Sheriff Tony Guy (right) with Chief Deputy Dean Michael / photo by John Paul

A federal judge has set the trial date for former deputy Curtis Larrick’s lawsuit against Sheriff Tony Guy and the County of Beaver.

Following a short 10-minute status conference for the case held on Wednesday, Magistrate Judge Cynthia Reed Eddy issued an order setting jury selection for October 31st. The anticipated week-long trial is set to begin on November 5th in Courtroom 10A, 10th Floor, of the U.S. Courthouse building in Pittsburgh.

Attorneys were ordered to prepare a laundry list of documents due ahead of trial, including pretrial statements, witness lists, exhibits, and proposed jury instructions.

Larrick alleges he was fired by Sheriff Guy at the start of his administration as an act of political retaliation, while Guy insists he terminated Larrick because of his character. Judge Eddy denied a motion by Tony Guy and Beaver County to dismiss Larrick’s civil case last month, determining a jury could reasonably find the Sheriff’s stated rationales for firing Larrick to be “incoherent and implausible.”

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Scheduling Order

Status Conference Memo

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Get this… THE JUDGE SAID- a jury could reasonably find that Tony Guys stated rationales for firing Larrick to be “incoherent and implausible.”

    Let that sink in a little bit!

    • Please don’t describe it as “incoherent and implausible.” This could make him attractive as County Commissioner material.

  2. Incoherent and implausible. That’s our Sheriff of Beaver County Pa. Only thing more scary are some of the disturbed deputies. Get an outside doctor of psychiatry to do some mental health evaluations on them. Not the asshole here in Beaver County that rubber stamps good to go on there disturbed asses.

  3. One advantage of attending — watch them set a record on the Courthouse under-oath testimony Lie-o-Meter, then see if the judge is pro-active on punishing perjury. These guys are pros at fabricating bullshit and “living the lie.” Not since “racking a shotgun with one hand for your boss” have we had the chance to see perjuring bullshit first-hand. Great fun!

  4. There are two sides to a story
    Can’t always believe what you read. The truth will all come out. That is the problem with this society everything is always one sided. There is way more to this story and trying to make the sheriff look bad. Mr. Larrick is by far perfect and he has the name lying larrick for a reason

  5. Tony guy is no good son of a bitch and everyone knows it. He’s a scum bag loser along with his wife. You want to talk about people Sylvia….your husband and you are getting what you deserve. The bad reputation you made for yourselves. May everything come back to your family and more!

  6. I would be surprised to see a caravan of cars making the trip to Pittsburgh and back. No, someone might blink. Larrick would be hired back to oil the rollers on the scanning machines. If not, Beaver would hire any leftover Deputy into their gypsy cop program, and like another Sheriff, they all would be saying, “No trial…it never happened.”

  7. Tony Guy is the most incompetent, corrupt and arrogant Sheriff since Boss Hogg. Surrounds himself with useful idiots that suck his ass for jobs because they are too incompetent to get a job without strings from Family & Friends Inc. The only one that is a bigger dumb ass is his sidekick, the DA Stonewall Loser. Corruption flourishing all throughout the valley under their reign but no one knows or sees anything. They fooled us the first time with their lies about transparency and professionalism. Thieving, corrupt hacks just like those who came and plundered before them. Other than their sorry assed families who believe them, they’ll be lucky to garner many votes for reelection. Outside of Monaca and Alighetto who is going to buy their bullshit again? Let’s crush their asses once and for all this election cycle. Vote out every piece of shit in that court house. What could be worse, Conehead becoming big dog? Tiny Tony snoozing through more meetings, if he decides to show up? Removing the financial guy for a political hack? Fresh dog shit would be an improvement on the status quo. Somebody please run!

  8. 3 October, I shall clear my calendar in case I am selected. I could park at the indoor Liberty Ave. garage or the hotel basement garage. For lunch, walk across the street to 2nd floor cafeteria of the Federal Bldg. Will need to pack my hip boots for all the bs that will emanate from the witnesses. I’m all set OR will the jury pool exclude Beaver Countians because of exposure.



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