Treasurer Connie T. Javens / campaign photo

A son of Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens has given an interview to the Beaver Countian, saying he has had enough with courthouse shenanigans, including those of his own mother. Dan Javens touched on a wide range of topics related to county government during a conversation that lasted more than two hours.

The man called the Beaver Countian earlier this month.

“This guy has had enough,” Dan Javens told the Beaver Countian. “Every day I find more shit out. I have had enough. I have got grandkids. I am tired of the bullshit. I am tired of the politics.”

Javens, who said he is about to turn 56-years-old, acknowledged that his call to the Beaver Countian will not sit well with his mother.

“This is going to piss her off and I don’t give a fuck,” he said, also warning the Beaver Countian’s John Paul that “my mother fucking hates you” and “my mother is after you.”

Javens said he called the Beaver Countian because he believes in the work this publication has been doing and does not know where else to turn.

“I understand what you’re writing and what you are investigating and I don’t blame you,” he said.

Here is just some of what Dan Javens had to say about ongoing courthouse controversies.

On Treasurer Connie Javens And Friendship Ridge

Dan Javens told the Beaver Countian that he was aware of his mother’s unilateral withdrawals of millions of dollars for Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services during and after their acquisition of Friendship Ridge, and of his mother’s successful efforts to help secure a contract for his sister Renee with the new owners.

“I talked to her about it,” said Javens. “I asked her, what in the fuck did you do?”

Javens said his mother told him that other county officials, including Controller David Rossi, were never around to properly authorize transactions for Friendship Ridge’s new owners (the Pennsylvania County Code requires all checks be signed by the County Commissioners and Controller before they are signed and released by the Treasurer).

“She took it upon herself to do it, but it wasn’t right,” said Javens. “Some of the things my mother does is not right, but my mother does what she does and she does not listen.”

Dan Javens said his mother got to know the new owners of Friendship Ridge well because “they had to go through her,” and his mother used that relationship to help garner contracts, including the one for her daughter Renee — a practice which Javens said has not been uncommon in local government.

“They all do it, Beaver County is geared toward that, it’s everybody,” said Javens. “Not just Renee, all of them, bar none […] Everyone has taken care of their own and gotten something for themselves.”

In reaction, Controller David Rossi told the Beaver Countian that Treasurer Connie Javens never discussed her payments to Friendship Ridge with him, and that his office was unaware of her unilateral withdrawals until they were discovered during a review of the sale.

“I’m here before Connie Javens, I’m here after Connie Javens, I see her come and I see her go,” said Rossi. “I’ve been in that courthouse more in the past 8 years than Connie Javens has been in the past 24 years.”

The County Controller’s Officer issues check runs on a weekly basis to authorize payments of funds to vendors and others the county owes money to.

On His Mother’s Re-election

Dan Javens told the Beaver Countian that Treasurer Connie Javens has informed the family that she has decided not to run for re-election again, meaning this will be her final term in office.

“[Campaign] signs went in the trash,” said Javens. “She’s not running again.”

Javens also said that despite current rumors traveling in political circles, no one in the family intends to run for her seat.

On His Own Problems With The Law And Of The Personal Tolls

Dan Javens was blunt and candid during his interview with the Beaver Countian, even while discussing his own prior legal troubles. It was Javens who first brought up the subject of his arrest three years ago on charges that he discharged a firearm following a family dispute in his home — a duplex abutted next to his mother’s place.

“I shot the wall JP. I’m no killer, I’m no bad guy,” said Javens, who insisted he never intended to harm anyone and that he had discharged the firearm “out of frustration.”

All of the charges against Dan Javens were dropped back in 2014 with the exception of three summary citations, for which he paid a fine.

“I’m not a terrorist,” Javens insisted. “I’m not some crazy guy.”

Dan Javens said he has had issues with alcohol in the past, but has worked hard to straighten out his life, having attended more than 75 Alcoholic Anonymous meetings and 20 anger management classes since the incident.

During the conversation, Dan Javens parroted a line often heard from his mother, “people are jealous of the Javens family.” But the boasts eroded as Javens repeatedly talked about what he said was a heavy personal toll politics has played on the entire family.

“There is no love here,” he said.

Something Changed His Mind

It is not entirely clear why Dan Javens originally contacted the Beaver Countian to give the lengthy interview, other than his repeated assertions that he had grown tired of the problems that politics has caused for his family. During the course of the interview Javens stressed specific points that he wanted the Beaver Countian to write down for inclusion in articles.

Dan Javens contacted the Beaver Countian a second time on the following day, saying he had spent time thinking and asked his interview not be published, fearing ramifications of having come forward. By the time Javens made that call, the Beaver Countian had already been in the process of contacting other individuals to investigate his information and seek reactions to some of his remarks.

Information about allegations involving other individuals provided by Dan Javens remain unpublished as the Beaver Countian continues investigating his various claims.

Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens has previously instructed the Beaver Countian not to contact her again seeking comment, vowing to file charges of harassment.

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  1. Why is it a joke? Cause he is opening the eyes of tax payers? You should be appalled at the antics people we hire to represent us are doing the opposite. We the people need to clean house and get new people in. We should also mandate a 2 term limit for all township and county elected officials

  2. She tried to intimidate me once. Turns out she really doesn’t like the truth. Lol. It’s incredible how highly she thinks of herself, honestly. I hope they throw her in prison and throw away the key.

  3. on another note I sent my county taxes in almost two weeks ago and the check has not been processed nor cleared, what is the problem with the tax office at present that they can not do their job in a timly fasion at present ?? talked with a friend and they too have been waiting two weeks, what is going on?

  4. I never received my tax bill. Turns out they sent it to a completely different address and now it is happening with all of the tax bills for the remainder of this year. Had to go to the courthouse and change address in the “system”. Lord help us all!

    • It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. My last two tax bills have been erroneously sent to an escrow company and not to my residence. the escrow company does not forward that mail. My house has been paid off for over a year and I should be receiving them. I thought that I had taken care of this issue last year but the ineptitude of the folks in that office continues to baffle me. Wake up you friggin Amateurs and do your damn job!!!! Eliminate your outdated procedures and get into the 21st century. It is mind blowing how they complete their jobs in that office.

  5. There you go. Danny Boy himself just stated that Connie Javens abused the office of Treasurer and her position to get her family and friends contracts and jobs. So come on Lozier, charge her with something already!

  6. This is an unfortunate description of the family, and one can’t help but be sympathetic to the daily stress it apparently causes. But to a large extent, Connie brought it upon herself and the family, and now the excesses of the past are affecting the present. Commenters here have been second guessing some of this background information, and much of it seems to be true. I shall ask what I have asked before. What is it all worth? A silly little government job is bringing down the whole family for an inflated ego and false sense of worth. For what? Quit while you can and redeem what can be reeemed in the short time left on this earth. It isn’t worth it, and few would hold it against you.


  8. I don’t know, while I am sure some of this damaging or adds to her already horrible reputation it seems to me to first say how you dont give a fuck etc…

    then call back later to ask it not be published sounds like maybe somoene isnt as clean and sober as theyd like to be portrayed

  9. Great treasurer and a wonderfull mother it seems. I dont think there is any other county in the United states as absolutely perverse as Beaver County. The people in New York at least have some sort of code of conduct. Beaver County seems to be run by a bunch of inbreds that adhere to the old saying NOTHING SAYS LOVIN LIKE MARRyIN YOUR COUSIN.

  10. Well, I’ll just say this, you only get away with what you are allowed to get away with.

    This is the same old shit in Beaver County. I don’t know that Mrs. Javens has that much power and influence that she can run roughshod over the other officials and staff in that courthouse if somebody stands up and tells her “NO!” once in a while. Like, say, the commissioners, the voters, the auditor….
    And I think a 56 year old man has had plenty of opportunity to get away from his tyrant mommy, IF he truly wanted to get out of a toxic situation. Maybe moving out of the duplex attached to her house would have been a good first step.

  11. How many lives and other families has this clan ruined? Not one bit of sympathy from me! Hammer them hard while they are on the ropes. Unleash the hounds of hell.

  12. In my opinion I bet that duplex got some drama now. What’s funny I would have drank to. If treated like the outcast of the family but, yet the nicest guy of the family and not apart of there monarchy and all the royal family bullshit……He had his breaking point a few years ago look what has caused it. Great job Connie was it all worth it and the repercussions that have come with it?? I doubt it very highly…

  13. I like the comment that people are jealous of her and her family. Knew enough to know years ago I didn’t care for them. Arrogance gets you nowhere and you certainly do not belong in an office when you are a SERVANT to the people. You should be doing what is right for the citizens and tax payers while behaving properly and with morals. Public office is NOT for your personal gain and doesn’t come with an intention to create opportunities to your family, friends or neighbors. THERE MUST BE A WAY TO WITHHOLD TAXES TO THE COUNTY UNTIL SHE IS GONE AND NO LONGER IN CHARGE OF OUR FUNDS. CORRUPTION IS IN QUESTION FOR LONG ENOUGH. SHE WAS ELECTED SHE CAN BE UNELECTED OR IMPEACHED SO TO SPEAK. WE DON’T HAVE TO STAND FOR THIS.

  14. Sounds like a 56 year old man child. Discharged a firearm? Does not sound like a totally lucid adult but then we see a lot of that on your blog. This is not newsworthy. It is more small town gossip but hey, your readers will lap it up like a sheep dog.

    • Your insults are ridiculous, Ms. Deiter. If you are smarter than us sheep dogs, why do you even read this publication? I’ve never seen a retraction or apology here for any untrue news, have you?

      • This is nothing more than a gossip column and we all know that people love gossip. I don’t read this publication much anymore but when I do, it’s pretty much the same narrative…Connie, Connie, Connie….blah blah blah. So I point this out occasionally. And while JP does report some interesting activities, he leaves out details that are important to making the story objective.

  15. Some of you questioned your un-cashed tax checks—-
    Just my opinion but what if she is holding checks to try and make everyone believe that there is too much work and not enough staff?
    Remember when she tried to blackmail for more help? Wonder if she is going to say that she cant process the checks because they are short staffed and if they would have allowed her that personnel they would be up to date.
    Just a thought though….

  16. And now we have it. The final push, the coup de gras. only because there will be no run for office next election. However everyone that benefitted over the past 25 years will stay in place at their rigged jobs and the rest will be parked up on the hill in La Monaca Grande, big fat fucks, still eating well off the taxpayers money. In other news….Lozier goes down in the history of Beaver County as the D.A. that delivered the taxpayers the biggest disservice ever. Running off the State Police and standing idle after Javens and LaValle were withdrawing money and handing it over to a third party.

  17. If I were Mrs. Javens, i would sue you folks for defamation of character, and for whatever else is out there. Why would you ever print something so horrible about anyone, and this is not even true! This is the most deporible article I have ever read. Shame, shame on you! You need to be put out of business if this is the way you do business. Had you folks had any decency, you would have held the article for at least one week, then called Mr. Javens, to see if he wanted to retract his comments. Anyone can see that he was upset with you, and his family. I believe Mr. Javens was more upset with you than his Mother, Mrs. Javens! Oh no, you saw a chance to print some slime and get pats on the back for this article. Even if half of what you wrote, was true, which it is not, you deserve to go to jail for your malicious article! This responce written by Cecelia.


  19. D.A. David Lozier — Did you interview Dan Javens in your preliminary investigation? If not, you should now. Apparently, he is a “material witness.” You did not find a “quid pro quo” (a benefit from the transactions) before. But this lays that possibility right in front of you. And, knowing that and doing nothing — again — will earn you the moniker of Stonewall all over again. I don’t that this interview was just an exercise in tabloid sensationalism about the family, that some commenters suggest. There are direct comments that are worthy of investigative follow-up. Dan is apparently not Prince Charming, but I am inclined to believe him — Why would he lie? — and his comments suggest that he has the inside, first-person information that would explain what had happened. Connie has been ignored, not exonerated, by your initial probes, and the case remains open to new inquiry.

    • I don’t know Raven. I have half a notion that Connie mostly knows she is in the clear now and she planned Danny Boy to come forward instead of doing it herself, to be her way of one last spit in our face. He just about confirmed everything we been saying without actually coming out and saying it. I wouldn’t count on Lozier to do anything out of the usual, which is to do nothing.

  20. I completely agree Jeanne Kearney Ritchie and Ceese Ollendike!! This article is nothing but TRASH!! This is what the Beaver County Newspaper/Countian has to resort to for readers! It is such a shame. An all time low… even for JOHN PAUL

  21. I think the best thing a person can do is to buy a space in the mausoleum or if you have enough, build a private family mausoleum. That way those people that have been fucked over for 25 years can’t line up to piss on your grave.

  22. Deborah Zagar Shroads : Comments like yours are typical of some commenters who have read an article here for the first time, are friends/family with the people covered, or just have a sense of morality that needs some airing, so it is attached to the article. Realize one thing — these articles DO NOT EXIST IN ISOLATION. They EVOLVE over time. They are connected.

    I have been reading the BC since the beginning. The commenting here that I do is within a context of the many articles that have preceded the current ones. It is not easy, and it requires much vetting to fully appreciate what is really going on. The history of the issues is of vital importance for understanding what the dynamics are.

    The revelations of Dan Javens are the culmination of about two years of being told in the media about Connie Javens actions/inactions, and, the public being given virtually no feedback from her or anyone else in her family, or even from the DA, about why she has done what she has/has not done. She has stonewalled, and perhaps the DA too, the whole thing. The importance of Dan’s information cannot be overstated. He gives suggestions for why and how things have happened. And, if Dan Javens revisits these comments of his, it is likely that the cover could be blown off all the secrecy that protects them. If he shows that Connie INTENTIONALLY made the wrong and/or illegal transactions in the Friendship Ridge deal, that will be big news indeed.

    John Paul relates that “The man called the Beaver Countian earlier this month.” He didn’t approach Dan Javens. Dan apparently got things off his chest that bothered him. If you want to attack JP for improper journalism, consider that the content is germane to all that has been happening, and that it could be the harbinger of even more information that will finally explain why we have been following the Connie Javens thing for so long. The tawdry news is not John Paul’s. It is the news of the Javens family making.

  23. After reading this article the Wicked Witch of Center was heard moaning “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done!! I’m melting, melting. Ohhhhh, what a world, what a world”.

    Et tu Danny.

  24. One item missing here is the benefit Dan Javens himself has gained from being involved in the nepotism of job getting, and even special treatment by the court (shots fired, $100 fine, ARD), as well as other family members and friends. Before you get too angry at the dirty politics, Dan, consider that you might be delving into hypocrisy yourself. Connie didn’t do it all. The people who got the nepotistic jobs were aware of the potential conflicts too, and the politics is what got them there. With their eyes wide open. So, who is surprised, now that the whole thing is finally coming apart? This might be some kind of exhilarating vindication to get it off your chest, and blame the old lady, but you are into it as deeply as anyone else. One answer: come clean about ALL of it in another article and help this county get back on track by taking the people to task who have screwed things up. There is a reason why admitting mistakes and apologizing to those hurt are part of AA’s steps. Make full use of that.

  25. In my opinion, the key to this whole fucking mess was to get warrants for everyone’s personal banks accounts. Anyone that had to do with the sale of Friendship Ridge. You can’t find anything if you don’t bother looking. Bank records would have told the whole story of who got what and when they got it, if that is the case.

  26. Look for unaccounted for deposits, financial records of any large cash purchases, how vehicles were bought, etc. There was a comment at one time that the Weatherization Program spent 2 days at the home of Connie and Renee Javens. That should be easy enough to check out. Were they there or not? I don’t know. Look for paperwork. Ask the employees that do the work.

    • Recall, John Q., that when this matter first aired, some people here found a difference between the earned incomes and the lifestyles. We are coming full circle.

      • I remember. That’s what I’m saying, how the hell are these Land Rovers, Mercedes, Suburbans, swimming pools and what not being paid for? I personally don’t know what all they have. I’m going by what other commenters have said.

  27. @ Dan Javens never really cared for you and won’t get into details why but I have to say I’m impressed with this and I think you’ve removed few things from your life that’s helped.

    Friends are better family than blood family, because you can choose them.

  28. @JOHN Q

  29. I’ve been reading the BC for a number of years and have, for the most part, enjoyed and agreed with JP. But this is, IMHO, WAY over the top! This guy obviously has some emotional problems, expresses his emotions to JP, and finds his personal stuff spread all over the net. Not professional JP…not cool.

    • If he needed to talk to someone, he should have gone to talk to a therapist, not a reporter. That way he would have had a patient-doctor privilege to privacy.
      And according to the article, JP gave him ample time to retract him comments or to ask him to keep them private. Or, like the comment above, just maybe “Revenge is a dish best served cold”.

  30. jaacee: Your compassion for Dan is noble, and he probably needs and deserves it. But a person who is desperate for help, as Dan seems to be, usually doesn’t look around for the “perfect” forum to use for explaining his/her needs. Usually, a sympathetic friend can be the best source of help. Even slopping up the suds with friends at Zooky’s can work wonders. In Dan’s case, though, Simply Yogurt might be a better choice.

    And believe it or not, getting a therapist, especially a psychiatrist, in Beaver County is not easy, and it is expensive. $120 plus to begin with an hour-long entrance interview, a medical examination if the shrink really knows what he/she is doing, $30 to $60 a quarter or half hour, once or twice weekly ongoing (in general). If you don’t have insurance, you pay. And, if you can get around the drug and alcohol and family services patients who crowd the waiting rooms. And, we are talking about those who have significant needs, not just pain-in-the-ass relatives.

    The point is that one does not just walk out the front door and get a therapist. If you don’t believe me, call Beaver County Psychiatric Services or the Staunton Clinic and make an appointment for today. Won’t happen. In two or three weeks, maybe. Also, the services are not primarily the Dr. Phil kind of one hour talk therapy. They can be, but they are usually geared toward intervention and symptom removal. There are just too damn many patients. Look for a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. That, along with autism spectrum disorder, are the favored labels for half the population of Beaver County (a little sarcasm) who are outside the norm and having ups and downs. I shall say that some are excellent, though. (No, I am not a shrink or a patient.)

    And consider that with therapy, the focus would be on HIS problems to be helped, not the family problems. Unless they all join him in family therapy (no, I am not suggesting the family is mentally ill), it would be HIS situation that would be dealt with, not theirs. There is some hope here, though, that airing it in public might result in some pressures from outside to fix things, through community support. And, if he gets some positive community feedback, it would reassure him that he is not completely off track.

    Dan knows who JP is, what this forum is, what it investigates, and how people react to it. He walked into it with eyes wide open. He wasn’t dragged in or conned to talk. And, where to go but to the person who knows about the problems in depth? He came forward, and that takes guts and at least some understanding of what the real problems are. JP can’t give the MMPI to every source he gets his information from.

    I hope he talks some more and gives JP the go ahead on other information that he apparently revealed in his interview. That way, some of the rest of us might feel a little less anxious and confused, and he might even feel good about it.

  31. Come on folks is Danny J really the guy who we think is credible about much of anything other than looking like Popeye? More use of negativity to spew hatred if you ask me. Typical for any media outlet today I suppose. Report on her illegal actions great. Interview of her brilliant and stable son…bogus.

  32. Mayor of Monaca candidate Tom Eley also known as Norm and John Q taxpayer works when he’s there Rochester township business manager and owns Brusters in Hopewell and now he wants another job give me a break

  33. I would love to see these power people go down if they break the law.The laws do not apply equally to everyone. Welcome to beaver county!



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