The First Deputy Treasurer of Beaver County told police he fired warning shots into the air to scare away a man who had allegedly attacked him at his home.

Richard Allen Little, age 36 of Beaver Falls, was arrested on August 15th on misdemeanor charges of simple assault and summary harassment after he allegedly punched First Deputy Treasurer Cebran Netherland in the face multiple times.

According to an affidavit filed by the South Beaver Township Police Department, Cebran Netherland was sitting on his front porch on August 12th with his wife and two other female relatives, when Richard Little began walking toward his house yelling at one of the women demanding to see his children. The Beaver Countian does not name alleged victims of domestic abuse.

Netherland told police that Little sat on his porch and continued yelling for approximately 5 minutes before the man stood up and began punching him in the face.
Netherland said he was in fear and pulled out his “Taurus ‘The Judge’ revolver” and fired three “warning shots” into the air in an attempt to scare Little away.

Little reportedly ran to his car in reaction to Netherland’s gunfire and left the scene.

Netherland’s wife called 911 to report the alleged assault. Police say photographs subsequently taken of Cebran Netherland’s face showed it to be red and swollen.

A preliminary hearing in the case has been scheduled for September 7th.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Being physically assaulted and fires not one, not two, but THREE warning shots?? If I feel threatened, you MAY get a courtesy warning shot. If I’m being PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED?? Stand your ground. Shoot to Kill.

      • Do you really think this is the whole story? The man was yelling at his ex about seeing his kids and then just turns around and starts punching someone that’s not involved? I highly doubt that. And they just happened to have a gun right there with them? Where did this happen, Aliquippa?

      • Bryan, the story you link clearly indicates you have no clue on how to properly handle a firearm, plus pulling a gun on a woman???..pussy.
        Before we jump to conclusions, and look up your past arrests for corruption of a minor, bribery and others, please tell us why she was yelling at you and in what context. A quick search revealed the lady you pulled a gun on has no record in beaver or Lawrence county, not even a ticket!

      • Bambi, common name for a stripper or hooker or most likely the term used in the LGBT community for a….just google it please.

    • Don Jones Mr. Jones, unfortunately I’ve been attacked unprovoked a couple of times in my life. I defended myself and we both walked away. Point being don’t be a pussy and throw hands if you have to.

      • @Mr Christian…..hurrah hurrah you’re a big tough guy! No more need to profess your bravado! Sam colt said his peacemaker was the ultimate equalizer. If a 300 pound man wants to beat up a 120 pound woman then she can pull out some instant, equal defense . Yes I know you will say but this isnot the same thing. Well who the hell gives any thug the right to bully, assault, rape ……you name it ….some innocent victim?!?

        You dont know if the victim just had back surgery, is dying from illness, is elederly…etc.etc.etc..maybe they just dont know how to fight anddo not want to be assaulted…..think snowflakes! My point is no person should not be safe on their own porch and then further be ridiculed because they had the balls to defend themselves in any manner they see fit. So see carrying a licensed firearm for protection does not make one a “pussy” as you seem to believe.

        Just like Mr Jones I believe if anyone should be so unfortunate as to find themselves on my porch trying to punch anyone in their face ……well I do believe in any warning shot either, which by the way is about as stupid as shooting someone just in the leg to stop them…….hahaha not in Mungo’s backyard.

      • Mungo Jerry I agree totally , not in my back yard either, what Gun Control means to me, ” A firm stance an a smooth trigger squeeze , placing the second round in the first rounds hole ” ammo is too expensive to be giving warning shots.

        I understand Castle Doctrine an Stand Your Ground Laws.

        When i first read this, several questions came to mind . , will the First Deputy Treasurer be charge with Reckless Discharge of a Fire Arm ? Did he go inside an retrieve said fire arm ,( Malice aforethought ) or did he have his weapon on his person as the reports says ?
        Did he feel this Battery raised to the level of drawing a weapon an discharging it ? There was no claim Richard Allen Little had a weapon of any sort ?
        A 45 cal. is a heavy chunk of lead to be shooting in the air , those round must come down at some point ( Physics ) , will they come down harmlessly , or strike someone in the head ?
        Make no mistake about it, i’m not advocating what Richard Little did, but would you an I be charged with a Fire Arms crime if we weren’t part of the Court House Mob ?

      • Yes Sir Mister Gray!
        I believe whole heartedly that if a person is armed with said firearm on his person it is not too hard I would imagine to envision a jury siding with the common sense understanding that the aggressive perp who may not presently be amed BUT he will be when he pummels said person and disarms them! And of course nobody’s physically taking Mungo’s Colt 45 compact 6+1

        Agreed on never should have fired a single warning shot let alone 3 and in the air!!!

        One must have a very focused self confidence to assert by vocal command to said perp a directive to cease or stand down your aggressive approach/attack. Verbal art of self defense…..reald it all and also if anyone on here conceal carries you must go on amazon or whatever and by a book titled “in the gravest extreme” written by a scholar in the field named Massad F Ayoob……..enjoy and be safe!

      • Agreed Mungo , i have few colt 45’s , 1911’s, Springfields, Glock’s , S&W, i have the Peace Maker Wyatt Earp edition 8 inch , badge on the grip, My personal carry is 13+1 my open carry is 19+1 , both 9’s, both my pickup truck’s have 40’s , as George Washington once said, “One should have a sufficient amount of arms an ammo to defend ones self ” ……….

    • If someone wants to throw down, be a man and do it. If you want to be a pussy and jump someone not expecting it, expect the consequences. It’s a law called stand your ground. Look it up.

    • Unfortunately I’m afraid I don’t think you can shoot the man on your property unless you feel your life is in danger. Google the castle doctrine. It’s an interesting read.

      • @janitor

        Ok let me explain it, and I will use small words for all the anti gunners on the forum!
        Criminal has disregard for the law…..exemplified by trespassing in front of homeowner and witnesses. Proceeds to assault said homeowner in front of said witnesses! …..following so far?….
        Next step could VERY logically be said criminal grabs shovel, stick, rock, giant rubber baby pacifier……..think snowflakes who fear Trump supporters……and then goes on to continue beating said victim to death! Hence the Sam Colt equalizer! But you are correct in that the castle doctrine is an interesting read! And sorry to any snowflakes if they now feel triggered by Mungo’s small words

      • You might want to check on that hunny, PA don’t have a stand your ground law….it’s not Florida

  2. Did Richard Little do any of his impersonations ? Any President carter or Reagan ? Johnny Carson ? I’m giving away my age.

    • his qualifications are he’s Judge Mancini’s nephew that’s all Treasurer Connie needed to know

      • This has nothing to do with his job. This has every thing to do with him protecting his family from
        Some dumb ass thug who is a deAd beat dad trying to push his domestic violence onto others. All these unrelated comments that turn this into a court house issue and calling him a pussy ??? Really???? I doubt it. He did exactly what he should have done besides shoot this asshole between the eyes. I’m pretty sure any one of all the idiots who are
        Gonna hide behind their keyboard with fake
        Names would do the same. This is my family who was threatened. My sister my nephew. My brother in law. I won’t let their name be put in the dirt……. he did what he needed to do…… he has a wife and child to protect……. period.

      • Your family is just mad that the Netherland family now has multi-racial babies that they all try to put off as white children and deny my Niece and nephew’s of there heritage. The Netherland’s are racist and corrupt!!!! I hope my brother did punch his punk ass in the face!!!! He deserves it.

  3. Have you ever seen a Taurus “The Judge”?
    I mean actually held one?
    They are huge and shoot a 3″ 410 shot gun shell or a 45 colt.
    Definitely not a normal persons weapon of choice to carry concealed.
    This is more of a weapon you would take in the woods incase you got attacked by a bear.
    He must have ran back in the house to get it.
    Otherwise, I can’t see a normal person sitting there on their front porch with a gun of this size while in the company of his wife and 2 female relatives.

    • This is true, however, I do think most of the police in this county carry .45 caliber weapons. You make it sound like he’s got a cannon on his lap. Perhaps he’s got it holstered on his belt? I know my husband carries many different firearms during the week and he hasn’t shot any bears, but then again he doesn’t have a Judge.

      • Hey I’m not saying the guy was right to discharge his firearm three times. That’s just plain stupidity there AND he should be charged by the laws that govern.

  4. Maybe if the queen didn’t hire only friends and family this incident would have been avoided altogether since under different circumstances it’s doubtful that the deputy treasurer’s kids would have been in the first deputy treasurer’s house.

    On another note, does anybody work in that office who isn’t some sort of deputy? It seems that there are more deputies in the treasurer’s office than in the sheriff’s department.

  5. Help Never touched him. He illegally started shooting and made up this story to cover his ass Help there trying to railroad me Sincerely Richard Little

    • It’s going to be okay baby brother. I know you are tired of not seeing your kids. God is always the only judge!!!!!! I love you.

  6. Never fire a weapon into the air. The bullets will come down somewhere, and it has happened that such bullets have killed people.

  7. I find it interesting that Netherland felt it important to state to JP the make and model of his gun as if it is important. More interesting, Netherland didn’t just say Taurus revolver. He said “Taurus “The Judge” revolver” as if it matters, or is a critical piece of information to this story. This speaks volumes about Netherland’s character.




      • I’m still confused about John-Joe, Little Jimmy. If he was G. David’s boy, why did he lose his job when Guy came in. Seriously, someone please explain that all to me. Obviously, I missed a lot of goings-on.

    • Why have local police when everyone wants to turn everything over to the state police. He hasn’t been charged because he didn’t commit a crime. The “podunk” police aren’t in cahoots with the DA to protect the treasurer’s first deputy. Believe it or not, there are plenty of honest, good police officers in beaver county. Go to someone’s house, beating them up while trying to get into the house is a good way to come down with an acute case of lead poisoning. Two to the chest, one to the head, eliminate the threat.

  9. There are so many things wrong with his story its hard to know where, or how to respond. Unless there is way more to the story than is being told, good prosecuting attorney will have a field day with this guy and his impersonation of Yosemite Sam. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a 2nd amendment supporter, and have a concealment permit, but this guy has done the complete opposite of what any firearms training class will teach you.

  10. I’m sure his boss, the Treasurer, will give him some fire arms guidance since she was also involved in a “shoot ’em up” and I believe, a $100. fine was the result.

  11. So the courthouse creates a fake position for the nephew of a judge then when he discharges his weapon illegally in a residential area he fabricates a story and the beaver countian runs with it. Politics at its finest. Smdh.

  12. This is all a fairy tale! He was NEVER attacked and DJ CB AKA MR FIRST DEPUTY LOL shot at the defendant unprovoked. Beaver Countian you should make sure your stories are accurate before posting them to a social network. Although I am working on some racial slur material from this “First Deputy of Judge Mancini! Once I dig them up I’m sure this story will become a lot more interesting to the public!!!

  13. What I find curious, how many of us, while sitting on our porch chatting with friends, relatives, etc. also happen to have a loaded gun on our person. I may have a glass of Chivas Regal scotch, maybe an espresso, but a loaded gun? There has to be more to this story.

    • I ALWAYS have a loaded gun on my person. ALWAYS! When you live in Alighetto, you better be “strapped” at all times with your “block”!

  14. Judges’s nephew and friend of Queen? Stonewall Loser is probably ready to tear into this case. Another chance to endear him to his corrupt cronies. Pity the poor bastard because this deck is stacked against him right or wrong. A couple phone calls here and there and he’ll be facing the death penalty in Beaver County for scaring Friends and Family iNC, the new name for the court house cabal. Watch for 24 hour guard placed in Uber treasurers yard. Go get ’em Midget. Sick the big dogs of the Sheriff’s mob on him. Hire JWR & his killer dog and rotate them to Berstine’s house too. There is a serious crime wave of shit slinging going on.

  15. yea your trying to cover your ass if my son would of punched you in your face you would of never been able to pull your so call gun out and fire it why didn’t you just shoot him you think you are above the law but you too my boy are responsible for your actions you are unfit to be in the couth house leave my son alone you always trash talk him. YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY ARE UNFIT TO BE WORKING AT THE COURT HOUSE WE PAY YOU OUT OF OUR TAXES Let a black man shoot a gun in a residential area and I bet he wouldn’t have a chance in hell but your white ass will prevail.

    • Play that race card Mama Little!!!
      Its not like Little Richard Little is a stellar citizen as he has been arrested for assault and harassment numerous times. Being unfit to work at the court house is questionable as, it appears that there are many “crackpots ” that work there so maybe Netherland fits right in.



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