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Beaver Countian investigative reporter John Paul worked in collaboration with a news team from the Daily Mail out of New York City, to bring you new information from our interview with the mother of Rachael DelTondo:

EXCLUSIVE: Murdered teacher’s mom says boy, 17, found with her in steamed-up car was ‘obsessed’ with her and wanted them to marry – but his attorney says it was just sex

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Timeline: The Murder Of Rachael DelTondo

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Nice way to deflect any blame from your client, Attorney Santicola! Calling Ms DelTondo a frequent flyer for a lot of guys and saying her relationship with Jeter was only about sex is crude, unnecessary and disrespectful to this deceased woman and her family. But then, you would know all about frequent flyers…..you, yourself, are one! Nothing like a quick trip to the garage behind your office with a “client” to take the edge off a rough afternoon.

  2. Just re-read the article. I’m a bit confused. Her mother said the leak of her steamed up escapade put her in the difficult position of cooperating with the state police. If nothing was believed to have happened in that steamed up car, why would she be PUT in ANY position? Was she cooperating in exchange for no charge? If that is the case, she put herself in that position by sitting in a steamed up car, in the middle of the night with a teenager. Nobody put her in that position but her own actions.

    • What I think it means is, because the leak prompted the state police to investigate the local police, she had to basically choose sides between the two police departments. That’s an uncomfortable spot to be in.

      • Helping the State police , going against the Aliquippa police I E sheriffs dept. They wouldn’t have anything to do with executing a woman there MEN. The answer is obvious Bring geriatric George David back as sheriff everything will be better.

  3. Santicola- you are an ass! Your crude remarks only make you look bad. I don’t know Ms Deltondo but some sensitivity in this tragedy was needed. You should have responded with some class

  4. It’s funny how everything slides off Catroppa, just like his daddy, apple didn’t fall far from the corrupt tree. His pride must have been hurt that she really wanted a brotha!, APD ain’t going to do a thing because the money train will stop.

    • 100% sounds legit. Frank was humiliated and seems like nobody does that to Frank without paybacks. Him and his $ call the shots. #literallyithink

      • You are right! I bet this leads back to quip Pd and the Catroppa fam! They have been in the pockets of quip forever! They even had their damn name on the K9 car or they wouldn’t donate the money! Why did they take drug money for a k9 Catroppa mobile!? This county and the people that think this is false, get your head outa your ass!!

      • Wind, is does your last name start with a “C” have a couple “P’s” in it and end in an “A” ? Just curious, you seem awfully protective of any comments about your familia

  5. Can somebody explain what Santi cola is referring to when he says that Jeter did not proceed with charges against Ms. DelTondo last December? Charges on what action?

    • @ watcher, Jeter could have cooperated with authorities to bring charges against Ms Deltondo -corruption of a minor – they were caught in a parked car at 2 a.m.- she was suspended for that incident and probably her job depended on the outcome of that investigation

    • Yes, that’s what’s confusing. Her mother said she was put into the position of cooperating with them. How? Why? Unless it was to avoid a charge of some sort. I’d like to know the answer to that as well.

  6. Hey Santicola, why would Mrs. Deltondo make up a lie about your client saying he wanted to marry her daughter? So you could turn around and call her a slut? Yeah, I don’t think so. I’m curious, who is paying your fees? How can a 20 year old from a family that’s barely getting by afford to have you putting in hundreds of billable hours, because face it, we all know every time you open your mouth to comment on anything, it’s another hour billed to the client.

    If YOU want to make your client look like (cough, cough) altar boy, you MIGHT want to consider taking the high road, instead of planting yourself so firmly in the gutter with the rest of the slime, just sayin’.

    • He could be doing it for free! He could be wanting news coverage to get his name out. It’s a nationwide news story!

  7. If being a partner at one point with Myron Sainovich wasn’t enough to make someone looking for an attorney look elsewhere, then seeing the slanderous statement he made here will more than likely ensure that a he has a lot of free time.

    All of those years of law school and this is the best strategy that he can come up with??? Mr. Jeter may want to start looking for a new lawyer now…. the “oh yeah, but she’s a whore” defense doesn’t tend to woo too many juries into being sypathetic to a defendent.

    • “Once you go white your life gets right”—I’m on the prowl for your fine black women–WATCH OUT

  8. How dare you make such demeaning comments about someone that can’t defend herself. Real classy, Mr. Santicola. You did your client no favors behaving this way. Jesus Christ, is there any normal reputable officer of the court in this Pennsyltukey county

  9. In my opinion: While all this salacious and melodramatic “love” triangle exposure might be interesting to some, it is, in the end, irrelevant. The real problem is multi-faceted. Worry more about the corruption that gave rise to it. From the illegal initial release of JNET Files to the imminent Grand Jury investigation, this smacks of organized crime. Rachael apparently got caught up in it, and it apparently destroyed her. Others likely will pay too, unless the real perps pulling the strings are stopped. This is not Rachael’s story, it is the story of organized crime in Monacaquippa. Those people are probably thankful for this diversion, as they just continue doing what they do to stay in charge. It’s time think about RICO, not Rachel, in my opinion.

    • I agree! Something more serious and more organized than a couple of young adults came up with! Look into Damn Frank!! No one thinks he has a thing to do with it! How do you think he started his “company” just a front for all the quip coke money! I’ve seen his dad sell coke to girls I knew when I was 25! Wasn’t that long ago! And everyone knew frank was there all the time! Ask old quip cops that left the dept! They will tell ya

    • In my opinion: Mourn this young woman and grieve about it. That is justified. That should be. It’s a horrible, terrible crime. She didn’t deserve it. But, after reading all the back stories, I think that it would be naive to think that it happened in a vacuum, isolated from other events written about here in past articles. This isn’t the National Enquirer, it is a reputable investigative site. Stay focused. Save your cute sex and racial remarks and contribute to trying to understand and stop what contributed to the crime, even if it might not have been a direct cause of it.

  10. I feel her mom is frustrated and just listening to the news now. She needs to keep her anger at the quip Pd and the bc courthouse. It’s easy to just say the day of the crime that it was a crime of passion without knowing who shot her.. or do they!?!?!?

  11. It’s a damn shame all of it! Just find the killer!!! It’s been long enough give this family justice !! There was a tradgedy solve it!!! Period

    • Ok so I’m convinced seeing that I knew all these players (Rachael,Frankie,JoJo even Shawn Jeter )in my life that this has to do all with the Catroppa family without a doubt. JoJo prob got arrested thanks to Rachael that’s why she’s dead now duh like how hard is it to bring in the higher officials to solve this case shit if Beaver County citizens can solve it why the hell cant the psp or the Feds! This is getting ridiculous and building a bunch of frustration that this community is just so Fd up! Literally! Come the hell on this is a simple case of connecting the dots.

  12. Pretty much sums up what Rachel knew about the Catroppa family! It’s no damn secret that they were and have been the biggest drug dealers in the county! Look at the comments on the article! A lot of people saying what’s the point of the story and half of the comments came from junkies, go figure! They didn’t want the pill/coke train to go off track! Bet half the people commenting, “this is a joke” are dead or in rehab rn!!

    • So your agenda is to disparage those people. For what? Does it make you feel good, do you have an axe to grind, is this to deflect away from something or someone else? You really have a flaming hair burning you somewhere to send you into such a frenzy. It sounds like vengeance to me.

      • Just stating the damn obvious that no one else seems to wanna admit! You don’t see any connection there? Really!?!

      • Do you know what oxymorphone is???? They give it to people that are dying of cancer… morphine!

  13. I think “coast to coast” has a whole new meaning now lol! That coke went from coast to coast! Or is it the drive from quip to Monaca that the Co is named after

      • I’m coming from the camp that doesn’t think the cops have rainbows coming outa their asses and that they really oughta look into who had the most to lose if she talked to the cops! I live if Aliquippa, I’m white and I want the truth!

      • Let me guess, you hangout at the MPI and snort coke? That why you were mad he got busted back then too? How dare they mess with Jo jo, he was such a great guy! How many of the counties kids got their first pill from him? How many died? Go educate yourself on the matter and stop being to ignorant to the blatant truths that are right in front of your face

      • Really, what’s the point of that story back in Nov 17 wind? Maybe the fact that a known drug dealer by the police stopped the car and found drugs in it! Omg! Someone stop this article and get this fake news outa here! Lol you are obviously not paying attention to your own comments in the past!

    • What you are doing is typical of folks in this area who are jealous of those who have done better than they have.

  14. Well looking back Mungo definitely knew something was amiss with @wind’s comments. Please stop now with the comments
    that are so obviously meant to be a distraction from this organized racket! Something is way wrong with this whole situation as so many commenters have already pointed out! Wind you are either a shill or just hopelessly ignorant, either way your comments are becoming more and more obvious to anyone actually paying attention! #giveitarestwind

  15. “What you are doing is typical of folks in this area who are jealous of those who have done better than they have.”

    Sorry, wind, I don’t see this as a rags to riches story. DoTell is asking questions that, it seems, have been the elephant in the room for awhile. “Allegations” might help couch his statements, though, and some first-person proof would help as well, beyond the articles here.

    • Thankfully there are other people that can see past the badge, or last name for the truth @raven! Look at the comments from that old “jo jo” story! It’s blatantl comments from drug users, that are upset with the bust! How could you have anything positive to say about the person arrested in that story? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • I commend you for your comments on the “jo jo” story. I don’t understand how anyone could defend him in that situation. It’s like, walk in on your wife/gf cheating on you and you believe the, “I tripped, fell and landed here, babe!” He was caught red handed and was a “known” daily drug dealer! Yet, @wind and the junkies thought it was fake news!

  16. The police report is pretty specific which leaves little doubt that it happened as described. On the flip side it is well known to many people that Ron Hogue Jr. will manufacture, add to, and embellish along with the classic over zealous attitude that a police officer starts his service with. Most grow out of that phase, but Hogue will carry it with him the rest of his career or until he is discharged for a wrongful death suit, which is hard to believe that it hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, does anyone know how that J Catroppa bust ended up?

  17. Frequent Flyer. HAHAHAHA

    And they sent the young kids down the hall to gawk at Miss D if they were good boys that day?

    And this Jeter sitting in a reclining position at 2AM in a parking lot just talking it out with Miss D like he’s Mr. Carlin talking to Dr. Hartley on “the Bob Newhart Show”? He wanted to marry his “therapist”?

    I don’t know about all these wide eyed conspiracy theories, I’m wondering if somebody liked to cultivate a lot of attention and got the wrong guy a little too obsessed along the way.

  18. @ Do Tell … You have written 21 times !! Your trying to create a DIVERSION !! I believe your Obsessed & Delusional, So I’ll say this one time you need to be REPORTED and I will !! You need help and I’ll go as high up as I have to !!

    • Wackball….well that’s a fitting name!! But what are u talking about? and who are u reporting to….zee Germans? Lol

    • I’m not creating any type of diversion! I’m stating facts and the majority of the “comments” are reply’s to other comments, it’s kinda like an online discussion, ya know! Where you can talk as much as you want! Lol gonna report me for what, commenting in the comment section?

    • I’m a concerned citizen talking to others about a murder case! Something I say make you uncomfortable, or uneasy? don’t read my words. No one is forcing you to read my comments. I’m also not saying anything that hasn’t been in the news before. 🤙

    • uh – there are sites and Facebook pages dedicated to trying to figure this stuff out. Check out the FB page Who killed RD? There is a lot of info on there and screenshots from people nowhere near Aliquippa that are just doing research and providing it. It’s a crime, and people are interested. Having an opinion and calling it like you see it is not “creating a diversion”.

      Seems like one side of the fence of anyone suspected has a lot more shitoly than the others.

  19. Can you just walk in and say hey I’m here to tell you I’m innocent, whos FCs right hand man to handle all his dirty business? his lack of respect for human life? the kid he tells everything to whose been there from Day1?

  20. So, unrelated (probably), but the BCT is again charging for access to online news stories. I thought they abandoned that months ago. Here’s what’s interesting about that. I’m sure the web traffic picked up tremendously after the murder. After all, the local newspaper should (in a perfect world) be a good source of information. So they decided to cash in after the murder? That’s fucking sick if that was the case.

    And here’s why it’s sick. Yesterday, at 2:13 PM, the BCT published a story about Aliquippa police looking for a suspect, photo included, of a man wanted for murder and assault. At 2:30 PM, that suspect was arrested in New Brighton after neighbors called it in. Did they know they had a murderer in their neighborhood because of the BCT article? Seems reasonable to think so. What if the neighbor that called the police would have had to pay for access to the story, decided not to spend the $10 a month, and the suspect was still at large to kill again?

    BCT staff, you are so fucking tone deaf and detached from reality that it’s mind-boggling. You really suck.

    • Oh look, another in the know conspiracy theorist. Charging to view on-line content without a subscription is hardly an original concept. The Times is one of the last medias to jump on this. You must not read much.

      Or … as Mark Twain once said…. “When the world comes to an end, I want to be in Pittsburgh, because they are 10 years behind the times.”

  21. Remember this? The first ambush. Then (not that I support George David!) but he then described Deltondos murder as a ‘definite ambush.
    Brown softly shook his head in disagreement as his conviction was read by the jury foreman, part of an eight-woman, four-man panel from Erie County.
    “How can they do this?” Brown whispered to Kreisman. “I wasn’t there. I was at home.”
    Kreisman continued to say that Brown is innocent, contending that Naim’s killer still could be on the streets.
    Kreisman said she had been unable to introduce evidence at trial that suggested Naim feared he would be killed by colleagues on the Aliquippa police force.
    A state police report that Kreisman obtained in discovery for the trial said Naim told his mother and brother, Paul, in mid-February 2001 that he feared he was going to be “ambushed.”
    Further, if the ambush occurred, he said, the Aliquippa Police Department should be investigated.
    Naim was shot dead about a month later, on March 15, 2001.
    Deltondo was shot 3 months later

  22. @DoTell…Thank you….On Monday, he was the first name I heard to be involved. Other names started falling along.
    IMO, that leak was on purpose to get her to talk and not talk about the police. Out of all that were tagged last Sept-Dec, she had the most to lose. One of them was/is going to lose no matter what and the other two had nothing to lose as their jobs don’t exist. Read the articles. Another thing, from what I understand, the MPI club is frequented by many every weekend. Not Mother’s Day weekend though. It was pretty empty. Coincidentally, some stayed far away from Quip that weekend.

  23. Dotell speaks some inconvenient truths. What about the DR. Across from PA PA Dukes supplies all the pain meds to all the section eight housing people. gotta control em keep them loyal. Narcotics will do just that. I will salute you as if you were a general if you post this JP.

  24. One thing the Aliquippa police and the Sheriffs Dept. will definetly do even if they just don’t like you let alone if your a real danger to their interests is put a target on your back and that is no BS.

    • True! And we aren’t talking about the LA police dept or LA sheriffs dept.. this is beaver county. You can count the number of quip cops with your fingers and the sheriffs using your toes! If you are in either the quip or bc sheriffs dept. you know everything that’s going on, good or bad!

  25. I am married into Rachael’s family. I was around when she was born. She grew up with us. She was a warm, compassionate, beautiful person. Sheldon Jeters lawyer. You are way out of line calling Her a frequent flier. Nobody deserves to die that way. Shame on you

  26. Why don’t they ever mention that the cops daughter was also in the car with Rachael and Sheldon 2 years ago? This is true, no?

    There also is some chatter that the cop was obsessed with Rachael as well. The web keeps getting more tangled.

  27. The parents of slain Aliquippa teacher Rachael DelTondo told police she’d received death threats and said her former fiance and his associates had at times followed her around after their breakup, according to a search warrant filed as part of the ongoing homicide investigation.

  28. I wish the friends and Family of Rachael Deltondo comfort, my world would be destroyed.
    Who remembers a seedy little bar, located on Maratta Rd. behind the old Islay’s in Plan 12. Keep in mind who the owners were. Remember their history, easy research. Years later one of the owners had a son, he was named for his partner in crime.
    The person who murdered Ms. DelTondo will never get caught, it was too well planned. Her knowledge of high level malefaction brought out the top dog to clean up a impending mess. Already having done time for drug charges, gambling(multiple), a shooting on Franklin Ave. etc.
    It takes someone who’s entire life has been corrupt, WELL CONNECTED to pull something like this off.

  29. How in the world does a well educated individual get involved with so many disreputable individuals. Don’t say love is blind, obviously in this case it’s also deadly.

  30. Pretty girls can be very nieve it happens at times with deadly consequences. Especially when the pretty girl is around a bunch of mentally ill physcopaths that think there gangsters.



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