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A federal judge has scheduled a status conference in former Sheriff Deputy Curtis Larrick’s lawsuit against Tony Guy and the County of Beaver.

According to federal court dockets, U.S. Magistrate Judge Cynthia Reed Eddy has ordered the parties to participate in a phone conference with her at 10:00 a.m. on April 11th.

“Counsel should be prepared to discuss trial dates,” the judge notes in her order.

Larrick alleges he was fired by Sheriff Guy at the start of his administration as an act of political retaliation, while Guy insists he terminated Larrick because of his character. Judge Eddy denied a motion by Tony Guy and Beaver County to dismiss Larrick’s civil case this week, determining a jury could reasonably find the Sheriff’s stated rationales for firing Larrick to be “incoherent and implausible.”

Investigators with the Pennsylvania State Police had strongly encouraged Tony Guy to keep Larrick as a deputy, saying he had been of significant assistance with their probes into corruption in the Sheriff’s Office and was one of the only deputies who had been truthful with them.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. If it was known that Larrick was of significant assistance with their probes into corruption in the Sheriff’s Office and was one of the only deputies who had been truthful with them. That would be the exact reason for the firing, in my opinion.

  2. I smell a settlement in the works. I’m sure Camp and Amadio will be all too happy to settle to keep their buddy Tony Guy off the stand. Mr. Larrick, I know it’s a big risk, but PLEASE don’t settle. This is a golden opportunity to put the pressure on the sheriff’s department.

    • Agreed. As with the 250 grand insurance settlement for Wijnen-Riems attack on Cicco, they have to be brought to their knees for judgment. Yes, the cop was saved by the insurance company and borough bailout, but he won’t be an automatic re-hire any time soon. He joins the ranks of the local Gypsy Cop population. And Guy likely won’t be saving his pennies to pay off a court judgment, but his rosy red will take a beating in any future elections. Finally, as with Westmoreland’s rogue Sheriff, some progress is being made in holding these guys accountable, and the Coms will take a hit also for their ill-advised power play over Sandie. Karma.

  3. Answer this..
    Tony Guy is being sued in a personal capacity. Is he covered by the County insurance policy? Can the insurance company represent the County AND Tony Guy? Is that a conflict of interest?

    If the Commissioners don’t look at this in the same light as the Westmoreland County Commissioners with thier Sheriff.. they are doing the citizens a disservice. It’s time to part ways.

  4. His home owner insurance should be covering his personal liability; county insurance can’t cover him in a personal capacity because he’s not a named insured and damn shouldn’t be an additional insured. JP, can you get a copy of third county insurance polygamy to make sure that some wisecrack commissioner didn’t authorize having him added a few months ago as an additional insured in anticipation of this (if it’s a claims reported policy vs a claims occurred policy then adding him awhile back might be a grey area since his capacity of sheriff was just dismissed – although it would be insured fraud).

    However, most homeowner policies have an exclusion for job related activity so he should be ponying up the lawyer fees from his savings account.

  5. Prediction: The call on 4/11 to schedule the trial will not happen because Dan and Tony will have met in secret with the law office (if they haven’t already) and come up with a juicy settlement figure to offer Larrick which will come 100% from the county and none of this will cost Guy a dime. And because it’s insurance money being offered, they will spin it that it didn’t cost the county a thing.

    Perhaps insurance fraud can be added to the investigations taking place. Any settlements to be paid by the insurance company would require negotiation ‘in good faith’. Those words aren’t even in Dan or Tony’s vocabulary.

    Tony Guy must have a filing cabinet bigger than J. Edgar Hoover’s to keep all of the dirt he must have on certain people. That’s the only explanation that makes sense. But we’ve all seen this movie before and we already know the ending.

    • They can’t make a settlement offer if it’s insurance money. Once the claim is turned over to insurance the insurance company has full control over any and all settlement offers. They can even make one even if the county doesn’t want them to. Just like your car insurance, once you file a claim you can’t then go to the other driver and make an offer that the insurance company then has to pay… It’s their money so they make all offers….that’s simply the way all insurance contracts work.

      • I don’t think anyone is going to be taken to the Hanging Tree for this. My guess is that Guy doesn’t give a damn about any of this. The issue is lost wages or pension, not a matter of a soiled reputation or impugned character for life. And, that can be easily taken care of. Pay him off. Next case. Join the Beaver Gypsy Cops.

        More worrisome is what a den of childish iniquity the department seems to be. It is just providing stump speech material for Wayne Kress, who is being handed the Sheriff job on a silver platter. Guy stumped on “no nepotism or friends hiring.” How hard is that to beat, with the findings in this lengthy court summary?

        It will be fun to watch any future trial or hearing, if any, though. The lying, crotch jabs, squabbling and bitch slapping perjury will make for some tasty popcorn time.

      • I guess that depends on the insurance company/agent. They got the gig on the friends and family plan, because that’s the only vetting process this county has. They’re probably sitting in with Dan and Tony to come up with a figure. If you can imagine it, then it’s happening in this third-world county.

  6. Larrick needs to move on and get a real job, not one hiding behind a badge, Tony and his buddies need to find real jobs too, maybe being garbage men, for all the garbage they produced, but i cannot see Jay A and Stevie boy doing hard labor, bunch of candy butts.

  7. Tom Donaldson updated his article in the BCT. He says Guy will not be prosecuted in his capacity as sheriff. He does not finish the statement to say the charges against Guy will proceed in a personal capacity. Donaldson slants the story with selective wording and omission of the entire story.



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