Defense attorney Gerald Benyo (left), District Attorney David Lozier (right) / submitted photos

The jail cell of a Beaver County inmate and the law offices of his defense attorney have been raided by Beaver County Detectives and Aliquippa Police over a mysterious handwritten letter, allegedly containing an eyewitness account to the murder of Rachael DelTondo.

Now the defense attorney and his client are being forced into silence by a Beaver County judge at the request of the District Attorney.

Beaver Countian investigative reporter John Paul worked in collaboration with a news team from The Daily Mail out of New York City, to bring you an in-depth report about dramatic events taking place outside of public view in the DelTondo murder investigation.

The Daily Mail is one of the largest news site in the world, with 240 million unique monthly readers, 80 million of them in the U.S. The report can be read on at the following link:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I heard the gunshots and seen her fall…’ Mystery letter sent to local inmate gives ‘eyewitness account’ of the murder of Aliquippa teacher, who had been suspended after she was found with 17-year-old boy in steamed up car

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • People will be saying all sorts of things as we know just from the comments here alone. We should hold our judgment until facts come out. I want to know what it said too but we’re not going to find that out for a while or whether or not the cops planted it. This entire thing is such a huge fiasco. I can’t imagine how difficult this all is for her family and friends.

      • C’mon wind!!!! Do you really believe if the police planted anything on anybody or anywhere that the public will just learn about it soon enough? Please if you do believe that then sell everything, cash out 401k etc and quickly go purchase a CLUE! Cuz you are literally quite lacking of one!….#Clueless

    • Link within that article tells more.
      The letter, in part, reads: ‘I heard the gunshots and seen her fall… I don’t want to be part of this. They won’t send me [to jail] if I tell them what really happened.’
      The letter was allegedly sent to Beaver County Jail inmate Wayne Cordes by Kayle Hill, 22, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son, on behalf of someone else.

      Inside the envelope was a letter from Hill and a second letter, handwritten in red ink, and allegedly signed by a friend of the inmate, who claimed to be a witness to DelTondo’s murder.

      Kayle Hill told the Beaver Countian that a friend of her ex-boyfriend gave her the letter in the days following DelTondo’s murder.

  1. I cannot believe this coverup please pray for these people involved, this inmate and his family, the WITNESS! his family and friends! our towns officials make me sick

  2. I just don’t understand how anyone can be convicted for the murder at this point. There is so much reasonable doubt that could be conjured up from ANY angle. Any defense attorney could create reasonable doubt for any potential defendants. This is really unfortunate because this case deserves true justice.

    • I agree with you. But a conspiracy to commit case seems to be alive and well. They didn’t get Capone for murder, but he spent the rest of his life in jail anyway.

    • Notasoprano. I agree. That’s if there is a trial. I don’t know where JP is getting his reliable information. I did hear from others close to the case that did say a couple of eye opening things.
      1. She knew absolutely nothing about the corruption in Aliquippa. Zero, nothing
      2. Her only possible connection to the APD is the possibility of sexual relationship with one or more officers.
      3. People were interjecting themselves into this investigation (including this site)hampering the investigation early on.
      4. JP’s interactions with the victim did not glean any useful information for investigators.
      5. They have a person of interest and are waiting on the evidence to be processed.
      6. This will never make it to trial. They got enough to force a plea.
      I guess we shall soon see

  3. Suspect everything like I said before this is Beaver County. Very possible that the black community in Aliquippa will sacrifice one or two of there own people with the co operation of there own families. Serve them up. so they can be thrown a few crumbs. Must be nice to have a massive selection of section eight housing residents to do your dirty work. provides great deniability. And look at us we are heroes we solved the case. Do they actually think people don’t know all of this. This stuff is a matter of life and death . It really can come to your families door. Dont delude yourselves.

    • sheriffs Dept must have read this post oh hell no the above post is not true everyone knows. Your ignorance only exceeds your insane arrogance.

      • That is an extra ordinate amount of thumbs down for this page. You either caught all the trolls or are correct. Sadly if you grew up in Quip and live in that level of poverty there is no denying that you’re correct.

  4. “Mrs Cordes said two state police investigators told her they intended to ‘tread as carefully as possible as to not put anyone in harm’s way’.”

    My guess is that something major is about to happen. This line in particular and the story itself hitting today…it’s all about to erupt. The state police are showing their cards. I hope they have a strong hand.

    • You don’t think someone inside the PSP spilled the beans to Losier’s friends so they’d go after the letter?

      • The way I read it, the PSP didn’t know about the letter until May 26 when Mrs. Cordes informed them. Did they know about it earlier than that? The story doesn’t say. But by May 26, the Beaver County Detectives had already interviewed Mr. Cordes in jail about the letter.

        And as far as the PSP sharing anything with Lozier after the way he has treated them? No way.

      • The PSP locally is tied up into quip money as deep as the crooks at the court house this is a moot debate. Seriously Small GUY was a PSP back when all the other locals were acting crazy and busted for running books etc. Hell his biography tells ya where the payoff was negotiated to keep the state police out of this murder. “Tony again expanded his police experience and in 1992 was selected to become a member of the Troop B Vice Unit, conducting undercover Drug, Gambling, and Prostitution investigations. Over the next 2 ½ years he made well over 100 felony arrests and received a Troop Commander’s Letter of Commendation for “Exceptional Effort” in numerous drug investigations.” All you have to do at this point is ask your self why that raid on May 25th JP reported didn’t list names of businesses or who was charged in this sting.

      • @Silence…very interesting points. But if Guy was that plugged in and kicking that much ass, why take him out of the vice unit and put him in charge of a lie detector? Was he getting too chummy with the locals? If the PSP was down with that, I can’t see why they would move him.

        Also, Guy and Lozier have been on the same page in most cases. If Guy was tight with the PSP, why would Lozier need to send them away on Friendship Ridge? Why would Lozier need as many County Detectives as he has if he was tight with the PSP? No other counties the size of Beaver have this many County Detectives. I just can’t get to any ‘deal’ existing with the PSP.

  5. Early odds on who sent the letter.
    Sheldon Jeter 4:1
    Lauren Watkins 7:1
    Tyrie Jeter 17:2
    Any member of Aliquippa PD 20:1
    Field 100:1

    • Lower the odds on Lauren if it was in red ink that’s an indicator of gender. The fact she was a proximity person of interest already narrows the field further. If we start looking at her circle of friends I’d wager you could find out she knows this boy or his girl. She is apparently a social butterfly/ hoodrat and likely why Joe intended to send a text of that nature to Ken. I can see it now he is in there with his co-workers ranting about his daughter who over achieves publicly, but hangs with the wrong crown smoking blunts etc.

  6. You guys never even lived in Aliquippa or grew up in the area of section 8 housing so please stfu an let these dirty cops get in trouble for all the dirty shit they have done in the past.

    • Are you cognitively damaged? You have no idea who half these people are and I can tell you that growing up in Linmar when “Teddy Bear” and the van club rolled threw and the “Guardian Angels” came along as well wasn’t an easy childhood.

  7. “‘The [Beaver] County Detectives executed a search warrant on Wayne’s cell last night based on information received about the letter,’ his former attorney, Steven Valsamidis, said.

    Valsamidis has since recused himself from Cordes’ case.”

    Why would Valsamidis recuse himself? Who does he represent that is connected to the investigation?

    • @Whiney he is also know as? “The Greek” which immediately begs one to think about the Unis and Barlamas union in Ambridge known as Barunis.

  8. There is one name that keeps coming up over and over again and that person seems to somehow be involved in every aspect of this case no matter which angle it’s viewed from. My bet (hence my OPINION) is that the supposed letter was written by a 17 year old that gets a lot of text messages these days. If there is a letter and this isn’t part of the overall cover-up storyline why the hell wouldn’t the author stick it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and mail it him or herself? The idea of giving it to someone to mail for them just sounds like a way for the quip PD to add more confusion into their “evidence.”

    Does anyone want to take a guess which judge signed the search warrant and then sealed it? Think it could be that one who is connected to the rest of the Monacaquippa players???

    BTW, When is the DA going to arrest Watkins for not reporting “Uncle Perc’s” text message? Afterall, he is a mandated reporter and its a criminal offence not to have reported it. They seized his wife and kid’s phone…I never heard that they seized his…even after they were made aware that he also received the text message. Did they seize his phone and if not, why not?

    The only fortunate thing is that the Monacaquippa gang isn’t that bright. If this is a cover-up and they’re all reading their part of the script, they’ll eventually screw up and it’ll all eventually come out. And like a house of cards, they’ll all come tumbling down.

    PS- Absolute KUDOS to JP for using Deputy Fife’s photo on an international news website. Other than perhaps the Midget, I can’t think of anyone more deserving to be made a fool of than our own “man on the scene.”

    • doubt very much that 17 Watkins is the friend of Cordes in BCJ. This was a friend of his, that got a messenger to take it to Circle K and give it to Hill, to mail for him – a him.

      • Circle K seems to be the place to hang out these days. Didn’t DelTondo and Watkins stop there the night she was murdered to see a friend and now this letter was also dropped off there as well? Could the missing piece be the girlfriend of Cortes who works there – was she who the 2 girls visited that night and now she also receives this letter? What on Earth is going on at Circle K???

      • @Ohmy they sell blunts miles deep and “big gulps for .79 cents figure it out! The APD have the sunoco hemmed up after shift change they have to meet Dopewell to check in with the sheriffs dept. someplace

    • …wouldn’t the author stick it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and mail it him or herself? The idea of giving it to someone to mail for them just sounds like a way for the quip PD to add more confusion into their “evidence.”

      there’s no way they’re that smart to orchestrate that js you’re right they are not that bright

      • Interesting point considering that MacArthur Station is right around the comer and has curbside drop boxes.

    • I’m guessing why he didnt mail it is because the jail reads every piece of mail that an inmate receives… Just a thought..🤔

  9. I was always under the assumption that when inmates get mail the letters are read by someone beforehand..this seems to be getting more confusing as the weeks go by. The big question I hope someone would answer for me is, why was this letter sent to someone in jail? I would have gotten an attorney and had him or her keep it for safe keeping. One last thing that keeps jumping out at me…when they said the letter was written in red ink,it seems to me that’s a female writing that letter.

    • The only way a letter can be read by the person who opens it, is for there to be a warrant. Staff who open the letters do not read the contents. The contents are searched for contraband only.

      • Not true.. you’re a guest in their house… every letter going out and coming in is read. Just checked with a neighbor who was a guest at the hotel..😁

  10. This story has more twists and turns than an Agatha Christy or PD James mystery. What next, perhaps an eye witness.

  11. Why am I getting the feeling that the truthful revelation in the end will be a whole lot less intriguing than all the wild “what if…?” scenarios that are on here?

      • If all the half-assed rumors, , accusations and “insider” info that I have heard over the years in this county were actually true, this area would be “Twin Peaks”, “Dark Shadows and “Peyton Place” times ten. Almost every time it’s some guy who knows some guy who really doesn’t know shit. LOL


    • I’d call it deep if he had been the original attorney, but at this point I’m calling it election publicity.

      • Just saying. I went to him on my son’s behalf. We needed someone we could trust when the crap got even crazier and former attorney wasn’t paying no attention to anything no matter what. You of course are entitled to your opinion but that is how it is.

  13. To raid the office of an attorney is just beyond anything. Is this raid really about this case or is it an early attempt to run Mr. Benyo’s campaign off the road in the next election for DA? Either way, this raid should be a crime in itself.

    • @johnQ.. I think it’s to cover up who this letter is speaking of! Wouldn’t be surprised if the person named wears a badge for work..

  14. Compare this “investigation” to the Gregory Scott Hopkins cold case investigation, arrest and trial. Same county detectives (I think), a smart and uncorrupted Bridgewater police department (DNA from a cup), and competent trial lawyers, both defense and prosecution. The main difference — Stonewall Lozier — a guy with no prior murder investigation experience and no capital crime prosecution trial experience (I believe) and experienced former DA Anthony Berosh. These mistakes and miscues signal amateurism, and the price could not be higher. Apparently, Stonewall does not know where to go, because he has never been there.

    • Do not forget that the State Police were involved in the case as partners, with their crime lab work and expert testimony. Also, expert testimony was given for the defense and prosecution by people brought in to explain investigation matters. Evidence was carefully handled by all. It was organized and professionally presented. Stonewall offers none of that, but instead gets in the way and blocks people from doing their jobs. At this point, I personally cannot see a conviction in the future, with things being botched every day. Step aside, Stonewall Loser, and let the professionals take over.

      • Well, a prosecution could happen if:
        – The “right” judge is assigned the case…we all know which one that is.
        – The person that the Monacaquippa family has decided will take the fall can’t afford an attorney and chooses a public defender and is somehow convinced (pressured by the public defender who is controlled by the family) that they should waive a jury trial and allow a judge to determine the outcome of the case.
        – The coincidentally assigned judge finds them guilty no matter how much reasonable doubt exists.
        – The family collectively sighs with relief.

        Let’s see if Stonewall decides to seek the death penalty. This wasn’t a crime of passion; it was an execution so he should be seeking it. But, if he does seek it then there will be an experienced private attorney with capital trial experience appointed… and that would throw the whole plan into a tailspin so my bet is that he won’t be seeking the death penalty.

      • Accordingtome, you paint a scary picture of the justice system. The only hole I see in this would be the extent of the media coverage this has received thanks to JP. A run-of-the-mill murder case might go this route. This one is WAY too public for the Monacaquippa family to control. They are big fish in a very small pond. If they try to ramrod a conviction through on one of the three brothers (which seemed to be the gameplan from the beginning), you’re going to see the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Black Lives Matter…all of them and more lining up to get in front of a camera to denounce the system.

  15. Attorney Benyo is very intelligent and Stonewall will flop like a house of cards for trying to take him on. This is all political theatrics of course so Stonewall looks tough and wants to silence everyone in any case he gets involved. Benyo will wipe the floor with his ass in a courtroom. Hubris and arrogance are Stonewall’s attributes and they always preclude a hard landing. He appears to be getting terrible legal advice from someone or is just doing his best to please his masters and get this shit swept under rug before next election cycle. What judge signed the gag order? My first year of law school I could get could get the murderer off because of the extreme lack of professionalism displayed by the Quip POPO and Stonewall’s merry band of wannabe dicks. Got back to Deltondo house and see if the murdered is dead in the bushes. They couldn’t find their assholes with both hands a mirror to guide them. When the grand jury is done many of the local Friends and Family Inc may be disappearing from the local churches & social clubs. Lots of possible openings at the Midget’s magic kingdom also. Bye bye to all you corrupt bastards. may you all rot in hell.

    • equalizer13: One thing that might be a silver lining in these clouds is that, if this turns out to be more than a “crime of passion” among lovers, the Monacaquippa Cosa Nostra that helped put this incompetent DA in office could have this whole thing come back and bite them in their collective asses. That would be a welcome karma.

      • It would only take getting Stonewall to flip on them. Does anybody think when the walls come tumbling down around him that he won’t do anything and everything to save his own ass? Afterall, there are no afgahns in prison. Plus, when his “on the scene” photo gets circulated around the prison he would be the most sought after inmate to be made someone’s bitch.

  16. We can only hope and pray Raven that real justice prevails. Not betting the ranch though. Each day I lose any hope that there is one justice for all. LEO corrupt from FBI to Podunk county. It’s always ALL ABOUT THE MONEY trail.

  17. Wonder if the person that wrote the letter saw a cop pull the trigger and didn’t want county Detectives to get ahold and destroy the letter, I mean they can rewrite a letter.. once in court who are they going to believe about which letter is real, the inmate or the cops..???

    • you would need samples from before the murder. from cancelled checks, bills, timesheets etc. anyone suspected of writing this letter is going to change their writing style to look like a doctor’s script.

  18. Lozier is the Scott Pruitt of Beaver County. Wasteful with taxpayer dollars, reckless and protective with his investigations, deceptive in regards to information and just plain arrogant in general to the citizens that pay him.

  19. I don’t care what anyone says, a text message to DelTondo saying “go for a walk” is a big fat red flag to me.

    • Even Rachael thought it was odd: (quoting a previous ‘Beavercountian’ article.)

      After Watkins dropped off DelTondo at her Buchanan Street home at 10:44 p.m., warrants say Watkins drove Tyrie Jeter back to Main Street.

      Text messages show Watkins messaged DelTondo one minute before dropping her off: “Go for a walk I’ll come pick you up after.” DelTondo responded, “U serious?” and “Haha.”

  20. John Q: Probably to smoke a little weed? Somehow the Watkins stories are all full of holes. Something is clearly sick about that family unit. Keep digging.

  21. have you noticed that any new information that comes out doesn’t come out because of an update or press conference or the APD or chief letting us know, comes out from a citizen. First rachaels ex fiancé then rachaels mother then sheldons older brother now this wayne cordes hill and the author of the letter. if these people and events didn’t happen they really would sit on this and do nothing. theyre always making excuses and playing catch up. there have been many other serial killers and random shootings elsewhere and the police are always reassuring the public and letting everyone know specifically where theyre at and what they’ve found – also BEGGING!! for the public to come forward and give any information that anyone knows of that night or saw anything to please come forward NONE of that is happening here! inface David steps in with all this mess and says Keep your mouths shut!! ? I know I keep repeating myself but its so obvious theyre protecting Watkins and couch and with sealock saying he wont be sending this up the chain heres where were stuck and rachaels family forgetaboutit



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