EXCLUSIVE: Acting Aliquippa Chief Says Txt Msg Was An Accident – Calls His Arrest By DA’s Office Retaliation


The above video interview of acting Aliquippa Police Chief Joseph Perciavalle was conducted at his home by the Beaver Countian shortly after his arrest by the Beaver County Detectives Bureau on June 8th.

The Beaver Countian’s complete coverage of Officer Perciavalle’s arrest can be read at the link below:

Acting Aliquippa Police Chief Joe Perciavalle Arrested By Beaver County Detectives

Interview by John Paul — video by Bill Waddell for the Beaver Countian.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • Everyone knows it was Officer Perciavalle. Watkins at his finest – this is just another nail in Watkins, Couch and Losers coffins.

      • I’ve sent memes far worse than this today. I think it was a mistake group msg. He promised first order of business was to ask state police to take over the Deltondo case. Now they are pissed.

      • I agree Raven, who sends this type of garbage out to a workforce? Any other job and you are fired. Let the chips fall where they may.

    • This is a lie! He is not that person a Meme on fb an it was going around on people fb page! So they making it out to be something else!

    • WELL, It is not like it was a dick pic or nothin’….apparently that is a big mitigating factor…
      Not sure of this guy’s guilt, innocence or abilities as a police officer. But I am sure that he should not speak on camera

      • Hoojibs- not being a dick pic is a big difference because if it was, THEN there would be intent to corrupt a minor. From my understanding, this was a meme passed around and shared. And, if this was an attempt to corrupt a minor, her parents would not have been included. It’s not something I would find humorous but this was a joke, not porn, not a selfie or picture of anyone in Beaver County.

        I can’t see anyone thinking this officer caused any harm.
        This is retaliation

      • Wtf- not arguing your very valid points. Was saying that our 2 day acting Chief sounds like an ignoramus when he speaks and should probably let his lawyer (unless said lawyer is going to call the deceased victim whose body is not even cold yet. A Frequent Flyer) do the explaining. Could you see JFK or Winston Churchill saying “It’s not like it was a dick pic, or nothin”. The man was supposedly in the upper echelon of the PD and thought that was a sound statement to make? Let the lawyer talk

    • Oh Raven! Lord’s be praised! Mungo was not able to find your other posted opinion that seems to have disappeared, the one where Mungo was certain this was the official jumping of the shark for your writing carrer! Truly psychoanalytic depiction of the mentally macabe, but might Mungo proffer an alternate possibility. Remember in school when we were young and there were the boys who engaged in activity’s such as eating the paper paste on the desk, literally licking windows in the rear of the school bus, maybe the ones who snorted crushed smarties, or lingered long and proud in the wood shop lacquer room?!? Well dear Raven they grew up and became employed…male childish behavior is alive and well with these now adult’s who often frequent all of the podunk tavers from here to Chester WV and comment about the female reporter on the football field with all the burly talk one can imagine, but it is a far stretch to over analyze the average male sense of humor and dump this action into what was very likely a stupid chidlish mistake devoid of any of the potenial mental ilness that you offered up.

      • Oh Mungo! Lords be praised! “…over analyze the average male sense of humor…”

        Where do you live, Mungo, where this is the average male sense of humor?!

      • Well Raven even with this slow motion trainwreck unfolding in front of our eyes Mungo is still proud to say Hopewell/Aliquippa is where he resides! But as many have pointed out the facts so far do not support this incident rising to the level of corruption of a minor when her parents were sent the same text, and the 17 year old who received it apparently lives the lifestyle of the average 30 yr old. Further this seeming obsession you have with the urine thing is just…well weird! To say that the average male sense of humor rises to the level of serious mental dysfunction as you suggest is to say that literally millions of average guys are candidates for being labled or branded psychologically defecient! As this whole tragic soap opera plays out though and new facts are presented opinions may change, but as it stands now this may have just been a very distasteful mistaken text.

      • That wonderful tidbit is in the article proceeding this one and is internet gold. @Raven its BC Mungo is only speaking from years of experience.

    • I believe it is normal in his life and between his friends, but it is extremely unprofessional. He doesn’t seem to understand that.

  1. Set up or not, this kind of texting “all the time” to his officers not only wastes taxpayer time, but also makes for some ugly morale.

      • Even if it was, they are cops. They always talk weather they are on or off the clock. It’s a very small dept

  2. This is clearly retaliatory in nature. The bigger question is by whom and why? If Lozier does in fact employ 4 or more detectives that are connected to “old aliquippa” then this is likely a setup. If they have ties to a certain club presidents family or former sheriff it looks all kinds of bad. One can read numerous comments from the articles pertaining to quip recently and asses that their are organized money players that run this cess pool and keep it in their pockets for profit. Keep on digging JP

  3. How about Ken and his guilty wife and daughter just man the hell up and admit you ambushed this innocent girl and quit trying to put blame on everyone else! This is absolutely ridiculous!

    • Lauren meant to text “going for a walk, I’ll pick you up after” that’s a term used for going to smoke or get high. They won’t say all that because her dad is a crooked cop and they look out for each other. Just like Watkins slept with quite a few people while married….

  4. Everybody know they paid Michael Nashae Kimbrough to do what he always does and they hide the evidence .
    Look up Tusweet Smith they been letting him Kimbrough off along time.m

    • Sounds like Cali J got himself a fan club. That’s cute. You must be a little teenager who couldn’t get on one of his tracks. Or maybe you just have angry little thumbs. You definitely sound like your in your feelings. Maybe if you pay closer attention you’ll see what it looks like when someone minds their own business. You don’t want this beef, I promise you that. Hide behind your little made up name so you can feel important, but every time you look in the mirror you’ll see a punk who wants to be anyone but who they are, and that’s a nobody!

  5. You are responsible for what occurs when you use electronic communications and social media. If an improper communication goes to the wrong person, the District Attorney may decide to hold you criminally responsible.

    That being said, the timing of the criminal charges and the officer’s announcement that he was refering the homicide investigation to the State Police is another suspect action by Mr. Lozier.

    Watkins and Couch being placed on paid administrative leave and now Acting Chief Perciavalle being taken out sure doesn’t match up with Mr. Loziers statements about his guarantee of integrity and personal confidence in Alliquippa PD. What is happening in Beaver County under Mr. Lozier’s watch?

  6. Perverts all types of criminal behavior even the unthinkable to most people the Aliquippa police dept. Sheriffs Dept. and most of the people in the BC courthouse participate in or condone on a daily basis.

  7. This whole Aliquippa scenario “smells”…like a highly scripted behind the scenes pulling of strings and everything and everyone is falling as planned.

      • @Lifeguard have you received a lobotomy recently? Anyone thats got a bit of reading comprehension can take from a multitude of articles that Aliquippa is full of muppets that have their strings pulled by individuals that grew up there decades ago and whose parents organized this during the hey day of the mills in the 50’s. Start looking up who owns the most real estate and their ethnic origins. Notice on public records they bought it all when the mills went bust. Ask yourself why they alone had the money to go bull in that economy and check the news to see who ran books and was busted in the 70’s. Get those names and follow the cash to them and their associates. They decide who is in office and whats going on in BC. This shit show is only touching their hush money (trafficking cash) not their investments.

      • @Silence DoGood very well said truthfull absolutely accurate now if you can but this all in perspective. Whats up with JUSTICE Kind of makes you really sick. Again you put it all together.

  8. This guy is clearly being set up.. the detectives had those phones weeks and this guy is appointed acting chief for 2 minutes and all of a sudden there is a problem with the text message. This guys said if he was appointed chief he was going to hand over the Deltondo murder case to the state police and feds and recuse the APD.. someone obviously doesn’t want that to happen. And what is this Watkins girl doing involved with all of all these adults… 🤔 why did this officer even have her number in his phone.. weird!! This is like watching a lifetime movie

    • @MissyB, I agree and maybe Dateline should have rights to all this madness! Someone call Lester Holt!!! You can’t make this shit up! :/

  9. This is Total Bullshit !!! Now we are going to arrest people for sending text …. what a joke . Perfect example of . Throw enough shit in the fan and something will stick sooner or later !!!! Not buying this Bullshit for one min. The DA need to arrest the person who killed that girl . And quit grasping at straws

  10. Wow they are totally pissed that he was gonna hand over the Deltondo case to the state! loser had to have something to do with his arrest!

    • Just come out and say why Naim was killed who ordered and condoned it who paid for his murder and the subsequent murders and payoffs of some of the people involved. I would say now is the time to do that. IF you really are Joe do it.

  11. I find it to be rather ironic that he sent it to make fun of a “typical quip hoodrat.” After hearing his explanation, in his own words and using his own vocabulary, in my opinion he should have just sent a selfie because he appears to be the epitome of a ‘quip hoodrat.

    I hope prior to his preliminary hearing his attorney coaches him and drills it into his head that no jury in the world is going to be sympathetic to a police officer who uses the non existent word “conversate” to describe the act of having a conversation with another individual.

    • The more you watch the news the more you watch the real estate value diminish and wish you had went out into butler county the other way towards Rt. 8

  12. I don’t know how they think they are punishing these people with paid leave it sounds like a paid Vacation for messing up !!! That’s not a punishment !!!!

  13. No all Quip cops are dirty. There are good cops. No matter what anyone says or does. There are good cops in the dept who come in and do their jobs the right way

      • 4 cop stories in the last 2 months. 2 in Quip, 1 Chippewa and 1 in Ambridge. What department will it be next month? And I should respect an officer why? Any word on Mann’s status?

    • Id say Rob Sealock is solid and also dont feel that Eric McFilomy should have been cast out by Dwan. While Edgell is controversial he has also had a long career (win some lose some shitty job) and in any points I encountered him was fair. This Perciavelle guy was pulling steel pipes on people in his teens in Ambridge and basically a want to be thug bully. Lets get him a psych eval for service once this subsides. Only 2 kinds of cops exist those fit to serve that want to help their community and those that should never hold a badge let alone a gun.

  14. This man is by no means any kind of messiah! The body language in that interview screams guilt! He uses profanity in a professional setting to describe the picture. I cant even see this guy going in front of a judge to secure a conviction much less do anything to “eradicate” corruption…
    His text buddy made a concerted effort to corrupt the chain of evidence by intentionally bum rushing a taped off crime scene which unfortunately will prevent any conviction in a court of law. The state police can step on at anytime they dont need his say so. They should have been there from the start!

  15. What if I told you I know it was retaliation. What if I told you I know for a fact Don Couch was taking payoffs from the Aliquippa drug dealers! Don Couch dirtiest cop Aliquippa has ever scene from the cover ups, to the bribes, to the pulling dealers over and taking there money. He was ever trying to “break in” the young new cop nico darrigo and show him how to make some money on the streets.

    • Id ask you who he was funneling the money back to. Id ask which families he wasnt busting that were being given product to redistribute. Then Id ask you who those families associate with.

    • What do you know about the new young cop? That would make you think that’s true?

      I’d love to hear your facts…

  16. Anyone thinking this guy is the new messiah, either is stupid, or has an agenda. He shouldnt be a cop, let alone a chief.

  17. Theres just so much cash to be made off of the common Aliquippa crackhead! I guarantee hes a worthless law enforcement officer much less chief. If there was any evidence of any sort one of those patrolmen would have burned him a long time ago! The real moneys made with the bookies and illegal gambling

  18. This is a POLICEMAN, an adult acting Chief-of-Police-man, Mungo Jerry. Or doesn’t that matter? At times, your attempt at cute wit in the third person is amusing, but at other times you sacrifice reason for idiotic smarminess. Urolagnia texts might be funny to drunks in a bar, but coming from a working cop they should give anyone pause for concern. Real concern.

    • If the President of the United States can, allegedly, get cheap thrills by watching prostitutes pee on each other in a Moscow hotel, then maybe the bar has been set so low that it doesn’t matter anymore what those entrusted with public safety can do.

      • See now, you were doing so well until you try to tie Trump into this mess and now you lose your credibility! Smh

      • Good pointBC Dude. Good thing he didn’t go into the morality demonstrated by a Pres who diddled his intern with a cigar and left DNA all over her pretty blue dress and then tried to debate the true meaning of the word “is”…

      • Raven fuck Trump for now. All of our very lives are at stake here in BC whether people want to recognize that or not I respect ur views but we need to dig our way out of this garbage dump first. Thank God the rest of our country is not like BC. And the truth is I don’t care for Trump either. Which is my right.

    • Raven! How do you know he wasn’t ” drunk in a bar ” when he sent the text?!? If that were the case would you then agree that this man’s actions in this situation do not rise to the level of mental disorder/illness? Also thank you for recognizing Mungo’s right to speak in the third person, and please make no attempt to label Mungo with Dissociative Identity Disorder, because that could imply that Mungo has been the victim of a childhood trauma that may need years of extensive psychotherapy to unravel the complex layers that make up Mungo’s unique psyche! This in addition to drug therapy ….which Mungo is not totally opposed to…..could never explain the complex realities that exsist behind the facade of the pesona known as Mungo Jerry! Sorry if this is getting a bit off topic but you are the one who started flinging the Freudian urine psychobabble around! Good day for a walk in the park though!

      • You may use any person you wish, Mungo. First, Second, Third Person, Singular or Plural, Nominative, Objective or Possessive case. Actually, most of your stuff is quite good and spot on, in my humble opinion. I’ll let the irrelevant Trump stuff go.

  19. Why is a 33 year old woman best friends with a 17 year old? The 17 year old cops daughter had to have tipped off the shooter that Deltondo was being dropped off at that specific time. Shooter was not just hanging in the driveway with hopes of deltondo showing up. Deltondo, quite obvious was not a good, innocent little girl. Actually I knew her and her mother, dad to say they were and are nasty, dishonest people.

    • In my opinion sending a text message that says “go for a walk” is an obvious giveaway. Subsequent text messages after that were to make it appear that she had no idea what had happened. Her father rushing to the scene and crossing the police line raises questions. IMO the daughter and father have over compensated and the father injected himself into the scene for a reason.

  20. What a mess this is, who is the acting chief now, probably the first snitch (cop) who wanted Watkins removed, I can’t remember his name

  21. My question is this..if they have had this girls phone for almost three weeks why did it take until two days after this cop was made acting chief for it to come out? Was it a great idea for this guy to send this type of text out..no! But why was she on his phone? She is a 17 year old kid. Seems to me the mother and father and this girl are very suspicious and they are using this cop as a scapegoat to turn the suspicion elsewhere. If you ask me there isn’t an honest cop amongst them.

  22. Mungo Jerry’s comments lead an important point. The level of depravity in all of this is so great that it is no surprise that such things did happen or can happen. It is system-wide, it is a culture. From the cop not reporting the initial stop to Child Line to this cop talking about a “dick pic” and forwarding a urolagnia photo, the atmosphere condones and enables immoral, antisocial behavior. It is sleaze. It is brutish. It is bonehead ignorant. It is behavior found in the sewerage gutter of human experience. So, beat your breasts about who did what to whom. In that environment, it seems to be quite expected and the status quo.

  23. Whose this leave in charge now, Poo-Dick? Well he’s qualified since he was the chief st South Heights?? Bwaaaa. Everything is coming back to bite ya Dee-Wan. Making Perciavalle and Pudik in command. Neither one of them were in charge of anything except maybe a game of chase

    • Poo-Dick is as big a thief as Couch and ole DuuuWan. Anyone who puts him in charge needs their f’n head examined for real. He needs put on UNPAID LEAVE immediately… him and Topler or Taper or Tapler whatever his name is.

    • Best thing council could do is jump the mayor and stick the show in Sealocks hands. He has the experience, time and record unless I missed something to warrant him acting with integrity.

  24. Very unsettling to me is that Lozier pulled this stunt. Why does he not want the state police involved? It’s frightening actually. I fear the DelTondo case will never be solved. Lozier makes me angry with myself for falling for his lies and voting for him. I hope some outside agency gets in here and slams him out of the way to find out what’s really going on.

  25. I don’t what is the matter with people.

    1. You cannot be texting minors as an adult
    2. you can’t be sending sex pics, sexually suggestive comments, come-ons, etc.
    3. You can’t defend or rationalize that it’s okay

    All theories aside about why this guy is in trouble, THIS is why this guy is in trouble.

    • Read through the comments of the morons who congregate here- the racists, the misogynists, the hypocrites, the IDIOTS….. that will give you a good start on “what is the matter with people”. JP must be so proud that his blogging attracts such an outstanding (fortunately small) group of losers.

      • Go read the Times then asshole. They’ll give you all the feel good shit you can swallow. Leave us morons alone and get back to your stool at the MPI club.

  26. Watkins and his wife are offended by the text.. Really, Get real ! You let your daughter who’s 17 go with (or friends of Tyrie Jeter who is 27 and your offended ? Your daughter was in the car with him the night of the murder! and your Offended!!!! she’s a minor with a 27 year old ? REALLY? You think that’s Ok? Watkins hid a police report that should of been reported to the State.. but nothing happens about the COVER UP. Really and your Offended !!! What a Joke !!!

  27. District Attorney David Lozier…. came in office with a wave of change….. since arrival its been nothing but a political cluster fuck, that’s been documented, reported, law enforcement completely thinks he’s a joke and the members of the BAR think he’s a joke. He’s caused a fuckery to the office, plays politics to the hilt, niave and new he is been victimized by 2 different groups that help make more of an ass of himself….. Tony Guy in one ear for so long and his slanted paranoid political pandering, then internally with Andy Gall as his chief who’s a screen door in a tornado, never know which way or what political motive he has besides being 2 faced.

    In the this case falls on District Attorney David Lozier he’s blundered it from beginning by not having PSP from jump handle it with conjunction of his detectives and remove Aliquippa police from it, but manipulated politically he didn’t, like the JAVENS case when he fired the PSP. Hmmmmm maybe continue to put current active drug dealers on community outreach programs and public speaking, while they organize drug deals…. kudos David kudos……

  28. If ole DuuWan had half the balls that this kid did, he’d call JP and do what Perciaval did and give an upfront interview. But that is NOT gonna happen in this lifetime. It gets pretty tough to cover up all those lies he’s been telling for so long. He’d have to have his 3 coverup minions Gill, Twin Bro & McFarland to keep help him remember what he said last. Way to go DeeWan.. way to lead Quip right down the shit hole.

  29. Thank god it wasn’t a “dick pic” of whoever’s including his own. Can’t stop laughing at his interview. Why you feel the need to explain yourself!? What a joke, he even corrects himself and says girl and then women and then it cuts out inbetween! Hahahaha. So was it a meme? If it was how do you know if it’s a “girl” or a “women”. What a laughable little man.

  30. Why isn’t the mayor holding a press conference
    Letting us know who is in charge
    Who is at fault in his eyes and what changes will be made that we as a community can rest assured that this so and so is in charge and this is what will be done with the Deltondo case and Knows that the community cares for justice and this family AND! a murderer on the loose!
    And this is what his plans are
    They just COMPLETELY ignore us !
    They are NOT professional
    I do not trust them to protect my family

    • He’s YOUR mayor, it’s YOUR city building. YOU pay them. You have a right to know. Organize, sit in, march on and get the attention you want. Sitting back and letting it take its course is only allowing the shitstorm to continue.

      • I am marching on through here I cant just quit my job and walk all over franklin avenue holding signs he needs to be doing his job that we pay him to do no offense

    • I have been asking this same question. Walker travels to beaver falls, Elwood city, etc. to appear at events, but the pastor has not said one word to his community when they need to hear from him. Is he more interested in county exposure in advance of his predicted commissioner run? Did he ever decide to cooperate with investigators?$,

  31. Sealock is an excellent choice for acting chief. JP may be interested in looking into who had the watkins girl phone info. Rumor has it after the phone was dumped all info was given to quip detective Poodik n his ass kisser Topler. Soooo one can put together that this bs was brought out after Couch was put on leave. Had Couch not been put on leave his minion PooDick would not have brought this forward.

  32. John:

    The ‘Kenny’ that Joseph Perciavalle mentions during the interview: Is that a colleague or just a friend?





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