of the residence using “unknown means.”

“I viewed one of the males run away and drive off upon opening the door and the other male enter the residence, where he remained for a few moments before running off into the darkness,” wrote Trooper Justin Laneve in a statement filed with the court.

State Police say the victim identified the man who entered her residence as her ex-boyfriend, Bryar Boyd Netherland. She identified the man who opened her locked door as Taylor Hays Woodrome.

The Beaver Countian is not identifying the alleged victim by name due to the nature of the allegations.

Court dockets show Netherland was charged with felony 1 attempted burglary, felony 2 criminal trespass, and a misdemeanor count of loitering/prowling. The attempted burglary count was dismissed at a preliminary hearing held in the case on September 21st, the remaining charges were held for court. Netherland is being represented by attorney Stephen Colafella, a tentative trial date has been set for January 8th.

Woodrome was similarly charged with attempted burglary — also dismissed at the preliminary hearing — along with criminal trespass and loitering/prowling which were held for court. Woodrome is being represented by attorney Steven Valsamidis.

Bryar Netherland is a former Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy who was hired by then-Sheriff George David in April of 2014. David had used a provision in Pennsylvania County Code to allow Netherland to work as an armed Deputy in the courthouse for a year without any certification. Netherland was forced to resign as a Deputy in 2015 after being unable to graduate from the Deputy Sheriff Training Program.

Bryar Netherland is the nephew of Beaver County President Judge Rick Mancini, and the son of Judge Mancini’s courtroom tipstaff Kelly Wolf, who is Mancini’s sister-in-law. Netherland’s brother, Cebran, now works as First Deputy Treasurer under Connie Javens. Cybrin’s wife, Jo Lynn Netherland, resigned from the state-wide Mrs. Pennsylvania pageant earlier this year after Sheriff Tony Guy authorized her to conduct a fundraiser for the Sheriff’s Office K-9 Fund — something county officials said violated provisions of the Pennsylvania County Code.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Wow, looks like the whole family was hired by the Beaver County government. I hope Netherland wasn’t related to Chris Netherland, a former Brighton Twp police. Chris was a honest and good Cop. Sounds like this guy is in a heap of trouble. Let’s see if all these connections get him a fair trial.

  2. Gerald Benyo you have been great to me and I have all the respect in the world for you as a lawyer. Thing is that whole courthouse is corrupt with Mancini sitting at the top. I dont know where your politics line up but My brother and best friend has to go up against the whole beaver county courthouse against false allegations made against him by Mancini’s nephew. If you are in any way aligned with shady and disgusting goings on in that place then please let him know so he can find different council. I sent him to you and told him you were the best. He needs your best. If you cant vigorously defend him for any reason against the Mancini family tree please show him the respect of letting him know that. It is him against the world and on my recommendation he chose you to stand by him. I believe you to be against the corruption at the courthouse. I pray that to be true.

    • Phillip, I entered my appearance with the Court on your brother’s case. I do not play games with my client’s lives and take my responsibilities as a criminal defense lawyer seriously.

      Anyone who has known me or litigated cases with me in court can confirm that I have no difficulty with representing clients regardless of who is involved.

      I did not back down when a former ADA in the Courthouse and the former Attorney General (who was later taken out of court in handcuffs in her own criminal case) filed felony charges against me for filing documents with the Court evidencing improper conduct being taken against my client by the Assistant District Attorney.

      I did not hesitate when the Treasurer filed a civil action against John Q Taxpayer that went against the protections of the 1st Amendment.

      I did not back down or let politics in the courthouse stop me from helping a number of clients over the years – and that will never happen with any client I represent.

      I will confirm to you that in your brothers case there has been nothing that has improper or out of the ordinary for a criminal case. I understand your fears but let the criminal process work.

      • I am just over here laughing my behind off… you did nothing for my fiancé and I gave you money and all you did was harrasss me every week for money and you did absolutely nothing….

    • Probably be hard pressed to find even one person there not connected to someone, some how, some way. I’m sure of it.

  3. Seems to me that these Netherlands are a bit touched in the head. Call Uncle Rick and he will make it all go away. We will hear some bullshit fairytale about it but there will be no record of anything. This case should be tried in another county. Too many conflicts here.

  4. Well if found guilty they should roll Uncle G. David out and let him chew off their fingers and guaranteed they will never do this again! These slimy connected worms that infect our Courthouse, churches/network centers, and our entire communities need to pack up and flyit down South…not that the South ever did anything to deserve their ilk…..but Mungo digress’….Anywho aint the Stillers playing today?!? So get them meds, cigarettes, booze, a couple lottery scratchers and bundle up in your blankets of apathetic defeatism, because true change starts with one person at a time! And aint nobody got time fer dat..

  5. What ever happened with the other referenced stories? Are they still being pursued, or have they been swept under the rug? I was waiting to hear what became of Yosemite Sam and his front porch shootout.

  6. They are all crooked liars cheaters I wouldn’t trust any of them somebody needs to come here from another state and clean Beaver County out it’s all little click they’re Liars I’ve seen judges do things firsthand that they should have never done in Beaver County crooked crooked people

  7. To stupid to pass the Sheriff Deputy test, and to stupid to know not to break into an ex-girlfriend’s house. This one is definitely not the brightest crayon in the Mancini family crayon box.

  8. Cue Netherland family members and friends in a few hours to defend this behavior, convince us he didn’t do it, somehow blame the break in on the ex-girlfriend, and remind us all of what a wonderful person Bryar is even though he is on video breaking in to his ex-girlfriend’s house.

  9. “Thing is that whole courthouse is corrupt with Mancini sitting at the top.”

    PROOF of that would be the story of the century. The suspicion has been circulating through these stories and comments for a long time. Are you credible in you accusation?

    • Credible no one could make up the crimes that have been committed against citizens of Beaver County. People are dead some of this shit is just to terrible to face. And that’s understandable.Better to pretend this valley hasn’t sunk into the abyss. Until it happens to you or someone you love.

  10. Regarding the above comment, try a little Sunday connect-the-dots exercise, instead of the Sudoku puzzle in the paper. It has become easier over time, as with this article, to connect the dots among many of the family and friends at the Courthouse, past and present. But there is one problem. Connecting the dots is easy, until you get to the department head level. Then, they stop. At that point, one must consider two options. One, the department heads and staff unilaterally do the stuff they do to make these pages. Or, two, someone up higher is pulling the strings or at least making them easy to reach. Why that vacuum above the department head level? Why would controversy be limited to only those at and below department head levels?

    Yes, this is begging the question, and I am not suggesting anyone in particular, but it should be asked. And another question, “If there are higher-ups that know the bad stuff is going on below, why don’t they do anything about it?” Are they uninvolved or not? And, O.K., I’ll give a pass to one possible answer: “They don’t give a shit.” Believe that? No, I don’t either.

  11. Wait ….. what ? ……. so you can work as a Beaver County Sherriff without even taking any kind of training ? What kinda fuckery is this ? This needs to change ASAP

    • It’s not just a Beaver County Sheriff, it’s this way across most of the state. Once hired you have 1 year to take the classes to get certified. I can’t imagine it’s much more than some basic laws and can you spell your name correctly. You have to be brainless to not get certified. If you can’t get into FBI you go to PSP. If you can’t get into PSP you take your act 120. If you can’t get your 120 you get hired as a sheriff. If you fail out as a sheriff you go on to be a constable.

    • There are a lot of Sheriffs Depts that work that way. It’s called a recruitment program here. The longer you “train” on the job, the more responsibilities you get.

    • Steph Schall these people are armed with little to no training … I don’t care what program it is … it needs revamped … this dude worked a full year and could not complete the training required ..that’s ridiculous

    • I’m agreeing with you Drew, I’m not trying to defend him. I was just pointing out that it’s everywhere, not just good ole BC. Yes, they have armed people with no training, and that’s the scariest part

  12. Let the cases be heard and play out as thry should. Im sure there are things surrounding these incidents thst arent fuly known yet.
    As for Judge Mancini, i will say thay i have known him for a nimber of years and beliebe him to be a very capable and intelligent person. I also know him to be kind and christian like. I don’t believe him to be corrupt in any fashion. We will see how the facts bear out and hopefully they are reported. I know some other articles have been neglected to be updated once chargesare dropped. So we will see.

  13. Omg… I can’t keep track of everybody that’s related to everybody in this… they need to make a family tree of the courthouse employees…

  14. I am always amused when a courthouse family member eagerly hits the “Disagree” icon (button). So glad that we “made their day.”

  15. Perhaps it is time to start recognizing that a “Cosa Nostra” type of organization is in control of the Courthouse, top to bottom, and extending into local communities, and that approaching the problems on an individual basis really hasn’t been very effective. These are not individuals who unilaterally decided to exploit the situation, then ganged up and screwed things up together in a collective assault. No, it is a systemic disease gone septic, and the infectious bugs are of the same source in the toxic neighborhoods that bred them, like so many mosquito larvae in a stagnant sewer. Deal with the place as the out-of-control disaster zone that it is.

    This is a job for the FBI, not the State Police, or PA Attorney General, who have their share of sympathizers in their ranks. Don’t fuck around with these opportunistic ingrates any longer. People have been led out of that place in handcuffs before. This time it should be Federal Agents. Why not now?

    • If you think that some magical wall exists between local cops, Sheriff Deputies, Sheriff, lesser law enforcement, attorneys and some judges, and State Police, look again. They are all one fun living gang. With a few exceptions, the names are the only difference. Go to a retirement party or other such mutual love fest, and the only difference you will notice is that the lawyers wear the suits and the state cops are the ones in nice clothes drinking Blue Moon and Stella Artois.

      • The Beaver Countian has been chipping away at the Courthouse “organization” for about five years. Piece by piece, one corrupt slimy slug at a time. Now, in this article, we get a feeling that the parts are indeed part of a much larger whole. A giant slug covering all that is good with suffocating mucous as it moves. From a wannabe law enforcement schmuck facing felonies at the lowest level to the very top of the pyramid. That pyramid is the target, people, even though calling each perp out does some good. It all adds up. Where does one start? Well, the next election, where some very good qualified people have pledged to fix the mess. Vote. In the meantime, hope that they make mistakes and are caught on security cameras doing it.

  16. Another one of Asshole tony guys people. Look at his track record. The best is one of his are living with an ex con…. right Steve!!

  17. This county will not be cleaned up until the Feds step in and convene a grand jury and interview all of the “players” under oath, one after another until they unravel the house of cards known as Friends and Family, Inc. The county reeks from the head down to it’s toes in nepotism, corruption and moral bankruptcy. Elections take many years for positive change and locals fear ANY change. Times will endorse lame candidates for campaign cash and bullshit logic. Sheeple will vote4 same old same old. It will take another generation to let the slugs die on the vine and hopefully be replaced by decent people of character, ,morality and conviction. Yeah right! Lay off the crack pipe. THIS IS US, BEAVER COUNTY. Remember machine politics have destroyed nearly every large city in this country. It breeds, corruption, nepotism and outright theft/mishandling of taxpayers assets. Educate and vote for YOUR children and grandchildren’s future. If your Friends and Family, Inc voting pattern continues their will be no county left to plunder. Last slug out please remove Queenie’s corpse and lock the Midget out. Make sure Stonewall isn’t lurking in the hallways looking for his marching orders from the “man”.

  18. Well said, equalizer13. And once somebody here has the information and guts to prove which “man” — maybe two or three — is/are pulling the strings, there is a chance that things will start to unravel. It is the “Godfather” upside down, and an induction bottom to top of reasoning that hopefully will bare who that monarch or oligarchy is/are.

  19. Wonder why some of us post numerous comments here? Partly because the BCTimes provides slanted coverage and no forum for dissent. Just expurgated pap.

    Today, J.D. Prose offers up anther sanitized version of the WJR story. I thought you had more guts and a pair of balls, J.D., but you are just another one of Lisa Micco’s eunuchs. Why not just go over to Madgar and WJR and apologize for having to print the story? Or have you already?

    Oh…And fuck believing WJR’s dog was retired because he is old, and WJR’s pretend injury, and his lame job stress excuse.

    We have unreported corruption running amok in the Courthouse, and the Times giving WJR an apology for his assaults on the public.

    Where, oh where, are the Feds?

  20. “It’s just time and best for me and my family. I just don’t need the stress anymore,” Wijnen-Reims said.” Yes, being a cop is tiring, especially when you have to beat the shit out of so many people. Preparing for a Federal Trial is hard on the brain, too. Ain’t life a bitch?



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