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The Aliquippa police chief and Beaver County District Attorney have both claimed that external investigations into possible city police corruption have been closed. They have also said that state police are actively involved in a team investigation into the Mother’s Day murder of a city resident.

But their statements conflict with what Rachael DelTondo’s mother said she was told by state investigators following her daughter’s murder May 13; with assertions being made by witnesses in the corruption investigations; as well as with a statement provided to the Beaver Countian today by the station commander of the Pennsylvania State Police Beaver Barracks in Brighton Township.

Station Commander Sgt. Amanda C. Selden would not go into detail, but did give the Beaver Countian a definitive and carefully worded answer when specifically asked about state corruption probes into the Aliquippa Police Department.

“We can not comment on active, ongoing investigations,” she said.

When questioned afterward about the contradictions, Lozier became noticeably agitated. “I can’t talk about any of that,” he said. “I am not going to comment to any of that. I am not going to go there. I am not going to say anymore because I am going to get angry.”

Lozier has repeatedly said Aliquippa police corruption investigations are closed and distinct from ones involving city government, and that state police are “working hand-in-hand” with city police and his county detectives on the murder case.

On Friday, he told KDKA’s Andy Sheehan on video, “I have no questions as to the ability of the Aliquippa Police Department detectives to conduct this investigation fairly. They’re working with my detectives, the Beaver County Detective Bureau, the Pennsylvania State Police, as a team. They would not be part of this team if there were any question as to their capacity or their integrity.”

Aliquippa Police Chief Donald Couch and Mayor Dwan Walker could not be reached by phone for comment.

In a series of conversations with the Beaver Countian last week, Rachael DelTondo’s mother, Lisa, talked about the emotional crime scene where she said she angrily “called out” the city’s police.

Lisa DelTondo said city police there told her that any external investigation into their department was over, including one involving the leak of sensitive information about her daughter.

But she said a state police official later sought to reassure her the investigations into the department remain ongoing.

Confidential local official and municipal law enforcement sources also refuted the claims made by Lozier that the state police are actively involved as part of a team investigating the DelTondo homicide.

“(The Pennsylvania State Police) showed up and then they were gone,” said one official. “They have not been in meetings.”

Photographs taken by the Daily Mail — reporting in conjunction with the Beaver Countian — show Aliquippa police and Beaver County Detectives together executed a search warrant in the case at an address in Aliquippa on May 17, investigators with state police could not be seen on scene.

On Sunday, a municipal police officer who can not be named because of his ongoing involvement in the state investigation spoke out.

“State police contacted me (on Friday), they want to meet again to go over more things about the Aliquippa police,” the officer said Sunday night. “They told me the investigation into the Aliquippa Police Department is still ongoing.”

Lozier has had previous conflicts with the state police.

In March 2016, Lozier accused state police of conducting an “unauthorized investigation” into potential corruption in the Beaver County Courthouse. He said his office had taken control of information provided to state investigators related to the sale of the publicly owned nursing home then known as Friendship Ridge.

Lozier concluded his co-opted investigation without filing charges in the matter.

In October 2017, the Beaver Countian published an interview with then state police Lt. Eric Hermick who accused Lozier of publicly making “false” claims about an active shooter incident involving police. Hermick said that Lozier had made false statements about state police response times as part of an effort to justify his own office’s budget.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. there is and old saying who do you trust god almight he knows every thing and evil will stand before him . and burn in lake of fire.and nothing is over till he says.

  2. I smell a David or Unis or Betters connection to the “Stonewalling” that is going on with the DA’s office . My money is on David. That is probably why his punk ass is running for Sheriff again. Lining his “ducks” up in a row. So to speak.

    • I tried to press charges for terrorist threats and assault against a DAVID — Lozier and his flunky crew blew it off to rising tempers and poor choice of words..

  3. Beaver County Courthouse all filth. Law enforcement what a very bad joke. More murders more people being set up more drugs . Look we took 500lbs of crack and heroin of the streets. And supplied 4 thousand more pounds.

  4. I don’t think the family needs to worry. I don’t think John Paul will let this go. He is out for the truth, not a cover up. Hang in there Deltondo family.

  5. I doubt that the state police just walked away…but I do think they are letting Stonewall and the local mafia think that they did. While the locals are busy executing search warrants on the home of the person that they chose to take the fall for this one, my money is on the state police being too busy actually investigating the crime to partake in the little lights and sirens drama being put on by the other members of Stonewall’s “team.”

    I really hope that I’m not wrong.

    PS – Mr. Lozier…YOU are getting angry? Would you like to start a club because the citizens have been beyond pissed at your lack of competence since right around your second day in office. YOU are angry….how does it feel? Maybe you’ll feel better after the next election when the voters free up your time so that you can spend it in the high pressure world of wills and estates. The high pressure part was a joke….kind of like you. Sorry if the truth hurts but you would be doing the taxpayers a favor if you would resign and save us the trouble of showing you an ass whooping in the next election. Afterall, just think how embarrassing your loss will be when out of a county the size of Beaver you only end up with around seven votes. Just saying.

  6. You can rest assured that the State Police are still on this in some fashion considering their star witness just got executed.

  7. If ever there was a time to be truthful to county residents, it is now. Don’t be a lying prick Lozier.

    • Elected official who thinks everyone checks in with him….not so, especially when your own office is under investigation….you never know who is back stabbing you to save their job when you lose the upcoming election. Keep your enemies closer than your friends.

  8. So tired of Beaver County officials flat out lying. There should be consequences for that, like there are for lying under oath. When they knowingly give out false information to media to cover their ass, it should be a crime.

    They are in a position to affect people’s lives and they are abusing that. Every day.

    It is a shame!!

  9. Lozier is truly amazing..He is a COUNTY DA who thinks he can dictate who and when a STATE police department can investigate. Believe me the state police, FBI and Attorney Generals office is very much still investigating, I just had an interview witth them….Lozier you listened to the wrong people from day one. How and the hell can Aliquippa police objectively investigate the homicide of a CURRENT and ACTIVE witness of the state police, especially when she was providing substantial evidence against the department and elected officials.. should have stayed practicing insurance law because criminal law is not your cup of tea. You will not be able to secure any support from the law enforcement community or their families and friends – except for people you give jobs too and your detectives who get paid overtime to go to scenes and make suggestions to the local police…..even the coroner doesn’t agree with your actions…that is unheard of……the only investigation the state police are not involved in is the Deltondo homicide….I can tell you that Aliquippa would not surrender the case even with the obvious conflict- plus there was blunders made by Aliquippa police and county detectives…Unreal…

    • Just read it. My guess is someone was using her account to communicate with someone else. I am still baffled as to why they haven’t gone after the daughter’s cell records. They may be surprised to see who she was communicating with….

  10. Anyone that watches a British crime show always notices that they post a photo of the victim and then all the supposed suspects connected to the murder as they try to connect the dots. This is usually done on a blackboard, in this case that blackboard would need to be the size of the room with all the “supposed/rumored” suspects.

  11. Police administrators and officers alike cannot believe the laws allow for the Alliquippa police to control a homicide of a witness who was involved in an ongoing corruption of that specific police group. State police were at the scene but left disgusted with how things were being handled and the fact that Aliquippa police were not eliminated from the scene and the investigation. Lozier is lying if he said Aliquippa, his detectives and the state police are working together … every other DA has in the past has done the right thing… officer jmmy Naim’s murder would still be open if DA Berosh didn’t turn that over to the state police….Lozier, your ego is going to cost you the election, but the worst thing – your ego is jeopardizing a homicide investigation…..how can you sleep with that. A prosecutor who does not have the support and confidence of police is unimaginable. Why cant you get on the right team????

  12. Gee Lozier, who should we believe – you a guy who is getting mad or witnessed and a state police sergeant who clearly stipulated that their corruption investigation is open and ongoing…. most importantly, how would you know if it was or was not, the AG, state police and FBI don’t work for you nor do they answer to you. They wouldn’t even tell you because your task force and swat team members are affiliated with aliquippa PD and other corruption investigations.

    • That fat rat in white has been trouble since day one. When officers questioned his bosses about double dipping and stolen quad, that his son wrecked on, what were they told, mind your own business. That is right, $20.00 for Eat N Park in the morning, from the drug dealers you arrested. You would not go on the hill unless your partner in crime was with you, you were afraid, go back to your boy band from high school. You are no leader, why do you think guys can not wait to retire. The last few guys probably wanted to stay longer, but left because of your poor leadership. And oh, Family, you are not exempt, you were told about corruption and did nothing to stop, maybe you were are part too. Did someone really pay $10,000.00 dollars for his position ? And lets not forget about wanting to kick a water authority employee’s ass, and threatening him. And lets not forget about going toe to toe with a police officer and wanting to kick his ass too. Everyone one is on to you, hopefully this is it for you politically. Hopefully you guy’s trip to West Virginia was to pick out a prison cell . And how can a officer get paid 8 hours of 3 to 11 time and 4 hours of overtime for click it or ticket, and 4 hours of Unis fireworks time all on the 3 to 11 shift, oh shit, Ralph let you do it so it must be ok.

  13. If you Dave its comical he tries to articulate and be relevant the last 20 years, while he caught a magical ride into office, he’s trying to act, while pretending to play the role of DA, mean time he’s befriended everything that he claimed why he ran, because he got hood winked by others for there own benny. Poor David makes a jack ass of himself daily, while playing politics, neither party deserves this ass hat, who’s hated by law enforcement other than a few that kept a job and got a job from him and his peers they considered him relevant other than a few that kept there job and a ghost employee that kept his. Great change

  14. I don’t get why no outside agencies are stepping in. If this is true the d.a. is lying to the public.

  15. This lying clown needs needs to be thrown out of office….Has he told the truth about ANYTHING in any investigation?

  16. Can someone explain to me why Aliquippa is even involved in the investigation due to the conflict of interest?

    • I’ve wondered that myself, wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest since their officer compromised the crime seen

  17. Just the way he talks sometimes, it’s like he has to think about what to say…
    If you’re telling the truth, there’s nothing to think up.

  18. People on facebook are saying that she was a confidential informant who snitched on drug dealers. Can that be confirmed?

  19. When the dust settles. Big names in BC May fall and the peons that have been used are going to fall with them. There are probably many that didn’t even realize they were getting sucked in until it was too late. It seems that the blood has been sucked out of BC. We are just a shell at this point. Things are getting dirtier and dirtier and Lozier knows his dirty deeds are looming to hit the surface. I don’t think he is sorry at all. He blatantly and repeatedly lies to what should be his public. It doesn’t take much to see right through him despite his best efforts to conceal. Things will be exposed soon. Man up or continue to be a slimy snake – choices fall individually.

  20. I do not live in Aliquippa, but if I did, I would be demanding that Sgt. Watkins is fired for compromising a homicide crime scene. I would be such a pain in Couch’s ass, he’d fire Watkins just to get rid of me. Why are you residents not doing that?

    • You can fire him but the union will get his job back, with back pay. It’s not as easy to fire someone as you think.

      • Even due process can’t save your job when you compromise a crime scene you have no business being in….not once….but twice!

  21. @Speak… it would do no NO good to be a pain in Couch’s ass since he’s a HUGE prob in Quip. Case in point.. used to live on Plan 12. Like all hard working peeps, I had to get the hell out of there since it’s such a shit hole. The other day I decided to go home thru 12. Got to the top of high school hill, and couldn’t believe just how much worse it is. Drug deals out in the open like a damn drive thru from top of the hill to half way to the market. The fiends were lined up in their cars, buying their shit, then the next one pulls up. That was on the right side of the street. On the left side, we have Couch’s buddy who has NO job but has a nice truck, newly remodeled house. Well of course he does cus he’s the local drug dealer who also runs a juke joint outta his house. Wife don’t work either. Hell they got the Chief on friggin speed dial. It does NO good to complain cus it falls on deaf ears. Quip needs to get rid of both Walkers, Gill, Couch, the ass coverer who works in the City building who is supposedly the finance person. She knows how they all steal but says nothing. It’s sickening I tell you.

    • While at it, what is Swithart’s hand in this all? After all, she is right there with the APD and HPD… a direct route to the DA. Just asking. Thoughts? The public eye 👁 is usually insightful.

      • She is the MDJ who is signing the search warrants. The homicide occurred in her district, so the police have been going to her to obtain the search warrants.

      • @mercbenz You are right on about everything you said. My fam and I own rentals in 12 and that’s what it is. Lot of good people there, but those punks are ruining it. I live off of Kane Rd. & I can hear gun shots in the Terrace, Plan 12 and more (scanner on) but the police take forever to get there and say nobody heard any and clear the call. As for Rachel and the case, my family has been lifelong residents of Aliquippa with 2 being former Policeman. We have some knowledge about this and the county and all of you commenting are extremely accurate.

      • @Justify… True dat to all your comments. Saw for myself the PD showing up late, then clearing the call. Hell.. police barely go to 12 anymore. Speaking of the drive thru drug line, got a call from my old neighbors. They came up High School hill and the usual drive thru drug line was 4 cars deep. The husband had just enough so he blew his horn. He said about 10 people from left and right sides of the streets rush his car and screaming, as if he had no right to drive his car on Main Street. His car was punched a few times as he drove by. The juke joint dealer family on the right were laughing their asses off. I’m surprised they didn’t call Couch and have my old neighbors arrested for messin’ up their nightly income.

    • Any thoughts on where Swithart is in all this mess? She is the MDJ for the APD and HPD. Just curious as to the public thoughts.

      • @Unbung.. I’ve never heard anything bad about her. Actually I hear all good. Keep in mind that Aliquippa was pushed on her after DiBenedetto retired.

  22. Oh.. and let’s not forget Couch’s minion know it all double dippin suck up Pudik. He needs a boot in the ass too. He thinks he’s an expert on every damn thing. If I’m not mistaken, he was kicked off the BC Drug Task Force for double dippin. But hey, Lozier says all is good lol.

  23. Incompetent at best, but a master of deception to the voters, taxpayers and any outside agency with investigative powers. A flimflam man with a main focus of trickery and legal fiction for the purpose of gas lighting the public. One term and he is done. The citizens have had all the hocus pocus they will take from him. Should have been a magician.

  24. When the DA decided to be the big man on campus and dismissed the state police early in his term by saying only he could authorize an investigation into courthouse matters, that was the beginning of the end for Lozier. He might as well have hung a sign around his neck that read ‘I am corrupt’. Well, the baddies in and around Beaver Co. read the sign, and they’ve been taking advantage of it ever since. But the baddies weren’t the only ones to read the sign. The state police (and probably others) have a raging hardon for you, Lozier, and they will not be leaving with blue balls.

    In the meantime, a young woman is dead. It’s not too much of a stretch, Mr. Lozier, to say that your actions (or inaction) contributed to the environment that permitted this crime to take place. Now a family grieves. May God have mercy on you, because no one else is likely to.

    • That is precisely what Stonewall needs: a state trooper talleywhacker forcibly shoved up his hind end without the benefit of lube. Let’s see how big of a man on campus he is as he learns the hard way what a sphincter muscle is and what it wasn’t intended to do.

      Dave, the county is laughing at you…not with you. Don’t believe me? Well, then pay attention to how many times you hear people use the word sphincter while you are within earshot this week….you might even get “angry” to use your word from earlier in the week.

  25. Please JP do a story on this Watkins search warrant and who filed it? I almost want to guarantee that it wasn’t the quip PD! Also, complaints to the PD isn’t a good idea, see where interfering with them gets you. If any of the PD has anything to do with this, they are all guilty in my opinion, it’s too small of a force to not know what’s going on! Speak to officers who left willingly and hear them out! They left because of the shady, drug dealing dept! Not because of quip, but because of their own fellow officers 👮‍♀️ 🤡 and at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if a search warrant isn’t issued for all quip PD cell phones and computers. Let’s get this solved!

  26. JP has laid out all of the dots in this connect-the-dot saga. Remember past articles from 6-7 months ago that some asked why they were even news worthy? Start drawing your lines.

    • He did the same with the Friendship Ridge deal, but it was too complicated and no one lost their life, so it was swept under the rug. They don’t have a big enough broom to sweep this one away.

  27. The Times did a story last night about the search warrant for FB data from Mrs. Watkins, the suspended cop’s wife and the mother of the last person who saw or spoke to the victim immediately before the murder. Well, the title of the story is about the search warrant, but the article is about 50/50 in word count with yet another retelling of the Feb 2016 incident. Just to remind everyone, again, that Rachael wasn’t perfect.

    BCT, you really are a bunch of crooked scumbags. Pop in another Altoid and loosen up those jaw muscles, there’s a story to be written!

    • Facts are facts disgruntled, she was in fact not squeaky clean and while I agree it was probably a hit to shut her up, it’s also possible that it truly was a crime of passion. We don’t have all of the facts yet and one of the great things about this nation is that we have an actual court system for this stuff so that the court can say yes this person is guilty or no you have insufficient evidence, go back and try again. The court of public opinion is irrelevant here, we don’t get to go out and stone someone or burn them alive because they’re perceived as a guilty party.

      • Facts are facts, you are 100% correct. The fact is a search warrant was issued. End of story. Adding additional lines of regurgitated bullshit that may or may not be relevant is what the BCT does. It’s a smoke screen. If you’re going to add the bit about Feb 2016, then also add the bit about the leak of the police report, or the fact that it wasn’t even filed until Oct 2017. That wasn’t included even though it’s probably more germane to the story.

    • @ Disgruntled- most of the stories covering this murder keep repeating the incident in 2016. This is a relevant part of the case, no matter what.

  28. It took an event like this terrible murder to finally give rise to a serendipitous opportunity to reveal the inner workings of the sinkhole of Beaver County politics and corruption that is Monacaquippa. The names are being revealed, the interconnections are being seen, the history of it all is starting to make sense. The “support staff” at the Courthouse is being understood for what it is, and it seems unlikely that this will once again be covered up. The average citizen is beginning to recognize the dynamics and the reasons for them. From the punks on the streets and in local governments to the halls of the enabling courthouse, there is an apparent seamless line of innerconnectedness. In Monacaquippa, the genie is now out of bottle, and not even a former sheriff can stuff it back in again by telling people to shut their mouths.

  29. In my opinion I feel to stop any controversy the aliquippa police department would step away from this investigation to keep any and all allegations. And hopefully get to the truth. The question is why do they want to be involved,knowing all the allegations being made?

    • In my opinion….
      Do you think this murder occurred in Mayberry where Andy and Barney are good, moral and honest law enforcement officers? In Mayberry, neither Andy nor Barney would murder one of their citizens and in the event that someone thought they might be involved they would step away from the investigation, turn it over to the North Carolina state police and focus their attention back to running Ernest T. Bass off of the Darling’s property.

      This occurred in Aliquippa which is a different planet than Mayberry. Here, there’s a better than average chance that one of their Andy’s or Barney’s was directly involved in some way, shape or form up to and including pulling the trigger. They would purposely stay involved because it makes it a lot easier to skew the “investigation” towards finding an overwhelming amount of probable cause in whatever person that they predetermined would take the rap for it. Why would they want to step away and turn it over…that might end up exposing the truth resulting in one or several of them going to jail.

      So the answer to your questions is that it’s much easier to get away with a crime that you’ve committed if you’re the one who gets to investigate it.

  30. I have heard nothing but a bunch of conspiracy theories for the last week on this site. I have a question for the writer of this blog. If this girl was truly one of your sources, what did she say? I mean lay it all out for us. Who’s involved, what happened and when. Was her information good, bad, bunch of unverified bullshit? There’s no one’s safety to protect or confidentiality to protect. Unfortunately she’s dead. What say you JP?

      • Sorry but I don’t think she had much of anything. Did she portray herself as having something significant to get out of trouble with that kid? Obviously they had something going on if she’s been seeing him “off and on”. Nobody deserved what that poor girl got but I still think (THINK–only an OPINION) that she and that cop’s daughter were sleeping with the same kid and someone got jealous….either the kid because she was dating his brother or the ‘friend’. I really just can’t buy that it was cops. She could not have known anything that serious to have gotten her killed.

    • What she had to say means nothing now, because she’s dead. I think that was the point of the shooting.. 🤡👮‍♀️

    • Getitright, we understand where you are coming from, but for JP to lay it all out in such a way would jeopardize the balance of the inquiry (surely you know this).
      Or do you want to see the investigation comprised more than it has been so far?

    • For as long as I have been reading this news website (which is exactly what it is), I have never seen an article where John Paul simply wrote down a list of rumors that a source provided to him.

      Instead, I’ve seen articles where he has investigated the rumors and more importantly he has independently verified them prior to publishing something. To the best of my knowledge he’s not been once served with a complaint indicating that he’s being sued for liable. That’s an accomplishment given some of the embarrassment that public officials have probably felt over the year as a result of a story published here. It’s also a testament to JP’s journalistic integrity.

      So, my advice would be to stay tuned. Once he’s done the proper due diligence, anything that she might have told him that was 1) true and 2) of public interest will be laid out before your very eyes right here on this journalistic news website that provides the only source of stories of interest in Beaver County which aren’t controlled by the local mob.

      If you’re unable to be patient then that tells me that you’re most likely worried that you are one of the subjects that might someday be published here.

      As always, JMO (just my opinion).

      • Agree! JP is the only one it BC that actually publishes real news! And the BC times wonders why their sales are down, because you are a joke and report what seems to be censored news, like we are in North Korea 🇰🇵! Kim jung Lozier and kim jung David the 3rd are our godlike leaders that never poo! Is it true that you never have to poo, Kim jung Lozier?

  31. The sad truth about the good ol justice system is that, time and time again, crooked cops that kill people get away with it! Dirty judges and DA’s don’t face charges, if they do they get like 2 hours in jail! The justice system has been corrupt for years. We can’t jusy sit back and let the cops handle it! The county needs to keep commenting whatever they think, we need to not let this go, we need to demand justice be served no matter who is guilty, we need to make a change!! I’m sick of the “cops couldn’t do it” people! They do it, they get away with it and will continue too unless we go out and protest and demand answers! I’d stand outside the PD or courthouse with a damn sign protesting this nonsense! Also, to the Deltondo family, please hire a really good private investigator and have them look into the first person that lawyered up and the first person that showed up to the crime scene acting up! Statistics are in the favor of both of those situations..

  32. Getitright: I’m not speaking for JP, but it would seem a good bet that if a trail results, he could be called on to testify.

    • Raven I just have a feeling that this terrible act is more about the company she kept than the information she knew. I just can’t connect the dots back to the borough. It doesn’t make sense. Regardless, I just hope that they catch the person

  33. Is it me, or does Lozier know more than he’s saying. I can’t wait until the walls all come crumbling down around the Aliquippa PD and the Beaver county courthouse. It’s going to be so funny to watch all the rats scurrying from the rubble trying to survive.



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