Beaver County First Deputy Jay Alstadt is distancing himself from previous remarks he made about Sheriff George David. Alstadt had formerly expressed grave concerns about Sheriff David’s mental health, but has now begun defending the Sheriff following his acquittal at trial and return from house arrest.

Jay Alstadt told clerks, deputies, controllers, commissioners, law department personnel, and employees elsewhere in county government that Sheriff George David was “insane,” “paranoid,” “irrational,” was “an impossible person to deal with,” and “mentally unstable.” Alstadt told county employees that David frequently explodes, expressing his belief he may be suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness. Several county employees say Alstadt was near tears at times when talking about the frustrations of working for David.

At one point last month Alstadt told county officials he couldn’t handle the stress of working for George David any longer, saying he hated to see how people were being treated by the man. Alstadt went to county officials to get a quote for his pension.

Jay Alstadt had a nearly half hour long phone conversation with the Beaver Countian from his office last month, confirming reports this publication had been receiving from multiple sources about his various statements concerning Sheriff David (6/12/14 2:19pm). Alstadt spoke to this publication freely, believing at the time David’s conviction at trial was likely.

Alstadt told the Beaver Countian he decided to stay in the Sheriff’s Office after several Deputies begged him not to go, fearing who David may appoint to replace him. He insisted he was doing his best to act as a buffer between Sheriff David and the employees of his office, but the stress of being a human firewall was starting to wear him down. At one point he asked county officials for a raise, saying his work to keep the Sheriff’s Office together under David was worthy of a higher salary.

The Beaver Countian agreed to not publish a report about his remarks to various county employees and officials until after the Sheriff’s criminal case was resolved.

Despite his concerns about George David’s mental health, Alstadt repeatedly stonewalled investigators with the Pennsylvania State Police during the course of their investigation into David. He said he feared for his reputation as a law enforcement officer if he got dragged into the case, and originally feared for his job like so many others who work in the Sheriff’s Office.

In the end, Jay Alstadt worried not so much about losing his own job as much as he expressed concerns about his daughter losing hers. Alstadt had convinced Sheriff David to hire his daughter (a single mother) as a full-time employee of the Sheriff’s Office (working as Warrants Secretary in Central Booking at the Beaver County Jail) not long after she pleaded to a DUI. The woman had become significantly behind on her ARD payments.

Now with George David being acquitted of the charges filed against him, Alstadt has announced he believes those who have been critical of Sheriff David’s behavior in office are simply “being political” or are “on a witch hunt.”

Jay Alstadt has once again begun working on behalf of George David to expand the authorities and powers of the Sheriff’s Office, and some county employees say he has already started to turn his head away from those he once promised to help.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Who is surprised? He went around, talking about the sheriff’s mental health BEFORE the trial, in hopes of helping him set up some possible “diminished capacity” defense, and now that it’s not needed, he’s simply going to retract his statements. None of this surprises me…

    • The man is afraid for his job, his daughters job and he should be covered by the AG and the Whistle Bowers Act. Or, he could get help from Nikki and be her first case as I’m sure she knows all about the Whistle Blowers Act. I’m waiting for her to access JP’s case so we can understand what could be done. He tried to help JP and us all (abet sometimes flawed) but the court and the AG let us all down. I think instead of kicking him when he is down we should try to put ourselves in his shoes. He had the character to stand up against the Sheriff and that’s more than a lot of people did . How many of those reading this would have the guts to do what he did?. I’m not kicking him let Nikki do that. Spike

      • The guts to do what Alstadt did? He did NOTHING worth any praise. He tucked tail, and was and still is Georgie’s little bitch.
        Also, since you know so much, the differences between your case and JP’s were night and day. Yours was civil, pretty much meaningless. His, however, was a bit more complicated, since it was a criminal case. But I won’t get into some silly pissing contest with an old man, who has nothing better to do in life but file frivolous lawsuits, because he is clearly overcompensating for a lack of something else in his life. I’ll just let you talk about you, over and over, since you have refused my earlier question multiple times.

        How bout you do us all a favor, and fuck off.

    • Jay is in a precarious position. He is not a bad guy. The bad guy is the one pulling the strings. Georgie thinks he is invincible now, and it is only a matter of time before he does something again.

  2. I hope I never hate any other human as much as you obviously hate Sheriff David. What did he really do which made you hate him so? Try to find something good to write about the county at least once a week.

    • I agree. Your stories are now about nothing more than George David and how much you hate him. Nothing else happens in Beaver County? Nothing else but what Georgie does. Your slipping in your passion for journalism because you hate him so bad. Pull yourself together.

  3. Ring ring. Hello…..

    ..Lee this is sheriff
    (Lee) what did you do now and are you going to pay me to answer…
    (Sheriff) those futchin pricks were right, my deputy been playing both sides, and I need one of mine in that spot I been getting screwed from within, is okay to clean house I got reputation
    (Lee) quit yelling
    (Sheriff) I can’t sing, so I gagagot to yayayell so I dint sta sta stutter, but I’m no bitch, I beat bitches I know bitch I gotz to show who sheriff
    (Lee) well okay do what you feel is right your with in your power…..mumble ummm was myron not picking up when you called him first before me or do you finally realize
    (Sheriff) I called cuz the mann he wouldn’t talk to me on phone cause of interception fear, myron was in his PGA simulator room so then I called you, but please PLEASE I know what the futch to do it’s over due I just need to know when
    (Lee) after last week …chuckle….deep breath….This would be easy to spin
    (Sheriff) thanks cuz ….ummm I’m not paying you for this call right? If so send the bill to my brother

  4. Knock knock….who’s there…..How fast……How fast who…….How fucking fast is it going to be to say I told you so….

    How fast are they going to be checking phone logs…….

    JAY better get a to go on that raise and quote

    • Matthew Eckman u hit the nail on the head…that has been my thoughts since the beginning with the sheriff!!!! And when hatred for someone is that bad u can bet something really did happen between these two and with no witnesses to back up ones story…well need I say more??

  5. Is this ever going to end? This obsession is out of control. Now you’ve moved on to Jay. Making sure to mention his daughter’s dui. That’s pretty low. If sheriff David donated a kidney to a dying child, you would spin it so the readers know that the kidney was defective in some way. This is sad and tiring.

  6. When I worked with Jay in the Falls, we called him the Texas Stranger. He was worthless then as he is now! If Jay was so worried about his reputation for helping the AG’S Office, how could he think of getting his drunk daughter a job in a jail!

    • Don’t know about all that homeboy as I don’t know him but he should be protected from retaliation under “whisleblowers” law as it is important for everyone. If these things happen and people are not protected no one will tell so irrespective of him it should happen for the greater good. If his daughter has alcohol problems it is unfortunate and she should get help as there are no perfect people with the possible exception of Jesus and my mother in law. And Nikki OMG don’t want to forget her, Spike

  7. And again John Paul exposes the biggest problem in county government EVERYONE IS RELATED! Jay should be worried about the taxpayers of Beaver County not about his family because his family shouldnt be working the same place as him! This is exactly how so much shit goes on!

  8. Nikki: Don’t let the Great Baiting Debater get you down. He’s neurotic, and he thrives on the attention. I refuse to join his game again. I hope other people here recognize that and do the same. I took my dog to the park yesterday and watched it turn around and examine its droppings after it was done. That reminded me of the delight this guy takes in his posts, and the actions are remarkably similar — with the exception that for the dog it is something natural to do, and it doesn’t expect me to give it a reward for doing so.

  9. Typical Jay P. Alstadt. Just plain typical. This guy has been a fence rider his whole career. This conduct on the part of Jay does not surprise me in anyway, shape or form. He built a whole entire career playing both sides of the fence. In debt he needs the job. No honor there. As for his daughter, she needs locked up in the jail for a while. Just ask the Beaver Falls Guys. WEAK SPINELESS JELLY KNEE GUY.

  10. I would appreciate it if someone would post the hearing/trial date for Thomas Ochs. If he has a moment of clarity and “comes clean” with the “truth” as Tibolet wanted to do, it could shed some light on what really happened in the Sheriff’s office during the meeting. I’m not getting my hopes up, but even if he lies again, we will know more of the details.

  11. I see people on here bitching about “All JP does is write about the sheriff”….

    Well, when you have someone like David, who has given the county a huge black eye that even Stevie Wonder could see, it’s rather difficult to ignore. Also, the sheriff is tied into just about EVERYTHING in the county.
    Although, the same people bitching about writing about the sheriff would be bitching about him writing about Quip’s “holier than thou” mayor. It’d be labeled a witch hunt, yada yada.

    So sad that people are willing to turn a blind eye to blatant corruption and shoddy politics in the county where they work and live. The “head in the sand” routine will only work for so long, before you suffocate. Gotta come up for air sometime!

    • That even Stevie Wonder could see??? Nikki, just what does that mean? First you demean people with a religious view for believing in “Fairy Tales” and now this? O my. “Those who the Gods choose to destroy first they make mad” What do you think Raven? Spike

      • Really? You’re using that old and tired phrase from before? Obviously, the “gods” are choosing to destroy you, cause you can’t shut the fuck up, and you’re like a dog foaming at the mouth, because my mere presence just pisses you off.

        Let your god try to destroy whatever it wants, I have no need, nor want of it.

  12. I’ve personally known Jay for years. He’s been nothing but a stand up guy, and a very loyal friend. I’ve seen him help others without the expectation of receiving anthing in return. He was one of three people that got me through one of the toughest and most heart breaking times of my life. Always a gentleman. I can’t speak to his performance while at work, however the aforementioned traits surely cross over to his character on the job. As for his daughter getting a DUI? Many of us have “dodged that bullet”, and if we had more then 1-2 beers and drove home, would be in the same position. Hang in there Jay. This too shall pass….

    • LOL Wow you certainly are an exception. jay doing something without compensation? That’s a new trait. I am glad he got you through a tough time for free. We are talking about his professional performance here. When you work with and for someone, their professional performance is foremost.

  13. The Whistle Blowers Act has just been amended and made even more viable by our State Rep Jarrot Gibbons. He does a lot of good things for us you can see if you look at his voting record. A good strong moral person with family values. Spike

    • He hasn’t blown the whistle on a crime you dumb ass. He had made no mention of any crime. He stated an opinion. That’s it!! You can, however, keep up your rediculous posts so you can continue to be the jest of Beaver County. You have a popularity in Beaver County like the kid who picked and ate his boogers in school. You are clueless. I, in my short years, have forgotten more than you’ll ever know. Your court case was decided because the Sheriff made a smart decision to revoke you permit but unfortunately failed to tell you. That’s all. Corky Thatcher could have tried that case and the outcome would have been the same. Sources tell me you are the laughing stock of the court house. The mere mention of your name renders the response “Oh shit, lol, don’t get me started”. A reputation in which you have earned. And make no mistake you substandard Marine, your conduct in life and on these posts are unbecoming of a true Marine. What a joke!
      And don’t bother responding. I have productive things to do with my time.

  14. This statement alone answers all questions. A true and tried legacy. A self imposed statement. They did not BEG him to stay because he was a great guy, a wonderful boss, a standup all round good guy. They BEGGED him to stay because they FEARED who would replace him. ” PLEASE DO NOT GO, YOUR REPLACEMENT MIGHT BE WORSE THAN YOU ARE”

    His Own words…………………..

    Alstadt told the Beaver Countian he decided to stay in the Sheriff’s Office after several Deputies begged him not to go, fearing who David may appoint to replace him

  15. So True, I forgot. The Whistle Blowers Act doesn’t just cover crime. It covers in house things like mismanagement and not following the Procedural Manual. Children call people names and you are why that happens. Do you have ink too? Spike

    • Anytime you want to find out, I’d be happy to show you in person. As much as you criticize “ink” and judge people who have it, how many of your Marine Brothers (and I use that term loosely as not to offend the real Marines) have tattoos. How many brave men and women who died for your miserable existence wrote tattoos. So keep criticizing or men and women in uniform you prick. Go ahead. NO RESPECT!

  16. John Paul hasn’t done anything for Beaver County but lied and condems others, well clean your own doorstep you lying faggot bitch. Go home and leave everyone alone ,can’t understand why people read your blog as that is all you do, you have no credentials and are far from being a journalist. Bet you Mom and DSad are real proud of you ,not!!!!!!

    • Wow……not biased at all, are you? What’s the matter, are you upset that he’s not writing about you and your boyfriend anymore? Sorry, bigger and better things, I guess.

      And this coming from someone of your age, and FORMER status, I should be shocked. But I’m not.

  17. Do people have nothing better to do than bash people you don’t even know??? You should all be ashamed of yourselves! If you don’t have the gall to say it to someone’s face, then you shouldn’t type it, PLUS what good have any of you done??? Grow a pair and get over yourselves.



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