Facebook has taken action against fake profiles established in support of Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy. A “Concerned Citizens” page that had been making posts in defense of Sheriff Guy was deleted by Facebook yesterday along with the fake user account established to administer it.

The accounts were created in apparent violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service by an unnamed person, leading to the social media company’s deletion of the pages.

The “Concerned Citizens” Facebook page touted itself as being founded by a group of ordinary citizens who were concerned about “one sided” reporting on politics in Beaver County.

“Likes” on the former “Concerned Citizens” Facebook Page

The first person to “like” the page was former Republican prothonotary candidate Pamela Flara. Other Republican politicos soon followed Flara in joining the page not long after its creation — former Republican Committee Chair Carla Yacoviello was among the first ten people to “like” it from her account.

Among the other Facebook pages “liked” by the fake profile included ones for Republicans Daniel C. Camp III Beaver County Commissioner, PA State Rep. Jim Marshall, PA State Rep. Jim Christiana, and PA State Rep. Aaron Bernstine.

The first post made by the “Concerned Citizens” page consisted of an editorial supportive of Sheriff Guy in response to an article published by the Beaver Countian titled, “Investigative Report: A Look At Sheriff Tony Guy’s Testimony About His Chief Deputy – What He Did – And Did Not – Say.”

Although the page spoke out in favor of work being done by Republican Commissioner Dan Camp, it repeatedly lambasted Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley, “The leaking of this information hurts us the tax payers and our Chairwoman of the Board of Commissioners seems to not have any concerns about this information getting out to only a selected individual or two.”

The page also posted full-length copies of articles published by the Beaver County Times that were positive for some Republican officials, allowing the page’s visitors to bypass a paywall in effect on TimesOnline.com. The page highlighted the Times’ favorable reporting about Sheriff Guy — including an article titled “Despite differences, issues in Beaver County sheriff’s office are similar to other counties” — while being dismissive of revelations resulting from the Beaver Countian’s investigative work:

“This is true factual reporting. The Sheriff has had an uphill battle keeping his campaign promises. What another site has ‘reported’ has been nothing but innuendo, twisted truth and nothing but political maneuvering. Sheriff Guy along with DA David Lozier and Coroner David Gabauer have to this point been the only 3 out of the 5 new elected Republicans to keep their promises to clean up the corruption and stop the practices of nepotism and cronyism within county politics. Commissioner Camp has also been working to change the way county government is run. These 4 gentlemen are the future of our county.”

The only individual to comment on items published by the “Concerned Citizens” page before its deletion by Facebook was retired sheriff’s deputy Jim McGeehan, who has been a vocal supporter of both Sheriffs Tony Guy and George David.

While the page garnered only a few followers before being removed, word of the political effort had made its way through the courthouse and inner circles of politicos from both parties, many of whom are even now preparing to support campaigns for county commissioners and row officers in 2019.

Democrat Wayne Kress, who has already publicly announced his campaign for sheriff with a fundraiser scheduled for September, said he had been among those monitoring the “propaganda page.”

“Sure they all campaigned on the notion of being open and transparent, but here you go, another fine example of them all trying to be sneaky — hiding identities and circumventing the system,” said Kress. “To me, that’s not transparency at all.”

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. The Republican Party in Beaver county is such a huge disappointment. It’s become a clique full of Jim Christiana disciples (and relatives). The only hope for it is when Christiana loses his US Senate bid and the current batch of RINOs in elected positions in the courthouse are voted out that maybe the party will change.

    • I said this a long time ago. The “Republican Renaissance” in Beaver County. HAHAHA Same shit just coming out of a different ass. Look around, what has really changed in the area? If Shell hadn’t picked the site that Horsehead was conveniently leaving , we would be looking to attract the world’s largest dollar store mall or celebrating the new ______ sandwich shop or ________ mega gas station coming to revitalize the _____ downtown.

  2. I’ve always been on the fence with Dan Camp, but this seals it for me. If this group is talking favorably about him, he can’t be trusted. Let’s see how he makes out running on a ticket without Egley. One and done.

    • If ” these 4 gentlemen are the future of Beaver County” we really are in trouble. Pick and choose on the ballot. A New Democrat and a old Republican may be a good start.

  3. NEWSFLASH!!!! Why is anyone surprised that the Facebook page was a phony as Tony the Midget? Don’t you dumb asses get it? it’s always been about him and reelection. Doesn’t give two shits about the taxpayers plight or how his ineptitude and mismanagement are driving us towards fiscal ruin. He got my loser kid a job and I owe him forever. the rogues gallery of so0 called deputies is like a who is who of the useful idiots of the county. Friends and family forever. That is the new motto, f-ck protect and serve. We serve only ourselves and our puppeteers. The next election do not be fooled by the letters next to the names. They are corrupt insiders profiting off our labors. All incumbents will have to go. The fact that the midget and others “r’s” are so insecure as to set up fake websites and names tells you volumes. This is why no work gets done in the courthouse. Politicking and back stabbing instead of doing the job we taxpayers are being squeezed to provide. Tony the midget is, was, and will always be a Quip crook.

    • True! I won’t vote for D or R. I’ll vote most incumbents out. Egley has earned re-election. Lozier and Guy have to go! Not sure about Jim Marshall. He’s usually unobjectionable- like a coffee table. It’s there, you could buy a better one, but why bother?

  4. It all comes down to everyone in that courthouse looking out for themselves, their family, their friends, and even friends of their friends. They are only there for inflated paychecks, health benefits, pensions, political favors and whatever else they can grab with both hands. They can prepare for the next election all they want. They are all the demise of the county and next election they should save their money on a campaign because THEY ARE ALL OUT!

  5. So when Sandie called the meeting with the Republican Party and it was reported that they all ganged up on her to abide by Christiana & team.. here’s another example of Sandie is her own person.

    Dan is part of their team every other Monday only if theres a full moon @ 9:30-9:45pm. Dan- why did you “like” the page?

    I disagree with Wayne Kress on his comment. He didn’t exclude Sandie from his blanket statement. She is not one of “them”.

  6. This is poor, but it is hardly unique on Facebook. Type in “Blackhawk” on the Facebook search and see how many accounts were set up during the last primary shit fight. At least a half dozen new ones, very shadowy, several quickly deleted. People want to take a shot , but they don’t want their name on it. Just tell the truth, base your opinion on facts and don’t attack people and then you can come out of the shadows.

  7. So now we all actually know what it is that the chief deputy does all day long besides trying to get into the female employees’ pants.

  8. I seriously doubt that Mark Zuckerberg has any idea of who Tony Guy is and could care less. I don’t have Facebook and don’t intend to, but I have a question. Maybe it was answered in the article above and I missed it.

    With the MILLIONS of profiles, how did they find this ONE? What specific Terms of Service did it violate? Does Facebook have a height requirement? OR is there a “leaker” in the House? Call out the Mooch!



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