A troubling series of public Facebook posts attributed to Aliquippa Assistant Police Chief Joe Perciavalle about fallen Officer James Naim are now going viral in Beaver County.

At approximately 6:11pm last night the following posts, attributed to Perciavalle, were made to his Facebook page:

“The truth will come out. This officer lost his life because of the dirty deeds of others,” followed by, “People need to do the right thing.”

The posts were accompanied by a photograph of the fallen officer.

By midnight the post already had nearly 100 likes and shares from his page alone, including by other officials with the City of Aliquippa, such as Councilmen Donald Walker and Mark Delon.

Aliquippa Officer James Naim was murdered on March 15, 2001, during a foot patrol at the Linmar Terrace public housing complex. Officer Naim had only been with the force for little more than a year before his death. Jamie M. Brown was subsequently convicted by a jury of third degree murder for shooting the officer twice in the head at close range.


Along with the initial post, which remains live as of the time of this report, the Beaver Countian has also obtained archived copies of messages that were purportedly published by Assistant Police Chief Joe Perciavalle to his Facebook Page and then deleted.

Patti Faiella replied to Perciavalle’s original post with, “Joe..i have and have been wearing my original end of tour black bracelet in remembrance of Jim..do you want it.” Follow up posts attributed to Perciavalle read, “No thanks. Maybe you can wear it to the indictment hearings. Just sayin.”

Those replies have since been deleted.


A reply by Ernest Jamal Genes in response to Perciavalle’s post was “liked” by Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker, “Please keep my friend Joe Perciavalle covered in prayer. When the truth begins to be exposed, those who are in the wrong run to cover their wrongs. I pray God’s protection over Joe as he does what so many were purposed, but afraid to do.”

“It’s been WAYYYYYYY to longgggggg free Jamie Brown…….,” wrote Quincy Walker on Perciavalle’s Facebook page as part of the thread. Another post by Sonya Jeter also called for the release of convicted cop killer Jamie Brown, “God Bless you Joe and keep you safe!!! #FREEJAMIEBROWN.” That reply was “liked” by Joe Perciavalle.

Another short reply by Mandy Friend read simply, “Shits getting real.” It too was “liked” by Perciavalle.

It is unclear what prompted the posts apparently made by Assistant Police Chief Joe Perciavalle, but they continue to spread rapidly in the local area on social media. Officials with the City of Aliquippa could not be reached by the Beaver Countian for comment. This publication left messages for Assistant Chief Joe Perciavalle and Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker, and will report if we hear back.

Mayor Walker promoted rookie Officer Joseph Perciavalle to the position of Assistant Chief back in April.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Is “This post must go viral?” the new catchphrase on Facebook? Have seen it 19 times in the last 24 hours on Farcebook. Be a leader, BC, not a follower, and come up with a new lead-in phrase.

  2. Regardless of what did or did not happen or what the truth is or is not, your Assistant Police Chief cannot be on social media making those kinds of comments with the Mayor of the City and Councilmen liking them. What is going on in Aliquippa?

  3. I’m outraged over the lack of respect that Perciavalle has for the job. This tragedy happened over 13 years ago. What were you doing 13 years ago “assistant chief”? What do you know about Jimmy? I was there, I dealt with the disrespect from the citizens of that community. I dealt with the death threats that were made against us. That was the most trying time of the Aliquippa Police Department. We had to pair up when we went somewhere. None of us were safe and we had to worry about whether or not the threats were gonna reach our families. So please, tell me what you are gonna do to make this all better. You have been a cop for 2 weeks and you act like you rule the streets. The laces in my boots have more time on the job than you do. So how about this. Stay in your office that was given to you, behind that gold badge that was given to you and just keep your mouth shut. You are going to stir up a lot of bad blood amongst the law enforcement community!

    • Big words coming from veterans of the dirtiest police department in the state. One, if not more of you scum bags sold Jim out and hell isnt hot enough for you in the end. Now youre all running scared because someone who isnt one of the good old boys is going after the truth. Length of employment at Aliquippa PD is no testament to your quality as an officer. You even posted anonymously, like a true coward.

    • First of all, he is trying to get justice something no one else in that freakin law enforcement office would ever do! Secondly we all understand how hard it was however if we didn’t have dirty cops in our community then there wouldn’t be any bad blood! just sayin!

    • You have alot of problems you need to let out some of your truths it may help u and I think he’s doing a great thing taking some ones life away for something they did not do its just wrong and the reason why yall paired up because half of you guys was dirty as shit taking money and drugs for your own and had the nerve to say you cleaning up the community I dont know who you are cause your on coward stats right now but im pretty sure your ip address will be pulled when needed don’t kill yourself just yet sit back and let the truth unfold free jamie brown

  4. I always wondered why he was on foot patrol alone in linmar…we.all know thats a rough place. I do beleive brown is a fall guy. I have heard rumors over the years, and let me be clear when i say rumors, that i know nothing or anyone related to this case and anything i heard is just that, hear say. Whatever the outcome is..i hope the truth comes out, but makes you wonder, if this is a set up..a police officer was killed, what is stopping whoever did it from killing again if needed? They already went this distance. This whole case never made sense…

  5. I pray God hand of protection over him an his family this was comming!!! What done in the dark always comes to the light!!! Lies will always come out an after you put them in the washer you have the truth!!!

  6. Does it matter that Joe been there 2 years or 2 days?? No he is getting it done I dont agree putting it on Fb but he gave no info that would or could hurt anything,14 years is a long time for a man to be in jail for something he didn’t do his life as a free man was taken over lies it’s sad a cop that loved the kids played with them spoke to everyone up there at linmar it’s was not a ruff place like people make it. He fixed bikes an all the people of Quip want the truth so that his family can rest!!

    • Linmar not a rough place? That’s horse manure! Doesn’t anyone remeber the hit list with police officers names?


    • Think outside the box for a minute people. How does two individuals get convicted of a 1st degree capital murder crime and one gets off scott free and the other gets 3rd degree charge. No physcal evidence was ever produce to even put Brown at the crime scene. Also might I add that not one witness that took the stand had any type of credibility…. Jamie Brown needs to free and the Naim family deserves true justice….

  8. I’ve known Joe almost my whole life, he has more balls and integrity than any officer down there…..no matter how long he has been there. So people bad mouthing him can fuck off.

  9. Its real messed up that you stupid people always have something negative to say….. Shut the fuck up Jamie Brown did not have anything to do with it. You dum fuck layla don’t none of you bastards know anything about aliquippa so your best bet is to stay behind the curtains…. Say who you really are an we will go from there #FREEJAMIEBROWN!!!!!!!

  10. Its funny……my girlfriend and i were just reminiscing about Jimmy on Sunday. We both had nothing but amazing love for him. We both knew him from high school, and through our early adulthood. He was truly a good dude. If anyone had anything shady to do with what happened to Jimmy, I hope it does come out. I would love to see some flesh and blood suffering before they went straight to burn in hell for all eternity. Should bring back the memorial runs in his name!

  11. let’s be real we all know that Jamie Brown didn’t kill no cops because you don’t have it in we also know that it was an inside job his own people did what they had to do to get rid ofso ask this question were all the lose Witnesses so let the truth be told that Jimmy brown go in jail for something he didn’t even do then you do the test of fate I bet you doing know that that man didn’t even have gun powder on his handlet the truth be troll Aliquippa you got some dirty cops

    • @not living there no more! If you can’t compose even a semi literate comment then why type anything at all? You my friend are a perfect example of our failing public school system. To talk face to face with you Mungo is fairly certain the conversation would sound like mushmouth from Fat Albert! But don’t LOOSE faith you can always go on craigslist and someone might SAIL you a used grammar book!

      • Dont blame the school. I graduated from aliquippa and went on to get my masters degree in fire science as well as my bachelors if science for paramedics from Duquesne university so take your judgmental inaccurate comment elsewhere

    • Jamie may have done a lot of things but I agree with you….killing cops was not his thing They always blame the one who the ant to take down and can’t get nothing against them. I believe the cops did it because the man had info on them. They have been doing things for years illegally like busting people and keeping the drugs to have their boys sell. Everything done in the dark will come to the light.

  12. Jamie brown was a criminal but he was also compassionate. I was locked up with him in allencrest when my grandmother died and out of all the inmates from my quiptown who were there with me, jamie was the first one to come to me and offer condolences. He spent time asking me personal questions about her so I could remember her in a happy term. He also split the wig of a kid that murdered his grandfather. Hes just a sacrificial lamb for the corupt aliquippa police force.

  13. #FREE MY COUSIN JAMIE BROWN!!! He is Innocent until proven GULITY!!! May justice be served to the Officer Family. My cousin been down for 14yrs it’s been wayyyyy to long and I hope his day come soon to where He walks outta that prison a “FREE MAN” .

  14. How on earth is it possible to be a rookie cop with a couple of weeks on the Job and be made Assistan Chief. As a resident I didn’t think Aliquippa could get much worse, was I wrong.

  15. @ Joey Perceivable…… “do the right thing”
    Really….some time back in the day you where shot in the back, but did not cooperate and said your from the Q no snitching….seriously you became a cop?

    And that city gave you a job and made you asst.chief, is it the final payoff for not snitching?

    How does the community trust you? With drug deals gone bad,murder ect…. Why would they trust in that department or you mister ” snitches are bitches”…..

    Now this? Don’t speak in riddles……. Speak in facts, you got something? If not then your little Napoleon complex ass stirred up a hornets nest for no reason, other than immature behavior from inexperienced officer with no leadership in the city…….

  16. The half of you people on here know shit about whats going on ! Yes joe might be new to crew but obviously he knows whats up! Somebody please name a cop or cheif that has spoken up about this but claim they love and miss this officer so much? Im waiting! .. a real friend wouldnt let a loved one be murdered an no justice be served! We all know jamie brown didnt commit this crime! But the city we live in the people have no choice but to be afraid to speak up cause if the force can kill one of their own then what are they left to expect! Jamie has been innocent from day 1 , but instead of being called a rat even to the police force he took the charges like a man an knew that one day it would all come out! An to the thanks of Joe P. It will now all be handled . Its in good hands he deserved the cheif asst. Job! Who else is gonns clean up the dirty ass police dept. #FreeJamieBrown

    • To #freejb,
      14 years is a long time to be sitting in prison for a crime you did not commit. Are you aware of the innocence project? Maybe someone can help JB. Here is the link to the website. http://www.innocenceproject.org/
      If more people worked to a solution there would be less of a problem. I hope this helps.

  17. So much corruption in politics & police departments across America it is no wonder why the streets are full of lawlessness, crime & murder…America, your chickens are coming home to roost & before this is all over we will all see the most despised & rejected “black” people of this country be the Kings & Rulers in the land where we once sold as slaves!

  18. These comments makes u think hard bout living in a crooked city paying taxes drug dealers becomes cops George David gets off fuck beaver county

  19. I thought when this happened with Officer Naim the whole case was crock of BS. But most people in Aliquippa know if you are not liked or if your not a part of the click you will be bad mouthed harassed an looked down on as trash by the community an the worthless police force. If I had any idea years ago this is what Aliquippa was about I would have never tried to live here. I dont believe that boy killed that policeman but if this assistant chief actually knows something to clear that boys name if he knows like I know he better walk with God an pray as he ventures on his journey of justice for this young man!!!

  20. Maybe it can and will finally all come out ! It may be hard to hear and tough to swallow but I always felt he was set up to be killed cuz he knew to much ! Georgie boy you have anything to say for your involment ???
    I pray it all comes out !! Your running out of places to hide Georgie boy !

  21. Naim was killed because he was going to blow the los off the corruption down there….if I remember correctly he was covering the shift of that piece of shit bitch that was a guard at the jail too where she was fucking inmates and selling drugs….how convenient that she called off that night huh??

    • You are way off base. She never worked at the jail! Also, she didn’t call off that night. Jim asked her to switch shifts with him. He liked working up there so he could study. You idiot! Dont bad mouth unless you know the facts……

      • You sir are the idiot….and name the time and place and I’ll gladly call you that to your face

    • It was always told she cop was dirty with criminals. She traded that day with Naim. How could the jury come back with a third degree compromised verdict. Naim was reportedly meeting with BCT when murdered. Rumors within the pig circle there were cops going down at the time. Then a big nothing.

    • Admiral, if you do not know what you are talking about. Please shut the f@$% up. The as you called “piece of shit bitch” did not call off. They both worked the 3-11, they switched details they were working so Jimmy could study in the office in Linmar. Brown was convicted by a jury of his peers. So shut up and quit sounding like a idiot, and if you do not know shit about what happened that night, you should probably shut the f*&% up

      • Name a time and place and you can TRY to.shut me up….I know a lot more about this case then your dumb ass probably does

      • And if there wasn’t foul play in the dept why was Naim contacting the FBI about the corruption right before his murder….and why did the state police come in and take things over down there?? Fuck off asshole you’re probably one of the corrupt fat ads cops down there

  22. Officer Naim was athowback to the lkesof Wile Peluso and them guys… a member of the community. Eeryone knows ou crooked ass cops had something to do with him being executed. Cant wait til you guys get your just desserts.

  23. 1st off Percivalle is a thug who does not deserve to wear a badge. He wants to talk shit about the way the Naim case was handled! Percivalle was running around the streets dealing drugs and getting shot in the back during that time! Most of the REAL Aliquippa officers who were part of the force have moved on to better places. Percivalle was and still is part of the shithole which is ALiquippa! Aliquippa needs to throw him back to the street corner where they found him. All he is is a pawn for the crooked Chief Couch “what a joke” and the thug mayor who hides behind his church. Aliquippa residences open your eyes.

    • How is the Mayor a thug?? Is there a record anywhere that proves he was a drug dealer, violent, or any background of criminal behavior at all?? Of course Percivalle is a part of Aliquippa. He lives there and works there. Thanks for pointing out something so obvious. You are one of those people who believe everything you hear and let the opinions of others become your facts. Listen, I have a 3 headed elephant that spits fire and can fly. I’ll sell him real cheap, just send me your bank account info…

  24. I dont pretend to know what happend in Officer Naime case. I lived in North Hills at the time. But i vividly remember thinking something about this case and the police dept wasnt quite right. Now that i live here (Sheffield) i can see where and why people are so upset and angry from cops to politicians citzens (black & white) and business owners. I love Sheffield but wouldnt dare drive down Franklin ave with the top down on the car.

  25. Brown is guilty as sin and was convicted by a jury and his appeal was denied. Funny how probably the majority of you screaming for his release were nowhere to be found during PSP’s investigation. If you thought you knew or you did know something, why not speak up? Your just jumping on a bandwagon to rattle things up. As for the Lil Bow wow, please dude. You should never have been a cop. Your promotion was and is still a running joke. You can’t even type a criminal complaint. Your Aliquippa education is quite apparent and doesn’t do you any favors. These all add fire to the questions of how did you land there and why are you bringing up the Naim murder. DA knows nothing, your laughable boss knows nothing and neither does PSP. So what’s the deal, motive? Nonetheless, this QUIP shit is old and needs to go. Georgie, your mayor, your boss, you, and the law enforcement that run around that little cocaine club(Viva, my ass) and its members need to just go off into the darkness. In a strange twist, if Jamie does get off, who’s going to tell him he owns half of a house in Monaca? Should be allowed to stay there

    • If the cops would kill one of their own, what would they be willing to do to a regular citizen that crossed them?

  26. This is intriguing. Forget about why he posted this now or what he did when he was young. We all make mistakes. I am not from Aliquippa and live on the west coast now. If there is any truth to his post, I say BRAVO! the fact that Officer Naim was murdered is a tragedy. But putting a scapegoat behind bars is also a tragedy. I can’t judge any of this but I have to admit, it’s no secret about the police corruption in Aliquippa, Ambridge or a myriad of other Beaver County towns. The truth, regardless of how it is found, is the only thing that matters.

  27. I just want someone to tell me how do you get 3rd degree for a execution style murder on a police officer? Also the other defendant was excused of all charges and went free…. who does that happen? The hole case was a set up and a bunch of crap….

  28. I love all these bitter comments about Joe and his promotion….they are all coming from these jealous fat ads crooked cops down there and I’m willing to bet I can name them all…. just because he’s not in your little racist, fraternity of georgie boy worshippers you try to tear him down…. its comical that’s what this city needs a person who LIVES here and doesn’t belong to the pig club not trashing all cops I come from a law enforcement family but it’s true there are good cops and then there are the pigs

  29. @jealousy is ugly, are you serious? Do you think Lil Bow Wow is critized simply because of his ill-fated, undeserved promotion? For starters, he can’t annunciate the English language. He talks jive all day, everyday. Ebonics is unprofessional. He has zero knowledge of the criminal justice system or its laws. Everyone will tell you that. He’s incapable of doing a report or typing a criminal complaint. He was an uncooperative victim when he was shot, and he wasn’t selling ice cream when he was shot. How many times has the APD urged its residents to be more cooperative in order for justice to be carried out? It would be hypocritical of the APD to ever ask for that again since Lil Bow Wow wasn’t. Look at his friends on Facebook. How many have records? He should have flat out turned down the promotion, knowing full well he doesn’t belong there. Who’d his dad “work” for? Ironic, huh? You call the other cops there racist? Typical response in the face of losing an argument. The majority of the town is black! I know black, quip residents who have no issues with the police. Want change? Go ask Mayor Dwan Love to pay up to police officers a rate comparable to at least one other department in the county. Cashiers at Aldi’s make more than them. Better pay, better applicants. PS, Need a VIN on that ATV at your camp?

    • Yess’um, please stop typing your messages like you aren’t one of the officers of the APD. You obviously are, but lack the stones to voice your opinions without hiding behind a fake name. If you have beef with ASSISTANT CHIEF JOE PERCIAVALLE, please, take it up with him… To his face. At least he has the balls to stand behind his statements, right or wrong.

      It’s also obvious that you are jealous that you were passed over for a position you THOUGHT you deserved. If there was a cop down there worth a damn, maybe he wouldn’t be the Asst. Chief yet. Maybe it would’ve taken him a little longer to become the best cop in the department.

      Also, what does it matter who his friends are or what his dad did… I’m sure all your associates aren’t Angels. Damn sure! And I’m pretty sure you aren’t either.

      The next time you want to call names and make accusations, try it to his face! Or are you scared of “Lil Bow Wow”… Whatever that means.

      • If he’s standing behind his statements, then where is his response to the 2 articles this media outlet has published? All he did was make a stupid post on Facebook, agitate everyone even remotely involved and most importantly has now made the Naim family relive this nightmare and question the justice that was served. Even a decent human, let alone a cop, would not bring all this up and then go silent as the whirlwinds begin.

  30. @yess’um…Every one can tell your a cop because you are saying Percaville doesn’t know how to write a report and the way he speaks English and your one jealous person, I’m sure they can figure out who you are, let me tell you some thing I do not know Percivalle but I think he is doing a good job, he is setting an example for the young kids, he made a mistake and he changed his life GOOD FOR HIM , I give him a lot of credit, unlike you and by the way everyone makes mistakes..LOOK AT YOUR OWN FAMILY AND YOURSELF….Mr Yess’um maybe if you weren’t so miserable and nasty you might of gotten a PROMOTION TOO….JEALOUSY GOT YOU NO WHERE.

  31. Everyone is saying people were framed, cops did it, blah blah. Name names, what do you people know? Tell us. Same goes for you ASS Chief. Other wise just piss off and leave his innocent family alone.

  32. I honestly never believed Jamie Brown would kill a police officer , or anyone else for that matter..Maybe when he was young , he did a couple foolish thing , are you all angels..I think regardless of how long it has been this case needs to be reopened..I am not trying to bring more pain to Officer Naims family , but come on now..Anyone with half a brain knows that those dirty crooked cops killed their fellow officer because he was about to blow the cover on their dirty asses..
    May we see the day that true justice is served , pleaae?



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