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A Beaver County Jail Guard says Sheriff George David threatened his well-being while in a fit of rage — A room full of people, including other elected officials, witnessed the entire incident.

“I’m signing my own death sentence for bringing this forward” said Daniel Fleischman, a guard at the Beaver County Jail, before telling the Beaver Countian about the encounter.

It was the Saturday before election day last November when Fleischman said he entered the Democratic Headquarters in Monaca to pick up a stack of campaign fliers. Fleischman volunteered to help the Democratic Party after Beaver County Commissioner Tony Amadio, who has known Fleischman for nearly his entire life, asked if he would be willing to lend a hand.

After he entered the headquarters, Fleischman said he noticed Sheriff David standing in the room, and went to shake his hand and greet him. “If looks could kill I would have been dead. Then he went completely off.”

“Georgie started screaming. He turned into a madman” said Beaver County Controller David Rossi. “He kept screaming, you have the nerve to try to shake my hand […] I’ll cut off your hand, I’ll eat it, I’ll feed it to you […] The man looked like a deer in headlights.”

“He started yelling I’m going to cut your hand off and eat it” said Beaver County Prothonotary Nancy Werme. “The man looked petrified but Georgie just kept yelling.”

“I told Georgie, calm down, calm down” said Beaver County Democratic Committee Chairman Mike “Doc” Sisk who was also at the headquarters that day.

Sisk said he took Sheriff David into a back room to try to calm him down, as Werme handed Fleischman the stack of campaign literature he had come to pick up.

“Everyone in the room was just stunned” said Werme.

“I was pretty concerned” said Fleischman when asked if he feared for his safety. “Because there were a lot of people there, and I thought what was he going to do next […] He was pretty much in a rage.”

“[Commissioner] Tony Amadio was saying Jesus, [Fleischman] is a nice guy, what’s Georgie doing that for” said Rossi. “Tony goes outside with Fleischman and talks with him while Georgie’s still screaming in the back.”

Fleischman said he still doesn’t know why Sheriff David became so upset and lost control.

“I’ve campaigned for two elections for the Sheriff. I got a trailer and put it out for him, I’ve collected signatures for him, I passed out fliers, I worked the primaries” said Fleischman. “Someone told him I was bad mouthing him or something. Why would I do all that work for someone that I hated?”

Committee Chairman Sisk said it wasn’t the first time he saw Sheriff David behave that way. “I’ve known Georgie a long time, I consider him a good friend. But he can get loud, he can be volatile, he’s got a temper.”

Fleischman told the Beaver Countian he didn’t bring up the incident before today because he feared retaliation. “I’ve got to pay my bills” he said. “I’m an employee for the county.”

Prothonotary Werme said she felt bad for not doing more at the time. “I regret that I didn’t do something. I don’t know what I could have done, but I should have at least apologized to the man” she said.

“I’ve had a lot of adversaries in my life, but they’re always criminals not fellow law enforcement” said Fleischman. “I don’t fit in with evil people.”

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.


  1. more and more people keep saying the same things about the sheriff. someone needs to do something before he hurts someone!

  2. SomeOne please fucking arrest this psycho in make him pay finally ,n make all people who covered up for him pay as well !!!

  3. Wow another person speaking up.. It’s about time. Good Luck Officer Dan Fleischman, you are the man! I will pray for you.

    • Fuck you Trina!! You intimidated prisoners at the jail… released a couple prisoners on accident and lost your job for it.

  4. its a shame everyone knows something but wont speak up.We put him in there we can take him out and put someone in there that will do the “RIGHT THING”.Its time for him to go!!!

  5. So true how the sheep voting them in…but the Democratic party keeps giving the sheep handouts so may never see conservative leadership we are out numbered by the sheep.

  6. YOU cant deny anything here now.
    THE VICTIM, A DOCTOR, elected officials as witnesses

    When does the district attorney or president JUDGE step in and say until investigation is over turn in your weapon..

  7. this CAPT CRUNCH is just a name dropping to look important, gun toting blow hard.

    That should have been charged years ago, for with holding evidence in a murder trial, not mention all of the illegal beatings and other shannagins…

    I for one had to sit and watch him get a award for valor and bravery for being shot in the line of duty… MAKE HIM TAKE A POLIGRAPH on that, word has it the wound isnt in leg its the foot and and the DUMB ASS shot himself….

    The GRAND JURY will become PROCTOLIGIST on this case and a certain few better remember they dont ask you questions unless they already have the answers…

    HAVE fun with this one GEORGIE BOY , call your BRO and lay the house odds are your getting convicted this time and sad thing is your taking a few down with you , well its not sad if they are that dumb to follow your lead…. the BRASS MONKEY will be getting MOP this time….

  8. LOL, use the title “doctor” loosely. He is merely a chiropractor. And James, more or less just serve. Not protect. Let’s be reminded the office doesn’t even have most law enforcement powers. Amazes me how Veons antics never splashed up on any of these individuals in court. At least we know he’s not a rat, cuz they all got skeletons

  9. GEORGIE is old news , but news that wont stop for awhile until he is convicted..

    The true topic of DISCUSSION should be who will replace that wacko…

    WORD on the street is the return of WYATT ERP, is returning that being JAY ALSTADT is set to be ready for the seat and has already pledged his support to LUPO, who backed him when he ran for sheriff in 07, giving him the chief deputy seat.. and according to rumors on the street lupo says he is in win win spot because he has deal with the sheriff to back his candidate against WERME, and he getting the asst chief spot… if she wins…

    And word is out of beaver falls is JIM MARSHALL brother in law , MONTANI will get a white shirt spot..

    BUT while they PLOT behind the scenes JACK ERATH claims he got appointment lined up see some dumb asses dont realize the GOVERNER will place somebody to fill the spot till term ends off the RECOMENDATION of the SENATOR which is VOGEL.. AND im sure JACK will do some house cleaning.. JUST RUMORS I GUESS

  10. He { DAN} is a hard working and honest man who does his job by the book,that is how he got his job.We need more men like him in there.

  11. To the person that said ‘use the title “doctor” loosely’ referring to doc Sisk, how many years of college do you have under your belt ??

    I’m pretty sure that doc Sisk has at least 8 years completed and deserves a little more respect for earning his title.

  12. People post some pretty raw stuff here. The tolerance level is very, very high. Compare this to JDProse shutting off commentaries to his current column about a boy’s medical injury during a scuffle, and then joking about the column on Twitter. In my opinion, HIPAA laws were violated, the boy’s privacy is invaded and psychological and social harm are possible (“lawyer up”). It is unconscionable and crude. In that column’s comments, before the blocking, and to a degree similarly here, sadistic sharks smell the blood and there is a feeding frenzy. Some info. is helpful; much is just pure sadistic cr–. If it isn’t toned down, Big Brother, somewhere, will do it for us, and then we all lose. Google is already controlling our surfing content and tailoring it to our search behaviors. Surprise! Enjoy this freedom while you can. It’s in ours to destroy. Maybe you don’t like the sheriff. But can’t you do it with a little class?! And no, the First Ammendment doesn’t allow free-for-all’s.

  13. I have never voted for this buffoon and he can count on never getting my vote. I had some dealings with him when he was Chief of Rochester Police. I’ve never seen such a lazy nasty person who was in office. Well I won my case cause he couldn’t be bothered to show up at the magistrate. He sent another officer…….He was sitting in the station because he told me “I never ride around in the police car. He didn’t bother to show up at hearings either. And the boro had to pay court costs. I think they should put him in a cell nest to Mikey Veon……..both are crooks and not worth the vote.

  14. And I don’t think they spell cheif like that ! How about chief! Either way David is an ass! The courthouse is just as bad as Penn state !

  15. Everybody is think Dan is a stand up guy. That is totally the impression that he wants everybody to think. If you read the article, (Dan) says that “I’m signing my own death sentence for bringing this forward”. I think he is going to try to use this to try to keep his job at the jail. But, Mister Fleischman has all kinds of issues that he is not telling the Beavercountian. (Dan) has had suspensions at the jail, for his behavior and how he is, working at the jail. He currently has an arbitration hearing coming up in the near future, that could cost him his job. Plus on top of that, he has multiple harrassment issues within the jail. Everybody needs to step back and hear both sides of the story. And why do you think that (Dan) said “Someone told him I was bad mouthing him or something.” Guaranteed he was mouthing off about Georgie, within the jail, because of the issues that he has coming up with the jail. The prison board isn’t going to help him keep his job, so he felt that he Georgie was backing out on him (Because Georgie is on the prison board.) That would be why he would bad mouth Georgie outside of the courthouse. Just an FYI, Dan Fleischman was a police officer in the northern part of the county, years ago, and he has a domestic on his record from back then. Shows how much of a stand up guy, he really is.

  16. Consider the source…this fleishman guy is just trying to save his own job. People fail to realize he’s on the verge of getting fired for his constant screw ups at the jail, he has a stack of writes ups a mile high, so, he all of a sudden decides to come after George David a year later? Please you are a joke, I find it hard to believe. This guy quit at the jail twice and returned, this guy had the whole big beaver police department disbanded because he was about to be chief, but I’m sure noone remember this!!!! He’s a joke every officer from big beaver was hired on at chippewa except dan fleishman I wonder? He can’t be trusted and constantly plays games.

  17. I find it remarkable that some people have decided to air Officer Fleischmans dirty laundry but have neglected to air out their own. If Fleischman has done wrong at his job, he will be dealt with accordingly, If Sheriff David has done wrong, he will be dealt with accordingly. Bottom line: Everyone must pay for their mistakes if not in this life, then in the next. I will pray for both men in this story, because they both need the prayer.

  18. This is for Karma 2 and Really, I think you both need to get your story straight neither one of you know what really is going on,you both may think you do but YOU DONT.

  19. Oh how saint like Gonzalez is in her comments. Fleshman is self destructive and would sell his soul to the devil to advance his own interests or put a knife in someone’s back. Funny both people Gonzalez and Fleishman were Civigenics employees. Some county employees should worry about their skeletons in the closet before throwing knives at others

  20. Just two comments: 1 I am not saint like, but thank you for the complement and 2 I have been an employee of Beaver County since 1983 and have never collected a paycheck from Civigenics, therefore I was NEVER employed by that company.

  21. Dans such a hardass as ajail guard but he was scared when george david was yelling? Corrupt david needs to be in jail and so does dan for being a pussy.



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