Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier heading to an active scene / submitted photo

The Beaver County district attorney’s media claims that a jailhouse letter could contain “important evidence” about an Aliquippa Mother’s Day murder has sparked outrage among those who say the document is already known to be fake.

DA David Lozier told other news outlets this week that a letter sent to a county inmate purporting to be from a witness to Rachael DelTondo’s May 13 murder could be legitimate and is being analyzed.

But on Tuesday, sources inside the DA’s office and the police community told that the letter is already known to be a fake and will have no impact on an arrest.

The woman claiming to have sent the letter said she lied about sending it, and has been recorded by county detectives saying as much. The Beaver Countian previously reported discrepancies it found in her original story.

DelTondo’s mother, Lisa, told she called a county detective Tuesday night who again told her the letter is fraudulent, just as he did weeks ago as was reported by this site.

“The detectives assured me again last night that the letter is a fake and nothing in it is true and none of it has anything to do with the case,” Lisa said. “They said it is a side distraction that they have to deal with because it’s out there but it is not at all relevant.”

Lisa said she was stunned when she heard of headlines this week from other local news organizations suggesting the letter could be vital evidence in her daughter’s murder. DelTondo was gunned down in her parents’ driveway on Mother’s Day, a still unsolved killing that has garnered international media coverage.

Attorney Gerald Benyo said a plea deal made Monday with his client, Wayne Cordes, 21, of Hopewell Township, allowed Lozier to avoid a sanctions hearing related to Cordes’ cell search and improper seizures.

The letter was sent just days after the murder to Cordes, who was in jail awaiting trial on 13 felony and misdemeanor charges for allegedly assaulting and robbing a man on Oct. 26 in Aliquippa. He was arrested by Aliquippa Sgt. Kenneth Watkins, who is on paid administrative leave because his daughter is considered a witness in the murder case.

Benyo said the DA consistently took the position that Cordes had no significant knowledge of the murder. But Lozier said the deal required Cordes to testify in the future to any knowledge. The plea deal resulted in the sanctions request being dropped, and Cordes’ charges being drastically reduced and sentenced to time served.

Lozier did not respond to a request for comment by on Wednesday.

The Beaver County Detectives Bureau is now the sole investigator in the case since Acting Aliquippa Police Chief Robert Sealock recused his department to avoid any appearances of conflicts. State police are not involved in the investigation other than to provide forensics support through their lab — federal agencies are also providing forensics support but are not part of the investigative team, according to Sealock.

Headlines in other local news sources this week are trumpeting the letter as being potentially “crucial” to solving the case, and quote Lozier. The Beaver County Times reported the news under a headline, “Letter could be key to solving Rachael DelTondo homicide.”

WPXI reported that Lozier said the letter was in a lab being analyzed. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quoted Lozier as saying, “If the letter turns out to be authentic, then it would be important evidence. If it turns out to be fraud, then it’s not important evidence.”

On May 26, Cordes told that he got a letter from his girlfriend, Kayle Hill, 22, of Rochester and inside was another letter from a purported witness in the case, Watkins’ then-17-year-old daughter. has spoken with Sgt. Watkins about the letter, although he declined to comment publicly on the matter. Lisa DelTondo said she was told by detectives that Watkins’ family handwriting comparisons already conclusively determined the letter is not authentic.

Hill initially told that she sent the letter, but on Tuesday she said she had lied. She said she also recanted her story to county detectives and that they recorded her statements.

Hill said Cordes had asked her to lie about sending the letter.

Cordes remains in jail and is not available for comment about the letter and claims made by Hill. His mother, Beth, told today that she hopes he will be released next week.

Hill said detectives told her they listened in on Cordes’ jail conversations, which she said revealed he was speaking to other women without her knowledge.

“I was under the assumption me and him were going to get back together and get things to work for our son (…) he straight up used me,” she said.

“(Cordes) told me that he told (investigators) that I met up with (Lauren Watkins) and mailed it to him with my letters but I didn’t. I know he’s using that letter as a pawn and everything.

“He explained to me not to go and talk to the cops until they release him from jail, then tell everyone I don’t remember nothing and I don’t want any part of it. I have no idea who this girl (Watkins) really was. I never met her or nothing … I don’t even know what she looks like.

“(Wayne said) I will admit I didn’t get it from you.”

Lisa DelTondo was still angry today as she recounted more details.

“I want Lozier to stop his shit, and you can use the four-letter word in my quote,” she said. “Because our district attorney is an idiot.

“I told (detectives) to tell their boss the district attorney that he is an idiot. They said I can tell him myself. I’m going to do just that if he ever shows his face. I’m going to tell him what an idiot he is in case he doesn’t already know.”

Staff reports contributed to this article.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • The Jerry Springer Show wouldn’t even take this bunch of clowns on his show, because this is too unbelievable even for them………………………………….

    • Yes, from the very start!!! Something is so wrong with this Lozier and the games he’s playing!!! Who will trust any determination he comes to in this case? Not I! Please, please, please someone from higher up come in and boot this fool!!

  1. Mungo will freely second the opinion that yes indeed loosier very definitely has all the characteristics of an “idiot”! Of course he displays many other characteristics, such as incompetent……feel free anyone to add to this list……..and???

    • Moron. Grandstander. Stubborn…or is he too dumb to know that he is completely incapable of doing grown-up work? Infuriating is another adjective that comes to mind.

  2. Why is this moron playing games?!? He has no idea what he is doing and has screwed up this investigation beyond repair, I fear

      • You may have a very good point, Scott. This is so out of hand…extremely disturbing is putting it mildly. I hope Loser reads this article and the comments and finds himself a deep hole to bury himself in shame. By now surely someone higher up can see this disaster and do something about him????? Why would this be allowed to continue? Shocking!

  3. Is the DA such a narcissist that he believes everyone to be too stupid to see he is a moron or is so much of a narcissist that he doesn’t think he is a moron. It is so obvious he has no clue what he is doing and giving out false information intentionally to the public should be a criminal offense. In today’s society you can’t get away with these types of shenanigans because people question everything nowadays because of all the fake news that is posted and published daily. We have become a society who the wool can no longer be pulled over our eyes. These old school guys need to realize this and quit with the tactics of yesterday

    • @Dz
      The problem it seems is that all of the cronies covering this incompetents ass are in fact ” old school ” as well !! It further seems that JP is the obvious hindrance in their ” old school “methodology! When a person angers these old sticks in the mud to such a degree that they resort to threatening to chew off and eat a persons fingers…..well Mungo would submit that 1…these are mentally defective people 2…they are getting desperate and C. If the lazy ass people who can’t seem to make it to the polls, combined with the straight ticket party voters don’t change we will stay on this course with these same “old school” bastards leading the way into the future. Which if this is the case people better keep their hands in their pockets, if for nothing else simpy for self preservation…..of said fingers!

  4. Does the DA answer to anyone for the mess he has made? This situation is outrageous and keeps getting worse.
    That inmate will soon go free in spite of his crimes. (He can commit more.) Did he write that letter? We wondered how it got past censorship at the jail.
    Worst of all is that those who are responsible for the brutal murder of Rachel Deltondo surely appreciate all this incompetence. Is it incompetence or is it conspiracy?

    • It’s appearing to be a incompetent conspiracy. Beaver County should give up the investigation and bring in the state police. Does the AG really need the DA’s permission to take the case from him?
      Lozier let the boy walk to cover his own ass.

  5. If the most mentally disturbed crackhead in Beaver County decided to write a novel. It would be more believable than the reality of what is going on here.

  6. Serious question. Is he just inept or is he corrupt? I’d be interested in the facts for either choice you make.

  7. If Lozier had knowledge that the letter was a fake when he struck the plea bargain deal with Cordes on Monday, then we need to stop calling him an idiot. He would be a full-fledged criminal. PA 1953 Act 230 Article XIV Section 1405 Misconduct of District Attorney. I don’t know who would have standing to file the complaint, but the law seems pretty clear.

  8. Attorney Gerald Benyo’s comments (below) in a prior article figure into this. To be an effective District Attorney, Stonewall must be in town, attending scheduled court sessions, whether he likes the predictable outcomes or not. He was not. The result is now obvious. Justice is compromised. First, he screws up, then he skips town to avoid the consequences. Do you want the job or not, Stonewall? Or, is it just one that you are not capable of doing?

    “After viewing the WPXI Channel 11 news broadcast, I was surprised by the comments of District Attorney Lozier. I can only assume that his version of what occurred in Courtroom 5 today was different than mine in that I was actually in the courtroom and involved in the negotiations, where as he was at the 2018 District Attorney’s Association Conference at the Omni Resort in Bedford Springs.”

  9. It is so f’n irresponsible for the Times and/or Lozier to identify a teenager as a witness to a murder,whether she truly was or not. It puts her in danger because the killer thinks there is a witness.

    Seriously, WTF is wrong with Beaver County officials?

    when I watch “Making a murderer” on Netflix, I totally believe it could happen because they remind me of Beaver County morons

  10. This is getting wayyy out of hand. It’s actually quite sickening. Poor girl gets slaughtered in her driveway and Loser wants to play Billyfuckaround.

  11. Shame on DA (dumb ass) Lozier. He has made a complete mess of this investigation from DAY ONE!!!!! The nerve of him and the way he is handling this. Talk about incompetence. Just like he did with the with the investigation of the con in the Treasures office. HE CAN’T DO THE JOB!!! as long as he is the Dumb Ass there will never be any justice.

  12. My heart goes out to mrs.Deltondo.this DA is making this investigation into a circus.bring in the AG’s office.

    • Don’t forget to add Benyo to this statement. He used this poor girls murder to get a bottom feeder back on the streets. My heart aches for this poor mother.

      • WOW!! I don’t know her and even if she is what you say, what are you?!?! Her daughter was murdered and for you to say that is pure evil. It just wasn’t necessary and totally uncalled for.

      • Okay, so she’s evil. What’s that got to do with her daughter’s murder or the following “investigation?”

  13. The letter itself: Apparently, it is fake. Apparently, it was meant to influence an investigation. Apparently, someone wanted to affect the investigation in some way, perhaps for a different outcome.

    The question is whether the writer of the letter has committed obstruction of justice, and, a rather serious case of it?

    Pennsylvania General Assembly
    Statutes of Pennsylvania / Consolidated Statutes / Title 18
    CHAPTER 51


    § 5105. Hindering apprehension or prosecution.

    (a) Offense defined.–A person commits an offense if, with intent to hinder the apprehension, prosecution, conviction or punishment of another for crime or violation of the terms of probation, parole, intermediate punishment or Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, he:

    (1) harbors or conceals the other;

    (2) provides or aids in providing a weapon, transportation, disguise or other means of avoiding apprehension or effecting escape;

    (3) conceals or destroys evidence of the crime, or tampers with a witness, informant, document or other source of information, regardless of its admissibility in evidence;

    (4) warns the other of impending discovery or apprehension, except that this paragraph does not apply to a warning given in connection with an effort to bring another into compliance with law; or

    (5) provides false information to a law enforcement officer.

    • Lozier told WPXI that he didnt tell the Trib that a cop did it but the Trib stands by the fact he did indeed tell them that. This man is playing a DANGEROUS game!!!!

    • He’s been so used to everyone playing along with his act that he’s gotten sloppy. A true, objective news outlet, like this site or the Trib, will not cover for him. His circle of safety is shrinking every time he opens his mouth. Keep talking Mr. Lozier, that wagging tongue will be yours will be your undoing.

    • @moe… can you say Watkins!! I have a strong feeling he was the trigger man.. I don’t know if it was his idea, but he was chosen to pull the trigger, I feel. His daughter out with her right before and showing up with her dad.. just doesn’t add up at all!! Wonder if that’s why they are saying the letter is “fake”, because it named the real gunman??

  14. Bottom line, the DA is a civil lawyer the quality of his civil work is debatable. His complete lack of criminal procedure knowledge was evident from day one and has not improved. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, he does not know what he is doing.Yet it a rush to get an outsider in the office he was able to fool the voting public that he was the man for the job. It’s a classic case of be careful what you wish for. Keep in mind the DA is making appearances county wide discussing drugs and drug rehab at meetings that are in reality nothing more than campaign stops. Don’t look now but unless someone steps up who is electable and by that I mean someone who has no baggage,this man will be re-elected.

  15. It is encouraging to see the comments in the BeaverCountian have escalated to outlining criminal offenses and sharing the message that this has gone too far. They are right. This is the most unprofessional, reckless, bizarre investigation I have every seen or read about in my lifetime. Each news story spotlights the dereliction of the county detective bureau which unfortunately reflects on all law enforcement officers in Beaver County. It has also sharply divided police officers in this county and i’m told that several chiefs of good departments are fed up (as all of the readers here) with this perversion of the justice system and the professional rules and procedures of criminal investigation. I’m hopeful that the good police officers in this county will provide PSP with inside information on the wrongdoings of the tainted local cops and county detectives. There are plenty of good cops in this county who know exactly what is going on in the DAs office and the south zone police departments. I also hope the good police chiefs will take a public leadership position and demand that PSP and the state Attorney General be brought in without limitations to put an end to this deadly circus that corrupt, inept law enforcement officers have created.

  16. WPXI just had breaking news on Facebook live that they have new information from DA the letter states the killer is indeed a cop and will have more on the 11pm news.

  17. Breaking News from channel 11 states that letter to inmate names police officer that shot Rachael, also states Lozier confirmed this…??

  18. And with all the incompetence and lack of foresight, a criminal gets his charges reduced to a slap on the wrist. Detectives are too concerned about an inmate and Perciavalle to actually do police work. Please Joe, start talking to JP. Get it all out

  19. Just a guess — maybe the letter is both real AND fake. Fake in how it was created and delivered, real in what it says? Or, fake in content, real in creation and delivery? Or, a mixture? Will the lab be able to determine that? Could it have been a letter put together by a “committee?” Anyone can pen/type/copy a letter, but not everyone can create content. Who knows? At this point, any guess might help.

    • Anybody’s guess from our standpoint but the letter was said to have been debunked weeks ago. If it was, why then did Lozier make a deal with Cordes and why was Lozier allowed to get away with not showing up to court? Dirty deeds indeed. I hope higher ups are scrutinizing all of this and eventually hold Lozier accountable for all the wrongs he’s committed.

      • Debunked, yes, I guess. But SOMEONE actually put a pen/pencil/Sharpie/Crayola crayon or something, etc. to paper and wrote the words. That person should be found and looked into. Maybe someone left some DNA. Who knows? And unless someone called in a hit man from Chicago who specializes in writing letters, the pool of people involved is finite and small. Content bogus? Maybe. The letter itself? Quite real, and for now, one of the few pieces of hard evidence they have.

      • The sanctions hearing was filed against the DA’s office, not the DA himself so all that was required was a representative of the DA’s office be present for the hearing; one was sent. If there were any actual standing to Benyo’s rights violations claim making a plea deal would not negate those accusations therefore it is my opinion that Benyo got his ass handed to him by judge Mitch Shaheen and the accusations were dismissed.

  20. I still need something explained to me –

    Why does Cordes taking a plea deal + Lozier not being investigated for Constitutional rights violations?

    Why are the linked and not 2 different things?

  21. Sadly I have to agree with lozier on this one that he was misquoted. obviously what the Trib and WPXI is reporting is the truth and everyone knows the DA would never speak the truth

  22. No need to worry, people. Lozier told WTAE that even though there have been no arrests, no suspects, and no persons of interest in the two month old case, there is no threat to public safety. Even though this is a murder walking around freely, and just for good measure, also a criminal who commits assault that’s been released to cover for Lozier’s incompetence. But no threat to public safety.

    Mr. Lozier, YOU are a threat to public safety.

  23. Maybe they’re all smarter (dumber) than we think. All insist PSP not involved. Wasn’t Ms. Deltonto cooperating with them? On what? A narcotics investigation? Seems Plausible that it was narcotics, who was distributing, who was looking the other way, getting paid off. The payee(s) needed to shut her up. I’m pretty sure PSP still involved. If,indeed she was singing, they’re still interested in who it was the song was about.

    • It’s possible. Maybe the PSP is taking a back seat wait-and-see approach to the murder investigation to determine how involved Lozier is. It’s possible, but we’ve been disappointed before.

  24. Ms. Egley ran into a brick wall when she pointed out that the county didn’t have the money for 400+overtime hours, and said state police could do it at no cost to county. Camp spoke from both sides of his mouth, saying county couldn’t afford, but has faith in the county detectives. Loser just said oops, just one of those unexpected things you can’t account for in a budget, and also refused to turn case over to PSP. Hmmm. Who pays for something they can’t afford if it’s available for free? They obviously don’t give a shit about the county’s well-being financially, or morally.

  25. Maybe we are being a little too harsh on Stonewall. In his own words, he describes his many duties in this YouTube drug forum video. Yes, he’s a busy man. HE is the fixer. Too busy to look for suits that fit him on a pauper’s salary. Or, maybe his wife starches them for longer wear. You can jump to 19:00 through 33:12 to hear the master in his own words.

  26. Girl-most-likely-to gets shot by wannabe-playa and no-life county has a “big” who-done-it story to occupy themselves until high school football starts in 6 weeks.

    I guess it’s more fun than shopping the specials at the dollar stores, eh, Beaver County?

  27. Lisa,,Get your big nasty jar of Miracle Whip and call Marty! Your the one full of shit; obviously your daughter was a BAD GIRL.

    • Not giving a F**k about your personal opinion John Doe, I hope that you never suffer tragedy or loss. And if you do, I hope that we know who you are by then so that we can taunt you and defecate on your loss.

  28. Everytime I see that pic of loser it reminds me of 2 things.

    #1 yes I would like to place an order for delievery….yes Staub wants a steak salad with no fries……Gall wants a 12″ Itialian with no mayo and this time hold the mayo. Andrew was pissed at me last time I screwed up his order. Also let me have…….

    #2. Yes dear, I will be home when I can. Once I place the lunch order and pay the driver I’ll leave……honey. I have to stay, did you see this cool hat I got and bullet proof vest…….

    • @Frank’s bow tie
      Many captions come to Mungo’s mind regarding the loser picture
      1. Yes honey I can see the house from here!
      2.whoa! Is that Connie over there delivering tax statements on a unicycle in a polka dot skirt!
      3.Mr Camp is my cowboy outfit finished at your cleaners, cuz when I’m done playing cops and robbers here I’m due for a game of cowboy’s and indian’s
      4.wait a minute I’m starting to see it…….It’s now coming into view……yes there it is…It’s Mini Tony Guy with a cappicola grinder under his arm….gotta go honey!

  29. it’s not just lozier it’s the hole da’s office and they are great at setting people up even if it’s the wrong person they just want to look good so everyone be carefull when in beaver corrupt county



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