A former Beaver County man was shot in the chest on Friday while attempting to burglarize a home in Lawrence County, according to state police.

Richard Andrew Javens, 43, formerly of Beaver Falls, is being treated for wounds from a shootout that began around 1:15am in North Beaver Township.

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review reports that Javens and two other gunmen allegedly broke into the house and began exchanging gunfire with an unidentified 25 year old resident of the home. State police say Javens was shot in the chest by a shotgun blast as the other two gunmen fled. Javens is being treated at UPMC Mercy. The resident of the house was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for cuts and abrasions and released.

State police later arrested Michael A. Waters, 23, on charges of conspiracy and carrying a gun without a license. Waters reportedly shares the same address as Javens in New Castle.

A warrant has been issued for Richard Javens charging him with robbery, burglary, and firearms violations. Michael Waters is being held in the Lawrence County Jail in after failing to post a $100,000 bond.

Court records show Javens has multiple prior convictions in Beaver County for retail theft, theft by unlawful taking, criminal mischief, loitering and prowling at night, and defiant trespass.


      • 5)  No person should be required to surrender his or her
        personal safety to a criminal, nor should a person be
        required to needlessly retreat in the face of intrusion or
        attack outside the person’s home or vehicle. — this means even if they’re in your yard, even if you’re in a public street. Very similar to Florida’s “Stand your ground” act.

  1. I read about this a few days ago on The Blaze. Apparently, the home owner had a handy dandy little AR on hand and was able to successfully defend himself against 3 armed intruders. THAT, Joe Biden and all the other anti-AR idiots out there, is why I need a gun with more rounds than your arbitrary magazine limits and why I need an AR!

  2. good the scum bag got what he deserved shot! good for the home owner protecting his home! to bad that he only wounded him though! more people need to start protecting there homes it takes to long to wait on the police to get there! seen this on the news I said here’s one for worlds dumbest criminals, man gets shot trying to break into a home gets shot and goes to the police department and says yeah I been shot, officer: how did this happen? scum : well you see I was trying to break in to a someone’s home and would you believe they had a gun and they shot me just because I was trying to break in to their house!?

  3. What’s this another JAVENS arrested in a crime inside a home with a gun that was fired with in a month…’

    How many javens committing crimes need to take place before the court system and voters have enough.

  4. @mr glasser and hmmmm

    Your partially right it needs to stop.

    But sorry this isn’t Connie Javens son though.

    Her oldest was arrested free weeks ago and currently they are trying to get the charges dropped.

    This low life had been arrested multiple times for drugs and thieving for decades is a proud family member though it’s just the nephew of Connie Javens, no not the one on Megan’s law list, or the arson just the druggie thief…… I know that could be a few.



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