Officer Anthony Quinn / photo via Facebook

A former Aliquippa police patrolman is alleging he was fired last year after city leaders discovered he was involved in investigating possible ties between drug rings and city police and elected officials.

In connection, Anthony Quinn told he has been interviewed multiple times by the Pennsylvania State Police and the FBI as part of ongoing probes into public corruption in Beaver County.

“There is no doubt in my mind there are ties between the Aliquippa city government and drug rings, definitely,” Quinn said. “From when I worked there I have seen the evidence.”

Quinn, 26, a native of Seattle, Washington, currently resides in New Castle, where he moved to be with family. Quinn began working as a full-time Aliquippa officer fresh out of the Community College of Beaver County Municipal Police Academy in 2015. He was fired approximately two years later on May 14, 2017.

His termination is the subject of ongoing arbitration hearings, but Quinn said he has no desire to return to Aliquippa’s department.

Quinn is now employed as a part-time patrolman with the police departments in Ohioville, Midland and Chippewa Township, where he said two FBI agents interviewed him most recently last week.

“I was fired (from Aliquippa) after I did a trash pull on a city council member due to suspicions of narcotics activity,” Quinn said. A trash pull is a search of someone’s outside garbage when looking for evidence, and does not require a warrant. Quinn wouldn’t say on the record whether he found anything suspicious.

“I was also investigating a second council member for allegations of official oppression. I would probably say a week or two weeks after that is when I found out they were trying to terminate me.”

Quinn explained the alleged oppression: “There was an incident involving another council member engaged in physical violence and I was ordered to give up the investigation,” he said. “They had the victim come down and settle it cash wise.

“The department had suspects pay off victims with cash instead of filing charges … It was crime of official oppression and official bribery as far as I believe.”

Quinn showed text messages and photographs that appeared to bolster some of his claims.

This site is not naming the individuals involved in Quinn’s accusations because no charges have been filed and his claims could not be independently verified.

Acting Aliquippa Police Chief Robert Sealock on Tuesday said he couldn’t talk about Quinn’s employment status “because that is still an ongoing matter. As for what I think about him as an officer, I can tell you that I still say hi to him and chat with him whenever I see him.”

Sealock said he was also unable to comment on any of Quinn’s department allegations.

Sealock is Aliquippa’s third chief of police since June 6. He was appointed acting chief on June 9 following the suspension of former Assistant Chief Joseph Perciavalle, who county detectives charged with sending an obscene text message to an underage female. Sources said the girl is involved in the May 13 Rachael DelTondo murder investigation, and is the daughter of police Sgt. Kenneth Watkins, who was placed on administrative leave in the wake of the murder.

Perciavalle’s appointment followed the paid administrative leave of former Police Chief Don Couch because council said it had knowledge he was a subject in a state police investigation. The scope of that investigation has not been publicly discussed.

Sealock said he has heard of federal involvement in the city.

“I have heard about an ongoing investigation by the FBI, but I have not been contacted by them directly,” he said. “There were rumors around the department about internal investigations into (Aliquippa police officers) and members of city council, but I can not talk about specifics.”

Officially, Quinn said the department came up with a list of “policy violations” dating as far back as one and a half years to use as cause to fire him.

“They alleged I left a car with a half a tank of gas and didn’t fill it up at the end of my shift, complained about my personal appearance, how I was dressed.”

Quinn claimed the dated violations were nothing but a pretext to fire him because he was getting closer to arresting city officials.

“They claimed I couldn’t work harmoniously with the (Beaver County) District Attorney’s Office,” Quinn said. “That part is true. No good officer in Beaver County can work well with District Attorney David Lozier. Ask the Pennsylvania State Police about that, they’ll tell you the same thing.”

In October 2017, published an interview with then state police Lt. Eric Hermick who accused Lozier of publicly making “false” claims about an active shooter incident involving state police.

Lozier had been seeking a budget increase in part to fund equipment for a county SWAT team, and blamed poor state police response. Hermick disputed the response time, and went on to question the need for the county to duplicate free state police services.

In March of 2016, Lozier told he had “fired” the state police from conducting an “unauthorized” public corruption investigation of Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens.

“The Pennsylvania State Police are not allowed to investigate anything involving the courthouse without my written approval,” Lozier said at the time. “I have not and will not be referring these matters to them.”

Individuals subsequently interviewed by state police as part of their corruption probe have been told it was a mistake by them to drop that investigation. They include county Commissioner Sandie Egley and former county financial administrator Ricardo Luchow, who said they’ve been told by state police their investigation has been reopened.

Lozier replied to Quinn’s accusations Tuesday in a written statement. “Your informant left both the Aliquippa PD and my (Anti Drug Task Force) without positive job recommendations. I suspect he may have an ax to grind so his bias should be made clear,” he wrote of Quinn.

Quinn also alleges that Lozier has bias as well, and employs the girlfriend of Couch’s son as a secretary with the county Drug Taskforce. “They actually bring her along when they conduct search warrants to document everything.”

Lozier’s statement provided a lengthy defense of the woman’s employment and qualifications.

Lozier wrote in part, “No hard working college graduate should be painted with your ugly conspiracy brush because of who her boyfriend’s father might be, especially when the boyfriend’s father is a respected police officer, not charged with any offense, in a country where all are presumed innocent until proven otherwise.”

Quinn did not hold back in further accusations against his former department.

“The Aliquippa police protect drug dealers,” he alleged. “They ordered me not to issue a search warrant against certain people, not to file charges even in cases where I confiscated drugs from people.”

Quinn said individuals in his chain of command would tell him certain drug dealers in town were working as confidential informants for the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office and should not be bothered.

“The attorney general’s office confirmed to me those people were never confidential informants like the department claimed,” Quinn said. independently verified from other sources Quinn’s claim that he has been cooperating with state and federal agents.

Also, Brighton Township barracks state police Station Commander Sgt. Amanda C. Selden previously indirectly confirmed to the existence of active, ongoing investigations into Aliquippa police.

However, FBI Pittsburgh Public Affairs Officer Catherine Policicchio when contacted Tuesday would only say, “We do not confirm or deny the existence of any investigation.”

Quinn said the FBI questioned him about missing reports involving drug arrests of city officials’ relatives. “I told them everything,” he said.

“If you arrest the wrong person, the potential of you getting messed with is high in that department,” Quinn said. “There are guys in there who are afraid to do their jobs, afraid of arresting certain people because they could be terminated. It is pretty sad.”

Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker could not be reached for comment and did not return a detailed message left by

Anthony Quinn’s assertions are consistent with stories alleging organized crime that Rachael DelTondo told in the months before her murder outside her parents’ Aliquippa home. DelTondo had been a confidential source for this site. Investigators have said they believe DelTondo’s murder was a “crime of passion” and not related to any alleged public corruption. No arrests have been made in the case and no suspects have been publicly named.

Quinn said he realizes how unprecedented it is in Beaver County for an officer to come forward publicly alleging corruption to news media, but he believes major changes need to occur for the betterment of the community.

“The public doesn’t seem very confident in us in Beaver County,” Quinn said. “More officers need to come forward with information about what they see. We need to get politics and corruption out of law enforcement.”

District Attorney David Lozier’s statement to the Beaver Countian in response to requests for comment about the clerk of his Anti-Drug Task Force can be read in its entirety here.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


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  2. Officer Quinn, we are happy to have you in Ohioville Twp. But as you know we had a corrupt Police Chief for decades. And when we got a honest officer, who spoke up he was fired. All I am saying is, thank you and keep up the great job, but you also need to watch your back around Beaver County, I always thought there were more good police officers then bad, I have always told my children if they got lost or in trouble to seek out the help of a police officer. But currently, in Beaver County I am not sure who to trust or who would frame them for a crime. The State Police and FBI needs to state putting handcuffs on people, I heard these investigations has been ongoing for 5 years and what has really happen?

    • maybe there are a lot of honest cops . maybe they got ” the talk” from dealers, politicians, chiefs,whoever.maybe “the talk” was about looking the other way, don’t bust them, don’t INTERFERE with the trade, or bad things will happen to you and /or your family. maybe i’d be tempted to be corrupt, too, if it meant saving my ass. you cannot escape the powers of these dealers over the community, they run it , and everyone is scared of their reach, from high up politicos on down. maybe it’s like the mexiquippian cartels.

    • I raised my two sons in Ohioville over 40 years ago and I can tell you that this is the absolute truth!

  3. Corruption and drugs in Aliquippa? No way! Now that the geniuses have dropped that bombshell, how about getting the feds to clean up Aliquippa starting with the police department and council? That would be a headline worth reading about.

  4. Again Loserier with this “conspiracy” term. It reminds Mungo of some of the commenters here that often loosely throw that word around! Whenever evidence starts appearing that begins to paint an “accurate” depiction of current events loser and others want to scream CONSPIRACY! Well at first youz folks deny it, then of course comes the ridicule, but the funny thing is usually when something walks like a duck….no offense to your posture loser….and quacks like a duck, well guess what? It most likely is a duck. When faced with a mountain of evidence your ridicule will ultimately have to turn to acceptance. Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news and Mungo certainly hopes that no snowflakes have been triggered by such truisms, but like Mungo’s buddy often says…”Sometimes it just be’s that way!” Now the popcorn is almost ready and Mungo believes this whole show is about to start getting reel good….Everyone stay tuned, and keep giving em hell JP. All of this shit would still be hidden without you! Stay safe and Godspeed

  5. Me thinks a few bible verse spewing, arrogant, hypocritical no-goods are going to meet their comeuppance. I hope that mess can get cleaned up for the sake of the few good people in Aliquippa. As for you, Lozier, your true colors show up over and over and over again. I hope you go to prison too!

  6. Wow wow wow! I guess all the people saying I had an agenda, might realize they were wrong now and I was just saying some stuff that EVERYONE from quip knows is true! This kinda stuff happens in every town/township in beaver county tho, just in different scales. Hopefully all the crooked cops and da’s get what karma has for em! Would be interesting to see what a search warrant of losers office and home would show!?

  7. “No good officer in Beaver County can work well with District Attorney David Lozier.”
    “Lozier employs the girlfriend of Couch’s son as a secretary with the county Drug Taskforce.”

    Each time Stonewall’s name is mentioned, we are given more to be suspicious about.

  8. A real treat is two of his liaison officers. Essex Law and Randy Tallon. Lozier is tight and pals with Guy also who do you think he’s taking his marching orders from. BC is beyond all hope unless the people finally stars standing up!!

    • Thank God the people who know dirt have JP! And JP knows how to investigate this rotten stench of a county government!

    • Randy Tallon and Essex Law? Liaison Officers? What the hell is that? I don’t know about Essex Law, but Randy Tallon will do anything to be in the Courthouse so he can be close to his squeeze! We see him hanging around, chatting it up with the deputies. Thought he retired???

  9. Something tells me that this DelTondo murder is NOT a “crime of passion”! But a crime of shutting someone up!

    • BINGO Deputy Dog. And @Mungo, I have said same things. Its a duck and when someone states “conspiracy theories”, well thats an automatic confession from them and others who surround them including some whose offices aren’t in the courthouse…

  10. Cops protecting drug dealers, Mayor writing recommendations for criminals, and there are murders without even a suspect (fresh murders at that)

    • With so many unsolved murders in Aliquippa it makes me wonder if they protect the killers to protect their own pockets or to keep the killers from flipping on them if arrested.

      • Or, its both wind. Lots to gain and lots to lose – the most recent murder is a clear symbol of both. But seems they have forgotten their biggest loss is that of their souls – their integrity and morals have literaly shot them to hell, but that will be for them to contend with when they leave this earth…

  11. To Anthony Quinn,
    As a citizen of Beaver County I want you to know how grateful I am that you have come forward and told your story to JP. The only way to get through this is if the good guys take a stand. I know this isn’t easy being exposed like this, but you did the right thing. I’m proud of you and what you stand for.
    Take care and thanks again, just an ordinary BC resident.

  12. I bet there is absolutely nothing coincidental about the timing of Lozier ending the “unauthorized investigation” at the courthouse and the removal of Commissioner Egley as chair. It must have been sheer happenstance that these events occurred in such close proximity to one another.

    Rats protecting rats, at all levels.

  13. God bless Anthony Quinn. You made your momma proud son. Dont worry the FBI and State Popo will get their man and its going to be amazing to watch. I guarantee alot of sphincters are tight right now. Hope they are all getting their affairs in order and getting ready to do some time.

  14. And in a couple weeks Nick Trombetta will be sentenced for his corruption and embezzlement racket. What a summer

  15. Wow, you can’t make shit like this up. I wonder if the ink on the contract for Quinn’s hit is dry yet?

    Quinn, stay safe! Wear your kevlar 24/7, check under your car before you start it, sleep with one eye open, or move back to Seattle. Actually, you might have to do all this to be safe……………….You might want to ask the FBI about that Witness Relocation Program.

  16. I would like to endorse officer Anthony Quinns position. He was on the right track. However their are few missing pieces to the puzzle he wasnt able to put together. Ask yourself how a convicted felon under the Rico act can shoot a man in broad day light and have the charges dropped against him? Not to mention he admitted to running a gambling/bookmaking operation and no charges filed. Did i forget to mention this individual has had 3 DUI’s completely dissappear, add to it the two arrests for cocaine posession that also disappeared. All of these offenses occurred in Beaver County. He happens to be Frank Catroppas godfather. This is the same man who worked for mob boss Joey Naples of youngstown before he was gunned down. In youngstown the mob was putting the District Attorney into office since the early 50’s taking payoffs for reduced or disappeared sentences along with avoiding prosecution. When Paul Gains won election back in 1996 Lenine Strollo attempted to have him asassinated because he wasnt who the family backed for DA, they stood to lose millions. A little rabbit told me maybe that is the direction one might look in way of corruption in beaver county. Just and opinion or not.

  17. Lozier and county detectives running a fake investigation to prevent Javens and others from being prosecuted is not only a conspiracy but a crime against the people. Step down Lozier.

  18. With hundreds of graduates from ccbc criminal justice program it is amazing that couch’s soon to be daughter in law is a “consultant” in the DA’s office. Taking union jobs. What 20 year old has the knowledge and experience to “consult” experienced detectives and attorneys?

  19. Ok so let me get this right???? This police officer was looking into who thr main drug dealers where in Aliquippa pa am cause he started to get a little farther into it an come tl find out his co-worker were apart of the ring behind closed doors an because he startes getting closer to the main people they fired him but i thought was his job to take ALL DRUG DEALERS THAT ARE APART OF THE RING DOWN cause he like the rest to a solemn oath to protect the people of Aliquippa County so he waa doing his job an got fired pretty much now it sounds like he was getting closer to the main people an people didn’t like that well sometime protect an service aint always protect an service if you notice it dont say that on cop cars anymore i dont see where the man was going wrong sounds like he was doing his JOB…..

      • @sotrue… so true! So hard to read these comments sometimes. How do these people speak, is what I wonder lol

      • Renee sounds like a perfect example of someone “who be ejumakated” in that fine Aliquippa School District. Fo sho…………..

    • Yes, wind. So do grammar, mechanics, spelling, vocabulary, a brain, consciousness and an education above 2nd grade.

      • I understood the message, bad grammer and all. Good grammer can help when making a point, but this is not a Spelling Bee. Get over yourselves. Or should I say YINZ selfs.

    • I’ll push it that far, wind. Renee’s incomprehensible illiteracy is inexcusable. She can have someone else try to decipher that jumbled mix of words. I don’t have the time or inclination to figure it out. Just walk away Renee, or sober up before commenting.

      • Sadly I could read Renee’s post just fine. Just had to hold it up to a mirror

      • Hey what is wrong with all of you? You dont know ‘renee’ , c’mon! ?? You’re bullying over nothing like school kids. Stop being abusive; this is about a murder, a life forever lost, our own authority lying to us about everything, stealing and killing for drugs and money, and our own town literally crumbling before our eyes. His/her grammar is IRRELEVANT.

    • I agree. I wish people would just take a minute to proofread before they post. It really takes away from the message they are trying to convey when it’s a grammatical jumble.

      • In this case, it’s not proofreading that is the problem. It’s a basic inability to communicate with standard English or even words. This is even worse than labored Ebonics. Support your local schools. If it’s not that, then it might be the onset of Delirium Tremens.

      • Take away from the message ? Poor Renee did not have a message. The message we need reread, came from a previous (above) comment …Ur Times almost up…

      • I know you’re right Raven. It’s just so sad – I spent 7 years teaching in secondary education and was utterly shocked at the illiteracy of students who were actually going to graduate from one of our BC schools without being able to write a complete sentence that was grammatically correct, much less compose a comprehensive paper.

        The problem is that those who are running these so-called “buildings of education” are in many cases, lacking in their own qualifications to be educators. I spent my whole career in corporate America, and I can tell you that most of these people wouldn’t last 15 minutes in a Fortune 500 company. Do I sound cynical? I am, and I’m also telling the truth as I have experienced it. I’m afraid supporting our local schools won’t do it. Our education system is terribly broken, and I’m afraid it needs to implode from within before anything will change. I am a big proponent of the voucher system – let the market dictate what schools are successfully educating our American children!

  20. First thank you to Anthony Quinn. You have moved the allegations from the comments section to an article. What you are saying is what I believe is behind some of the events over the past 2 months, and probably before.

    Now what I wonder about is DA Lozier. If you build a timeline of when facts come out and then go back and make a timeline of things that he says publicly, you have to wonder if he really is this foolish or does he know that all of this will end with no result. These are the only 2 possibilities that I can think of.

  21. Every time I read comments about Aliquippa being a shit-hole I would be slightly offended (I live there by choice and believe that there are job opportunities for anyone that WANTS to work)….but I read this and become disenchanted. If this is true it’s a tragedy. Could so many that are paid to protect be those that we need protected from?

  22. Next election we the people will vote in candidates that will engage in the cleanup and not the coverup. That means you are all out. It’s a damn shame that you have been robbing us by collecting undeserved bloated paychecks, cushy benefits, pension benefits and everything else you have been able to grab for yourselves and your family. You should all be in jail.

    • Didn’t we think that’s what we were doing, John Q, when we voted for Lozier and Camp? How will we ever know?

      • That’s what I thought I was doing, but I had my reservations – looks like it was for good reason! Too bad authentic conservative Republicans weren’t an option at the ballot box.

    • John Q…Lozier’s name won’t even be on the ballot for the general election. He won’t have the campaign funds necessary to win this time around. Put it this way…if I spent $100K on a piece of equipment that I bought to haul away garbage and the garbage kept spilling out all over the road, then the next time I buy a different brand.

      • I don’t want to wait that long. I call for him to resign ASAP. That is the only justice for the people. We deserve someone more competent than Mr. Magoo.

      • Its not the person who is elected. Its the person who is put there to be elected. That is the key. First it was Fouse, then it was Berosh now its this Lozier. If you look into the first two youll find a paper trail linking them to the same families that have been running beaver county for decades. Does the name Unis come to mind? As long as those running for DA are running at the behest of organized hoods. Nothing can change.

    • sure ,dude. we will vote in someone like sandie egley and watch what happens. they will come up against the good ol’ boys machine, and NOTHING will get done, no matter the good intentions. 10 people picked at random from a phone book could run this county better than any elected ones.

  23. John Q.: With Aliquippa getting all the attention now in the media, and in investigations, the other municipalities are getting a summer break. As you know, this activity, except the murder of a woman, is not isolated to Aliquippa, they just happen to be in the barrel with the lid off now.

    Some other towns are probably scrambling now to get the dirty stuff done while John Paul’s attention is elsewhere. None of this is any worse than George David threatening to kill people, a police chief stealing money, councils covering for cop transgressions, and a Chief shaking people down, a PsychoCop feeding a man to his dog, hiring gypsy cops who should not be cops anymore, blocking State Police investigations, or a town council too ineffectual to take action against a dirty cop and taking an insurance hit instead.

    Yes, it’s screwed up everywhere. It is amazing, though, that many of the people screwing up elsewhere have Quip ties. And that is no accident.

    • No chief stole any money. U people think u know whats going on but have absolutely no idea. U take hear say from unreliable ppl on the internet and make it into what u want to believe.

      • “U” people, chief? you mean YOUR townspeople? Making fun of us because we’re trying to figure out all the damage you did?
        You should be ashamed of yourself instead of patronizing an entire town for trying to figure out how much damage and death you dished out on us.

  24. Really now if you call these Keystone cops organized or even the hoods around here organized ya’ll are obviously stuck in the Beaver County bubble. Neither the Cops or the Hoods can be classified as organized as they have no clue WTF they are doing… Small town Small Crime Small minds…What a three ring Circus they have made all of this into. DA Lozier instead of defending the groupies a better comment from a man of your stature would be I vow to get to the bottom of all of this and Vow to see to it that Justice is served for the betterment of Beaver County… All you have done is become their puppet…Be like Quinn grow some let the damn truth out. Sneaky Snake.

    • TRUE. IF YOU DON’T LET THE CORRUPT TAKE YOU OVER – THEY CANNOT. IF THEY DON’T HAVE MINIONS THEY ARE DONE – THEY ARE SPINELESS. Everyone involved is accountable for themselves. He or she made choices so don’t blame it on anyone else. As I have said before, maybe some got sucked in without realizing, but then MAN UP AND FIX IT. If enough do this, miniobs will cease to exist.

  25. WTF Most people feel the way you do. I for one, and it looks like others, feel very differently. There is a very strong, organized criminal element in BC. The DelTondo murder was an assassination, a hit. Who would have had the most to lose? Some braggart “look at me type,” who gave her too much information? Information that would put himself and his benefactor away for a long stretch. One, looking at dying in a Federal Prison.

    • @carl … If you had READ the story you would of read 2 COUNCIL MAN and there FAMILIES !! It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure it out! Who was those family members going with ??? People aren’t Stupid.. READ..

      • @Tom 2 COUNCIL MAN and there FAMILIES? I’m no rocket scientist …. nor am I stupid, I really do not understand the point you are trying to make.

  26. Hahaha man oh man, u certainly do have a sever case of butthurt Officer Edgell. Easy to tell its u mr “societys in trouble”, because of how well youre able to spell and actually type something out. Closely resembles your police work as well 😂😂😂. Youre a loser who nobody could stand to be around let alone work with. Call me little D all u want, because thats the only thing youd have the balls to call me u old fuck 😂😂😂 why dont u take off that badge for good and retire completely, god knows u need to, and come say these tough comments to my face, then we’ll see how much power and authority youre able to create when im infront of ur soft ass. Fuckin dork 😂😂😂

  27. I keep seeing alot of blame being pointed at many diff people but nobodies pointing the blame at the only people who are to blame which is the corrupt city councel of aliquippa lead by no other than the man who thinks hes running a mafia, that heavy dork Matt Mottes and that miserable old hag Vicky Fratangili. I mean, not hard to see how the city has gone down hill since they all came aboard the councel. U wanna make accusations of the dpt being in on the drugs in quip, nope, that would be the leader of the mafia 😂😂😂

      • Disgruntled why do you tell that? It was funny to watch him change is screen name, thinking it would be someone else! 😂😂 what a TOOL! 🙉🙈🐵😁

    • Getting a little worried, Messrs. Walker? Name calling and trying to deflect. Oh such a worn out tactic. It appears that the ball got rolling to get rid of the corruption when THEY came into office. Please don’t do this to yourself/selves, you just sound dumb. Sit down.

    • @raven.. been saying that since May 14th.. there are going to be a lot of people that were string pullers in this murder. If the actual truth comes out, it’s gonna upset a lot of San Rocco goers.. might be sending the band to a federal prison to play for em..

      • @DoTell : I think you should look at yourself.. This is a tuff town but people know what’s going on, walker ran this town in the grown and all his many many relatives and lady friends they passed around ! You must not have any friends because you know Nothing and you can take that to the Bank !!

      • If it ever goes to trial, they will have to hold it in the Beaver High School Football Stadium. How can you fit an entire town government into Courtroom 1?

      • I wish it WAS just Walker @sam. This has been a generational catastrophe with the mob kids thinking they can get away with so much more than their predecessors. We’ve seen broken bones right in front of our eyes and every so called gangster with money has an entourage that actually WANTS to work for them its a sickness. Whoever said they’ve all lost value of life was absolutely right. Sorry to say that the only thing the actual town has to offer is a drug kick back, but it’s the ones in their shiny vehicles that are the real criminals and they learned it from their parents. Money is the ROOT. Just follow the tree to its branches.

  28. How’d that “cleaning” of the courthouse go last election? You same fools think you’re going to vote everyone out again, not gonna happen. I see a new commissioner and maybe one or two row officers changing and that’s it. Deal with what you’ve done for another 4 years.

  29. @Blame the right people-Little D-Get a clue-Ur all losers, after reading through all of your dick brained comments, I see why you didn’t complete your user name “-Mind ur own,” just didn’t know how to spell it, did you?

  30. Like I said before is it not time for a state of emergency to be issued for Beaver County PA. Law enforcement in all of Beaver County has been compromised. What cant people understand if the Sheriffs Dept. considers you an enemy you can actually go into the BC medical center and not come out alive. No joke TRUTH. can prove it. They don’t care they think your lives belong to them to do with as they please. Paying neighbors to spy and harass fellow neighbors paying them with money or drugs. Dam when we were in school our teachers would say you children are so lucky you live in a free country where neighbors don’t inform on their fellow neighbors and im not talking about drugs slander libel that’s petty stuff for Beaver County. OK President Trump you have a county in the State of PA. Totally out of control law enforcement wise lets see some swamp draining and put these bastards in prison. Or is not Beaver County a part of the USA.

  31. ricimer, time to “prove it” as you claim. Please give specific, facts and a detailed account of someone who is an enemy of the Sherrif Dept. going to the Medical Center and not come out alive.

  32. You know I don’t understand FBI investigating this investigating that all these people coming forward about the corruption. I thought the FBI first gathers all the incriminating evidence through wire taps undercover work and the use of hidden informants. only uncovered at the time of grand jury indictments. You don’t let the people your investigating time to cover there asses. Wonder about your sincerity FBI…That goes for the State Police to…

    • There has just been a 300 FBI agents/Police drug/gangs sweep through Pittsburgh and several counties after a year-long investigation (WPXI report). It would be naive to think that this area is not connected to that drug trade and not a target too. Maybe we just need some patience.

    • ricimer, “dwoon”? I’d have no comment for ignant arses like you (all of you) either. You (crackers) make fun of illiteracy and belittle race (Dwoon. at least capitalize the D. He is a Mayor, you ignant fck). Illiteracy is ignorance. Racism is the height of ignorance (u ain’t got enough nothing to be racist any way, so you’re (all) just ignorant). You makin fun of and belittling functional illiteracy instead of encouraging is more ignorant than the illiteracy itself. All you regulars here are a bunch of fukkin clowns, from the ring leader, stupid ass Raven, down to your dumb ass. I hope you ignorant ass assclowns get the exact opposite of what you hope and vote for. You mofos are the biggest part of the problem. Stop teaching your children and grandchildren your own ignorance. Then things will change, unless you already made God curse your offspring for your own ignorant ways. You know my name…

      • I know someone who only had trauma injuries. that was way back in the 1970s Do u know what heavy metal poisoning does to a human being. your pancreaus shuts down then u get what is called an ileus. a twisted intestine . and here is the real good part the poison effects the smooth muscle in the body If u are even a demented dr. u know what that means. Your colon is smooth muscle you develope a condition known as peristalsis. Your colon either completely shuts down or completely reverses it selfe. This individual was doing great till 2009. Harassed and oppressed right to this very day. Hard copies of med records hidden Justice does come around. good lets do it if I am lying I am libeling the Beaver County Med Center And the BC sheriffs Dept. Please you and your friends come on with it lets bring all this perverted dirty shit right out in the open. I bet it would even make nationwide news. Hell worldwide news . Time for you and your friends to put up or shut up. But shutting up is not going to make this go away. So many records and copies of med records.

      • No I don’t know your name if u bump into me we can go have a beer an share our thoughts

      • Oh one more thing bro how is all that heroin sold by the plan 12 market they got cameras everywhere. and lets not forget Aliquippa cocaine capital of BC. I guess the profits go to the hungry black children who are unfortunate enough to live in Aliquippa. You are the absolute epitome of no brains no show.

      • Ya like Rachael DelTondo died from bee stings that night in her parents driveway. Gringo.

      • Color has nothing to do with it like you said hes a mayor. he should lead not be a 300lb puppet. Whose strings are pulled by others. Dam I have never typed so much in my life.

  33. Tell that to all the dead. Aliquippa is a world unto it selfe. I hope in six months I wont be saying I told you so. I really hope I can say you were right raven I was wrong . My fingers will be crossed but I wont hold my breath. Our dope comes through Youngstown.

  34. Tuesday morning I was walking near Big Rock Catering (old Brickers in NB) and I saw two NB police cars at the curb, facing each other Tuesday morning. One of the cops (blonde hair) I know is tainted (not a good or moral person in/out of uniform ), through personal experience. He’s not to be trusted. There were two cops. They were trying to break into one of the patrol cars. The car was running and the doors were locked, with no one inside!!! After asking the Man upstairs for direction, I asked them if they needed help; I can get into the car for them and quicker than they can, with no damage to the vehicle. They declined and spent a while getting in and then polishing out the damage they did to the patrol car. The one parked on the wrong side of the street finally made a U turn, and they both drove down the street to the police station. Funniest shit I’ve seen all year!! Our tax dollars at work. I walked about a mile or two, telling everyone I passed. True story. Moral? Someone above questioned the ability of the police in this small county to plan some scheme. Judging by this incident, it takes more than two of them, and when they realize there is among them one who can handle the job of two or more of them, they retaliate. They don’t want no one messing with their bliss (ignorance). Kudos Officer Quinn!! A good officer can only be expected to set a standard and let his co-workers and the suspects he’s after know that he/she ain’t buying no b/s from either side. That’s what makes real legends in law enforcement. Builds the morale and trust levels in the community. Makes people not so apprehensive to talk to you. Plenty of room for legends in law enforcement in this area. Again, Kudos!!!

  35. Tell me where is it that in Beaver County . Its the older officers that pass on character and integrity to the younger officers. and the younger ones make it even better that’s the way its supposed to be anyway. You don’t pass on hatred and vendettas like Deputy George Yacicch does still chasing a bunch of long haired kids from 1972. Don’t you people think its time you people got together an retired Deputy George to a mental institution.

  36. Big rock park we have that in common. Beautifull view where the eagles have there nest. If you can find the nest . its like looking for a needle in a haystack on that hillside in the summer time. See we have something in common nature.



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