Beaver County Courthouse / photo by John Paul
Beaver County Courthouse / photo by John Paul

For the past several years, state and federal law enforcement agencies have been conducting far-reaching investigations into potential governmental corruption and organized crime in Beaver County.

The Beaver Countian first became aware of local efforts by agencies including the FBI well before the 2015 county elections, although withheld publication about the investigations until now as law enforcement personnel cautioned earlier disclosures could have hindered investigators.

According to sources familiar with the matter, some of the efforts by federal investigators were initiated by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) who made requests for assistance to federal agencies. PSP believed their attempts at investigating certain suspected criminal elements were being hampered by some in county government and local law enforcement.

The Beaver Countian has gathered information from multiple sources showing investigations have seen work by agents from the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) in addition to the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), IRS Criminal Division (Internal Revenue Service), Offices of Inspectors General, PSP (Pennsylvania State Police), as well as investigators with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier and the Beaver County Detective Bureau have been excluded from involvement in the investigations, other than to be approached to hand over potentially relevant investigative files in their possession.

Many in Beaver County government first became aware of the FBI’s involvement in the county back in 2015, after Special Agents questioned then-Beaver County Jury Commissioner Shelly Blythe — a close confidant and political ally of former Sheriff George David. Word of the FBI’s involvement in Beaver County spread in some circles after Blythe discussed her visits by federal agents with several politicos, although many in county government originally believed the scope of the investigation was limited to the Sheriff’s Office.

Blythe had confirmed to the Beaver Countian at the time that she was questioned as a potential witness by federal agents, but declined to speak in detail on the record about her interactions with authorities. Among others Blythe had conversations with about the investigation was Tony Guy, a long-time friend who was then a candidate for Sheriff.

According to law enforcement sources, some of the matters that have been the subject of investigation were sparked by information provided to authorities by then-Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy Curtis Larrick. Larrick’s assistance had been instrumental in PSP’s prior investigations into the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office, but Larrick was terminated in 2016 by Sheriff Tony Guy as one of his first official acts in office.

Sheriff Guy kept on staff several controversial deputies who are currently the subject of renewed scrutiny by law enforcement, according to sources familiar with ongoing investigations.

The Beaver Countian has independently learned the identities of multiple other individuals who have been questioned by various state and federal agencies, but is not identifying those potential witnesses by name at the request of law enforcement. Other inquiries by the FBI that have made it onto the radar of county officials include issues involving the spending of federal funding from HUD (The Department of Housing And Urban Development).

Along with investigating potential corruption in county government, investigators have also been scrutinizing prominent business figures and individuals in the criminal justice system.

Interviews by the FBI, PSP, and the Attorney General’s Office have seen investigators making inquires into a range of suspected issues involving firearms, gambling, narcotics, obstruction, oppression, the misappropriation of public funds, and allegations of political graft. Federal authorities have been investigating whether any of the alleged activities that may have occurred in Beaver County could fall under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act — RICO — which can be used to prosecute a pattern of crimes that would otherwise be barred by statues of limitations at the state level.

The state and federal efforts encompass a series of individual investigations centered in Beaver County — including recent efforts by the Organized Crime Section (OCS) of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, which has resources that include the Pennsylvania Statewide Investigating Grand Jury.

Efforts by OCS in Beaver County were first revealed to some after agents sought identification cards from the county that would allow them to carry their firearms through a Sheriff’s Office security checkpoint at the courthouse. Some individuals who have been questioned by OCS Agents have since discussed those interviews with others.

District Attorney Lozier had previously attempted to prevent the Pennsylvania State Police from investigating certain complaints about potential corruption in Beaver County, calling their efforts an “unauthorized investigation,” and saying, “The Pennsylvania State Police are not allowed to investigate anything involving the courthouse without my written approval […] I have not and will not be referring these matters to them.” In Lozier’s final report exonerating Treasurer Connie Javens following an investigation by County Detectives, he appeared to repeatedly insult federal investigators, saying, “As is typical of federal investigators all you receive is a blank stare, brief not talking, and no commitment to act or not act,” and, “It is my policy never to file a criminal charge for the sole purpose of punishment by charging. While the Feds often charge to force a plea, I refuse to do that.”

Earlier this week, Beaver County Commissioner Sandie Egley gave an exclusive on-the-record interview to the Beaver Countian publicly revealing she is one of the individuals who has assisted both state police and federal agents in their investigations. Egley said she will not be seeking re-election when her term expires at the end of 2019 and will focus her remaining time in office working to tackle what she described as systemic corruption in county government.

Commissioner Egley has encouraged any county employee who may have useful information to speak up, “I am hoping that me coming forward publicly gives power and ambition to all of the people who have been on the sidelines waiting for a better day. I hope they now report or turn in information about any wrongdoings they may be aware of, go to the authorities or come to me and I will help to guide them.”

The long-running investigations have seen cases transferred between agents within the FBI multiple times over the past several years to accommodate for promotions and retirements in the agency. Some of the investigations now traverse the terms of several Pennsylvania Attorneys General and U.S. Attorneys for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian it is not uncommon for public corruption investigations to span the course of years, and say a new phase of the cooperative state-federal inquiries into potential corruption in Beaver County are now getting underway.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Looks like the Shitz gonna hit the fan. Looks like some openings in local and county government. Get your applications in peeps.

    • If the governor wants votes from Beaver County, he should see that the AG’s office does something. Everyone’s tired of the political machine- Democrats and Republicans.

      • The thumbs down cracks me up. How many will my comment get from people who apparently wouldn’t welcome an investigation if they were innocent? Funny, this Beaver County mentality.

  2. I am proud to say I am one of those that came forward to the FBI, etc. to assist in dismantling organized crime and corruption in this county. Give them a call and they’ll meet you anywhere, anytime without revealing that you spoke to them. This is your chance to take down the entitle class. All of us are morally duty bound to assist them. Maybe a dream but would loved to see them all do the Veon perp walk. Get the organized criminals and the local police that aid and abet them. Speak up now or don’t cry when we are bankrupt in this county. As I stated before, we are already morally and ethically bankrupt in our county government. If you are not part of the solution then YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

    • Believe me, if I knew anything about anything I would have spoken up! As for now, I just have to trust JP for my information.

    • Congratulations for doing your civic duty. The county will be better off in the long run because you did the right thing.

    • Your comments have always been very believable, equalizer. It’s obvious you have personal knowledge, and I thank you for communicating it to the fbi. I have always thought the criminals in county government grossly underestimate JP’s ability to get to the truth. None of them are even close to his level of intelligence. And to the judge who continues to blow smoke in these comments: your credibility is non-existent, and your arrogance is off the charts.

      • Why yes Jim Dib we do seem to actually live right in the heart of Beaver County Fukin Wunderland!
        And the symbolism of the chareacters relative to all of these ass clown Beaver bumpkins is uncanny In the original Lewis Carroll book Alice in the beginning is a fine example of the more enlightened, educated, and inquisitive folks here that want to see the old corrupt ass guard pulled from the courthouse in their whitey tighties …if found guilty of any of their numerous crimes….and stuffed into Guantanamo!
        Alice starts day dreaming as her sister reads from a book as she manifests an imaginary white rabbit which is symbolic of her curiosity……stay with Mungo on this for a min Jimmy DI… her imaginary rabbit goes down 1 hole after another it all just becomes “curiouser and curiouser”. Kind of like JP on his quest for truth! Then comes tweedle dee and tweedle dum to tell her about curious oysters….and how curiosity can have such horrible consequences etc.
        So your stoopid little insulting oneliner is so reminiscent of the typical schoolyard bully that it really is pitiful! You should prolly spend a little less time hanging at the sons of italy white club and get out and stoke your own curiosity bug here in our lovely little County once in a while!

      • And where do YOU live Jimmy?! In corrupt “Cop Land”? Oh….wait…..yes….you do.
        Yep. You are one of the corrupt spokes in the big wheel of Aliquippa corruption. Always was, always will be. We can only hope that some Feds will be knocking on your door, and soon. Oh….the stories you can tell!

  3. Hopefully it won’t raise taxes. We ALL pay to many expensive taxes as it is. Gettin to the point can’t afford to live here anymore, then they can’t figure out why when people move away.

  4. The only real successful large public corruption case in Beaver County has been the Rep. Mike Veon case and the crimes surrounding his team. That’s because it was conducted by outside law enforcement. Beaver County law enforcement simply can not be trusted at any level. Why ? Because the local law enforcement is hired by the local corrupt politicians. They owe politicians for their jobs. That is how they have been able to keep a lid on all of crimes committed by government officials for so long. They have successfully kept it “all in the family”. Just like the mob. They all deserve RICO investigations. Including local law enforcement personell that have participated in the antics. Perp walks for all !

  5. The FBI needs to understand that Sometimes those willing to help could be part of the problem as well. Back in the 80’s PSP investigations were compromised as well. The FBI cut a deal with a person who could of exposed the corruption. It was never brought up. Sometimes they should look beyond the target and the 5 W’s.

  6. Hey Jimmy D. You and your friends have one foot on a banana peal and the other in the twilight zone. hows it feel.

      • Hey Jimmy I wont comment about u from here on and I’m a man of my word. Your just fine? I guess the truth really will set u free. Ha Haaaaa

      • ricimer: You should be concerned. I heard that a lot of shady characters are afraid to use their real names.

  7. Special shout out to JP for all his outstanding work to dig deep into the corruption in this county. Remember a while back I refuted someone’s claim about his investigative style and that he Will not publish anything unless it checked, double checked and can be verified, not speculation, rumors or innuendos. We may yet see the guilty get their justice. It’s exhilarating just like when Dorothy brought down the witch in OZ.

  8. It is crucial that the local yokel LEA’S get what is coming to them for their blind eye towards organized crime and possibly protecting them. How does it feel to be pimp slapped Stonewall!!!!!

  9. The BCT’s leading story online right now is about a woman celebrating the rich cultural history of Serbians. I hope the new owners of that rag are taking notice. Subscriptions dropping? Try doing some reporting maybe. Or taking a much closer look at your staff and start connecting the dots.

    • Why did the BCT begin allowing us to read it without paying? Are they hoping one of us may find something worthwhile and start to pay for it? Serious question.

  10. All these Beaver County Bastards belong in prison/ Like said before not in protective custody but in the prison population where everyone knows who they are and what they did…….

  11. Flying under the radar protected by the wealthy. The wanna be’s are merely puppets on a string. Yocal Locals have no clue who’s buying them drinks. Look out Beaver County your Norman Rockwell facade is about to be uncovered. Time to face the music. Should have voted Benyo for DA maybe next time you will wise up and vote for the person best suited for the job.

  12. There are many sphincters tightening up in the political circus of Beaver County today. I would guess everyone including the richest man in Beaver county, all the way to the treasurers office are in the FBI’s radar screen. It’s about time.

    • No doubt. Now they are all going to be looking at each other to try to figure out who will be the first to cut a deal. Any bets?

  13. Too bad Blythe confided in Guy, but the good news, reading the Time’s, Kid Rock will playing in Pittsburgh. Any guesses who is clicking the Negative Rating icon? I am sure that person will look just great in that orange prison garb.

  14. This investigation has been going on for the past several years, Nothing yet. I would not be standing up and applauding, their investigation, in their words is “being hampered.” To get anything done (1) You have to make sure that people- friends/family are getting their information from the Beaver Countian. (2) Stated above by Equilizer13, call news outlets, call authorities outside of the county’s jurisdiction FBI,PSP etc.(3) Who has the most control over our day to day interaction with government ? Those who serve from the courthouse, attend the meetings and be heard.

  15. This has been something I have prayed before I die. Looks like it’s going to be a photo finish. Go J.P. go!

  16. It about time but seeing is believing this county has been corrupt so long over 20 years ago a sheriff told me that BC was the most corrupt county in tri state thank goodness I didn’t have to deal with it too much but I seen it all the way down to tow companies in cahoots with certain police I am a strong of law enforcement and the justice system but we have a lot of bad apples

  17. It is my hope that the FBI will take full advantage of the RICO Act and obtain subpoenas for all elected officials, assistant DA’s, detectives and their closest families, past and present going back 10 years.Bank accounts, money in, money out, all purchases such as motor vehicles, major appliances, major home repairs or remodels. How was it paid for? If they are spending more money than you are earning, that is a problem. How did the Weatherization Program get dispatched to the home of Rennee Zuk for three days? That property is deeded to her AND her mother. The Cons income should have disqualified the property from the program funded with public tax revenue. Then move on to the problem of nepotism and cronyism in every county agency. Follow the money and that will tell the tale. And Hey, Mr. FBI man, let’s be careful out there! You people that have identified yourself as FBI informants better grow eyes in the back of your head because there is no telling what lengths these posers will go to protect the skim.

    • I agree with you John Q, no way did she qualify for the WEATHERIZATION program. SHE probably made a DEAL to hire someone in her office for that service. Let’s not forget her going car shopping with an employee during Work hours. Or Having An Employee spend weeks at her House doing odd Jobs For Her. Getting paid WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS like he was at work. Theft of time!!
      SHE has a habit of calling her deputy cheap because he never brings donuts for the office, but the funny thing is she was the one the office was laughing at. Not only for what she wore but When she brought cookies in the expiration date was ALWAYS expired. SHE probably bought them with an expired coupon. Go home old lady and let the people in your office do the work they were hired to do. THEY ARE NOT YOUR SERVANTS..YOUR A DISGRACE TO THE HUMAN RACE…ESPECIALLY WOMAN.

      • When you have county officials or/and their families bilking the system, that’s a problem. When detectives and deputy sheriffs are driving new Escalades and the Treasure and family are driving Mercedes, Land Rovers, Suburbans, etc. There is something wrong. They are getting paid too much or it’s something else. The FBI has the authority to open up that Friendship Ridge sale. That should give them a lot of answers. I believe the monkey business of that sale runs very deep. Comp Health Care didn’t give Renee that contract for no reason. We need some disgruntled or former FR employees to tell what they know. Same in the courthouse or any other county agency.

      • Derrick the Dick – You really need to get out of your mama’s basement and get a real life. Seriously. Get with the program already.

    • Derrick Hunter first of all I said it may be warranted I wasn’t disputing the corruption of beaver county. Secondly I have eyes to see with and ears to listen with so I know the corruption of the FBI. Whether it was Trump or killary we the American people should be disgusted by what has been going on. Who knows how long they have been manipulating people in high profile positions or little peons like you. Either way it’s wrong and treasonous if you don’t agree maybe you should move to some third world country where this type of shit is expected and common place

  18. They’ve been investigating for years so don’t hold your breath that they will finally do something.
    I will be surprised if anyone is ever charged, the gov’t seems to give the corrupt politicians a pass and call it incompetency

  19. Meh. Beaver County ultimately deserves what it gets. Did you see the “Year in Review” a week ago in the Times? Record amount of gun permits issued. Huge amount of whiskey sold. And a new high (pun intended) on drug deaths. Drunk, doped and armed to the teeth… bitching about how we ain’t got no money and everybody takes advantage of us!!!! Sad.

  20. Here is something for for the feds to watch.
    Just on the NEWS Aliquippa to receive 3 plus million dollars. to purchase and raze bldgs. in the city. WATCH THIS MONEY …

    • A glorious day in Quip Town! Mayor DWAN WALKER, the NEXT COUNTY COMMISSIONER IN BEAVER COUNTY!! is bringing about a renaissance to Franklin Avenue. Businesses flocking in? Check! Jobs created? Check! Tourists, shoppers and professionals pouring into the town? Check!

      Where it at? Here it at!
      Where it at? Here it at!
      Where it at? Here it at!

      • @15001 rules this county
        Let’s hope not since the Aliquippa police dept
        is currently under investigation.

      • Please, please, please, He is the most corrupt one around. He knows about his main mans corruption, stealing, name calling of citizens of this town, his double dipping and allowing his other right hand man to double dip, how the hell do you get paid 8 hours, then claim 8 hours of overtime in the same shift, well capt detective ? This dumb ass even wrote an email to another council member saying Ralph the cat allowed it to go on for years. Yep Dwan is not excempt from RICO, hopefully his ass goes down too along with Anthony , Tom and many more. You guys have been ripping this city off for years. Time to go down, maybe 2 guys from the police department will get taken into custody and shown on a lead out of the station while they are working. And lets not forget about the Mayors trip to Harrisburg and his secret girlfriend, or flavor of the month he took with him at the taxpayers expense. The towns been dirty since the cow was caught by the state police running license plates and got himself arrested. RICO ! Put them all away/

  21. There’s a lot of money laundering- drug money through nail salons (which are weirdly empty and remain in business or years) and I’m sure other businesses. Everyone gets paid under the table. I once saw a um “contractor” count out a stack of $100 bills on a table in Starbucks to someone who only spoke Spanish and his translator- saying something about cleaning or painting. I wasn’t sitting that close. I thought it was an episode of “What would you do” with Juan Quinones for a minute, but now I know who the “contractor” was.

  22. Watch for Unis Demolition to be awarded the contract to tear down half of the ghost town. King of unpaid taxes.

  23. Hopefully, in my opinion of course I hope the feds. finally pop these people. The d.a. is crooked throwing the state police off the case his actions speak for themselves. Crusty crow the treasurer will fly away with a retirement even if convicted of anything. HER OWN SON RATTED ON HER JESUS WHAT MORE DIES IT TAKE!!!A life sentence at 82 years of age not much. Hopefully they figure this out before some die in office of old age ..The sheriffs office will be slowly unraveled.

  24. Connie Javens?? Dave Lozier?? Tony Guy??



  25. Thanks for the reporting, but let’s all take a deep breath and see where this leads. The majority of the personnel in County Government just want to make a living and stay out of the way of the drama. However, intuitively, all that follow the drama of the “Soap Opera” we call the BC Government have a gut instinct that indicates something is awry. If there has been wrongdoing then it is high time people are held accountable. If you volunteer to represent the people via the election process, you better have your morals and ethics in check. If you decide by free will to do otherwise, you may have to write a check that is unable to be cashed. I would just like for once to have a transparent view of our government no matter what level.

    • Could not have said it any better. I hate to be cynical, but about 15 years ago the grand jury that sat in the wake of the Naim homicide was supposed to have cleaned out the place. The only thing that happened was 2 sheriff’s deputies were charged with some minor offenses.

  26. WTF do you mean, can’t cash the check? Connie can cash any check. Doesn’t matter if there are enough signatures or sufficient funds. She just has to walk it down the street to the bank and hand it to one of her friends.

  27. We’re Not Gonna Take It

    Twisted Sister

    Oh we’re not gonna take it
    No, we ain’t gonna take it
    Oh we’re not gonna take it anymore
    We’ve got the right to choose it
    There ain’t no way we’ll lost it
    This is our life, this is our song
    We’ll fight the powers that be just
    Don’t pick our destiny ’cause
    You don’t know us, you don’t belong
    Oh we’re not gonna take it
    No, we ain’t gonna take it
    Oh we’re not gonna take it anymore

    • If there is one thing that the perps in the corruption game can count on in Beaver County, it is the likelihood of not being caught, and certainly not being disciplined, even if they are caught. I support law enforcement at the state and federal levels. But to make me a believer that something material is in the works will take some results. Make me a believer. My patience if wearing thin, and I don’t think I am alone.

    • wow…..dimwit krepps you must be a special kind of stupid
      if there was a god i bet Trump would be the first to be struck by lightning you and the rest of the inbred trump supporters would be next all gathered in one place and smited by the hand of bob

    • The only thing scarier than your comment here, Krepps, is your Facebook page. Honest, now — did you have some help, or was it done all by yourself?

  28. While it is good news, the promise of progress on a multi-year investigation doesn’t give me any reason to believe that anything substantial will happen.

    I hope I am wrong.

  29. Here’s a new idea! START AT THE TOP. That’s right, legislators, judges, department heads. Then, go for the minnows in the shark tank. What do you have to lose? Besides, if the big fish are caught, the minnows will die. Does anyone think that this stuff could not go on without their blessings? Nope.

  30. all they have to do is investigate el shaddai drive
    thats where they will end up if they have a brain that is
    funny how people with less education can follow tha tracks but not the flea bittin imbeciles

  31. Some distant descendants of Genco Abbandando founder of the Genco Di Olio Company. Importers of fine pure virgin olive oil modeled after former New York chieftain Joe Profaci.

  32. Excuse me Sir, do you know if they are accepting applications? I would like my employ to be in a supervisory capacity.


    • Thank you Mr. Equalizer. I do it to pass time instead of going to the Athletic Club. In my haste I often misspell some words here and there, but you get the just of it.

  33. After reading this news, I wonder if the daughter who was supposedly losing her hair, is now totally bald.

    • Have you ever wondered why it all — the reported tomfoolery — seems to stop at the department head level, right below the judge level?

      Either we are blessed with a fine, honorable, competent judiciary, or there is nothing newsworthy, or, some forces might be at play that we don’t know about that stop all the foolishness before it gets to them.

      And, they are in charge, so why not step in and stop stuff when they see things are askew? Not their job?

      Maybe the topics are forbidden fruit, but at least they seem worthy of asking. And, no, I know NOTHING to support the claims or questions. Just asking about an apparent glass ceiling.

      • Raven, speaking of Judges, Mancini juiced in his nephew in the treasurers office, fired his secretary and replaced her with his sister-in-law, I think. Knacfel hired his sons girlfriend, Kwidas has a son that is a probation officer. Just think what the District Magistrates offices are like.

      • Yes, John Q. But none of that is illegal. It just seems strange to me that it all stops at some level. Maybe the department level has something about it that encourages the excesses. Perhaps just no supervision of elected officials that are not accountable.

      • I thought it was Mancini’s son’s girlfriend who replaced his secretary. Was it his sister-in-law? I can’t keep track of it all.

      • Yea a glass ceiling. But you know what they say about people who live in glass houses. Same holds true for glass ceilings. your on the ball raven.

      • Beaver County’s President Judge Fires Secretary – Hires Son’s Girlfriend For $53,000 Position with. Then there is Cebran and his dimwitted brother, their mom … on and on.
        If you put friends and relatives into every nook of county government, the rewards? …. Plenty of F’n Influence. Who do the rich and infamous go to when the want to call in a favor on a real estate ruling, or have a nephew/niece who’s alittle slow on the uptake.

  34. Look at the last names or the relationship of those who have municipal jobs, to those hired to work at the courthouse. From- A to Z(Amadio to Zuk) jobs are created and filled through handshakes and nepotism, and … that’s just the way the world goes round. It will continue unless something becomes so loud that it’s deafening. Good example : It wasn’t until legal action was filed on behalf of the public by a group of concerned citizens that any real action was taken against Beaver Patrolman Jeffrey Wijnen-Riems. The citizens of Beaver and Beaver County for that matter, would never have been made aware of this out of control cop if it had not been for John Paul/BeaverCountian. We have such a valuable asset in John Paul, and in turn we need to follow up and be vocal. I urge people to attend the Commissioners Meetings. If for no other reason, attend, to get an idea of how distracted and disinterested Commissioners Amadio and Camp are in their jobs. It is very apparent to me, JP is very well researched, systematic and level headed as he engages with our ELECTED Officials. He is not there for the “Gottcha’s,” but sometimes they become apparent when the best THESE GUY’S can do is to offer a ” NO COMMENT.

  35. This is really good news for the county! Hopefully those who are in the know continue to provide the necessary information needed to finally clean up the corruption in this county!!

  36. I am one og the ones who did speak up back in 2016, have been sitting back and waiting for all of those part of the problem to be held accountable in every area of Beaver County, now I will be turning over all my paperwork.

  37. I wonder if they will be talking to various bank personnel about the unusually high cash amounts that were withdrawn and reviewing the DA’s findings that no criminal act had occurred, also the entire Friendship Ridge fiasco. As have been pointed out by various commenters..Follow The Money.

  38. The hair loss? A juvenile ruse. Had it been a golfer, it would have been lost balls. A shrink, a lost mind. A politician, lost votes. A little boy, his marbles. You get the idea.

  39. Beaver Pennsylvania the only place rich people live who collect food stamps and cash assistance when that investigation going to begin? I must of been left out of the loop this been going on for along time that a dam shame go work for your money looms corruption at Beaver County Assistance office. I read in Beaver county times last year Pennsylvania food stamps and cash assistance were used the most in Florida interesting Beaver Pennsylvania the only place rich people live who collect food stamps cash Assistance and take vacations to Florida now that funny

  40. Then when there done here they can head to 6 Steel Tower in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania find the corruption in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania lot goes on there that is corrupt and wonder why gas prices are at at a all time and economy is at a all time low bunch of greety people building vacation homes buying fake boobs facial reconstruction, botox or in search for there next super star or celebrity as if there is another Marilyn Monroe out there???????? and yet she was naturally beautiful!!!!! The part nobody understands is that when someone owns there gas they are forced to raise prices by the government why so everyone else can go out live the lavish life style on someone? Then expect when gas prices are to be lowered back to dollar. I heard the comment while at a gas station one day “Yeah try gas prices .89 cents”? I thought that was funny i believe in legal and everyone wonders why gas prices cannot be changed any time soon. Lot of corruption right here along the Mon Valley i feel Trump should come right here and get things situated!

  41. I heard something tonight that was in a different context but I couldn’t help but think about Beaver County Commissioner Sandi Egley and her decision to not seek reelection to remove politics from the discussion on county corruption . Sandi, Thank You and JP Thank You for your reporting in this same endeavor.

    ……………We also know it’s the insatiable dedication to uncovering the absolute truth that keeps us from turning a blind eye to corruption and to injustice. To—to tyrants and victims, and secrets and lies. I want to say that I value the press more than ever before as we try to navigate these complicated times, which brings me to this: what I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have. And I’m especially proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up ………………..Oprah Winfrey

    • Sandie is no different from the other two stooges in the office of commissioner. All three are in completely over their heads struggling to effectuate the duties of their office. The level of self aggrandizement is growing daily, particularly with however not limited to sandie.

      Sandie needs to stop playing the martyr and realize that she was never qualified for her position in the first place. She is bleating ad-nauseum with the exact same talking points day in and day out but frequently it is a do as I say not as I do scenario. For example the hiring freeze she spearheaded and implemented but turned around and hired a Secretary or when she was pontificating incessantly about the cocounty being out of money and then had her office remodeled. Yes she paid for the materials out of pocket but as anyone who has had any work done knows, labor is typically the most expensive part of a remodel. Did she pay the county back for said labor? No. I find her to be incredibly hypocritical and contrived.

      All three commissioners need to be replaced with appropriate candidates with at minimum a bachelor’s degree in business or finance having extensive experience in high level management.

      • “All three commissioners need to be replaced with appropriate candidates with at minimum a bachelor’s degree in business or finance having extensive experience in high level management.”

        And there you have it in one sentence. Be it municipalities, school boards or the county government. This area is so fractured into little units every couple of miles that it is almost impossible to have enough qualified people that would actually like to do this crap to get involved with running these entities. How many times do you see local races that are “no candidates running” let alone one person running unopposed?? And so you get the hustlers, the opportunists and the people looking for an easy gig that couldn’t begin to hack it in the commercial world at the pay scale they get in government work.

  42. Stephanie Seery: The really good stuff happens at The Duquesne Club, where our local rich guy thug would not have enough coin or influence to even gain membership. There, the Fox Chapel Golf Club and the Chartiers Valley Country Club are where the people with names ending in cosonants make policy.

    • Your wider parspective is refreshing, Stephanie. The local petty perps of corruption would be eaten alive in the Steel City. Smarter people there would immediately see right through the bullshit, or the perps might end up as a concrete slab in a sidewalk in Squirrel Hill. A minor annoyance like Frank the Snake would be shining shoes at the Greyhound Bus Station, not anticipating a new job in government. And the “complexities” of finances could be solved by even the lowest lackey in the food chain. Still, some locals ride on the image coat tails of sports figures, and play self-important gangstas on the weekends. How petty.

  43. Raven: I would like to think its that simple as a country club i worked at a country club Shadow lakes and Cyril Wecht had come in pulled up in his car and got out starred at me i starred at him and this was back in 2009 and nothing has changed that says a lot our economy is still at a all time low and gas prices are at a all time high i think there is a more going on then just country club and gangstas as we all know it is no longer Shadow lakes and now is Maggs Restaurants. I think things will get better in the near future!

  44. On the issue of judges, few have been mentioned in these BC pages. That is good. The Mancini clan gets notice from the nepotism. That ties it into the Javens tribe, and possibly the Guy gang, who apparently hired them or friends. A couple of others have passed court rulings. So, for now, they are off the hook for suggestions of illegal stuff. I like that. Keep it that way and limited to family picnics.

  45. Will the culprits be escorted out the back door of the courthouse into a waiting jail van or the front door where a crowd of jeering, clapping taxpayers will be eagerly waiting….Wishful thinking?

    • There will be no Trumpets blowing come the Judgement day, on the bloody morning after ………
      just the Reckoning .
      ” One tin soldier rides away ” I believe is a perfect song for this Beaver County Scandal .

  46. ” They have been in the same place for so long, they are like frozen in time”

    “We are gonna need wheel chairs and oxygen equipment to bring them out of there”


  47. According to the BCT, Dan Camp is now ‘leaning towards’ giving non-union salary increases even though he didn’t support it in November while Amadio was out. Either his convictions are like a wet noodle or someone got to him with some angle. I’m starting to get the feeling that he does this crap as a way to generate buzz or controversy, like he thinks his life is being shown as an episode of MTV Real World and he has to keep audiences coming back for more. He’s a millennial drama queen. Is there a connection between Camp’s waffling and the investigations or is this just more of the same?

    • Sudden and drastic changes in opinion rarely happen without new factors being added. I got the same feeling when Mike Turzai suddenly became a Jim Christiana endorser after he previously stripped Christiana from some of his prized committees. What was that all about? You can’t tell me that Turzai just woke up one morning and for no apparent reason decided that Christiana was the right guy for the job.

      Same with Camp, except that he does have a track record for being a flake. What changed to make him reconsider the salary increase? Could it be as simple as someone telling him to pass the increase or the will go to the authorities with some dirt? Or did he just change his mind?

      • If he’s getting financial advice, he’s getting if from someone that graduated from Bob’s College of Finance and Diesel Engine Repair.



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